Emigrants Festival

Emigrants Festival August 2 -17, 2008

  Village Day Al Yaoum Al Karawi

Musical Evening by National Conservatory At Saydeh Church August 14

Miss Emigrants 2008, Noor Beshara,
19, University student from Batroune


Serene Abd el Noor and Zein el Omr enchant capacity crowd and Light up the skies

Program, Click here  Opening Night On BB With links to Photo Albums Miss Teenage "Sweet 16"
Lara Dabani"

   Thanks for Great Team:  Editor, Photographer & Team Leader: Samar Kiamé ***  Writer: Rima Beshara el Rihbany    
Photographers &/or photo editors: Therese Corban Kiamé, Ghinwa, Diala, William & Nagham Moujaes, Youmna Slaybeh, Rami Shallita & Nabila Halaby

An evening with Carol Samaha, click here  


Kids Day, August 4 - Report on BB and slide show  

A Report on Emigrants Fest On BB With links to Photo Albums  
For more pictures, visit Emigrants Fest Album by Samar 


Emigrants Festival August 2 thru 17, 2008
Final Program









A Report on Emigrants Fest On BB With links to Photo Albums Thanks to a Great Team:  
Pictures editor: Therese Corban Kiamé   *** Writer: Rima Beshara el Rihbany  ***  posted by: Samar Kiamé
Photographers: William Moujaes, Youmna Slaybeh, Ghinwa Moujaes, Samar Kiamé



A Report on Emigrants Fest On BB With links to Photo Albums Thanks to a Great Team:  
For more pictures, visit Emigrants Fest Album by Samar   



Tentative Program:

Note Change in Program:  Kids Program & Mini Studio Changed from Tuesday to Monday Aug 4

Emigrants Festival Schedule 2-17 August 2008

Dhour el Shweir Emigrants Festival Committee-- Updated 1/7/2008

Saturday—2/8/2008—7 PM--at Dhour Saha (Main Square):
--Official opening ceremonies, including an evening with singer Tony Kiwan

Sunday—3/8/2008—9 PM—at Saha (Main Square):
--An evening with singer Carole Samaha

Changed to Monday —4/8/2008    7 PM—at Saha (Main Square):
--Guest of Honour Actor/Comedian George Khabbaz
--Kids Day performed by Kids Power team

Wednesday—6/8/2008—9 PM—at Yanabee3 Restaurant:
--Youth night--includes election of Miss Teens (Sweet Sixteen)

Thursday—7/8/2008—8 PM—Evangelical Center at ‘Ain el Assees:
--Evening of poetry with poet Rafiq Rouhana

Saturday—9/8/2008—9 PM—New Central Hotel:
--Miss Emigrants Pageant

Sunday—10/8/2008—9 PM—Main Dhour Saha (Saha Square):
--A special evening of song and music proffered by Bayraq Development Society, performed by Singers Zein el Omr and Roula Sa’ad.

Tuesday—12/8/2008—6 PM—Dhour Saha:
--A Village Day on the occasion of The Virgin’s Ascention feast (Saydeh Eid)

Thursday—14/8/2008—at Kaneeset as Saydeh Square in Shweir:
--A musical evening by the National Conservatory with Father Georges Tahhan

Friday 15th, Saturday 16th, and Sunday, 17/18/2008—8:30 PM—Shweir Music Sporting Club:
--Emigrants Festival International Sportive Tournament—Shweir Music Sporting Club

Signed: Shweir and ‘Ain Sindyaneh Municipality Director,
Emigrants Festival Committee Chairman,

Na’eem Shafik Sawaya


Candidates Qualification for Miss Emigrants Beauty Pageant


There was No Emigrant's Fest 2007  due to regional conflict

Dhour Shweir was First Town to Honor Army after their victory at Nahr El Bared -
Most personnel who attended just came from battle zone - Click here to see pictures.  

Emigrant's Fest 2006 cancelled due to July Israel Invasion of S. Lebanon Conflict

Emigrants Festival 2006 Committee
Congratulations on its early formation Good luck, we wish you much success.

Anyone who wish to volunteer,
Please use the above form


Eid Al Mughtaribeen

Under the High Patronage Of His Excellency
The President Of The Lebanese Republic

Dr. Nabil Ghosn, Mayor
Emigrant  Festival  Committee,
Dhour Shweir-Lebanon
in Collaboration with the
Ministry of Tourism, Proudly present Emigrants Festival,

August 12 through August 21, 2005


Friday August 12, 2005  7:30 p.m.  – Festival Grand Opening in Saha

Official Reception
Presentation of the Army Music Band
Presentation of the Shweir Music Band (Nawbet Shweir).
Presentation by Shweir Scouts – Fawj Shweir al Awal
Officials Speeches
Artistic Dances - performed by The Monlasal sports and dance club
Performance by singer Amir Yazbek
Dance performance by Al Afrah Group

Saturday August 13, 2005  -- 9:00 p.m.  in Saha – Dhour

Hafli featuring singer Miriam Fares - accompanied by Carisma Troup

Sunday August 14, 2005  -- 4:00 p.m.  in Shweir square

Village Night  -- Al Yaoum al Karawi 

Monday, August 15, 2005  -- 8:00 p.m.  Hotel New Central

Music Hafli w/ Shweir Music Band

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 – 6:00 p.m. in Dhour Saha 

Disney Kids Day w/ Dora & Dr. Mickey facilitated by Carnaval Restaurant

Wednesday, August 17, 2005 – 9:00 p.m. 

