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Year Miss Emigrants (Mughtaribeen) Miss Teenager
2001 Miss Emigrants 2001:  Layla Riachy  Roula Hwiss
2002 Miss Emigrants 2002:  Rima Mattar Rihab Shallita
2003 Miss Emigrants 2003:  Miriam Habib Angela Melkonian
2004 Miss Emigrants 2004:  Tina Hage  
2005 Miss Emigrants 2005:  Nermine Korban  






Miss Emigrants 2001
Layla Riachy
 (See Below)


Miss Emigrants 2002
Rima Mattar


Miss Emigrants 2003
Miriam Habib


Miss Emigrants 2004
Tina Hage


Miss Emigrants 2005
Nermine Korban


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Miss Emigrants 2001,

Miss Emigrants Beauty Pageant
Saturday, August 11, 2001

We have reports from two of Shweir.com correspondents.  The first is by Habib Halabi and the other is a behind the scenes interview by Lama Katoul.  You will see Lama's interview towards the end, after the photo presentation... 

Here's Habib's report:

One of Eid Al Mugtaribeen's most celebrated nights is the Miss Emigrants Beauty Pageant.
Every year, this night brings happiness and pride to some of the blessed girls that God shows his beauty in.  No doubt, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but what Miss Emigrants Beauty contest shows is beauty of Al-Maten girls which reflects the beauty of this marvelous part of Lebanon.

This year, on August 11, Twelve of those blessed girls came form many areas of Al-Matin, enrolled in a contest to compete for the title of "Miss Emigrants".

The Event was superb and it took place at Hotel Central in Dhour. In a mood of celebrations and folklore and Vales dancing, all the attendees had a great night of celebration mixed with profound beauty.

The contestants were all excited and all did well in their choice of their dresses, and answers.
The presenter - Roula Zeidan - lead the event with professionalism.  
The judges put their marks and in the end, The results came as follows:

Miss Emigrants : Layla Riachy ( From nearby Khenshara)
Miss Emigrants 1st runner up:  Cosette Azar ( From Aintourat Al matin)
Miss Elegance: Layla Riachy ( got two titles)
Miss Photogenic: Miss Aline Abu Saab (from Shweir)

As a Photographer for Shwier.com assigned for this event, and as of fulfilling my hobby of capturing beauty moments in my camera, I was delighted in taking these photos of the contestant in the event,  and was honored in displaying them on shweir.com web site.

This page will satisfy all  who visit the site and admire beauty, and is a page for the contestants to refer to with pride.   Regards 

       \\  - -  //
        (  @ @  )
Habib Halabi
BSIP;SCC/SBMD Basis Support
Bldg. 3105 C-26
Phone: (+966)-03-872 1972
        oooO   (   )
       (   )    ) /
        \ (    (_/

HH 01 MC Roula Zaidan.JPG (28511 bytes)
Our beautiful & talented MC Roula Zeidan
HH 01 Contes 3a.JPG (11127 bytes) HH 01 Contes 4 sprt.JPG (20836 bytes) HH 01 Cosette Spt suit.JPG (13501 bytes) HH 01 Contes 02 Sprt.JPG (29632 bytes)
HH 01 Layal sp st.JPG (19779 bytes) HH 01 Contes 01.JPG (23055 bytes) HH 01 Grace sprts.JPG (16536 bytes) HH 01 Contes 07.JPG (23368 bytes) HH 01 Contes 06.JPG (27213 bytes)
HH 01 Contes 08.JPG (22625 bytes) HH 01 Cosette in nite gown.JPG (22350 bytes) HH 01 Grace Gown.JPG (20057 bytes) HH 01 Layal in night gown.JPG (37193 bytes) HH 01 Runner up Cosette.JPG (21731 bytes)
HH 01 Conts in sprot.JPG (39683 bytes) Contestants in
Sport Suits
HH 01 Conts in gowns.JPG (41360 bytes) Contestants in
Evening Gowns
HH 01 Beauty Pageant.JPG (36815 bytes)
HH 01 Miss Immig Layal Riachy.JPG (35949 bytes) HH 01 Miss Imgrts Layal Riachy.JPG (47183 bytes) Congratulations, YOU are all 
HH Beauty Pageant winners.JPG (49871 bytes) HH 01 Ms Immig Layal crowned.JPG (39846 bytes)

Thank you Habib Halabi for great report and pictures... 

And while Habib was diligently fulfilling his assignment recording the formal presentation,
Webmaster was making up for lost time (30 years) reconnecting and meeting with new & old family, relatives, neighbors, friends and Shweirieh  ...  capturing the more casual angle of the evening and lending a hand to Habib from a distance... 

