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Scholarship Fund
One Corner Stone for the Library 

Computer Books to Shweir Schools
First Computers for Shweir Schools
New Library
Virtual Library


Iliya Harik Memorial Scholarship

Soon after Iliya’s death on February 24th, I learned that several people had expressed interest in making a contribution in his memory to a worthy organization or cause in which he was interested.   What came quickly to mind was a project to support education in Lebanon—and encouragement of a well educated, clear-thinking younger generation. 

 After discussing the idea of a scholarship in Iliya’s memory with family and a few friends, I decided to start a modest fund to help a worthy young Lebanese person pursue higher education in his or her home country.  We hope it will make a real difference in that person’s  life and potential for eventually contributing to a peaceful, independent, and progressive Lebanon.   Specifically, the scholarship will be awarded to a graduate of Shweir Secondary School, Iliya’s high school, to attend the American University of Beirut and, if possible, study political science, social science, or a similar field reflecting Iliya’s own interests.   The award should be based on both merit and need.

Dhour Shweir, the village where Iliya grew up, is one of the most beautiful and interesting small towns in Mount Lebanon.  For at least the last hundred years, it has   produced many well educated sons and daughters, successful in the professions and other careers both in Lebanon and far abroad. The school that Iliya attended (the present high school is in a different spot) was located dramatically on a mountainside with a splendid view, in picturesque stone buildings of traditional Lebanese architecture.   All his siblings—one brother and seven sisters—attended it and remembered it fondly.

The American University of Beirut is, of course, one of the best known and most eminent institutions of higher learning in the Middle East.  Iliya earned his B.A. and M.A. in philosophy there, and it was at AUB that he and I met in the late 1950s, when I went to Lebanon on a Rotary Foundation Fellowship.   The secondary school and the university—which Iliya would not have been able to attend without substantial scholarship help—held a special place in his heart, and still do in mine.

The New York office of AUB has kindly agreed to manage the scholarship fund.  Depending on how much money is accumulated, I think the scholarship could  be for one or more individuals, for one or more years.  Contributions will be acknowledged and will be tax-deductible.  Checks should be made out to American University of Beirut, with “Iliya Harik Memorial Scholarship” on the memo line.  The address is:

            American University of Beirut
           Attn:  W. Stephen Jeffrey, Development Office
            3 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 8th floor
            New York, NY  10017

Your interest in this project, in whatever form it may take, is much appreciated.

To read more about Iliya's achievements, read the posting in early March 2007 at the "In Memory of...":



Rahbat (Sacred Heart) School is in need of help to continue to provide education to over 300 students

It has provided fine education for over 115 years. Many of us are graduates of this fine elementary school. 

This is one opportunity for us to express our gratitude, especially during challenging times like this, after the war.

Tél. : 01/200 635 – 6 - 7


Since 1889, the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, has been working in Choueir to promote education for all, without distinction. 

The school has 308 students (2006) but it has many difficulties to continue her mission considering the economic situation in Lebanon, especially after this latest war.

The school needs to pay for teachers and for school materials but many families are in no position to pay for the fees.  

The Congregation trying to do her best to keep the school working but we are trying to find outside help, especially from those who love Choueir.


This school is an important institution in Choueir; we hope that you will be able to make a little contribution, to keep this school in plan for the good of the kids and the village.

Nom : Congrégation des Sœurs des Saints-Cœurs

           de Jésus et de Marie

Banque : Byblos Bank

Branche : Tabaris


Numéro de Compte en U.S.D. : 380-3651390-003


Peace of God with you

Sister Juliette,


Sister Juliette is sister of Anwar Sawaya who just retired from a long career serving in the Municipality.


Most recent information appear first

Reception honoring AUB President John Waterbury
 hosted by M/M B. Hambrecht in San Francisco, California

A friendly chat with Jumana (C), (?), and Michel (R) Nabti, daughter & son of  Drs. Michel & Patricia Nabti
Dr. Patricia Nabti is founder and president of Association for Volunteer Services in Lebanon -

This was a wonderful reception to meet with many AUB Grads and supporters.  I wish as many of you could have heard Mr. Waterbury's presentation.  He gave a great overview and update about the state of the AUB and progress made... increasing significantly the enrollment yet working with very limited resources. 

Did you know that AUB only gets less than 2 million dollars annually from U.S. Government?  Does any of you know of corporate matching funds programs to help boost contribution... How about Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, HP, Intel, Ford Foundation, etc... ?

That is where Dr. Karim Nasser's pledge and many donors and supporters effort help keep the AUB to remain a shining star among universities around the world.  For those of you graduates of AUB, you know the many doors that opened for you to be more successful after graduating from AUB.  Even those of us who did not study or graduate from AUB, we have seen the positive impact that this institution has made on individuals, families, companies communities, regions and countries. 

Back to our little town and Shweir Foundation.  I urge as many of you to help us raise at least $5,000 annually to match Dr. Karim Nasser's pledge so we can send more young people to higher education. 

Below is my cover letter to Mr. Waterbury. 


January 5, 2005

 Mr. John Waterbury, President
American University of Beirut

Dear Mr. Waterbury,

It gives me great pleasure to meet with you and discuss the $50,000 matching fund pledge of $5,000 per year for the next ten years that Dr. Karim Nasser has initiated to help bright students from Shweir attend the AUB. 

This is predicated on the Shweir Foundation and to help raise the other $5,000 per year for a cumulative total of  $100,000. 

 As a co-founder of and Shweir Foundation, I would like to tell you how proud we are every time we reference or talk about the AUB.  The people of the Shweir and the AUB go a long way.  I will mention some here: 

 Nehmat Yafet, who was born in Shweir and became a popular industrialist in Brazil helped build the Yafet Memorial Library at the AUB.  My cousin, Riad Khuniesser, is a librarian there now. 

 Dr. Raymond Ghosn was a professor of Engineering at AUB when he was killed during the civil war.  In 2001, the Engineering department dedicated the Raymond Ghosn Memorial Building.

 There are many many others like Mansur Jurdak who was a distinguished mathematician and an astronomer and taught at the AUB in the early 1900’s and made many planetary discoveries and his daughter Angela Jurdak Khoury who graduated from AUB and became Lebanon’s first woman diplomat. 

Attached please find relevant information about Shweir, Dr. Karim Nasser, and the people behind the scene who will take an active part to make this pledge a reality. 

 On behalf of Dr. Karim Nasser, the people of Shweir, Shweir Foundation and we wish you great success in 2005 and for years to come. 

 We will do our best to work together to help deserving bright students access to one of the best universities in the world. 


 Anwar George Kenicer


 Cc:  Kr. Karim Nasser,  Shweir Foundation


For those of you who wish to pledge a donation, please do so at the Bulletin Board so.  You can post on the following web page:;f=1;t=001441

Scholarship Fund

Dr. Karim Nasser, Ph.D. sent $5,000 to AUB president John Waterburry
as the "Corner Stone to establishing the Shweir Scholarship Fund at AUB". 

Excerpts of the letter sent from Dr. Nasser to AUB President are as follows: 

December 6, 2004

Mr. John Waterbury, President
American University of Beirut

Dear Mr. Waterbury,

This is to inform you that in my private correspondence with Shweir Foundation of the USA, I have committed to match their annual donation for the Shweir Scholarship Fund that will be established at AUB.  My commitment is for a maximum of $5,000 dollars per year for the next ten years. 

In order to get the ball rolling, it gives me great pleasure to enclose a cheque for the amount of $5,000 that will serve as the corner stone in establishing the Shweir Scholarship Fund at AUB.  The Scholarships are to be awarded to students from the village of Shweir, Lebanon.  The terms and conditions for the recipients will be outlined and communicated to you in the near future.

My sincere best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Yours truly,

K. W. Nasser
Professor Emeritus

cc:  Shweir Foundation


As you can see from above, the matching fund has already been committed and sent to the AUB,
Usually, matching fund sponsors do not send the funds until the community raises a certain amount to be matched.
Here Dr. Karim is showing faith in us and trusting that we will as a community raise at least another $5,000 per year to help students from our town advance to higher education.  How long would it take for the people of Shweir to match his generous donation?  Let us show that we, as a community, can rise to the occasion. 

Initially he planned on sending the funds to the Shweir Foundation.  However, since we do not have the tax exempt status yet, it is being sent to the AUB directly.  In either case, his matching funds and what we raise for this purpose would eventually go to the AUB.