Miss Teenager Beauty Pageant

Thursday August 18, 2005  -- 7:00 p.m. at Hotel New Central

Artistic Triage of Poetry, color and melodies w/Henry Zghaib, Wajih Nahle & Elias Rahbany

Friday August 19, 2005 – 8:00 p.m. in Dhour Saha

Hafli with singer Zayn el Omur

Saturday August 20, 2005 –9:00 p.m.  in Yanabeeh

Miss Emigrant Beauty Pageant  & Entertainment by singer Laura Khalil

Sunday August 21, 2005 – 7:00 p.m. in Dhour Saha

Antique Car Show



Eid Al Mughtaribeen 2004

July 31 through August 8, 2004


Many thanks to Samar Kiame for sending the program to us.


Saturday 31/7/2004 – the public square- 8:00 p.m.

The opening of the festival

A live band program accompanied by the singer Mouhamad Iskandar


Sunday 1/8/2004- the public square

With cooperation of the society “al bayrak al inmaiya”:

-        Theatrical scene “irbit tinhal” at 8:30 p.m.

-        a musical party with the singer Nawal al Zoughbi at 10:00 p.m.


Thursday 3/8/2004- public square- 6:00 p.m.

With cooperation of Carnaval restaurant

A theatrical scene for kids- Mini Studio


Wednesday- 4/8/2004- the evangelic center- Ain el Assis- 7:30 p.m.

With the cooperation of parents council in the official school of Dhour Shweir

A poetry evening with the students of the official school of Dhour Shweir with the poet George Chakour



The handcraft day in Shweir


Saturday- 7/8/2004- Hotel New Central- 9:00 p.m.

Elections of miss emigrants


Sunday- 8/8/2004- public square- 9:00 p.m.

A musical party


The emigrant festival will continue by these programs on the dates below:


Wednesday 11/8/2004 Odisseh with the “Rahabneh” group- Hotel New Central


Friday 13/8/2004 a party music of Shweir group


Sunday 15/8/2004 car show in the public square beginning from 7:00 p.m.


Carting day


Sport program

Below is the program in Arabic.



July 19 - August 10, 2003
Plan to attend and/or participate

Miss Emigrant Beauty Pageant at Casino Du Liban, July 19, 2003
Emigrant Festival 2003 In Dhour Shweir, August 2 through 10, 2003

Under the High Patronage Of His Excellency
The President Of The Lebanese Republic

Dr. Nabil Ghosn, Mayor
Emigrant  Festival  Committee,
Dhour Shweir-Lebanon
in Collaboration with the
Ministry of Tourism, Proudly present Emigrants Festival, 2003

Complete Program for the Festival will be posted soon

to see sample of past Emigrant Festival and Pageant, click on links below:

Emigrant Festival 2001    Emigrant Festival 2002    Miss Emigrants 2001,   Miss Emigrants 2002

Layla Riachy, Miss Emigrants 2001 (left)
and Rima Mattar, Miss Emigrants 2002 at Casino Du Liban, August, 2002

in the meantime, plan to attend or participate in...

Miss Emigrant Beauty Pageant
Emigrant Festival Committee in collaboration with Lebanese Emigrants Committee and Ministry of Tourism
Cordially invite you to attend The Miss Emigrants Beauty Pageant On July 19, 2003 at New Hotel Royale in Dubayyeh

Emigrant Festival Committee invites potential contestants from around the world to participate

For those interested, Application Forms below must be submitted by May 30th, 2003





Miss Emigrants Beauty Pageant

Name: First  ________________    Middle____________________        Last___________________________

Nickname:_________________    Date of Birth:______________  

Place of Birth:  City/State/Country ____________________________    

If not born in Lebanon: Fathers’ (or Grandfather’s) place of birth:    _________________________________

Address:_____________________________________________________________________________ Apt.# _______   

City ____________________________________   State _____    Zip Code________    Country_____________________

Phone:__________________  Cell/Fax:____________________     e-mail _________________________

Current School/College name  (if applicable)____________________________________________________

Career ambition: ______________________________________________________________________


Current Employment (if applicable)  __________________________________________________________


Hobbies/Special interests: _______________________________________________________________


Achievements or Accomplishments: ________________________________________________________


Other Information: _____________________________________________________________________


Parent’s name, address and Phone # (if under 18): _____________________________________________


Height ______ Weigh _________       Measurements: Bust/Waist/Hips________________________________

Thank you for your interest

Please use additional blank page (s) if you need to.  

Make sure you sign your application and mail it by May 30, 2003 to:

Please include at least 4 pictures of yourself. Pictures must be both close-up and full length.
An additional picture (that is approximately 12 X 18 cm or 5x7 inches) of headshot or face profile is required for the program book.

