Christina Sawaya



Congratulations Christina & Tony on your wedding

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From: "Riad Khunieser"
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 4:20 AM
Subject: Christina & Tony's Wedding

I wish you were here to see the Queen in her best performance.
St Paul Church in Hareesa, is one of the most beautiful churches in Lebanon.
Imagine the most beautiful colored flowers and the perfect arrangement
of  plants,  the shinning lights in the church and the other artificial
decorations, the voices of the talented singers and the tuneful music, and
don't feel that you are in heaven!
Christina in her white dress, her face and body shinning like diamonds
covered  with pearls, walking royally accompanied by Tony, smiling like
happy babies, looking at hundreds of different cameras that are trying to
capture her in pictures, reaches the church altar where two Archbishops and
several presets waiting to start the ceremony.
Tony, when asked, said YES in a loud voice, where everyone in the church
laughed. Christina said YES of course. You could feel happiness and love
fluttering above their heads.
After the Wedding, we went to the "Reginsy Hotel".
Ministers, Deputy members, relatives, friends, LBC staff and actors, media
men were all there to congratulate the Bride and the Groom and their
parents.  The place was ready for receiving the Queen. Tony came carried on
the shoulders of Saber and friends. They all danced with ZAFY group.
Then Tony went up-stairs to the last step waiting for Christina to show up.
Special announcing music, ZAFY women and men waiting on each step of the
stairs in an Royal welcome, as you see in movies. Christina walking slowly
reached the first step. Tony takes her hand and a paper from his pocket and
starts reading words to prove her and in front of all that his love is
eternal. Kisses, hard music, dancing. everybody on the dance floor.
The wedding was a "Royal" one as well as "Folkloric".
Mabrouk Christina and Tony
3akbal kill al3azaby


These above are the pictures our correspondent Riad was able to capture while competing with dozens of the big boys for a better vantage point.  We know there are better pictures worthy of Christina and Tony... so please, who ever can send them to us, we will be glad to post them.

Congratulations & Alf Mabrook




Miss Lebanon, Christina Sawaya, Crowned "Miss International" in Tokyo... Congratulations... Alf Mabrook.

Miss Lebanon Christina Sawaya waves after winning the Miss International beauty
pageant in Tokyo on September 30, 2002. Sawaya was chosen as
Miss International among beauties from 51 countries.  
REUTERS/Haruyoshi Yamaguchi

Winner of Miss International, Miss Lebanon Christina Sawaya (C),
first runner-up Miss France Emmanuelle Jagodsinski (L), and
second runner-up Miss Japan Hana Urushima (R)
pose after the Miss International beauty pageant in Tokyo on September 30, 2002. 
Sawaya was chosen Miss International among beauties from 51 countries.  
REUTERS/Haruyoshi Yamaguchi


Miss Lebanon, Christina Sawaya, 22 (L), prays after being selected as
2002 Miss International during the competition at a Tokyo hotel 30
September 2002 as 2001 Miss International Malgorzata Rozniecka (R) from
Poland awaits to give her crown. 51 beauties competed for the Miss

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From: Salim sawaya
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 12:03 PM

I have just now received the photos of newly elected Miss International Beauty Pageant held in Tokyo today. Miss Lebanon CHRISTINA SAWAYA  have just won the title.  Miss Lebanon, Christina Sawaya, 22 was selected as 2002 Miss International during the competition at a Tokyo hotel 30 September 2002.  51 beauties competed for the Miss International crown.

It's indeed a glory day for Lebanon, for the Arab World and for all of us Shweirieh.  It means that our beloved daiaa still has the beauty and
the power.  So be proud of this day because it is the second time after Georgina Rizk that Lebanon stands in the highest international beauty competitions.

Best regards,
Salim B. Sawaya


Miss Lebanon 2001: Christina Sawaya from Shweir  

Author Topic: Christina the new Miss World International
George Matar
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What a beautiful Lady, and finally recognized Internationally. Wait for the new pictures, she is gorgeous, but you already know that.
Miss Christina Sawaya was crowned last Saturday in Tokyo as the New MISS World International. What an honor for all of us Lebanese, and specially Those from Shweir. Not since 1971 and Georgina Rizk, has a Lebanese won a beauty Pageant outside Lebanon. Well, It's about time and it couldn't have happened to a more deserving young princess from Shweir.

