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Shweir, also known as Dhour El Shweir  
It encompasses the following areas:
Ain el Assis, Ain el Hanoot, Ain el Sindiani, Ain El Sarfed, Ain el Maasara, Ain el Tahta,  Al Ghwaab, Al Kasoofe, Al Mtull, Bourge Dahdouh, Dhour, Nahr Abu Dawoode, 

Shweir is nestled near the base of Mount Sanneen and is centrally located.  It is about 40 minutes drive east of Beirut and the Mediterranean SeaDhour El Shweir is blessed with ideal four season weather and as such it is/was/is again a popular summer resort.    


Welcome to Family...  
View and sign in 
Shweir Guest Book
Read & Communicate on New Bulletin Board

Miss Lebanon 2001: Christina Sawaya from Shweir  

 Miss Lebanon, Christina Sawaya, crowned Miss International 2002 - 2003 in Tokyo... congratulations!

Year Miss Mughtaribeen Miss Teenager
2001 Layla Riachy Roula Hwiss
2002 Rima Mattar Rihab Shallita
2003 Miriam Habib Angela Melkonian
2004 Tina Hage  
2005 Nermine Korban  
2006 Festival Cancelled due to Regional conflict
2007 Festival Cancelled due to Regional conflict




 of recent Web Updates   

For more pictures of Christmas Celebration on, Click here

Most photos above are selections from albums below -  See more like photos and  Visit us at FaceBook Group                   

Dhour Shweir Christmas Photo albums on FaceBook
By Riad Khunieser ·
by Elie Moujaes:
Santa’s Village Dhour Shweir:
By Charbel Nakhoul

 Articles Courtesy of Nisrine Ataya Bou Zeid Videos of Christmas Lights Celebration
احتفال ميلادي لبلدية الشوير - عين السنديانة - LebanonFiles
عبود في احتفال ميلادي في ضهور الشوير: لطالما لعبت دورا تاريخيا وسياحيا
- أضاءت شجرةً عملاقة إيذاناً بعيد ميلادٍ مميزٍ بفضل تعاضد
by Samar Kiame see links to other videos by Samar
Lighting tree by Najib Adel Khneisser 
By Tony Mjaes to Fairuz song:
If we missed an important link, please let us know on
Visit FaceBook Group

2011 Shweir Christmas Program


Youth are best hope for brighter future - Shweir Youth Development Program

Scenes from Saha - Summer 2011

See full size at

50th Shweir Emigrants Festival Program:  July 30, 2011 -
Support Shweir Municipality  new web page:     
Professional Photographer Elie Moujaes:     

LEBANON's ALERTNESS Day against Drugs, Smoking & Reckless Driving
Lebanon shatters 2 Guinness World Records in One Day
A New Web page to commemorate Dhour Shweir 2 Guinness World Records 

<<<   The Largest Dabke:  5050 participants - beat 4500 
Here Elissa, daughter of event organizer Sakha Jean Yacoub Mojaes, proudly holds Guinness certificate of the Largest Dabke . 

V V V  Longest Shish Kebab  -  97.50 Meters beat 9 Meters
To read and see more about the VIPs, sponsors and teams of Volunteers click here...

Miss Emigrants Beauty Pageant on July 17 at Renovated Grand Hotel Kassouf -

Click here to see official Pictures and Press Release متفرقات - ضهور الشوير انتخبت ملكة جمال المغتربين

Shweirieh around the world make news...

Ghassan Korban*
Engineering - USA 

Ghassan Korban, one of the first graduates from new Shweir High School, who played in Ayn Al –Hanout his favorite place, always wanted to be an Engineer when he was 5 years old.

From Shweir to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Ghassan is is now the Public Works Chief who supervises over 1,900 employees and manage the City’s streets, bridges, public buildings, sanitation, forestry, parking and water works.  See: Council confirms Korban as next public works chief - JSOnline      Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin, the 28th most populous city in the United States.

Alf Mabrouk Ghassan.

By Jamil Bou-Saab, P.E.

Dr. Karim Nasser Khnaisser
Engineering - Canada

Above article was published in The Star Phoenix, Saskatoon, Sat. April 30, 2011.  It was announced by the Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS).

Dr Karim is an AUB Graduate and taught Civil Engineering for 33 years.  He mentored dozens of engineers and sponsors many scholarships in Canada and at AUB. 

Dr. Rania Bou Kheir
won top award among 777 institutions in 90 countries World wide.
L’Agence universitaire de la Francophonie compte
777 institutions membres réparties dans 90 pays.

The Francophone Award for young researchers was bestowed upon Rania by the academic agency of francophone countries (90 countries and 777 institutions included) (See below) to recognize Excellence in the Research field (after a competition based on the scientific career and number of publications in international scientific journals). This award will carry a Certificate of Excellence and a monetary prize of 9000 Euros. The ceremony for presenting this award will be held in Paris on Thursday 1 December 2011; it will be the 50 anniversary of the academic agency of Francophone countries, and around 300 persons will be attending this ceremony including the ambassadors of the 90 francophone countries.

On August 26, 2011 - president of Lebanon Congratulated Rania for her achievements at the Presidential Palace.

*The pictures I have of Ghassan were from his trip to Shweir on the Beach reunion in San Francisco,
I guess Anwar's tour of SF & Golden Gate Bridge gave Ghassan some great ideas of how to run a city. 
this is my favorite...  

Ghassan in beard and mustache, just in front Jamil Bou Saab, taking careful notes of SF even while on
that magic carpet ride.

Salah El Deen Concert in Baalbeck by Sabbagh brothers on

Official Announcement by Mayor Bou Saab and Lebanon Minister of Tourism in Arabic below... ".

Planning your summer in Shweir?  check your hotel options:
Hotel Central  Old Lebanon Charm & cuisine - (established 1905) set on top of a hill amongst pine trees.  1 mile from Saha.
Dhour Choueir Hotel is now part of  = 
Newest built hotel with most amenities at Dhour Main Square "Saha"             formerly:   Dhour Choueir Hotel 
Rawda Palace Hotel  Furnished studios, one and two bedroom suites affordable for longer term stays.  Half mile from Saha.

Announcing the Creation of a new web page: "Who's Who" highlighting the Luminaries and influential people from Shweir.  We combined the many that were posted before and now we add the latest:  Iskandar Harik  

Sports - Dubai:  Joseph Nohra

Announcing a new web page by Riad Khuneiser “Shweir Activities” on Facebook.
Click "Like" if you like all these special moments that Riad capture of the essence of Shweir via his artistic viewfinder.

and don’t Miss Samar Kiame's 4 videos and Riad’s photos for United Easter on on Facebook:

Update from Mayor Bou Saab including Electric and Water

And the Creation of another Web page:  Shweir Music Lil Izz

 Happy  New Year 2011, We Wish You
Happiness deep down within.    Serenity with each sunrise.    Success in each facet of your life.
 Family beside you.  Close and caring friends.    Health, inside you.    Love that never ends.   Special memories of all the yesterdays.    A bright today with much to be thankful for. 
 A path that leads to beautiful tomorrows.    Dreams that do their best to come true.
 Appreciation of all the wonderful things about you.

Christmas comes in many forms... Dr. Karim Nasser does it again.  This time with $50,000 Canadian for AUB Scholarships, some of which set aside for deserving Student(s) from Shweir.  > > >
More about Dr. Karim Nasser's community support at:

Lighting the Christmas Tree in Saha in Dhour Shweir Video: 
Saturday evening, Dec 18 was very special in our town.   People attended Chorus at the different churches in Dhour before gathering around the Christmas tree that decorate our square and celebrated its lightening event where the sky lit up with Fireworks.  The event was attended by the minister of tourism and deputies and different personalities in the presence of our Mayor Elias Bou Saab.   
Click here to see more video updates: 
May these videos bring to all of you wherever you are joy and peace with the coming Christmas 
Best wishes, Samar Kiame

Merry Christmas
& Happy New Year

Christmas 2010 Festivities Chantent Noel

Click on Red Thumbnails at Right for Dec 18 to read the program in Arabic.  > > >

Saturday 18th Dec 2010:
14.00: Main Place Christmas Fair in collaboration with Sesobel, Shweir first

Brigade Scout, Shweir Community Center, Message de Paix

18.00: Orthodox Church main place, School Ecclesiastic School Choir (SEM) Mount Lebanon
18.30: moukhalless Catholic Church Main Place, Choral Rencontre
18.30: Saydeh Maronite Church Main Place, Choral De Paix
18.45: Main Place Christmas tree Lighting All Activities:
            Christmas Train & Photo Shooting Souvenir.  Rencontre Santa Claus

Friday December 24th 2010
Christmas Parade Organized by the National Education Scouts, Shweir first Brigade and Sponsored by Dhour Shweir Municipality Council in collaboration with Social & Community Organizations 

 Tuesday December 28th 2010
16.00 Christmas Circus:  Saint Coeur Shweir School, organized by Women’s Renaissance Assembly and sponsored by Dhour Shweir & Ain el Sindiyaneh Municipality.

Click on Red Thumbnails at Right for Dec 24 and 28 to read the program in Arabic.  > > >

Above Photo Courtesy of Rabih Baaklini  - Click here to see Rabih's Album on FB

 Photos below courtesy of Riad Khuneisser  Riad has many great photo albums on FB Click here to view Albums by Riad

See the Making of ... A Christmas Tree

To Saha in Snow Real Christmas Days

to Christmas activities at Shweir Community Center

And Christmas in Dhour by Night by Samar Kiame

and lighting the Christmas tree by Riad

Happy 10th Anniversary,

Dr. Karim Nasser Khnaisser pledges up to $400,000 Canadian
in donations and matching funds for Education, Infrastructure, Non Profits

Five Khnaisser Weddings in one month 


Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie in Syria

Almukhaliss Church Celebrates its Centenial Anniversary 1910 - 2010
This is a unique occasion to celebrate its history and art
<  <  See Commemorative cards for this occasion   >  >

Womens Relief Society (Jamiyat Sayidat Al Eghasa Al Sheiriya)
are celebrating their annual Event on Sunday 8 of August 2010

For those of you who have not heard those three sing together, you are in for a treat.
 they will dazzle you with their talent, singing in Arabic, French, Italian and English.  > >

Dhour Shweir Emigrants Festival

Festival Program
July 31 - August 19, 2010



Opening night with
Nancy Ajram July 31

Kids Program July 26 - 29



Issam Sawaya Web pages of Shweir:  Archives   Future   Jobs  Heritage  Poems

On April 21, 2010, Shweirieh in Abu Dhabi met for dinner at the Lebanese restaurant “Sahrieh” in One to One Hotel

Mrs. Christina Sawaya, Hani Touma & Nizam Abdel Ahad, Mr. Elias Bou Saab

Commemoration of Historic Plaque facilitated by past Minister of Interior Bechara Merhej

سهرة على ضوء الشموع مع نبيذ احمر وموسيقى و خليل حاوي الحاضر ابدًا 
مسية شعرية من تنظيم اللقاء الادبي في ضهور الشوير بالتعاون مع جمعية "تجاوز  قراءات شعرية من خليل حاوي
Candle light evening of poetry and music featuring Khalill Hawi by Riad Khunieser on Facebook

New Shweir Mayor
as President of American University of Dubai (AUD)

Election Results - See Baladieh Web page - click here


For Election Campaign and dedication of historic Plaque, see Baladieh web page

Photos of the event by Riad Khunieser  at

Annual Anniversary of the Rescue and Social Services Association by Riad K. 

