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Dr. Karim Nasser Khnaisser 

The best way to get to know Dr. Karim Nasser Khnaisser and as a bonus, learn some great stories and history about old Shweir, would be to read his book:  How I Achieved my Dream  which should be available at the Shweir Library in the Municipality building in Dhour.  You can read it at your leisure at no charge. 

In 2013, Dr. Karim wrote his 2nd book:  How to Achieve Your Dreams.  This new book chronicles Dr. Karim's work in Lebanon, the Middle East and in Canada. 

I had the pleasure meeting Dr. Karim on several occasions after the new Millenium and in 2004 spent a memorable two months with Dr. Karim on a business trip in Arizona.  Aside from addressing the business aspects, we also did some other discoveries including visiting for the first time the mines in Miami, AZ where Dr. Karim's Grandfather worked and visited the store and building he eventually built in downtown Miami. Some of the pictures of that trip are in his book. 

Dr. Karim's home was directly behind ours in Shweir, Lebanon.  He told me stories about my dad who was like a mentor to Dr. Karim then, and now Dr. Karim has been a mentor to me, the Shweir Foundation Board members and the Shweir.com family.

Also see some of prior contributions for Education,  and     Community   Honoring and Remembering

2013:  Congratulations to Karim Nasser on his induction
to Saskatchewan, Canada, Business Hall of Fame


2012:  Congratulations to Dr. Karim Nasser, who was presented
on Thursday, November 29, 2012 with Canada's highest civilian honor: 
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition to his contributions to Canada. 

From Home Page - under title:  Shweirieh around the world make news... 
Featured along w/ Dr. Sami Harik in USA for Medicine and Joseph Nohra in Dubai for Sports.

Engineering - Canada
Dr. Karim Nasser Khnaisser

Above article was published in The Star Phoenix, Saskatoon, Sat. April 30, 2011.  It was announced by the Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS).

Dr Karim is an AUB Graduate and taught Civil Engineering for 33 years.  He mentored dozens of engineers and sponsors many scholarships in Canada and at AUB. 

Dr. Karim Nasser, Professor Emeritus, Philanthropist and Developer
Launches his 2nd Book on April 3, 2013: 
How to achieve your dreams

Below are the 2 books

written especially for students

Inspiring students to follow their passions

Posted April 04, 2013

This week students at the Saskatoon campus had a unique opportunity to learn from one of the city’s leading developers and philanthropists, Professor Emeritus Karim (Kay) Nasser. The event, which took place this past Wednesday in Place Riel, was the official launch for Dr. Nasser’s second book, How to Achieve Your Dreams.

By sharing on his own life experiences and the resulting path he took navigating his diverse career, Dr. Nasser hopes that this book will be a road map for success for students, inspiring them to achieve their personal and professional goals. He says, “It’s what I’ve learned in my life - my observations. I’m passing this on to students so they can hopefully learn from the experience of others.”

Born and raised in Lebanon, Dr. Nasser earned his Bachelor of Science in Engineering at the American University in Beirut, his master’s degree in Kansas, and his PhD at the University of Saskatchewan, where he served as a professor of civil engineering for 33 years.

Dr. Nasser is well known in the city for his real estate developments around Saskatoon, including the River Landing Project. One of his many professional accomplishments is the invention of the K-Slump Tester, a device that easily tests the consistency, or slump, of concrete when it is poured, notably used in the construction of Toronto’s CN Tower in 1973 and still widely used today.

Nasser traces all of his professional achievements back to following his passions in life. “My life is an example,” he says. “I never stopped moving until I found what I was passionate about – teaching, education and research.”

He recommends that students who are searching for the right career first look to the subjects that they are most interested in first, emphasizing, “You can do anything you are passionate about. Do what you love to do and the money will follow.”

Dr. Nasser recognizes he would not be where he is today without the financial assistance of others. He and his family, wife Dora, and children, Selma, Mona, John, Roseann and May, are all proud alumni of the U of S, and are passionate about helping others achieve their educational goals.

As generous supporters of the U of S for over 45 years, they have donated close to $13 million to the University of Saskatchewan. These gifts have had far-reaching effects, as over 500 students have now benefited from theNasser Awards Fund alone, since it was created in 1967.

How to Achieve Your Dreams is now available for sale in the U of S Bookstore, and online at Google Books. Proceeds from the book sales will go back to the U of S to support a newly created Emergency Fund for Students. Additionally, Dr. Nasser has generously committed to match all book sales to double the contributions to this new fund.



