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Hi, These r pictures before and during the Mar Takla Project.  Regards,  Oula


Subhiyeh at Shafik & Norma Rahbani

After the Sunrise walk and Photos featured on the "August 2001" web page, we walked to Ain Sindyani and took pictures along the way...          

a typical home along the way 
P8060143.jpg (54198 bytes)
>  The Lebanese Ladder to Success >
2001 16.JPG (12475 bytes) P8060001.JPG (65414 bytes) P8060002.JPG (85085 bytes) P8060003.JPG (56895 bytes) 
Inside the church in Ain Sindyani


A new perspective...
P8060144.jpg (55988 bytes)
View of Shweir from Ain Sindyani
P8060145.jpg (46044 bytes)  
Marhaba Ya Aam...
2001 17.JPG (24161 bytes) 
Min Wayn al Shabab...? 
Ana ba3ref ahlakoum... 
P8060146.jpg (46202 bytes) Tfaddallow... Teen Baladi?  Yes!
2001 19.JPG (26906 bytes)
Finjan Ahweh? YES! YES!
Minutes later... we had a great Subhiyeh at the Rahbany Family Home 
with neighbors incl. my cousin & our school mate Najla Samaha Jerdak (in black) P8060147.jpg (47047 bytes)

2001 24.JPG (26223 bytes)

P8060151.jpg (61368 bytes)

2001 29.JPG (42314 bytes)
< &  ^ Sometimes taking pictures in different cameras can give a whole different perspective like to the left and above

<   L to R: George Matar, Anwar Kenicer & Dawoud Jerdak 

P8060006.JPG (91434 bytes)
Infront the home of my cousin Habboba
P8060152.jpg (45879 bytes) Dawoud Jerdak, George & Edmon Rahbany P8060149.jpg (51103 bytes)

Grapes on the roof of the third story villa on left


P8060150.jpg (74168 bytes) 2001 21.JPG (26237 bytes) 2001 26.JPG (28365 bytes)

*  (George Matar's Note)   We were invited to the house of Shafiq Salim Rahbani's and his wife Norma ( Habib Sawaya) Rahbani for coffee or Subhiyeh (morning ritual).  
Then Najla Samaha Jirdak came over with Philip Jirdak and his wife Samira.  
As we were sitting a Gentleman walked in and sat down, looked at me and said:  "Aren't you the Mukhtar?".  I smiled and said yes, but you got me at a disadvantage.  He said he is Edmond Matar Rahbani  His daughter is the little beauty sleeping on the chair with a blue jacket in the last pictures of Miss Teen Age pageant.  I think her name is Christine.  

continuing with the next chip of digital photos... 

P8060005.JPG (108285 bytes) < plantings infront Habboba's home 2001 34.JPG (30196 bytes) Najla & Dawoud Jardak P8060004.JPG (64688 bytes)
< Dawoud, Edmon, Intisar and her daughter Ragheda and Geoge Matar
P8060007.JPG (76593 bytes)  
<<  This fine villa is for the family of Benyameen Iskandar Matar Al Rahbany
Do you want to see some of the work that goes into it?   P8060148.jpg (35724 bytes)
 Inside that villa
2001 28.JPG (16011 bytes) Edmon Rahbani
What used to be the basement that was used for storage is being uncovered to unveil  the beauty of the foundation and the now highly prized  art of the arches that support the upper levels...  2001 32.JPG (17598 bytes) 2001 33.JPG (15712 bytes) 2001 31.JPG (27474 bytes)
2001 20.JPG (38447 bytes) The proud parents Sahfik & Norma Rahbani  They showed us the workmanship of their sons at their home and inside an adjacent villa that is almost complete 2001 22.JPG (36531 bytes) < Norma with pictures of her family in front of the carved stone mantel  2001 30.JPG (26812 bytes) 
Note the  bookshelves from carved stone and embedded in the wall
2001 27.JPG (8798 bytes) The Rahbani brothers are truly masters in perfection when it comes to custom masonry... 

< here check out the special granite electrical plate cover, the inlaid marble floors and granite trim...  

2001 23.JPG (14040 bytes) You know, these pictures do not do their fine work justice... 

Look closely after you enlarge the balcony photo on R.  The edges of each marble is a continous "S" and they fit so perfectly together!

2001 25.JPG (18571 bytes)

Plenty more photos to come... George... I need your scanned photos from prints 

From Ain Sindyani, we stopped at Alsad and took some pictures... 

Click here to see Alsad   or   Click here to go to August 2001 web page