So, when you consider your New Year's resolutions, this is one of the worthy projects to consider.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Karim Nasser, I would like to share a few glimpses about this outstanding man.  Briefly and until Roseanne, his daughter, sends me more worthy information... Dr. Karim grew up in a home directly above the home where my family and I grew up. Later, Wajih & Rizallah Amin Nasser lived there until Wajih moved to Dhour & Rizallah to Canada.  He knew my father, went on trips with him and referred to him as uncle.  When he was a young student, some one helped guide and facilitate for him to get higher education.  He came to Canada as a student.  He excelled in his studies, got his doctorate and taught at the University of Saskatoon.  Dr. Karim values and is eternally grateful for the help he received that transformed his life.  In return, he wants to open as many doors to the bright people who may not have the means for higher education. In Canada, he has about a dozen scholarships in his honor.  And now, he wants to help out the students of Shweir and trusts that there are enough people who share his objectives.

In February and March of 2004, I had the pleasure of spending some time with Dr. Nasser when we went on a business trip to Arizona.  By the way, his grandfather used to work in the mines of Miami, AZ, yes it is not a typo, there is a Miami, Arizona and we visited the town and found the building that his grandfather built long ago.

Below are a few pictures from our trip.

Karim At the Phoenix Biltmore Hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright W/ American Indian Goddess of good harvest & Abundance Karim & Anwar
At our suite... tfaddallow.
Shaking hands
with a friend
At the botanical garden learning about plants w/ Nicolas Khonaysser Anwar W/ my brother
Andre and Karim

Did you know that Dr. Karim invented a simple device that measures the proper consistency or slump & application of cement ?

Not only that, but he is offering to donate part of the proceeds from any devices we sell to help raise additional funds for Shweir Foundation.  We will soon feature that device and hope to market it throughout the Middle East.  So, I would like to call on our Scholarship committee to rise to the occasion and get into action or high gear as we say in USA.

For those of you who wish to pledge a donation, please do so at the Bulletin Board so.  You can post on the following web page:;f=1;t=001441

Thank you Dr. Karim for your love of your town and for your generous support.



A glimpse of emails behind the scene among the family

----- Original Message -----
From: "K Nasser"
Sent: Saturday, December 07, 2002 2:04 PM
Subject: Shweir Scholarships Fund

Dear Anwar, My sincere and warm congratulations to you and all the founders and collaborators of I am very proud of you all for the great efforts and dedication you have shown in bringing the Shweirieh together by means of the web. Bon courage for your future continued success. 

Possibly, you might be aware that I have established a Scholarship at AUB since the early seventiies, with first priority given to students from Shweir. After I got introduced to by Clautille & Ghassan, I have been wondering how can I help those wonderful and enthusiastic Shweirieh? Well, here is what I came up with: how about if we establish a " SHWEIR SCHOLARSHIPS FUND "  at AUB and I will be prepared to match up all yearly contributions by others for a maximum of
$5,000.00 per year for the next ten years. Will you please discuss this proposal with the other founders at an early convenience and let me know your reaction and decision.

My warm best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, your family, your mother, sister and brothers and their families. I enjoyed meeting you all when I was at Berkley University and I have wonderful memories of your generous hospitality and the good time we spent together. Please give all the Sha'yah families my Tahiaty and Salamaty Alharrat and do hope to see you again.

Also, my best wishes for the Holidays to the founders and all the Shweirieh families that correspond with you on


Karim W. Nasser


Dear Karim,
What a wonderful surprise to get your email.
It feels like the angels are helping to answer our prayers.
Thank you to Ghassan and Clautield for telling you about family.
Thank you for your kind words.  What makes this website so special is our team effort and we are glad that you are joining our team with your generous proposal.  I will copy as many of our active members and request of them to forward to anyone that I may have missed.
My family are all doing well, they join me in sending best regards to you and your family.
On behalf of our family, Welcome and Thank you, thank you!
Hope to see you again soon.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Matar, George"
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2002 10:16 AM
Subject: RE: Shweir Scholarships Fund

Gee, I am speechless, this is by far one of the best offers we have received in the short history of our web page.  I am sure the gratitude will go beyond the few listed on this email.  We have talked about this idea before but, my friend you are giving us the
added incentive to really begin some kind of a process to start ASAP.  Guys
if we are voting on this You Got my Yea.   Hey Guys, I will be getting my computer back at the house to start these drives, cross you fingers... My hands are still tight at this location, just you wait.  Welcome Karim we are lucky to have you join our efforts.
George Matar

-----Original Message-----
From: Jamil Bou-Saab, P.E.
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2002 1:16 PM
Subject: Re: Shweir Scholarships Fund

This is a great news. Thank you Karem.  As I mentioned before I will be more than happy to provide a draft of application and requirements for Scholarship to a Committee of Volunteers to review and comment. Please let me know. Regards,



Elie BouKheir wrote:

Hey Guys,
                I am thrilled to death about what Karim has offered, we can't have it any better. A dream is coming true.  this was thought of to be one of the objectives of Shweir Foundation, should'nt we get back on track to finalize the legalization of our Foundation? as Anwar been pushing. Elie,


----- Original Message -----
From: Habeeb Nacol
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 5:44 PM
Subject: Re: Shweir Scholarships Fund

Anwar, This is probably the best thing that will ever come out of Although, for the time of being I am very stretched out, and cannot serve on any councils or committees, I want you to know that I am in, and when called upon I will do my best, your friend, Habeeb


----- Original Message -----
From: "Elias Khnaser"
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 6:47 PM
Subject: Re: Shweir Scholarships Fund

Hello all, I am also thrilled to the idea of the scholarship my family also sponsored a scholarship yearly at the LAU Beirut where i studied and as soon as i head back permanently for Beirut we will resume this practice and we will also do it through so count me for the very near future.

In the mean time i would love to be part of this project, however i would also like to see new participanst and new volunteers come forth and take part in our activities. If no volunteers come forth i will be more than happy to volunteer for this project, after all it is one of my favorites next to the library.

Finally, if you need me, i am always there.



----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, December 12, 2002 6:10 AM
Subject: Re: Shweir Scholarships Fund

I will be delighted to participate. 
Salim Mujais MD


----- Original Message -----
From: "Riad Khunieser"
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 9:43 PM
Subject: Re: Shweir Scholarships Fund

Shabab, Marhaba, Whatever there is for the benefit of Shweir and Shweireih, please consider > me in the first row without asking.  Riad


-----Original Message-----
From: Jamil Bou-Saab, P.E.
Sent: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 1:32 PM
Subject: Re: Shweir Scholarships Fund

I think First we should start by establishing a Scholarship Committee that might consist of 5 or 7 members of whom some should be residing in Shweir.

In Summary We need some suggestions on how to establish this committee.  My thought is by volunteering and I am sure we can get five or seven volunteers.  After we establish the committee I will be more than happy to provide draft requirements, application and guide lines for the Scholarship to the committee for their review and comments. After finalizing the requirements and the application we will publish it on the Web for the applicants.

Hope to get your names to be volouteers soon so we could start working.  I know that we had an extensive talk about the Shweir Foundation but I do know how far are we from establishing it?  We can work on the  Scholarship Committee simultaneously  inorder to have the scholarship funds available soon to the successful students. Regards, Jamil


"Matar, George" wrote:

I'd like to be one of the volunteers.  Lets make sure that we have good and unbiased selection process.  Jamil, nobody can do it any better buddy.  Sorry to have missed you when you came to Houston, Elie, where are buddy, you might as well be living in Alabama... Shame shame shame.  Janice and I will be coming to visit you in the next couple of weeks.  Need I keep an I on you :) :)  George 


-----Original Message-----
From: Jamil Bou-Saab, P.E.
Sent: Wednesday, December 11, 2002 10:02 AM
Subject: Re: Shweir Scholarships Fund

Thank you George, Elie Boukheir we need you to be one of the Committee members.  I hope the individuals on this e-mail list that live in Shweir are interested in Volunteering if not please let us know so we can have a wider search for example  Ms. Mary Sawaya. Hope to hear from all. Thanks, Jamil

Elie BouKheir wrote:

Jamil, I am more than happy to be a committee member, you can always count on me, just let me know how can I help.Regards, Elie.