See on FB 35 photo albums by Riad Khuniesser

Corban Family Reunion in New Zealand - April 6, 2010

Sammy Clark - Baka Hawak - سامي كلارك - بكى هواك

Mothers Day Celebration at Al Sadd Restaurant March 20, 2010

Happy Easter

United Easter Celebration
Sunday - March 28, 2010


Good Friday April 2, 2010

Photos by Riad Khuniesser
To see more Easter pictures on FaceBook, click below: and
This link to Good Friday

In Memory of Shafic Jirgy Nasr Khnaisser

Twin stars Sandra & Sami Hobeika will sing @ NDU's FAAD Art Exhibition Hall on Wednesday, May 26th at 12:00 noon - Don't miss it!!

Billiard Competition in Dhour on May 21 - Click for Report and link to 40 pictures by Samar

New Official Name for Dhour Shweir Saha as reported by LBC & MTV news: 
United Christ Church Square    ساحة كنيسة المسيح الواحدة 

See Angie BouKheir's  bid for the $25,000 Folger’s Jingle competition on youtube.  She makes her family / parents Elie and Judy mighty proud:





Mayor Naim Sawaya Cutting the ribbon to start the Christmas Holiday
Bazaar festivities open Fri, Sat & Sun Dec 18, 19 and 20at Shweir Community Center 
Don't Miss the Mayor lighting the Christmas Tree
in Saha on Sunday at 5:30 with the Scouts and the Nouby.


A visit to Monastery St. Jean in Khenshara click on link to see more pictures

Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Mayor's Speech

More pictures about Christmas Bazaar on Facebook - Thank you Riad Khuneiser


Congrats to Souad Khairallah & Henry Peemen Click here to see more

Click here read or write about the newly weds on BB  


August 2009

In Memory of Saeed Abou Rahal, Saadeh Samir Abu Naseef, (Antone Saadeh's Only Grandson) & Ralf Mouneer Asad Sawaya

July 2009

Honoring Miss Mary Gebrayel Sawaya

Thursday, July 30, 2009
Anglican Center
Ain El Assis
7:00 p.m.

  by Fr. Mitri Jurdak عيد مار الياس ) قبل قرن1897 ) في الشوير

Emigrants Fest 2009 Program: August 1-16

Dar Kutub - "House of Books" Cordially invite you to the Book signing of

Antoun Saadeh: A Biography
Volume II: Years of The French Mandate 
By Dr. Salim Moujaes
In Memorium of the 60th Anniversary of the Assassination of Antoun Saadeh > > > Mujais  

July 16, Thursday
6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Shweir Community Center
See Photos of Book Signing


Congrats to Weddad & Nabil Matar's Graduate Grandchildren Mathew & Azlyn  in Texas


June  2009

From Riad Khuneisser:

A book was published in 2004 with the name: Historic Trees of Lebanon. One of these trees is the Oak near the Saydeh Church in Shweir.

The Age of the tree in the book is 675 years in 2004.

First time in Lebanon - Easter Unification 2009

Easter Unification 2009 special Web page  
Background in Arabic & English by Fr. Mitri Jurdak

New Easter pictures from Silva bou Zaid
Latest link to Pixs and Videos of Good Friday and Hajmeh  

April 18, Link to Good Friday BB Post, 7 video clips & more photos  

Great Video by Tony Mjaes of Easter unification - to Song & Music by Sabbagh bros. posted by Riad

Great Video competition... 7 more videos + 100 pictures... by Shweir Future in Action (SFA)
 This is Historic picture - moment, 1st time ever, Catholic & Orthodox churches Unify Easter

Historic Photo by SFA

Unifying the two Easters in Dhour Shweir Churches web page

Historic Unification of Catholic & Orthodox Easter -
read BB posts & see video clips

Lets see how many faces do you recognize...

To see more pixs by Riad,and Wissam Khneisser Click here

Please, we need a volunteer to translate so we can share it world wide

4 video clips of the two choirs practice to harmonize united Easter - videos & report by Samar

Message from Riad Khuneiser:  Father Charbel Hajjar, (the Catholic priest in Shweir) announced last Sunday in the church that; starting from this year and the coming years inshallah, Easter will be celebrated in Shweir in all churches at the same time. This decision was taken by the people, the believers and not by high authorities and it was approved by the Catholic archbishop.  The Eid will take place according to the eastern calendar.



April 2009

Congrats to Newly Weds Najib Moujaes & Elyssar Hamouch

April 1, 2009 - Latest update from Municipality - See notices to & from Ministries

 Ministry of Culture & Antiquities to preserve Shweir natural Beauty

Ministry of Environment decree to Save Shweir

See also Master Plan

Congrats on Marriage of Shweir Volleyball Champion Joseph Elie Nohra & Pascale Pierre Haddad

See more of Shweir's Natural Beauty -  click here to see Photos by Samar & slide show


In Memory of:   Aida Toufic Malouf, Wife of John Joseph Shaya Khnaisser

Jan 2009

In Memory of Mansour Rahbani


Dec 2008

Wishing you much
Health, Happiness, Success, Joy and Peace in 2009


Lighting the Darkness
As if the hand of God is pointing us towards the light for a brighter 2009

Photo from Shweir towards Tallet Imad and Sunneen  by Samar Kiame

 Summary meeting update about Shweir Zoning

Message from our Mayor:

Dearest Family and our Shweirieh all over the world,

I would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and I wish that the Lord will bring you all the joy of the world with the NEW YEAR 2009. Our wish for this Christmas is to have you all back home next year  celebrating with your families the holidays  in our Lovely  Shweir. Wishing you all that makes this special season of the year, a happy, warm, contented time of peace, goodwill and cheer.  

Mayor Naim Sawaya

In Memory of:   Aida Toufic Malouf, Wife of John Joseph Shaya Khnaisser


Issam Sawaya says Hello from San Francisco

Baytna Senior & Medical Center Grand Opening - Phase 1 - Dec 27, 2008  4 p.m.

Seniors move to Baytna's New Home Near Dayr Mar Elias Dec 1, 2008

                            In Memmory of Laurice Jamil Nebhane Moujaes

< < < Bill Clinton Bestows Achievement Award to Elias Bou Saab
for bridging Arab American studies at American University of Dubai

Lebanese in France Needs rare Bone Marrow Match  

Posthumous Tribute for Dr. Nicolas Korban
Click here to read article by Samar and link of 36 photos


Emigrants Festival August 2 -17, 2008

  Village Day Al Yaoum Al Karawi

Musical Evening by National Conservatory At Saydeh Church August 14

Miss Emigrants 2008, Noor Beshara,
19, University student from Batroune


Serene Abd el Noor and Zein el Omr enchant capacity crowd and Light up the skies

Program, Click here  Opening Night On BB With links to Photo Albums Miss Teenage "Sweet 16"
Lara Dabani"

   Thanks for Great Team:  Editor, Photographer & Team Leader: Samar Kiamé ***  Writer: Rima Beshara el Rihbany    
Photographers &/or photo editors: Therese Corban Kiamé, Ghinwa, Diala, William & Nagham Moujaes, Youmna Slaybeh, Rami Shallita & Nabila Halaby

An evening with Carol Samaha, click here  


Kids Day, August 4 - Report on BB and slide show  

A Report on Emigrants Fest On BB With links to Photo Albums  
For more pictures, visit Emigrants Fest Album by Samar 


Emigrants Festival August 2 thru 17, 2008
Final Program


July 2008
Calling on Emigrants Beauty Contestants for Miss Emigrants Beauty Pageant
After all, that is what the Festival is all about, Celebrating and Honoring the Emigrants... More qualification + info...
Congrats to Paula Ataya & Fadi Sawaya on their Marriage - Click to read more,  and view their great web
Removing Veil of Chevalier de Marie and taking a nostalgic tour via youthful eyes.

Post on BB by Samar about Eid Mar Butros and a round table discussion at Saydeh
See Photo album of Eid Mar Butrous   and   Haraket al Shabibeh at Saydeh

Article in Memory of Antone Saadeh by Fr. Dr. Mitri Jurdak in U.K.

Al Anwar = CHAMPIONSCongrats Joe Nohra and your Al Anwar Team - You make us proud.  Click here to visit Al Anwar New web page

Song/Poem written by Rida Hammam ... > > >
the Story of our Town's Road - Issat Tareek Dayaatna -
OK, Nawbeh, (Shweir Music Band)... how about transforming this into a song in memory of Mrs. Hammam?

< < < Shweir Honors Mrs. Rida Hammam naming Ain Hanoote Road in her Memory

Article about Shweir courtesy of Sally Zgheib in Paris, Samih Baaklini in TX and Joseph Zeidan in Ohio

Postcards for Shweir to benefit Community - Sample photos below - Need your input on BB  

Announcing New Restaurant by Shweiry Bishara AbuNakhle: > >
Soy, Best Chinese Cuisine in Middle East
in Ain Saadeh 18 minutes by car.
New Website: 

Mothers' Day Celebration Photo Album by Riad  Peak below

Happy Spring:  Read Samar's article about Spring on BB and see full slide show

Read about the snow storm on the BB and See slide show on Photo Bucket by Samar

Early February Snow Storm Click her or on picture  Courtesy of Riad

Hobeika, Moujais, Abou Samra, Ghosn, Haddad, Nohra and Benab families, check this link to see related family tree - courtesy of Nadia Benab & Hashem Hashem: 

Meeting descendants of Shweir Emigrants in Brazil


June 2008

In Memory of Shafic Jamil Kiame, Inaam Toubia Baaklini Khouri & Carlos Toufic Rahbany (Infant)

<<  Did you know that Shweir Earth produces Potatoes... Ask George Ibrahim Corban... Bringing back the fruits of his labor at 6:30 a.m.

>  TeamWork:  "Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."  >


Congrats Rima Mattar
San Francisco State
University Graduate

Miss Immigrant 2002

Happy Birthday
Samar Kiame

Congrats Miriam Habib
University of Houston Graduate

Miss Immigrant 2003


May 2008

Celebrating New President & New Era for Lebanon & Khameese Al Jasad picture album by Samar

Postcards for Shweir to benefit Community - Sample photos below - Need your input on BB  

Celebrating New President & New Era for Lebanon & Khameese Al Jasad picture album by Samar

March - April 2008

Happy Easter 2008

Easter at Dayr Mar Elias - 50 photos slide show by Samar, samples below

A night with Jesus at Saydeh, Photo album by Samar

The Great Friday this year was really special at Saydeh church, it united the people of Shweir, Roum and Catholic, led by Abouna Johny from Mar Youhanna Catholic Monastery celebrated mass alongside side with Abouna George:   Click here to see Photos by Samar

Also the Great Friday Mass was held at Mar Takla church in Ain el Sindyeneh, as usual… Very special indeed...  Photos by Samar

Celebrating New President & New Era for Lebanon & Khameese Al Jasad picture album by Samar

Hajmet Al Saydet by Samar 

Slide Show of Palm Sunday in Shweir by Samar  and click here > > for Sabet al Azaar

And Palm Sunday in CALifornia - 5 Shweiry families meet there by chance.. 
Click here for more photos.

