Ain El Assis (the spring of the Assisi)

Our beloved Shweir Secondary School (SSS)
is now a beautiful Evangelical Retreat Center

Poetry & Night
An evening of
Poetry by prominent poet Henry Zghaib
presented and accompanied by the elegant Alexa Kiamy and
Life Achievement Awards Honoring Eight Prominent Shweirys
presented by the eloquent Rita Rahbany in
Ain El Assis, August 6, 2003

Life Achievement Awards started a few years ago by Nabil Matar and now is continued via 2003 Honorees are: 

Life Achievement Award
The Honorable Bechara Jamil Merhej
Elias Rahbani and Family
 Lebanon's ex Minister of Interior
Master of Music, Culture and Art
Civic Pride Award
Sammy (Clark) Houbeika
Shweir Scouts, Fawj Al Shweir
Singer - Humanitarian - Leader
The pride of our youths
Business Development Award
The Michel Kiamy Family
George Nassib Sadallah Samaha
Hotel Central
Al Sad Restaurant - La Voute night club
Shweiry of the Year Award
Christina Sawaya
Salim Bahij Sawaya
Miss Lebanon 2002 - Miss Int'l 2003
Beer Fest - Wine Fest - Media

And here are some pictures

Work in progress,

Report & text of plaques and more pixs on the way...

Here George Matar and Anwar Kenicer talk about
It was a memorable night



 After the event, George Sadallah Samaha invited all Honorees and
their significant others to a very nice dinner at his new AlSad Restaurant that seats up to 500 persons. 


Thank you George for a wonderful Evening.
Congratulations to all the honorees...




Cedar Building Rededication on October 26, 2002

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From: "Riad Khunieser"
Sent: Monday, October 28, 2002 2:37 AM

Attached you find the program for the re-opening of Arzy Building. I will write you about it later. I can only say now: Beshara, in his speech and feelings, was the real l962 class representative.

Spiritual evening and  the reopening of Arzi Building.

I didn't receive the invitation for the ceremony of the reopening of the building even though Mrs Kassab told me that she sent one.  Do I need an invitation to be in the same place, where I used to be daily for the best twelve years of my childhood and youth? I don't have to answer because if you were in my place you would do the same. I was there on the Saturday afternoon October 26, 2002 to joint others in the celebration of the reopening of Arzi Building after the new reconstruction. 

When you enter the main gate of the Evangelical Center (Our SSS), you feel the slope of the road that is taken you down, and in every step you feel years of your age is disappearing until you reach Carslaw Hall. You stop to look at the building and you hear voices of boys and girls all around you.  You even see faces of kids you know and love. Time disappeared and you are back to school carrying your books and zewady. I thought, I am the only one feeling so, until I heard one of the speakers, Reverent Awad, if I am not mistaken, expressing himself towards Ain Al Assis the same way I am doing.  It's funny how things get mix-up in one's mind when he is under the power of the place. 

Music, opening speech Dr. Mikhaial , a pray, then Mrs Najla Kassab,the center administrator, Dr. Nabil Ghosun, music again, Minister Beshara Merhej, 1962 class representative, another pray, Reverent Awad, Chairman of the National Evangelical Synod, and the last word was for Reverent Fadi Dagher. The speakers were excellent in describing Ain Al Assis and the relation between the place, the fouders, Dr Carslaw, the Synod and Shweir . Dr. Ghosun and others were against the idea of putting Arzi building down and starting a new one, (this was one of the options). The building is history (built in 1882), as he said, and each stone carries a different story of the place and the people who lived here. It's true that repairing the building coasted more than rebuilding a new one, but we can say that they saved part of Shweir and Synod memories, which is more precious than money. 

Minister Beshara Merhej, our representative, the 1962 class, spoke for all of us. His words were our feelings toward Ain Al Assis, the Arzi Building, the place and all the persons who founded, built or rebuild stones and souls.  I will not describe the building from inside; I will leave this to Mrs Kassab. I only can say, it's a very nice place to stay in.  Cake, cookies and soft drinks were served after cutting the ribbon and visiting all the rooms of the building. 

Thanks to The National Evangelic Synod, Mrs Najla Kassab and all the persons who helped in making Arzi Building live again either by there work, decisions or money.



Take a peak at the interior...


