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October 26, 2002:  Al Mukhtar's Daughter, Leila Georges Matar Weds Chris Alfred Moujaes.  See Texas 2 

Nadia Matar, daughter of Nabil & Wedad Matar, marries David Shane Cowart
The wedding took place in Saint Michael Church in Beaumont Texas on July 2002.



Celebrating Roum Easter in S E Texas 2002

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To: 'A. G. Kenicer'

Briefly The Roum church in Beaumont celebrate Easter every year out doors near the priest's house where there is a large space consist of swimming
pool, volleyball field, area for children with swings and slides. all the Roum and their friends in the area will attend the Easter services, have lunch together and do several activities like playing music, volleyball, swimming etc. As for the pictures I send you, I already wrote the first names of the individuals, most of them you already new. incase you don't, bellow I will identify some by mentioning the last name like for example:
Lina ,Nadia and Ziad are my children,  - Azlyn and Nicholas are my grand children  -  Leila is George's Daughter  -  Nora is my sister
Tony is tony Mir3i Moujaes ( Khalil Mir3i's son).   Chris is Alfred Moujaes son  -  George Haddad is the person who played the 3ood during Shweir on the beach and he help us on shipping the stretchers.  -  of course you already new George , Habib, Janice.
As for the others the majority are Lebanese Mughtaribeen. 

By the way, I asked Habib to word the Plaques, once he finish we will let
Grace and Susan  edit them.

Nabil E. Matar


Also, Anwar, Nabil sent to you some pictures of a 3eed el Kbeer that my church held in Beaumont. These are some pictures of the Ba3out celebration (Mar Elias it ain't) but it still was great because there were lots of Shweirieh and Lebanese there. The service was followed by a picnic, barbque and an auction that raised several thousand dollars for orphanages in Damascus and Mexico.

Shweir on the Beach 2001  -  a Great Success

Those Texans do everything BIG...  from Beach Parties to Moon Rockets... 
to BIG Welcomes and BIG Hearts... 

Author Topic:   Great pictures
posted 06-04-2001 08:01 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Klee      Reply w/Quote
Whoever invented the camera must be thanked, not to mention the photographers who record events for posterity. It is great to see the photos in the last update :-O : the proud family of new baby Caroline Zghaib (Ghassan, ALL the women in your family are just BEAUTIFUL, they must have good Shweir genes), and we can see all the happiness of the Texas picnic (no storm or snow can stop the Shweirieh, right?).
We are so fortunate to have the capacity to share these and other photos of scenes, young people and events on the internet. I loved the photo of the mughly for Caroline, and the guys with their Mughly; you can almost hear the happy laughter when you look at these pictures :-D . Thanks for sharing them.

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George Matar
posted 06-05-2001 09:24 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for George Matar      Reply w/Quote
Agree with you Dr. Klee, the pictures are great, but they usually tell a fraction of the story. There is nothing like being there when these events happen, I wish you were with us, I guess I will revise that to say I WISH YOU ALL WERE WITH US on that day.

There are many stories that went with the event my report is only one, there was no way I could have covered everything, the chats that took place, the jokes, swimming, the trips the people took getting there and back.

One couple drove into the grounds because they saw the Lebanese flag, I walked and Invited them to join us, They apologized, because they were late for a gathering in Beaumont (they took the ferry also)but they wanted to see what was going on. I can't remember the names, I think she was Zaina and he was Nabil (?) both Lebanese, they operate the Hotel at Moody Gardens in Galveston...They Invited me for a visit.

I tell you Dr. Klee, if every Shweiry community around the globe holds a reunion like this once a year, we’ll have good pictures through out the year, and a much more united group

There are a couple of rumors that just sprouted out. Northeast of the USA would like to have a reunion and call it “Shweir at Lake George” and I believe our Canadian Counterparts in Montreal are thinking of doing the same and name it “Les Shweiryeh Au Montgheal” Vou Les vou Danceh’ avec Moi? Pardon My French Ya’ll. But the Idea is very appealing.

Now How about you Aussies, New Zealanders, Brazilian, Germans, San Franciscan / San Joses. I guess the Bay Area can have a tremendous gathering because there are so many Shweirieh over there. Here’s a partial list The Kenicer, Kheneisser, the Khounaisser, Archbold, Mapar, Houchaimy, Matar, Baaklini, Walsh, Tabshrani, Halabi, Touma Sawaya, Malouf, and I bet there are many many others in that part of the USA (Check the phone book). You have the perfect weather, and the means to spread the word so fast over there (Mhz). Some of us in Texas might even join you (and I am not talking strictly the Bay Area!!).
You got the idea? Now, do something about it

That George Is so Pushy!! one of these days! one of these days! he's gonna get his a.....

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Nabil E. Matar
posted 06-05-2001 10:56 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Nabil E. Matar      Reply w/Quote
Dr. Klee,
My brother Habib took a fantastic video for the picnic and gave it to me. It could be a nice video to show in Eid Al Mughtaribeen. I am now making several copies. If you are interested, please send me your address and I will be more than happy to mail you one. That’s goes for Hilda, Mona and Saera and maybe Anwar (just kidding master). For the rest of you guys, you have to beg ha ha ha
Author Topic:   Shweir at the Beach
Habeeb M. Nacol
posted 05-28-2001 06:46 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Habeeb M. Nacol      Reply w/Quote
What a great reunion. First I want to thank our wonderful hosts Alfred and Maria Moujaes for their gracious hospitality, and of course my little brother George. It seems that every year it gets better. It was so good to see Anwar again, and my cousins Saera and Milad who came all the way from Montreal. Also To get to meet Waleed, the son of my cousin Shehady Moujahes. The big surprise for me was seeing Dr. Joseph Abdo and his wife Sassy. Joseph is from the Salamy side of the Moujaes Family and first cousin to Saera Khairallah.We did not have Mighli to celebrate the birth our newest Shweirieh Caroline, but we had Texas Bell icecream. I wished that everyone could have seen George and Alfred playing the dirbakeh with our friend George Haddad (Ein Dara)singing and playing the oud. Laila outdid herself in designing the new shirts. Thank you guys for a very memorable occasion. The fattoush was out of sight!

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George Matar
posted 05-29-2001 02:28 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for George Matar      Reply w/Quote
Thank you Abu il Hebb on this BB. It is the short but accurate version, expect the longer version with "Pictures" in the very near future.
In the nutshell, it was great. The Fattoush was done by Leila Moujaes, she is Alfred and Henry's Mom.
Coming your way soon is the complete story.

