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Author Topic: Web Update - Guidelines - Easier way to post pictures
Member # 327

posted 10-07-2005 08:27 PM      Profile for Anwar   Author's Homepage        Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 
Hello everyone. Yes, it has been quite busy ... and yes, we have a large website of 3.5 Gigabytes.

Posting Pictures: I would like to accommodate everyone who requests posting of their pictures. We will still post announcements and rare and important and historical pictures. We have reached the point now to make some procedural changes. Actually, these are positive changes since it gives everyone more liberty and control on publishing and editing your own pictures whenever you want and at no cost on many websites and provide us with a link so that we can announce them on

One of the popular sites for photos that Samar uses is...

and follow the prompts. within minutes after you sign up for free, people can view the pictures in a slide show presentation. Which, I must admit, is far more convenient than our web.

Once you posted the pictures, you can immediately announce it to everyone on the BB here, email the link to all your friends and family and also please do send to us the best 1-2 pictures so that we can announce the event and place a link to your photos.

If you are a bit technologically challenged, ask a family member to help you set it up.

That reminds me. Due to excessive junk mail/ spam, we have abandoned shweir at and anwar at - - Please review the updated contact info from Home page.

Happy surfing,


Posts: 6 | From: San Francisco, California | Registered: Sep 2005  |  IP: Logged

Privacy:  the email list will not be used for any commercial purpose.  It will be used to facilitate communication among fellow Shweirieh and to keep you apprised of new and worthwhile news about Shweir.  


Mission Statement 

This website is created by some of those "Mughtaribeen" to:  

a.  Heighten awareness of our hometown and heritage;   

b.  Contribute positively to the community and assist those who are less fortunate than we are, be it basic needs, medical, educational, beautification, volunteerism, employment, etc.  

c.  Promote peace, goodwill, equality, commerce and cooperation.  

d.   Facilitate better communication, network and find some long lost friends & relatives.

e.  This will not be a platform to promote or support any particular political or religious cause or viewpoint  over another, and  

f.  Address and act upon other matters as need arises.

 Welcome to the Family...

Excerpt from Bulletin Baord

Author Topic:   Sixteen months in the making
George Matar
posted 10-26-2001 09:08 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for George Matar     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Mother Shweir, ah the sound of it makes your imagination drift to that magical time and place where you really want to be at this moment. The memory is planted in the forefront of your memory bank and can’t seem to be able to erase it.
We have traveled the globe and settled in so many different places, found new homes and good futures and at one time or another told ourselves we will never return, but who are we kidding, but our own selves. Lets face it we can’t seem to detach ourselves from Shweir or the love we have for her. Yet to many of us we can’t afford to be where we really want to be, In Shweir.

Here comes to reunite all of the Shweirieh, old and young alike. It has broken all barriers that could keep us separated, distance and time, religion, and politics. In all honesty this is reunification at its purest form. On this Web page, Shweir is paramount; everything else is secondary.

For those of us that cannot make it to Shweir, brought the village to you. Brought you friends and relatives that you never knew, or possibly forgotten they existed. Now communicating with them is just few clicks away.

It introduced you to some of our very talented Shweirieh and there is plethora of them. There are artists, poets, beauty queens, dancer, singers, and musicians. Or organizers, Masters of Ceremonies (that are beauty queens themselves) volunteers, politicians, environmentalist, humanitarians, and athletes, lord the list is so long and it is growing. proposed, and with your help achieved, successful projects that were helpful to our rising and talented children as well as our needy and physically challenged Shweirieh. Thanks in part to our local supporting cast and organizations. will continue to investigate and promote projects that clearly benefit our beloved village.

In its year and 4 months of operation achieved so many goals. Here is a partial list:

· Have located Shweirieh that registered in our guest books from the following Countries:
Lebanon (of course), Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Austria , Italy, Spain, England, France, Germany, Ibiza, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, and temporary Aruba. Not Bad huh?
· We are approaching 40,000 visitors as of the writing of this article.
· We have 71 active writers that contribute to the bulletin board.
· We have thousands of bulletin board subjects and responses.
· For the first time, Eid Al Mughtaribeen activities can be observed on the web page from anywhere on the planet. Additionally many of our were present and participated in the activities. Helena Ataya, 90 years young, from New Zealand was our best ambassador at the festival.

