Beer Fest 2004



Click on microphone to Listen to audio Promotion on Radio Sawt El Ghad


May Sings                                            Youngest Advertising Executives

Well what can we say?   The pictures say it all. 

The man who made it all happen is non other than recipient of Shweiry of the year, Salim Bahij Sawaya

And of course he got plenty
of help from volunteers like these Sawayas
OK, if you have not guessed it, they are part of the marketing team.

Salim is having a great time and/or being acknowledged

and able volunteers

And the crowd, estimated at 15,000, just loved it

picture titles are descriptive... hover your cursor over a picture and read description on bottom left.

What a Party!


They even provided fireworks...

Many thanks to Salim Bahij Sawaya, his family, volunteers and all who helped make this possible and bring so many people to Shweir. 

Also, many thanks to Silva Awad, Riad and Omar Khneisser for taking, editing and sending the pictures.

Any one who wish to send us a report and update and educate us about the event, please do so.



Author Topic: Dhour Shweir Beer Festival 2004 (3rd year)
Samar Kiame
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Dhour Shweir Beer Festival 2004 (3rd year)

The Dhour Shweir Beer Festival 2004 was hold on the Sunday the 11th of July.
The crowd came from all over Lebanon to witness this event.
The beer festival began with the Lebanese national anthem at 9:00, then the presenter Afaf Damaa from New T.V. saluted the president and the council member. a special thanks to the organizer Salim Sawaya who made this event possible, then a welcome to all who came (from Beyrouth, Jounieh, Zgharta, Nebeyh, Khonchara, South, Bhamdoun, Bteghrine, Baskinta, Mrouj…) sharing with us this festival and the introducing of the first singer, from the “Star Club” a special song contest program made for the arab world, “Nawfal” from Syria who sing “lazra3lik bistan wroud” and “sallem 3aleha ya hawa”, two moons are standing up at my door “3ala babi wakif amarein” with Soumaya from Tunis who sang too “hawwel ya ghannam hawwel”.

The festival continued with Tamer from Egypt who attract the hearts on singing “tell me what I did for you” or “ oulli 3amillak eh” and the beautifull Amina from Tunis sung to her lover “ana ba3chakak” and “kamel el awsaf”.
The story of love continued with Mouhammad from Jordan with the song “ahwak watmanna law ansak” and “3alallah t3oud”.
Ghadi the famous Lebanese singer, accompanying him two girls dancing with fire, his band supply his lover to come back with the song “dakhilak 3oud” and “bikidam”, the feet behind the feet and shoulder on shoulder make the sky hear our dabkeh on national songs and the nostalgy let the stars spend their night with us.
Mr. Tamam (Claude khalil and Abou Khalil) appears to transform our problems into smiles and laughs and introducing four personal popular songs.

A moment of silence,

Then the sky is lit bright by the firecrackers with the entrance of May Hariri in the theatre, wearing tight blue jeans and a shirt that with it simply make her look very attractive. Very dynamic, everyone wants to take a picture with her, to dance with her, give her a flower or have her autograph.
The seha of Dhour was filled of people and cars and busses, the presenter of New T.V. estimated the crowd about 15 000 persons who came from all over Lebanon.
As a result, the large advertising campaign done by the organizer Salim Sawaya attracted this huge of visitors.
The time is close to leave, but the demands supply May to stay, two songs more and she leaves letting tears in the eyes of a child who wants her to stay and this was the wish of the crowd who was there.

The team who helped logistically wearing a yellow t- shirt rushed to take pints of beer to refresh them after a tough unforgettable night, as they said.

All the restaurants was fully booked with people, starting from 9:00 pm you cannot make any more reservations, even the “Abou nwass” restaurant facing the hotel Kassouf have no places at all, Galina restaurant, Dhour Shweir hotel, Raymond Halabi’s restaurant, Carnaval restaurant, Kiame café, Elie Hawi café, Georgio Pizzeria and Bake on café at the entrence of Dhour. The shops also took their share from this event.

And the last word was an announcement that 30th of July would be the first day of “3id el mooghtaribeen”.

The festival in the theatre finishes and another begins in the street where some youth from Baskinta sit on the road to drink beer and join around them the other youth who came from the different places from the country, and they begin to sing “zajal” and their voices make the square that begin to be empty of people, full of songs.

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Tony Moujaes
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Now that is what I call a Super Report.

Samar you really are something. I am not sure I know who you are, but your name sound familiar. I had a classmate by that name. Is that you? 

I think you need to send a photo or direct us to one if there is one already on; this way we can relate a face to the name.

Thank you for this thorough description of the beer festival events as they took place. You have done a marvelous job.  Keep it up. 


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Gabi Ataya
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yeah it sounds like it was great fun. I wish I was there for the event.

I like the bit about the young people starting another celebration in the street afterwards 

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George Matar
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Samar...Samar.... Samar... Shu Haida ya Aamo, The Pictures were great but they did not say everything or all those that participated..... Love the ending, I can actually see these guys on the side of the road singing....I love it.
Best part was that the businesses in Dhour Capitalized on the Event.... Here is a message for them: " Next Year Help with promoting and sponsering the Event, after all it's money in your pocket"

Ya Tony, Samar is Adel Kiame Priceless Jewel   Remember all the reporting we were getting on the Elections? Samar was there.

Salim, My Man, What Can I say, the pictures and the report say it all... Thank you so much. Maybe the is the right position for you on the City Council, "Chairman of Shweir Promotion"  You have a lot of excperience and better yet, a lot of momentum going. Since you are a member on the town Council why don't you push for forming a committee that includes a member from the council, members of the town businesses, Services, etc.. And start planning for Summer of 2005. They can start gathering ideas on type of events that bring crowds to Shweir, and say by October the ideas can be narrowed down to a few.

And then take it from there....

Let us make Next Year's theme : "Summers in Dhour Shweir, there's always something happening, Come See"

What do you think?

I know we have the need, the talent, the vision, the creativity, the drive, and all that we need is the ability for to work together, once we get that last part, the SKY WOULD BE THE LIMIT for Shweir and Ain Sindiani.

Today, I am so proud

Samar, Why don't you get some volunteers to help you and assign a person to cover each event during the Eid al Mughtaribeen.

Thank you Samar, well done.

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Samar, Thank you for a great report...
Now with that report, and the pictures, the people who missed it can have a more "Samar virtual" experience, sort of. 

I have copied your report and responses and posted them on the dedicated web page for the 2004 Beer Fest and sprinkled it with a bunch of new pictures from Salim.

Again thanks ya Samar. We hope to meet you next summer, inshallah,


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