Karim Nasser visits San Francisco area - February 2003

Dr. Karim Nasser visited us in February 2003.  It just so happened that the evening he was free, Hana Rustom Archbald was having a family gathering at her home and to welcome Sami Andre Khonaysser and his family who were visiting from France.

What a great opportunity to enjoy a great evening... from the food (kibbeh nayyeh to hummos to tabbouleh and fresh garlic mashed with olive oil) to the Lebanese music to the Shweiry stories... especially stories about the Flaycee and Ghwaab and Natoor that caught some of us when we tried to taste our neighbors fruits... especially karaz and teen ...

Karim summed it up beautifully..."Haydee lailee min al Ummur".  A night to remember.

It was so nice to see you Karim and hope next time we can meet or see again the rest of the family.

Jennifer & Manal
Rahbany Khoury

Elias & Jennifer

John & Jeanette, Antoinette, Karim, Sami, Anwar, Hana, Lillian, Manal & Jennifer

Manal, Jennifer, Hana, Karim, Elias, Bernard, Georgie, Alexander, Lillian & Nicolas

Lillian Rustom Khoury & Christopher Sami Khonaysser

Alexander, Anwar, Karim, Antoinette & Hana

Karim, Hana, Antoinette, Lisa & Elias

Antoinette, Jeanette & Karim

Alfred & Anwar do Golf  

Remember Alfred Moujaes visiting SF in October 2000?

Well, when we tried to play golf then, it rained...
So, we took a rain check... two years later, we made good on that promise...


Alfred had a conference in the fall of 2002 in San Francisco
and he managed to find some time to get together with friends and play some golf.

Alfred is a good golfer and fun to play with - he can make that golf ball soar... and like most golfers, not every shot is perfect...
< < just for fun, I thought I will share this shot of Alfred trying to get out of the rough...

>> and then taking the after golf scenery... > >

And then visit with Faisal and Manal and Jennifer

and here add Hana Rustom Archbald

Dinner by the Bay

Alfred, George and who ever else plays golf, start practicing... We may play a round at Shweir on the Beach 2003 in Texas in May...

and who knows, maybe we can play the next round of golf in Lebanon...

Rahbanys, Tabsharanys, Rustom & Kenicer get together

 at Hana & Lisa's homes...  

And at Anwar's home for a Holiday cheer which evolved into a poetry recitals and at times friendly competition between Faisal & Hana with Manal, George & Dr. Fouad Tabsharani joining in. 







Manal (Rahbany) & Edward Khoury
Celebrate the Christening of their daughter Jennifer
August 17, 2002


It was great to see Faisal after so many years, He was on cloud nine...
Also, to see others from Shweir including George Tabsharani and his wife Kathy and
Lilian Ruotom Khoury and her husband Issa

Manal & Faisal, we did not know you had such hidden talents in hospitality and singing...
but after all, you are a Rahbany... it runs in the family.

Congratulations to Manal & Edward and to the Rahbany & Khoury Families
and especially to Jennifer for making all this happen.

Happy Christening

† † † † † † † † † † †  † † † †


A very difficult announcement to make..
August 27, 2002
In Memory of Edward Khoury, Yes, 10 days after Christening, Edward, Manal's husband died.


Dr. Fouad
& Margo Tabsharani, Victims of Serious Car Accident

August 4, 2002 

Dr. Fouad Tabsharani, his wife Margo and their son Fred, who just returned from a wonderful trip to Lebanon and Shweir few weeks ago, were returning home near San Francisco when a car going at about twice the speed limit hit their car from the back at such a force that propelled their car to hit the edge of the highway, bounce on two wheels to the other side and hit the concrete divider..  Fouad was in fair condition and was released from the hospital on August 7.  Margo was sitting in the back seat without her seat belt suffered multiple fractures and concussions. She remains in critical condition at John Muir Hospital in Oakland, California.  Their son was un-injured. 

Fouad was telling me how precious life is... they just had the best trip of their life in Lebanon and Shweir, their son Fred was about to begin a program for his PhDs. and every thing was going so well for this family... after a nice dinner, they were driving on the highway at the speed limit and then .... Kabooooommmm!!! 

 To communicate with Fouad, his email address is:

On behalf of the family, please join us in saying a prayer and to wish Fouad and Margo a
We Love You!


Shweir on the Bay 2002

Saturday & Sunday, June 15 & 16, 2002 

Weeee... Shweir Reunion on SF Bay

Hang on to a special magic carpet ride...

Riding this magic carpet are Shweirys from 4 states: 
Anwar (California), George (Texas), Sally & Jamil (Illinois) and Ghassan, Munir & Joseph (Wisconsin) 

Tasty Desert prepared by Clautield Khenaisser (L), George Tabsharani (M) & Georgette Rustom (Mughli - R)


June 14, 2002

Hello after 35 years!


Shortly after George and Janice and I picked up Nabil from the airport, we headed to Monterey to see his very good friend, Antoine whom he has not seen in 35 years.  We had a wonderful and touching visit.  Although with two hour notice, Antoine and Salwa had a delicious feast waiting for us...including knafeh be jibn. We loved all the Arabic quotes... the view of the Pacific from their deck and backyard, the energy and good feelings were contagious.  We could not stop talking and reminiscing. but alas, time flew quickly and we had to go...

While in that part of the world, we took the scenic 17 Mile Drive, stopped at Spanish Bay, the Lone Cypress and the famous Pebble Beach Resort, home for the Bing Crosby Golf Pro Am and now the ATT Golf Pro Am.  Then continued to Carmel.  While there, Nabil wanted to visit his other buddy, movie star and Carmel's Ex Mayor Clint Eastwood... but he forgot to bring his address.  Well, may be next time... that will make Clint's Day.

Shortly after arriving back home, we got a call from Jamil Abou Saab, he arrived few hours earlier and is having dinner with cousin Elias Shaya Khenaisser... we joined them after dinner for some Margaritas.  An hour later Ghassan, Joseph and Munir Korban arrived at the Hotel from Wisconsin and joined us...

-----Original Message-----
From: Matar, George
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2002 8:47 AM
Subject: San Fantastico - Chapter I

 Thank you California for a wonderful and most memorable weekend plus.   It is times like these that remind us how much we miss being among friends and relatives, and how much this relationship is needed.  This time we brought Shweir all the way to the western coast of the American Continent.  10,000+ miles west of Shweir where you found a group of die hard Shweirieh having the time of their life, Ranging in age from 14 months old to 90 years young, and there were fun stuff to keep everyone happy.

The Mukhtara and I took advantage of the Reunion and spent six nights in the Bay Area.  Yes our own little vacation.  Thank you so much Anwar for opening your home and hospitality to us, I am already missing having breakfast with you.

The little vacation was full of surprises and happy events, words can not really do it justice, you really had to be there.  Here's a little summary (George Summarize?????  You must be kidding)

Okay I'll Pass it to you in Chapters instead of one long story, here it is through one persons eyes:

Chapter I

Arrived Thursday night; On Friday Morning we picked up Nabil from the Airport and decided that it would be the right time to visit Antoine and Salwa Halabi in Monterry.  One Phone call to Antoine and we just could not get there fast enough.

Antoine and Salwa have a beautiful home on the hill facing the Pacific.  It has been close to 35 years since I've seen Antoine, to me he has aged so gracefully, to him I grew up taller and wider (he knew me as a kid when I visited him in Baabda).  What a delightful man and Lady.