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From: onasr
Sent: Saturday, November 02, 2002 10:40 AM
Subject: The Carslaw House, SSS and Cedar Hall

Greetings, I have visited your Shweir site several times and have read various articles in it with great interest. The pictures too have been a great delight to me. Of particular interest to me is the Ain el Assis section. My very good friend and former school mate Ron Somerville has contributed to this section.
I have studied the cover photo entitled:
Our beloved Shweir Secondary School (SSS) is now a beautiful Evangelical Retreat Center
and I have tried to guess at which building in that photo is the Evangelical Retreat Center. So far I can not be certain! Would somebody at your end be so kind as to describe which building it is?
Also I am a little confused as to whether the Carslaw house and the Retreat are one and the same building or whether they are different buildings and if so which one is the Carslaw house? I had been thinking that the Carslaw had been turned into the Secondary School and then turned into the Retreat but now some confusion has hit me! Also Cedar Hall or Cedar Building has come up and added to the confusion in my mind. Is it a part of the Carslaw house?
Over the last two years I started and have been maintaining a family web site through We have a large extended family that includes the Nasrs, the Jamals, the Mahshis and the Haddads. Originally from Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt our families are now spread out all over the world. In this web site we have some scrolling announcements that we are using as links to other web sites. One of these sites is your Shweir web site. So we are just a click away from the Shweir site. Ron and Donna Somerville are members of our extended family site and are regular visitors to it.
Thank you for the great Shweir web site that you have. Keep up the good work. You are much appreciated.
Thank you also for any help you can give us in identifying the building or buildings referred to in your articles.
Owen Nasr,


Hello Owen,
Sorry for the delay in my response.  I was out of town for a week.
If you look at the main Ain el Assis Picture on its web page, there are two buildings in the center of the picture. the one on the left is the Carslow building, the one on the right with the brick tile roof is Sanneen building, the one on the far right is the Assembly hall and beyond that is inspiration point.
now, the Cedar building is the next left building to the Carslaw building. 
I am copying our team.  if my memory is not as fresh, please correct.
I will post your email in the Ain El Assis section. perhaps some others will contact you.



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From: Matar, Nabil []
Sent: Monday, August 26, 2002 7:38 AM
To: ''

Dear Najla,
It gave me great pleasure and honor that I had a chance to meet you this summer, my friend you are really a special lady.
One behalf of SSS, class of 62 I would like to thank you for the lovely branch we had, you really made us feel welcome in your beautiful center..
My dear friend, we are grateful to you and the National Evangelical Synod of turning  Ain Al Assis (my old school) to a magnificent place. a place that all Shweirieh will be proud of. It is no secret to you if I say that Ain Al Assis has a special place in the heart of every student who attend SSS. We hope one day soon with your help can host a reunion for all the Shweirieh and non Shweirieh who attended the school.
Najla, as per our conversation, I will anxiously be waiting for your report so we could post with the pictures I took in our web site.
PLease always  stay in touch and god bless you my friend.

Nabil E. Matar


Lost School Bell. 

The present administration of the Evangelical Center would like to get a better picture of the school bell in order to recreate it. 

Better yet, if anyone knows where the original bell is, please let email us at or contact the school. 

This bell means a lot more to the graduates of the SSS and to the new Center.  As such, we will give you a great reward for telling us where the bell is and pay an excellent price to the present owner of the bell. 

An email about Dr. William Carslaw  

Courtesy of Riad Khunieser, Yaffet Memorial Library, AUB

Dr. William Carslaw

The article attached was published in the issue of February 1914 of Al-Kulliyeh, the AUB journal, and the author is a well-known Shweiry, Dr Habib Hammam. Dr. Hammam says that he new Dr. Carslaw since he came to Lebanon in 1876 until he died in October 1, 1913. He calls him "My master and teacher". Dr Carslaw born in Clasco, Scotland on the eighth of September 1837. He was in his forties when he came to Shweir and he spent thirty-seven years between Shweirieh. He came to help as a doctor in the Shweir station. When Rev. Ray resigned in 1879, Dr Carslaw had to take over.