Thank you Elie.  Hope to get more names.  Jamil 

>From: "Jamil Bou-Saab, P.E."
>Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 16:33:51 -0600

Good news so far the following are the names of the volunteers for the Scholarship Committee:

>Elie Boukheir
>Habib Moujaes (Lives in Shweir)
>Dr. Salim Moujaes ( Hope to see you soon)
>Jamil Bou-Saab
>George Matar
>  Riad Khunieser (Lives in Shweir)

We need one more person, preferable that he/she lives in Shweir. Thanks,  Jamil

From: "Elias Khnaser"
Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2002 4:58 PM

Great Jamil,  I would like to recommend Karim Nasser, i believe it would be a good idea to include him as well in this committee. We appreciate his contribution of course however we are interested in his active participation as well and i believe this would be the perfect opportunity.  What do you guys think??  Elias

----- Original Message -----
From: "A. G. Kenicer"
Sent: Monday, December 16, 2002 1:21 AM

Great suggestion ya Lallous.
I believe this team will be dynamic and will get the scholarship program on the fast track.
And if some of you can save some energy for the Shweir Foundation... that would be wonderful.
As one saying goes, "May the Force be with You".

----- Original Message -----
From: "K Nasser"
Sent: December.21, 2002
Subject: Shweir Scholarships Fund

Dear Anwar, Thank you very much for the cuts & paste emails.

You Guys of are  a wonderful, honest and enthusiastic group that should give happiness, pride, energy, encouragement and initiative  to all the Shweirieh.

Further to your comments, let me first thank Elias for his suggestion to include me as a member of the committee. I would love to do that but I'd rather leave that to you guys, yet you can be sure of my moral and financial support all the time. However, if you think it will help your efforts, I am prepared to be an adviser to the committee and if need be, an honorary member.

To help congeal your efforts, I suggest the committee may start with establishing the aims and conditions of the SHWEIR SCHOLARSHIPS FUND. As an example, you may look up and refer to the following website:

under Keywords enter: nasser under category    enter: Agriculture or any other college, such as: engineering, medecine and so on.. The information you get is about the Nasser scholarships at the University. You can expand your search and see the terms of many other
scholarships and application forms etc.

My sincere best wishes to you all and May God bless your efforts.

                                            Sincerely,        Karim


Again Thank you Karim W. Nasser
for re-energizing the Scholarship program
and Thank you to all of you who volunteered sends Holiday Greeting to Nuns' (Rahbat) and Elementary Schools

Click on small photos to enlarge

In December, 2002, the family sent symbolic gifts to the Rahbat and Elementary schools. 
Each gift included a Christmas card and a box that contains 2500 stickers and decals that teachers can use in educational projects and as a motivational tool to brighten students homework and reports.  The decals and stickers are in bold multi colors, some shiny with glitter and come in dozens of shapes, and types like stars, planes, cars, boats, rainbows, "Bravo", plants, animals, scenery, flowers, etc.

Thank you Dr. Ghosn, Miss Mary Sawaya and Sandy Moujaes for delivering them and taking these pictures which we can share with our Mughtaribeen from around the world.

On a related topic

----- Original Message -----
From: "Riad Khunieser"
Sent: Sunday, Feb 3, 2003
Subject: One way to get books

 Dear Shabab,  Marhaba. While I was reading the newspaper today (Al-Nahar), I saw this  news which I am sending for you to take note of one way we can get books  for our center. 

Congratulations to Damour on their successes.  We are happy for them.  It is great for all towns to share their successes for mutual benefit.


One Cornerstone for the Library

Mayor Ghosn & Sandy Oversee Progress
Tiling Floor of New Community Center

----- Original Message -----
From: "shweir municipality" <>
Sent: Saturday, December 14, 2002 3:17 AM

Hi, attached are the photos of the library Dr. Nabil wanted you to see how the work is going two to three days and the work of the toublit (tiling or marbelizing) will be done we still have to paint the walls.

 Love to all from Shweir


From Shweir Bulletin Board

Author Topic: Community Center/Library
George J. Moujaes
Member # 120

posted 11-19-2002 03:12 AM      Profile for George J. Moujaes     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

To those that have started a virtual library on, we say thank you. But, when the idea about starting a town/public library and later expanded into a community center, we thought that this will be a beam of light at the end of the tunnel, for a town that has been shifting in high gear into oblivion. Dhour Shweir, once the hub of summer resorts ,is almost becoming something of the past, and living in the past (with permission from Jethro Tull) is not what we want. We don't want to dig deep into the reasons, whether they are geographical, political or socioeconomical, it's all irrelevant, but, Launching a community center with a library, i.e. a physical facility on the ground, will definitely establish a cultural and a meeting place that will help in cementing this community and prevent it from any further disintegration, a place where people can meet and discuss ideas for the goodwill of Shweir, or a multipurpose hall where scholars can come to give lectures etc, or where someone can take a book off the shelf and sit down and read, just for the sheer pleasure of reading. Two weeks ago, I went with Riad Khunayser, a veteran librarian, and met Dr. Ghosn who was courteous enough to receive us late at night and suggested to him a schematic plan for the upper floor hall in the municipality bldg. as the 1st phase of the community center. Dr. Ghosn who knows this place quite well was very positive and promised well. All constructive ideas and suggestions are welcomed, and we hope this center will materialize soon.

Posts: 2 | From: dhour shweir, Lebanon | Registered: May 2002  |  IP: Logged

Mike Sawaya
Member # 28

posted 11-19-2002 05:04 AM      Profile for Mike Sawaya     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Hi George,

We hear you loud and clear, thank you and riad for ur perseverance.

The whole idea is to set a foot on one million miles journy, yes even with the smallest corner in the municipality but LETS DO IT.

You have all my support & blessing ...

pls George involve Miss Rouba Kheirallah an active member, she has been posting me with some Library news.

I will be in Leb from Dec 4 to 13 maybe we could meet and discuss the library futher more.


Posts: 12 | Registered: Mar 2001  |  IP: Logged

George Matar
Member # 4

posted 11-19-2002 01:07 PM      Profile for George Matar     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

George, Great Subject to keep in the limelight. Your description of the state of the village is so realistic with a glimmer of hope. Lets not fool ourselves too much We are in "Dire Straits" of new establishments to revive the village.
I have not forgotten your Idea about what you think should be done in the Maslakh area, I think it is great but like all these we need to locate so investors that wouold take a chance on us....... Welcome Aboard Ya Bringie

Posts: 974 | From: Houston, Texas USA | Registered: Sep 2000  |  IP: Logged

Habeeb M. Nacol
Member # 15

posted 11-24-2002 07:08 AM      Profile for Habeeb M. Nacol     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

So, here it is. George wrote us about probably the most important project that we, as a world wide community, can do to help our floundering little town. The response has been up to this moment nil. So are we going to do anything?

My opinion is that we should start little by little and maybe small actions might snowball into something big. Personally, I would like to start accumulating books and sending them. One big question that I need answered is are we going to have the same exorbitant tariffs "a la the stretchers" charged to who ever receive them in Lebanon? Can the Library be an arm of the municipality thus is exempt from taxes?

One idia that may be worth exploring in this web page is to develop a "needs list" jointly with our people in Shweir, and we can begin to prioritize and chip at it systematically.

You know, wouldn't it be great for us who left Shweir to do something that will commemorate us for years to come yet simultaneously help our city whom we have been adulating since the inception of this sight. Shweir is something beautiful and I just don't think that it should be so just in our fond memories. I for one would like our descendants to have the same feelings about this place like we do. SO ARE WE GOING TO DO SOMETHING!

Posts: 396 | From: Beaumont, Texas, U.S.A. | Registered: Feb 2001  |  IP: Logged

Member # 82

posted 11-25-2002 01:24 AM      Profile for hmoujaes   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Dear Friends
The City council has approved funds (~$3000) [Smile] for the renovation of the floor space in the large conference room to be used temporarly by the public library.
Since the final location is still occupied by the civil defence people (whom we are trying to rewlocated).
As a first step, we are going to install tile on the floor and repaint the room.
This will take a month or so.
I will keep you updated on the progress.
Habib Moujaes

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George Matar
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Great News Ya Habib, now we are moving.
A Needs list is a great idea, Accumulating books and batch them is also good... Now that we have books already there maybe we need a living lsit of the book so we do not dublicate.

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Waleed Moujaes
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I heard several good news from Dr. Nabil and others during my trip. Yes, I am sure this community center/library is on the right track with the help of the municipality.