Christina, you make us all so proud. Thank you for all you have done for the Village and I am not just talking about the beauty.

God Bless you

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Rima Mattar
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From: Najib.Chalhoub
Sent: Tuesday, October 01, 2002 6:57 AM
Subject: Miss lebanon did it again

Miss Lebanon Christina Sawaya has won international beauty in tokyo last night
Najib Chalhoub

Here is what the above link shows

Tue Oct 1, 9:41 AM ET

Christina Sawaya of Lebanon poses during the Miss International beauty pageant in Tokyo Monday, Sept. 30, 2002. Sawaya was crowned the Miss International 2002 among 51 contestants. (AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye)

Christina Earns Another Honor

The prestigious Global Beauties Award for
"Best Overall Performance"
Among Miss Universe, Miss Globe and Miss International

After an incredible dispute involving the current Miss World and Miss International titleholders, and the dethroned Miss Universe, Christina Sawaya, a stunning Mediterranean and Middle Eastern beauty from Lebanon, became the first Miss International contestant to win the prestigious GB Award for "best overall performance" in the year. Well, 2002 has now the face, the body and the amazing aura of Miss Lebanon and Miss International 2003!

After a tie with Turkish beauty Azra Azin, Miss World, the competition's rules were clear: it was the vote given by the president of the jury, Finish writer and pageant expert Marjukka Nienemen, that would decide who would take the main award home, and Christina had it. It is interesting to note that in Asia Azra was the winner, with a single point ahead of Christina. It is the first time in the five-year history of the GB Awards that the overall winner is not her respective continent's winner as well. It is the first time also that a Miss Universe titleholder or delegate doesn't win the big one.

BEST DELEGATE (Overall Performance)
-Christina Sawaya, Lebanon/Int'l (22)
-Azra Akin, Turkey/World (22)
-Oxana Fedorova, Russia/Universe (21)
4-Justine Pasek, Panama/Universe (14)
5-Emmanuelle Jagodsinski, France/Int'l (11)

The above info was obtained from this website:


New Miss Lebanon, Christina (Nassif Asaad Abou Rizk) Sawaya, is from Shweir... 

Alf Mabrook


Christina Sawaya, Miss Lebanon 2001, surrounded by Bethany Kehdy and Nisreen Azizi, first and second runner-ups to the queen

Suspense at Miss Lebanon Pageant 2001 runs right to the end
Winning contestant displayed not only beauty but soul, strong nerves and intelligence

Elizabeth Abi Khalil
Special to The Daily Star

Lebanon is a country where beauty is observed not only physically, but also within the soul. Twenty women aged between 18 and 24 and hailing from all parts of Lebanon participated in the annual Miss Lebanon Pageant 2001 Friday. Numerous political and media figures attended the event, which was organized by producers Starwave and broadcast live by LBCI, from the Salle des Ambassadeurs at Casino du Liban. Even before the evening got under way, guests were examining the brochure displaying the competitors and speculating about who the next Miss Lebanon might be. Tourism Minister Karam Karam said that “the story of Lebanon is with beauty … as ancient as its history.”
Miss Lebanon 2000 Sandra Rizk made a spectacular entrance onto the stage. “I entered society to deal with the young and the elderly, and it was an amazing experience,” said Rizk. “My life changed through the past year and it was great to be able to participate in such an event,” she added. Hostess for the evening, Miss Lebanon 1995 Dina Azar, was as usual shining with beauty and glamor. “As you know the decision will be very difficult, for they are all beautiful,” said Azar. Introduced by Azar, the contestants gave an amazing display, parading elegantly in bathing suits and evening wear. After the contestants paraded, a 10-member jury consisting of Mona Fares, Sheikh Nassib Gemayel, Souad al-Achi, Markram Abi Fadel, Julia Boutros, Yahya al-Bishri, Carla Yardemian, Anachar Basbous, Raoul Verney and Wajih Nahle narrowed the contestants down to 10. 

