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Shweir Council Meeting Minutes   Most Recent:  April 3, 2014
 لخص مناقشات ومقررات جلسة مجلس بلدية الشوير – عين السنديانة

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In Memory of... Joseph Adib Touma Sawaya


It is official:  Emigrants Festival 2014 will be from July 12 through August 9, 2014


Congratulations to Hana Rustom Archbold for being appointed as
World Lebanese Cultural Union Ambassador to the United Nations.


Hana's mission and focus will be to address and strengthen International laws against domestic violence and against domestic abuse. Further to abolish domestic murders under the disguise of protecting family honor and to protect minors against abuse and to bring perpetrators to justice under international laws.

She will be in Lebanon in July 2014 to visit her family in Shweir and connect with key people in Lebanon and the Middle East to facilitate her new role as Ambassador to the United Nations.  Bravo Hana, you make us proud. 

Baytna Services & Rates 2014

Congratulations to Shweir former Mayor Elias Bou Saab on becoming Lebanon's new Minister of Education


Ministers of Lebanon at the Presidential Palace 2014


For more pictures and articles:

أضواء ضهور الشوير تتلألأ في عيد الميلاد..بالصور  ضهور الشوير شجرة الميلاد في ضهور شوير الوزير فادي عبود النائب غسان مخيبر متفرقا


2 Minute Video of celebrating Christmas In Dhour Shweir on You Tube

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - Shweir Snow Falling on Saha

 December 13, 2013 Photo courtesy of Riad Khneisser

Celebrate Christmas in Dhour Shweir - Dec 14, 2013

To view more pictures, visit Shweir Municipality web pages on FaceBook

Thanks to our leaders -
Hotel Kassouf is part of Shweir Again

  Elias Bou Saab Congratulations to all Shweirieh, In June 2013 the FINAL decision by Majles Shoora al Dawleh was taken to confirm the Kassouf Hill is under the administration of the Municipality Shweir as it was 40 years ago. We won the final ruling and the chapter is now closed.

Miss Rita Houkayem was elected Miss Friendship in Miss Earth ceremony - December 7, 2013

Miss Lebanese Emigrants 2013 Rita Houkayem represented Lebanon in the election ceremony of Miss Earth which took place in Philippines on 7 Saturday 2013. Miss Rita won a Gold Medal for being elected as Miss Friendship/Miss Congeniality.

Congratulations for Miss Rita and we wish her the best of luck in her future plans.  (courtesy of WLCU).

Congratulations Miss Rita Hokayem (Canada) 
2013 Miss Lebanon Emigrants - Dhour Shweir


More Positive News from Canada

Congratulations to Dr. Karim Nasser on being inducted to
Saskatchewan, Canada, Business Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Dr. Karim Nasser for being presented on  November 29, 2012 with Canada's highest civilian honor: 
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition to his contributions to Canada.  
click here to read more.

Launch of 2nd book by Dr. Karim Nasser
Below are Dr. Karim's 2 books

More Shweiry authors from around the World

Grace Halabi
Elias Khnaser
Hala Khoury
Elsa Marston Harik
Khalil Hawi
Jamil Eid Khonaisser
Fouad Major (Mujais) 
Bechara Merhej
Chef Ramzi Shwayri
Karim Nasser
Salim Mujais

Ibrahim Mitri Rihbani

2013 Shweir Spring Festival


2013 Summer Festival Program



 Merry Christmas and Happy 2013


Emigrants' Fest Program


Congrats to George El Rahbani on publishing of his book

Shweir Reunion in Montreal May 25 - 28, 2012 and in support of Miss Emigrants
On Facebook: 
Welcome Fri Eve 25-5  BBQ at Khayrallahs  < 26-5 > Evening Reception  
More info or to join us:  Sakha Moujaes/James Yacoub in Canada:
(514) 699-1355  or Hana Rustom Archbold in USA 650-274-8119

