Issue #6

March / April 2003


    Editorial:  We would like to dedicate this issue, to all the courageous reporters who have risked their lives to keep us informed of what was really happening in Iraq, and for some who died in the line of duty for they will always remain heroes in the eyes of the whole world.

     We also cease this opportunity to wish all the success and continuity to who kept us connected and able to communicate with each other moreover gave us personally the chance to be small reporters, to bring you the latest of our beloved Shweir and make you feel at home or close as much as possible.

New Cabinet at “Nadeh Mousika Shweir”

The elections were held on Sunday the 9th of March.
Congratulations to all the elected members wishing for them all the luck in fulfilling the dreams of all the Athletes, their fans and supporters in and from Dhour el Shweir

The Results Came as such:

Mr. Touma Touma (President)

Mr. Saiid Ataya (Vice President)

Mr. Khatar Korban (Treasurer)

Mr. Bassam Abdel Ahad (Secretary)

Mr. Cesar Jerdak (Sports Manager)

Mr. Jean Baaklini (Consultant)

Mr. Elie Hawy ( Consultant)



On 13th of April the Catholic Church Celebrated the Sha3nineh in a very extraordinary way and in the Saha after the mass in Moukhales Dhour (Catholic) Reverend Elie Shaaya with a number of Shweirieh made the celebrations and... the pictures will tell you the rest


On the 20th of April the Orthodox celebrated the mass indoors of the Saiideh Church due to the bad weather conditions unfortunately.


“Moulouk el Tawaef”, a play by Mansour el Rahbani, was a great success.

On the 27th of March and as it was mentioned in our last issue a large number of shweirieh attended the play of Mansour el Rahbani  “ Moulouk el Tawaef” at the theater of Casino Du Liban. As usual the Rahbanians gave a new piece of art adding it to their honorable history.

  This activity was organized by the Ajial Club in Dhour el Shweir

Snow is still falling down in Lebanon and in our beloved town shweir with a hope that all this huge amount of  water would wash all the dark side of us… let the pictures speak and take you to a different horizon.

Mousika El Shweir

On the occasion of both the western and eastern Easter prepared and performed: 

رتبة جناز المسيح       

On 18th of April in Mar Boutrous Church and on 25th of April 2003 in Saiideh Church in Shweir. 

The Program contained musicals et chants performed by the Mousika Students and teachers.






January / February  2003  

The year 2003 has begun, and we find ourselves at a turning point.

As the years went by, didn’t the politicians realize that Wars destroy more than they achieve, and we thought that people mature and become more civilized ?????

Dear readers, we hope that you share our thoughts and feelings, we are trying to build new dreams for our youth and the others are thinking about how to bring us backwards.

All of us will stick together to confront these challenges and we hope that peace will rule the world someday soon, inshallah.

At the end we would like to remind you about a line we wrote before “: hand in hand we will reach success ” and here we are on top of all what’s happening around us, we are seeing the dream come true, our Community Center is seeing the light …


During January 2003, the committee that took the initiative to execute and complete the project of Shweir High School that is presided by Mrs. Rida Hammam and called

لجنة الخدمات لانماء الشوير  

added once again an achievement to this project.

As Deputy Bahiya Harriri, who sponsored the project, promised it before 160 pine and Cedar seedling were donated and planted in the surrounding area of the school.

Also deputy Harriri promised the committee to gather funds to build a new building in order to accommodate a larger number of students in the future.

To all of our readers:

We encourage further civic projects to promote perpetuity of our beloved Shweir.

"Don’t walk in front of me I may not follow

Don’t walk behind me I may not lead

Walk beside me, and just be my friend"


On Saturday the 15th of February 2003 and for the first time in Dhour el Shweir a brave lecture was given by Reverend Elie Khneiser in the auditorium of the Rahbat school in Shweir about a very disturbing new trend nowadays among young Lebanese. “THE BLACK MASS”.  

The lecture was scheduled at 4 p.m. in the afternoon and by 3.30, we can assure you of one thing that the auditorium was packed with Shweiriyeh of all ages who came to know more about this unpopular cult like phenomena and to learn more about the truth that lies and danger behind these satanic acts.

Reverend Khneisser gave a detailed explanation about all the savage and disgusting phases of this mass along with violent pictures and music. We hope that the message has been delivered and understood, especially by some of our promising generation that unfortunately drifted by this wave. We know and believe that the only way to the truth in life is our Lord’s Way.

Al Ajyal Club in Dhour Shweir is selling Tickets to the play of Mansour el Rahbani "الطوائف ملوك" presented on the stage of Casino Du Liban on the 27th of March 2003 and the funds are to sponsor the clubs projects.