Happy Easter - Photo Album by Samar Peak below


Adib Moujaes being honored by Russian Ambassador.  Article from An Nahar, April 2008 > > >

Mothers' Day Celebration Photo Album by Riad  Peak below


Happy Spring:  Read Samar's article about Spring on BB and see full slide show


February 2008

Happy Birthday Helena Ataya.February 28,  Helena will be 97 years young

Congrats to Chris Ayoub who is a Dhour Shweir descendant being named Young Citizen of the Year in the local Australia Day Awards - it is a great honour.

Read about the snow storm on the BB and See slide show on Photo Bucket by Samar

Early February Snow Storm Click her or on picture

Courtesy of Riad


January 2008

Red Cross and Scouts Volunteers Replant Pine Trees - Read Samar's Report & See Slide Show

Congrats to Newly Weds:  Carinne Adib Saadeh & Ive Nicolas Rahbani  &  Oula Aoun & Jihad Farah

Baytna Senior & Medical Center Grand Opening - Phase 1 - Dec 27, 2008  4 p.m. Click for more info.

Seniors move to
Baytna's New Home
Near Dayr Mar Elias
Dec 1, 2008


Our Shweiry achievers make us proud around the globe... Congratulations
Congrats to Emily Nacol, New PhD. Grad in Texas, USA 100+ year young Nassib Touma Sawaya recites poetry like a champ - (Samar interview) Dr. Rania Abou Kheir, PhD + Full Professor. in Shweir, Lebanon



December 2007


November 2007

Halloween Competition Winners  Halloween Contestants   Read Samar's Report on BB

Anis Suleiman Sawaya received Presidential Achievement Award

<<  Michel Ghassan Yaacoub & Jacqueline Gerges Matar Wedding BB Report by Samar  
<< Michel & Jacqueline Photo Album - Photos by Samar
New Greek Orthodox Priest George Tahhan photos and Report on BB by Samar V V

St. Therese Festival in Ain Sindyani Sept 29, 2007 Slide Show and  Report on BB by Samar

King Quonstantine and Queen Heleneh re-enactment Slide Show   and  Report on BB by Samar

Nadi Mousika Shweir News Article

Ladies 1960 Volley Ball Team
First row from right to left: Katia Shafic Sawaya; Roviet Halaby; Mary Sawaya; Anahid;
Second row from right to left:Cynthia; Wadad (Abou Khair); Mona Anis Sawaya; Hiam Nasr
Men's 1960 Volley Ball Team

Dhour Shweir was First Town to Honor Army after their victory at Nahr El Bared -
Most personnel who attended just came from battle zone - Click here to see pictures.  

Now it is time to feature Summer 2007 Newlyweds:  Congrats to the Newly Weds
If by any chance we miss someone or the pictures are incomplete, please let us know and we will do it right.

Waleed Samaha and Sandy Habib Moujaes
Alek Koury & Rawan Mujaes

Alex Saawaya and Carole Haddad

Samer Abu Nakhleh &
Abeer Abd Al-Maseeh

Samer & Abeer Photo Album
Samer & Abeer Photo Album 2

2008 Emigrants Festival Off to Great start w/Mayor Naeem Sawaya & Salim Sawaya See Video part 1 on You Tube   +   parts 2,    3    4

In Memory of: Nassib Gibran Nasr Khnaisser, Salim Iskandar Nasr Khnaisser, George Alfonse Moujaes, Karim Mitry Bou Zaid Moujaes & Nawal El Katoul

October 2007

Fires in Lebanon and in Shweir - Click here to read reports on BB

Click on picture or here to see pictures by Samar


September 2007

Mayor Naeem Shafiq Sawaya Announces a First Time Candid Public Meeting for
Sunday Sept. 30, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. at Rahbat School Auditorium
Inviting the People of Shweir and Ain Sindyani to voice their concerns.

Those who are far away or cannot attend the meeting, you can post your concerns, questions and/or suggestions on the Shweir BB.  

Cinema Roxy lives on... via the younger Moujaes generation,
Omar Moujaes, Founder, Director & Producer of 7 Hills Studio

Dr. Fouad Major (Moujais) announces second edition publication of his book on Atomic Clocks

 Congrats to Rouba Aziz Nassib Touma Sawaya & Khaled El Fayoumy on your Marriage at Hotel Central

See pictures & Slide show of Najla Elias Ataya and Roger Nadim Abu Jaowdeh Wedding.  And
 To visit Najla and Roger web page, click here 

Raymond Abdo Baaklini plans to return to live in his hometown after a long absence. 
He would like to buy a nice home and/or land in Shweir or Dhour.
 Click here for more info.

Tirweeaa at Hotel Central -click here to read about it and link to photo slide show   
See pictures of Shweir Music Band performance of August 12, 2007 
And read about a Musical Evening on Shweir Bulletin Board by Samar 


August 2007

Jamil bou Saab and Family in California...

SSS Memories:  Nora Matar's 1957 Graduation & from 1958/59 Year Book

July 2007

Grace Halabi Announces her New Website  also
see her original web:  twice won Golden Web Awards

And, check out Grace's new Book A Renascence of Heart and Soul Read about it and Buy it - Click here  

June 2007

An essay about Shweir name and history by Fr. Dr. Mitri Jurdak - Excerpt:  
أول فرع للجمعية الخيرية الأرثوذكسية  في الشوير سنة 1886 
الشوير وضهور الشوير في التاريخ  كان يوجد في الشوير إثني عشر معملا لحل الحرير سنة 1862

May 2007

Happy Mothers Day - May 13, 2007 - Lets make May: Family Awareness Month
The best gift you can give your family is their roots, history... Create and/or expand your Family Tree

Family Awareness Month
Summer 2007 project opportunity:  $1,000 - $2,000
Build Shweir Family & Church Records data base in Excel

Attention: Hobeika, Moujais, Bou Samra, Ghosn, Haddad, Nohra and Benab families, check this link to see related family tree - courtesy of Nadia Benab & Hashem Hashem: 

SSS Memories:  Nora Matar's 1957 Graduation & from 1958/59 Year Book

Meeting descendants of Shweir Emigrants in Brazil


April 2007

Easter 2007   
Sha3neeneh at Saydeh Church -36 pictures by Samar

Mar Boutross Church - 16 photos
Saydeh Church - another 23 pictures
Markakla Church - Breaking Eggs  7 pictures
Darb El Saleeb - 48 pictures slide show by Samar
To see more Photos by Riad click here

Discussion @ Easter & Nidal on the Bulletin Board  

Harik Family announces Iliya Harik Memorial Scholarship

Honoring Dr. Khalil Halaby for his services in Mistousif Saydit Al Bishara

To read more about this crazy weather and readers comments, click here

Over a thousand Shweir pictures in albums by Riad

Ramzi Halabi of PC Technology announces three new services...
Including Money Transfer.  Imagine you send or recieve up to $1,000 to or from Lebanon for a cost of $10

Easter 2007
Sha3neeneh at Saydeh Church -36 pictures by Samar
Mar Boutross Church - 16 photos
Saydeh Church - another 23 pictures
Markakla Church - Breaking Eggs  7 pictures
Darb El Saleeb - 48 pictures slide show by Samar

To see more Photos by Riad click here
Nidal Ashkar in wheel chair waiting for prosthesis

Discussion @ Easter & Nidal on the Bulletin Board  
New pictures surfaced from Music Night 2005 at Hotel Central

Partial List of Shweir Music members 1975 & 1985, please help complete the list.

Showing off the Shweir Flag - Click here to see more...

Over a thousand Shweir pictures in albums by Riad

In early March, it was spring....  

By Mid March, Shweir was under snow - Photos by Samar - for more snow pictures, click on this link:
Blame it on the Ides of March....  Is this postcard picture perfect or what?  Thank you Samar
To read more about this crazy weather and readers comments, click here

Pictures in Dhour July 17, 2006 from Samar


March 2007

In Memory of  Iliya Harik in Indiana USA,  Nabil Elias Corban    and     Lion Dikran Totongian

February 2007

Happy 50th Anniversary to Salim & Nora Moujaes and Congrats on Christening of Elissa, daughter of Victoria & Kamal Mapar
Pictures w/slide shows at:
And another album from George's camera:

Alfred & Maria Moujaes visit San Francisco

January 2007

Shweir Web in transition to new and more versatile system -
May experience temporary down time.  BB needs more work... data is safe.

Hello from Abouna Elie in USA - January 2007
Classmates reunion after 20 years - Visiting Chantale Sawaya here w/husband James Sawaya & son


December 2006

Santa Claus arrives to Saha in Dhour Shweir -
On Sunday 24th, 2006 the Shweir scouts in coordination with the civil defense
organized a different descending for Santa Claus in Dhour, Pictures talk…

Christmas Exhibit in Shweir - Photos by Samar 
To read more about Jami3et Sayidet al Bishara exhibit on the BB click here

Christmas performance in Shweir - Photos by Samar  

November 2006

Congratulations to proud parents Mariana and Jorge Henrique Ribeiro Ramires
(Great Great Grandson of Deeb & Saada Merhege) on the birth of their daughter, Rafaela
Click here or on picture to see more...

Sabeh Baaklini announces the opening of his new Salon and  See pictures here, thanks Samar


October 2006

Shweir in the Fall, see nature photos by Samar

Announcing La Poppote, a new restaurant in Dhour

Rahbat School is in need of help to continue to provide education to over 300 students

Shweir Urgent Need to preserve it unique Mediterranean Architecture - Thanks Issam M

In Memory of Laure Gerges Nasr Khnaisser

September 2006

Brazil: Descendants of Deeb Merhege "Merege" ReUnite after almost 100 Years
Meeting Shweirys in Brazil + Descendants of Merege and Samaha/Tabsharani/Khenaisser meet

Congratulations to Newlyweds Bassam Sabeh Jirdak &Rima Ayoub Merhege click here 4 pictures.

 In Memory of... Samir Elias Halabi and Emilie Gereges Abou Samra
Nadia Iskandar Touma Sawaya in Zahleh, sister of Haifa, Nouha & Dr Jaber Sawaya

August 2006

Congratulations to Samar and Roger on their Marriage, click here to see pictures by Riad

Congratulations to Elie Kiameh & Nibal Bou Zayd on your Marriage
Click here to see Elie & Nibal pixs by Samar

Byzantine chants performance by a very talented  and young Shweiry ensemble
To view Byzantine BB post by Samar, click here

July 2006

In Memory of...Nabil Habib Halaby

Lebanon in Flames!  How much more destruction before  they stop???
Our thoughts and prayers are with you during these incredibly difficult times.


The people of Lebanon are facing a tremendous crisis, the full extent of which is not yet assessable.  The infrastructure of the country's has been reduced to rubble, and 25% of its citizens lost their homes and rendered homeless.   

