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Aug. 19, 2001  Sunday 6:00 p.m.  Saha  
Eid Al Mughtaribeen
Classic & New Car Show & Competition.  
Symbolic and artistic dances and performances 

This banner was prominently displayed on the main stage of the Festival.  Thank You...

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September 2000  

Nicolas Visits Shweir... 

Hello, my name is Nicolas.  I am the son of Sami Andre Khonaysser, (ibn Antoinette & George Shaya Khnaisser), from Shweir and Pia Weingartner (from Germany), I am two years old (born in Paris on Halloween - October 31 - Halloween in USA is like Eid Al Berbara in Lebanon) and live in Paris, France.  Both my parents work for United Airlines and they/we travel a lot.  I have been to Germany, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hawaii and many other interesting places.  In late September,  2000, we visited Lebanon and Shweir.  

First of all, you may wonder what a little kid like me doing on this big chair with all the flowers; good question.   This is the chair and flowers for the "arouse", my cousin Zaina, bint Nicola Najib Shaya Khnaisser.  She got married to Gibran ibn Elie Nassr Khnaisser on September 23, 2000, and I thought I will grab the opportunity to sit in the Arouse chair to see how it feels like.  More about the bride and groom later.  Now let me show you some of the pictures I have so far.

K w-Fam Oak tunk Saideh.JPG (33749 bytes)
Here I am with my parents in front the huge oak tree trunk of Saideh church 
K Nicola & Pia flowers.JPG (54075 bytes)

With my Mom Pia

K Sami Andre& Nicolas.JPG (52445 bytes)
with dad Sami Andre
K Elias Mesa Nahr Bou Dawoode.JPG (67931 bytes)
Cousin Elias with Meza 
at Al Sedd Restaurant 
K Nicolas & Nicola.JPG (32541 bytes)

the two Nicolas

K Fam & Cousins.JPG (43748 bytes)
Ande, Pia, me, my cousins, Morgan and her mom, Naila, Elie who will be ordained priest 2001 and Stefan.
K Nicolas Khinshara Ain.JPG (52144 bytes)
Checking the Ain in Khinshara
K Elias & Nicoas Ain.JPG (57605 bytes)

and tasting the  
Ain Al Tahta

K Nicolas & Elias Bell.JPG (45812 bytes)
Ringing the Mar Elias Bell with my dad's cousin Elias Khnaisser
K Nicolas Apple Geo Semaha 1.JPG (64332 bytes)
At Nahr Abu Dawoode
"a little higher, George"
K Nicolas Apple Geo Semaha 2.JPG (64400 bytes)
Picking apples
"I got it" 
K Nicolas Apple Geo Semaha 3.JPG (44477 bytes)
w/George Saadallah Semaha "Best tasting apples in the world" 
K Yazbek & Sami Andre.JPG (37330 bytes)
My dad w/Yazbek
K Salma Najib & Pia.JPG (35581 bytes)
Salma & her brother Najib Khnaisser w/ my mom
K Arouse Areese.JPG (31055 bytes)
Zaina Nicola Shaya Khnaisser Marries Gibran Elie Nassr Khnaisser
Stay tuned for 
More to come

Check out the brochure photos we gave webmaster of the new Hotel on the eCommerce page 

And did I tell you that George Saadallah Semaha sent with us to give to Webmaster an updated family tree that goes back to the 1600's!!  It will appear as soon as web master transfers the information to the genealogy software program that can be featured on the web site..  It should be updated by the end of the month, inshallah.  

I want to say Marhaba to all the cousins and the Shweirieh that I met.  I miss you all already. Thank you George for the apples and hospitality.  

Did I tell you that you can get the freshest fish there, they pick it live from the river and cook it for you.  

Al Sedd Restaurant has the most delicious food and the most wonderful and peaceful setting.  After all, my great grandfather, Nicola Shaya Khnaisser, (Abu Dawoode, thus the old name of  Nahr abu Dawoode) built it and I am happy to see George and his family make it shine.  

Next time you come to visit Shweir, don't forget to 
visit and enjoy some meza, arak, arkeeleh and great food at Al Sedd Restaurant.