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Ghassan Zghaib
posted 05-29-2001 03:39 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for GhassanZghaib      Reply w/Quote
I can only be thankfull to the people who made all this happen: The Shweir at the beach , the Shweir website, etc...

I know now that 'my family' is bigger than I ever thought or imagined.

I'm gratefull for all those who share my joy and happiness.

Thanks again shweirieh...

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George Matar
posted 05-29-2001 04:54 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for George Matar      Reply w/Quote
Ya Abu Diane, Marie, and Caroline...Wait for the pictures that we took today, they were specially for your family and Caroline. Okay I'll give you a hint, we had our Mughli and the bill is being sent to your Address (just Joking about the very last part)

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Ghassan Zghaib
posted 05-29-2001 08:10 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for GhassanZghaib      Reply w/Quote
Your price is on me (haakon alaiyeh)


Report from our al Mukhtaar

Every Year on the day we have our annual picnic I get this mental anguish wondering if this year’s picnic going to be a success.  I can’t help myself on Sunday morning question whether everybody who said they’d be coming are actually coming?  Are we well prepared to make all the attendees enjoy the afternoon?    Are we going to make it worth their while, especially those that have traveled so far to be with us?  Did we buy enough food and drinks?   Did we buy too much food and Drinks?  Is the weather going to hold?  Well, Sit down and read this full report, a little long but in include “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”

 The Weekend - Friday

The weekend started on shaky grounds, the flight schedule was running amok but everybody arrived safely.  Alfred who happened to be the one buying the food was on a business trip outside the state.  God bless him he cut it short to be home in Beaumont Texas on Thursday night, only to hear that he had to entertain a client on Friday night in Houston Texas (100 Miles Away).

Saturday – The Storm

Really early in the morning, Alfred decided to head home after taking the client to his Hotel arriving around 4:30 AM to find his sweet wife Maria fighting a migraine headache the size of Texas itself (I usually get them but the size of Idaho).  He stayed by her side all day, going to the market to buy the fish, utensils, paper, potatoes, corn, drinks etc…between her naps.  In the mean time a cold front, coming from the northwest, collided with a warm front, coming from the Gulf, along the Interstate 10 covering all the area from Houston to Beaumont and beyond.  We are talking about a major and super charged storm with torrential rain and dangerous lightening of biblical proportions.   I am talking about the type that you can not carry an Umbrella because of the wind and the fear of the umbrella’s metallic pole attracting the lightening bolts just like you see in cartoons.   Needless to say Alfred got caught in the middle of it as he was bringing the food from Sam’s warehouse to his car, got his car inside REALLY WET.

 The Calm after the Storm

By eight o’clock Saturday Evening, Maria was feeling a little better, Alfred and I agreed that we will do everything on Sunday Morning.  He refused to let me drive to Beaumont to pick up everything and bring it to the Cabin, he said it was too dangerous for me to drive at night and the storm is not as intense but still strong.  At 11:00PM he calls me:  “Maria is doing great and sleeping comfortably, I am on My way to the Cabin to start marinating the fish”.  I said “don’t be stupid, we can do that in the morning besides, it is late at night it would be dangerous, and what about the storm”?.  “yeah, yeah, yeah I know”.  He said.  “The storm has cleared, see you in the early morning, I am on my way” Click beeep. He hung up

 My Family, and Nabil’s Family, with Saera and Milad and Suheil and Natalie Baaklini were all at our beach cabin. We had our own fun that night but we did miss all the fun activities we had planned for Saturday like the Golf Tournament, the pre-picnic sit down dinner, and our soul satisfaction concert.   There is always next year, lets see what we can salvage on Sunday


6:30  in the morning I picked up the Ice and Donuts and headed to the cabin to find Alfred already had the coffee ready, few minutes later we began to work franticly to get the place ready.  Short minutes after that My Wife Janice And Michael arrived followed by my brother Nabil and Cousin Milad.  By around 10:00 AM we succeeded in transforming the Cabin grounds into a festive location for a grand picnic.  Alfred’s neighbors The Simoneauxs how volunteer every year to do the cooking where already on there doing that task.  The setup crew headed for the showers to clean up and welcome the crowd. I put my New “Shweir on the Beach 2001 T-Shirt, yes I am very proud of it.

Everything was ready so we waited, and waited, and waited, Why are they late? maybe it was the Storm?   Ring..ring..ring ( I am so glad I gave you all the telephone #s).  “A Bunch of us are stuck in Galveston waiting on the ferries, we expect to be waiting for a couple of hours” Anwar said.    Wow how could I forget not to mention “Avoid coming via Galveston on Memorial Weekend” .  That was the main reason my map did not show Galveston…..My sincere apologies.

At around 2:00 PM  KAABOOOOM everybody poured in from all directions as if they all planned it that way.  The Party Really began.

 Where they Came From

 This year we added new states and a new country to our guest book.  Montreal, Canada; Arizona; California; Louisiana; Maryland (Soon to be Washington State); Ohio; and need I mention Texas.

Thank You Dr Joseph, Sassy and kids; Walid Moujaes, Anwar Kenicer, Abe Sawaya  & Linda, Sami Moujaes for planning your move around our picnic

 The T- Shirt

The T-shirts are great, and if you have not got one let me know and we’ll order you one.  Got to have it.  Thanks to all that bought shirts, the selling of the shirt this year helped finance a good part of the picnic expense.  The cost of the shirts was 30 % higher than last year because of the screening.  With the Money we collected we paid for the shirts, part of the food and essentials.  The remainder was used to finance the books that you saw on the tables and will be on their way to the Dhour Shweir / School Libraries hand carried by the Shweirieh attendees that are traveling to Dhour this summer.

 Alfred & I thank you all for helping carrying the weight with us.  And thank you Leila Matar for such a creative Logo

 The Lunch

 I don’t have to tell you but by 2:00 PM Everybody was Hungry, the preparation of food was complete and already placed on the table.  Fish marinated in Louisiana spices, Tabasco, covered with a secret combination of spices and corn meal, then fried to a golden mmmmmm brown.  Potatoes and corn boiled with Louisiana (different) hot spices, and hot links. The Salads were really good Janice’s coleslaw & Leila Moujaes famous Fattoosh (Wow), Nora Moujaes brought assorted Fruits and the Sarkis Family brought a tray of Melon Cubes and Strawberries and cream (Thank you Barbara).  And of course BAKLAWA (Courtesy of Noisettine) that was hand carried all the way from Canada by Saera Khairallah, it was so good it tells Samadi OUT OF MY WAY.   You can order Baklawa through our web page e-commerce section.