Beyond the most visible basic needs such as shelter, food and water, medical aid, and fuel, is the need to alleviate the fear and despair being felt in every part of the country.  To exacerbate the catastrophe, main roads for supplies and aid have been destroyed.  Main Electric plants have been bombed out. 

We appeal to you and the world to assist in this humanitarian effort and to join us in calling for an immediate cease fire in conjunction with vigorous diplomatic efforts to put an end to the conflict and the suffering of the Lebanese people.  We also appeal for diligent bold steps to ensure lasting peace in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Please make your humanitarian (and tax deductible in U.S.) donation to the
Red Cross/Red Crescent, UNICEF and/or Mercy Corp at


Early Emigrants visiting Shweir from Abu Jihad to Ghassan  to Hilda to Caroline to Maria to...  
Getting ready for Summer... we hope to feature as many businesses and services to network and promote doing business among Ahl Al Daya3h.  If you are not listed, please send us an email to anwar2 (at) shweir (dot) com or stop by at the Shweir Community Center/Library in the Baladieh and request to be featured.  Someone will contact you for pictures and data. 
Our Business section now include Building supplies, Boucheries Food, and Taxis

During first week of November, web site received 15,687 visits. 
A typical visitor examined 35.42 documents before leaving the site.
A typical visit lasted for 16.57 minutes. For more details, click here...

Nabil & Wedad Matar surprise Anniversary party in Texas  

Dr. Karim Nasser, with his daughter May Nasser, wrote
"How I Achieved My Dream"

To read more about "How I Achieved My Dream", click here or on the picture

June 2006

Congratulations to Sarah & Michael Matar on their marriage
on June 24, 2006 in Houston TX.  To view picture album, click here.

Celebrating Khameese al Jasad - click here or on pixs to see album
First Emigrant this summer:  Ghassan Zghaib from Canada.  Thank you Samar for Pictures
Thanks to Shweir Nawbeh, Kashafeh (Scouts), priests and, all who helped and especially to Abouna Elie for a great production

In Memory of... Alice Yousef Nuhra Moujaes, Widow of the late Philip Houbeika

Congrats to Ghada Victoria & Kamal Mapar on birth
of daughter Elissa Sepideh Mapar On June 19th, 2006

Dr. Khalil Halaby Honored for his extra ordinary Service to Shweir Community
 To Read Samar's report on the BB  and To see more pictures and slide show


Congrats to Newly Weds: 
John Tanouus Ataya from Danburry, Connecticut, USA and Huda Edmond Riachy
Click here or on underlined writing above to see the wedding album...  

Double Celebration:  Mother-Daughter Graduations - California 2006
Congrats to Soulaima and Maya Houcheime on their Graduations
Soulaima graduated with an Associate's Degree in Math from San Jose City College on May 25
Maya graduated with a BFA in graphic design with Cum Laude honors at San Jose State University on May 26

Congratulations to Joseph Elie Nuhra - Champion in the UAE Beach Volleyball Tournament


In Memory of...  Sami Khoury Elias Najm
Sonia Mousa Deeb, wife of Kameel Asaad Zghaib and
Clarice Fonseca, Widow of late Sleiman Girgi Matar

May 2006

In Memory of Adel Sabeh Baaklini and Mikhael Hanna Touma Sawaya

Spring in Shweir and Mazin Al Attar in Shweir after 25 years  pictures by Samar
School Fund Raiser - 122 pixs by Samar  and  

Al Is3af Mass - 97 pixs by Riad

The Mass was in the Mukhalis Orthodox Church w/Bouna Shalhoub
and Bouna Elie gave an excellent speech.

To all Mothers in North America, Lebanon and anywhere in the world...
Happy Mothers Day

April 2006

Our infra-structure and its impact on the Environment
Sabbagh Brothers, Fareed & Maher, feature a musical play, Che Quevera

Good Friday at Saydeh and Dayr Mar Elias, by Riad
Good Friday - Al Jumaa al Azeemeh at Saydeh Church by Samar  
Al Hajmeh - Mar Takla Church by Samar
The Lord's Last Supper, click here to see 143 slide show pixs by Riad
Re-enacment of Crucifiction at Mukhliss Church, click to see pixs by Samar
Palm Sunday 2006 pictures by Samar
Palm Sunday 2006 pictures by Riad 
Easter 2006 -Passion Week Recital w/ Jumana Mdawar
Click here to view MOTHERS' DAY PICTURES
HAPPY 100's Birthday Nassib Touma Sawaya
To see all 182 pictures of A3mmou Nassib's 100's Birthday Party, click here  
To read a report in Arabic about Jiddo Nassib's B'day on the BB by Samar Kiamy, Click here
Emigrants Festival 2006 Committee
In Memory of Kareemeh Asaad Katoul

March 2006

Mothers Day Celebration At ALSAD Restaurant March 19, 2006
In Memory of  Farideh Wadih Moujaes and Abdallah Michel Shaya Khnaisser In France
Walid, son of Pierre and Dora Ataya disappeared on Feb 7, 2006, Returned Sunday, March 26
"Terweeaa" hosted by WLCU in San Francisco People from Shweir were very well represented...

February 2006

In Memory of... Joseph Najib Rahbani and   Loulou Michel Kiameh, Wife of Joseph Kiameh
Shweir under snow Feb 14, 2006
Getting ready for Summer... we hope to feature as many businesses and services to network and promote doing business among Ahl Al Daya3h.  If you are not listed, please send us an email to anwar2 (at) shweir (dot) com or stop by at the Shweir Community Center/Library in the Baladieh and request to be featured.  Someone will contact you for pictures and data. 
Our Business section now include Building supplies, Buoucheries Food, and Taxis

January 2006

Ladies Relief Society of Shweir - Jam3iyat Sayidaat Al Aghathah Jamal Kabalan Dahdooh, President
Anwar Sawaya Retires from Baladieh -

In Memory of...  Haleem Mitri Corban and  Nada Asaad Dawoud Widow of Shukri Salim Abd El Ahad and
Genevieve Moujaes Mirhij, widow of former AUB professor John Mirhij
                          Genevieve Toufik Almloush Nuhra, Widow of Emile Najib Nuhra
                          Genevieve Ni3meh Khoury Moujaes 
Remembering Mom at Christmas, By Margo Khoury, (Bint Adeeb Touma Sawaya)
The Anwars of Shweir... Anwar Sawaya, Anwar Touma Sawaya, Anwar Shaya Kenicer & Anwar Bassam Abdel Ahad.

Michael Nacol in Shweir

First picture from Shweir 1-1-2006 - Thank you Samar

Happy New Year 2006

December 2005
Educating thru Re-Enactment - Scenes from The Miracle of St. Barbara
The cast, producers and directors - Congratulations to all on a fine production
Christmas in Ain el Sindyani - Shweir Music in Mar Takla

In Memory of  Nada Asaad Dawoud Widow of Shukri Salim Abd El Ahad and
                        Genevieve Moujaes Mirhij, widow of former AUB professor John Mirhij  and

                         Lourice Hanna Helou, Wife of Nimr Rashid Sawaya and
                        Violette Dawoud Shaya Khnaisser Widow of the late Shafiq Jurdack

November 2005 
St Barbara at SSCC (Soeur Saint Coeur Choueir) theatre 
Parent - Teacher - Student Music forum at Mar Jeryes
Lebanese Independence Day in New Zealand - Kiwi Style 
Lebanese Independence Day San Francisco Style

There is a new program on ART TV America called (Arab in the limelight) - This weeks program featuring Dr. Hanna Shammas, Chairman of the Board of the Lebanese American Foundation.
The first episode of "Arab in the Limelight" ( with Dr. Hanna Shammas) will air on ART America Wednesdays 23:30 EST (20:30 Pacific) Dr. Shammas' wife Najwa is daughter of Dr. John Mirhege from Shweir- She will also be featured on the program. 

Aida Rahbani is in the semi-finals of Future TV's "SUPERSTARS" program. 
Watch her this Sunday and your vote can propel her to shine even brighter.  (Click here for more info.)

October 2005

Dr. Nabil Ghosn honored by President of Lebanon was presented with the highest civil recognition 
Pictures from Nabil Matar on the aftermath of "Sit Rita"

September 2005

Deeb & Saada Merhej Descendants reconnect since WWI  With families in
Lebanon, Middle East, North & South America, Thank you Pedro Merej in Brazil

Ghiwa & Pierre         Congrats on Marriage of Ghiwa Fouad Kiame & Pierre Sassine Bsaybess



Eid Mar Takla Eid St Therez Father Shalhoub and his nephew.  While we digitally copied church records, I was fortunate to capture this candid. I think it is one of the best pictures I took. Halene & Constantine in Dhour Shweir Seha
Prayer walk from Ain El Assis to Saha Thank you Abouna Elie Khnaisser

 New Zealand              Corbans Viticulture aims to help New Zealand's wine marketing edge
In Memory of....         Michel Iskandar Jirdak  and Michel Bchara Baaklini

August 2005

Emigrants Festival

New Hotel Central turned 100 this summer and it hosted many elegant events including Music by Shweir Band, and one rare triple treat.  Their music was fantastic.  I was so moved to suggest for them to put some of their Lebanese and Shweiry music on CD's and make them available for purchase. 

Nermine Korban from Ain Sindyaneh

Miss Emigrants 2005

August 12 through August 21, 2005 Click here to see Program

Opening night Friday August 12

Saturday with Carisma & Miriam Fares

Sunday Aug 14, Village Night - Al Yaoum al Karawi 

 The Younger Generation had their Disney Day, with Mickey and Dora and... to see pictures, click here ...

Three Beauty Winners from
Shweir, Ain el Sindyany and Mrouge Opened the
Classic Car Show

Emigrants Festival of 1960,

Thank you Samar

Emigrants Fest 2005

Emigrant Fest 75 years ago
click here to go to Memories 2 for details

American University of Beirut Scholarship Matching Fund  - Off to a great start
Anwar Kenicer presented to AUB President John Waterbury Dr. Karim Nasser's Scholarship pledge
Thank you to those who pledged to raise the other half of the funds... we have a long way to go.