Henry Harris Jessup,D.D. Wrote in his book "Fifty-Three Years In Syria" v.1 (1910) Pages 384-385:
".The whole difficulty arose from the fact that the Scotch committee, ignorant of Turkish law, had allowed their buildings to be erected on land belonging to an employee, and that this individual, knowing the law, had concealed the facts from them. After Dr. Carslaw had secured the title deeds, he sold the entire premises in Suk to the American Presbyterian Mission in 1888; and in 1900 the Scotch committee donated in fee simple the entire property in Shweir, consisting of church, manse, boys' boarding-school and girls' boarding-school to the American Presbyterian Mission, on condition: 1st, That these buildings be used only for Christian missionary purposes, and 2d, That the Missionary Committee of Free Church of Scotland will continue the salary of Rev. William Carslaw so long as he is able and willing to do missionary work. Dr. Carslaw was licensed and ordained to the gospel ministry by the Lebanon Presbytery, December 16, 1883, and has continued until the present time as acting pastor of the
Shweir church. Dr. Carslaw always preaches in English, his translator standing by his side and interpreting his sermons in Arabic.This is probably the only case of the kind in the Turkish Empire. The doctor was forced into it by having entered the work in mature years when the acquisition of new language was difficult, and from the fact that from the outset he was over-whelmed with medical practice, and given no time to study the Arabic. His great success as a teacher in the school and pastor of the church is greatly to his credit. Few men in similar circumstances could have succeeded so well.

"This is a brief history of a man who gave Shweir best of his years in education, culture and health care."

In the November 1913, issue of Al-Kulliyeh, the English part, I copy: "A devoted friend of the College (AUB) passed away on October first, in the person of Rev. W. Carslaw, M.D., for many years the Principal of the Boys School in Shweir. Dr Carslaw served the College (AUB) for long period as a member of its Board of Managers. He has left his impress upon many students
among whom his memory will be cherished."



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Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2002 2:14 AM
Subject: New Entry in Shweir Guestbook

Name: Ronald W. Somerville
Email: <>
Location: Kelowna, B.C. Canada
Time: Saturday, February 16, 2002 at 02:14:05

Comments:  My Father James's Uncle was Dr. William Carslaw. My fathers Grandfather Richard came to the Lebanon in 1846, his daughter Isabella became the wife of Dr. Carslaw. I was born in Broumana, but the 'family' home was Carslaw House. Dr. Carslaw established a school there (from which Dad graduated before attending AUB. Isabellas sister was Jeanette (Nettie to all) Somerville,who later lived at 48 Rue Jeanne d'Arc,until her death in '52. Dad married my mother, Sadeeca As'ad, in '21, worked in Iraq till '33 and Palestine till '48, then moved to the Nazarian Bldg on Sidani St. He worked at rthe AUB till his retirement.I emigrated to Canada in '54, revisiting several times until I returned with Donna my wife and David and Richard my sons for nearly 3 years, from Jan. '73 till Oct. '75. We naturally visited Shweir many times in drives over the countryside. My Great Grandfather Richard was the engineer who in 1846 installed the first automatic weaving looms for the manufacture of silk brocades in the Lebanon. My sister Agnes Shamma'a married Michel Shamma'a,who also taught at the AUB, still lives in Beirut, on the 4th floor of the building on the corner of Bliss and Jeanne d'Arc. 

I travelled extensively for Carrier Int'l over Africa and the Middle East, then Latin America and the Carribbean till ,84, then as a consultant in Cleveland OH, Atlanta GA, New Orleans LA until I retired here in '94. My sons are married, living in South Carolina and Tennessee respectively. My very good friend here is As'ad Farrah, who was raised in Shweir,even to attending school that Dr. Carslaw established. Agnes and my cousin Elizabeth had the Testimonial Marble Plaque in front of Carslaw House ( damaged during the war) replaced (from a picture that my cousin Carlene in Phoenix had, taken by her Father when he and her Mother Olive spent their Honeymoon there. All in all, we have so many happy memories of Shweir and Lebanon. If we can, we would like to return this summer
for Agnes' 50th Wedding Anniversary. 'In Allah Rad' Those who know of me or my family, PLEASE e-mail me. Memories are made of this.     A wonderful surprise for me to find your website!! I read every entry!      
Hello Ronald and Ahlan wa Sahlan to the Family.  Sorry for the delay in my response, I just returned from a business trip to Aruba, and now trying to catch up on 207 emails in my in-box.  I could not re4sist but answer yours as I finished reading it.  Wow, this is absolutely a great morning.  Dr William Carslaw who in Shweir could not know that name, I doubt any.