 Father Michael Chavez who studied theology in Deir al Balamand blessed the food and then EVERYBODY joined in on “Our Father Who Art in heaven”.   Amen Lunch was served.

 Many thanks to the above-mentioned people, I would like to Add the Salim Moukdisi Family for the donation of the drinks.  Also the Gibrael Moujaes Family for the contribution to the fish buying fund. 

 The Little Celebration

 My Brother Habib brought Blue Bell Ice cream in single serving cups, this desert was dedicated to Caroline Zghaib the daughter of  Ghassan and Sizame Zghaib from Montreal, Canada.  Caroline sister to Diane and Marie is our newest Shweiry Born on May 20th 2001.  May she have a long, healthy, and successful life.

 The first incident  

Maria feeling much better on Sunday hopped in her van along with “Pepper and Blaze” (See the Bulletin Board for stories on P&B), okay they are really big dogs.  They arrived at the Cabin and immediately were placed in their special fenced area.  In the mean time “Dusty & Thor” (my Dogs) were quietly blending with the crowd when they suddenly noticed P&B…this is first time they met…Bark.. Bark.. Bark (Translation Aaow Aaow Aaow).  Dusty the smarter of the two, a Sheltie, traded “P” with Pepper and realized he was not a match for the Mammoth counter part quickly settled down.  Thor on the other hand just could not stop barking as if he wanted to take on both P&B.  I tell you, you can read Pepper’s mind by the look on his face while checking Thor: “you must be Kidding!!!”  You see Thor has a tough name but he is a Maltese and slightly shy of 2 pounds.  I grabbed him and said “Thor, settle down Boy.”  He Shook and tried to jump from my hand to go after Pepper.  I said “Quiet Boy”.  He looked me in the Eyes and was still shaking and said:  “Hal Kalib Samalee Badanee.”  (Translation, that dog poisoned my body).  Okay, he really did not say that, I read it in his eyes.  I wish we had that on Video, it would have made “America’s favorite Videos”.      

The Music 

Very different this year, thanks to my brothers Nabil and Habib for inviting George (great name) Haddad from Ein Dara and his Lovely wife Tammy and daughter.  George is a top notch Oud player with a beautiful voice. Alfred and I alternated on the Derbakee, and Nabil played the Daff.  Everybody joined in on the singing and Dancing.  Lead singer started to pop up from the crowd, there was Nora Moujaes, Tony Moujaes, Meray Chavez (Father Michael’s Lovely Wife from Doma), Saera Khairallah, Nancy Endari, and Many others.  There was Dabkeh, and Raqus Arabie.  Habib requested the song “Haowil Ya Ghanam” and George Obliged but it was so nice and touchy to see the singers one by one move towards the microphone and join the others singing the song.  Somebody must have that on a video…. Please share.

I enjoyed playing the Derbakee so much, but it has been ages since I played it last…I guess since 1971 during Eid Al Berbara.  My fingers are not used to this type of banging anymore.  As a result and for three days my hands looked like the Cabbage Patch Doll’s hands, puffy with short and fat fingers.

Thank you Haddads for such a memorable and joyful afternoon

The Roasting  

During one of the intermissions Alfred recognized Anwar Shaya Kenicer as the Father of the Shweir.com and presented him with a gift.  A well deserved honor Yahoo Anwar.  Yours truly was drowning in guilt because I did not know about this, worst yet why I did not think about it myself.  Yes I was so intense into my deep thought that I missed what Anwar had to say (Sorry Anwar).  I was so involved in my thoughts that I almost didn’t hear Alfred call my name and recognize me for …something, What?  If you are reading this and were there please email and tell me…. Anyway, I walked to where Alfred and Anwar were we hugged and…. “who said A speech!?!”  Now I know why actors and stars write their acceptance speeches.  So they will not miss thanking anyone, and I am so ashamed to say that I did and I sure missed thanking the most important persons, it is late but here it is:  Primarily I’d like to thank:  

My family for understanding my “unintentionally” ignoring them on the day of the picnic

My deep appreciation for Alfred and Maria, because without these two friends, that are so dear to my heart, and their hospitality, Shweir on the Beach would not have existed…

Thank you Nabil catching my fall and covering what I missed, with your “Soft Voice”.

 The Games 

Natalie Baaklini was enjoying playing Tawlee with Henry and her Dad, also playing Street Tennis.  I don’t remember seeing Elie playing that game.  Honestly, we had to compromise on the number of games that we played, several events were canceled like the bicycle race and balloon stumping, because of the delay in starting and because of the fun we had singing and dancing.  But we did managed to slip in several games of Volleyball.  Volleyball this year was a lot of fun and included players of all ages 7 years old Nicholas to 58 years old grandfather Nabil.  Cute Little Azlyn (10yrs) said this is the best year ever, I love playing volleyball with you old folks, but stay away from my playing area I can handle it…and she meant it.

The Second Incident  

Morris Moukdisi joined the volleyball game but could not maneuver really well with the set of keys in his pocket so he decided to place it on the base of the Net post.  The post happens to be a 2x4 inserted into a 4 inch plastic pipe 4 feet deep and full of water (remember we are at sea level).  Plup…the keys sank to the bottom.  Morris being so nice:  “Don’t worry I have another set, or we’ll get the keys after the game.  I tell you that was not easy, the arm is too short, a stick can not hook the key ring, even a modified coat hanger with a hook did not work…..Many ineffective suggestions were made (including mine).  Then Our Host Alfred outsmarted us all.  LEARN, he walked to the food table, grabbed the serving tongs and leisurely walked back, gave it to Morris:  “Here’s your Arm extension” .  I tell you the man looked like a genius. 

The Pictures   

 Hundred of pictures were taken, you just have to wait until we post them on the web along with other articles.

 The Meeting 

 We held an annual Meeting to discuss our successes and failures and where do we go from here.  You will be hearing more about real soon.

 The End of the Day

 It is so sad to see days like this end, but it was very gratifying to know that all were leaving with a big smile on their faces, bellies full of good food, a memorable T-Shirt on their shoulder.  And most of all a beautiful gathering that is implanted in their memories for a long long time.  Mental Anguish is now packed till next year.

It was emotional saying Goodbye to Sami, Michelle, Madeline, and Zack Moujaes knowing that it will be very hard to have them next year at our reunion.  Please join me in wishing them the best in their new Home State Washington.  They are Leaving Texas on June 3rd.  Best of luck you four, and do stay in touch.