I was just amazed how much Antoine knew about the web page, he practically reads everything and I was in awe when he quoted some of the things that I wrote, like the time I wrote Grace and told her dad looks like rock and roller Buddy Holly.  Now when you see him in the new photos you will notice he was wearing Dark Glasses, he just returned from the eye doctor and looked like another famous singer, Roy Orbison (Pretty Woman).  The Afternoon was Gorgeous and Im Michael had prepared a feast of Sayadiyeh, Kibbe (two types), Kafta, and all the side dishes that go with them..... Oh my God they were sooooo good , also Home made sweets and Kneffee that is delicious without the "Qutter" the way Antoine likes it.  We met Michael and the cute and beautiful little Joyce God bless them both.

"Add a pound or two to your waist line George"

Leaving the Halabi was hard, but we had to take the opportunity to drive the famous 17 miles drive to Pebble Beach... It is really beautiful, Check the pictures on the web page.

Friday night we met the Chicago group Jamil Bou Saad and his Family who were having dinner with Elias Shaya Khneisser at Chevy's.  We had Margaritas and Jamil proposed the Idea of establishing a Scholarship program / fund that we will be discussing in the future.  An hour later the Wisconsin group Ghassan, Mounir, and Joseph Korban joined in.

Saturday Morning, we gathered at the Hotel to plan the activities for the morning.  Okay after about 45 minutes of bouncing Ideas, we decided to go to SF and take a Bay Cruise.....  All in agreement?  Yes? Lets Go.  We got there and did everything but the Bay Cruise!!!!!  But hey, we found a flying carpet and took it for a better tour, Just don't tell Aladdin that we had his carpet.  And we took pictures, and pictures, about 6 shots per pose.  I saw several Japanese crying because they knew that they lost the "World Title" for the most pictures taken by tourists :-) :-)  ....  Today, We were the modern Japanese.

Next week Chapter II, The Event.

Signing off

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From: Antoine Halabi Family
Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2002 3:36 PM 

The Visit !

A new fresh breath of being, from under the same sun, and the same fresh air, and from the same  beloved  heights, a breeze stirred up the very soul of the pine hills of Monterey, I am very happy , Nabil Matar, Goerge and Janice Matar , and Anwar Kenicer are on the way to visit with us.  My wife and I with a gush of readiness welcomed such a privilege, a visit of dear Shweirieh after a period of thirty five years of separation...

I still do not believe that it did happen. We shall savor this moment in our life as very special because of the special  friends who made it happen.  Our home is richer now because of your visit.  To all of you, Salwa and Antoine extend our thanks and express to you and all Shweirieh that you are always welcome when you come home to Monterey.

Thank you for the nice words about us on the web site of Shweir and in the midst of all what was happening we forgot to thank you all for the Baklava and the Almaza beer!!  I admit this was  very reflective in a measure of how this meeting has occurred.  Thirty five years in few hours?  We needed more time ..  I wish we were able to attend the S.F.Bay celebrations and meet many other Shweirieh around the area and those visiting from afar. 

One more time: Nabil, hope next time to see you with Wadad, and our greetings and respects for you Wadad.   Goerge and Janice thank you for your visit and may we wish you both happiness and success in perusing the noble cause of our Shweir and your own goals..  Anwar, thanks for the visit, the pictures and your genuine love and enthusiasm for championing the cause of our town Shweir. 

The gentle breeze is still there, the fresh breath is ours and much of your mirth nestle in our bowers..

Nabil, Mukhtar and Mukhtara, Webmaster.  we love you. 


Antoine and Salwa and Michael and Joyce. 

Thank you Antoine for this lovely and touching email... the feeling is mutual... your beautiful and genuine writing above makes all of our effort towards our town so much worthwhile. 

With love from the family...



Author Topic: Shweir on San Francisco Bay was AWESOME
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It was so wonderful to see all of the shweirieh who made it to Shweir on San Francisco Bay.
We missed all of the ones who weren't able to make it.
I can't wait for the photos.
Thank you all for a memorable week end.
Here's to Shweir that keeps on reuniting us! [Cool]

Soulaima Houcheime
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Good morning ya Shweiriyeh ,
I just want to thank each one of you to make The San Francisco Reunion an unforgetable one [Big Grin] it was "Gam3a min el 3omor " [Smile] [Cool] .Great feeling to be among the shweirieh long time we didn't meet . My children enjoyed every moment on saturday .For the ones who couldn't attend I will Say that they missed a lot of stuff......specially the WARM FEELING ,GREAT STORIES [Big Grin] [Big Grin] ,and for sure the GOOD FOOD prepared perfectly by "zenoud sittat shweiriyet " Yeslamo hal idain .

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Yes, it exceeded our expectations... we reacqainted with old family & friends and met new ones... there were so many activities throughout that weekend... starting Friday with the Matars and I taking a beautiful ride to visit Antoine Halabi and his family in Monterey, to driving the famous 17 Mile Drive to visiting Pebble Beach and Carmel... and touring around the San Francisco Bay on Saturday and Sunday to the GG Bridge drive by China town and North Beach and palace of Fine Arts... dropping by the Lebanese American Association in Pleasant Hill...

Who can forget Nora's Poetry recital on Saturday night? that was beautiful...

I had no idea how funny Hana Rustom Archbald, Ghada Victoria Moujaes Mapar, Laila Touma Sawaya Orluck and Soulaima Moujaes Houcheimi are... when we all gathered at Lisa's house... I swear this was not rehearsed... it seemed that one funny story prompted another and funnier ones and kept rotating. The stories were great, the annimation (the old fashioned kind) were priceless and left most of us laughing with tears in our eyes.

Now there is a talk about doing a periodic Shweir comedy night staring these ladies. And our al Mukhtar is gearing up for a night during Eid al Mughtaribeen featuring people of Shweir and from Shweir for the 2003 Festival. Alright, Hana, Laila, Victoria, Soulaima, we have a year to practice and put on a great show.

A special thanks to Georgette & Hana Rustom Archbald for administrative, set up and delicous food including Tabouli and Mughli, to George Tabsharani for the large cake, to my cousin Elias for the great BBQ, my mom Antoinette, my sister Lisa and her husband Bob Walsh for hosting the Sunday night event in their beautiful home.

Thanks to all who helped putting this great event and brought the many delicious food and helped in the set up and clean up and thanks to all who attended, especailly from so far away like Nora Moujaes, the Al Mukhtar and Mukhtara bil Mahjar, George & Janice Matar, and Nabil Matar from Texas, Brothers Ghassan, Munir and Joseph from Wisconsin, Sally Wallace & Jamil Bou Saab and their family from Chicago, Saad Hawi and Rania (Hawi) and Richard Morill and their family from Southern California, and Waleed Moujaes from Ohio.... I am bound to forget someone, if I did, please respond and help me out...

There are so many more to acknowledge and thank that it would be difficult to list all... Thanks to you all, you know who you are and thanks for your love and support.


By the way, did you try the magic carpet ride...? It zoomed by San Francisco so fast that even the best cameras could not get a clear picture. I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures... stay tuned...

George Matar
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Here is a response from Elias Mattar (London) his feeling on these reunion is exactly what we are hoping we'll accomplish.