New Subdeacon Rabih Abou Samra

Congrats Newlyweds
Ziad Nicolas Moujaes & Nadia Sabeh Jardak   Gaby Sawaya and Micheline Arbeed 
 Shady & Salam Moujaes       Michael & Alisar Sawaya      Elie Salim Sawaya & Maya Michael Ghora
Genie Sawaya and Elie Khoury on your engagement

St. Mary's Ascension in Mukhallis Church

Congrats on Engagement of
Samar Saeed Bou Nakhle to Roger Salah Baraket


Annual "Baytna" Celebration at Hotel Central


Thank You to Fr. Tony Naddaf for 23 years of service to Shweir - He will transfer to Khinshara
Welcome Fr. Elie Jack Michel Shaya Khnaisser, Officially New Shweir Catholic priest as of July 1, 2005 


Getting ready for summer... visit new Al Saniour web site: 
It would be great to feature as many hotels, restaurants and other businesses here...   View from Al Sad Restaurant

Shweir Community Center 2005 Calendar is now available 


July 2005

Shweir News 2:  Celebrating Father's Day and Music Day with Shweir Band in the open air at what was known as Protestant
Church in 1888, near Dayr al Rahbat 1865.  The Nawbeh consisting of young musicians full of hope and promise.
In Memory of Sheikh Jamil Houbeika Beloved al Mukhtar of Shweir
In Memory of Jamil Asaad Eid Khonaisser, - Master of Saif oo Terse, - in Edmonton, Canada

June 2005
There is on the horizon of the Middle East a new awakening; it is growing and expanding;
it is reaching and engulfing all sensitive, intelligent souls; it is penetrating and gaining all the sympathy of noble hearts. 
Guess who wrote these words and when? - Click here to read full text  


Celebrate St. Peter & Paul Day - Wednesday June 29 at 10:30 a.m. in Mar Butrous in Shweir & to Officially Welcome
Fr. Elie Jack Shaya Khneisser, New Shweir Catholic priest starting July 1, 2005  & Express appreciation to
Fr. Tony Naddaf for 23 years of service to Shweir community - He will transfer to Khinshara

Election results in Shweir

A New Book by Bechara Merhej
Congrats to Mathew, Nabil Matar's Grandson's HS Graduation

To see more of Nabil's travel pictures, click here

Shweirieh bil Mahjar    Happy Birthday to Mason & belated B'day to Isabella, children of Steven Elias Khenaisser
Announcements:           Congratulations Dany (Khneiser) & Tony 3faysh on the birth of their son Majd

May 2005
Brazil - Shweir Franciss new Family Discovery... Thanks Riad
Brazil - Shweir Families Reunite after 100+ years:  Bou Zeid Families ...  Thanks Silva

In Memory of... Naufa (Im Ghanem) Khnaisser May 27, 2005 -  
Non Profit Orgs.:  Shweir Social Services & Rescue Anniversary - SSSR - May 15, 2005
Churches:  Palm Sunday in Saha - Thanks Riad K... To see more pixs - click here
Shweir News:  Nabil Matar visits NY, Switzerland, Italy, & Shweir - April 2005
Churches:   For those of you who missed Easter 2005 at Mar Elias, here are some pictures of Good Friday and Easter Sunday
Announcements:           An open letter from Michel Sawaya to the people of Shweir
Listen Thursdays 3:30 p.m. to Azmi Phillip Imad talk about Health & Fitness on "Voice of Lebanon" from your computer

In Memory of...   Antoine Boutros Baaklini & Najibeh Wakim Saliba 
Shweir Photos 2  Welcome to Spring... Thanks to Najib Rahbani for sending these pictures
below images of a past summer: 



Shweir Social Services & Rescue Graduation & Certification of Volunteers

Buildings Vacated by Syrian Army 

Happy Easter

Announcements    Congratulations to Michael Matar & Sara Mahmoud on their Engagement
From Rozalie Sawaya: A poem honoring all mothers and especially her late mother Najibeh: 
Baytna Update:  Services and Fees, Thank you Riad Khuniesser
Happy St. Patrick's Day to those of us associated with someone Irish

May the road rise to meet you; May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your Face and the rains fall soft upon your Fields
And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand...  an Irish Blessing

Web page Topic                                                                
Habeeb M. Nacol
Member # 15

posted 03-10-2005 08:15 PM      Profile for Habeeb M. Nacol     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

… Here we are at what could promise to be a great opportunity for our town to move forward, yet we look for things that divide rather than unite us. I feel that now is the time to put all that we disagree about aside and look for unity of purpose. God knows that Shweir needs so many improvements just to bring its infrastructure to where it was in the 60's, and even then we need much more work to bring it up to a semblance of the standards of modernization that it could have so that it can compete with other towns.   Let us go back to the basics... to the purpose of this sight when it was envisioned by four dynamic Shweirieh on the beach of far away Texas. This sight is supposed to be a unifying force that was to seek to establish lines of communications to improve the lot of our beloved city and create good will for our town…  I hate to sound over-dramatic but this sight has been a godsend to some of us and to Shweir. So many wonderful things have resulted from it least of all getting us back in touch with each other. Circumstances have spread us all over the globe, but this sight has brought us back together. I hope that we take advantage of this.

I would like to reiterate what I have written many many times before. I do not think that we can afford the luxury of splintering ourselves over issues that will bear no fruits for Shweir. We should zero in on our dai3a and its needs... there are so many things that need working on. For one thing, I think we have dropped the ball on the challenge of matching the funds that Dr. Nasr so graciously began. Opportunities like these come in vary rarely and we need to take up again the challenge. What ever happened to 3eed el Moughtaribeen? Shouldn't we be talking about this now. Aren't we tired yet of not having any opportunities in our town & our country for the young so that the vicious cycle of emigration out is broken?  
To read complete text and related post:;f=1;t=001507

Posts: 782 | From: Beaumont, Texas, U.S.A. | Registered: Feb 2001  |  IP: Logged


Congratulations to Michelle & Waleed on the birth of their son Dimitri Shadi Moujaes:
In Memory of  Samir Jamil Kiamy  - Funeral Friday, Feb 18, at 3 p.m. in St. George in Shweir 
Shweir Photos           Pictures taken by Tony Moujaes on his trip to Shweir in October 2004

January 2005
eCommerce               New Pizza House Open in Winter:  Georgio Pizza House  
eCommerce               Moujaes/SquirrelWorks Announces Mobile Content Deal 
A message from Michael Sawaya:
Did you know...         An article about Dr. Khalil Saadeh submitted by Dr. Adel Beshara from Australia
New Zealand:            Shweirys in New Zealand celebrate Independence Day

In December
Baytna  -                 Join these community leaders in support of Baytna, a Senior and Medical Center  Dec 11, 2004 
In Memory of...     In Memory of...  Naim Mitry Bou-Zeid

 in November, 2004 
Miss Emigrants Reunion in CA  3 Miss Lebanese Emigrants Re-Union in San Francisco  

In Memory of               In Memory of Mona Nehme Wife of Johnny Hobeika-

Updated in October
 Summer 2003             OK, Lets see who can be the first to identify everyone in this picture.>>> 
           The person who identify all or most by Oct 30, will win a nice watch.  To see more about this party, click on the text here
To qualify, you need to sign and become a member of Bulletin Board
(NO cost, takes 5 minutes), do one post on the BB and send your entry via email to Anwar (at)
Put in subject box:  Baytna 2003 party, Namimg contest.  email address is in code - - remove spaces and replace (at) with @

Chadia & Edgar      Congratulations on the Marriage of Edgar Khalid Michel Khnieser & Chadia Maksoud Awad, October 3, 2004

Meet new Miss Emigrant 2003-2004
19 years young, Miriam Habib from Houston, Texas, USA


Christina Does it again!

Best Overall Performance among
Miss Globe, Miss Universe and Miss World


Click on photo to see more and read all about it...


in September
In Memory of...           Emily Nassar Rahbani
Books                         A New Book about Antoun Saadeh by Dr. Salim Mujais
Congrats to Tony & Angela Moujaes on the birth of their son Christian Antoine Moujaes
Amal & Joseph            Congratulations:  Amal Khayrallah Marrys Joseph Elie Hobeika

Updated in August

Tina Hage is crowned
Miss Emigrants 2004-05 at Hotel Central

Join in the Celebration and Support of Baytna with...
Miss Lebanon 2002-03 & Miss International 2002-03, CHRISTINA SAWAYA BAROUD, -
Miss Lebanon 2004-05, NADINE NJAIM, and Miss Emigrants 2003-04 MIRIAM HABIB.

Announcements          Join the Walkathon on Saturday Aug 14 to benefit the Community Center
Announcements          Introducing Mason Steven Elias Najib Shaya Khenaisser
Announcements          Congratulations to Nijad and Rania Nahed Chalhoub on the birth of their daughter Nai
Shweirieh Bil Mahjar  Aida (Nasr Khonaisser) marries  Zach Joseph in Chicago
Announcements:         Amal Khayrallah to Marry Joseph Elie Hobeika on September 4th, 2004
In Memory of...          Fares George Zaidan Rahbani (Abu Sultan)
Emigrants Fest 2004   It was kids day on August 3, 2004 Click on foto for more
Emigrants Fest 2004   Participants in Shweir Walkathon - See also Folklore Dances + Shweir Music Band
                           A cultural evening at “old market” place in Shweir Aug 5, 2004
Miss Emigrants 2004  Tina Hage is crowned Miss Emigrants 2004 at Hotel Central

Updated in July
In Memory of...     40 day Memorial for Souheil (Tony) Baaklini in Houston on Saturday July 31
Shweir News        2 stories in Newspapers on Dhour Shweir:  Beer Festival and catching a crocodile in Shweir
Shweir News        A Proposed New Common Cemetery For Shweir People
In Memory of:      Annie (Dallal Joseph Deeb Tabsharani) Madson 33 years young - died of car accident in California.  
Announcements:   Congratulations to Shaden and Tarek Rahbani on the birth of their twin:  Kamil & Kenan, on July 10, 2004
                            More pictures of Joe and Sandy Sawaya's Wedding 
Beer Fest 2004    To see more pictures of Shweir Beer Fest 2004, Click here
                            See Dhour Shweir Beer Festival 2004 on NEW TV both channels (locally and Internationally) this Saturday the 24th of July at 10.00 p.m. (Beirut time)


Support Shweir Businesses - Hotels, Restaurants, Shops
Periodically we will feature one of these establishments...

Join these community leaders in support of Baytna, a Senior and Medical Center

 Updated in June 2004

Also, plan to attend on July 1-10, 2004
the International Festival for Lebanese Emigrants 

We invite our  fellow Lebanese Emigrants
attending this Festival to continue their celebration & attend
the Beer Fest above and the Emigrant Festival in Shweir
July 30 to August 8

In Memory of...           In Memory of Souheil (Tony) Albert Baaklini - 40 years young - Brother to Samih and Samar
Churches                     Mar Takla Expansion and Renovation - A new Bell Tower in Ain Sindyaneh
California 2                  Three Sawayas meet by chance at a church picnic near San Francisco
Announcements           To our Lebanese Friends in San Francisco Bay Area, Join us Friday evening,  June 18, for Hafli featuring Nour Mehanna 
In Memory of...           In Memory of Khalil Salim Moujaes 
Rawda_Palace Hotel   Rawda Palace Hotel

100 year old hotel gets complete renovation.  Click on picture for more...

