If you cannot come to Shweir in Spring, we bring it to you...
New pictures courtesy of Najib Rahbani - click on picture to see more...


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Great Natural Setting 

Walk from/to Shweir

Delicious Food


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Owner George Samaha checks home grown vegetables
P8070020.JPG (37091 bytes) Ducks above monitor Alsad raised fish that will become your lunch or dinner

Following are recent group functions at Alsad. 

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First Shweir Foundation Meeting

August 18, 
Shweir Women's Society Gathering...

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Matars - Merhej
P8180004.JPG (66840 bytes) Missing name list Nissrine & Rawan Moujaes +Paul Woodfield of NewZeanland P8180018.JPG (53777 bytes)
P8180016.JPG (42655 bytes)
Merhej+Dahdooh + Kenicer

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Issam Mujaes 
Salwa Merhej
Bassam Mujaes
Saad Merhej
Paul Mujaes
Victoria Merhej Mujaes
Gladys Saade Mujaes
Argentina -Abou Dhabi

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Kenicer - Bou Nakhle - Moujaes - Laham - Samaha - Dahdooh

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Sisters Salma, Rose & Suzie with aunt Sonia

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Siham Lattouf Morghan
Toufic Lattouf
Nouha Yakoub Zaydan
Wisam Toufic Lattouf
Zaydan Yakoub Zaydan
Lara Toufic Lattouf 
Mireille Zakariya
Ayman Mawzi Kurban
Asaad Walid Kurban
Hanan Kurban

Salma Hawil Lattouf
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Mrs. Nadia Sawaya
Miss. Clara Sawaya
Mrs. Nouha Halabi
Mrs. Hayate Abou Zeid
Mrs. Jamale Ghribril
Mrs. Intisar Khneisser
Mrs. Rima Abi Kheir
Miss. Rawan Moujaes
Miss. Nissrine Moujaes

P8180005.JPG (120739 bytes)
Raif Kurban

Noutto Kurban

Miriam Ataya Downey

Najib & Amal Mattar

Ann & Assad Farrah

Helena Ataya

Cedric E. Owen

Paul Woodfield

Janice Ataya

P8180006.JPG (65826 bytes)
Aline Khalil Bou Saab
Issam Nicolas Moujaes
Walid Eblen Dahdouh
Daed Metre Kenaam
Faride Nicolas Moujaes
Nicolas Mourched Moujaes
Afaf Yakoub Bejeni Rose Abdo Badrouk
Ziad Nicolas Moujaes
Liliane Khalil Bou Saab
Cosette Souheil Chalhoub
Helene Mounir Bou Saab

Genevief Farid Bou Saab
P8180007.JPG (64255 bytes)
Siham Halaby Zgheib

May El-Khoury Mattar

Noha Zogheib

Widad Kurban Sawaya

Haifa Moujais Sawaya

Genevieve Mirhij

Loulou Khneisser Harik

Salam Harik Elias

P8180009.JPG (80159 bytes)
Bichara Bou Nakhle Moujaes
Samir Bou Nakhle Moujaes
Reema Bou Nakhle Moujaes
Mary Bou Nakhle Moujaes
Elsy Bou Nakhle Moujaes
Amany Bou Nakhle Moujaes
Amal Bou Nakhle Moujaes

Aiman Bou Nakhle Moujaes
P8180010.JPG (76165 bytes)
Salwa Mallah Khnaisser
Souzi Mallah Khnaisser
Rose Khnaisser
Sonia Bou Nakhle Khnaisser
Jack Khnaisser
Leila Khnaisser
Marie Hechme Laham
Antoinette Hechme Khnaisser
Victoria Mujaes
Bassam Mujaes
Gladys Saade Mujaes
Paul Mujaes
Issam Mujaes
P8180011.JPG (66804 bytes)
Baby Laetita Khneisser
Cynthie Khneisser
Najib & Adel Khneisser
Gladys Bou Saab
Helene Sawaya
Layla Khneisser Fares
Adel Khneisser 
Samar Baaklini

Elham Khneisser

Jacqueline & Philip Barakat
P8180014.JPG (59728 bytes)

Salwa Adel Merhej

Elham Adel Abdel Ahad

Adel Abdel Ahad

Salwa Jamil Merhej

Mary Shehadi Moujaes

Jamal Kablan Dahdouh
P8180015.JPG (68511 bytes)

Christine Abu Jaoudeh

Mary Khneisser

Andree Maatouk

Danny Khneisser

Caroline Nassereddine

Zeina Khneisser


August 22, 2001

A family gathering hosted by George & Mirna Samaha.  Attendees included George's sisters Labibeh and Najla and their respective families, George & Nabil Matar, Antoinette & Jack Khnaisser and extended families...

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P8220243.JPG (49153 bytes)

Thank you George & Mirna for your wonderful hospitality.  I enjoyed meeting so many new relatives.

Announcing New Restaurant by Shweiry Bishara AbuNakhle: > >
Soy, Best Chinese Cuisine in Middle East
in Ain Saadeh 18 minutes by car.
New Website: 


Under Construction

And what do performers & audience do after the Hafli?  
Meet at Carnaval...
Recognize the painting on the wall?  Hint? Play it again Sam...
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Which is your favorite picture? Right, Center or Left?
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P8150300.JPG (45523 bytes) P8150299.JPG (50214 bytes)
  P8180023.JPG (61098 bytes) the Kashafeh raising funds...    


Under Construction

The following photos are courtesy of Rosalie Sawaya, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Ain Al Sarfed, 1921  

1921 - A gathering in Shweir organized by the author of this book with Patriarch Gregorious IV as the Guest of Honor 

click here to see more about the 1921 Guide book courtesy of Rosalie Sawaya, Brazil  

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P8210204.JPG (51120 bytes)

wow, what a great view of Mar Elias from the road to Al Sarfed...  P8210203.JPG (36148 bytes) <<< The old Ain is now a mere trickle

Bayd & Sumac be Fikhaar >>>

P8210205.JPG (53336 bytes)
P8210206.JPG (78962 bytes) Does this look familiar P8210207.JPG (56288 bytes)   P8210208.JPG (77528 bytes)


Under Construction

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P8120141.JPG (83488 bytes) P8120142.JPG (63678 bytes) P8120143.JPG (72862 bytes) P8120144.JPG (76317 bytes) P8120145.JPG (90586 bytes)
P8120146.JPG (76168 bytes) P8120147.JPG (53233 bytes) P8120148.JPG (37113 bytes) P8120149.JPG (52241 bytes)
Mary Nasr Khneisser & Zeina Shaya Nasr Khneisser

Announcing a new restaurant in Dhour...

La Popotte



Owner:   Joe Khneisser  -  03/ 083322    04/ 390423
Open: summer: 7 p.m. winter: 6 p.m. till 2 a.m. excluding Mondays

Type of business:  As one of the few European cuisines in the Metn area, La Popotte offers a wide variety of delicious dishes and drinks. From refreshing salads and iced up Mexican beer in the beautiful Dhour el Shweir summer nights, to mouth watering baked potato and mozzarella, and fine red wine complementing its cozy atmosphere under the winter snow. For further information, visit (under construction until Dec 2006).