The following is a list of entries and updates of web.  
Some of the links may not activate since they were moved from their original location. 

Nov 16   Announcements      Announcing the arrival of Cian Thomas Dahdouh 
               Community            First scanned fotos: Tennis Matches pictures moved to "Community" web page  
               Lebanon - Misc     Moussa Ataya shares some photos including his Fiance's  
               Meet our Youth     Meet Hanadi, Joana & Amrou Adel Abdel Ahad  
               Education              SHS Graduating Class 2001 & Honoring Miss Mary Sawaya  
               In Memory of...     AUBís Raymond Ghosn remembered at building-naming ceremony   
               Contacts                Update of Welcome letter   
               August 2001          Introducing Christopher Henry Fouad Abou Saab  
               Ain Al Assis           Past Shweir Honoree:  Khalil Hawi (1998), Salwa Nassar (2000)  
               Environment           Sample posts from Shweir Bulletin Board to replant Al Ghwab
               Canada                 Congratulations on Baptism of Lea Raymond Halabi    
               Shweir News         Al Anwar Headlines: Naameh Yaffet (Brazil) & Jamil Eid Khonaisser (Canada) 
                                            Al Nahar:  Khalil Hawi & Jamil Eid Khonaisser  
               Restaurants            New web page:  names of attendees of ShweirWomens' Breakfast
               Hotels                    New web page:  Hotel Central & Hotel Dhour Choueir  
               eCommerce           A book by Adib Aoun Moujaes  
               Family Tree            Updates on Sawaya/Savoia Family History... Safeenat Al Najat 
               Did You Know...?  Titanic Rescue of Adele Kiameh & Lateefeh Baaklini Courtesy of Nissrine Moujaes
Education               Calendar 2000 - Art for each month drawn by a Shweiry artist student 
               Art & Poetry          Three Poetry books by "Mrs. Sue"...   
               Memories               SSS Grads Class of ____?   courtesy of George Mkhail Naoum Sawaya  

Nov 5  -  Shweirieh Bil Mahjar  New Zealand   Ordination of Fr Dcn Ihsan Bosauder  
                                             California  Ghassan & Clotield Khneisser visitWebmaster
                 Environment        Tree planting Emails w/ Mike Sawaya, Nabil Abi Kheir, G. & N. Matar 
                Shweir News        Farid Sabbagh Marries Rana Rahbany, photos courtesy of Nabil Matar 
                                             Christina Sawaya visits Shweir... pictures & report from Fadi Abdel Ahad
                Community           Wheelchairs... See what makes this Community effort worthwhile... 
                August 2001    Aug 21  Presentation by at Nun's Auditorium   
                                                     Adel Abdel Ahad Family... 
                                       Aug 22  Subhiyeh at Ain Al Sarfed
                                                    Computer Workshop #3   
                                                    Last meeting of in summer 2001 
                                                    Samaha, Khneisser, Matar... Family gathering at Alsad Restaurant 
                                                    Late Party at Matar family 
                                       Aug 23  Breakfast at family of Adel Khneisser     
                                                    Antara, then and now   
                                                     Em Atef and Abou Faris   
                                                     Luncheon at Naoufa Khneisser family 
                                                     Early evening gathering at Hotel Central and last pivtures in Shweir...   

Oct 16 - August 2001    Chronology of events and links
                    August 14  Architects Shakeeb & Ziad Shaya
                                      New photos of Hotel Dhour Choueir   
                    August 16   Computer and family tree workshop  
                    August 17   Breakfast at Salwa Mirhej Home... 
                    August 19   Breakfast at the family of columnist Hilda Touma Sawaya
                                       Luncheon - Christening of M/M George Roustom's grandson at Alsad
            Photos - People  August 15 - Hafli in Saha by Shweiry performers 
            eCommerce        August 18 - Shweir Women's Society Breakfast Gathering at Alsad
            Photos - People  August 18 - A Play - Al Shakhess by Rahbany Bros... Saha  
            Churches             August 19  Ordination of Elie Khnaisser as Deacon at Al Mukhalles   
            Shweir News      August 19 Classic & New Car Show, Competition and artistic dances 
            Baladieh              August 21 An Art show touring Lebanon begins at the Balaldieh
            Community         August 21  Distribution of 240 wheelchairs to Lebanon -10 to Shweir  
            In Memory of...    Excerpts from the Bulletin Board about Ghanem Khneisser 
            Shweir News       Miss Lebanon, Christina Sawaya visits Shweir + An open letter to Christina      
            Announcements   Fadi & Patsy Dahdouh announce the birth of their son Jasper
            Take Five   Healthy Mind - Live Life, God's Creation & C'est pout Toi ! 
            Family Tree         Connecting Families: A touching email from Jacqueline Forti to Elias Khonaisser  
            Lebanon-Misc.    An article in Travel & Leisure courtesy of Souheil Khonaysser 
            Travels                 Taking a side trip to Baalbeck  