Updated in May, 2004  

Books                         Books by Elsa Marston Harik 
Announcements           A message from Sheikh Jamil Hobeika to the People of Shweir
Baladieh                      Pictures of election day, courtesy of Samar
Churches                     Easter in Mar Elias as seen from 3 year young Vanessa Bou Zaid
                                   celebrated "Corpus Christi Day" "Khamis Al Jasad",
Baladieh                      New pictures of party for new council 
Rawda Palace Hotel    New web page:  Rawda Palace Hotel 
Baladieh                      A poem about the election by Omar Wajih Nasr Khnaisser


In USA, we celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday, May 9

Happy Mother's Day


Updated in April, 2004
Waleed & Michelle   Congratulations to Waleed & Michelle Moujaes on your wedding
Books                       The Syrian Christ by Ibrahim Mitri Rihbany
Announcements         Shweir models in National Magazines
Memories 2              Picture of Scouts in1960 including:  Habib Nacol, Mouneer Moujaes, Naim Sawaya & Waleed Khayrallah ++
Shweir News            Dhour is getting a Face Lift.Message courtesy of Habib Moujaes
Churches                  Palm Sunday 2004 in Shweir 
Texas 2                     Palm Sunday 2004 in Texas
WaleedMichelle Day  Congratulations to Waleed & Michelle on your Wedding, April 17, 2004

Updated March 2004
In Memory of...          Michel Yousef Kiamy & Nadim Rashid Nasr Khnaisser
Community 2              2003 Contributors & Summary of contributions and expenses until the end of 2003
Announcements          Congrats to Habib & Nazha Halabi on the birth of their son Ghassan 
California 2                 Jaber Sawaya in San Francisco 
Announcemenmts        Sheikh Jamil Hobeika Honored by President of Lebanon "وسام الاستحقاق اللبناني المذهّب للمرؤة و الشرف"

Updated February 2004
Announcements         Celebrating Valentine's Day at Alsad Restaurant  -  Fancy Hafli 
Shweir News             The big snow storm of Feb 14-16, 2004 -  A report and pictures
Summer 2003            Pictures from Summer of 2003

Updated January 2004
Books                      Books by Dr. Salim Mujais in Illinois, USA 
Wajih Nahle             New Web page:  Birth of a Masterpiece
Texas 2                    Congratulations to Habeeb M. Nacol on his ordination as a Deacon in Beaumont Texas
Environment             Tree planting pictures from 2003

Updated December 2003
California 2               Maddool Tabsharani and Georgette Tabsharani Nuhra maiden visit to CA 
New Zealand            Recent Lebanese Independence Day Pictures from New Zealand
In Memory of ...        Robert Anis Eid Khuniesser in Australia 
Announcements         Congratulations to Habib Ghassan Halabi and Nazha Ayoub Merhej on your wedding
Announcements         Engagement Congratulations to Waleed Moujaes & Michelle Salamy Wedding  
Shweirrieh Bil Mahjar  N America Illinois:  Shweirieh  - Abou Saab - Khnaisser - meet in Chicago
Shweir Photos          
First Prize Drawing by artist Anna Christie El Khoury, 10 years young, A 4th grader at Shweir School
Baladieh                 A message from our Mayor, Dr. Nabil Ghosn       
Al Mukhtar Speaks    Al Mukhtar's Christmas Message

Updated November 2003
Christina Sawaya      New web page:  Congratulations to Christina and Tony on your marriage
In Memory of...        Abdo Iskandar Baaklini, in New York,  and his brother  Albert Iskandar Baaklini, in Texas,
                                Nassib Joseph Baaklini   Brother of Toufic, His sisters are May and Nada,

Updated October 2003
Texas 2                     Matars and Habibs reunite at Cafe Lili in Houston  
Sculptor                    New Page:  The masterpieces of Sculptor Walid Tabsharani 
Announcements         Happy #2 Birthday to Vanessa Georges Bou-Zeid
Shweir Photos           A Walk from Saha towards Douwaar - Cinema Florida today 
In Memory of:            Dr. Rania Halaby Murr, 34 years young, daughter of Dr. Khalil Halaby, wife of engineer Fadi Murr
Miriam Habib             Houston proclaims Miriam Habib Day

Updated September 2003
Texas 2                     Matars and Habibs reunite at Cafe Lili in Houston  
Canada                     Pictures of Salim & Jamil Khonaisser and Family  
Canada                     Pictures of Ray Halabi with his daughter Lea and son Joe
Did you know...        Mansur Jurdak & Family - - - First Woman Lebanese Diplomat:  Angela Jurdak Khoury 
Miss Teenager          Meet Miss Teenager 2003Angela Melkonian
Milhem Baraket        The Milhem Baraket Hafli - August 2, 2003

Updated August 2003
Miss Teenager          Meet New Miss Teenager 2003, Angela Melkonian 
California 2               Happy Birthday Maya Hocheimy and Happy Anniversay Nora & Salim Moujaes 
Photo/People            Yara and her parents, Joseph and Ghada Khneisser
Community 2            Grand Opening of Community Center and Library...

Updated July 2003 
Library update and Book Collection needs by George J Moujaes
The Jafet Family Web Site in Brazil
Lebanese Emigrants Program:  July 9 - 20th Tour highlights of Lebanon -
visit their website V V V  
Shweir Scholarship is off to a Fantastic start, thanks to a generous pledge by Dr. Karim W. Nasser in Canada
Shweir Community Center is starting on a solid foundation 
Miss Emigrant 2003      New page:  Miss Miriam Habib. 
Check out the Beer Festival Pictures!!!

Updated June 8 2003
In Memory of...     Kamal Ghosn, brother of Mayor Nabil Ghosn and Mrs. Maggie Haddad   
In Memory of...     George Moujaes, Father of Mounir, Mansour, Ibtihaj, Hannan & Ghada
Texas 2                     Elie Bou Kheir ranked #1 Tennis champ in Texas for 50+ years young 
Shweirieh bil Mahjar  New Mexico, USA  Elias Khenaisser visits son Steven and family in New Mexico  
France:  Joe and Pat Corban from New Zealand visit Andre & Pia Khonaysser family in Paris    
California 2       New web page... :  Roustoms, Rahbanis, Tabsharanis and Khnaissers Get together in San Francisco Area 
Books               New Book by Grace Halabi:  Renascence, just published  
Plan to attend The Miss Emigrants Beauty Pageant On July 19, 2003 at Hotel Royale, Dubayyeh
Emigrant Festival Committee invites potential contestants from around the world to participate
Miss Lebanon, Christina Sawaya, Crowned "Miss International" in Tokyo...
An Interview with Christina during a recent visit to Abu Dhabi by Lama Katoul
Layla Riachy, Miss Emigrants 2001, from Khinshara looks on as...
Rima Mattar from California is crowned Miss Emigrants 2002 at Casino Du Liban, Congratulations  > > >
An interview with Rima in  California by Angie Atik

To see Emigrant Festivals (Eid Al Mughtaribeen)
2001  and  2002

Updated May 2003
Marhata News      New Issue #6 - News about Sha3neeneh, Snow, Mousica Shweir, Al Ajial, Mansour Rahbani play + much more...
Churches              Celebrating Easter 2003 in Shweir.  Courtesy of Riad Khuneisser.  Just click and scroll down, you will see them
Memories 2          A new web page:   Emigrants Fest - 75 years ago... See picture of most notable Shweiries in 1929
In Memory of...:   George Jebrael Katoul, Laudi Houbeika Nuhra, Naeif Sulaiman Khairallah, Farid Nassib Touma Sawaya & Youla Hanna Hannoush Halabi 
In Memory of...     Kamal Wadih Ghosn Moujaes, brother of Mayor Dr. Nabil Ghosn 
Announcements:    Nancy Corban, daughter of Elie & Toni Corban, marries Pierre Shakrallah Al-Hage
                             Vanessa Bou Zaid attends Easter at Mar Elias
Canada                 Caroline Zghaib turns 2 in Canada     
Texas 2                 Elie Bou Kheir ranked #1 Tennis champ in Texas for 50+ years young 

Updated April 2003
Biographies                   New Web page
Community                   Community Center Fund Raiser
Baladieh                        Mayor Ghosn Greeting & Intro to Fady Bou Dagher, president of Lebanese Emigrants 
Texas 2                         Easter - Palm Sunday,   & Crayfish Fest 
Churches                       Good Friday - Palm Sunday - Be Part of Shweir Easter - April 2003
Announcements             Congratulations on the Marriage of  Mona Khoury to Jim Hoopfer, Sunday March 22, 2003
                                     Plan to attend Shweir Beer Fest - July 12 & 13, 2003 - Produced by Salim Sawaya
In Memory of...             Charles S. Nacol (1911-2003) 
Texas 2                         Easter Celebration
Memories                      Class of 1935-1936   -  SSS (Shweir Secondary School) 
Business                        Chef Ramzi Shwayri Lebanese traditional Cookbook

Updated March 2003
Photos - Shweir            Thank you Oula and Samih Halabi. for valuable pictures of our classical architecture
Marhata News              Read the latest news:  January - February 2003 Issue of Marhata News
California                      Karim Nasser from Canada visits Shweirys in San Francisco Bay Area
Community                   Community Center Fund Raiser
Biographies                   New Web page

Updated February 2003    
Memories                      George Moujaes and Anwar remember a trip to San Francisco
Shweir Foundation:        New Page:  Shweir Foundation is on its way to becoming a Non Profit Tax Exempt Texas Corporation 
Lebanon-Misc               Article about tourism in Lebanon:  From The Daily Star, February 8, 2003 - By Mira Meghdessian  
California                       Golf with Alfred Moujaes and Anwar + visiting Faisal & Manal Rahbany
Community                    Pledged last two weeks of January: $3,600 +- Supporters of Shweir Community Center
Emigrant Festival            Eid al Mughtaribeen -  Miss Emigrant Beauty Pageant Announcement and application
Communication from Minister Bechara Merhej Re:  Tribute, Community Center/ Library, Wheelchairs
Shweirieh bil Mahjar       Nabil Matar from hot Texas visits Waleed Moujaes in freezing Ohio

Updated January 2003
Family Tree                  Searching for Abicair (Abi Kheir), Ayoub Moujaes Family (1888) & Boutros Abraham Sawaya (1889)
Family Tree                  First Published Family Tree to post on  Courtesy of Riad 
Middle East                  Abu Dhabi party to Benefit Baytna
Shweir News                Christmas Party in Shweir
In Memory Of...            Najib Fareed Harik,   Papoula Basil Mosiades Merhej, George Salameh Yaacoub Moujaes
Education                      Yes, Angels are watching...Scholarship Fund Energized  Thanks Karim Nasser, Jamil Bou Saab & Committee
Community                    Shweir Community Center is starting on a solid foundation 
                                     To view the list of Donors or to join them, click here: Supporters of Shweir Community Center

Updated December 2002 
Education                     Mayor Ghosn & Sandy Oversee Progress on Community Ctr & Library
Education                     Yes, Angels are watching...Scholarship Fund Energized  Thanks Karim Nasser, Jamil Bou Saab & Committee
Shweiry Honorees        Shweiry Honorees for 2002
Shweirieh bil Mahjar     Pictures for Dr. Salim Kahlil Mujais family in Illinois 
Did you know...?         A tribute to my classmate, my dear friend, Bechara Merhej by Nabil Matar 
Did you know...?         Great writers and Poets:  Faris & Najib Mushraq - and Najib Khairallah
Community                  Holiday Decorations in Saha, Dec 2002 
Meet our Youth           Congratulations to Rania Chafik Bou Kheir on completing her PhD thesis in France
Meet our Youth           Tony Khalil Moujaes on Graduating w/ Honors in Texas
Meet our Youth           Darine Abdel Ahad Won AUB Founders' Day Essay Contest 
Community                  Mayor Ghosn & Sandy Oversee Progress on Community Ctr & Library
Al Mukhtar Speaks      Al Mukhtar's Message  A few months recap         
Education                    Yes, Angels are watching...Scholarship Fund Energized
California                     Rahbanys, Tabsharys, Roustoms and Kenicers get together 
Family Tree                 Dr. Khalil Saadeh Family courtesy of Don Johnson (Texas) & Lois N.(Saadeh) Poppelreiter (California)
Family Tree                 Searching for descendants of Faris Simeon Moujaes (1877-1953)  by Allan Ellis
Eid M 2002                 New pictures for Miss Teenager Beauty Pageant                    

