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April 1, 2009 - Latest update from Municipality - See notices to & from Ministries
 Ministry of Culture & Antiquities to preserve Shweir natural Beauty
 Summary meeting update about Shweir Zoning
Ministry of Environment decree to Save Shweir
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Industriscape is the title of Sara George Moujaes final year project at the American University of Beirut. Post industrial solutions, was the theme of the project with the selected site in Ain Al Hanout, and the stone factory and ready mix concrete plant were the actual venue to create a comprehensive area that would benefit the Shweir community and surrounding villages.

The project comprises different areas with assigned activities such as forums, plays and concerts. Open areas for festivals, celebrations and Souk el mouneh. Playground for kids, a seating area facing the vistas across the valley, an exhibition and sculptural garden and last but not least an outdoor café on the rooftop of the ready mix concrete building.

The stone factory building and the ready mix concrete will be maintained for different activities such as lodging, a multipurpose area and a mouneh workshop. Indoor sports activities will be held inside the ready mix concrete building.

This is a project that would be implemented after the relocation of those factories by keeping the rights of the owners and could be implemented through a comprehensive plan that includes the owners, members of the community in joint collaboration with the municipality.

Sara graduated in landscape design and eco-management and as an agriculture engineer.



See pdf Adobe file to posted soon...