The Party after the picnic  

You thought it was over?  NOOOO. by 10 PM we decided to stop the cleaning and head to the Simoneaux (where they fried all the fish).  So we grabbed our electric and acoustic guitars and Zipppo.  Over there Bruce and Skip have already set up the rest of the “Rock and Roll” so we all joined in playing and singing all sorts of rock and country western songs.  Alfred & Bruce played the Electric Guitars, Skip played the Bass, I played acoustic Guitar, maracas (no drums this year).  Michael (my Son) Joined us later and with Alfred & I jammed on the songs of Santana, Jimmy Hendrix , the Beatles, Alfred and Michael Shared the guitar leads.   It WAS GREAT.  It got even better when my wife Janice got into the act and started to sing with us.  This went on till past Midnight after that we were pooped. 


Most of the day was getting the place back in order and setting up to head back Home to the old routine.  I won’t bother you with these details.

“And when we had the choice to sit it out or Dance……We surely Danced”

 Thank you all

Your Mukhtar Bil Mahjar

George Matar   

A 01 Birds Formation.JPG (26301 bytes)
Even the birds flew in formation for our party
 01 Gas Cost in TX.JPG (30796 bytes)
Waiting for the Ferry,  could not help but notice how low Texas gas prices  compared to California
 01 On Ferry from Galveston 2.JPG (42868 bytes) 
On Ferry, Wow look how long that oil tanker is
 01 Entrance to Beach Hs.JPG (79738 bytes)

A welcome site at the gate

01 Grp Med.JPG (75642 bytes)

Here is another shot of the group just in case you were not smiling in the first one

B 01 Volley Ball.JPG (76898 bytes)

Volleyball anyone? 

01 Alfred & G Matar Smiles.JPG (25461 bytes) 
Alfred & George
01 Alfred George Nora Saera Elie.JPG (120738 bytes) 
The Dancing cookes and Baklawa Queen
01 Alfred George & Elie catfish.JPG (71370 bytes) 
Cajun Catfish 
01 Lunch Line.JPG (58403 bytes) 
Lunch Line
C 01 Abboud singing.JPG (78022 bytes) 
Lets see how many you can identify without captions... 
01 Aoud Durbakeh Audience.JPG (130757 bytes) 01 Audience.JPG (120004 bytes) 01 All Smiles.JPG (65538 bytes) 01 Anwar Saera Elie Souheil Dabke 2.JPG (109738 bytes)
D 01 Aoud & Dabkeh.JPG (53743 bytes) 01 Arabic Band 2.JPG (147667 bytes) 01 Alfred Anwar Beach.JPG (32323 bytes) 01 Arabic Signing.JPG (53359 bytes) 01 Elie Durbaleh Friends.JPG (68993 bytes)
E 01 Beach 2.JPG (48199 bytes) 01 Beach 3.JPG (57871 bytes) 01 Beach 4.JPG (110812 bytes) 01 Beach 6.JPG (35596 bytes) 01 Alfred Proud Uncle Beach2.JPG (86411 bytes)
F 01 Alf Neices Beach.JPG (52022 bytes) 01 Jessica +.JPG (27814 bytes) 01 Jessica Beach.JPG (30599 bytes) 01 Jason & Lilian.JPG (56590 bytes) 01 Jamil BouKheir Video.JPG (46669 bytes)
G 01 BouKheir Family.JPG (68462 bytes) 01 Family 3.JPG (78765 bytes) 01 Shweir Fm 1.JPG (40713 bytes) 01 Moujaes Family.JPG (68909 bytes) 01 Matar Family.JPG (107650 bytes)
H01 Cheerleaders.JPG (70619 bytes) 01 Family 1.JPG (85203 bytes) 01 Family 2.JPG (78293 bytes) 01 Elie Speaks.JPG (85488 bytes) 01 Gallery.JPG (51991 bytes)
I 01 Claps 4 Saera 2.JPG (66356 bytes) 01 Geo M & Hadda Music.JPG (80221 bytes) 01 Milad Dr Joseph Abdo Elie.JPG (37311 bytes) 01 Youngest.JPG (51835 bytes) 01 Sand Murmaid.JPG (40095 bytes)
01 Sm Group 2.JPG (65761 bytes) 01 Milad SK Nora AGK NM AS SB.JPG (85676 bytes) 01 Ladies Dabkeh.JPG (76896 bytes) 01 Ladies Dabkeh2.JPG (68256 bytes)
K 01 AK Elie Saera Geo Alf.JPG (28000 bytes) 01 Matar Moujaes Baaklini Fr Auod.JPG (60949 bytes) 01 Matar Matriarch 2.JPG (65638 bytes) 01 Volley Ball2.JPG (55390 bytes) 01 Hs View From Beach.JPG (41205 bytes)
L 01 Whats Going On.JPG (120430 bytes) 01 SK Milad NM Nora Dr Samih.JPG (66914 bytes) 01 Nabil & Ladies Dabkeh.JPG (81113 bytes) 01 Nabil Saera Milad Dr & Elie.JPG (50990 bytes) 01 Sm Group.JPG (162195 bytes)
MMatar Moujaes Combo.JPG (74908 bytes) 01 Nora Dancing.JPG (105774 bytes) 01 Nora Singing2.JPG (56419 bytes) 01 Saera & Dabkeh Sm.JPG (50369 bytes) 01 Summer Anwar Saera Dance.JPG (114976 bytes)

Books to start the first Library in Shweir 
Souheil & Samih taking inventory
01 Books 2.JPG (88430 bytes) 01 Books 3.JPG (86344 bytes) 01 Books 1.JPG (83197 bytes) 01 Bk Inv Souheil Samih.JPG (54387 bytes)
Shweir Foundation Meeting & Awards
01 Waleed Anwar Souheil Samih.JPG (93341 bytes) 01 Shweir Foundation1.JPG (76109 bytes) 01 Mukhtaar Anwar Alfred 2.JPG (59241 bytes) 01 Mukhtaar Webmaster & Host.JPG (62338 bytes)

NASA...  "I touched a rock from the moon"  