                    Merry Xmas & Happy New Year                              


November &December 2002



Greetings dear readers we can feel that u already miss us well guess what we miss u too and what can be more touching other than true feelings... Behold our consolidated Marhata News for both November and December ending together one year (2002) with its good and bad memories looking forward to another Challenging and exciting year ( 2003)  

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year  




Christmas Concert

Mousika Shweir presented a Xmas concert on the stage of the Rahbat School on the 23rd of December 2002 

They played Xmas carols such as:

" Joy to the World, Deck the Halls, Les Anges, Adeste Fideles, Jingle Bells" and many other... their concert lasted two hours and was watched by many shweirieh.

During the break Santa Clause distributed the First CD for Mousika Shweir that was registered during the Mughtaribeen Festival  concert 2001     



On our way

To Dhour and on New Years Eve we can enjoy our time in many places this year:

  Dhour el shweir Hotel 

La Voute Night Club

Al Sad Restuarant

Al Yanabeh Restaurant

One Brief Message For all the users of Shweir .com don't try to use this web site to destroy each other ya shweirieh for this is the only mean   still available to really spread pure love.                        Santa Clause 

  Marhatas Decoration

This year and for the first time in Dhour el Shweir History, a beautiful and Nostalgic decoration was done by all the shweirieh practically. All contributed and helped in financing the project that was prepared by reverend Elie Shaya Khnaisser and was implemented by Fouj el Shweir ( Scout) with all its troops and many skilled shweirieh .

we can tell you it was such a tough and long project but at the end the dream came true and Jesus Christ was born in our humble Mghara in the Middle of Marhata.

And while our Camera was there Santa Clause passed rapidly with his reindeer carriage unfortunately we photographed only his carriage trail :) check the picture.

Definitely for your eyes

Click to enlarge




1000 Xmas presents were distributed by the Scouts Santas on the 24th of December 2002 covering all Dhour, Shweir and Ain el Syndieneh.This act has been a tradition for almost the past 18 years. These presents are financed by a number Social Societies and people working in shweir.


  Our Deepest Condolences to all that lost dear member of their family.

For they will be always Remembered





Marhata News

                                                         October, 2002

Issue # 3

United we stand!

Dear readers, we know and believe that team effort and a bit of faith can turn the world around and make dreams come true. From our humble magazine we shout out loud to all of you residing in Shweir and abroad, YOUR VILLAGE NEEDS YOU.

We all seek new ideas in order to progress and move forward so that Dhour El Shweir will become once again an important touristic site in the Metn area . So let us all brainstorm and come up with those new ideas and most important seek to achieve them.

Hand in hand we will reach success.



·        For the first time in Shweir a huge Christmas cave is going to be built in the Saha in front of the Baladieh symbolizing the place of birth of our lord Jesus Christ.

·        Nady Mousika El Shweir is organizing a dinner party in Al Yanabih restaurant for  the occasion of the Lebanese Independence day. The funds collected will go to the benefit of the club.

·        Rehearsals started for the Christmas concert which is going to be presented by the group of Mousika El Shweir. 


Chart describing the number of students registered in Dhour El Shweir's Schools
 from the year 1998 to 2003

Our deepest condolences to the family of Najib Sawaya for the death of his wife Eugini Antoine Sakr and for the Kattoul family for the death of Dr. Jamil Kattoul

On the 4th of October Shweir witnessed the re-opening of the “La Voute” pub restaurant the beautiful cozy place that people have missed being in and enjoying it’s ambiance . Actually , as some of you already know “La Voute” is owned by Mr. George Saadallah who also owns “Al Sad ” restaurant , it is re-invested now by two young and enthusiastic gentlemen from Ain El Sindyané , Jamal Korban and Hicham Jerdak (see picture below).

Marhata ‘s photographers where there and took some pictures of the newly decorated  place with oriental setting and from the opening night .

For your eyes only !  


J feel free to print out every issue of Marhata magazine   J




Marhata News

September 2002

Issue # 2

Can the words draw a line, to join every single one of you, for this we are trying to do and from Shweir this dream came true to reach the hearts of all of you.

Ahla wa Sahla Bi Sabaya wa Shabeb El Shweir, we welcome you again to share the news of our village through our monthly magazine.

Read with us through the lines for it has a lot to tell, to build a dream or express a theme and say the truth for once in life. Dear readers enjoy this paper and let us know your opinion by e-mailing the editorial at


On the 22th of September, Nabil Abi Kheir and Hind Hamoush joined their soules to become one. The wedding was held in the Saydé Church in Shweir, which was decorated for the first time in a very special way, trees covered all the church’s square , colored lights shined on the church’s walls and also coming out from the famous Syndiyané creating a mood of passion and love.