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Nabil E. Matar
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I apologize for my late respond, The couple of weeks I was out of town on a job and this is my first day back. I am so happy to hear that finally the Baladieh agreed to give us a space for the community center. Thank you George, Riad, Dr Ghosn, the city council and all the persons that get involve of making this happened. Now, that is a project that every Shweiry Mughtarenb and home folk must contribute to make it happened. I heard a lot of you talking about collecting books, which is good thing to do. I think that before we do so we need to have a detailed plan made by George, Riad and who ever in town wanted to work with them to prepare the place. As you know this plan required money so I suggest that an estimate of the cost should be made so we could start a big campaign to collect what is needed. I think that if every Shweiry Mughtareb or home folk contribute only five Dollars, a book, a shelf, a table or even a chair we could have a community center that every Shweiry would be proud of.
Guys, In this BB we discussed many subjects, so let us make this topic top priority. Let us all join hands to make this dream become reality.
Abou Jihad, you too are included in this topic because this center will not only benefit the Shweirieh but every person who visit our Beautiful town. I hope you and your family soon become one of those visitors.
Long live Day3itna Al Hilwi
Abou Ziad

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great news to hear, hopefully the dream is becoming true, it's really beautiful to see the result of team work ! let's all work toogether to make it happen
riad and george i am ready if you want us to set a meeting to discuss further details and to continue from where we started in the summer

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Nabil E. Matar
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Click on diagram below at right to
see proposed layout of the Library

Riad Khunieser wrote
Marhaba Nabil and Anwar,

Please post my e-mail and the Att. on the BB. And I will start with Thank you Dr. Ghosn.
When George Moujaes and I went to see Dr. Ghosn to know and discus the new information he has about the library project, George took with him a proposal layout for the first floor (not the basement). After we gave Dr. Ghosn what we have and had a long conversation with him, he promised to discus the mater as soon as possible and to prepare the place, as Habib
Moujaes told you, for the library (Community Center) to use. I think Dr
Ghosn kept his promise and the place will be ready, may be, in a month time.
Now it's the turn of everybody to participate in the project.
What we need is so simple. We need everything. And before that we need your love and help.
Before we start collecting or buying books, please let me ask you a simple question. What books you want to have in the library? Are you interested in books of specific subject, novels and stories, any book or chosen books on different subjects? This is a very important question, which we should answer. Please discus it on the BB and give the reason why you want what you are asking. The place, which is available, now is limited and we have to be very careful in what to put in. Those who has books of their own and wants to give to the library, if the books are about Shweir or written by Shweirieh, the books are most welcome. Because what ever you choose for the library to have, books about Shweir or written by Shweirieh will be in the first row.
The best thing to start with, as you are thinking, is collecting money, which we can use in doing whatever the project needs.
We can meet in Shweir and/ or we can meet on Both places are good to start really the project, which we have been talking about since ages.
You are all welcome to discus everything openly and in a democratic way.
You are asked, from the new generation our youth, to prove that when
Shweirieh works together they can do more than"HAZ AMOUD ALFALAK".
I have been told that books are tax free, but there are things like
shipping, handling etc that we have to pay.
I hope this is a solid start and everybody will work and put more stones for the Community Center and the library to grow high as we all wish.
Thank you all for being so interested in the library project and thank you in advance for all the help, which you are going to give.


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Habeeb M. Nacol
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I am so happy that things are moving in Shweir with regards to the library center. The big question is how are we to galvanize our people of to move? We can do a decent job only of we all participate in discussion as well as in action. Maybe we need to set a task force to get everyone fired up. I wish that our inimmitable Lallous, the "mi7kshan par excellence" can help us stir things up. How about it ya Elias? This is a subject that is well worth our efforts.

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Abu Jihad
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I believe it is best if a librarian (Is it Khoneisser?) begins with a list of the backbone of a library collection--reference books: Dictionaries (English, Arabic, French), Al Munjid, an Encyclopaedia, atlases, etc... Next in line come the periodicals section (magazines, newspapers). I remember while in Beirut, a friend of mine and I would frequent the American library (Kennedy Center in Hamra) to just go and leaf through magazines and newspapers for a couple of hours just for relaxation. Nothing was more relaxing. After these lists, books of various subjects and interests (fiction and non-fiction) are to fill the place. Of course the idea is to loan these out, much like the community libraries we have in the US.

Go for it!

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One corner Stone for the Library

----- Original Message -----
From: "Riad Khunieser"
Sent: Monday, October 21, 2002 5:53 AM

I like to tell you about one Shweiry came to me carrying a stone for the library.  Waleed Abou Kair left Shweir last Saturday morning with his Swiss wife and children.  Waleed immigrated from Shweir and Lebanon since twelve year to work in a hospital in Geneva. When he came back home for a short visit to his parents and friends, he thought that the best thing he could bring with him for his fellowship are books, books for the library which he wants young Shweirieh to have. 

Our good friend carried four heavy boxes full with one computer and books of different titles and subjects, which he collected from institutions in Geneva. He carried the boxes all the way from Geneva to his parent's home in Shweir and then to my home in Dhour. This is not all, but he made his lovely wife helps him in carrying the stuff too. When I saw Waleed and his wife that day I was surprised with the heavy load they are carrying. I thought, when Waleed called to tell me he has something for the library that I will get few books Waleed used to read. 

I was so proud with the gentleman, whom I know since he was a young boy as old as his children. Waleed made me feel that a Shweiry, wherever he is and whatever he does, is always devoted to his hometown and to its causes and if he doesn't put himself in the service of her majesty and his fellowship, he would feel the unimportance of his presence as a human being. All what he has done through his life is nothing, if Shweir doesn't see him great in what he is doing to upraise the name that give us all this proud hearted feeling of  which we all have.  

I hope Waleed and his family had a nice vacation in Lebanon. I tried to  visit them at his parent's home to thank him again for carrying Shweir problems over his head, he who is living in the most quit organized country in the world, but I didn't find him to my bad luck.  Waleed, thank you my friend, and please thank your lovely wife for helping us in putting one cornerstone in the library building for the young. 

I wish our Baladieh would give the place soon for the Community Center to organize the library, which every one of us is ready to help in building it.







Graduating Class of 2001 of
"Official Secondary School of Shweir" &
Honoring Miss Mary Sawaya on July 9, 2001 

Honoring Ms Mary 1.JPG (31498 bytes) Honoring Ms Mary 3.JPG (32043 bytes) Honoring Ms Mary 6.JPG (19369 bytes) Honoring Ms Mary 5.JPG (43984 bytes) Honoring Ms Mary 4.JPG (36396 bytes)
Toufic Al Homsi, Director of Secondary Educationin Lebanon,   Honoring Ms Mary 2.JPG (25960 bytes) present Medal to Miss Mary Sawaya SHS graduation 3.JPG (20181 bytes) SHS graduation 1.JPG (31950 bytes) SHS graduation 2.JPG (36802 bytes)

Congratulations to Miss Mary and to the Graduates, Good Luck & Bon Chance


Drawing Calendar 2000

Calendar Intro.JPG (24300 bytes)On the occasion of "Cleanliness Week" in Lebanon, the "Women's Society" sponsored an art drawing competition among the students from the primary, secondary and high school in Shweir... four drawings were selected from each school segment.  Winners were recognized and awarded prizes...  the twelve top drawings were collated into a nice Calendar as follows: 

  Elementary Secondary High School
Calendar 1.JPG (56364 bytes)
Joseph Baaklini
Calendar 2.JPG (21592 bytes)
Waaed Mazloom
Calendar 3.JPG (52205 bytes)
Ruba Al Ashkar
Calendar 4 .JPG (54824 bytes)
Samia Zaidan
Calendar 5.JPG (28379 bytes)
Marie Rose Lebbus
Calendar 6.JPG (47247 bytes)
Sanaa Shalleeta
Calendar 7.JPG (38589 bytes)
Darinne Abi Haydar
Calendar 8.JPG (57974 bytes)
George Matar
Calendar 9.JPG (40767 bytes)
Nissrine Jerdak
Calendar 10.JPG (57031 bytes)
Stephanie Lebbus
Calendar 11.JPG (34550 bytes)
Hisham Fayyad
Calendar 12.JPG (39766 bytes)
Suhair Youness

Many thanks to Reema Abi Kheir for providing us with the above Calendar
Congratulations to all the fine artists who participated and the above winners 



New Library 

Books to start the first Library in Shweir 

From the proceeds of the sale of the special Shweir T-Shirts that were 
designed by Leila Matar as featured at the "Shweir On The Beach 2001" in Texas
the team of bought these books to send to Shweir to start the New Library. 