I can tell you without any reservation that the uniqueness of is unmatched. And I am not talking on a local level, but rather on a global one. We (you included) made it happen.

Shweir and its dot com is there anything that compares?

So where do we go from here? In all honesty we really don’t know, the only thing we do know is: “The Road is long” and “We’ve only just begun” two verses from two beautiful songs but fit our mission pretty well.

What’s next? We really would like to find all the Shweirieh around the globe and have more active participants. Maybe collectively we can help make Shweir a better and more balanced village to live in. For many of us a place we can enjoy its beauty and feel at home when we visit.

In the mean time, Ya Habayeb enjoy your hometown web page and one more time “welcome to our growing family” and if you feel like me, be proud of being a Shweiry that have made a difference.

Sounding off with all my love from Aruba
Mukhtar Bil Mahjar

George Matar

posted 10-27-2001 02:10 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Webmaster     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Ya Mukhtar,

This is great summary that with your permission, I would like to post it as part of the welcome message for

Also, I would like to add to your list of achievements some important ones such as:

* Formation of Shweir Foundation, a non profit corporation...

* Providing schools in Shweir with their first computers, ten so far...

* Providing Shweir community with 10 wheelchairs...

* Building Family trees to better document our heritage...

* Talk about trees... improving environment by adopting a plan to plant thousands of trees...

*  Planting the seed for a new public library by hand carrying from Al Mahjar over a hundred books to get started.  The key is to find the proper location, staffing and funds to make it an ongoing operation.

Stay tuned for more achievements in the making...


-----Original Message-----
From: Matar, George []
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2001 12:51 PM
Subject: Christmas 2001

 Marhaba Ya Habayeb

Reflecting on the past 12 months I can't help but get into an debate with
myself, was the past year good or was it bad.  There is no doubt in anyone's mind that the year was mixed but wow what a mix.  In my case the swings between peaks and valleys were so sharp.  I don't mind saying that the highs were spectacular and the lows, well I pray I forget soon.  But through this Helter Skelter you were there for me to share my inner feelings and yes you responded when I needed to hear from somebody.  Not all of you did but a sufficient number.

But let us concentrate on the "Stuff" related to our Shweir, The year has
been nothing short of spectacular, you can see for yourself. <>  is where it's all at.  There are reports, stories and pictures, of you, your families, your friends, or even the place where you were born, got baptized, played, got educated, danced, possibly met your better half , or even where you got married.  But most of all we are bringing you the latest updates on the place where you might go next summer, or better yet where you might retire..... Shweir, where the heart is.

This year I have met so many wonderful people through the that I
wouldn't even try to imagine how else I would have done it.  I got reacquainted with old friends and relatives after more than 30 years and I got to spend some terrific evening with The Class of 62 (eight years my elders) yet I felt as close to them as anybody I know. Next Summer the Class of 62 will be having their 40th  Anniversary Reunion (SSS) and believe me they are getting ready for it.......

The Milky Way is much closer to Dhour Shweir.  The stars are millions of
light years away but on a clear night you could almost pick them with your hand.  In My Childhood I used to think that they are watching over us, Vain Huh?    This year they seem to have drifted away, why?   Is it because they don't like us anymore?  Maybe they are wondering what Happened to this beautiful village, or maybe they are giving up hope that the village will not regain its past glory.   Well, let me tell you, Shweir has so many brilliant stars of its own scattered around the globe as well as in Shweir itself that collectively can do miracles.  Have you figured who they are?
Of course you know them....  But I wish every now and then they send us a
note just to make sure they are still around

It is time to make your wishes for Christmas and resolutions for the New
year.  One of which should be a trip to Shweir this year.  Try to be
specific and make it the first weekend in August to celebrate the 40th
Anniversary of Eid Al Mughtaribeen, your Festival.  

Great things are beginning to happen in Shweir, it is time for you to join
the parade and have an impact, believe me it is more fun and you just have been watching it a little too long.  Volunteer for something, pleeeaasse.  

