Shweiries in Abu Dhabi


On April 21, 2010 the Shweirieh in Abu Dhabi met for a dinner at the Lebanese restaurant “Sahrieh” in One to One Hotel – the village to reconnect and through this gathering provide for means to improve and develop our beloved Shweir. The dinner commenced with a very moving word from Mrs. Nada Sawaya on behalf of a group of Shweirieh who have vowed to voluntarily support, communicate and facilitate any aid to our beloved Shweir.  A full of fun and entertaining program was in place and the part that had people fall off their seats from laughter was an auction conducted by Hani Touma and Nizam Abdul Ahad , on two photographs of Shweir from Mr. Issam Sawaya’s archive. The highest bidder for the “Seha and Al Mkhallis Church” photo was Mr. Walid Halabi and the highest bidder for the “Shweir Dressed in White” photo was Mr. Elias Bou Saab.



A word for Mrs. Nada Sawaya announcing program of the event and the initiative taken by her and Ms. Ula Abdul Ahad to put in place a development program and activities for Shweir through voluntary work by a group of dedicated Shweirieh


Mr. Hanna Abdel Ahad receiving a Trophy of Appreciation from “Thanawiyat Dhour Shweir” for his generous contribution and continuous support to Shweir


Beautiful People from Beautiful Shweir

The distinguishable hospitality of Mr. Elias Bou Saab (notice the bread)


Every Shweiri dreams of a One-Way Ticket to Dhour


The gathering was honored by your presence Mr. Mounir Halabi

Allah ytawwil bi 3omrak



Smile an everlasting smile…You are a Shweiri

Shweiriyis enjoying the evening

Shweiriyis connecting & reconnecting

Amused Crowd


 Shweiriyis hitting the dance floor

The Talented Singer


Part of the entertainment program included Oriental Dancing

The Auctioneers

Hani Touma & Nizam Abdel Ahad




Mrs. Christina Sawaya, The Auctioneers Hani & Nizam, Mr. Elias Bou Saab

Mrs. Christina Sawaya with the highest bidders

Mr. Walid Halabi (Right) & Mr. Elias Bou Saab (Left)


Event photos shot by Mr. Asem Katoul

Special Thanks to him and to his professional photography talent