Miss Emigrants 2003
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Emigrant Festival Committee in collaboration with Lebanese Emigrants Committee and Ministry of Tourism Present:

Miss Emigrant Beauty Pageant
Saturday July 19, 2003 at 9:00 p.m. at Hotel Royal in Dubayyeh, Lebanon

Meet the candidates

Brenda Zakki
South Africa

Mirna Mrad
Haret Sakhr, Lebanon

Christine Mallouf,
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Miriam Habib,
Texas, USA

Sandra Bestera,
Feytroun, Lebanon

Stephanie Khattar
Zalka, Lebanon

Rita Chemaly
Feytroun, Lebanon

Ingrid Abdallah

Rachel Bejani
Roumieh, Lebanon

Boushra El Turk
London, England

Isis El Khoury

Sarieah Ghafari
Jounieh, Lebanon

Meet new Miss Emigrant 2003-2004
19 years young, Miriam Habib from Houston, Texas, USA

The winners:  Every participant - The following are what the judges chose:

First Runner up on right, Brenda Zakki from South Africa,
2nd runner up Stephanie Khattar, 17 years young from Zalka, Lebanon

The Judges

Dr. Jihad Akl
Mona Haidar Abi Zaid
Elias Rahbany
Jilbear Fiad
David Abi Khalil
Doris Abou Shawareb
Rima Mattar
Shawkat Boutros
Dr. Fouad Harik
Fady Bou Dagher
Christina Sawaya
Loutfy Barbary
Leena Omaira
Representing Ministry of Exterior and Emigrants
Director of Public Relations,  Ministry of Tourism
Program Director, Saout al Mousica
Fashion Designer
Emigrant Festival Committee
Miss Emigrant, 2002-2003
General Manager, Le Royal Hotel
President of International Emigrant Festival
Miss Lebanon 2002, Miss International 2003
Art Director, Mondanite Magazine

The presenters

Rita Rahbany (L) and Grace Rayes

The contestants



The Audience

Savoring the spotlights

It was a great event.

See you next year's Pageant.



At Hotel Central with Kiamy Family and Elias Rahbany
At a luncheon hosted by Shweir Mayor Dr. Nabil Ghosn
Photo ops
A chat w/ Rita Rahbany,
Dabke, and an interview with Lama Katoul
Visiting Bytna, a Senior Center with Baytna's administrator Toni Corban and connecting with Rima Mattar via phone...

   at a dinner hosted by Fady Bou Dagher


Interview with Ms. Mughtarbeen
      Miriam Habib
They reward a queen for her external and internal beauty. And for her understanding and true love of giving. Truly this years Ms. Mughtarbeen earned it. I had the chance to meet her and her mother during a lunch organized by the mayor of the baladieh Mr.Nabil Ghosn.
Both lovely ladies that welcomed us with great love and warmth.
Here's my interview with Miriam Habib , Ms. Mughtarbeen 2003/2004.
Question #1 : How did you enter the program?
                Miriam : I was encouraged by Nabil Habaki and Julia Nader and they told Alexa Kiamy Bourji.
Question#2: What happened behind the scenes? And how long did it take to prepare?
              Miriam: I give credit to Alexa and everyone who prepared it. I had a lot of fun with the girls. Behind the scenes were fun . It took about 4 days to a week to prepare. The Hotel was wonderful one of the greatest I've seen in my life.
All the staff including the "lijne" were very welcoming and comforting.
Question #3: Who encouraged you to enter the pageant?
                Miriam: Nabil and Julia are owners and publishers of a classy magazine called "Al Hader" and they go around the world and they met me and encouraged me.
Question #4: Did you feel that there was a big competition between you and the other contestants?
                 Miriam: They were all lovely. Every girl had something beautiful about her.
Question #5: Which do you think is more important for a queen to win "motivation" , "courage" , or "support" and why?
                Miriam: They are all important! You need courage to face the audience and the stage. Also support and motivation are important. And I received them all.
Question #6: What does the word "beauty" mean to you?
                  Miriam: Beauty is everything about a person .Not only outside but inside also. Its like a vibe you give off to people . Kindness , love, and presence.
Question #7: What was the first feeling you felt when they crowned you?
                  Miriam: I was surprised because I got TWO titles . I was extremely excited and happy. Its an experience I wont forget and it will always be remembered.
Question #8: Has this effected your life in anyway ? If so , how?
                 Miriam: Yes, I have learned much more. Not only about myself but about the Lebanese people. I will take it with me and tell about them to everyone. It encourages me to want to do more for the Lebanese people here and there.
Question #9:If there is a part or a moment in the pageant you could change what would it be?
               Miriam: Everything was wonderful. I would have liked to be more relaxed . But other then that everything went well.
                        Done By : Lama Katoul


Thank you Lama and Miriam for an excellent interview.  We look forward to hear more updates for both of you.

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