Finally On Behalf of the family I wish you all the Best ever
Christmas and a New Year full of good health, wealth and prosperity.  May your investments Quadruple and all your dreams come true.  And I pray that all that success will not go to your head and make you forget that you are just like the rest of us tied in one way or another to a beautiful place called Shweir.

Milad Majeed wa Kil Sineh wo into Salmeen

Mukhtar Bil Mahjar
George Matar

Ps  There is a debate on the Bulletin Board in regards to the election of
the Baladieh, What are your thoughts on the subject?  You can voice your opinion there..... Get Active, now that should be a good resolution for you for the coming year.

July 2000

Marhaba Bil Shweirieh. 

 This year has been absolutely wonderful, it is the beginning of a new decade, a new century, and a new Millennium. The facts that South Lebanon is finally free after 18 years of Isreali occupation, Lebanon is the current Asia’s Basketball Champions and Shweir has it’s own Web site.  Add them all and you have an unbeatable year regardless of what happens next. Aren’t we the lucky ones to witness this?

 A couple of years ago, few of us got together and successfully planned a reunion for the Shweirieh in Texas on the Gulf of Mexico we called it, for obvious reasons “Shweir on the Beach”.  The attendance was overwhelming.  The shared emotions and memories were so wonderful.  The reunion grew over the next two years to include Shweirieh from across the North American Continent.  Have you ever experienced seeing a friend or a relative after 30-40 years?  That is really priceless, yet insufficient.  Isn’t a darn shame we lost those irreplaceable years?  WELL,  NO MORE.

 This web site is intended to provide all the Shweirieh an easy way to communicate with each other over the Internet.   You will notice that this first release is heavily geared towards the Shweirieh in Texas, think of this as the fuse that will trigger much bigger events. We are hoping and praying that you will get on the bandwagon and don’t let those Shweirieh Texans out do you. We would love to see you feature unique and impressive web pages of Shweirieh in your part of the world that would raise the standards and set examples for others to follow.  

We have initialized this Site but it’s up to you to make it successful. We NEED YOU to be a pro-active Shweiry, a reporter for Share with us information or events about your corner of the world.  We need interesting books, news articles, touching stories and photos of or about Shweir and its people.

We look forward to your participation.  

With best wishes,

George Matar
al Mukhtaar bil Mahjar in summary - First Six months

Posted by George Matar on January 03, 2001 at 09:29:59:

Kil aam Wo Into B’kheir.

Remembering the Good things about the Year 2000. These are some the accomplishments that we as Shweirieh can Claim.

We started the Year with no resolutions and no commitment, here’s a look back at some the good things that Happened. For more details see

 May - Shweir on the Beach 2000 Picnic, the most successful yet.
 Close to 100 attended from across the USA, Florida to California
 $800 Contribution to the Two Charities
 Commitment to start a web page for the town

 July – was created Thanks to Anwar George Shaya Kenicer, my Nominee for “Shweiri Of the The Year” . The site is the most progressive and interactive site for a Lebanese Village, possible world wide, on the WEB.
 Active Members –
 Technical Support: Anwar Kenicer and Rabih Khoury
 All other sections: All of Us Shweirieh
 Number of New Guest 86 from all across the Globe. Here they are in no particular order: Lebanon, USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, England, Ivory Coast, New Zealand, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, France, Ibiza-Spain, Hong Kong, Ghana
Impressive don’t you think?