[ibn Sami ibn George ibn Nicola (Abu Dawoode) Shaya Khonaysser]

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Rumors -- Rumors: heard through the grapevines that  Nijad Chalhoub got engaged to Rania Shartouni.  Sorry ladies, cross Nijad's name off the "Available" list.
OK Nijad, tell us some details... like when is the big day ... Wedding bells...
We trust that the photo of the beautiful lady next to you is Rania. If not, we are in BIG trouble.  Nijad, would you like to put the rumors to rest???   * * * * * * * * * * * 



Thanks Nijad for your response and the new picture... What a beautiful couple.. 

" Fiancée her Name is Rania Nahed Shartouni she is from Shartoun Aley Daughter of Nadim & Georgette she is working in the University of st. Joseph as an assistant manager.
we are planning to get married this Summer ( I think at the end of July or the first week of August)  ..."  

Nijad, keep us posted, this is very close to Eid Al Mughtaribeen... what a celebration it will be...

Our First News Bulletin From Shweir.  

The following announcement and a copy of an email sent to us by Silva Bou Zaid on Sept. 29, 2000

I found that Samia and my husband are cousins. He is the son of NAIM BOU ZEID who is a butcher and owns a store facing Dhour EL Choueir HOTEL. And my husband works in it also.
I have already sent her an email telling her that.
Concerning the weather in Dhour El Choueir, last night it started raining for the first time this year and the atmosphere is cloudy even in Beirut. It is getting cooler not only in Dhour but also in all the country. 
The temperature is now between 24o  and 26o  .
But nobody started setting up their "Sobias" till now.
Find attached a picture JPG File for an invitation made by the Musician Community of Choueir. This concert was presented for 2 hours on September 23. It was very honorable seeing the entire group working together to give best music. Really it was great. I have been there and was happy seeing teenagers talented to music.
I need to say bye for now. We will keep in touch. 
Silva Bou Zeid

Webmasters note:  Thank you very much Silva, we appreciate keeping the other Shweirieh around the world informed about what is going on in Shweir.  Isn't that amazing... the Nawbeh holds a concert in Shweir and on the same day, many Shweireh were attending a Lebanese concert half the way around the world.  (See the Mayada concert below and Click on photo of "Matars visit San Francisco" above or go to "Shweirieh bil Mahjar" and scroll to or click on California).

August 2000

Ramzi Eid Moujaes & Carol on August 3, 2000
Here are the photos of the marriage of Ramzi Eid Moujaes from shweir and his wife Carol. The ceremony took place in Shweir Saideh church on a Sunday afternoon on Augut 3rd.  

We would like to know more about the Areese and Aroose... and who are your parents & grandparents... 

Marriage 1.JPG (44945 bytes) Marriage 2.JPG (102876 bytes) Marriage 4.JPG (52196 bytes)
Marriage 5.JPG (40885 bytes) Marriage 6.JPG (53571 bytes) Marriage 7.JPG (44642 bytes)

The Bachelors...  Aakbal al shabab al ezzsabi

Congratulations to Ramzi & Carol 

Thank you Habib Halabi for sending the photos.  

The Shukree Abdel Ahad Family


Hadret Al Mukhtar Bil Mahjar,

I would like to congratulate you for the very nice achievements I would like to congratulate also all those who are contributing to the web site especially the Web Master and all the members of the team and all the Shweirieh from all around the world.

In my first mail I said I'm going to contribute as much as I can to this lovely Web site. I know I'm not doing much compared to all those who are daily working with the site, but it's better doing something than nothing.

I'm providing Here to pictures of members of the Abd El Ahad family.  

Picture one is the Chucri Abd El Ahad Family members:

Seated: Chucri Abd El Ahad (right), Nada Daoud Abd El Ahad (left), standing in between Younger son Jamil.  Standing from right to left: Tarez, Mounir, Adel, Toni, Antoinette, Adeline, Elie, Sleiman  

Picture two is Ghada Sleiman Abd El Ahad: The picture was taken in summer 1974 when Ghada was elected Most "Beautiful Child in Lebanon" during the Emigrants Festival

I'm sorry that I didn't add the pictures to the site myself since I'm still not much acquainted with adding stuff to the web site.  as I get more acquainted with the site I will be posting more photo's of the family and of the events being prepared by the Scouts here in Shweir (since I'm one of the scouts chief)

Fadi Adel Abd El Ahad

Fadi, welcome aboard the train.  
Thank you for taking an active role and for sending us some photos of your family. Please give our regards to your family.