After responding to randomly selected questions from the jury members, the participants were whittled down to five:  Jeanne d’Arc Sakr, Mireille Ziade, Nisrine Azizi, Bethany Kehdy and Christina Sawaya. Suspense filled the room. The final decision was only moments away. Azar asked each of the five contestants a final question and each answered in her own way, displaying nervousness. In the end, Christina Sawaya, 21, from Dhour Choueir with a BS in business from the Lebanese American University, answered with the most confidence and was crowned Miss Lebanon 2001 by last year’s winner, Sandra Rizk. The first runner-up was Bethany Kehdy, 20, from Baskinta, while second runner-up went to 18-year-old Nisrine Azizi from Zghorta. Justine Daoud, Cynthia Kiame and Mireille Ziade were respectively selected Miss Personality, Miss Elegance and Miss Photogenic.


The following is a copy of an email I received about Christina's visit to Shweir.

Thank you Rouba, I will forward this to Anwar and see if he has any input from any body.

-----Original Message-----
From: rouba khairallah []
Sent: Monday, October 15, 2001 4:34 AM
Subject:  Big Welcome To Christina in Dhour Shweir

hi matars, how r u guys, long time no speak ...
anyway i wanted to let u know that on staurday 13 dhour el shweir made a very warm welcome to our miss lebanon . i wasn't there to see i was in beirut but mom told me all about it.
she came with her family. they escorted her from shweir to dhour. the tour began from the road under our house in shweir , all the shweiriyeh were on the balconies shouting and throwing rice at her (the old tradition) and she was welcomed by all the associations in dhour and in the saha she made a little speavh , so impressive and some of the shweiriyeh made her poems . she was so happy and she bursted into tears. it was so moving .
i hope u can get pictures or more details from anyone active on the web who was really there and maybe took pictures.  take care 
Rouby K.

Thank you Rouba for taking the time to tell us about this important event... even though you did not see it...  I first heard about it from Habib Halabi who sent an email to me telling me that such an event would take place and assumed that there would be someone to take or send pictures to us.  



-----Original Message-----
From: Rosalie Sawaya []
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2001 5:31 PM
Subject: Congratulations

Dear Cristina,

 I am Rosalie Adib Touma Sawaya from São Paulo, Brazil. I am very happy that you won the contest for Miss Lebanon. I am proud of you, you are very beautiful. I told to my all relatives here about you. Everybody sends their regards. Congratulations to Sawaya's family. Best regards to your family, 

Love from Rosalie

----- Original Message from Paulo Sawaya in Brazil-----
Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 2:23 PM
Subject: Miss Lebanon 2001
My name is Paulo H.Sawaya Junior, my father was Paulo Sawaya and we are living many years here in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was informed about Miss Lebanon 2001 , Miss Christina Sawaya and I would like to send my congratulations to Miss Christina, could you do that for me ?
Any answer my e mail is:
Thank you
Best regards
Paulo H.Sawaya Jr 


Hello Paulo,

With Pleasure.  We will post it here on website and hope that Miss Lebanon will read it and possibly respond to you and/or to the readers and well wishers of the family.


Miss Lebanon visits Shweir   by Fadi Abdel Ahad  sent on October 28, 2001

shweir1.jpg (30553 bytes)On Saturday 13th of October 2001 the new Miss Lebanon 2001 Christina Sawaya was received in the arms of her town people (the famous Shweirieh). As a matter of fact, a ceremony for the honoring of our Shweirieh Miss Lebanon 2001 was prepared by all the committees in Shweir. The ceremony started at 3:30 p.m. in the Saha. Arriving to the Saha (coming up from Shweir,) she stepped out of  her car and walked into the Dhour El Shweir hotel passing under a bow that was made by the scout girls holding red and white flags (as shown in the first photo) 

 In addition to that, the ceremony included speeches by Mr. Shawki Sawaya (our Municipality President,) Christina Sawaya, Chistina's father and Glades Bou Saab Baraket (who represented all the committees of Shweir.)