Walla YA GIRGI your reports about SF and the photo of NABIL with ANTOINE HALABI drinking arak made me really home sick. I am truly miss my true friend and Shweiry ANTOINE. As I remember he was a good long jump athlete and I remember him fondly though he was older than us. His sister HAYAT was in my class at SSS,
The way you are describing your trip and gathering at SF is great and sincere. I saw the photos too , but unfortunately I do not recognize many of the gathered SHWIERIEH, and that is an incentive for me to attend the future
gatherings so I can get to know you all .

I do think that the best thing done so far for SHWIER is the creation of the SHWIER WEB. At least its keeping us all in touch with each other and now we hear of SHWIER news so fast, its great. We all know where every one is here, there and everywhere.
I also want to congratulate you and all concerned about your creativity and energy and say “YALLE BEISHRAB MIN EIN AL ABOU BEDEL SHWIERI WEIN MA KAN.

Well Put Ya Elias, and thank you for writing back, You just don't know how much it is appreciated to hear such words

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George Matar
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Here is a response from Elias Mattar (London) his feeling on these reunion is exactly what we are hoping we'll accomplish.

Walla YA GIRGI your reports about SF and the photo of NABIL with ANTOINE HALABI drinking arak made me really home sick. I am truly miss my true friend and Shweiry ANTOINE. As I remember he was a good long jump athlete and I remember him fondly though he was older than us. His sister HAYAT was in my class at SSS,
The way you are describing your trip and gathering at SF is great and sincere. I saw the photos too , but unfortunately I do not recognize many of the gathered SHWIERIEH, and that is an incentive for me to attend the future
gatherings so I can get to know you all .

I do think that the best thing done so far for SHWIER is the creation of the SHWIER WEB. At least its keeping us all in touch with each other and now we hear of SHWIER news so fast, its great. We all know where every one is here, there and everywhere.
I also want to congratulate you and all concerned about your creativity and energy and say “YALLE BEISHRAB MIN EIN AL ABOU BEDEL SHWIERI WEIN MA KAN.

Well Put Ya Elias, and thank you for writing back, You just don't know how much it is appreciated to hear such words

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And from the Guest Book:

Ghassan Korban           5 July 2002
This is a belated Thank You to all the Shweireye who hosted the Shweir on the Bay last June. It was the kindness and hospitality of the people that made the events so special and memorable. Sure the wheather was great and the sight seeing nice, BUT
I have to tell you, meeting Anwar for the first time was a treat. A super guy who makes Shweir proud. Seeing Hanaa, her mother and brother Salim Rostum took us bach 25 years in time and it was just like being in Shweir. Their generosity was touching.
Meeting Antoinette, her daughter Lisa and her Family, George Tibsharani, Laila Sawaya and her family, and many others was a true pleasure. Seeing Ghassan Khneiser brought back so many memories of the famous 'Al Mal3ab' where volley ball at it's best was played in Dhour.
Thank you , thank you for opening your homes and givings us a wonderful week end. We look forward to many more gatherings.

Thank you all for your support, participation and kind words... you, we, the Shweir family,  all made it a great success... Anwar 

June 15, 2002

  Exploring San Francisco water front and Cable Car

Party at the Clubhouse

Look at all these smiles...

Elias with cousin Emily Pahl, bint Rose Shaya Khenaisser Metaxas

Jaqueline Sadala Renke with husband Daniel in front of the Sadallah Samaha family tree chart and...>

holding foto of Sadala Sadala - Below with Emily Pahl



-----Original Message-----
From: Matar, George
Sent: Monday, June 24, 2002 6:48 AM
Subject: San Fantastico - Chapter II

By Now you probably have seen all the pictures on the web page......  What!?! You have not yet?

The big event.....  Them Californian were so organized everything was
prepared fresh.  I am talking about real authentic Shweiry dishes prepared by Georgette Rustom, Antoinette Khneisser, Hana Rustom Archbold and Lisa Khneisser Walsh   .  The Mashawees were marinated, and ready to be Bar B Qued.....Elias Shaya Khneisser wouldn't trust anybody with this task, He did an exceptional job with it, coming from a Texan, trust me the Mashawees were mmmmmmm good.

The Deserts, oooohhhhh, a huge and delicious white cake stuffed with
strawberries and bananas prepared by George Tebishrani.  And Mughli to celebrate the arrival of Lillian & Issa Khoury's son Frank, also desert by Clauteeld Khneisser. 

(Another couple of pounds to the waist George, for sure)

People started pouring in, the early arrivals, all the way to the
Fashionably late (no Names will be mentioned ).  Name Tags were there to get everybody re-acquainted; music and Dancing started real early thanks to those two beautiful and fun filled young ladies Maya and Mona Houshaime the daughters of Salameh (Bikfaya) and Soulima (Shweir).   Along with their names they wrote underneath their names... Bint, Bint Ikhit al Mukhtar. The Mukhtar was so proud.  Not only they danced, but they pulled everybody along with them to the dance floor.
I was so Happy that my classmate (Kindergarten through High School) Ghassan
Khneisser and his lovely wife Clauteeld were among the attendees, it has been 33 years since we saw each other..... Yes Suheil I did give him your

What?!? A professional Belly dancer?  Oh Yes those Californian did not
forget anything.  Nice Touch Guys......  It was just beautiful when Antoinette Khneisser join the belly dancer on the first Dance, I love that woman she is so full of life, and not just because she is the mother of our beloved "Webmaster" just pure terrific lady.

Nora Moujaes Recited her poem "Haneen" and she couldn't have picked a better
occasion or audience for it.  It brought tears to many eyes including yours truly.  You can find the poem on the web page in the Arts and poetry section's "Nora's Corner". 

And what a small this world this is !!!!! Maya, who is Nora's grand
daughter, happened to be a classmate of Miss Lebanon, Christina Sawaya, told us about their school days together. 

The T shirts are very Classy they sold a lot and there is still plenty left
to go around, you need to order one for yourself .  Then there is the commemorative wine bottles with the picture of Shweir on the label, this is a first this year.  The wine is by no means a cheap wine, you will enjoy drinking it, and like Anwar said, refill the bottle with home made  Arak.  It is so good, Jamil Bou Saab ordered Two Cases, they will be on their way real soon....  I brought 5 bottles to Texas (one for Habib, one for Alfred, one for Henry) and so did Nabil and Nora. 
We partied till about midnight.  You must see all the pictures on the web
page, they will be posted very soon.

"And add an additional pound or two to your figure, all the dancing was not
enough to lose weight George"

Everybody was invited on Sunday evening to Walshes Home, for an
unforgettable evening.  Chapter III Next Friday

Mukhtar bil Mahjar

Photo Ops, Belly Dance and announcements



At Ghada Victoria and Kamal's home


Sunday Morning at Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito at noon
and Pleasant Hill in the afternoon for the Lebanese American Association Picnic


Sunday Evening at Lisa & Bob's Home

>Hana started the stories as she is telling one about trying wind surfing and being rescued by helicopter...>
Then Laila responded with another funny one

< Then Soulaima at left and Victoria at right > then R & L and the laughs kept on coming

>> Meanwhile, the sons of Lisa & Bob, Alexander and Anthony, sons of Jamil & Sally, Robert and Ramie and sons of Hana & John,  Bernard and George were enjoying some video games.


-----Original Message-----
From: Matar, George
Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2002 12:43 PM
Subject: San Fantastico - Final Chapters

 Chapter III.