Samih Baaklini will take most of the educational books, Abe Sawaya will others 

Elie Boukheir brought most of the Gardening Books, 
Nabil Matar will bring hard cover Photo (Over America and Europe), Microsoft Office 2000 and Shakespeare

Anwar will bring 
some of the above books, 
Waleed Moujaes volunteered to bring some and others will bring the rest. 

Souheil (Tom) Khonaysser & Samih Baaklini taking inventory


Now for the important Questions... 

What would be the best set up for the new Library?
What is the most suitable location for the new Library?  
What is best way to make books accessible yet monitor and control inventory? 
Would there be enough volunteers to keep it going? 
Any Librarians among us? 

Your suggestions and comments are welcome. 
You can share your comments with everyone on our interactive Shweir Bulletin Board 
 email in code:  anwar2 (at) shweir dot com


Note:  We sent two boxes of books that were donated by LAA (see below) and shipped to 
the schools.  It cost $75 to ship each box weighing about 20-22 lbs. or about 10 kilos. 
We still have one box of the books that was donated by LAA to send. 
Our team felt that if we can have volunteers to take some of the books, 
we can save that extra money and can buy more books with the saving. 
Anyone going to Shweir and can take some extra books, please 
contact Anwar email in code:  anwar2 (at) shweir dot com





Computer books to Shweir Schools

Books are donated by the Lebanese American Association

Date:      April 18, 2001 
 To:        Lebanese American Association (LAA) Board of Directors 
 From:   Anwar George Kenicer 
Re:        Computer Books

 This is to inform you that I am in receipt of the following list of books that I will mail to one high school and one elementary school, each of which just received their first computers in January and February of 2001. (please review attached information about the computer drive for the schools).

 These books, although some are dated for U.S. rapid changing technology, would be the perfect addition to the students and teachers of these two schools.   The list is as follows:

Book Title

To High School

To Elementary School

                             Internet for Dummies                   2                                              2
World Wide Web                       2                                              1
Office 97 visual                           2                                              1
Windows 98                               2                                              1
Office 97 Text                             2                                              1
Teach Windows 98                     1                                              1
Windows 2000 Pocket size         1
Internet Dum pocket size             1
Web pages                                 1

 On behalf of the principals, teachers and the students of both of the schools, I wish to thank you for giving them some of the educational tools to become more productive and proud citizens.

 Thank you very much for your kind contribution.  Sincerely,   Anwar George Kenicer

Comp books to 2 Schools.JPG (121152 bytes) 
Total Books donated by LAA
Comp books to  Hi Schools.JPG (104516 bytes)
Books to Shweir Hi
Comp books to Elem Sch 2.JPG (70768 bytes) 
Books to 
Primary School
Comp Experienced books.JPG (59795 bytes)
Other Donated 
"Experienced" Books

 Note:  The U. S. Postal Service limits shipments to Lebanon to a total of 22 lbs. per box at a cost of $77.60 via Air Mail. With additional $5 for insurance.  They do not provide for Surface or Ship service like they used to before.  I was able to add three additional books to the box that was sent to Shweir High School.  The next box will be sent to Shweir Hi will include the balance of the LAA donated books plus as many of the other donated and "Experienced" books.  I will add copies of family tree charts.  Anwar 

From:  A. G. Kenicer
email in code:  anwar2 (at) shweir dot com

April 24, 2001

Mrs. Hoda Khalifeh, Principal 
Dhour Choueir Official Primary School 
Dhour Shweir

Miss Mary Sawaya, Principal 
Miss Sabah Moujaes, Principal
Dhour Shweir Official High-School
Dhour Shweir

Dear Mss. Khalifeh, Sawaya and Moujaes,

Enclosed please find computer books, a copy of the list of books that the Lebanese American Association (LAA) donated and a letter from George Matar, co-founder and our honorary al Mukhtaar bil Mahjar. 

 In the first shipment, I will send all seven books that are designated to the Primary or Elementary school and the first box containing seven books that are designated to the High School.  This is like a test run.  If all work ok (mail delivery, customs), then I will ship the other box of the other seven books as soon as I hear from you that you received the first shipment. I sent an email to Habib Moujaes, which contains photos of the books, so that you will see and account for what is being shipped. 

 If you may note from that around New Year, adopted New Year’s Resolutions which include:  One Open House, 10 Computers, 100 books towards a new library and 1000 trees to be planted, 2000 Flower Plants and 2001 meter hiking trail. 

 We are very pleased with the success of the Computer drive and with these books, we are 25% there towards 100 books goal for this year.  

 We are hoping to find a suitable space close to the Saha to host an Open House where can set up some computers staffed by volunteers to demonstrate how to use and access the information from the web, conduct workshops about using the internet, build and post charts of family trees. People can come in, Al Mughtaribeen can stop by for a cup of coffee, check their emails, post messages and leave notes to rendezvous with their friends.

 Before I learned about computers and the internet, it was quite a bit of mystery on how to use it and its potential.  I was surprised on how easy it is to learn and utilize it in many creative ways.  Let me give you an example:  It took us a few months to coordinate our efforts and raise the funds for the computers.  When the opportunity for the wheelchairs (WC) came up, I sent some update information about the opportunity to George Matar and a few key people of the team at  Immediately after George opened it, he sent the information to all Shweirieh on his list.  Within 24 hours, early Monday 6:30 a.m., we had commitments to sponsor 11 WC’s, by 8:00 a.m. it was 17 and before noon, we had commitments for 23 WC’s.  That is the Shweiry spirit. Now, we do not know if LAA and Wheelchair Foundation can allocate that many chairs to one small town while many larger organizations are getting 3 up to 5 five wheelchairs.  They sure were pleasantly surprised with our enthusiasm, cooperative spirit and success story. 

The key to greater success is good and clear communication.  We bil Mahjar learned many good lessons, some the hard way.  We would like to share as much of that knowledge with the younger generation in Shweir because they are Shweir’s hope for the future.   I left Shweir Secondary School when I was 12 years old.  During these years, I established a special friendship and bond with many good friends that lasted decades and spanned oceans.  I remember how exciting it was for us young kids when there was something new, or we were given a challenging assignment, or we had a special guest and learned something new from them. 

 Many of us have been planning for many months and even years to prepare to go to Shweir to spend a week or a month.  I have not been to Lebanon in 30 years.  There are many things that we look forward to doing when we visit this summer including:  community volunteer work, plant flowers and trees, conduct workshops to some of your gifted students, discuss with them what we know about some of the popular computer software programs and perhaps open some windows of opportunities that may be available bil Mahjar.  If we know what type of computer programs you have, then we know what other programs we can bring and books that are complementary. 

 It is possible that after a few hours of computer instructions, your select students can volunteer to be part of the welcoming committee or take information about the Mughtaribeen who stop at the Open House or create and design family trees or web pages.  The list is endless.  I will not be surprised that within a year, they would know programs that they could teach to us.   However, we cannot do it from overseas.  We need some responsible people in Shweir to mobilize and sponsor/coordinate them with us.  For any event to be successful, it takes community involvement and planning.

 As principals, you play a key role.  You know the teachers, students and their families.  In order for these opportunities to be successful, we need to have good communication with key people in Shweir who can work with us.  We are hoping that you can be instrumental in facilitating the process for us especially that now we have established a line of communication with you.  Who would you enlist or recommend?

 If you wish to send a letter to thank LAA for donating the books, their address is as follows:  President and Board of Directors, Lebanese American Association, P. O. Box 4464, Burlingame, CA 94010 USA   you can send me a copy or send the letter to me at the above address and I will deliver it to them since I will become a member of the LAA Board at their next meeting. 

 I trust that you, your teachers and students will enjoy the enclosed books.  We look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship.   Sincerely,

 Anwar George Kenicer 
For Team 



From:  George Matar
Date:  April 24, 2001

Dear Mss. Khalifeh, Sawaya and Moujaes,

 It has been a few months since we were able to raise the funds to purchase the computers for the schools.  This is really a historic event for our beloved town because for the first time an event has unified Shweirieh across the Globe.   We were able to receive donation from four different continents: Africa, Asia, Australia, and North America.  No need to count the countries, there were plenty.

 This Month the Lebanese American Association (LAA), at a request by Anwar Shaya Kenicer are donating Books that will be very helpful in training Students on several subject associated with the computer and internet.  Some of the titles do not seem to be complementary example "Internet for Dummies".  Don't let the tittles discourage you these series of books are very efficient and designed to teach in simple and easy to follow steps.  They are very popular worldwide.

