Shweir Evergreen   

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Shweir Evergreen is a group of volunteers concerned with saving Dhour Shweir environment and improving it.  We have several activities to reach our goal and keep our village Evergreen and make it a unique touristic place.

Issam Sawaya
Ruba Al-Halaby
Josiane Khayata
Omar Dergham
Layal Halaby
Layal Khayata
Hisham Halaby
Samih Halaby Technical Support
Nabil Abi Kheir Technical Support
Dhour Shweir Scouts

General Goals:
Cleaning and awareness campaigns
Beautifying the interior roads and picnic places with banners
Fire awareness campaigns
Afforestation (gardening) campaigns
Cleaning forest roads to ensure environmental tourism
Pine plantation (mashtal)
Planting 3 trees for every newborn or at any special occasion for every Shweiri
Planting Shweir entries, streets and public places (maintenance)
Encouraging children (scouts and school students) and women to grow trees
Gifting a tree at all occasions and events
Beautifying and decorating cement walls on roads (3erbeish or drawings)
Increasing trash cans on main and interior roads
Renovating and rearranging ma7akin and moghr at ghwab region
Saving the green
Make statistics of the newly grown trees

2009 2010 plan:
Cleaning campaign (Sept 2009)
Tree Day (November 2009):
Launching the program of planting 3 trees for every newborn or at any special occasion for every Shweiri
Launching growing campaign with children and women
Christmas (December 2009):
Distributing fliers against cutting trees
Distributing trees as gift
Planting campaigns (February 2010)
Awareness campaigns in schools (May 2010)
Cleaning campaign (June 2010)
Fire awareness campaigns (August 2010)
Environment day (August 2010)

All for one and one for all
Shweir Evergreen
الشوير الخضراء


Cleaning campaign is planned this coming Saturday 19 Sept @ 7:3 am covering different areas of the town .
Photos later. Baladiya and all acting groups will be involved .