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<<photo.jpg>> GIRGI I a,m sending you a photo of myself and NABIL ghattas HAWIEand a lady who is related to KALEEM HAJJ CORBAN taken during the ORTHODOXCHURCH DINNER on the 27 april.UNFORTUNATELYMY eyes are closed from the camera flashbut still it will give you an idea of ,,,,,,,.............  

Ya Elias  
You changed on me but you are still a good looking man even when your eyes are semi open.  We are still expecting you for end of the month. Any change in the plans?  have you booked you flight to attend Shweir on the Beach 2001? Please keep us informed.  
Give my regards for the people in the picture.  
George Matar

Spain - Espana

Announcing the arrival of Zoe Corban Banks, the Newsest member of Shweir .com family

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Subject: FW: Newsest meber of Shweir .com family.

 Anwar,  Here's the picture of our newest Shweiry Zoe Corban Banks, what a gorgeous looking baby.  Mom looks great after the delivery.  May the lord bless and protect all our people in Ibiza.  I guess Helena is going to have a great smile when she sees this picture if she hasn't already

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Sent:   Monday, November 19, 2001 7:43 AM
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Subject:        Newsest meber of Shweir .com family.

 <<Document>> Hi George attached is a photo of Clare, Zoe and Joshua.  Zoe arrived after a mad rush to the hospital in half an hour.  3.3 kilos 7.4 1lbs.



Edrick Corban, 
The Anglican Chaplaincy on Ibiza and Formentera 
Capellanía Anglicana en Ibiza y Formentera 
Intercontinental Church Society 
Sección Española de la Diocesis Anglicana en Europa 
Chaplain. Reverend Edrick Corban-Banks. 
C/0 Supermercado Magon, Port des Torrent 07820. San Antonio. Ibiza ESPAÑA 
Tf/fx 971 343 383 e-mail 

Re the photo. Children are left to right front row:
 Amelia, Rebekah, Abraham Saleeby , Joseph Amiries 
baby is Joshua Muci and of course Clare and Edrick.

From an email sent from Edrick to Al Mukhtaar on March 21, 2001

Hi from Ibiza where the fig trees are greening and budding. The grapes growing in bushes lebanese style and are sprouting. The almond trees have finished their blossom now have fruit and the olives already have the beginnings of fruit.

Remember it was our ancestors the Phoenecians who established this island.  The archicture is all Phoenecian, the cash crops are what we would find in Lebanon. There are still number of preserved Phoenecian sites where they harvested the salt and had iron works. We`re here with room to spare if any Shweireh would like to visit at anytime and check out what the Phoenecian influence did in one part of Spain. Cadiz is another of course.

I love all these messages coming in. Had I known about this a couple of months ago I could have easily scheduled it in I know my Aunt Helena Ataya and various members of the family will be there. Does this festival happen next year as well? . Shweir on the beach could be a possibility at some future stage.





Copy on an e-mail sent on Feb 22, 2001

Dear George, 

With the flood of e-mail of the last 24 hours re-Dhour not much chance of losing contact. George, I didn't know you are a musician and your son.  Clare and I were both professional musicians before I was ordained. I was full time for 20 years as a concert classical guitarist. Clare was with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra for 3 years.

I read my cousin Miriams letter I guess all those from Shweir are related somehow, but the Mattars in NZ have strong family connections with the Corbans, Two Corban sisters married two Matar brothers.

Hey this Shweir on the beach sounds amazing. I have sent a photo of the family. ( I'm the Lebanese looking one) 
Lets keep in touch.  
Kind regards