The bride and groom were accompanied to the church by the Seif was Tirs and all the guests.
After the ceremony everybody gathered in Dar El Saydé around a very cozy reception were they wished the newly wed couple a life full of happiness and prosper.

                                 While making a tour in some of the Metn’s villages President Emile Lahoud made a historical visit to Dhour El Shweir.

At his arrival minister Beshara Merhej, Deputy Assad Herdan , the Mayor Dr. Nabil Ghosn and Makhatir El Shweir Sheikh Jamil Hobeika and Najib Sawaya welcomed him along with members of the town’s different parties on the sound of the Mousika El Shweir.

In 1982, a group of Shweiriyeh adopted the idea of Scouting and formed Kashaf el Tarbiya el Wataniya,فوج الشوير الأول and since that time they have been dedicated to work and serve our community. 2 years ago old members of the scouts organized the Scouts Alumni, their objective consists of supporting el Fawj morally and financially , through organizing meetings , cultural events and long entertaining journeys. One of the last activities took place in Sherwood Camp in Bnabil where the Scouts camp took place this year.

During the day, the alumni group attended a First Aid course and a lecture about the history of the Shweir troop. Lunch was served and then the games began ! mountain climbing, donkey race etc…
The whole day ended around the fire with artistic performance by our lovely youth.     

Our deepest condolences to the family of the late Chafic Mattar for the death of his wife Violette Ghandour Zreik Mattar and to the family of the Eid’s for the death of Assaad Eid.



Marhata News 


Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Issue # 1

Hello fellow readers and welcome to the first issue of Marhata News our monthly magazine which will be published on this website, to keep you informed of the daily events in shweir.

In on way or another, we are continuing the mission of, which is to shorten the distance between us “Shweiriyeh”.

U might of course be wondering what this word “ Marhata” means, well ya shabeb, Dhour was first called marhata, an old Seriani word meaning (The Path Of the Wind).


We surely began this year’s festival with the opening ceremony. As usual it included Mousika El Shweir accompanied by the Bayrak, the symbol of our village followed by the Shweir Scout troops and Mousika El Jeysh. All this happened in the presence of official representatives of the Lebanese republic and our beloved villagers. Fireworks lit up Dhour Shweir’s sky at the end of the night announcing the beginning of the festivities .

During the Mughtaribin Festival, on the 18th of August, Shweir old market was reborn again. Paintings of Shweiriyeh artists were exhibited from Ain El Tahta all the way to the walls of the La Voute restaurant along with some Artisanal work, and antiques that were present all over the market. The Famous Mankoushé was also there to remind us of our traditions. The night ended near the 600 year’s old Sindiyané tree in the Saydé church with a nice musical performance by the Lebanese University students, Archeology department.


We had this year a rather remarkable change in our Miss Emigrant’s night that was held in Casino Du Liban and was very successful, but we surely hope that this special event remains a tradition in Dhour El Shweir and for Dhour El Shweir.


Our deepest condolences to the family of Wadih Tebshrani for the loss of his wife  and to Mrs. Manal Rahbani Khoury for the tragic death of her  husband Edward Khoury .


               Friday 9th of August 2002
Many Shweirieh had spent their time and effort to serve our town and some how they went unnoticed. The Family of has noticed their achievements, so they decided to present a recognition award to these individuals during Eid Al Mughtaribeen and during the concert of Mousika el Shweir, just to tell them that we noticed and appreciated their accomplishments. The Selection process took place on the website. A committee of shweirieh from all around the globe participated by casting their votes. Three categories were chosen   Life Time achievement award given for the person who spent time and effort serving our hometown free of charge. Civil Service award given for the person or group who worked in any field for the benefit of our community. Business Pioneer award for the person who took the chance to open a business that put shweirieh to work, attract and promote tourism to our town.
This year’s winners were:
Sheikh Jamil Hobeika and Mrs. Rida Hammam for the lifetime achievement award. Issaf wal Khadamat Al Ahlia Shweir and Jamil Eid Khneisser for the civil services award. Raymond and Hanna Abed Al Ahad and Khalil Moujaes for the Business Pioneer award. committee presented to all the winners a token of their love and respect, which consisted of an award with logo and a brief description of his/her accomplishments along with a white rose.

  Editors:  Rouba Khayrallah & George El Rahbani

J feel free to print out every issue of Marhata magazine   J