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A Summer in Shweir is incomplete without at least a picture of Helena Ataya & family in Saha - Helena, we miss you!

From Summer of 2003



Since we do not have much photos in here, we are going to feature photos of the Eid al Mughtaribeen Hafli in Saha that featured the great majority of Shweir performers... 

Yara and her parents, Joseph and Ghada Khneisser



2001  -  Aug. 15, Wednesday 10:00  Shweiry Hafli - Saha 
Music of Shweir in Rihbaniyat, Saif oo Terse with the Master Jamil Eid Khonaisser with Fouad Halim Sawaya with Goerge Shallita and Emile Eid Khonaisser and co.  Dance by Shweiry young ladies.  

"Dance of the Goddess"  P8150286.JPG (47711 bytes) Dancers from Shweir & Nabet al Shweir in the Background   P8150291.JPG (40755 bytes)
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2001  -  Aug. 18, Saturday 9:00 p.m.  Saha 
A Play:  Al Shakess By Rahbany Brothers performed by Bshammoun Club of National Artists


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Would you believe that it rained so hard 40 minutes before the end of the performance that they had to cancel... Audience used chairs as makeshift umbrellas

water gushed down the street like rapid torrents

P8180044.JPG (43208 bytes)
Mayor & Vise Mayor unfazed by the rain...
P8180045.JPG (39972 bytes)  
P8180046.JPG (58212 bytes) P8180047.JPG (83670 bytes) P8180048.JPG (70120 bytes) 2:00 a.m. all deserted & calm in Saha P8180049.JPG (47511 bytes)



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