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California,    Illinois,      New Mexico,    Texas, 


Dec 21, 2005.  We have a very special member in Arkansas... That is Frankie Goodson.  and she has a precious companion by the Maggie the cat.  So here is Maggie.  Click on thumbnail to enlarge...


Good work Frankie, you were able to send pixs via the internet.  With best wishes,
The family.







February 2003 - Nabil Matar from hot Texas visits Waleed Moujaes in freezing Ohio

Bellow are pictures from my visit to Ohio where I Walid Moujaes and I freeze our asses ( just kidding).  walid and I really spent marvelous time together.  Mish hayk ya walid? 


Skokie, IL

Aida (Nasr Khnaser) marries  Zach Joseph
May 14, 2004


Congratulations Aabal al Azzabee



Elias Nasr Khonaisser

L to R:  Wajih Nasr, my dad and me.  the one on far right is Naiim Sawaya and the picture was taken in Deir Mar Elias. This was 5 years ago.   :-) 




Henry, son of Fouad and Wajiha Bou-Saab, got married on July 22, 2000 
to Rita Naameh
from Sin El Feel.  

Henry & Rita 2.JPG (38077 bytes) Henry & Rita 1.JPG (59101 bytes) Henry & Rita 3.JPG (63658 bytes) Henry & Rita Grp.JPG (62445 bytes)

They will honeymoon in Chicago and 
will go back on August First to live in Shweir. 
Congratulations Henry and Rita





New Mexico, USA  

June 2005


May 2003

Elias visit son Steven Khenaisser, wife Carrie and twin daughters Juliana & Savannah to Celebrate Isabella's Birthday at the family new home in New Mexico

Happy Birthday Isabella, Best wishes to Juliana, Savannah, Carrie, Steven and Elias...


May 2002

Elias and son Steven Khenaisser with twin daughters Juliana & Savannah vacation in Disney Land

and On

San Francisco Bay



April 2001
Congratulations to Carrie Palma and Steven Khenaisser
Ibn Elias Najib Shaya Khenaisser, on the birth of their third daughter, Isabella.  

Here the Proud father with 
Julianna,  Savannah (twins) & Isabella
  K Steven + 3 babies sm.JPG (33925 bytes)
When they said, a picture is worth a thousand words, 
this is the kind of picture they meant. 
K Steven & Bella sm.JPG (27848 bytes)

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Steve's email address is 

New website as of July 18, 2001 is...  



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