P8110016.JPG (42408 bytes) P8110015.JPG (36548 bytes) P8110018.JPG (47315 bytes) P8110014.JPG (65078 bytes) P8110013.JPG (61274 bytes)
P8110024.JPG (70207 bytes) P8110027.JPG (30589 bytes) P8110028.JPG (32346 bytes)

Paul, Anwar & Rose

P8110029.JPG (29681 bytes)

Antoinette Corban

P8110030.JPG (44639 bytes)
Helen at Judges table
P8110031.JPG (51545 bytes)
Salah Abou Saab Family
P8110032.JPG (48611 bytes) P8110033.JPG (42734 bytes)
Matars, Corban-Ataya's & Kenicer
P8110034.JPG (38051 bytes)
Nabil w/ Alexi Kiame
P8110036.JPG (52654 bytes)
& photo op. w/
 Claudia Abi Nader
P8110037.JPG (42547 bytes) P8110039.JPG (42251 bytes) P8110040.JPG (60792 bytes) P8110041.JPG (67071 bytes)
Saeed Shehadeh Moujaes Family
P8110042.JPG (29104 bytes)
P8110044.JPG (48542 bytes) P8110045.JPG (42048 bytes)

P8110087.JPG (37654 bytes)

P8110046.JPG (29724 bytes) P8110047.JPG (45340 bytes)

P8110088.JPG (42330 bytes)

P8110048.JPG (34985 bytes)
P8110049.JPG (32532 bytes) P8110051.JPG (49180 bytes) P8110054.JPG (53831 bytes) P8110077.JPG (52465 bytes) P8110056.JPG (47712 bytes)
P8110059.JPG (41069 bytes) P8110060.JPG (46913 bytes) P8110061.JPG (52473 bytes) P8110062.JPG (54639 bytes) P8110064.JPG (35570 bytes)
P8110065.JPG (40335 bytes) P8110066.JPG (50179 bytes) P8110067.JPG (43180 bytes) P8110068.JPG (37635 bytes) P8110069.JPG (39398 bytes)
P8110070.JPG (57682 bytes) P8110071.JPG (37500 bytes) P8110073.JPG (37004 bytes) P8110074.JPG (41589 bytes) P8110105.JPG (26701 bytes)
 P8110112.JPG (45775 bytes)

P8110110.JPG (53397 bytes)

P8110104.JPG (52309 bytes) P8110103.JPG (32285 bytes) P8110079.JPG (31493 bytes) P8110106.JPG (49072 bytes)

P8110080.JPG (37082 bytes)

P8110091.JPG (59152 bytes) P8110109.JPG (57549 bytes) P8110081.JPG (47229 bytes) P8110083.JPG (42767 bytes) P8110107.JPG (58239 bytes)
P8110102.JPG (34441 bytes) P8110092.JPG (40802 bytes) P8110100.JPG (40836 bytes) P8110055.JPG (36787 bytes) Can you explain this picture? 
Either too much Arak or it was getting hot.
P8110093.JPG (67660 bytes) P8110096.JPG (47530 bytes) P8110094.JPG (40875 bytes) P8110089.JPG (47667 bytes) P8110090.JPG (47197 bytes)
P8110108.JPG (57379 bytes) P8110084.JPG (39469 bytes) P8110101.JPG (42807 bytes) P8110086.JPG (44667 bytes) P8110099.JPG (45424 bytes)
Thanks for your vote. 
See you next year

Ms. Mughtarbeen Pageant

Shweir.com asked 13 year old Lama Katoul to do a behind the scene interview and write to us about her findings... Lama had an interview with Adele Halabi, one of the coordinators of the event...  Here is lama's report: 

 1-  Lama Katoul:     How is it to work with the girls behind the scenes?

 Adele: The work with them was great. They were very wise for what they had to do. They were all friendly to each other and they weren’t fighting over whom to win. For them it was just an experience.

 2-     What kind of problems do you face behind the scenes?  
Adele: A- it was hard to find the girls.  
B- it was hard to find sponsors because there was no money in the festival box.  
C-We would like to ask if Shweir.com would add a commercial on the website.

3-     What are the requirements of a girl to join the pageant? 
Adele: There is a law the ministry of tourism asks in a girl.  
a-     She HAS to be Lebanese.  
b-    She has to be over 18.  
c-     She has to be taller than 1’60.
d-    She has to have an average education.
e-     She has to know more than one language.  

4 – Is it hard to be incharge of such a big project?

Adele: Yes, it’s hard to be alone in this project. 
It has to be teamwork the work should be divided.
Not only is it hard to prepare but also to do and act.

 5- What do you like about this job?

 Adele: I like the wok in the festival not only the pageant.
It gives you experience and to get to know more people and you get to have new friends.

 6- How long does it take to make the girls ready on the night?

 Adele: A month.  

Miss Emigrants 2001: Layla Riachy 
1st runner up:
Cosette Azar
2nd runner up:
Grace Barakat
Ms. Photogenic:
Aline Bou Saab
Ms. Elegance:
Layla Riachi

Master of Ceremony:  Roula Zeidan 
Omar Ammoun
Mirella Azar and “Afrah” Lebanese Folklore Group.

Thank You Adele Halabi and Lama Katoul for a great interview & report 

Congratulations to all the contestants... you are all winners...

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