 Shweir Municipality
Miss Emigrant’s Committee
Main Square, Dhour Shweir - Maten -Lebanon

Tel: 961 4 390019  - Fax:961 4 391469


Pageants rules and regulations

Ø      Ø    Candidates must be between 17 and 27 years old, single or divorced with no children.

Ø      Ø    Candidates must be born in Lebanon, or father or grandfather born in Lebanon. Candidates must supply copies of passport/identification cards of themselves and/or of father/grandfather.

Ø      Ø    There are 3 competition segments: casual wear, swimsuit and evening wear. If nominated to compete, candidates will receive guidelines and details on what to wear.

Ø      Ø    After the 3 competition segments, 6 finalists will be interviewed by the judging committee. Questions for the interview are determined by the judges, Lebanese Ministry Of Tourism, Miss Emigrants Committee and Festival Committee. Answers will be one to two minutes long.

Ø      Ø    One winner will be crowned “Miss Emigrant”, and first and second runners up    will be crowned “ First Runner up Miss Emigrant” and “Second Runner up Miss Emigrant”.

Ø      Ø    This pageant is endorsed by the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism and Miss Emigrant Committee-Dhour Shweir

Ø      Ø No registration fee is required.

Ø      Ø    This form must be signed by parents if contestant is under 18.

Ø      Ø The crowned Miss Emigrants will be our guest (accommodation included), during the whole period of the festival. 


Ø      Ø    I understand that I must meet all of the official deadlines, or I will be excused from participating in the pageant.   I agree to adhere by all Festival and Pageant Committees' guidelines and that all judges’ scores are final.

Ø      Ø     I agree and understand that neither the Emigrant’s Festival Committee, its agents, sponsors or volunteers will be responsible for any lost, misplaced, or otherwise claimed missing property during any pre-competition or competition.

Ø      Ø   If Elected, I agree to serve my term and represent the title bestowed upon me with dignity and honor.

Name: __________________________      Signature: _______________________     Date________________________

 Parent or Guardian’s signature (if under 18) __________________________________     Date________________________

Please review, print, fill out and fax no later than May 30, 2003.



Author Topic: Eid El Moughtaribeen
Member # 136

posted 01-18-2003 10:46 AM      Profile for municipality        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Dearest Shweirieh,
I would like to inform you that the council has just decided on the date of the festival.
The Festival will begin on saturday the 2nd of August until sunday the 10th of August.
Exceptionally this year, Miss Emigrant's will take place on the 19th of July, due to the fact that we have a gathering of emigrants from all over the world around 700 people that will attend this special event.
so shweirieh, we are waiting for you, and counting on your presence and your participation to help us make of our Shweir festivals a great success.
Best regards
Shweir Municipality


Eid Al Mughtaribeen scheduled for August 2 - August 14, 2002


Sat. 10th there will be a concert in the Saha (Town Square) 9:00 PM, many
artists including Sammy Clark...

Sunday, 11th Paper Rally all day, followed by a dance in the evening

Wednesday the 14th a dance for Teenagers

Friday 16th the Miss Emigrants pageant (9 PM)held at the Casino de Liban.
In Jounieh (bay City 15 miles north of Beirut)

Sat 17th activities in the old town in Shweir starting around 6 PM

Sunday 18th, the festival Final in the Saha (Town square)

Program in Arabic

To See Pictures and other events of the 2002 Festival, Click here




Festival Program 
August 4 - August 19,  2001

Due to the extensive amount of photos here, Please allow extra time for download

(July 28th-August 5th: Shweir.com tennis tournament).

Arabic Festival Program

Aug 4-5, 01
Eid Prog 8-4-5-01.JPG (30003 bytes)
Aug 7-9, 01
Eid Prog 8-7-9-01.JPG (32615 bytes)
Aug 10-13, 01
Eid Prog 8-10-13-01.JPG (34389 bytes)
Aug 14-16, 01
Eid Prog 8-14-16+ show.JPG (53479 bytes)
Aug 18-19, 01
Eid Prog 8-18-19 + sport.JPG (88846 bytes)

To the
 organizers, participants &
 attendees of Eid Al Mughtaribeen: 

 behalf of
 our team of Shweirieh
 at Shweir.com and on behalf of the
 Shweirieh bil Mahjar all over the world... from 
Arabia, Australia & the Americas to Brazil to Canada & China to Europe
  to New Zealand... to the USA... and all that is between, we send you our warmest
 Alohas, Bonjours, Ciaos, Dahnkes, Hellos, Gooddays and Marhabas, wishing you much success and good fortune.