 On Behalf of all the Mughtaribeen and especially all those that extended their generous hands for the purchase of the computers. in association with LAA are offering these books as a gift to compliment and enrich the Shweir Elementary and High Schools computer Libraries hoping that they will be put to good and full use. 

 Mukhtar Bil Mahjar 
George Matar

 Ps       I highly recommend for you to write and thank LAA for their generous contribution.   LAA is also helping with the contribution of the Wheelchair for the village.  We should be grateful and appreciative for their efforts. 

First Computers for Shweir Hi-School 


Excerpt from the Bulletin Board:  Letter from the New Shweir High School Principal, Sabah Moujaes

Author Topic:   Thank you letter from The Schools
George Matar
posted 03-27-2001 07:52 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for George Matar      Reply w/Quote
I received this thank you note from Miss Sabah Moujaes, Acting principle of the Shweir High School. It is a note for all of you Shweirieh. You are Welcome Miss Moujaes.



IP: Logged

George Matar
posted 03-29-2001 07:48 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for George Matar      Reply w/Quote
Miss Moujaes

Thank you for your letter, it means a whole lot for all of us in the Mahjar to hear news, any news, from the village.
We are hoping that by now the computers are being utilized and the students are getting the full benefit out of them.
If I may suggest, Could the school start a press club that can teach the students how to report and do***ent stories and events that happens in the village. A good practice would be to publish their findings on the Bulletin Board or even request their own dedicated page. That way they can have the response and feed back from all across the globe. This would be extremely educational for both them & us, not to mention the satisfaction of just connecting with their friends and relatives.
Who knows maybe we will have a top notch journalist or historian from Shweir who got his/her start writing for
Speaking for all the Shweirieh Bil Mahjar, We all are hungry for news from Dhour Shweir on regular basis. The schools now have the tools to do just that, surely there are student that are willing to do this? That's not much to ask is it?

Additional Contributors to the Computer Fund are:  
Samir & Linda Arnaout, Sami Andre Khonaysser & Saad & George Hawi 

As Al Mukhtaar pointed out, since we achieved our computer objective, 
we will use the additional funds as the "Khameereh" in the Shweir Fund for future projects. 


Computer Update as of Feb 19, 2001HM Comp Idea 2 Reality Flyer.JPG (282564 bytes) 

Copy of an e-mail from our man in Shweir... Habib Moujaes sent on February 19, 2001

Dear George

" It's not over till the Fat Lady Sings "

Well today at 1:30 pm local she did finally sing..

I want to share with all of you the joy and thankfulness every one in both the Shweir Elementary and High School expressed upon the installation of both computer Labs... In the High School he have installed the additional 4 computers, three of which went to the Lab + Printer, and One +printer +scanner was installed in the Administration room.  As for the Primary school, since they lacked the secured classroom for a computer Lab. we installed both computers and printer in the school principal's office for the time being.

Both principals expressed their deep gratitude to all the Shweirieh who helped in this project.

On Friday 16th the hi-school parent association along with the Friends of the school committee had a fundraising dinner in which the president of the association publicly announced the donation and thanked in the name of all parents and students the Shweirieh who donated to this drive.

I had made a small leaflet describing the project and included the list of contributors.  (also attached) this was distributed to the various tables at the dinner.  George I wish you and all those who care and contributed were all here to share the great joy that I felt upon the completion of this project and the effect it had on our grateful community.

It is indeed small endeavors like this, and the feeling of closeness between our immigrants and our home folks that make you proud to be a Shweir..

God bless you all.


HM Shweir Hi Computer Lab.JPG (41657 bytes) HM 8th comp scanner printer.JPG (44006 bytes) HM Principal Hoda Khalifeh w2 comp.JPG (45665 bytes) HM teacher Sabah W Moujaes test comp.JPG (49538 bytes)

On behalf of the Shweirieh bil Mahjar, thank you Habib for your extra ordinary effort in your administrative, resourceful, diplomatic, accounting, communicative, photographic and leadership abilities.  A large part of the success of this project is because of your taking bold steps in a very positive direction for a worthwhile cause.  

Congratulations to the school principals and our best wishes to the students who will be using the computers.  Use them wisely. 

The Team at 

Shweir Hi Computer Update:  Posted Feb 8, 2001

We Surpassed our projection, thanks to you for making this worthy effort a great success. 
See details on Shweir News web page

Copy of an e-mail from our al Mukhtaar bil Mahjar sent on Feb 6, 2001

Sabah Il Kheir Ya Nass (Translation, Good Morning People)

You all are anticipating this email. Collectively we have done extremely well. Now we can relax a bit and wait for the news from Dhour.

Oh, I would like to thank Sam Arnaout for his contribution. Sam is a friend who has been visiting and felt he should help. We are expecting Sam and his wonderful family at our Shweir on the beach 2001.  Make sure you meet them and make him feel as one of our own, he will be traveling all the way from the Dallas area. Sam, we're expecting you.  By the way, due to the timing (money was already transferred), his will be the initial contribution for the next fund. Thank you Sam.

Back to our Subject, here is a summary of the collections:

* From the USA, Canada, and New Zealand: We received $1,940 included donations from Canada and New Zealand the money was wired last week, the cost was $40.

* Dhour Shweir: Habib has Two new Computers (Equivalent of $500) and $150 (we know $100 was on its way, Habib to confirm it). Once received Habib will have approximately $650.

* Saudia: $500 plus a commitment to help pay for monthly internet access

* Habib will recover part of the initial computer fund. He will update us with what got bought and the final overall cost of this worthwhile project..... Habib please invest part of the money to buy a small plaque (1inch x 3inch) for the people that donated the equivalent of one computer.  Especially for those "In Memory of ", See bolded names below. Don't forget the pictures.

This is your proof that there is one Shweir across the Globe (Four Continents on this drive). Catch the rest on the next one.

Xxxxxxx's from your Mukhtar Bil Mahjar

George E. Matar


The contributors for the Computer Fund are: 
* Note: One Computer is equivalent to $250

Dhour Shweir: 
Habib K. Moujaes (one Computers)* 
Aayat Moujaes (one computer)* 
Meric Moujaes (one Computer)*

Wajih & Lamia Sawaya 

Sami Andre & Pia Khonaysser

New Zealand 
Ihsan &Mary Bousader

Ivory Coast 
Yumna Dagher

Saudia Arabia 
Mike Sawaya 
Habib Halabi 
Mikhael Samaha (Khobar) 
Roustom Moujaes (Khobar) 
Aziz Kurban (Khobar) 
Beshara Abou Nakhla (Jeddah) 
Nadim Sawaya (Riyadh). 

The Saudia Group pledged to pay for 
one Year internet access for 
Shweir High School

Hilda Touma Sawaya Shurbaji 
Nabil Elias Matar 
George & Janice Matar 
Waleed Shehadeh Moujaes 
Anwar George Kenicer 
Salim & Mary Bou-Chebl 
Alfred Gibrael Moujaes 
Iliya & Elsa Harik 
Elie BouKheir (One Computer)* 
in Memory of Lili Bou Kheir 
Elie Yared 
Sameeh & Dolly Baaklini 
Fouad Tabsharani 
Hana (Rustom) and John Archbold 
Chris Alfred Moujaes 
Toufic Baaklini 
Nada Nassar 
Habib & Cathy Nacol 
Michael E. Mirhej 
Jamil & Sally Bou-Saab (one Computer)* 
in Memory of Laila Bou Saab 
Mounir Moujaes 
George Baaklini 
Samir & Linda Arnaout
Saad & George Hawi 

Ps: Hana Rustom Archbold would like to (additionally) donate a gently used but still very good computer to the school. Anybody can suggest a cheap way to get it to Shweir, please contact Hana directly at <>


(This is an email that was sent by our al Mukhtaar bil Mahjar on January 24, 2001.  It is a little long but worth every line)

Dear Shweiryieh and friends of      "SHOOKRUN"   

Inflate your chest people and go ahead and brag..... WE DID IT, PLUS and there's even more. 

We all should be proud of this united effort to help propel our future Shweiry generation into the computer age. May this effort open so many opportunities for them. May they always remember this unity so they can do the same when their time comes.