Happy UNITED Easter

Julia Butrous
in Concert - February 4, 2012

Full house standing ovation to Julia

Julia is wife of Dhour Shweir Mayor, Elias bou Saab

Photos courtesy of Charbel Nakhoul, Click here to see the entire album of 39 pictures on FaceBook

Happy New Year

Merry Christmas Celebrations - Dhour Shweir 2011

For more pictures of Christmas Celebration on, Click here

Most photos above are selections from albums below -  See more like photos and  Visit us at FaceBook Group                   

Dhour Shweir Christmas Photo albums on FaceBook
By Riad Khunieser ·
by Elie Moujaes:
Santa’s Village Dhour Shweir:
By Charbel Nakhoul

 Articles Courtesy of Nisrine Ataya Bou Zeid Videos of Christmas Lights Celebration
احتفال ميلادي لبلدية الشوير - عين السنديانة - LebanonFiles
عبود في احتفال ميلادي في ضهور الشوير: لطالما لعبت دورا تاريخيا وسياحيا
- أضاءت شجرةً عملاقة إيذاناً بعيد ميلادٍ مميزٍ بفضل تعاضد
by Samar Kiame see links to other videos by Samar
Lighting tree by Najib Adel Khneisser 
By Tony Mjaes to Fairuz song:
If we missed an important link, please let us know on
Visit FaceBook Group

2011 Shweir Christmas Program


Youth are best hope for brighter future - Shweir Youth Development Program

Scenes from Saha - Summer 2011

See full size at

50th Shweir Emigrants Festival Program:  July 30, 2011 -
Support Shweir Municipality  new web page:     
Professional Photographer Elie Moujaes:     

LEBANON's ALERTNESS Day against Drugs, Smoking & Reckless Driving
Lebanon shatters 2 Guinness World Records in One Day
A New Web page to commemorate Dhour Shweir 2 Guinness World Records 

<<<   The Largest Dabke:  5050 participants - beat 4500 
Here Elissa, daughter of event organizer Sakha Jean Yacoub Mojaes, proudly holds Guinness certificate of the Largest Dabke . 

V V V  Longest Shish Kebab  -  97.50 Meters beat 9 Meters
To read and see more about the VIPs, sponsors and teams of Volunteers click here...

Miss Emigrants Beauty Pageant on July 17 at Renovated Grand Hotel Kassouf -

Click here to see official Pictures and Press Release متفرقات - ضهور الشوير انتخبت ملكة جمال المغتربين

Shweirieh around the world make news...

Ghassan Korban*
Engineering - USA 

Ghassan Korban, one of the first graduates from new Shweir High School, who played in Ayn Al –Hanout his favorite place, always wanted to be an Engineer when he was 5 years old.

From Shweir to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Ghassan is is now the Public Works Chief who supervises over 1,900 employees and manage the City’s streets, bridges, public buildings, sanitation, forestry, parking and water works.  See: Council confirms Korban as next public works chief - JSOnline      Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin, the 28th most populous city in the United States.

Alf Mabrouk Ghassan.

By Jamil Bou-Saab, P.E.

Dr. Karim Nasser Khnaisser
Engineering - Canada

Above article was published in The Star Phoenix, Saskatoon, Sat. April 30, 2011.  It was announced by the Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS).

Dr Karim is an AUB Graduate and taught Civil Engineering for 33 years.  He mentored dozens of engineers and sponsors many scholarships in Canada and at AUB. 

Dr. Rania Bou Kheir
won top award among 777 institutions in 90 countries World wide.
L’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie compte
777 institutions membres réparties dans 90 pays.

The Francophone Award for young researchers was bestowed upon Rania by the academic agency of francophone countries (90 countries and 777 institutions included) (See below) to recognize Excellence in the Research field (after a competition based on the scientific career and number of publications in international scientific journals). This award will carry a Certificate of Excellence and a monetary prize of 9000 Euros. The ceremony for presenting this award will be held in Paris on Thursday 1 December 2011; it will be the 50 anniversary of the academic agency of Francophone countries, and around 300 persons will be attending this ceremony including the ambassadors of the 90 francophone countries.