July 28th-August 5th: See Shweir.com Tennis Tournament on Community page


The following program and photos were sent courtesy of Issam Sawaya and Rouba Khayrallah

Festiva prog 8-01 A.jpg (31448 bytes) Festival prog 8-01 D.jpg (39348 bytes) Festival prog 8-01 C.jpg (103242 bytes) Festival prog 8-01 B.jpg (55394 bytes)
Bachar Sawaya Flute.jpg (46618 bytes) Christmas Nawbeh Card 2001.jpg (108739 bytes) BROUMANA FEST2001.jpg (94673 bytes) Fest 8-01 Fountain nite.jpg (203056 bytes)
Fest Nawbeh Saha 8-01.jpg (129536 bytes) Nawbeh Independence day.jpg (110485 bytes) Christmas Nawbeh 2001.jpg (78828 bytes) Fest 8-01 Nawbeh.jpg (88825 bytes)


August 4, 2001  Saturday 8:00 p.m. Saha
The opening celebration of the festival honored by the minister of internal affairs. 
Music of Shweir, Scouts of Shweir, Saif oo Terse, Wadih Al Safi, 
Musician Noor Melah and singer lore Abas  



August 5, Sunday 9:30 p.m.  Saha
Artist Osama Jabbour and Al Daraweesh Dance group, Artist Nuhad Najjar 
                  Singer Jahida Wihbeh,  Music Director:  Charbel Awad 

P8050081.jpg (39969 bytes) MC (Master of Ceremony) Rita Rahbany, from Ain Sindyani, talented and beautiful, makes us proud P8050082.jpg (45236 bytes) L-R:  Charbel Awad, Rita Rahbany, Mehyy Din Al Ghaly, Mesbah Tamim & Salam Moulaeb P8050084.jpg (40869 bytes)

P8050085.jpg (99697 bytes)

P8050086.jpg (158795 bytes) P8050087.jpg (54278 bytes) P8050090.jpg (44837 bytes) P8050099.jpg (85303 bytes) P8050091.jpg (96515 bytes)
P8050092.jpg (47815 bytes) P8050093.jpg (54274 bytes) P8050094.jpg (50883 bytes) P8050095.jpg (44447 bytes)
w/Raif Curban of Melbourn, Australia
P8050096.jpg (33276 bytes)
P8050088.jpg (94625 bytes) Full Moon, Fountain,  Dancing in front of stage and in the audience    P8050098.jpg (40300 bytes) P8050101.jpg (31374 bytes) P8050102.jpg (46768 bytes)
P8050103.jpg (42439 bytes)
P8050105.jpg (49175 bytes)
Nabil Matar, Da Mayor Shawki Sawaya & Al Mukhtar bil Mahjar
P8050107.jpg (44389 bytes) Nigerian Ambassador... George & I hoped to have a word with him about those Nigerian email spammers... P8050106.jpg (58257 bytes)
P8050111.jpg (49601 bytes) P8050112.jpg (52449 bytes) with Alexa Kiame of Hotel Central and singer Jahida Wihbeh... P8050108.jpg (34437 bytes)

P8050109.jpg (49551 bytes)

P8050110.jpg (45469 bytes)



August 7,  Tuesday 10:00 p.m.  Saha
A night of song and dance... Singers Haitham Ziad, Hassan Alhashem, Emad Al Hajj, Josline Ghali, Monologist George Khoury, Dancer Mirella, Al Zaffeh & Al Wazeer Folklore Troupe. 

P8070029.JPG (51253 bytes) P8070030.JPG (58504 bytes) P8070031.JPG (207386 bytes) P8070032.JPG (32941 bytes) P8070034.JPG (29990 bytes)
P8070036.JPG (42443 bytes) P8070037.JPG (53069 bytes) P8070041.JPG (46983 bytes) P8070042.JPG (38045 bytes) P8070039.JPG (46580 bytes)
P8070038.JPG (17545 bytes) P8070033.JPG (31160 bytes)

P8070040.JPG (50465 bytes)

Aug 2001 26.JPG (23191 bytes) Aug 2001 25.JPG (21374 bytes) P8070035.JPG (33512 bytes)


Text and more photos on the way... stay tuned... 



August 8, Wednesday, 10:00 p.m.  Roi Des Frites
POP Hafli for teenagers 

We missed that event... anyone with picture to share please send to webmaster



August 9, Thursday, 10:00  Saha
An evening of songs with Maysam Nahhas, Yuri Murkadi, Shadi Ibrahim, Ayad Saker, Emad Al Hellou and a surprise appearance...  Music Director:  Charbel Awad 

P8090131.JPG (81933 bytes) P8090132.JPG (86954 bytes) P8090133.JPG (84774 bytes) P8090134.JPG (59282 bytes) P8090135.JPG (33522 bytes)
P8090136.JPG (41064 bytes) P8090137.JPG (38352 bytes) P8090138.JPG (60238 bytes) P8090139.JPG (40897 bytes) P8090140.JPG (98210 bytes)
P8090141.JPG (107537 bytes) P8090143.JPG (94476 bytes) P8090144.JPG (53087 bytes) P8090147.JPG (63741 bytes) P8090146.JPG (70739 bytes)
P8090148.JPG (60423 bytes) P8090149.JPG (53491 bytes) P8090150.JPG (70850 bytes) Aug 2001 20.JPG (16542 bytes)  


Aug. 10, Friday
6:00 p.m.
  near Malaab Baladi:  
Al Youm Al Karawee:  The Villager's Day, Food - Drink And be Merry 