01 Houston Highrise 64 stories.JPG (44350 bytes)
On Monday some Toured Houston: 
64 story hi-rise 
01 Houston Niagra Falls.JPG (50456 bytes) 
Texas version of Niagara Falls
01 NASA Rocket.JPG (79169 bytes)
Rockets to the moon  01 Rocket Samih Anwar.JPG (66725 bytes)
01 NASA 5 Thrusters.JPG (54543 bytes) 01 NASA 2 Rockets.JPG (38673 bytes)
Yes I toured Nasa, saw their command center, some of the capsules  that went to the moon and I touched a rock from the moon. 
01 NASA Rocket Anwar.JPG (73711 bytes)
On Tuesday we met again at Elie Bijjani (sp?) restaurant with consultants to discuss formal formation of Shweir Foundation or Fund then ate some Mughlee.  
01 Geo Anwar Alf Leb Map.JPG (61611 bytes)
01 Mughlee at Burge.JPG (55230 bytes)
Eating Mughlee w/ photo of  Al Burge
(Beirut old main square) 
 01 Mughlee 4 Caroline.JPG (30046 bytes) 
Mughlee Honoring  Caroline

01 Private Art Collection 2.JPG (76838 bytes)  Private Art Collection in a Houston home of early works of a very talented Shweiry Artist.  
  This artist is internationally recognized yet has not yet been featured on Shweir.com.  
  Those who can name the artist will be eligible for a drawing to win a "Shweir On The Beach 2001" T-Shirt.  Send your guesses to anwar@shweir.com   Drawing will be held the end of June.  



Nabil Goes Hunting, Texas Style

NM Mexico 1.JPG (50702 bytes) NM Mexico 4.JPG (37596 bytes) NM Mexico 3.JPG (36857 bytes) NM Mexico 5.JPG (40715 bytes) NM Mexico 7.JPG (9610 bytes)
NM Mexico 8.JPG (46926 bytes)  

NM Mexico 9.JPG (28643 bytes)

NM Deer Hunt 7.JPG (55752 bytes) NM Deer 2.JPG (24563 bytes) NM Deer 3.JPG (41134 bytes)

Last week I was invited to a deer-hunting trip in a place in Texas near the Mexican border called Carrizo Spring. It is about 40 miles of Eagle Pass Texas.  This was the first time ever I was exposed to such a wonderful experience.  We spent 4 days out in the woods in a very rough country. We done our hunting, cooking, sleeping in a camp and of course sitting around camp fire every night where each of us ten guys telling jokes and funny stories.  It was an experience I will never forget and I would like to share it with the Shweir. Com family.

The first day a friend of mine and I left home around 4 o'clock in the morning and drove about 460 miles (Approx. 736 kilometer) to the place. We arrived at the camp around one o'clock. To get to the camp we had to use a dirt road about 10 miles long.  The camp consisted of two open areas furnished with several beds, a kitchen and a bathroom. Out side, there is a slab in the middle of it a hole where we built the campfire, and an area equipped of racks to skin the animals.  Around two o'clock the host explained to us the hunting rule and regulation.  He  explained that we only can shoot one deer either male or female and all the hogs we can shoot. The deer should be old and the male should have ten points or more. He also gave us the hunting schedule, which is at 6:30 AM the driver, will pick us and take us to our designating deer stand where we stay there till 10:30 AM. 10:30 AM we will be picked up and brought back to the camp where we eat a brunch and relax. 3:00PM we will go back to the deer stand till dark where we come back to the camp and sit around the camp build camp fire, eat and drink and do what ever we please.

So around 3:00 PM the guy came in a utility truck, picked us up and took us to our designated deer stand. The deer stand is a small 4 feet by 4 feet made of plywood it has a door, an open window, and one chair. The hunter supposed to sit inside the room waiting for deer or hogs to show up. Boring huh, not at all, it is fascinating when the animals come in to eat the corns spread by the owner of the lease.

15 minutes after I arrived to the stand, the deer start coming, this was the first time I have seen this. I was so excited and very anxious to shoot my first deer ever. Finally I aimed at the oldest and the largest and shut the animal (you might be wondering how I knew he was the oldest, easy, he was the one in the wheel chair). To my surprise I didn't miss (He just could not move fast enough). You see my plan was, the first day is for practice and the second day I will kill an animal. By killing the deer the first day I met my quota therefore I can no longer shoot deer, I only can shoot hogs. So I waited for the truck to pick me up. Now I know that sound cruel to shoot a beautiful animal like a deer but I was overwhelmed with this experience (and he was old, real old). The truck came and we head back to the camp where the guys helped me skin the deer and package it. After that, every body cleaned up and prepared for supper and sat around the campfire sipping beer and telling jokes. It was really fun, like the commercial says: "It does not get any better than this".

The second day I decided to go to the stand and observe the animals. I can tell you guys, observing the deer, hogs and wild turkeys were more fun than shooting (not to mention that hogs and turkey are much harder to shoot, they were young and fast). In the evening it was Miller time again just like the night before.  The Third day one of the guys and I decided, to cross the border to Mexico via Eagle Pass. I (might look like a native but) never been there. We spent all morning and then returned to join the group. The evening was spent sipping on "Buck Horn" beer and sharing fish stories.

The fourth and the last day we pack up our stuff and headed back home.  Seriously, for the guys who never spend some time in Texas wilderness. It is a wonderful experience that will stay with you the rest of your life.  My deer is being processed into Smoked sausages and Chili meat. If you come to the Shweir on the Beach 2001 I might share a bite with you, "Ya'll cum to Texas ya hear"!!!

I hope you will enjoy reading this. I am also attaching several picture of the trip.  


The Shweirieh in Texas Welcome you 
"With Arms Wide Open" to our annual Shweir Reunion

Yalla, get yourself ready for our 4th Annual "Shweir on the Beach" Picnic.  This year it will take place on Sunday the 27th day of May. For those of you in the US, it is the Memorial Day weekend. This day was selected to help you plan time to travel to / from Texas. This is a pretty STRONG 4 ½ months Early Notice. You probably will receive about three more notices before the big event. Early RSVPs are strongly encouraged because it will help us plan your enjoyment better. I'll be glad to receive your RSVP, do let me know the # of people coming with you.

Here are some Ideas we are toying with for this year, your input is more than welcomed.

The Pre picnic (if we have enough People) 
Saturday : Gulf of Mexico Golf Tournament, bring your clubs 
Saturday Afternoon: Field Setup and preparations (Volunteers) 
Saturday Evening: Possible dinner and Dance "Place to be announced, 
possibly Alice's Restaurant"

The Picnic 
Sunday Early Morning: Preparations at the Moujaes Cabin 
Sunday 9:00 AM till: SHWEIR ON THE BEACH 2001, schedule of events/games to be announced.  
We are planning a Talent Show for Who ever got the Guts. We are hoping that Judy Bou Kheir will be the coordinator.