And the saga continues...... So many things to do on this day There is a picnic to San Francisco, The LAA picnic, and a small family reunion in San Jose at Victoria & Kamal Mapar's House.  And a big gathering at The Walshes in the evening.  Anwar will cover the first two and we'll cover the third and we all will be there in the evening

The Texas Group picked up the Los Angeles Group of Mr & Mrs Saad Hawi, and Rania, Damian, and Dillion Morille and we all headed to San Jose for a Family reunion at Victoria and Kamal Mapar's beautiful home.  There, we joined with the Kamal's  Family and , The Houcheimes, Houda Halabi and her Children  and Waleed Moujaes.  We had such a delightful time there.  The food, as usual, was fantastic and I tried to behave, Only 1 ½ pounds was added.......  What is the matter with George and Food?!? 

Some of us guys took the time to watch Spain beat Ireland in the world cup.  We surely needed the exercise.  Afterwards we went outside to listen to Nabil and Saad reminisce about the past....oh the stories they were plenty and as funny as you would expect..........  Next time you see Nabil ask him about the "thinning the Sil-cion Story" :-) :-)  

The Day was not over yet,  We went for coffee and cookies at Im Anwar waiting for the other group to return from the LAA picnic (see Anwar's write up on the activities).  We all got together and did some cleaning of the Clubhouse we used the night before. 

6:00 PM, it must be time to head to Lisa & Bob's.....  Another gathering, but how can it compete with the night before......  Oh boy, did it ever compete.  The night at the Lisa & Bob in "its special way" surpassed all of our expectations.....  The night was absolutely outrageously entertaining and it definitely belonged to the Ladies.   Many of you know how funny Nabil can be, but sorry Nabula, Hana, Leila, Soulima, Lisa, and Ghada stole the show.    Hana started with a couple of true stories that happened to her in the US.  She narrated them in English so everybody could understand.  They were so funny that you'd think they were from a John Candy movie.  My wife tried to tell them to Michael the other day and just could not hold the tears, I had to finish them for her.  Hana you must write at least the bear story on the BB.  After that the Shweiry blood took over and the stories became hard to translate, Sorry Honey, Sally, Bob, John and the rest that are "Arabic Challenged"....  Something lose a lot when they are translated. Between the ladies sharing stories everybody was laughing so hard and completely out of control.  Check the attached Picture it tells it all
 <<laugh.jpg>> The food....ah who cared, it was very good, just give me another two pounds around the waist, it's worth it. 

We were supposed to leave around 8:00 PM to go to sleep so we can wake up at 4:00 AM to head to Yosemite...  But when I looked at my watch it was past 12:00 AM. 

As we prepared to Leave:  "Soubhiyeh at my house"  Hana Said.  But.... But...... Yosemite?!?  Now that was so hard for the Mukhtar to tell Hana & John  that we can not do it, but I just had to.  Yosemite is on my list for one of the places on this planet to visit, and now being so close and Monday is the only possible day on our Agenda.....  Hana Sorry Ya Habouba I know we missed a great time, but we will catch you the next time

Chapter IV.

Yosemite is so Beautiful, the scenery is breathtaking.  It is so hard to imagine how large the Giant Redwoods are without seeing them.  The Guide was talking about how majestic they are, he said that they are the largest Trees in the world, but "NOT" the Oldest, he said he could not remember the kind or where they are located.. So I obliged him with the "Cedar of Lebanon" in North Lebanon.  Right or wrong I did not care, it just felt good and he nodded in agreement.
I had some happy / sad emotions about the Yosemite park, or generally parks in the USA vs. Lebanon.  I was envious of how good the Government and the Department of parks and wild life takes care and preserves the Natural beauty of the landscape, I wished we did the same thing in Lebanon.  At the same time I felt proud that my new country does.

Two things were hard at Yosemite.
1.      Standing on the cliffs and looking Down ,,,,,, Efffffffffffff  makes my B*&%&t Shiver with fear of heights The Sheer drop is incredible
2.      For someone from Texas where the roads are like Baguettes it was hard to drive those roads  that look like pretzels, but somehow we got through them without getting car sick
We don't have any picture to display, because Stupidly enough I forgot my Camera, so we had to take some pictures using disposable Cameras, the quality was not good

We checked into a nice Hotel at the entrance to the park.  What happened next is up close and personal.

Upon returning to San Fantastico we started preparing for our return trip to Texas, we were getting emotionally down, until Ghassan Khneisser called and said:  "Where in the heck are you, we are expecting you" .....  Two different emotions popped inside my brain, one is of guilt since Ghassan & I agreed on Saturday night that We would visit, and the second emotion is of elation because the Vacation is not over yet..........  On to Pleasanton, 40 minutes and I was with my buddy Ghassan, Clotield, Rouba better known as the
Guitar Goddess, and Mazen.  They live away from the East Bay close to theHills where it is warmer than San Francisco.  The home a beautiful two level with a very nice Garden in the backyard.  Ghassan Claims that his Khobayzee (Germanium) is the largest around, and, hey, he might be right, it is huge.
Clotield prepare a feast fit for kings, Soooo what's another 4 pounds around the waist, this is the last night we spend in heaven.
Rouba Showed us her new White Gibson SG guitar.  It is really beautiful and from what I noticed on her short repertoire she can make that Guitar sing. My fingers were itching to play it but.. watch out..  I am smarter than that, there was no way I was going to play in front of a cute lady that calls herself "Guitar Goddess"  ...I am Good, but not THAT good.

Such an unforgettable evening at the Khneissers.....  Thank you so much.  

Actually Thank you all my good Californian Shweirieh for opening your homes and hearts, your hospitality is unsurpassed.  And like I said in the beginning of this write-up.  It is times like these that we realize what the Ghourbeh has deprived us of.    Being with each other.  

Until the Next <>  Reunion
Mukhtar Bil Mahjar
George Matar


Monday Brunch at Hana's Home

And what a brunch... Kishk, Bayd be Summak, fatayer, manakeesh, areesheh... etc..
and the setting, music &view were fantastic... that is as close as you can get to Sarfed.


And then on Tuesday night, we visited Ghassan and Clautield

^ ^ the back yard above was well designed for maximum utilization of enjoyment and fruits and vegies... behind group pic above is a loaded pear tree with five varieties...
Jarvis wanted to make sure he said hello to all the guests...

<<First he gave Ghassan a kiss to get the OK...

<<And then when Jarvis began a familiar dance on my head, Rouba knew what was coming next and spared my head in the nick of time...

Thank you Ghassan & Clautield for the delicious dinner and your hospitality.  It was a pleasuer to meet Rouba & Mazen... oh and Jarvis.



Pre event announcement


Tentative Schedule (may modify depending on weather and your preferences) As Follows:

Friday & Saturday:  
Facilitate pickups from the airport, transportation and accommodations…

Saturday a.m. & early p.m.:  Tour San Francisco and Cruise on the Bay…(cruise may be pushed to Sunday)
Saturday late p.m.:  Tennis, volleyball, swimming, golf, hike, family tree workshop, relax, meet other Shweirieh
Saturday evening:   The Admiralty Clubhouse, Foster City:  Cocktails, get acquainted, dinner, music 

Sunday morning:     Church &/or more tour of SF, Brunch at Altamira Hotel in Sausalito, overlooking SF Bay 
Sunday early p.m.:  Picnic at park, tennis,
basketball, volleyball, golf, tour or kick back
                                 or depending on timing and logistics, attend the Lebanese American Association Picnic.