P8100186.JPG (43967 bytes)
W/  May (Khoury), wife of Michael Mattar, Her Daughter Rania, wife of Naji Saadeh & grandson Joey 
May is Mona Khoury's sister
P8100187.JPG (39907 bytes)
Here add Salah Bou Saab & Anwar Sawaya
Some of the homemade items at the festival
P8100190.JPG (66848 bytes)
P8100189.JPG (36544 bytes) P8100191.JPG (11487 bytes)
P8100188.JPG (54316 bytes)
Rabih & Faisal Bou Zaidan & family
P8100191a.JPG (43796 bytes)   P8100195.JPG (43562 bytes) P8100192.JPG (57553 bytes)
P8100196.JPG (50855 bytes) P8100197.JPG (49395 bytes) P8100194.JPG (51521 bytes) P8100198.JPG (35760 bytes) P8100193.JPG (41866 bytes)

Below is a report by Omar Khneisser v v v

The Village Day

“Tabouli, kibeh, kawarma, kichek, ka3k, nammoura, arak, tout" were some of the delicious dishes and drinks prepared by Shweirish mothers sisters and even fathers on the 6th day of the festival. The festival’s committee assigned Friday the 10th of August to be the “Village Day”(Al Yaoum El Korawy), and with the cooperation of Shweirish ladies, they invited the immigrants and visitors of Shweir to taste the Shweirish food. The incident took place this year on a peace of land that belongs to the “baladieh” near the local court. Tens of Shweirish recipes and all the traditional kinds of food were served to all immigrants and visitors. Among those who worked to make this day successful were Ms. Mary Sawaya, Mrs. May Jaber Moujaes, Mrs. Waddad Korban Sawaya, Ms. Nayla Khalil Sawaya, Ms. Josline Joseph Baaklini, Ms. Ola George Aoun, Mrs. Layla Ghanem Khneisser, Ms. Klara Remon Touma, Mr. Habib Jouka Moujaes, Mr. Nijad Fouad Shalhoub.

A singing party took place that evening in the Saha and lots of Shweirish singers participated like Mr. Joe Moujaes, Mrs. Nada El Rabih, Mr. Marsel Nasr and Mr. Adib Al Kintar, and also the 3oud player Mr. Fares Aoun.

We hope next year the “Eid” will go back to its original place. I mean in Ain El Kasis where everybody used to remember the old days of the school, the students, and the good spirit of Shweir. You are all invited next year.

Omar Riad Khneisser  

Thank you Omar for your informative report


9:00 p.m.  Saha:  
Song & Dance by Shweiry Artists:  Joe Moujaes, Marcel Nasr & Adib Alantar, 
Nada Alrabih, Al Mouakar Dance Troupe and Oud Player Faris Aoun.  
Music Director:  Charbel Awad 

P8100185.JPG (25429 bytes)
The Hafli at Saha began with a video presentation produced by  22 year young Zeina Khnaisser 
"The George Lucas" of Shweir
P8100184.JPG (40665 bytes)   Zeina directed and produced the first Shweiry Movie.."Ya Rabb Urham".  It was filmed in Shweir and all actors are from Shweir including Abu Fares. P8100200.JPG (45881 bytes)
Nada (Moujaes) Al Rabih is another Shweiry Star... she sings popular (Me Jana & Ataba) as good or better than some top singers. 
P8100199.JPG (41082 bytes)   P8100204.JPG (36350 bytes)   P8100205.JPG (35902 bytes)

P8100206.JPG (25165 bytes)

P8100201.JPG (56101 bytes)   P8100202.JPG (43038 bytes)   P8100203.JPG (54049 bytes)


Aug. 11, Saturday 10:00 p.m. Hotel Central  
Miss Immigrants Beauty Pageant and Gala 

   Miss Emigrants Beauty Pageant, 2001

To see this great event you need to go to Hotel Central by clicking on the photo below v v v

P8110027.JPG (30589 bytes)

To See Pictures and other events of the 2002 Festival, Click here



Aug. 12,  Sunday  7:00 p.m. Ain Al Assis
Celebration in remembrance of the Author and Educator Girges Nijm Hammam.

Honoring the Teacher JERJES HAMMAM 
Organized by Women’s Renaissance Gathering – Shweir

amo3 al Nahda al Nisa’ia )  

To see this event, you need to go to Ain Al Assis by clicking on the photo below ... v v v

P8120173.JPG (47965 bytes)


Aug. 13,  Monday  5:00 p.m. 
Kids day.JPG (83243 bytes)Children's Day:  Mini Studio, Dr. Miki, and lots of fun games and sing along...  photo on right courtesy of Studio Rim... Can you see someone you know? 

Although we attended the very begining of this program, we had to leave about 5:30 to prepare for the Shweir Foundation Second meeting in Shweir... so we were only able to take these pictures of the young audience... 

P8130190.JPG (79577 bytes) P8130191.JPG (95052 bytes) Can you see someone you know in this crowd?   P8130192.JPG (118236 bytes) P8130193.JPG (74486 bytes)


Aug. 14, Tuesday  9:30 p.m.  Hotel Dhour Choueir 

To see Miss Teenage Beauty Contest you need to go to "Meet Our Youth" web page by clicking on the photo below v v v :

 P8140229.JPG (49304 bytes)

Congratulations to all the contestants, by your participation, YOU are all winners

Thank you Layal Khnaisser & George Rihbany for an impressive presentation

Thank you Lama for yet another great report. 