Dr. Karim Nasser Khnaisser, in coordination W/ Shweir Foundation and Shweir.com,
pledges up to $400,000 in donations and matching funds  to support
education, infrastructure, Community and non profit organizations in Shweir.

(We opted not to make this announcement earlier as a courtesy for the Mayor to make the official & proper announcements). 

From: Kenicer
Sent: Friday, September 03, 2010 5:09 PM
To: Shweir Mayor Elias Bou Saab & Council members,  Municipality of Shweir
Cc: Karim Nasser;  Jamil F. Bou-Saab; George Matar; Samih Baakllini; Elie BouKheir
Subject: Pledges and Donations to Support Shweir Community and its People

Honorable Mayor Elias Bou Saab
Distinguished Council Members
Municipality of Shweir and Ain EI Sindyaneh
Dhour Shweir, Lebanon

Dear Mayor Elias Bou Saab and Council Members,

It is with great pride and humility that I submit to you the attached letter of pledges and contributions by Dr. Karim Nasser and his family to help and support his hometown, Shweir, and its people.  This represents a base amount of $250,000 and up to a total of $400,000 Canadian dollars.  

Dr. Karim Nasser was fortunate to receive a scholarship to the AUB and he later emigrated to Canada to pursue higher education.

That scholarship transformed Dr. Nasser’s future and helped him achieve his dream.  

To show his appreciation for these opportunities, Dr. Nasser now has close to a dozen scholarships in his honor in universities in Canada and Lebanon.

With help from his daughter, May, he wrote a biography titled:  “How I Achieved My Dream

See previews at:  http://www.shweir.com/books.htm#Karim_Nasser 

The book beautifully depicts life in the village of Shweir in the 1940’s and 1950’s from the eyes of a teenage student discovering great opportunities.  It certainly brings back fond memories to anyone who was fortunate to live or have lived in Shweir.  

We sent to the Shweir library copies of Dr. Nasser’s book and I will send via post mail 2 copies, one for the Mayor and another for the Shweir Library.

And now, with this communication, Dr. Nasser wishes to express his gratitude to family, friends, community and hometown.

Please join us to make this noble gesture a great success and maximize benefits to Shweir and its people.  

Best regards,

Anwar George Kenicer 

President, Shweir Foundation

 Cc:      Dr. Karim Nasser and family
            Shweir Municipality, via Sandy Moujaes, Executive administrator
            Shweir Foundation Board members:
                        Jamil Bou Saab, George Matar, Elie Bou Kheir, Samih Baaklini

The following is Dr. Karim letter pledging up to $400,000 in donations and matching funds. 

And the Mayor's Response: 



Christmas comes in many forms... Dr. Karim Nasser does it again. 
This time with $50,000 Canadian for AUB Scholarships, some of which set aside for deserving Student(s) from Shweir.

A letter from Issam Sawaya to Dr. Nasser


From Home page, Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Christmas comes in many forms... Dr. Karim Nasser does it again.  This time with $50,000 Canadian for AUB Scholarships, some of which set aside for deserving Student(s) from Shweir.  > > >
More about Dr. Karim Nasser's community support at: 

Lighting the Christmas Tree in Saha in Dhour Shweir Video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPWfu3n6J_c 
Saturday evening, Dec 18 was very special in our town.   People attended Chorus at the different churches in Dhour before gathering around the Christmas tree that decorate our square and celebrated its lightening event where the sky lit up with Fireworks.  The event was attended by the minister of tourism and deputies and different personalities in the presence of our Mayor Elias Bou Saab.   
Click here to see more video updates: 
May these videos bring to all of you wherever you are joy and peace with the coming Christmas 
Best wishes, Samar Kiame

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Christmas 2010 Festivities Chantent Noel

Click on Red Thumbnails at Right for Dec 18 to read the program in Arabic.  > > >

Saturday 18th Dec 2010:
14.00: Main Place Christmas Fair in collaboration with Sesobel, Shweir first

Brigade Scout, Shweir Community Center, Message de Paix

18.00: Orthodox Church main place, School Ecclesiastic School Choir (SEM) Mount Lebanon
18.30: moukhalless Catholic Church Main Place, Choral Rencontre
18.30: Saydeh Maronite Church Main Place, Choral De Paix
18.45: Main Place Christmas tree Lighting All Activities:
            Christmas Train & Photo Shooting Souvenir.  Rencontre Santa Claus

Friday December 24th 2010
Christmas Parade Organized by the National Education Scouts, Shweir first Brigade and Sponsored by Dhour Shweir Municipality Council in collaboration with Social & Community Organizations 

 Tuesday December 28th 2010
16.00 Christmas Circus:  Saint Coeur Shweir School, organized by Women’s Renaissance Assembly and sponsored by Dhour Shweir & Ain el Sindiyaneh Municipality.