On behalf of and the Shweir Fund, we want to thank our contributors again who has supported this effective mission. Clear mission to help our town. The funds as they stand right now:

* In the USA: We received $1,940 included donations from Canada and New Zealand 
* In Dhour Habib has Two new Computers (Equivalent of $500) and $50 ( Another $100 is on its way).  
* From Saudia: A commitment to send directly to Habib $500 plus a commitment to help pay for monthly internet access (Is this great or What?)

Mike Sawaya Please send us the names of the other Shweirieh so we can include them on the final list.  The Whole Package as it stands Today is estimated at $3,090...And we Should Never Forget the initial purchase of the four Computers by Habib K. Moujaes $975 ...Kinda makes you proud to be a Shweiry Huh?

Habib, the ball is in your court:  

* First of all my good man, you are entitled to a fair share of the money to recover some of your initial contribution if you wish to do so.  
* Second, tell us where to transfer the money.  
* Third, of course we will be waiting anxiously for the follow up story with pictures, and what equipment got bought etc... 
* Habib, Let's make sure that the computers donated by a person or "in memory of" do have a small plaque with the person's name (see bolded names below).

Habib we all are counting on you to spend the money wisely, have a good balance between computers, printers, surge protectors, at least one scanner, and an internet connection, and of course locks.  

We are Banking on the school / students to reciprocate by starting a weekly or monthly newsletter to keep us updated And some kind of an activity to help the town. One Idea: Every Senior class will design and plant a designated area in or around town leaving a plaque with the Names of the seniors and the year they graduate. That way they leave their unique mark in town and help re-beautify Dhour Shweir.....Good? I bet there are thousands of idea like it. Do let us know.

As you are aware that we are starting the Shweir Fund to help finance strategic projects, like the computer fund. Therefore Any Additional Money received past today will be the "khmeiri" for our next town project. The new names will be listed separately with total amount received. In case you want to help this fund, please make your check payable to Elie Bou Kheir and mail it to him at: 

Elie Bou Kheir 
23738 Indian Hills Way 
Katy Texas, 77494, USA.


Excerpt from an e-mail:

Dear George and the rest of the Shweirieh

I won't make a long speech like Our mukhtar George, he said all there need to be said on this issue.  However I cannot help but to thank all those who contributed to this project and for those who didn't we have other projects lining up.

We will not spare you!!  ...  As we get the Computer Lab set up I will be posting some pictures and updates on this event.  For those of you who have extra money laying around and would like to share in building the fund for future projects you can send your contribution to Elie the US.  Here in Lebanon you can send them to moi at the following:  

Habib K. Moujaes, 
Societe Generale Libano Europeene de banque 
Dhour Choueir branch,  Habib Moujaes (fincorp)  
Acc# 014 004 360 121993 01 5,  Swift SGLI LBBX  
Thank you,  

Habib Moujaes 
General Manager 
Fincorp Engineering

Shweirieh in Saudia Donate $500 + One year internet access for Shweir High School

Excerpts from e-mails received on January 31, 2001

Subject: RE: Computer Fund Great News

Dear International Mukhtar & Shweireh,

Reference to our commitment from Shweirieh in Saudia to fulfill the coverage of the remaining $500 for the computer fund plus a year internet coverage.  

Please note the following donators that contributed with open hearts:  
Mikhael Samaha (Khobar),  Roustom Moujaes (Khobar),  Aziz Kurban (Khobar),  Mike Sawaya (Khobar),  Beshar Abou Nakhla (Jeddah) and Nadim Sawaya (Riyadh).

This is just a humble contribution from us in Saudi Arabia, Hoping to invest on more futuristic projects that will lead to the welfare of our wonderful town & its people & the returning of all its beloved International Shweirieh.  Best Luck

Michael Najib Sawaya 
AtosOrigin Middle East 
8875111 x-405 
Khobar, Saudi Arabia


Mike, Mikhael, Roustom Aziz, Beshara and Nadim,

Thank you all for this generous contribution, I know you had to deprive your families of something essential to be able to do this. We all know what a worthwhile fund this is and we definitely can see the potential it will bring.  

Thank you guys a whole lot, and could one of you pass this to Roustom, I could not find his email address with the rest of yours.

Until we all meet, yours truly

George Matar 


Dear Mike and all the Shweirieh in Saudi Arabia,

You done a magnificent job, God bless you all, Hayk Ykoono Al Shweirieh Wul'la Bala.  Our beloved town needs Shweirieh like you. Shweirieh who are willing to do any thing necessary to improve the life of our home town young ones and give them the chance to excel. Our Shweir always produced great individuals.  Let's all help to keep this great tradition alive.

Mike, I look forward to meet you this summer my friend, Your dad Al Mukhtar is a good friend.  Please give him my regards.

Nabil Matar


As of Jan 15, 2001, we raised over $1,320 in contributions.  In addition, we acknowledge a generous contribution from the family of Dr. Salim K. Mujais for two computers which are equivalent to $500.  One computer on behalf of Ayat and the other on behalf of Meric Mujais.  As such, we are close to two third of our objective.  Ayat and Meric, you are setting a great example.  May we name these computers in your honor?

This gives us an excellent idea:  Any one who contributes $250 will name a computer in their honor.  We need a minimum of five more contributors.  Any additional contributions will go to the newly established "Shweir Fund".   Your generous contributions would be greatly appreciated.  Let's see how quickly we can achieve our goal.  

Excerpts of an email message from our al Mukhtaar:

Dear Shweiryieh and friends of,

We Shweir Fund want to thank our contributors again who continue to support this effective mission. Clear mission to help our town.  ... ... ...  We can achieve this goal soon. We are also hoping that the Shweirieh in Europe and Gulf States will join in.

If you have mailed your contribution, your name will most likely appear on the next update. We will not send the funds to Shweir until the fourth week of January. YOU STILL HAVE TIME to be included, please act soon.  Until we finalize the tax formalities, please make your check payable to Elie Bou Kheir and mail it him at:   23738 Indian Hills Way,  Katy Texas, 77494,  USA.  If you are in Lebanon  or the Middle East, please send your donation to Habib Moujaes in Dhour.   


This is a classic example of the Power of an Idea & the Power of a Team  

It all started as an effort to communicate with the officials of the Baladieh... Since there was no response, our Al Mukhtaar bil Mahjar, George Matar, assumed that the Baladieh had no computer.  He sent a message into cyber space for Shweirieh to donate their experienced computers. In the process, we found out that Shweir Hi-School had no computers!!!  Fr. Dcn. Ihsan Bousauder in New Zealand had a dozen in his garage donated by his rotary club.  Others from different parts of the world began to set aside some.  However the cost of shipping, uncertainty of customs costs and compatibility concerns made this effort unfeasible.  In the mean time, our new team member on location in Shweir, Habib Moujaes, sprang into action, bought four (4) computers and presented them to Shweir Hi-School principal Mary Sawaya.  It is long overdue that Shweir Hi-school students get computers.  They need at least 4-8 additional computers to make it worthwhile to teach a class. At this time of sharing we are hoping to raise enough funds to buy and present these computers to Shweir Hi-School by year end.  

Excerpts from emails...

Just a note to share with you the presentation of the 4 computers to the school.  The pictures show a general view of the hi school, installation by the technicians, A happy school principal miss Mary Sawaya, and one of miss Mary and myself.

The computers are Pentium I series (120-160 Mhz) with HDD and CD ROM.  A computer course is scheduled to begin this week.... The total cost of the four computers is $975.  The school will start a full program after the holidays but for now they started with a limited no of student as a short pilot program.

It would be great if we can initiate a "fast" drive to collect another $1000 so we can buy four more so they would at least have eight computers.  (Their classrooms contain 30 students!!)...  For this project let's jump start a fast drive to buy 4 or 8 more computers..  the paperwork for nonprofit or the rotary will take several month.. but if we push everybody to pitch in ($20-$50) we can have a hell of a program started...  In the mean time we can set up the non-profit org. and set up a liaison with the rotary.