 Then Christina and her family went into the hotel's lobby where they were greeted and congratulated.  The second photo is a picture of Christina along with her parents.

Note that these photos are courtesy of Raymond Moujaes who presents them to the family.

Thank you Anwar and keep the Good work up.  I'll keep in touch, Bye Bye


Thank you Fadi Abdel Ahad for your report and thank you Raymond Moujaes for the pictures...

OK young people of Shweir... Who has some good pictures that would like to share with the Shweirieh around the world?  

I bet Christina Sawaya has some great pictures.  

An open letter to Christina Sawaya

Dear Christina, 

On behalf of the Shweirieh in Lebanon and around the world, we congratulate you on your achievement.  You give aspiration and hope to the young generation and pride to all.  

We invite you to sign the Guest Book and communicate with Shweirieh from around the world on Bulletin Board.  

Also, if you have some favorite pictures that you would like us to feature or have any questions, please email them to and or our Al Mukhtar bil Mahjar, George Matar at

Best wishes and good luck on representing Lebanon at the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. 

Your support team at 

Again, young people, that letter does not mean that you do not have to send photos or report.  We still need some photos that you or someone you know took of that visit and a detailed report... any volunteers?   


From Mike Sawaya:

During the Program of Miss Lebanon, each of the beauty contestants was asked a question, concerning the equality of women and men, Christina Sawaya explained the importance of women in our society and gave an example of Salwa Nassar that shined in all the Middle East for she was the first to enter into the Atomic experience.


From Habib Halabi:  

"We are a nation that Adores beauty. "

From the heart of Lebanon, our Al-Matin girls made it to the top.

During Miss Lebanon 2001 beauty contest, All Lebanese were anxious who she's going to be ?
Twenty contestants from all over Lebanon did their best to win the title that took place in "Casino de Liban" on 21st of Sept.
Miss Christina Sawaya from our beloved Shweir was elected as Miss Lebanon 2001,
Miss Bethany Kehdy from nearby Baskinta was elected as first runner-up,
Miss Nisreen Azizi from the north as second runner-up. 
It seems that Miss Sawaya has a history of winning some other beauty contests as you can see under this link:

Author Topic:   Miss Lebanon 2001 (Update)
posted 09-25-2001 04:31 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ayman      Reply w/Quote

Hello everyone, This is a small Bio for Miss Lebanon 2001 (Shweirieh !!!)

Full Name: Christina Nassif Sawaya
Age: 21
- High School: Jesus & Mary (Rabieh)
- University: Lebanese American University (Jbeil) BS in Business Administration

Her grandfather is Asaad Abou Rizk Sawaya (Nicknamed Asaad "Al Kawass", a title given to the person who helps the Arbishop in the old days, he used to work with the Arbishops of the Royal Catholic Sect).  Her family currently doesn't reside in Shweir but in Rabieh.

Note: The info is courtesy of Mr. George Rizk and with the help of Miss Mary Sawaya.

From Grace Halabi:  
This email was form my uncle Barnie Hatem..just an FYI  :) Grace

Miss Lebanon, as you may well know by now, is a Shweiri.  Nada and I were rooting for her (on LBC), of course, due to our common interest in Shweir.  What was so funny though, as we went to church the following morning, we discovered that a young man, Jean Claude, who has been coming to our church for the last few months turned out to be her half brother!  He was telling us how thrilled he was, and how he was even more thrilled to see his mom and dad on stage alongside her!

You can pass this tidbit to the Shweir website, since I am not a registered member to do so myself.

Uncle Barnie

Thank you to Habib Halabi, Mike Sawaya, Elias Khonaisser, Souheil Khonaysser, Fadi Abdel Ahad, Ayman Chalhoub, Grace Halabi, Uncle Barnie and many others for calling, contributing information and/or pictures abou

A Shweirieh Party to spread Goodwill
In United Arab Emirates

The Invitation

----- Original Message -----
From: "Riad Khunieser"
To: "A. G. Kenicer"
Sent: Friday, January 03, 2003 3:11 AM
Subject: Actions speak louder than words

Dear Anwar &,  A brief report of good actions.