Aug. 15, Wednesday 10:00  Shweiry Hafli - Saha 
Music of Shweir in Rihbaniyat, Saif oo Terse with the Master Jamil Eid Khonaisser with Foad Halim Sawaya with Goerge Shallita and Emile Eid Khonaisser and co.  Dance by Shweiry young ladies.  

As you may have surmised by now, since we have more than a thousand pictures that we took in August 2001, it would take a very long time to feature them on one web page, as such, we have been re-assigning photos for certain events to other related web pages that do not have much photos... It is also an indirect way to introduce you to other web pages that you may not otherwise visit. 

This evening we are going to take you to a new web page called "Photos - People".  
Click on the photo of  Bashar Sawaya below to go there...

P8150291.JPG (40755 bytes)


To view this special evening, go to 

Aug. 16, Thursday  9:00 p.m.  Dayr Mar Elias 
Poetry night led by the poet Shawki Amar with his gifted poets 

To see Poetry and Song, you need to go to Dayr Mar Elias by clicking on photo below v v v 

P8160036.jpg (28483 bytes)




August 18, Saturday Morning... 

 To go to Alsad Restaurant for a breakfast gathering sponsored by Shweir Women's Society... click on photo of Alsad below... 

P8070017.jpg (91857 bytes)



Aug. 18, Saturday 9:00 p.m.  Saha
A Play:  Al Shakess By Rahbany Brothers performed by Bshammoun Club of National Artists

To see this Hafli, you need to go to the "Photos People" web page by clicking on the photo below... v v v 

P8180031.JPG (50642 bytes)



Aug. 19, Sunday 6:00 p.m.  Saha  
Classic & New Car Show & Competition.  
Symbolic and artistic dances and

To see the last event of the Festival, you need to go to the "People News" web page by clicking on the photo below  v  v  v 

P8190105.JPG (41060 bytes)

Author Topic:   Our Newest writers
George Matar
posted 10-06-2001 01:58 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for George Matar     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
I finally had the time to sit and read the write up of our Shweirieh, those that helped volunteered to write about one night from the festival.
* Habib Halabi has proven himself to be an excellent writer as well as photographer. Now if only we can Roula Halabi (his sister) to start writing again
* Lama Katoul, our youngest veteran writer, always love to hear from her. Yeah to our newest Class V.P.
* Nissrine & Rawan Moujaes, The article about the night Gerjes Hamam was honored is good, It was short but to the point on the article... Welcome aboard , your brother Walid should be very proud.
* Omar Khneisser, I have enjoyed the article pretty much, good starting line and discription with names that helped a lot, i like your style buddy. One day you have to write up the story about the time you mom tasted the olive oil that a certain PhD was try to sell. Ask her if she wants to release the story....Nabil knows it by heart, so do I.
* Hanadi Abdel Ahad, What a talented writer this beautiful 16 year old. I thought the article about the "Night of Poetry" was extremely well written, and put me in the mood, I had to miss that night because I was under the weather. I'd give the article a 10. Hanadi, if you are reading this, thank you very much for your all you have done. I think you may have found an avenue for your talent... send us some more articles. Give my best to all your family, We really had a nice gathering at the Abdel Ahad after the town's meeting...Pictures to come.

My hat's off to all of you my talented friends. You don't have to wait for a special occasion to write, just do it frequently. Thank you




90 year Young Helena Ataya 
from New Zealand will return to Shweir August 1, 2001

Copy of e-mail response by  Chaplain. Reverend Edrick Corban-Banks dated Feb 17, 2001

Dear all especially Walid and hi George, I was thinking about you about three days ago and specifically about the article about Ibiza and how like Lebanon it must be. Further to that downloaded some photos of Shweir which are pure Ibiza countryside and architecture. Do you still want an updated version.?  I recently tried the local ibicenco local turron and if it wasn't halawi then it gave a pretty good impression of it. Also the local ibecinco drink hierbas ibecincas is arak through and through.  

Walid thank you for all your wonderful comments. We take the family for granted in NZ but I never really thought of what it could appear to be to someone else. I thought all Lebanese were great innovators. Especially those from Shweir :-). The success of the family through to the fifth generation is astounding. but My great grandfather was a Christian and Godly man.  Honor your father and mother and live long in the land is a  scripture outworked in the Corban family.  His and Najibes Godly influence worked through the family so that now five generations later we are still a very, very close knit family.  That has got to be the Lebanese family concept. Family reunions are still happening. The last one i attended was only four years ago where I and two cousins... all clergy.... led the family service. Out of 300 people that attended the family reunion at the Hendersn winery at communion there were 180 family members all who came had a deep abiding faith and love of God.  A legacy from our grandparents.

The Corban family from small village beginnings is a very widely respected name in New Zealand. they prospered by fair and honest dealings, the pioneering spirit that carried through from our great grandparents, their love of God and firm conviction that God ordered all things ordered theoir lives on a biblical basis. This has manifested in each generation and left the Corban family a highly respected in NZ. Because of this Godly heritage and the prayers each generation has surpassed itself in outstanding achievements. In law, medicine, sports, music business education. local government. Christian mission work.