Monday: Clean up and late farewells 
Last year we had people representing the following States: California, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, and of coarse Texas. (Click here for full story and see photos)   
This year, we are hoping to add several other states and possibly some new Countries Like Canada and England and perhaps some surprises from other continents.

Waiting for your RSVP......You really do not have a good excuse not to come, so, do this now and before you forget:

1. Mark up your Calendar 
2. Click here to send an email to George Matar
3. Write: George my family and I are coming (Total of x people) 
4. Sign your name, add a tel # if you wish 
5. Push "Send" button  

EeeeeeeeeeZZeeeeee. Isn't it

O did I forget to mention that the PICNIC IS FREEEEEEEEEEE.

Your Mukhtar Bil Mahjar

George Matar

  Welcome to "Shweir on the Beach 2000"


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3 flags Welcome

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Meet our host 
Alfred Moujaes

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Meet al Mukhtaar 
Bil Mahjar 
George Matar

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Boukheirs Family 
on Ferry to Party

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Angela & Jason
a Huge Jellyfish!

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Moujaes Family

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Matar Family

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Nora Matar &
Fawzi Emad

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Habib & 
George Matar

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Bike Race 

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Balloon Stomping 

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Moujaes Khoury Matars Kenicer

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Baaklini Family

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Lunch Time

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Al Mukhtaar ... 
now on drums

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Now on Bongos

Alfred on guitar
above and Singing  below

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Al Mukhtaar Now on Guitar 

Michael & George Matar Jammin.JPG (33298 bytes)
Like Son 
George & Michael Matar

SOB_2000_Jamming.JPG (81441 bytes)
and singing... with
Elie on Harmonica & 12 string guitar

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Angela Boukheir 
& Al Mukhtaar

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Judy Boukheir

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Angela & fans

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Lilian & Angela
Boukheir singing

Young_Moujaes_singer.JPG (24250 bytes)
Zack Moujaes (6) singing 
"The Happy Song"

Albert_Baaklini_talking_2_Antoinette_in_California.JPG (34524 bytes)
Albert Baaklini 
reconnecting w/ 
Antoinette Khnaisser 
in California

Khoury_Chedid_Bou_Rizk_Kenicer.JPG (59989 bytes)
Khoury, Chedid
& Kenicer

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Sameeh, Fawzi,
Anwar, George,
Alfred, Feeleep.

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Souheil Baaklini

Younger_gen_practice_tradition.JPG (42061 bytes)
Younger Moujaes 
& 2 Matars practicing tradition... 
but with towels?  
Well thats all 
they could find  
in 10 seconds.

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Mouna, George,
Elie, Anwar &
 Alfred + Jason and Angela Boukheir

flag_of_Lebanon.JPG (46151 bytes)
Kulunaa Lilwatan


Reunion.jpg (141769 bytes)
"Shweir on 
the Beach" 
party in 1998 


The following are a collection of select emails that were exchanged shortly after the "Shweir on the Beach 2000" party.  The first and Last emails are from George Matar, 
the man who started it all.

Marhaba Ya Shweirieh  

  ·         Seeing a friend’s face after 30+ years:      PRICELESS

Wow, where do I begin to describe what took place during this year’s “Shweir on the Beach 2000”.  This one was by far the most fun and most gratifying . 

Jeeb(y) Finjan ahweh, It's going to take some time to read this. This is the report on our GRREEAAT Picnic, just to give you a taste of what happened, and if you were there, relive the moment. I also cut and pasted some of the messages we received I tried to remember as much as I could and I am sure I am missing 95 % of all that happened.  Enjoy, and forgive the spelling.

I’ll take you on a “sequence of event tour” starting with Saturday afternoon:  (I am doing this out of memory so forgive me if I forgot somebody or something)

 Saturday May 27th.  At the Moujaes Cabin

  Several of us got there late in the afternoon, by then the Lawn was mowed and trimmed, looked very nice.  Thanks to our Buddies Skip and Bruce Haire.  We had the tables, chairs, poster board, ping pong table, volleyball net, the soft drinks, the beer and all that was necessary for Sunday’s activities.  We set a total of 5 Lebanese Flags to guide the guest to the right cabin.  In the mean time Maria was upstairs preparing dinner for the worker bees.  Several of those arriving on Saturday brought some delicious covered dishes.  Anyway, Maria, Janice, Joy, Patty and the others, set up a wonderful spread on the deck (no need to tell you what was included so you won’t be envious) We spend the next hour licking our fingers.  I smoked a quality Cigar (dipped in cognac) with Alfred… Suheil skipped the smoke but went for the drink.

 After dinner we set up the musical instruments to practice the song for Sundays’ crowd, The band on Saturday was a mix of the “Shabeebit Bourj Dahdooh” and the “Gulf of Mexico Boys”:

Alfred Moujaes, Bruce Haire and Michael (my Makhool) Matar on guitars  Skip on base  Mike on Piano  George (yep… me) on drums  Vocals:  By those who remembered the words.  We were into the session about half an hour when the wind picked up drastically.  We had to stop, pack the instruments, and go downstairs and bring all that we prepared earlier back into a shelter. Spend the remainder of the evening reminiscing about the past.

 Sunday May 28th 

 This day had the making of a great day.  Friends are coming from across the US, South Lebanon is free at last, and Allen (the Mummy) Greenspan is not pounding the NASDAQ.  Even the weather couldn’t have been any better, overcast with gentle cool breezes stayed with us all day long. 

Early Morning:            We had to reset the tables, well, everything back like it was.  Then head for the showers.  We barely finished when the guest began to Arrive. Mid Morning  This is really what makes all this effort worth while.  When you see friends and relatives that have been out of your life for 20,30, 40 years.  You scream, laugh, cry, hug, kiss, quite an emotional sight and very hard to put into words.  Best described When Nora Moujaes and Fawzi Emad recognized each other after 40+ years, you must have heard the screams FAAAWWWWWZZIIIIII  !!!!!! (forgive me if I don’t say much about it, I don’t think I can do it justice). This year we had name tags which made it easier to remember everybody’s name.

 This year we purchased T shirts with a newly designed Logo by Leila Matar (my baby Mishmosh) and produced by Chris Moujaes (contact them at www.moujaes.com they are great with web pages, de3aieh).  On the back we had a beautiful picture of Shweir taken through pine trees from Tobiya Baaklini’s home, courtesy of Suheil and Joy Baaklini.  Needless to say, they all were gone.  As a result of the sale and donations we were able to send $ 800 to the relief societies in Shweir through Bank Audi (NY).  Let’s beat that next year.   