Click on Red Thumbnails at Right for Dec 24 and 28 to read the program in Arabic.  > > >

Above Photo Courtesy of Rabih Baaklini  - Click here to see Rabih's Album on FB

 Photos below courtesy of Riad Khuneisser  Riad has many great photo albums on FB Click here to view Albums by Riad

See the Making of ... A Christmas Tree

To Saha in Snow Real Christmas Days

And Christmas in Dhour by Night by Samar Kiame

and lighting the Christmas tree by Riad

Happy 10th Anniversary, Shweir.com

Dr. Karim Nasser Khnaisser pledges up to $400,000 Canadian
in donations and matching funds for Education, Infrastructure, Non Profits

+ $5,000 to the Shweir Foundation and the Community Center and Library

Thank you Dr. Karim Nasser Khnaisser and Mayor Elias Bou Saab.

Imagine... If we get 2 or more other persons to do matching funds like Dr. Karim, the benefit to the town will be in the Millions.


Honoring and Remembering

Dr. Karim W. Nasser Khnaisser
makes above pledges

In Honor of:

My aunt Badre Bou Laila Khnaisser Akiki

“Thank you for your Love, Sacrifice, Guidance and Inspiration”

In Memory of:

My sister Jouliette Wadih Nasr Khnaisser

My aunt Marie Bou Laila “Im Fares” Khnaisser

And My uncle Sabi’ Bou Laila Khnaisser

“Thank you for your love, dedication, sacrifice and contribution to the education of many people”

Short biographies:

Badre Bou Laila Khnaisser Akiki

Badre Bou Laila Khnaisser was born and raised in Shweir and moved with her family to Beirut in search of education and employment. She completed her secondary education at “Al-Azarieh” and found employment in a private company until she joined one of the Lebanese government departments. At work, she met and eventually married Elie Akiki, who served in several government departments, including the President’s office. Badre and Elie had three children: Kamal, Asma and Rima; they made sure that all their children completed a professional education.  Badre retired recently from her editorial position with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Jouliette Wadih Nasr

Jouliette Wadih Nasr was born and raised in Shweir where she attended the local “Rahbat” school. Then she completed her education at the Teacher’s College in Beirut. The Maaref, the government department of education, offered Jouliette employment in one of their schools in Ashrafieh. A few years later, she was promoted to be the director of one of the schools in the same area. Jouliette also tutored her many nieces and nephews as they were growing up and served as an active social member in Shweir. Unfortunately, cancer cut short Jouliette’s promising and productive career at the prime of her life, in 1980. The Lebanese government awarded Jouliette the Medal of Honor for her services in the education field.


Marie Bou Laila Khnaisser

Marie Bou Laila Khnaisser was born and raised in Shweir and eventually moved with her family to Beirut in search of employment. After she apprenticed as a seamstress with her mother and one of their friendly neighbors, she struck out on her own and started a very rewarding career. Marie interceded on her nephew’s behalf and convinced one of her clients, Mrs. Joseph Haddad, to help Karim find a job in the kitchen at the International College. Mr. Haddad, the director of the College, was impressed with Karim’s enthusiasm and hard work and hence made it possible for him to simultaneously attend classes at the College. Karim did very well at the College, received his high school diploma and then carried on to complete his engineering degree at the American University of Beirut. Marie meanwhile met and married Fouad Fares Hanna Khnaisser and they had three children: Fares, Ghassan and Lainah. Marie continued to work as a seamstress all her life and was able to help her children complete their own education. After a full and rewarding life, Marie passed away in 2001.

Sabi’ Bou Laila Khnaisser

Sabi' Bou Laila Khnaisser was born and raised in Shweir and moved with his mother Nabiha and his sisters Marie and Badre to Beirut, at the age of 13 years, in search of work. Upon arriving to Beirut, Sabi’ found employment at the “Regie des Tabacs”.  He progressed through the ranks, to become a machinist and a foreman of one of the machine shops in the company. He was eventually elected Union president in the same company and served his fellow employees with great dedication. Sabi’, his mother, and his sisters welcomed and sponsored their nephew Karim to live with them in their one bedroom apartment until he was able to complete his studies in Beirut over a period of 10 years.  Sabi’ married Yvonne Naifeh and they had five children: Nabiha, Rola, Nada. George, and Badre.  Sabi’ made sure that all his children completed their professional education. Shortly after his retirement in 1988, Sabi' passed away.