The Lebanese American Association (LAA) is holding its annual picnic on Sunday, June 16. It is an all day event in East Bay (Pleasant Hill, about 45 minutes from San Francisco or Foster City).
We just had our Board meeting and I found out more info about the program... they will have volley ball, backgammon, card games, argeeleh, music, etc...  and would like to offer this opportunity as an option to consider dropping by after our visit to San Francisco and show our support. 
If the many of our attendants wish to do so, we will then forgo our afternoon function and go from the picnic to my sister Lisa's home and the Waterfront restuarant and argeeleh...

Sunday 5:00  p.m.:   Walk from nearby park or drive from LAA picnic to Lisa's home for cocktails and BBQ
Sunday 8:00 p.m.:   Take boat &/or cars to Waterfront restaurant & Argeeleh bar    
                       The owner is having a private party this particular Sunday... (will decide on one of many alternate options)

Monday : Explore North coast - California's mighty Redwood Trees, the wine country and/or  Napa Valley 
Tuesday:  Explore South coast -  Half Moon Bay - Santa Cruz - Monterey - Carmel


Please make your Reservations ASAP... they are holding these block of suites at half cost until June 7th...
(they may extend a few more days) after that cutoff date, they would release uncommitted units and may not give us the half price discount for late reservation

We are working on arrangements to host as many guests at homes of local Shweirieh.  
 For those of you who need to stay at a hotel, within 5 minutes drive of the center of activities, there are half a dozen hotels We also Reserved 5 suites and 5 penthouses all with full kitchens and complimentary breakfasts at the Marriott Residence Inn in San Mateo at one half the regular cost for the weekend as follows:  Penthouse (two levels) which sleeps 6 persons for $119 per night and Suites which sleeps 4 persons for $79 per night.  To secure reservations at these rates, See below the pictures a summary from an email from the sales manager Ita Lim.  

Car rentals:  
Most likely, you do not need to rent a car, we can arrange for volunteers to pick you up from the airport and drop you off, if you are staying near where the events are.  If you prefer to stay in San Francisco or would rather explore on your own and would like to rent a car, you have the option of the top car rental agencies and you can check their rates accordingly.  If you would like a reasonable rate, some airline employees like my brother rent from a small company called California Compacts.  Usually they rent a compact like a Toyota Corolla for around $20/day with unlimited mileage.  Call Scott at 1650-871-4421 and tell him that you are a friend of Andre Khonaysser with United Airlines... 

  A Bird's eye view of SF Bay and local layout.  

Welcome to 

San Francisco Bay

F C Aerial LG Text.jpg (57921 bytes) Foster City Aerial text.jpg (78938 bytes) Key to #'s of left foto
1.  Anwar
2.  Clubhouse
3.  City Hall under construction
4.  Lisa's home
5.  Lagoon & Park

 Adm Club Hs Pools Tns.JPG (41019 bytes)
pools & tennis near clucbhouse

Admir 2 Pools & Tennis.JPG (68667 bytes) 2108 Green 4.JPG (50687 bytes) Admir  Pool Tennis.JPG (42917 bytes)

We ordered 3 cases of wine with commemorative wine labels: 
These will be available per bottle for prizes and by donation.
Which label do you prefer?

Here is the final version...

Each case contains a  mix of red, white and blush:  Three bottles each of 2000 White Zinfandel,
2001 Chenin Blanc, 1999 Zinfandel, 2001 French Colombard. can facilitate to deliver a case of wine with above Shweir photo to your home in most states in continental U.S.
for a donation of $200... including delivery and tax.  just let us know... With each case of wine, it will generate about $60 to cover overhead and help the nonprofit organizations in Shweir.


We made tentative reservations at the Marriott's Residence Inn - 
here is a link to their web site
Marriotts Residence Inn}

Below are fotos of the facilities 

 P4080069.JPG (109441 bytes) P4080077.JPG (142820 bytes) P4080061.JPG (75189 bytes) P4080063.JPG (79082 bytes)
Suites and penthouses have full kitchens and provide complimentary breakfast in above dining room
P4080074.JPG (66742 bytes)

P4080075.JPG (80404 bytes)

P4080072.JPG (94527 bytes)

P4080067.JPG (52863 bytes)
Ita Lim, Marriott's Sales manager will ensure a pleasant stay...

GUEST ROOM COMMITMENT      The Hotel agrees that it will reserve the rooms ("Total Room Nights") as follows:  5 Studio and 5 Penthouses with check in on 6-14-02 and check out on 6-16-02.  Guests can check in/out one day earlier or later for a minimum of two days around that weekend for the same rate. 
      Based upon Shweir/Kenicer’s requirements as outlined above, Residence Inn by Marriott-San Mateo confirms the following group rates (net of all taxes):  5 Studio at $79 each per night;       5 penthouses at $119 eacj per night. Hotel room rates are subject to applicable state and local taxes (currently 10%) in effect at the time of check in.
METHOD OF RESERVATIONS    Reservations for the Event will be made by the individual calling directly to Marriott reservations at (800) 331-3131 and requesting the “Shweir/Kenicer Group” room block.  Reservations must be made by June 7, 2002 to secure the above group rate.  
     When making the reservation it must be guarantee with a credit card or cash deposit to secure the reservation.
BILLING ARRANGEMENTS     The following billing arrangements apply: Individual to pay all charges.  
CUT-OFF DATE    Reservations by attendees must be received on or before June 7, 2002 (the "Cut-Off Date").  At the Cut-Off Date, Hotel will review the reservation pick up for the Event, release the unreserved rooms for general sale, and determine whether or not it can accept reservations based on a space- and rate-available basis at the group rate after this date.  
ACCEPTANCE      Residence Inn by Marriott – San Mateo and Shweir/Kenicer Group have agreed to and have executed this Agreement by their authorized representatives as of the dates indicated below.
 SIGNATURES     Approved and authorized by Mr. A. G. Kenicer:

Below are pictures of settings at or within walking distance of our center of activities. 

P4010041.JPG (67278 bytes)
we will gather at my sister Lisa's & Bob's Home Sunday 4:00 p.m.
<< Then go by boat or car to a waterfront restaurant.

Enjoying a picnic under a PINE tree overlooking the Foster City Lagoon  >>

PA250005.JPG (111462 bytes)
PA250006.JPG (115635 bytes)
Leo Ryan Park & Lagoon in Foster City  >>
PA250007.JPG (152565 bytes) PA250009.JPG (161505 bytes) PA250010.JPG (116270 bytes)
Waterfront 10.JPG (38589 bytes)
<< Outdoors or indoors >> dining  at this Waterfront Pizza Restaurant

<< Note the towers between the two umbrellas?  That is Oracle HQ and the beginning of Silicone Valley

Waterfront 05.JPG (59607 bytes) Waterfront 03.JPG (64964 bytes) 
Guitar Goddess aka  
I Love falafel, take note...  
Waterfront 11.JPG (24025 bytes) Argeleh Cafe 03.JPG (47682 bytes)

And next door ^, there is indoors Argeeleh bar >>

Argeleh Cafe 05.JPG (28260 bytes) Argeleh Cafe 01.JPG (34620 bytes) 
and outdoors...

From the Shweir BB:

Author Topic:   To hell with Politics
George Matar
posted 05-08-2002 01:41 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for George Matar     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote

I am getting my pretty face to San Francisco for the much anticipated "Shweir on the Bay" along with my wife and possibly son

I am getting there on the 13th and staying till the 19th.... Anwar, one of these days we must go to the wine country...That's a promise.