 Most people got involved in old days stories, others got together for a Volleyball game (intense) some played ping pong others went swimming.  This went on till about 1:00 PM.

 In the mean time, Henry , Melvin (honorary Shweiry) and company were frying cajun battered cat fish and boiling potatoes and corn, and fixing the sausages, hamburgers and hot dogs and of coarse BEANS.  Some guests brought some wonderful compliments to the above:  Kim Suza: coleslaw; Nora Moujaes: Hummos; Leila Moujaes: Fatoosh;   Samia Chedid:  Namoora.

 At one o’clock lunch was ready and everybody gathered around.  Habeeb Nacol welcomed the all, blessed the food.  Everybody joined together in praying “Abana al lazi b’ Samawat”  (Our Father) in Arabic very touching I wish we had it on tape.  Afterwards lunch was served. 

Mid Afternoon:     The Games (private joke)   The Great Bicycle Relay Race
Four Teams were formed: Arzi: Suhail Baaklini Coach; Sunin: Walid Ghosn Coach; Harf Merad:  Elie Bou Kheir coach, Texans: Jack Suza coach.   The rules were very simple.  Ride the bicycle around the grassy lot, drink a full glass of water, hand the bicycle to the next runner.  This….. was truly a Kodak event (no video were used).  1, 2, 3, and they were off….Alas the Harf Merad were misfortunate their bike broke after 10 ft. The irony is that Elie is the owner of the bicycle. A very tight race all the way through, after the fourth round Wadad Matar refused to ride the bicycle but ran along with the bicycle which dropped the Arzi to a comfortable and uncontested third place …BRAVO (white ribbons).  The Texans gave Sanin a run for the title but fell a little short, 3 bicycle lengths short……..They came in second, and got red ribbons

This year was Sanin’s.  The riders were:            Mona Khoury, Chris Moujaes, Tony Moujaes, Michael Matar, James Mikdesi, and the finisher Eric Moujaes.  All received blue ribbons        

 Balloon Stumping  This was a game for young people (under 10). 
Each Player had a balloon attached to each ankle.  The intention is to pop the other kids’ balloon until one is left with at least one balloon still intact.  And they started stomping (dabkeh music in the background).  There was a standoff between the last three contestants, they looked like roosters eyeing each others balloons.  Sami, David and Zack, then down to two, then and after some tense charges and withdrawals, Zack Moujaes was crowned “The Stomping King”.

 Anwar George Kenicer started gathering Members of the same family tree for picture taking.  It was quite educational to know who’s related to whom.  Anwar  brought with him his family tree which date back to the 18th century, it was very impressive.  After that we had our annual picnic formal picture on the cabin stairs with the US, Texas & Lebanese flags waving in the background.  Very touching, we might use this on our tee shirts next year.

 5:00 PM  The Music                   To top of Texas page

 If you left at this time, you have missed the best part of the day.  I think Anwar described it best in his e mail below, but here’s a recap from this guys point of view: The same members as above with the addition of Jack Suza on drums (I switched to Bangos, and guitar).  We played (jammed) classic old rock songs for about 45 min, Bruce and Alfred did most of the singing, joined by the rest in harmony on refrains.  Alfred, Bruce, and Michael split the lead guitar duty.  Mike Dow who is a professional musician playing with the Austin based rock band “Who Gnu” (buy their CDs if you have the chance) did an extremely fine job adjusting to our old style music. Jack did great banging on the skins.  Judy Boukheir Sang La bamba, in Spanish.  Then Judy dedicated a song for her husband Elie, “Evergreen” played it solo.  Elie then played the 12 string guitar and added the Harmonica on “Blowing in the Wind”.  After that the adult were done, I got to be frank with you.  Personally, this was very satisfying.  But the best was yet to come.     The young Talent 
 You had to be there to see and hear for yourself, our kids are very talented and some has stardom written all over them.  Here’s the young ones

·        Makhool Matar (17yrs) did very good with the band on guitar specially the leads on Suzy Q.
·         Angela Boukheir (10yrs) sang two Gospel songs accompanied by her mom Judy on the piano on the first song and a wonderful duet with Lillian Boukheir (14yrs).  
·         Jillian Baaklini sang Christina Aguilara latest song without any music.  
·         Zack Moujaes (6 yrs) sang “The Happy Song” accompanied by Judy Boukheir on Piano   
·         Nick Matar (6 yrs) did an excellent imitation of Britany Sprears.   
·         We did miss Nadia Matar (22yrs) singing this year.  Nadia is an accomplished country western singer (semi pro) with a very pretty and distinctive voice….Next year Nadia 

I can’t brag enough how good these kids were.  We were so impressed that we are going to have this talent show as a permanent feature every year. I wrote enough.   There are some important issue we discussed on that day as covered by the following email from Anwar George Shaya Kenicer. (the important part is half way in the email about helping the people of Shweir).  Also included are select emails we received shortly after the party.  

 MIN SHOOFKUM SINT Il JAY  With best regards,  
Al Mukhtaar bil Mahjar,  
George Matar

 Hello Shweiriyeh,  while communicating with my good friends Elie and Judy Boukheir, Judy forwarded to me an email from George Matar about the upcoming event.  I was impressed by how many Shweirieh there are in Texas and by the spirit of the message. I flew from San Francisco the day before and was a guest at the Boukheir's.  The next day, I came with the Boukheir family from Katy (near Houston).  we took a shortcut via the ferry and after about 20 minutes drive, there was the Moujaes beach house.  We could not miss it.  A very large flag of Lebanon was blowing in the wind at the gate right off the highway.  what a wonderful gathering.  The setting was ideal.  There were three other Lebanese flags draped from the upper deck along the posts towards the ground.  On the other side of the deck, a tall flagpole with the American, Lone star of Texas and the Lebanese flag were flying high that you could see them from far away.  