Updated November 2002
Education                    New Library in Baladieh proposed floor plan,  + copy of Library discussion on Bulletin Board 
In Memory of...           Fouad Simaan Dirham, brother of Wadeeh
Texas 2                       New Page:  Congratulations:  Leila George Matar weds Chris Alfred Moujaes
Marhata News            "La Voute" Pub & Restaurant reopened - read about it in Marhata News ^ ^ ^
Family Tree                 Zaidan Rahbany Roots Via Ibrahim Rahbany 
Family Tree                 Where are the Zeidans or Zaidans?     Inquiry by Joseph Zeidan
Community                  Miss International attends a surprise party at Baytna - Nov 2002
Non Profit Org's          SSSR camp at the old SSS 2002 courtesy of Riad Khuneisser
In Memory of...      Wahib Jamil Yared, Georgette Touma Sawaya,  Baha' Salim Khnaisser, Jamil Abou Salah & Hana Mender Kurban
New Zealand:                 Corban Family Reunion & 100's anniversary of Corban Wine

Updated October, 2002
Bulletin Board                 Chris Moujaes & Laila Leila Matar Tie the Knot
Eid M - 2002                 Festival 2002 - 2nd Night 
In Memory of...              Dr. Jamil Asad Katoul
Announcements              Congratulations on the Christening of Sophie Walid Abikheir
Ain El Assis                    Picture of Carslow and the SSS lost bell
Australia - New Zealand An Update from Miriam Downey in NZ
Did you know...?            From AUB Yaffet Library Archives: Amin Khairallah, Ibrahim Rahbani & poet Najib Mushraq
Pix Summer 2002           Sheikh Jamil Houbeika   
Shweir News                 Shweir History presentation on October 13, 5:00 p.m.  Sacred Heart school Auditorium
Eid M - Festival 2002    Festival 2002 - Night
Eid M - Festival 2002    Honoring Dr. Khalil Saadeh Night 
Eid M - Festival 2002    Honoring Farid Abou Kheir Night  
Pix Summer 2002          Closing Night of the Festival   Updated   

Updated September, 2002
Lebanon                         Miss Lebanon, Christina Sawaya, crowned Miss International in Tokyo... congratulations!
In Memory of...              Jamileh Shallitta Tabsharani  † † †
Baladieh                        Suggestions for Eid Mughtaribeen Festival 2003 by Walid Abi Kheir
Pix Summer 2002          New Page:  Pictures Summer 2002 by Nabil Matar    By Nabil Matar 
                                      SSSR at Mtull Restaurant Pictures  
                                      Closing Night of the Festival 
Shweir News                 Two Sawaya's marry two Zeinas 
                                      Vin Fest 2002, a Great Success  Thanks Salim Sawaya
Memories                     Good days to Remeber - Nabil, Riad, Habib, Walid, Poem & Volley Ball at SSS
Lebanon                       Cathedral St George - Beirut  - - -   Courtesy of Oula Aoun
Photos & Old               Marhata Trade Show of 1907   Courtesy of Riad Khuneisser  
Eid M - Festival 2002  Shweir Night plus Report from Oula Aoun 
Eid M - Festival 2002  Beauty Pageant at Casino Du Liban 

Updated August, 2002
In Memory of...            In Memory of Edward Khoury, husband to Manal Rahbany.. in California
Shweir News               Shweir Juicy Nites party and photos, thanks Salim Sawaya
Environment                 Planting of trees and environmental clean up at Harf El Dayr. Thanks Mike Aboumrad
Eid M 2002                 New Web Page:  For Eid Mughtaribeen 2002 events including Miss Beauty Queen Pageant.
California                     Manal (Rahbany) & Edward Khoury Celebrate the Christening of their daughter Jennifer 
Announcements           Happy #1 Birthday to Vanessa Georges Naim Bouzaid  
Community                  Application for Shweir Community Center  courtesy of Riad Khuneisser  
eCommerce                Waleed Butros Sawaya is a well-known glass artist  thanks Riad Khuneisser
New Zealand              Paul Woodfield w/UNITEC captures honors at National Enterpreneurial Championship
California                    Get Well wishes to Dr. Fouad & Margo Tabsharani, Victims of Car Accident 
Did you know...?        More info about Carlos Ghosn from Business 2.0 Magazine 
Books                        Proposed New Library location... in Baladieh... thanks Omar Khneisser  
Baladieh                     from Bulletin Board:  Healthy Discussion about the essence and ideas for Eid Mughtaribeen  
Announcements         Nadine Abdel Ahad Marries Ghassan Hasbani   
                                 Chadi Aoun Graduates with Honors in Australia  
Books                       An Information Technology book co-authored by Elias Nasr Khnaser  

Updated July 25
Books                      New Book about Khalil Hawi by Rita Awad - info courtesy of Grace Halabi     
Eid Mughtaribeen     Miss Mughtaribeen Pageant 2002 moved to Casino Du Liban  -  From Shweir Bulletin Board 
Announcements        An Evening at the Old Market - August 17, 2002  -  Courtesy of Oula Aoun 

Updated July 16
Shweir News           Dhour Shweir Beer Festival, July 14 - Was a Great Success - click here to see photos 
Texas                      Texas Wedding Bells:  Nadia Nabil Matar marries David Shane Cowart                   

Updated June 28
Family Tree              1890's, Daghers from Shweir to Mussaytbeh, Selma Dagher, WWI, Odette Haddad... ???  Need more info...
Shweir Photos          Photos from "Shweir Academic study to preserve and Restore Architectural & Cultural Heritage" by Oula Aoun
Shweir News            Shweir Beer Festival:  July 14, 2002  Created, organized and produced by Salim Sawaya
New Mexico             Elias & son Steven Khenaisser take Steven twin daughters to Disney Land SF Bay tour  
California                  Shweir on San Francisco Bay 2002 Photo update   
Announcements         Ordination to priesthood of Ordination to priesthood of Elie Jack Shaya Khenaisser 
                                 Congratulations to Lilian (Rustom) & Issa Faiq Khoury on the birth of their son Frank
                                 Congratulations to Walid & Catherine Abi Kheir on the birth of their daughter Sophie
California                   Shweir on San Francisco Bay... Hello after 35 years - Nabil Matar & Antoine Halabi meet in Monterey

Updated May 30, 2002
Baladieh                    New Baladieh Poster, courtesy of Salim Sawaya 
Community                More pictures & data of Baytna - photos w/in hotel, church, SSSR, courtesy of Riad Khneiser
Art                            Ain El Tahta by Oula Aoun    

Updated May 22, 2002
Texas                      Wedding Bells for Tony Moujaes & Angela Farmer courtesy of Nabil Matar
Community              Baytna:  Grand opening of Shweir First Senior Center + Ambulance Strechers have arrived
Photos                      Old photos from the Jafet Library at the AUB courtesy of Riad Khunieser

Updated May 10, 2002
In Memory of ...       In Memory of Dr. Nicolas Salim Korban,  (1952-2002)
Fouad Najib Iskander Eid Khnieser.
                                Mary Nasr Khnieser, Im Atef  

Shweirieh vil Mahjar  A picture of Elias Nasr Khonaisser 
Community             Grand Opening of Baytna Senior Center hosted by SSSR & St. Bechara, Sun May 19, at 10:00 a.m.
In Memory of...      In Memory of Farid Aoun Moujaes ( 1906 - 2002) 
Texas                     Celebrating Roum Easter in SE Texas, courtesy of Nabil Matar 
Shweir Honorees   
March Habib Nacol & Nabil Matar for sending 3 ambulance stretchers to Shweir Texas, USA
April Riad Khuneisser & Rouba Khayrallah for valuable info & special projects Shweir

Updated April 19, 2002
Family Tree            More Sawaya Family History courtesy of Alfred Michel Abou Nehme Sawaya  
Community            Shweir Non Profit Organizations working co-operatively together  Thanks Riad Khuneisser 
Baladieh                New email address for Baladieh: thanks Sandy Habib Jouka Mjaes 
California               Shweir On San Francisco Bay is Set for June 15 & 16, 2002  
Eid Mughtaribeen   Photos of Nawbeh and Eid al Mughtaribeen... From Issam Sawaya & Rouba Khayrallah..  
Family Tree            Remembering Teta Mary Moujaes Courtesy of Habib Nacol 

Updated April 1, 2002       
Memories              1961 Photo of Riad Khunieser, Nabil & Elias Matar making Clean Environment
Memories              A touching Message from Bernard Yousef Baaklini about Missing Family & Homeland 
Non Profit              SSSR - English article about the Senior Center - Thanks Nabil, Riad & Omar  
Community             Elie Bou Kheir is Officially named as the # 3 seed tennis player in the USA  
Community             Mothers' Day and Miss Lebanon - March 16, 2002 Sponsored by SSSR
Art & Poetry          Great paintings by a young artist:  Nissrine Moujaes  
Art & Poetry          Check out Grace Halabi's latest Poem "Converged" : Click here: converged  
Take Five              Would you like to have an interview with God?   
Baladieh                  Photo of new Mayor and New Council members courtesy of Habib Moujaes
In Memory of...       Samia Nassar Rahbani (1927-2002)  
Baladieh                  An excerpt from Shweir BB, thanks Habeeb NacolUnity

Updated March 7, 2002   
Baladieh                  Election Results, thank you Salim Sawaya   Shweir
Non Profit Org.       Strechers for Ambulance and emergencies... Thanks to Matar-Nacol Brothers... Texas 
Non Profit Org.       Mothers' Day Event sponsored by SSSR... Thank you Riad Khnaisser   Shweir 
Photos                     Photo of Dhour Shweir in the Big Snow Storm Thank you Lama Katoul  Abu Dhabi  
New Zealand           Happy 91st Birthday Helena Corban Ataya On Feb 28 Thank you Gabi Ataya