I visited the Center this summer and I tell your it is been beautifully restored.  The Carslaw Building is just breathtaking, I don't know if you notice but there is a link on the front page called "Ain Assis" that will take you there, and you can view many of the pictures, including the restored Testimonial Marble Plaque.

So many Questioned to ask, and I could write for a long time but please forgive my short message I have so much catch-up work to do.  But I can't tell you how happy and proud to welcome you to our Family, we
would be honored to have you consider us your hometown web page.
George Matar


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From: "Riad Khunieser"
Sent: Friday, October 18, 2002 3:45 AM
Subject: Dr. Carslaw

Mr. Ronald W. Somerville,
The attached is for both of you to read and keep. I hope Mr. Somerville knows Arabic well to understand what the poem says. If not you might, perhaps one of our readers would be kind to translate and send it to Anwar to post it.  The poet is Mr. Najib Mushraq (the advocate). His book was published in 1931 (Al Mushraqiat). The poem was published first in 1914 in one of the Beirut newspapers (Al Muhazzeb), after the memorial ceremony in Shweir for the late Dr. Carslaw. 

When I saw your letter on the, I decided to look for something said   about Dr. Carslaw and the school that gave Shweir unforgotten men, women and memories, to send for you.  Thank you Mr.Somerville and we like you to visit Shweir always.



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From: Ron and Donna Somerville
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2002 1:07 AM
Subject: Carslaw House, "SSS", Cedar House Dedication and some pictures of the Somerville and Carslaw families
I was moved by the entry by Mr. Riad Khuniesar, this past week, with information that Mr. Najib Mushraq had published an item on Dr Carslaw in a Beirut newspaper in 1914, and then in poetic form in 1931, with a photo of him. I very much regret that although I speak Arabic (the colloquial form only - I regret that at St. Georges' School, I had to transfer to French!!), I can neither read nor write it.I would indeed very much appreciate a translation of the poem, written some 80 plus years ago.
I am attaching some pictures of him, his wife Isabella, his only son James (Jimmy) who tragically died of the plague only a month after returning from Scotland, caught while repairing a bearing on a small freighter which had just come in from India. They were both devastated with his passing and Dad told me that they both aged years in the weeks that followed. The picture below him sitting on the verandah smoking is of Isabella reading to him after he became blind. Another, also on the verandah, is with Dr. George Mackie, his wife Isabella and Jimmy at the back. The third is of the two sisters, Isabella and Jeanette (Nettie) my great aunts, daughters of Richard Somerville who was the engineer who came out from Glasgow in 1846 with equipment to mechanize the weaving of the silk brocades, which were so labour intensive to weave by hand. 
Since I am new to the scanner and techniques it requires you to know to use it properly, I will have to send on separate e-mail the next 3 pictures. They will be of Dr. Carslaw and his family when Jimmy was a youngster, another of Dr. Carslaw (the same one that is part of the poem that Riad Khuniesar submitted in his e-mail) and lastly, of my fathers'  maternal grandfather, Richard.
On a different topic entirely, I was talking to my sister Agnes Shamma'a last night and learned that there was to be a dedication of "Cedar Hall", the refurbished building near the tall Cedar tree, It may interest you to know that my great aunt Nettie planted that tree about 1920. She said that she hoped that she and her husband (who is frail and does not leave their appartment too often) would be able to attend. If she does, ishe will be able to fill you in on loose ends that may puzzle you.
Please let me know how the picture are received. They may be too dark, taken so long ago. I hope
that they are suitable for insertion in your SO interesting website.
With every good wish .
Ron Somerville

These were sent to George Matar at his Houston web site.  It is of importance because of the dedication of Cedar Hall , October 26th.  Some of the contents of the successive e mails pertain to Carslaw House, the Carslaw family (Carslaw and Somervilles) and the planting of the cedar tree in front of Cedar Hall by my great Aunt, Jeanette Catherine Somerville - sister Isabella (Somerville) Carslaw, wife of Dr. Carslaw in approximately 1920.  I hope that the information gets to you in time.

