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Shweir Archives by Issam Mikhael Touma Sawaya

 Shweir Archive

Shweir Archive - introduction to Shweir Museum

Our Village has a beautiful and rich heritage, but it has not any documentation,

Therefore, I decided to launch this archive to work together to preserve the past, the present for our children and for the future.

I am asking for assistance, anyone who has any picture, documents, films about :

Schools / Sporting clubs of different specialties / Youth and Women Associations / Churches, Endowments / Grapes  tobacco , silk, and Arab blacksmith factories / Fountains and water sources / Names of streets and quarters / Prominent  men and women in Shweir /  Social and Religious Occasions / Dispensary, hospitals and Health services/  Hotels , Cafes, Cinemas / Festivals / Municipality Affairs /  Architectural Heritage /  Researches, Reports and Press releases about Shweir.

May God keep you unified ,May God preserve Shweir prosper,

You are welcomed to write to us at :

Issam Mikhael Touma Sawaya

Tel : 009613309391




You can also reach Issam at