My uncle Assid was mayor of Henderson for 25 years None of which could have been achieved if a an ongoing sense of family pride (in the best possible way) had not been instilled by Assid Abraham. Certainly one could take this back to what Assid Abraham had instilled in him from his way of life in Shweir. So the Corban family success is in effect a reflection and product of Shweir.  I think that although few members of the later generations speak Arabic, our cultural traditions have been instilled into us and there is a driving desire for successive generations to visit the land of their Fathers....especially Shweir. Uncle David whom you mention he was a J.P a man of God a widely respected businessman ..a jazz pianist and people would regularly seek his counsel. He was for me a close and dear friend and someone I could trust always.  I had the sad but joyous honour of conducting his funeral.

My great Aunt Helena is still alive, and is traveling.. at 93 back to Shweir.  Her husband George died two years ago. Teijie is still alive and so is Annis.  the Corbans have all lived to great ages and have remained incredibly healthy.  

WE all owe a great deal to Assid Abraham his incredibly hard work. We the successive generations are reaping the benefits of his vision commitment to God. Perhaps it was as well the winery was eventually sold because it meant that the pioneering spirit could begin afresh but built on the shoulders and solid family foundation of Assid and Najibe Corban.


The Anglican Chaplaincy on Ibiza and Formentera 
Capellanía Anglicana en Ibiza y Formentera 
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Sección Española de la Diocesis Anglicana en Europa 
Chaplain. Reverend Edrick Corban-Banks. 
C/0 Supermercado Magon, Port des Torrent 07820. San Antonio. Ibiza ESPAÑA 
Tf/fx 971 343 383 e-mail corbanks@teleline.es 


Thank you Edrick for taking the time to enlighten us about the Corban family History.  
Do you know when Helena is going back to Shweir?  
It would be nice for representatives from Shweir to give a special welcome to Helena.  Please keep us posted. 

The Team at Shweir.com


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From: <gataya@iprolink.co.nz>
To: <shweir@shweir.com>
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2001 5:30 PM
Subject: Helena Ataya

I was browsing through the website after my friend Ihsan Bosauder told me about it and noticed the following few lines posted after an email by my cousin Edrick Corban Banks.  (reference to the above communication).
> I am Gabriel son of Michael the eldest son of George and Helena Ataya. As you know Sitty is going to go back to Shweir, Lebanon this year. I was just speaking to her on the phone and she told me that she will at this stage be arriving
> in Lebanon on August 1, 2001.  I believe Edrick posted that she is 93, she actually turned only 90 in February. Her sister Annisie is 93.  
> I think Sitty would feel greatly honored if there was a special welcome for > her there in Shweir. I was going to be going with her, but unfortunately I have not been able to get the money together in time and will now look at going over next year or the year after.  
> Regards
> Gabriel Michael George Ataya


From: <anwar@shweir.com>
To: gataya@iprolink.co.nz
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2001 5:30 PM
Subject: Helena Ataya

Dear Gabriel,

It is so wonderful to hear from you and to know more about when Helena Ataya is coming to Shweir.  Her timing is great because many of us Mughtaribeen plan to be there around that time or arrive late July or early August.  And that is when Eid Al Mughtaribeen will take place shortly after she arrives.  That Festival of welcoming al Mughtaribeen is the biggest of its kind in Lebanon.

Also, we plan to have in Dhour a Shweir.com Open House as a central place for communication.  We do not know where yet but we will post it as soon as we know.  We hope that a welcoming committee from Shweir would mobilize to and definitely, we would love to meet Helena Ataya and do something personal that is worthy of her visit.

Please keep us posted of where Helena would be staying and please tell Helena that she has an open invitation to stop by the Shweir.com Open House.

For the Team at Shweir.com,



To the Eid Al Mughtaribeen Committee:  

 Dear Shweirieh 

I want to congratulate you on putting a successful festival this year for the town.  Those of us that were unlucky and could not attend had to rely on word of mouth on all the festivities.  The advertisement on the Shweir.com was good and described well what we missed.  We are still waiting for some of the Shweirieh to get proactive and write a report on it so it can be shared with the less fortunate Mughtaribeen that had to stay in our adopted country.

 We at www.shweir.com would have loved to help the festival become even bigger, but the page was being born in July of this year.  All that we could do was to display the advertisement, and if I may add, not soon enough to have an impact on the Eid.  But that is behind us, it’s History.  Next year it will be different and hopefully, and if God’s willing, we should be able to promote this Event to the max.  We already have started thinking of things to do for next year’s festival that will encourage not only the Shweirieh but also all the Mughtaribeen from Lebanon to attend, after all it is their festival too.  The more we have the merrier and more beneficial for the town.

 Eid Al Mughtaribeen is a golden vehicle to help us bring new visitors and new investors to our town.  It should be a goal we should strive hard to accomplish by heavily advertising and promoting our town and activities.  We can start by informing the Shweirieh overseas, and they will inform their Lebanese friends, and in turn they will inform their friends.  “The Ripple effect”.  With time everybody will know.

 If I may suggest:

·         Shweir should compile a directory of all the Shweirieh locals and abroad

·         I recommend the Baladieh, issues a monthly, or quarterly, newsletter to all the Shweirieh, informing them on activities, plans, needs, social life, weddings, births, deaths, etc.. This is an inexpensive way to maintain a line of communication.