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."

Working for and with non-profit organizations gives you the power and the courage to ask for help from all goodhearted citizens. If you practice what you preach, you will always find men putting hands with yours to build and help.

The Al-Berkieh Restaurant in Abu Dhabi on the 13th of December. 2002 was the place where Shweirieh and friends gathered to support "BYTNA", the Elderly Retirement Home.  A great dinner was giving by Mr. Albert Mata, the Work Council Chairman in
Abu Dhabi and the owner of the Al-Berkieh Restaurant to honor Workers for Elderly and to help in building the Retirement Home, with the presence of Miss Lebanon, Miss International, Christina Sawaya,as guest of honor, the Consul Mr. Fadi Ziady, representing the Ambassador Mr. Hassan Berrou, Shweirieh and friends. Mr. Tony Baroud, who was in Dubai on business, was invited to the party where he took roll in making it livelier. Mrs. Korban went to Abu Dhabi from Shweir to help in preparing the party and presenting
the project.  The pictures will give you a better idea for that night. 

Union is strength. This is what the workers for good projects believe in and work for.

Christina, where ever you go, your smile shines brightly and touches those around you... we love you!
Congratulations on
a Great party
for a worthy cause... > >


Up Close with Miss Lebanon/International

----- Original Message -----
From: Angel lamloum
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2002 10:08 AM
Subject: My Interview with Christina Sawaya!

Hi Anwar, How are you doing?  I have a surprise for and i would like it if u would post it.

During Christina's short visit to Abu Dhabi I was able to slip a quick interview with her and ask her things...that was a reason why i posted "what would u ask?" Can u plz post it? thanx! Lamloum! :)
1-Who has supported you on entering the Miss Lebanon Pageant?
   "My Parents and friends. Especially my friends!"
2-Who is your role model?
  " I have several role models in different fields.
Ex: Mother Teresea because of her love , and taking care of others and loving others without any discrimination!"
3-What are you going to be doing after Miss Lebanon & Miss International?
 " I have majored in business economics so I would love to have a business of  my own.
I might have a trial in a TV program."
4-Is it easy to go through all of this?
 " Of course not. It asks for a lot of hard work. You have to stand up well for your status. You should have a strong personality personality and be well educated."
5- How was your first reaction when you won both Ms. Lebanon and Ms. International?
 " It was of a great surprise for me because I never expected to either one.  And it felt as if for a second time stopped and everything went blank. As a reaction i cried a lot of tears of happiness."
6-I've heard that "Baytoona" is one of your projects where have you reached and what are you planning to do?
 "Baytoona is a small sample of a big project I am working on with the rescue and social services association is Shweir.
Soon we will be putting "Hajar Il Assis" for the big project and start with the first building "Block C".
7- Most people now call you Ms. International what would you like to be called?
" It doesn't matter for me. Christina is Christina!"

Interviewed By: Lama Katoul

Thank you Lama and Christina for a Great interview.
For those who do not know Lama, she is youngest correspondent. 
Yes, Lama was cool when she posted a hypothetical question on Bulletin Board:
"If you had a chance to ask Christina a question, what would you ask?"  So, for those of you who did not respond to Lama then, you lost the opportunity to have your question asked... way to go Lama...
Recent reports by  Lama:
Miss Teenage Beauty Pageant - 2001 & Miss Teenage Beauty Pageant 2002

Congratulations to Christina Sawaya, the winner of yet another honor, the V Global Beauties Award for Best Overall Performance in the year 2002!!!!




Poetry & Night
An evening of
Poetry by prominent poet Henry Zghaib
presented and accompanied by the elegant Alexa Kiamy
Life Achievement Awards Honoring Eight Prominent Shweirys
presented by the eloquent Rita Rahbany
Ain El Assis, August 6, 2003

Life Achievement Awards started a few years ago by Nabil Matar and now is continued via


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