Shweir Future

Shweir Future


Over the past few years, I had the opportunity to meet and discuss w/ Issam Sawaya many issues about Issam's vision and approach for a brighter future for Shweir. 

In late August, 2009, a few concerned Shweiries met at Issam's home in Dhour.   I am excited about the comprehensive approach that Issam has outlined as the basic steps or map to get Shweir back on the road to recovery and brighter future.
To facilitate Issamís vision and efforts, I put several relevant web pages as you may note from the links herein.  We can add more where and when needed.

Issam and the family wish to emphasize that there has been many great ideas and suggestions and by no mean anyone is saying that one is far better than the other.  We can start with these good ideas and seek the input from as many concerned Shweiries, we can combine and fine tune the best ideas to implement that will be in Shweir's best interest.  Our preference is for as many Shweiryies to take credit for this recommendations and guidelines. 

So far, Issam has put a most comprehensive plan encompassing many topics.  We urge as many caring Shweiries to review same and comment, give us your feedback and share your thoughts on how best such plans can be improved.