George, I think we need a thermometer (for Fund collection) posted on the WebPages with the donation level (in red) for this project. and let's shoot for 31/12/2000 as the dead line.. what do you think? (see attachments) ...awaiting your comments


HM Shweir Hi School.JPG (30974 bytes)
Shweir Hi
HM Shweir Hi Tech Instal.JPG (14259 bytes)
Technicians installing computers
HM Shweir Hi Happy Principal.JPG (23766 bytes)
Mary Sawaya, a Happy Principal

To Miss Mary Sawaya and Shweir Hi Students:  On behalf of the Shweirieh bil Mahjar, and the team at, we send to you and your students our sincere congratulations.  We trust that this will be the beginning of a mutually rewarding relationship.  As some of you may have read in the memories section, our fondest memories were those in our beautiful Shweir School.  Years from now, you will look back and most likely feel similarly about your school.   It is these childhood memories that bonds us together even though we are scattered around the world.  The school is the foundation and the heart of especially a small community like Shweir.  We are very interested in the success and well being of Shweir Hi and its students... our future generation... our future leaders.  At the least, we should provide them with a fair playing field in the race towards this global Information Technology (IT) and a competitive edge where possible.  Right now, you and us will have to try a bit harder to help you catch up to what you have been missing for the past few years.  Are we up to the challenge?

Habib Moujaes, on behalf of the Shweirieh bil Mahjar, and the team at, we send to you our gratitude and our sincere thanks for introducing the first four (4) computers to Shweir Hi-School.  We are impressed that you were able to buy four computers for only $975.  How did you negotiate that?  This is a perfect example of how to spend our resources wisely.  "Shoo Aolak Iza shtarainah bil dazzeeneh min waffer aktar"?  kidding aside... thank you for your initiative, creative and innovative approach.  Also thank you for the thermometer "gage".  I almost forgot... here it is...

Anwar, aka webmaster

Habib, the pictures really describe the story well, Miss Mary looks so Happy, and You Look Good Too, I haven't seen you for a long time, I am so glad you were in the pictures. In the nutshell, The $975 compared to the joy and happiness as well as the investment in the future Generation is considered a great and outstanding bargain.  

Anwar and I were discussing one day how we are going to let everyone know how fast we are approaching our financial goals, and guess what........Great minds think alike. Your thermometer Idea is, again, Great.

The Story on the Web: I know Anwar at the moment is super busy trying to open his new office. I for one support him if he could not do any work on the Site until he gets his business up and running. We do need the story to compliment the pictures, and we are very tight on time if we are to try to collect the contributions by the end of the year.

Here are some important, tiny, facts that I want to share with you. I have been noticing lately, that the responses we are getting are declining, whether on the Web site or simply answering my email. The optimistic reason is: Because this is the time of the year when everybody is getting supersaturated with end of the year work, taking time to buy Christmas gifts, decorating the home, company parties, attending kids school musicals, (daughter's graduation, in my case), planning travel trips. Are you getting the picture? Checking the web site is the least thing on their priority list. Why is this important? It is because we are trying reach our people in a way that, temporarily, is unreliable.

The not so optimistic reason, maybe they are losing interest or don't care, Let us pray that's not the case.  I just hope that we have gained the confidence of our people to trust us with their money. Please keep your expectations close to the ground, because many of the people we will be contacting are young with limited funds. Add the fact that at this time of the year is when their savings will be depleted due to additional expenses that are inherent to this Holly Month.

Also remember that during this month the global mail experience super heavy traffic therefore it will potentially run slow and some contribution may not reach its destination on time.

I am going to be slightly biased by saying the mail in the US is more reliable (don't shoot) so I think at least one volunteer in the States to collect the money then do a wire transfer to Habib.  Habib could be the second volunteer if he so chooses.

I am going to start working on the email, hopefully today. Stay tune and Felix Navidad Ya'll

George Matar

Funds Raised for Shweir Hi Computers as of January 15, 2001:  $1320 plus two computers from the Salim K. Mujais family worth $500.  
Below is a list of Contributors:  

This week:

Toufic Baaklini

Nada Nassar

Aayat S. Moujaes (1 Computer)

Meric S. Moujaes (1 Computer)

Habib & Cathy Nacol

Habib Halabi


Elie Yared

Hana Archbold

Fouad Tibsherani

Sameeh Baaklini

Wajih & Lamia Sawaya

The Chris Moujaes Company

Salim Bou Chebl

Hicham & Youmna Dagher

Ilia Harik


Anwar George Kenicer

George Matar

Nabil Matar

Alfred Moujaes

Walid Moujaes

Hilda Touma Sawaya

Elie Bou Kheir

Habib Moujaes


Thanks to all who contributed,
Elie Bou Kheir, 
Treasurer of Shweir Fund

December 2000

An Email "Newsletter" from George Matar Posted 12-1-2000 

Marhaba Ya Ahalee Dhour wo Shweir

I hope you all had a great and prosperous year and saved enough money to buy gifts for your loved ones in the next 3 weeks.  For the young Generation I say: You have studied hard and well, your good grades along with your love and respect are your gifts to your parents.  That's all they ask for.  

For the not so Young that have worked hard and sacrificed all year long I say: Don't forget the reason why you have put all these long hours day after day, It Is Your Family. So, take this Holly Month to rejuvenate the love you share with them.  

I was hoping to use the newsletter to send my updates but alas many of you have been so busy that you forgot to sign up for it. Allah Ya teekum al aafyeh maybe we'll use the Newsletter next month.  If you have been a regular visitor to the Web site you will notice that November has been relatively a quite month But here a summary of what has been happening:

* We received From Rosalie Sawaya Khoury (Brazil) the book about Shweir published in 1922. Hilda Touma Sawaya has done an outstanding job translating several sections from it. The most impressing thing I noticed is the success they had in promoting the Town. We definitely can learn from them on how to revitalize Dhour Shweir.

* We have about twelve new guests that have registered in the guestbook. Rabih Khoury is working on ways to be able to file the names in alphabetical order so we can use the section as a directory, Signing for the newsletter would help Rabih tremendously. Just for your information I have more names on my email list than we have in either section. Take this as a hint, if my computer gets zapped by a nasty virus, I could lose contact with a lot of you, and you sure will miss me.

* The page has been upgraded to make it easier to Navigate, new sections were also added.

* Now, you can use the page to send cards on special occasions, thank you Rabih Khoury.

* We are about 2 weeks from submitting application for a "Not for profit organization" to help establish tax deductible contribution to help the town. Stay tuned on this one.

* The Big Story Last month we thought that we will be able to send "10 Available" computers for the Baladieh, volunteer organization and the school. The feedback from the town's folks indicated that the school will benefit the most from the computers. Somehow the word got out and the school presumed that they were promised the computers. A couple of weeks ago the deal fell through once we found out the cost of the shipping and handling and making the computers compatible is more than buying new computers. Needless to say, the school was very disappointed. Wait the story does have a happy ending..... Habib Khalil Moujaes, our man on the spot, feeling that the relationship between the towns folks and the mughtaribeen must not suffer took the initiative and bought 4 brand new computers that will be installed at the school "AT THE SAME TIME YOU ARE READING THIS MESSAGE". These computers will be used by our nephews, nieces, cousins or their children, Great Christmas gift for a great cause.  Efforts like this are deeply appreciated and surely must be commended. Thank you Habib. We will publish the whole story with details and pictures on the web soon.

Note from the Mukhtar: Although Habib did not ask for help on this donation, I am hoping that several of us will be able to contribute and collect some money to help him once we know the amount spent. We will wait until we establish the organization so you can claim the deductions and we can tell you where to send the money. For future fund raiser, I promise that we will collect the contributions prior to committing to any amount we contribute to the betterment of the town.

So For now, I wish you all a glorious Christmas and the best of times for you and your family. Do enjoy your time with them whether you are decorating the house or shopping for gifts. And Remember to send us some picture of your family during the Holidays. would love to assign a section showing Christmas 2000 family pictures from all across the Globe. That should be our small Gift to each other that we can share and enjoy together. Think of it as a substitute for a gathering at the SAHA.

Can you do that by the end of January?

Your Mukhtar Bil Mahjar

George Matar

Posted by Roula Halabi on August 04, 2000 at 12:33:25:

Once again hello to all shweirieh. There is one thing that I would like to point out as I was reading through the memories page and definitely it brought some memories to me of shweir secondary school. it is true that at the time I attended that school it was during the war time but thanks to ms. mary sawaya a very admirable person the school was reopened and she did her best to get us the best teachers and make a good studying enviroment for us. unfortunately and this is what I heard three years ago that the school was taken away from our students , I don't know if that is still trure, I hope not.

I wish to everybody a happy eid al moughtarebeen and a special message on this special occasion and I wish if someone in shweir if you read this message, me and on behalf all shweirieh all over the world would love to deliver a message saying give us our school back , we deserve it.

Roula Halabi, San Jose, California, USA


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