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From: Ron and Donna Somerville
To: gematar@sbinfra
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2002 1:06 AM
Subject: Dr. Carslaw, his family and Carslaw House .jpg

These pictures should have gone with the e-mail I just finished!! I wii see if I can send on the original e-mail!!
Ron Somerville


 It is of importance because of the dedication of Cedar Hall , October 26th.  Some of the contents of the successive e mails pertain to Carslaw House, the Carslaw family (Carslaw and Somervilles) and the planting of the cedar tree in front of Cedar Hall by my great Aunt, Jeanette Catherine Somerville - sister Isabella (Somerville) Carslaw, wife of Dr. Carslaw in approximately 1920.  I hope that the information gets to you in time.

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From: Ron and Donna Somerville
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2002 1:06 AM
Subject: Dr. Carslaw, his family and Carslaw House .jpg
These pictures should have gone with the e-mail I just finished!! I wii see if I can send on the original e-mail!!
Ron Somerville

----- Original Message -----
From: Ron and Donna Somerville
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2002 1:19 AM
Subject: Dr. Carslaw, his family and Carslaw House .jpg
Dear George,
Here are the other 3 photographs I mentioned earlier. Dr Carslaw, then a family group with Jimmy as a youngster, and lastly Richard Somerville, my Great Grandfather.
I do not have Mr Riad Khuniesers' e-mail address to thank him for his insertion about Dr Carslaw. Kindly pass on to him my sincere appreciation of his thoughtfullness.
Ron Somerville




Honoring Khalil Saadeh  

Monday, August 5, 2002

Held in Ain El Assis at the old Shweir Secondary School

Dr. Saadeh's grand daughters Elissar & Sophia attended the event
Sophia was also one of the speakers



----- Original Message -----
From: Don Johnson
Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2002 10:14 PM
Subject: Dr. Khalil Saadeh

After finding and viewing your website and seeing the picture of Dr. Khalil Saadeh, I thought y'all
would like a picture of his family minus their youngest child, Grace.




Farid Abou Kheir 

Mrs. Samia Farid Abou Kheir
(Farid's wife), holding the plaque

Naseeb Touma Sawaya

Also, a report about this event would be great.



Anwar George Kenicer, George Matar and Elie Bou Kheir
visit the school of their youth... Shweir Secondary School (SSS)

P8090083.JPG (59650 bytes) Ain Carslow Elie Geo Anwar 2.JPG (46718 bytes) Ain Carslow Elie Geo Anwar.JPG (30173 bytes) P8090085.JPG (28174 bytes) P8090087.JPG (50462 bytes)
P8090096.JPG (50801 bytes) P8090097.JPG (53164 bytes) P8090092.JPG (58682 bytes) P8090095.JPG (67919 bytes) P8090093.JPG (62304 bytes)
P8090086.JPG (62467 bytes) P8090084.JPG (69101 bytes) P8090088.JPG (74263 bytes) P8090089.JPG (64302 bytes) P8090098.JPG (87314 bytes)

Text and more photos to come...





Aug. 12,  2001 Sunday  7:00 p.m. Ain Al Assis
Celebration in remembrance of the Author and Educator Girges Nijm Hammam.

Organized by Women’s Renaissance Gathering – Shweir
amo3 al Nahda al Nisa’ia )  

Thank you Samer Moujaes for scanning and emailing this portrait.

On the 12th of August 2001 people were gathered in “Ain el Kassis” to honor the teacher Jerjes Hammam. Silence covered all the area and the weather was so cool as if everything was paying respect to that great person.

All the eyes were moving between his picture standing on the stage and the presenters at the podium talking about the periods of Jerjes Hammam’s life achievements.

 This remembrance was organized by the Women’s Renaissance Gathering _ Shweir. This association was first created in 1979, in Beirut, and spread through many branches all over Lebanon; with a main aim to help the Lebanese women by teaching them many things like craft work, languages, computer, ……..

 The Shweir branch was found in 1997 with a goal “ Shweir Culture and lost Heritage “.

Their projects were:

1998 : Honoring the Poet Khalil Hawi,

1999: Honoring the Writer Sa’id Taki el Dine By performing the play “ Hafnet Rih “ directed by Dr. Nabil Abou Mrad,

2000 : Honoring the Scientist ( nuclear physicist ) Salwa Nassar,

2001 : Honoring the Teacher Jerjes Hammam.

 Honoring Jerjes Hammam who died 80 years ago was a big challenge especially with the shortage of information, but with the help of many people and especially his Mrs. Rida Nassib Hammam, 100 years ago has devised a modern educational method that is used nowadays at our schools with a series of graded books which revolutionized teaching techniques in the Near East.