Any T shirts to commemorate the picnic? Or like Elias suggested, coffee mugs with the Logo
Word is some of the Khairallahs and the Moujaeses are coming from Montreal (What about the Zghaibs?). Elias Khneisser is coming from Chicago, The Hawi's from Los Angelos, also the Nacols. The Bou Kheirs (?), Matars and Moujaes from Texas (Aren't those Texan's the greatest?)
Are the Moujaeses from Washington State coming??????

Come on take a little vacation and add your name to the growing list..... How about it Barney? Grace? Salim? Kleeeeeeeeeee come to San Fran and seeeeeeee. And all of you Family
Anwar you did reserve a nice weather for the weekend didn't you?

Let me see you name on this list

IP: Logged

B. Hatem
posted 05-08-2002 02:15 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for B. Hatem     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote

I call on Grace and James to attend, since their father, who lives close by, will surely attend. Yalla ya Grace & James. I could've encouraged you privately, but this kind of puts you on the spot publicly!     Sorry guys!

IP: Logged

posted 05-08-2002 03:58 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Webmaster     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote


Definitely, for those who can stay beyond the weekend, we will explore the coast and will go to the wine country.

I am in the process of ordering three cases of wine with a commemorative label that will include a picture of Shweir... a couple of samples are on scroll down beyond the 6 thumbnails and you will see two thumbnails of the labels. In each case there will be four varieties of wine... (three bottles each) As far as Tshirts and mugs, I am open for suggestions...

Also, let me know some preferences you may have... the schedule is flexible especially because of the unpredictable SF BAy summer weather close to the ocean.

The Roustoms and Tabsharanis are coming and there is a good chance that Sami Tabsharani may make it all the way from Brazil...

I would like to encourage those who are coming to bring with you your family tree, even if you have to write and sketch by hand... it will help explain how you are related and perhaps discover new relatives.



 The Admiralty Clubhouse Address:  641 Foster City Blvd. (FC) Near Balclutha Drive 
Admiralty Lane is a location encompassing one huge city block across the street from FC City Hall.

(Clubhouse is midway between Foster City Blvd and Comet Drive.  Since parking may be limited along FCB, I will give you directions to park along Comet Drive)

 From Hwy 101, take the Foster City – E. Hillsdale Blvd.exit which is one exit south of Hwy 92 and 101.  heading East…
You will pass Edgewater, Shell and Foster City Blvd.  The next light, go Right onto Pilgrim and take an immediate right onto Comet Drive.  You will pass some homes on right, 3 story buildings and tennis courts.  Park near the tennis courts.  Walk the path to the right of the tennis courts, Clubhouse is directly behind them.

From East Bay, take Hwy 92/San Mateo Bridge West, take the Foster City Blvd. Exit.  Go right at the exit to the next light and take another right onto Foster City Blvd.  Pass two lights (pass Metro Center and E. Hillsdale Blvd, go one more block, go Left  onto Balclutha and another Left onto Comet Drive, You will see Tennis Courts on the left side.  Park nearby.  Walk the path to the right of the tennis courts.  Clubhouse is directly behind them. .

Co-ordinates:  Club house:  D, E + 5, 6    Anwar's home:  D - 5,    Lisa's home:  F, G + 5
                       Catamaran Park (Sunday Picnic) F, G & 5    Waterfront Pizza and Argeeleh H, I + 4, 5

Click on map to enlarge

More details to come. . . 

Below are samples of sites you will visit in San Francisco... just to wet your appetite...


Alfred Moujaes maiden voyage to San Francisco

October 2000 - Alf Ahlan be Alfred.  Many of you may recognize Alfred, he is our Host of "Shweir On the Beach" Reunions at his beautiful Beach House along the Gulf of Mexico.   See the Texas web page... 

We are going to do some show and tell.  As they say, a picture is worth...

M Alfred SF Adventure.JPG (37679 bytes)
Alfred came to SF on Business and was looking forward to... as the sign above Alfred  says:  "San Francisco Adventure" 
M Alfred @ Haight Ashbury.JPG (20779 bytes)
So, we checked out the Haight - Ashbury, birth place of the flower children...

M Alfred Pos Haight St.JPG (70052 bytes)
Alfred wanted to make sure it was "Positively Haight Street" 
In the neighborhood where Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead started, we heard music, looked up and saw these sexy legs sticking out the window.  M Legs out window.JPG (38523 bytes)
Oh boy, I did not want to get Alfred in trouble with his wife Maria, so we went to check out some tamer sights
M Alfred & Alcatraz.JPG (38831 bytes)
Like Alcatraz from a distance

M Alfred Anwar Coit Tower.JPG (29961 bytes)
and Coit Tower

M Alfred Anwar GG Bridge.JPG (30037 bytes)
and the Golden Gate Bridge 
M Alfred GG Ft Point 2.JPG (23694 bytes)
with Fort Point from history point of view
M Alfred GG Span Info.JPG (31219 bytes)
and the GG specs (Engineering values)
M Alfred SF Art.JPG (43819 bytes)
and Paintings
M Alfred @ Palace.JPG (29364 bytes)
the Palace 
of Fine Arts for Arts sake...
M Alfred & Anwar at Palace.JPG (29027 bytes) M Alfred Anwar SF Bay.JPG (21457 bytes)

SF Bay 

M Alfred Ghirardelli Choc.JPG (76294 bytes)
Chocolate the way they used to make it. That big drum is covered with chocolate.  It smoothes it. 
M Alfred Bougainvillea 2.JPG (86193 bytes)
and check the growth on the Bougainvillea since the Matars inspected it
M Alfred Coit Tower.JPG (41806 bytes)
along the cable cars and streets of San Francisco
M Alfred SF Twin Peaks.JPG (29913 bytes)
Twin Peaks
M Alfred Trunk GG Bridge 2.JPG (27898 bytes)
M Anwar & Alfred.JPG (19020 bytes)
to an after dinner stroll

The day that we scheduled to play golf, it rained... unusual for SF in October. 
On your next trip we will definitely play a round.

Alfred, we certainly enjoyed your visit very much although it was short.  
Next time, bring the family and stay a while. 

Fifty years ago, the Khnaissers and Moujaes family got together for a picnic near Ain al Assis. (Thanks to Mounir Moujaes for sending us the picture... it is featured on the Memories page) It is so amazing... that 50 years later, the Kenicer & Moujaes get together in Houston  and  San Francisco...  

Matars in San Francisco  

Welcome bi Al Mukhtaar and Janice to Northern California.   
When our honorary al Mukhtaar, George Matar and his wife Janice decided to visit the San Francisco Bay Area, it inspired us to hold one of the largest gathering of Shweirieh in the area. And it just so happened that a Lebanese concert by singer Mayada and her troupes was scheduled to perform that same weekend at the Palace of Fine Arts which is about 400 meters away from our home.  

It was a wonderful weekend indeed.  From the moment we met George & Janice at the airport until we waved good bye at the airport 4 days later, it was a wonderful experience. The following are a few snapshots of that trip.  Not all the film is in.  Here is what we have so far... 