·         A copy of this newsletter will be posted on the web page for all members that have internet access.  However at this time I believe, hard copies of the Newsletter should be mailed. This newsletter will be a common link and will make the Shweirieh in the Mahjar feel that they are still part of the town.

·         The Mughtaribeen have learned a lot from their adopted countries, they are invaluable resources that should be tapped into.  When they feel they still belong, they will volunteer to help in one way or another.

 Now Back to the Eid:

 The Date:  
For so many years, many Shweirieh, like myself, living in the southern parts of the USA unwillingly deprived themselves from attending Eid al Mughtaribeen because its timing conflicts with our children’s school.  For example schools in Texas starts around the 10th of August.  I talked with Mr. Nabil Ghosn, in 1995 about trying to make the festival the last two weeks of July or at least last week in July and first week in August.  Five years later nothing has happened.  To be honest I don’t like going anywhere without my children and I definitely will not allow my children to miss two weeks of school to attend the festival.   How many Lebanese do you think fit this description?   You can be assured plenty.

 One thing for sure, diehard Lebanese, with children, will keep going home.  It would be very beneficial to attract them to Dhour Shweir each time they go back.  If we can attract them even for one day of festivities the rewards will be great. 

 The Plan:  
Let us set the festival date and schedule it real early, maybe as early as November to make sure all permits and paper work are in order. 

 The Activities:  
Scheduling early gives us the luxury to recruit the top artists that the budget will allow.  Same with the sport teams.   In addition to all the already wonderful activities, let us:

·         Set at least a day that the Shweirieh living home and those living outside join hands on a mini project that will improve a section of the town. Example planting trees, or clean a major street, or plant flowers.  We have many ideas we can recommend.

·         Talent show for the Shweirieh, locals and abroad.  Again we have several ideas we can share

·         Games for ex athletes.  example a day of volleyball for people over, 40 years old (Shabak Watee, of coarse).

·         There are a lot of talented young Shweirieh bil Mahjar that would be willing to participate in the activities, we should locate them and encourage them to do so.

 The promotion:  
We will use our combined resources to strongly promote it.  We can start at the beginning of the year if not sooner.

·         By mentioning in the news letter as early as January, and repeat it in March and June.

·         By using web pages like www.shweir.com , www.dailystar.com , www.Lebanon.com and the likes of those.  Will will utilize our web page the fullest on getting the commitment of many Shweirieh and their Lebanese friends to plan their family vacation to accommodate the festival’s date. 

 We are not asking much Just that Eid al Mughtaribeen 2001 to be the best ever. 

 United we will make Dhour Shweir Aaroos al Masayef and the envy of all towns in Lebanon.

George Matar 

 Webmasters note:  
I recently spoke with the founder of the Lebanese American Association, Mr. Fouad Maalouf, and he also agrees about the date for Eid al Mughtaribeen.  He, and many others, usually visit  Lebanon in July and missed the festival because they left Lebanon the end of July.   

Eid Al Mughtaribeen  2000

Eid Al Mughtaribeen (Festival of Ex-patriots):  August 3-18, 2000 


A Report by Habib Halabi

During the Miss Immigrant's festival which took place in Al-Yanabeeh  restaurant in Shwaia, I was able to get those pictures which I propose to be hosted on shweir.com under a new page related to Mughtaribeen link. 

The party was hosted by Miss Rita Rahbani from Shweir who was among the first 10 elected in Miss Lebanon early this year.  There were about 14 participants, all are from Metin and most are from Shweir.  

The results of the contest were as follows:  
Miss Immigrants : Tatian Merheb (18 yrs old, former Miss Teenagers last year)
 1st Runner Up : Nadine Abou Zaid Dao from Jonieh ( 21 yrs old)
 2nd Runner Up: Layal Shaya Khneisser (20 Yrs old) 

 See also last year's miss immigrants Nancy Kurban from Shweir (18 Yrs old)
   <<Miss99&Miss2000.jpg>>  <<Miss_Immg1999.jpg>>  <<All_in_one01.jpg>>


Beauty Contestants 2000 

Contest presenter Rita Rahbani 

Miss Al Mughtaribeen 2000, Tatian Merheb 
(18 yrs old, former Miss Teenagers last year)

Beauty Contestants


Festival Program 2000 
Miss Immig 2.JPG (83628 bytes)
Miss Mughtaribeen
Two Beauties
1999 & 2000
Miss 99 & 2000.JPG (75282 bytes)

Nancy Kurban 
Tatian Merheb 
Miss Mughtaribeen 1999

Miss Immig 99.JPG (39919 bytes)

Nancy Kurban 
from Shweir

First Runner up
 1st runner up 02.JPG (46047 bytes)   1st runner up 01.JPG (50086 bytes)   1st runner up 03.JPG (37309 bytes)   1st runner up 04.JPG (39880 bytes)   1st runner up 05.JPG (54223 bytes)

Thank you Habib Halabi for sending the photos and information

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Photos courtesy of Ayman Chalhoub
(Ayman is one of our talented young students studying computer and web design at the AUB) Thank you Ayman.