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Author Topic: Anwar in Chicago - Eat your hearts out :-)
Elias Khonaisser
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hehehehehe i just got a call from Anwar saying he landed in Chicago. Eat your hearts out we will be having lunch in the formerly tallest building in the world the sear tower.

i will meet him tomorrow sunday for dinner as restaurant unknown as of yet.


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Wow, the wonder of the times... good news travel fast!

Yes, folks, it was a surprise to me too, but I arrived in Chicago Saturday evening. I called Elias when I landed, and we planned to meet on Sunday evening.  Salim Bou Saab picked me up from the airport, gave me a nice overview of Chicago at night, we went to a nice dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I saw Jamil and Sally Bou Saab that evening, and was a guest at their home.
Next day, I joined Jamil & family to watch a church play where their son Rommy played a Sheppard, he had the most authentic shephard dress, including "abayeh".
Later, Jamil and I toured Frank Lloyd Wright first home "honey moon cottage" and his studio. Wow, it was great.
Manal Rahbani called to say she was going next week to Shweir to celebrate the Holidays with the family, how wonderful... have a great trip Manal.
Then after lunch, we attended a nice party in Chicago given by a Lebanese young man married to a German young lady.
After that, we met Elias, his dad Nasr, his uncle and his future brother in law at another Japanese place where they cook all the food in front of you.
It was so great great to see them. It felt like a family reunion. We had so much fun remembering so many great things about Shweir.
We called al Mukhtar in Texas to let him know that we were thinking of him.
Yes, tomorrow for lunch, we will meet at the tallest building in Chicago, the Sears Towers....
to be continued...
With best wishes,

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Yes, I was quite impressed with the art and architecture of Chicago. And on Monday, I saw Elias at the Tallest building, Sears Towers, 110 levels. We had lunch at a tasty Mexican restaurant. Took some pictures. Then Elias had to go back to work and I took the elevators to the top. Wow, in less than one minute, we made the 110 stories.

You can see in all directions... as if you are in the living room of your own plane, without the turbulence.
There was a big picture and letter from the Mayor welcoming me. 
I spent about two hours looking in all directions.

Then, I went to the Hyatt Regency to meet my brother Andre who just arrived from Paris that afternoon. The lobby of the hotel had Christmas decorations and on the back of them, they listed few different countries. Lebanon was prominently represented.

That evening we had a nice walk with Andre, Jamil & Salim Bou Saab along the main street and then went to dinner. Elias was busy and could not join us.
Next day, Jamil called and we met him at the main museum where they had an exhibition about tea pots, yes, tea pots and it was amazing, both functional and artistic. We had a great lunch at one of the typical Chicago establishments, Salim and Elias could not join us.
That afternoon, Andre and I went to the airport, I took off to SF, And Andre to Paris just before a snow storm engulfed the city.

Thank You Jamil & Sally and family, and Salim and Elias and Nasr and the extended families for your wonderful hospitality. I was very touched and appreciate your Shweiry spirit.

Folks, I have to tell you. I am so proud of all my cousins, not only because they are from Shweir, but each have made a great success in their community and profession.

Jamil has a successful engineering firm with about two dozen people working for him and is active in local government and community.

Salim works for one of the largest architectural companies in the world. He is now in charge of a project to expand the Chicago O'Hare airport. Aspiring architects and students visit his company offices to learn about some of the big projects they are doing around the world.

Elias is our IT guru. He has so far authored two books about Information Technology and is working on his third one. His dad Nasr is such a sweet and lovable guy. Very caring and proud.

To see pictures, click on Shweirieh bil Mahjar and click on North America, Chicago...

Thank you all again.


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Elias Khonaisser
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it was a pleasure meeting you and getting to know you a little more. But like i said this trip does not count  it was short notice and we were not able do much bass next time 

As for the wonderful pics, the Japanese and Mexican restaurants didn't help my diet much and this week will not either 

Anyway, you left ya Anwar and you took the California weather with you, snowing ever since, not too much but enough for you to hate it 


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Henry son of Fouad and Wajiha Bou-Saab got married on July 22, 2000 
to Rita Naameh
from Sin El Feel.  

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They will honeymoon in Chicago and 
will go back on August First to live in Shweir. 
Congratulations Henry and Rita



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April 2001
Congratulations to Carrie Palma and Steven Khenaisser
Ibn Elias Najib Shaya Khenaisser, on the birth of their third daughter, Isabella.  

Here the Proud father with 
Julianna,  Savannah (twins) & Isabella
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When they said, a picture is worth a thousand words, 
this is the kind of picture they meant. 
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