Geo & Janice above GG Bridge.JPG (26166 bytes) Geo & Janice GG Br Crs Sec.JPG (35354 bytes) Anwar & Geo above GG Br.JPG (40839 bytes) Geo Anwar Ft Pnt GG Br.JPG (41581 bytes)
Geo redwoods.JPG (40299 bytes) Anwar Geo Janice redwoods.JPG (47540 bytes) Al Mukhtaar & Webmaster
getting GIANT
Geo & Anwar in Tree.JPG (46368 bytes)
  inspiration inside a California Giant Sequoia Redwood tree

Geo Tree Trunk SF.JPG (38553 bytes)
Testing the

Geo & Janice GG Br SF.JPG (44888 bytes) Geo & Janice +GG Br.JPG (53123 bytes) George & Janice w-Kenicer Bougn.JPG (73193 bytes)
Infront of the
 Kenicers home
Geo & Anwar at Kenicers Bougn.JPG (67519 bytes)
George & Anwar
Matars walk Chestnut St.JPG (50343 bytes)
Checking out 
the neighborhood

Geo Janice Gerraniums.JPG (79538 bytes)
Would these flowers grow in Shweir?

Ghada (Saliba) & Nassif Malouf.JPG (24481 bytes)
Nassif & Ghada Saliba Malouf 

Hana Ghada Kamal.JPG (43140 bytes)
Hana Rostoum, 
Ghada Victoria Moujaes & Kamal Mapar

George T Matars Hana.JPG (64622 bytes)
George Tabsharani, 
George & Janice Matar 
& Hana Rostoum Archbald

Anwar Matars Hana John Lisa.JPG (35017 bytes)
Anwar, Janice, George, 
Hana, John & Lisa

Mayada in Concert.JPG (7445 bytes)
In Concert
Bashours Malouf Hana Nabti.JPG (62486 bytes)
 Antoinette Khnaisser, Dr.Tali Bashour family, Fouad Malouf, Hana Rostoum, Mimi Malouf, Anwar, Dr. Michel Nabti  

Front:  Joseph Tabsharani, Lisa, Anwar, Antoinette.
Back: John & Jeanette Givens, Souheil, Hana & John Archbald, Fouad Tabasharani, Mouna Khoury II, Kathy & George Tabsharani
Lebanese concert dancers.JPG (27219 bytes)
Sampour Dance Troupe at Concert

George & Janice at Look Out pnt.JPG (39348 bytes)
Matars & San Francisco Bay

Ghada Geo & Janice.JPG (18817 bytes)

Ghada Victoria Moujaes Mapar & Matars


From Shweir Bulletin Board:  
Posted by George & Janice Matar on October 02, 2000 at 12:17:32:

Geo & Janice + Alcatraz.JPG (20410 bytes)AAHHHHHH SAN FRANCISCO, no wonder that guy lost his heart there. I got to admit it is beautiful, crossing the Golden Gate bridge and climbing to that hill in the north western quadrant, turning and looking back at the City, ooohhh so incomparably beautiful, a person could stay there until… Let me start from the beginning. But please forgive me for this long, well call it REPORT.

Janice and I arrived at SF on Thursday evening. Right at the gate Anwar was standing with his smiling and welcoming face holding a small paper bag in his hand. Janice and Anwar hugged; him & I shock hands like real MEN do. Anwar reached in his bag and pulled a gardenia flower the size of a pancake and handed it to my wife, she smiled and still smiling through today.

We stopped to have dinner at the Cliff house Restaurant. The place is reminiscing of the restaurants overlooking the Rouche. The Fried Calmari appetizers, a favorite of mine, were the best I’ve ever had.
Next he took us see the Golden Gate Bridge at night passing next to “Robin Williams” villa. We stopped, took some pictures as a couple of raccoons approached us…..So cute, one of them even posed for Janice to take a picture. I can only assume that “posing” comes natural to all Californians.

George & Janice w-Kenicer Bougn 2.JPG (61966 bytes)For those of you that have not been to the Kenicer’s home, when you reach it you will be welcomed by a breath taken Red Bougainvillea that reaches from the ground floor to the second story caressing the Kenicer’s balcony. I have not seen any plant life prettier than that. The inside of the home is just as elegant.

You really don’t have appreciation to the Web page until you see where the Webmaster operates. The man redefined the word dedication for me. My vision of the place was a large office with about three “Mother Boards” a couple of 20” Monitors and a rack of the latest printers and scanners, digital cameras and all the hi Tech equipment that you can think of. Surely he must have all that to do all the work on RIGHT? What I found is a well organized small open office located between the kitchen and the dinning room with one window facing the GG bridge. Every item in the office is with a stretched hand’s reach. One slightly outdated computer, with a 15” monitor (I thought they don’t exist any longer). And he does all that wonderful work for all of us? I love this man.

We missed his lovely wife Cori, she was on an assignment in Wyoming gathering data to write a book on Golf Courses. Both of the Kenicers have this passion for Golf not only do the play the game but also enrich the sport with articles and pictures that are featured in national and international magazines, books and Calendars. Anwar showed us some of their work and some of the pictured featured in last year and the upcoming 2001 Calendar. He really has an eye for the camera. He covers the western states and Hawaii courses, oh do add Morocco to that.

Next time you see a calendar of golf courses check the name of the photographer “ George Kenicer”. And once you see it inflate your chest and be proud. This Photographer is one of our own. If there is no copyright problems maybe he can display some of his work on the page. But the man is so humble, maybe he can tell us how to order the calendar. I’d like to order two, one for my office the other for the home.

Next morning we had a hearty breakfast and headed sight seen, we went back to the GG bridge and two what seems to be a 1000 pictures, then we headed to Muir Woods National forest to fulfill a dream of mine and see those magnificent “Coastal Redwoods”. How can I describe this without being showered and blamed for blasphemy…… We have very deep love for our cedar trees, they are not tall but spread majestically. The redwoods are equally beautiful but their trunks are as large, and much taller. And to my surprise I found out that its sister tree “The Giant Redwood” is even much much larger. Here’s a visual for you. If Lebanon had the Giant Redwood trees, King Solomon’s Temple would have required few trees and our precious Cedars would have been spared.

We could not go see the Giant Redwood because they are located about 4 hours north, maybe the next trip.
The Climate in Dhour el Shweir suits the Giant Redwoods, Maybe next year as Anwar suggests we can take some and plant them during Eid Al Moughtaribeen. Stay tuned on this

On Saturday, we spent some quality time with my niece and her husband, the Mapars, shopping in China Town, Janice was very content with the experience. We even at “Uncle’s” authentic Chinese cooking, another good experience.

Then we headed back to the Kenicer home for a cocktail party preceding the concert. I had the pleasure to meet a lot of Shweirieh, Antoinette Kheneisser, Suheil Kheneisser, John and Hana (Rustom) Archbold, Mona Khoury, Fouad, Jopseph and George and Kathy Tibsheranie; Ghada and Naseef Maalouf, Lisa (Kheneisser) Walshes, The Bashour Family, Dr. Michael Nabti, Mr. Fouad Maalouf. I hope I did not forget anybody.
The Food was excellent, Hommos, Baba Ghanooj, Fatayer, Hana’s Great Tabuli, and many other delicacies. George Tibshrani brought a strawberry cake, absolutely mmmmmmmm. And we even had Baklawa from Saera and Walid’s shop ordered through

The concert at the “Palace for fine Arts” was great. The Sampour dance team put a tremendous show, music was limited to precussion instruments, namely different sizes of “Dirbakies”. A new and refreshing style of belly dancing, incorporating some western movies, there were about a dozen multinational dancers performing in synchronized motions. Very Elegant.
Then came Mayada and right after the first song I knew I did not pack enough tears for the show. Mayada has a very warm voice with very good range. The music was a blend of unspoiled old melodies to a beautiful mix between eastern and western melodies. Janice and I enjoyed the show tremendously.