On August 26, 2011 - president of Lebanon Congratulated Rania for her achievements at the Presidential Palace.

*The pictures I have of Ghassan were from his trip to Shweir on the Beach reunion in San Francisco,
I guess Anwar's tour of SF & Golden Gate Bridge gave Ghassan some great ideas of how to run a city. 
this is my favorite...  

Ghassan in beard and mustache, just in front Jamil Bou Saab, taking careful notes of SF even while on
that magic carpet ride.

Salah El Deen Concert in Baalbeck by Sabbagh brothers on

Official Announcement by Mayor Bou Saab and Lebanon Minister of Tourism in Arabic below... ".

Planning your summer in Shweir?  check your hotel options:
Hotel Central  Old Lebanon Charm & cuisine - (established 1905) set on top of a hill amongst pine trees.  1 mile from Saha.
Dhour Choueir Hotel is now part of  = 
Newest built hotel with most amenities at Dhour Main Square "Saha"             formerly:   Dhour Choueir Hotel 
Rawda Palace Hotel  Furnished studios, one and two bedroom suites affordable for longer term stays.  Half mile from Saha.

Announcing the Creation of a new web page: "Who's Who" highlighting the Luminaries and influential people from Shweir.  We combined the many that were posted before and now we add the latest:  Iskandar Harik  

Sports - Dubai:  Joseph Nohra

Announcing a new web page by Riad Khuneiser “Shweir Activities” on Facebook.
Click "Like" if you like all these special moments that Riad capture of the essence of Shweir via his artistic viewfinder.

and don’t Miss Samar Kiame's 4 videos and Riad’s photos for United Easter on on Facebook:

Update from Mayor Bou Saab including Electric and Water

And the Creation of another Web page:  Shweir Music Lil Izz

 Happy  New Year 2011, We Wish You
Happiness deep down within.    Serenity with each sunrise.    Success in each facet of your life.
 Family beside you.  Close and caring friends.    Health, inside you.    Love that never ends.   Special memories of all the yesterdays.    A bright today with much to be thankful for. 
 A path that leads to beautiful tomorrows.    Dreams that do their best to come true.
 Appreciation of all the wonderful things about you.

Christmas comes in many forms... Dr. Karim Nasser does it again.  This time with $50,000 Canadian for AUB Scholarships, some of which set aside for deserving Student(s) from Shweir.  > > >
More about Dr. Karim Nasser's community support at:

Lighting the Christmas Tree in Saha in Dhour Shweir Video: 
Saturday evening, Dec 18 was very special in our town.   People attended Chorus at the different churches in Dhour before gathering around the Christmas tree that decorate our square and celebrated its lightening event where the sky lit up with Fireworks.  The event was attended by the minister of tourism and deputies and different personalities in the presence of our Mayor Elias Bou Saab.   
Click here to see more video updates: 
May these videos bring to all of you wherever you are joy and peace with the coming Christmas 
Best wishes, Samar Kiame

Merry Christmas
& Happy New Year

Christmas 2010 Festivities Chantent Noel

Click on Red Thumbnails at Right for Dec 18 to read the program in Arabic.  > > >

Saturday 18th Dec 2010:
14.00: Main Place Christmas Fair in collaboration with Sesobel, Shweir first

Brigade Scout, Shweir Community Center, Message de Paix

18.00: Orthodox Church main place, School Ecclesiastic School Choir (SEM) Mount Lebanon
18.30: moukhalless Catholic Church Main Place, Choral Rencontre
18.30: Saydeh Maronite Church Main Place, Choral De Paix
18.45: Main Place Christmas tree Lighting All Activities:
            Christmas Train & Photo Shooting Souvenir.  Rencontre Santa Claus

Friday December 24th 2010
Christmas Parade Organized by the National Education Scouts, Shweir first Brigade and Sponsored by Dhour Shweir Municipality Council in collaboration with Social & Community Organizations 

 Tuesday December 28th 2010
16.00 Christmas Circus:  Saint Coeur Shweir School, organized by Women’s Renaissance Assembly and sponsored by Dhour Shweir & Ain el Sindiyaneh Municipality.

