Honoring - Remembering 

Dr. Karim W. Nasser
pledges $5,000 to the Shweir Foundation for the Community Center and Library. 

 This pledge to be…

In Honor of:

My aunt Badre Bou Laila Khnaisser Akiki

“Thank you for your Love, Sacrifice, Guidance and Inspiration”

In Memory of:

My sister Jouliette Wadih Nasr Khnaisser

My aunt Marie Bou Laila “Im Fares” Khnaisser

And My uncle Sabi’ Bou Laila Khnaisser

“Thank you for your love, dedication, sacrifice and contribution to the education of many people”

Short biographies:

Badre Bou Laila Khnaisser Akiki

Badre Bou Laila Khnaisser was born and raised in Shweir and moved with her family to Beirut in search of education and employment. She completed her secondary education at “Al-Azarieh” and found employment in a private company until she joined one of the Lebanese government departments. At work, she met and eventually married Elie Akiki, who served in several government departments, including the President’s office. Badre and Elie had three children: Kamal, Asma and Rima; they made sure that all their children completed a professional education.  Badre retired recently from her editorial position with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Jouliette Wadih Nasr

Jouliette Wadih Nasr was born and raised in Shweir where she attended the local “Rahbat” school. Then she completed her education at the Teacher’s College in Beirut. The Maaref, the government department of education, offered Jouliette employment in one of their schools in Ashrafieh. A few years later, she was promoted to be the director of one of the schools in the same area. Jouliette also tutored her many nieces and nephews as they were growing up and served as an active social member in Shweir. Unfortunately, cancer cut short Jouliette’s promising and productive career at the prime of her life, in 1980. The Lebanese government awarded Jouliette the Medal of Honor for her services in the education field.


Marie Bou Laila Khnaisser

Marie Bou Laila Khnaisser was born and raised in Shweir and eventually moved with her family to Beirut in search of employment. After she apprenticed as a seamstress with her mother and one of their friendly neighbors, she struck out on her own and started a very rewarding career. Marie interceded on her nephew’s behalf and convinced one of her clients, Mrs. Joseph Haddad, to help Karim find a job in the kitchen at the International College. Mr. Haddad, the director of the College, was impressed with Karim’s enthusiasm and hard work and hence made it possible for him to simultaneously attend classes at the College. Karim did very well at the College, received his high school diploma and then carried on to complete his engineering degree at the American University of Beirut. Marie meanwhile met and married Fouad Fares Hanna Khnaisser and they had three children: Fares, Ghassan and Lainah. Marie continued to work as a seamstress all her life and was able to help her children complete their own education. After a full and rewarding life, Marie passed away in 2001.

Sabi’ Bou Laila Khnaisser

Sabi' Bou Laila Khnaisser was born and raised in Shweir and moved with his mother Nabiha and his sisters Marie and Badre to Beirut, at the age of 13 years, in search of work. Upon arriving to Beirut, Sabi’ found employment at the “Regie des Tabacs”.  He progressed through the ranks, to become a machinist and a foreman of one of the machine shops in the company. He was eventually elected Union president in the same company and served his fellow employees with great dedication. Sabi’, his mother, and his sisters welcomed and sponsored their nephew Karim to live with them in their one bedroom apartment until he was able to complete his studies in Beirut over a period of 10 years.  Sabi’ married Yvonne Naifeh and they had five children: Nabiha, Rola, Nada. George, and Badre.  Sabi’ made sure that all his children completed their professional education. Shortly after his retirement in 1988, Sabi' passed away.