The report is getting longer and longer as if I am reliving the trip over and over, so to conclude it, we spent Sunday and Monday with Victoria and Kevin at their newly renovated home in San Jose. On Monday afternoon we headed to the Airport for one last visit with Anwar, and to meet his lovely wife Cori, the trip would not have been complete with out meeting Cori.

Janice & I thank all of you for making us feel so welcomed in California , and you taking the time to be with us, a debt that will be very hard to repay. But give us the chance to do it. Come to our Shweir on the Beach 2001 and we will do the best we can, Texas Style.

God Bless
George and Janice Matar.

It was a great pleasure to have you as our guests and to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with you.  No debt owing, please.  I know we could have kept on talking and brain storming and coming up with more exciting ideas.  We look forward to celebrate more get-togethers in the U.S. and in Shweir,  Inshallah. 

Posted by Hilda on October 02, 2000 at 16:18:45:   In Reply to: I left my Heart posted by George & Janice Matar on October 02, 2000 at 12:17:32:

George, you've got to write regularly on the bbs.  Find something to write about: a hobby you may have, another place you visit, just write and describe things as you see them....

I have been to San Francisco and visited the Muir redwood trees, the Golden Gate Bridge and Chinatown...You got all those back to life for me!

Moreover, you gave me a clear picture of Anwar's work station, all I have to have now is a picture of it to see that validated... so, George, you have got to write...Add your column, put a new section, just do it, it will be fun for you and us...

Anwar on phone.JPG (25404 bytes)Webmaster's note:  
OK Hilda, here it is.  The computer & software programs and other incidentals are in a roll top desk part of which appears on the bottom right  corner.  George clicked this candid as I answered a call.  Anwar

Ghassan & Clotield Khneisser visit Webmaster & Antoinette Khnaisser

It was a nice gathering... Elias Khenaisser made Tabouli & the best & most potent garlic sauce for the barbequed chicken & meat (mishwee).  Antoinette & Lisa made the usual Lebanese food... 

Ahlan be Ghassan & Clotield Ghassan K 3.JPG (50682 bytes) Ghassan K 1.JPG (60958 bytes) Ghassan K 6.JPG (58454 bytes) Ghassan K 5.JPG (52615 bytes)
Guitar Goddess was in San Diego playing for a WTC benefit Ghassan Anwar Elias.JPG (36226 bytes) Ghassan K 2.JPG (52791 bytes) Ghassan K 4.JPG (38830 bytes) Next time ya Ghassan, bring the whole family... 

BTW (By The Way), Ghassan, to see photos your nieces and nephews, click here or go to August 2001 web page and scroll down to August 22.  To see photos of your dad (Abu Faris), click here or go to August 2001 web page and scroll down to August 23.  


July 30th, 2000 at the Victoria Ghada and Kamal Mapar's home in San Jose, California. 
Click on any photo to enlarge it.  Click on the "Back Arrow" to return to this web page.

Ghada & Kamal.JPG (42268 bytes)
Victoria Ghada & Kamal
Matar Mapar Kenicer Sawaya 2.JPG (133296 bytes)
Kenicer - Matar - Sawaya
Mapar Kenicer Arkeeli.JPG (70333 bytes)
Antoinette Khnaisser, Anwar Kenicer and Victoria Ghada  and Kamal Mapar
Ghada & Kamal Yard 2.JPG (85370 bytes)
Victoria Ghada & Kamal
Laila Fadi & Anna 2.JPG (62036 bytes)
Laila & Fadi Sawaya
and Anna
Laila Fadi & Anna.JPG (85238 bytes)

Laila & Fadi Sawaya
and Fadi's girlfriend Anna

To top of this page 

Touma Sawaya Wedding 

Congratulations to the two Touma Sawaya families and especially to 
James and Chantal Touma Sawaya 

May 6, 2000
San Jose, California, USA


Sawaya Joe escorting Aarouse.JPG (37466 bytes)

Sawaya Wedding.JPG (100917 bytes)

Sawaya Bride & B-maids.JPG (51513 bytes)

Sawaya Joes family.JPG (55876 bytes)

Sawaya LULULULULEEE.JPG (45191 bytes)

Sawaya Laila Adib Touma Fm.JPG (74941 bytes)

Sawaya Suff al Tahani.JPG (56923 bytes)

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Joseph Adib Touma Sawaya, 

father of the groom, escorting the Bride

Chantal Elias Phillipe Touma Sawaya


The Setting:  An outdoor wedding


Bride & Bridesmaids:

Christina Thomas, Kendra Barnes, Chantal & Ruba Sawaya


The Joseph Touma Sawaya Family

Christina, Tony, Joe, James & Mathew


Announcing Mr. & Mrs. James Touma Sawaya



Laila Touma Sawaya & Family  

Laila, Ruba, David & Daniel. 
(Fadi, not in photo with  good excuse.  He was dancing with this gorgeous Russian young lady)

Saff al Tahani, 
Congratulations line  


Wedding Cake First Bite














More Dance 





Group Dabkeh


A Toast by the Best man, the groom's brother 
Tony Touma Sawaya


Doing the Makarena  
Lisa Khnaisser Walsh, Antoinette Khnaisser, Emily Pahl & Souheil Khonaysser


Way to boogie Joe


Khnaisser family:  L -R  Souheil Tom Khonaysser, Sami Andre Khonaysser, Anwar George Kenicer, Lisa Khnaisser Walsh & Antointette Khnaisser

Even the caterers got in the spirit.  They were dancing while serving.  Here with Hana Rustom Archbold, Antoinette Khnaisser, and George & Georgette Rustom, Hana's parents.  


Bride and Groom with the Khnaisser Brothers .

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* Roustom - Khoury:  San Francisco, California:  March 19, 2000  

Lillian, daughter of George and Georgette Roustom and sister to Salim Roustom and Hana (Archbold, of Redwood City), married Issa Khoury.  
These photos are of the Party celebrating their marriage.

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KR George Georgette Lisa.JPG (41614 bytes)
Parents of Bride George & Georgette Rostum w/Lisa Khnaisser Walsh
KR Bride Geo Jeanette Antoinette+Fm.JPG (44742 bytes)
The Bride w/ Antoinette Khnaisser & Family
KR-Bride & Groom on top 2.JPG (51893 bytes)

Bride & Groom
Dancing on Shoulders

KR Mr. Khoury on shoulders.JPG (82700 bytes) 

Father of the Groom
Mr. Khoury

KR Rustoms Hana George Lisa Anwar.JPG (65421 bytes)
George Tibeshrani, Lisa, George, Georgette, Anwar & Hana
KR The bride & Lisa.JPG (54330 bytes)
Bride & Lisa
KR Bride & Groom on top 2.JPG (81593 bytes)

Dancing on Top

KR Bride & Groom on top 3.JPG (68802 bytes)


KR Dakbke Bride 2Geos Hana Lisa 2.JPG (69346 bytes)
2 Geo's, Hana, Mrs. Khoury, Lisa, Bride
KR Newlyweds & band.JPG (73901 bytes)
Newlyweds & band 
at end of party
KR Hana & John Dancing.JPG (61682 bytes)
Hana & John Archbold
KR Hana.JPG (21832 bytes)  
Great smile Hana

Congratulations Issa and Lillian