Click on Red Thumbnails at Right for Dec 24 and 28 to read the program in Arabic.  > > >

Above Photo Courtesy of Rabih Baaklini  - Click here to see Rabih's Album on FB

 Photos below courtesy of Riad Khuneisser  Riad has many great photo albums on FB Click here to view Albums by Riad

See the Making of ... A Christmas Tree

To Saha in Snow Real Christmas Days

to Christmas activities at Shweir Community Center

And Christmas in Dhour by Night by Samar Kiame

and lighting the Christmas tree by Riad

Happy 10th Anniversary,

Dr. Karim Nasser Khnaisser pledges up to $400,000 Canadian
in donations and matching funds for Education, Infrastructure, Non Profits

Five Khnaisser Weddings in one month 

Dhour Shweir Emigrants Festival 2010
It was on of the most successful Emigrants Festival in decades. 
Thanks for all who organized, helped and volunteered.

New Shweir Mayor
as top administrator of American University of Dubai (AUD)

Election Results - See Baladieh Web page - click here


For Election Campaign and dedication of historic Plaque, see Baladieh web page

On April 21, 2010, Shweirieh in Abu Dhabi met for dinner at the Lebanese restaurant “Sahrieh” in One to One Hotel

Mrs. Christina Sawaya, Hani Touma & Nizam Abdel Ahad, Mr. Elias Bou Saab

Commemoration of Historic Plaque facilitated by past Minister of Interior Bechara Merhej

سهرة على ضوء الشموع مع نبيذ احمر وموسيقى و خليل حاوي الحاضر ابدًا 
مسية شعرية من تنظيم اللقاء الادبي في ضهور الشوير بالتعاون مع جمعية "تجاوز  قراءات شعرية من خليل حاوي
Candle light evening of poetry and music featuring Khalill Hawi by Riad Khunieser on Facebook

Photos of the event by Riad Khunieser  at

Annual Anniversary of the Rescue and Social Services Association by Riad K. 

See on FB 35 photo albums by Riad Khuniesser

Easter 2010 Photos by Riad Khuniesser
To see Palm Sunday - March 28, 2010 and Good Friday April 2, 2010 Easter pictures on FaceBook, click below: and
This link to Good Friday

A message from the Municipality
about Zoning and utilization of precious land of Shweir.

Zoning Land Allocation  Maps - click expanded version


More Maps at Baladieh web page

Announcing New Facebook group to link Shweirieh in UAE
"أبناء الشوير في الامارات العربية المتحدة". 
Click here to go to Group invitation

Congrats to Dr. Salim Mujais on his New book about Gibran Khalil Gibran

Article in Palm Beach News about Poet and Banker Grace Halabi

Feb 4, 2010  From Samar: 
we are having a snow storm,
and in the picture you can see
the almond blossom covered by snow
From Riad:  Click here to see
 more pictures on Facebook
 of Weather in Shweir vs Beirut

Shweir Archive“  “ Shweir Archive is the introduction to Shweir Museum
Our Village has a beautiful and rich heritage, but it has not any documentation,
Therefore, Issam Sawaya decided to launch this archive to work together to preserve the past, the present for our children and for the future.  Issam Sawaya is asking for assistance, anyone who has any picture, documents, films... 