Updated Feb 11, 2002
Ain El Assis           Ronald W. Somerville of Kelowna, BC, Canada writes about Dr. William Carslaw   
Family Tree            Sawaya Origin, excerpt from the book "History of Syria, Lebanon...," courtesy of Salim Sawaya  
Family Tree            For those Sawayas' your king is coming back Excerpt from BB Courtesy of James    
Family Tree            Tebechrani Egypt Connection, courtesy of Magdi Tebechrani 
Take Five   "Healthy Body":  Caution about medicine containing  Phenylpropanolamine, coutesy of Rita El Hajj 
In Memory of...       Acknowledgement to those who work behind the scenes at the AUB  Archives Dept. 
Community              Christmas 2001 Concert in Shweir courtesy of Lama Katoul  
Home Page             Congratulations to George & Nabil Matar, SSSR, Al Ajyal, Hanadi Abd El Ahad & B. Hatem, our Shweiry Honorees
eCommerce             New site by Laura Choueri which you can view on   
Take Five "Colorful"  Slip of a tongue + five affairs, photos & Jokes courtesy of ABBout, George & Nabil   
                                     Colorful cartoons and photos  
Take Five "Healthy Mind"   "FRIENDS" by Joanna Abdel Ahad & "It Takes a Village" by Victoria  
Take Five "Jokes"   What Women Need to Know... by Nabil  
Class of 1962 in Summer of 2001  Courtesy of G. Matar + Walid Samaha email & BB post  
Did You Know...?      Jafet Memorial Library at AUB, submitted by Riad Khuneisser  
Did You Know...?      AUB Building dedication honoring Raymond Ghosn moved to this page 
Did You Know...?      A Chat with Mansour Rahbani, courtesy of     
NewZealand               Gabi Ataya's Blue Falcon... the car    


Updated   Web Page           Subject
Dec 28  Take Five          "Healthy Mind" section "Footprints": Inspiring message from Hanadi 
             Family Tree       Jafet - Tebcharani - Families More updates courtesy of Arthur Jafet - Brazil  
             Family Tree       Dahdouh Family new and old OLD pictures and articles courtesy of Walid D.
             Books               First Rihbani Book Sale via  
             Non Profit         Al Ajyal Activities:  Dental Exams to 280 Students at Shweir High School 

Dec 14   Non Profit           SSSR's Recent Service Activities for August & September 2001 
            Family Tree          Baaklini's from Bzebdine family Tree courtesy of Bishop Sam Jacobs     
            Ain Sindyani          New Page Subhiyeh at the Rahbani Home   
            Take Five             "Two Minutes" Courtesy of Joanna & Hanadi Abdel Ahad
            Did You Know...?  Carlos Ghosn, CNN #1 most influential person in the world...  
             Shweir News         Bassam Nadim Rahbani marries Micheline Samir Halabi 
             Books                   New Page  Al Masih Al Soury, a book by Ibrahim Mitry Rihbany 
             Archives               Lots of New pictures yet to be sorted, Can you find someone you know? 
             Baladieh                A Proclamation about Baladieh Counsil & Elections    
             Did we forget to post any submissions or info?  Please let us know...

Nov 30   In Memory of...   AUB’s Raymond Ghosn remembered Data courtesy of Joe Naoum Sawaya
               Canada               More photos from Raymond Halabi   
               Did you Know?   Discovering another famous Rihbani:  Ibrahim Mitri Rihbani  
               Family Tree        More discoveries and emails from Jacqueline Forti    
               New Zealand     A Tribute to Helena Corban Ataya, Sept. Honoree   
               Shweir News     Paulo Sawaya from Brazil sends best wishes to Miss Lebanon  
               Europe, Spain    Announcing the arrival of Zoe Corban Banks, the Newsest member of Shweir .com family
               Family Tree        Update of Dahdouh Family Tree, thanks to Walid Dahdouh  
               Non Profit          Christmas 2001 Scouts fundraiser               
First Shweir eCommerce website:  Fincorp Engineering, Habib Moujaes, owner      

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1922 Shweir Guidebook
Great Artists

Art, Poetry & Pen
Rihbany Ibrahim Mitry.GIF (51818 bytes)
Al Masih Al Soury 

A book by Ibrahim Mitri Rihbany

Eid Al Mughtaribeen 2001

Expatriates Festival 2001
 Shweirieh bil Mahjar &
Wine Label.JPG (30902 bytes)
 the Corbans 
of New Zealand

Tree planting in Mtull

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Shweirieh bil Mahjar
Shweir_On_Beach_2000_Group.JPG (52546 bytes)
"Shweir on the Beach 2001"
in Texas, USA

SSS Grad Class 1962
1962_Grad_Class.JPG (46518 bytes)

In Memory of... 
Ghanem Hanna Khneisser

Photo_pg_4.JPG (87754 bytes) 
Jamil Eid Khonaisser 
the Master
Saif oo Terse

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Art, Poetry & Pen

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Due to limited opportunities, many of its young, bright and adventurous natives emigrated to other countries to seek higher education and fortune.  These people who left Shweir many moons ago, Al Mughtaribeen, value the memories of Shweir.  With the power of the internet, they are mobilizing throughout the world in order to show our appreciation and make a meaningful contribution to our hometown. 

The Power of an Idea and a Team; Acknowledgement in Summary, 1st six months
First Computers to Shweir Hi School  
Shweir Youngsters learn about the Environment... 
Shweiry of the Month Honorees...


Previous Home Pages: 

Feb 11, 2002

Congratulations to Matar Brothers, SSSR, Al Ajya, Hanadi Abd El Ahad & Barnie Hatem our Shweiry Honorees

Month Honoree(s) Notes
October 2001:  George & Nabil Matar & Habeeb Nacol   Bulletin Board & Community participation  Texas & Shweir  
:      SSSR (Shweir Social Services & Rescue) for their sample report on their services      Shweir
:      Al Ajyal Sports Club Dentistry examinations for hundreds of Shweir students              Shweir
2002:  Hanadi Adel Abdel Ahad proactive email communication & thoughtful BB discussions   Shweir
        Barnie Hatem  exceptional communication and writing skills on the BB.  Washington DC,  USA

Click here to review the list of past Shweiry of the Month Honorees 

"Save the Environment"  
First Prize Award by Elementary Student Joseph Baaklini 

On the occasion of "Cleanliness Week and the Environment" in Lebanon, the "Women's Society" sponsored an art drawing competition among the students from the primary, secondary and high school in Shweir... four drawings were selected from each school segment.  Winners were recognized and awarded prizes...  the twelve top drawings were collated into a nice 2000 Calendar.  To see all twelve drawings click here to go to the "Education Web Page"  Data courtesy of Rima Abi Kheir

Municipal Elections are set for March 3, 2002.  
Read more on Shweir BB
.  Thanks Waleed Moujaes  

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January 28, 2002:  Snow in Shweir Sawaya M Snow Shweir 1.JPG (203348 bytes)
Kindly find enclosed some latest pictures from Dhour Shweir, for our Web reference. This years snow was catastrophic for the environment, lots of pine trees have fallen and broken due to the heavy snow.  Cheers,  Michael Sawaya


January 5, 2002:  Photo courtesy of George Moujaes (Via Al Mukhtar) with a picture of his home showing a white Christmas in Shweir.  Phone lines were down... so he had to send via a friend's computer... George asked Saad to stop sending big storms from Europe.  
Beyond that iron gate, and under that snow in front of the house, there is the best looking grass lawn that we have seen so far in and near Dhour.  It looks like those well manicured American grass lawns... hope that will catch on and we will see more green grass lawns next spring and summer.  To find out how to grow it, just ask George Jamil Moujaes 


Snow G Moujaes 2.JPG (28276 bytes)From al Muktar's message:  Now honestly folks, how many of you would rather be the one taking these picture? Well you didn't. These came our way from Shweir courtesy of George (Great first name) Jamil Moujaes. It is also so fitting blaming it on Saad Merhej because the colors matches his phantom act....Where are you Saad? For that matter the same can be said about a lot of you, where are U? 

Calling Chadi Sawaya... Hello Chadi... I hope you remembered to take some great professional photos in Medium or Large format of Shweir and Sanneen that are worthy of making posters and calendars... so we can help you sell them on 
BTW (By The Way), for those who do not know, Chadi is a very talented young man who works in the creative arts, has a state of the art IT hardware and software and he is an expert in the Photoshop.  He salvaged great photos of old Shweir and made them into posters.  Thanks for scanning some photos and burn them onto a CD for webmaster last August. 



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Season  is 
time to Reflect,
Count our Blessings 
and  Honor our Elders 
And Celebrate our Young

Rami Kamal
Khenaisser and
  Caroline Nabil Mahfouz, 

 picture captures 
the  essence  of  youth... 
Innocence, Beauty, Pride, Excitement, Hopefulness, 
Vibrancy, Sharing, Winning, Celebrating, Achieving, Camaraderie

To all the young, young at heart and old people in Shweir and around the world...


*   On the last day of the Eid Al Mughtaribeen Festival, this moment was captured shortly after Rami and Caroline won a prize (they are holding the cup ) for the beautiful dance they performed.  Their dance told a story and they did have a third partner who was part of the story... but initially most of the audience thought that the peasant girl who was trying to sell sandwiches was lost and wandered aimlessly onto stage and even some organizer attempted to guide her off stage... yes, the three of them told a story with their dance and without words.  Anyone knows the full name of that third girl?  please let us know so we can give recognition accordingly.  Anyone wish to give a detailed narrative of the last day or any other day of the festival.  We would welcome and publish your contribution.       

  Thank you Hanadi for the name of the third young lady.  Her name is Nour El Alam and she is the daughter of Hanadi Abdelahad's cousin Ghada.  We found another picture that she appears in it... here Nour El Alam is on Left then Rami Khenaisser and Caroline Nabil Mahfouz with Manal Kamal Khnaisser, Rami's sister in the background.  Here it is... enjoy. 

P8190131.JPG (39537 bytes)


Dec 16, 2001

HAPPY HOLIDAYS - MERRY CHRISTMAS    Congratulation Carlos Ghosn, CNN & Time Magazine #1 most influential person in the world... See "Did You Know...?" web page.

Season  is 
time to Reflect,
Count our Blessings 
and  Honor  our  Elders

Elias AbiKheir
in what webmaster
considers a prize winning

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* we have not entered the photo in any competition yet... but, it has the qualities of a winner, at least in our eyes... from the background lighting to the crowning halo around Elias' head to those sincere and loving eyes to that subtle smile. 

O K, O K... The only possible distraction from a Shweiry critique, is that the fig is not ripe... and yes in Shweir there are bigger figs... you can blame that on webmaster... you see, Elias just finished picking the large, LARGE, and ripe figs in his yard when I came across this setting.  When I asked his permission to take the picture, he gladly agreed but suggested to go to the other side of the tree to show some of the large ripe figs.  Not wanting to lose this setting and with people waiting for me, I told him not to worry about the fig, and I have been kicking myself since.  

The moral of this note is that aside from the above message to Honor our Elders, We should also Listen to our Elders.

An excerpt from Shweir Bulletin Board:

Habeeb M. Nacol
posted 12-18-2001 06:08 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Habeeb M. Nacol     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote

By the way ya Anwar, I do agree with you that your picture that is currently gracing the cover page is outstanding. Elias's facial expressions and his bold features tell it all. Every time I look at this picture I find a new emotion that I haven't discovered before. I see kindness, child like purity, hospitality, hope, love, inner joy, mischievousness, peacefulness, beauty, wisdom, simplicity humanness and all kinds of other emotions that embodies, at least for me, what Shweir is. ... in this masterpiece, all I see is the essence of truth.


December 01, 2001

Lebanon Nostalgia
Dec 01
Harissa & Beirut at Night 
Photo courtesy of Isis, photographer yet unknown


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