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Author Topic: Interview with “Miss Emigrants 2005”
Samar Kiame
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“Nermine Korban, I am 20 years old, I am from Ain el Sindyaneh, 3ème année Math Pure, my hobbies: sky, ping pong, drawing”.
That’s how our Miss Emigrants 2005 introduced herself on stage during the competition before the results.
Let us go closer to her and have more information about her personality:

• Who encouraged you to participate in Miss Emigrants 2005?

”Miss Emigrants” is a known event in our village, and as I am from here so the idea isn’t strange for me, my aunty participated before in such events which makes my parents encourage me to participate, and so it was.

• What did this experience gave you?

This experience prepared me morally to participate in “Miss Lebanon”. I have now more idea about how to dress, talk, walk, smile…
this title opened for me a large door to other competitions.

• Did you have the feeling previously that you was going to win?

We were ten participants only, and each one of us had her specific characters.
I had a feeling that I might be a second runner or first and a strong feeling that I might be the queen and that is what happened.
actually, every act in front of the jury affect; I was walking and talking with much of confidence, and when they asked me about my village I answered proudly, all of this has influence on the grades.

• In your opinion, what is the role that Miss Emigrants have to play to this town and the emigrants in the whole world?

I invite the emigrants to come back, and I tell them: “the situation here is getting better, put your hands in ours and let’s work together for a better country to rise again after the war”.
From my side, I wish peace and security in Lebanon and that politic get better because it affects too much.

• What are your plans for the future?

I would like to work more for a better emigrant festival, do more advertise for it, and strength its program.
The festival this year was good, but we can do better.

• What are you studying?

I am third year “Math pure”, I am going to continue “programmation”, and as knowledge I studied one year “science politique”.

• Why you chose to hold the Brazil flag in the competition?

Because we have lots of Lebanese Emigrants in Brazil, and some of them took high positions in the government, and because Lebanese support the Brazil football teem in which Ronaldo play.

• What was your feeling at the moment of the result?

”HAPPINESS” (loudly with a big smile), I was standing stressfully with the first runner and we were waiting in the middle of a suspense music, I tried to stay quiet and talk to her. I told her: “I will be happy for you if you win” and she too, from her side says the same to me.
When I heard my name, I was surprised; it is a great feeling and a so beautiful moment.

• Who is your ideal model?

my mom, she is the example of sacrifice, she encouraged me a lot and supported me when I felt weak, especially during the trainings when I decided to stop and withdrew from the competition, she took me from bed and send me back to enjoy the experience.

• What did this title changed in Nermine Korban?

My name is larger now and pronounced in higher levels. I raised my name, my family name and the name of my village “Ain el Sindyaneh”.

Finally, Miss Emigrants 2005 Nermine Korban, in her last word says thank you to the municipality of Dhour Shweir who support every year this competition and to all who organized it, and wished the Community Center where we did the interview more prosperity and proclaim how much we are in need for a such place to enrich the knowledge of those who seek for education.

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