It was great to see again many schoolmates from Shweir Secondary School (SSS) and meet their respective families. Also, to meet or see again some relatives or distant cousins. Nametags sure helped. 
Food: A feast of Cajun and Lebanese… from the catfish, sausage and corn to Leila’s Fattoush & Nora’s hummos to Samia’s Nammoora and many other tasty dishes lovingly prepared by Lebanese and Americans. 
Activities: Beach combing, swimming, volleyball, ping pong, and a relay of bike racing around the grassy field on the property and balloon stomping tap dance for the kids.  Music: Fairouz CDs and other Arabic music covered the first half of the event. Then on to live music. What a great jamming session with our hosts Alfred Moujaes, George Matar and their band. Listening to favorite tunes and songs of yesteryears by the Beatles and the likes of CCR’s Suzie Q etc… Soon, the Boukehir family with Judy on keyboard or tambourine, Elie on guitar and harmonica, Jamil on Bongo drums and Lilian and Angela singing and other musically talented guests joined in (I wish I could remember their names). Attending such unique performances and watching the gentle waves roll in and the flags ruffle in the breeze made this event even more special.  Our younger generation makes us proud. They are talented, intelligent and resourceful. From great music to t-shirts to computers, they excel in what they do. The beautiful T-shirts made special for this occasion were designed and produced by Leila Matar and Chris Moujaes. With Chris’ talent in computers, he offered to assist to put Shweir info on the net.  Long after sunset, we made our way to a nearby hotel. 

 Next morning, we went back to assist in putting away tables, chairs and bikes. With Alfred Moujaes, George Matar, Elie Boukheir, Mouna Khoury and I, we spent a few hours remembering the good old times. We also held an informal executive session. It was more like a brainstorming session on best ways to raise awareness and funds to help those in Shweir who are less fortunate than we are and also to help gifted students. Many great ideas were shared. George Matar summarized the group's consensus that in order to  attract the attention and support of as many other people from Shweir overseas; we need to provide them with something of value. Everyone was in agreement that we wanted to make sure that there is good accountability on how the donated funds would be spent. Mouna said that her brother was thinking about putting some info about Shweir on the internet. It would be great to constructively coordinate and utilize such great talent. Getting more participants with similar objectives, we will have even more dynamic and resourceful entity. 

As the saying goes: all good things must come to an end. We said our goodbyes promising to keep in touch and try to achieve as many of these good ideas as we can.
I wish to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts made by and express our appreciation to the families of George and Janice Matar, Alfred and Maria Moujaes and Elie and Judy Boukheir and the many other families and friends who assisted in making “Shweir on the Beach 2000” a great success. Your hospitality and welcome are special like Shweir and big like Texas. 
I am researching information about a system’s capability and reliability and will get guidance from Chris to possibly utilize a part of my new website: zCedars.com for our group to communicate via its custom chat room, feature info about Shweir, and provide complimentary email addresses (yourname@zCedars.com). Shweiriyeh can utilize the system for free or make a donation of their choice. As our hosts have set up, net funds raised would initially go to the two non-profit societies in Shweir. I do not wish to bore you with details and when I have more questions answered, I will share my recommendations and specifics with you and as always would welcome your comments.   


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 DEAR George,, YA mallaaeen and ya akareet  I am sure you all had a greattime  last week end . ANd i sure many astory was told and many a memory crowded the atmosphere.  Zukrayat azime . I wish I was able to attend  and to see all your facesya shwiereh.. HOPr next year .  Please do email me the events and all that happened during the week end ..  I have not heard from NABIL for a while , pray all is well with him and all the family . I will email him today ,..HOPe also you have some photos to email .. ANy way thanks for all the effort you put into the SHwiereh weekend to make it come true. I know how much time and effort and energy it takes to organise these events,.  GOD bless you  all my love to all the MATTARS.  

 Hi Guys
Thanks for all the good work. The "Shweir on The Beach" was another great success .All had a great time, I know we did.The shirts were really pretty and the food and fellowship were exquisite.  Thanks again. Salim
Alfred : My wife would like to have your home address in Beaumont, if possible.  and I would like to get Mona Khoury,s address . She had admired the Shweir picture on the wall next to where we were eating, and I happen to have two of those. I am thinking of sending her one of them.

We had a wonderful time!!  Wow! You all have put a lot of effort into this.  We truly appreciated all.  Alfred’s Cabin is big and just right for a gathering like this.  We enjoyed meeting your brother Habib, and Alfred’s family and all the Shweirieh, it was very memorable. Samir had a great time, and he said that next year, Fadia should be in Houston, and so will join us with her family too.  I wish I can join you all today, but alas! I’m tied up here.  I think Mona had a good time, and we hope that she will one day settle down close by.  She is a very nice lady.  We intend to have a get together at our place soon, and hopefully Alfred and his family can join us too, this time we will get to visit more with you and the cousins.  Send all my best, and hope Mona has a safe trip.  Hopefully it will be a start to many get togethers.   All the best, and many thanks to all that worked in putting the reunion together.  Please tell Leila that her logo is very pretty.  You all have gorgeous children, and so smart!!  Look forward to seeing you all soon!!  Samia C.

  George,    Your exitement about this gathering is infectious!  I would very much like ...inno nitlaka bi saha,  that is why after so much pressure, I am making the trip back to Lebanon this summer.  And since I made the arrangements, I grew fond of the idea by the day.   I hope to see Najeeb and Amal and Nabil if they are still there.  Thanks for the update... and the news... I look forward to receiving more...With best wishes and regards,  Hilda

I wanted to thank you and Alfred’s family and their hospitality for allowing us to get together like this.There was a lot of time and work put into it to make it look easy and for all of us to have fun, for that I thank you. It was the best yet except for some who could not make it, we missed them. It was great to see new faces, Fawzi, Mona and Anwar and new Baaklini’s as well.  We had great time as always.  Until next year, hope to see new faces stil and also get back who could not make it this year.  See you in Austin soon.  Suheil

Here's some statistics: 
Oldest Attendee: Victoria Matar (87 yrs) My Mother  
Youngest & Cutest: (1 yr.) Raya Chalhoub, daughter of Najib and Mona Chalhoub.  
Longest trip (connection): Mona Khoury from West Palm Beach VIA Detroit  
Longest trip as the crow fly: Anwar George Kenicer from San Francisco
Tied for third longest:  Fawzi Emad & Sami Moujaes flew from Maryland
Longest Drive:  Abe Sawaya from New Orleans
Attendees: 92 a record 

Alfred and I send Our Best and thank you all for your support and help, the list of helpers is countless, we just like to extend our extra thanks to the following: 
Maria & Alfred for sharing their cabin with us 
Henry Moujaes for the fish 
Melvin Simoneaux for cooking 
Salim Mikdisi for all the drinks 
Bruce Thanks a million for the Cabin, Buddy 
Jack Suza and Mike Dow for their musical talents 
One Shweir 
One Lebanon 
"Al Mikhtar bil Mahjar"
George Matar 
Process Department 
Phone: (713) 845-4350 
e-mail: gematar@sbec.com <mailto:gematar@sbec.com>

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