Hotel New Central   Old Lebanon Charm (established 1905) set on top of a hill amongst the pine trees.  1 mile from Saha.
Dhour Choueir Hotel is now part of  = 
Newest built hotel with most amenities at Dhour Main Square "Saha"       

Rawda Palace Hotel  Furnished studios, one and two bedroom suites affordable for longer term stays.  Half mile from Saha.



Hotel Central

P8220227.JPG (77805 bytes) Welcome to Hotel Central

Since 1905

P8220215.JPG (42185 bytes) Elegant & classy Alexa Kiame, 
co-owner of 
Hotel Central
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P8220225.JPG (32294 bytes) P8220224.JPG (37823 bytes) Reception and Social Room in a building by itself... P8220223.JPG (55411 bytes) P8220222.JPG (59220 bytes)
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Art in the hall
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Sample room
They also have King & Queen beds
while webmaster was photographing the hotel, there was a fund raising luncheon in the banquet room...  P8220216.JPG (76654 bytes)

here are some candid shots...

P8220217.JPG (76219 bytes)
P8220230.JPG (33397 bytes) Mouth watering Shawarma...  P8220221.JPG (53307 bytes) P8220220.JPG (75945 bytes) P8220218.JPG (94564 bytes)

For reservations from outside Lebanon call 961-4-390-041 
within Lebanon:  04-390-041 
we hope to provide you with an email address soon for the hotel... 

 Yes, Hotel Central puts on great parties, celebration, Beauty Pageants  



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"Dhour Choueir Hotel"  - 

Dhour Choueir Hotel is now part of  = 
Newest built hotel with most amenities at Dhour Main Square "Saha"             formerly:   Dhour Choueir Hotel 


Old Brochure from 2001. 

A bright star at the SAHA in the center of Dhour

October 2000:  Thanks to Sami Andre Khonaysser, Abu Nicola, for bringing back with him this brochure.  Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos. Finally, we have a new and classy hotel to stay when we visit.  
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"Dhour Choueir Hotel" features the following:  

The Majestic Ballroom, has a seating capacity for 270 persons, oveloking the sea, and Mount Sannine.  It is ideal for banquets, conferences and weddings. 

Tantra brings you the latest in musical trends played by well known DJs along side a live entertainment program. 

Al Rasheed offers authentic Lebanese cuisine while enjoying live entertainment.

Eppoca Cafe offers international and traditional Lebanese dishes.

Phone:  961-4-391270  /1 /2 /3       Fax  961-4-391269      P.O. Box 286-90, -- Lebanon

Yes, webmaster stayed there last August for three weeks.  IT IS A GREAT HOTEL. 
Here are some photos:  

  P8150276.JPG (41905 bytes) P8150277.JPG (34729 bytes) P8150279.JPG (46464 bytes) P8150280.JPG (48887 bytes)
P8150281.JPG (47044 bytes) P8150282.JPG (45254 bytes) P8150283.JPG (43563 bytes) P8150284.JPG (59628 bytes) MOre to come
P8170046.JPG (65804 bytes) P8170049.JPG (58988 bytes)