 Jerjes Hammam was born in 1857, his parents sent him to the English Primary School in Shweir. He excelled to such a degree that an English inspection team in 1870 recommended he be transferred to the high school in Souk al Gharb where he met Reverend Ray in 1872. In 1873, he became the Reverend’s translator and he focused his efforts on translating geometry and algebra books to Arabic. When in 1874, Reverend Ray transferred his post to Shweir and founded its high school he brought Jerjes Hammam with him and appointed him as a teacher.

 His books are:

1887, he published in association with Salim Kassab an  Arabic _ English dictionary.

1908, Jerjes Hammam published an Arabic _ Arabic dictionary for students, he called it “Mu3jam” al Taleb, the dictionary reflects his concern and ongoing crusade to improve the teaching methods.

1907, Jerjes was invited to participate in the design and later the administration of the Orthodox high school in Homs, Syria where in addition to his administrative duties he taught Mathematics.

Jerjes Hammam Died on the 22nd of June 1921.                                                     

By Nissrine & Rawan Moujaes  

Thank you Nissrine & Rawan Moujaes on a great report about this event.  

Following are some photos to go with the report... 

Celebration in remembrance of the Author and Educator Girges Nijm Hammam P8120151.JPG (91899 bytes) P8120152.JPG (66307 bytes) P8120153.JPG (88419 bytes) P8120154.JPG (45970 bytes)
Rita R 5.JPG (22508 bytes) Our Eloquent & Beautiful MC (Master of Ceremony) Rita Rahbany
The great smile is a bonus
P8120157.JPG (55715 bytes)

P8120156.JPG (49234 bytes)

Can you see yourself or someone you know in this audience? P8120159.JPG (137325 bytes)

P8120158.JPG (131621 bytes)

P8120160.JPG (87848 bytes) P8120161.JPG (76816 bytes) P8120162.JPG (94178 bytes) P8120163.JPG (92781 bytes) P8120164.JPG (106543 bytes)
P8120155.JPG (47874 bytes) P8120167.JPG (58262 bytes) In Memory &
Honoring of
Jerjes Hammam
P8120170.JPG (57557 bytes) P8120171.JPG (50499 bytes)
P8120172.JPG (56125 bytes) P8120174.JPG (80770 bytes) P8120169.JPG (66069 bytes) P8120173.JPG (47965 bytes) P8120177.JPG (33647 bytes)
P8120175.JPG (55800 bytes) P8120178.JPG (42583 bytes) P8120176.JPG (57798 bytes) P8120179.JPG (39304 bytes)  
P8120180.JPG (52504 bytes) OK ladies, lets take a group picture...
and w/ Mrs. Hammam in the middle
P8120183.JPG (45894 bytes) Lets make a big circle...
We did it...  Thank you...
P8120182.JPG (40896 bytes)
P8120185.JPG (48261 bytes) P8120187.JPG (52785 bytes) P8120186.JPG (45163 bytes) Look this way... No, look that way now...
One of the benefits of attending such a great event in Ain El Assis, is that no matter which way you look, you see beauty


Past Shweir Honorees include... 

Khalil Hawi 1998.JPG (48921 bytes) <  Khalil Hawi

Salwa Nassar  >


Salwa Nassar 2000.JPG (48536 bytes)
Khalil Hawi
 Khalil Hawi - H Jerdak.JPG (58070 bytes)
Khalil Hawi - Jerdak 2.JPG (49937 bytes) Khalil Hawi - Elia 1.JPG (44244 bytes) Hawi K- Jerdak 2.JPG (49937 bytes) Hawi K- Jerdak 3.JPG (49214 bytes)
Salwa Nassar

Salwa Nassar prog.JPG (129204 bytes)
Salwa Nassar Qoute.JPG (79197 bytes)

Nassar S Intro.JPG (58897 bytes)

Nassar S  30.JPG (42792 bytes) Nassar S  31.JPG (48944 bytes) Nassar S  32.JPG (58436 bytes)

The Booklets which covers appear above are courtesy of Rima Abi Kheir... when we have more time, we would like to scan and feature the entire contents... unless someone from Shweir can scan them, copy them onto a CD and send them to us...