 We had approximately 400 Bulletin Board Entries discussing a rainbow of subjects. Memory lane to Environmental to New projects to benefit the town. All had good messages, some were constructive criticism, some offered new solution. But regardless of the subject all were done in good taste.
 We lost the input of one Shweiri; J. Baaklini that we love to have back. “J” if you are reading this please come back we know your intentions were good.
 We had some Colorful and Interesting Characters that kept us wondering who they are. Visitor # 660 (the original), # 661 & # 66?, Curious, Agree with curious, A’Zeer, Zeer #2, Skaramoosh, Sacred Mankoosh, and possibly others. It has been a while since we heard from these characters. But my personal three favorite BBs, where “What Visitor are You?” “Shweir, Population 21” both by V#660, and “Defacing Dhour” by A’Zeer. In case you missed it these two characters are the same person.
 Hilda Out wrote everybody by a wide Margin. Hands down, Our Best writer.
 Most Commented on BBS, was “Defacing Dhour” with 8 responses followed by “Does the Baladieh Know?” with 6 responses. The later started the drive for buying computers for the school.
 New Arabic Poetry by Nora Matar Moujaes and Rosalie Sawaya Khoury.
 Most Nostalgic, Nora Moujaes, with responses from Fawzi Emad, Elias Matar, and George Matar
 Most sensitive subject, Environmental by Mike Sawaya and Walid Moujaes.
 Most honest inner feeling about being away from the town, “Al Ghourbeh” by Roula Halabi, and Ghassan Zghaib.
 Tributes to lost Loved ones: Rosalie Touma Sawaya Khoury, Judy Bou Kheir, and George Matar.
 And Many Many other subjects.
 Announcements:
 Weddings
 Isa & Lillian Khoury
 James & Chantal Touma Sawaya
 Henry & Rita Bou Saab
 Ramzi & Carol Eid Moujaes
 The Engagement of Nijad Chalhoub to Rania Shartoni
 The Graduation of, Khenisser, Nacol, Matar
 The Ordination of Dcn Ihsan Bou Sader
 Eid al Mughtaribeen, including pictures of the Beauty Pageant.

 Books:
 “Saif wo Terse” in Arabic By Jamil Eid Kheniesser
 Milia by Najib Matar. This is an ongoing book presented as a series of Chapters.
 !922 Shweir Guide Book, Hilda has translated several Chapters very well written about Dhour Shweir in the Early 20th Century.
 Pictures Ranging from the 19th Century through today
 Biographies of Some prolific Shweirieh, some are still found in the BB and will be moved to the “Did You Know”? section:
 Jerjes Hammam
 Mansour Jurdak
 Dhaher Khairallah
 Daoud Mujais
 Asaad Rustom
 Antone Saadeh
 Khalil Saadeh
 Nimah Yafith
 Others are mentioned in the section”Did you Know”?
 Shweir History, by Habib Halabi, a comprehensive and well-written article.
 E Cards, Arabic Music etc..
 The Creation of the Shweir Fund, current project is providing Computers to the Shweir High School. Four Computers have been bought, additional units are in the process.

All and all it has been a terrific year for all of us and hopefully next year will be even better…WITH YOUR HELP, OF COURSE.

Okay so it took 4 minutes, Aamilooleh Kaffain!!!!
Your Mukhtar Bil Mahjar
George Matar


 In 1998, A few Shweirieh including: George Matar, Nabil Matar, Alfred Moujaes and Elie Boukheir thought that there are a lot of Shweirieh in the Houston, Texas area and came up with the IDEA to host the first Shweirieh reunion at Alfred's Beach house along the Gulf of Mexico calling it "Shweir on the Beach".  Last May, the third reunion: "Shweir on the Beach 2000" had close to 100 people.   There were T-shirts with a custom Shweir logo, games music, beach, volleyball and delicious Lebanese and Cajun food... (Click here for full story and see photos)   During the most recent gathering, the idea to feature a web site took momentum and here we are.  

There is an old  saying that goes something like this:  "Two heads together are better than three separate heads".  It is in that spirit that this team of Shweirieh have come along so far in such a short time. We welcome all Shweirieh to join us and become part of this team.  Let us achieve meaningful and exciting things together that can be a model and an inspiration to others.  We welcome your comments and invite you to
Communicate with us and Other Shweirieh on Shweir Bulletin Board  

We wish to acknowledge the extra ordinary effort of one particular Shweiry who, if it were not for him, we would not be where we are today.  George Matar has been our inspiration, cheer leader and  guiding light.  He worked tirelessly and has been the catalyst to connect with and unite so many Shweirieh.  He  is multi talented, persistent,  a team player, a consensus builder and has a great sense of humor. No wonder that we, al Mughtaribeen, affectionately call George al Mukhtaar bil Mahjar

Anwar George Kenicer, Webmaster eMails

Co-Founder & Al Mukhtaar Bil Mahjar:  George Matar   George.Matar (at)  bp . com   
Co-Founder & Webmaster:    Anwar George Kenicer          anwar2 (at)  shweir . com Tech Guru  Ghassan Zghaib                    ghassanzghaib (at) hotmail . com

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