A New Web site and a Great Poem by Grace Halabi:

A friendly competition titled “Lakouna Aal Seha”  between two towns:  Dhour Shweir and Kaa Al Reem
Click here to read report by SFA (Shweir Future in Action) and link to slide show of 130 pictures
Click here to see more pictures from

Discussion on BB by Habeeb Nacol to SAVE the Old Oak Tree  

< < At left, Habib Moujaes and Issam Sawaya talk about the Church and the Sindyani tree...
at right > > Group of Shweirys take refuge in the shade of Sindyani

  There are 12 Shweir Groups on Face Book - See how many friends you recognize
Announcing Group on FaceBook:  
Click here to review it

Announcing a New Shweir Group on FaceBook:   Shweir Evergreen
Let us support this new group ' Shweir Evergreen'. 

Old Photos courtesy of Riad Khneisser on FaceBook

 Check out one of the best volleyball games:  Shweir VS Syria  

Read Commentary 2009 by Al Mukhtar bil Mahjar at

Our Shweir Future in Action (SFA) Team 
Many are officers in Group on FaceBook above visit us on FaceBook
to view their profiles and get more updates & be more pro-active about issues affecting Shweir's future.

W/ co-founder Anwar Kenicer (top L) & Team founder Samar Kiame, (seated R). Missing:  Rabih Baaklini

Links about Environment:   Up to 2009            Mater Plan                     Environment                    Baladieh 
                        BB Posts:                  Industrial v. Environment   
     Recent posts @ Master Plan 

April 1, 2009 - Latest update from Municipality - See notices to & from Ministries
 Ministry of Culture & Antiquities to preserve Shweir natural Beauty
 Summary meeting update about Shweir Zoning
Ministry of Environment decree to Save Shweir
See also Master Plan

To what extent Shweiry Emigrants love Shweir?  Here are two examples from Brazil:  << Look at what Jorge Choueire, originally of Bou Zaid family, painted on his car and >>  A rock from Shweir is treasured in a beautiful case at the home of Sami and Beatriz Tabsharani in Sao Paulo, Brazil
More updates on Bou Zeid and Merege Chueire family ReUnion in Tomazina and Jaboti, Brazil


Canadian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce in Ottawa honored Hashem Yousef Hashem for his activities on behalf of the community as the Webmaster of .  Hashem also researched and documented history of many Shweir families including  Hobeika, Moujais, Abou Samra, Ghosn, Haddad, Nohra and Benab families, check this link to see related family tree on,- courtesy of Nadia Benab
2001 Reunion
Alfred Moujaes' Beach House was totally  wiped out, courtesy of IKE in 2008. 
It was Birthplace of Shweir on the Beach Reunions
and inspiration of the Founding of and the 1st Shweir Library
Thank God all are safe.
Read Al Mukhtar report and link to past Texas Shweir Reunions.  
2000 Shweir

Al Anwar = CHAMPIONSCongrats Joe Nohra and your Al Anwar Team - You make us proud.  Click here to visit Al Anwar New web page

Song/Poem written by Rida Hammam ... > > >
the Story of our Town's Road - Issat Tareek Dayaatna -
OK, Nawbeh, (Shweir Music Band)... how about transforming this into a song in memory of Mrs. Hammam?

< < < Shweir Honors Mrs. Rida Hammam naming Ain Hanoote Road in her Memory

Article about Shweir courtesy of Sally Zgheib in Paris, Samih Baaklini in TX and Joseph Zeidan in Ohio

Postcards for Shweir to benefit Community - Sample photos below - Need your input on BB  

Announcing New Restaurant by Shweiry Bishara AbuNakhle: > >
Soy, Best Chinese Cuisine in Middle East
in Ain Saadeh 18 minutes by car.
New Website: 

Mothers' Day Celebration Photo Album by Riad  Peak below

Happy Spring:  Read Samar's article about Spring on BB and see full slide show

Read about the snow storm on the BB and See slide show on Photo Bucket by Samar

Early February Snow Storm Click her or on picture  Courtesy of Riad

Meeting descendants of Shweir Emigrants in Brazil

To see a complete list of recent updates, click on this Shweir picture below V V V.


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