Oct 12   In Memory of...  Two poems in memory of Ghanem Khneisser by Helena & Nicole Ataya
            August 2001       Aug 13 - Children's Day  and Shweir .com Foundation Meeting  
            August 2001       Aug 14 - Computer Workshop & Meeting Shweir Mayor  
            Family Tree        Follow up emails about Tabsharani, Harik, Yazbeck & Yafet Families
            Community         Miss Teenage Beauty Pageant   

Oct 2    Non Profit Org.  New Sport Club in Shweir- Al Ajyal ...thanks Ayman Chalhoub
             Hotels                Miss Mughtaribeen Beauty Pageant moved to Hotel Central  
             Restaurants        Yanabeeh Restaurant Photos   
             Restaurants        Hotel Central    
             Ain Al Assis       Honoring the late educator Jirges Hammam   
             Churches            New page - Dayr Mar Elias - Recently discovered old church 
             Churches           Poetry & Song moved to Dayr Mar Elias  
             August 2001     More photos and info..
             Eid Al Mughtaribeen   More photos and reports  
             Eid Al Mughtaribeen   Al Yaoum al Karawi "Village Night" and "Hafli in Saha" 

Sep 26  Shweir News    New Miss Lebanon: Christina Sawaya is from Shweir
             In Memory of...  A poem in Memory of Uncle Ghanem Khneisser by Nicole Ataya 

Sep 19  New Zealand    Visiting Shweir - A.A. Corban history by Paul Woodfield 
             Ain El Assis       New Web page:  Visiting our old school     
              Shweir:  Alsad Restaurant   
                                      West Africa:  New Form Furniture from Rita Al-Hage 
            In Memory of...  Melbina Abdel Ahad & Gibran Haabi

Sep 11  Family Tree       Updates about Tabsharani Family from Mansour Iskandar Harik
             August 2001      Visiting Shweir after 30 years... by Anwar Kenicer

Sep 6    In Memory of...  Ghanem Hanna Khneisser  
             Family Tree      Girgis Dahdouh Family Tree courtesy of Walid Kablan Dahdouh
             August 2001     Sunrise in Shweir  

Aug 30  August 2001    August 2001, a New Web Page
             Art & Poetry    Editorial by Grace Halabi:  Simply My Point of View  
             Take Five        Jokes:  Funny Arabic Names by Victoria Mapar  
             Memories        1922 Shweir Group Photo of "Zahrat Al Adab"   

July 30  Family Tree      Baaklini and Shaya Khnaisser old family photos courtesy of Samih Baaklini  
             Photos             Pano Photo of  Shweir & old photo of Saha from Samih Baaklini  
             Canada            Congratulations to Walid & Saera Khayrallah on upcoming marriage of their son Khaled

July 28  In Memory of...   "Thank you Shweirieh" A message from Fawzi Emad 
             In Memory of ...   Rosette (AbiKheir) Touma Sawaya - 1951-2001
             Art & Poetry        Grace Halabi's latest:  "A Woman's View"   

July 26  Eid Al Mughtaribeen  New Page:        Eid Al Mughtaribeen Program
             Art & Poetry        check out Grace Halabi's latest at her web site:  
             Did you Know...?  Basic public information that the CIA has about Lebanon
             Take Five              Happy Friendship Week     

July 18  Travel          New Page:  Mapars do SW Europe & NW Africa   
            In Memory Of ...            Zakiyeh Emad (1913-2001)  

July 11  Take Five      A Marine's Deck of Cards + Robby's Story... Thanks Grace Halabi

July 10  Take Five       I dreamed I had an Interview with God  thanks Grace Halabi 
             Hilda's Column   Shopping at 44  by Hilda
             Lebanon-Misc  New Page  Sir Elton opens Lebanon festival - Sting in Baalbeck 

July 1  Memories                Emails between Nabil Matar & Antoine Halabi    
           Shweiry Honorees:  Elie Boukheir, Samih Baaklini & Shweirieh in UAE


June 27    Shweir News   30 Hours of behind the scene emails.   
                Family Tree     Descendants of Saadallah Samaha, Khnaisser & Tabsharani families reunite    
                Community      10 Wheelchairs will delivered in August 2001 
                Non Profit Orgs  Shweir Foundation, Inc. Approved as a Non Profit Organization   

June 13      Did You Know...?  Arab Americans - Making a difference  Courtesy of Habib Halabi 
                  Middle East            New Page  UAE Elegant Party Raises $10,000 Courtesy of Nabil & Fidaa Sawaya  
                  Art & Poetry          1930's Poems of George Moujaes courtesy of Fouad Major (Moujaes) 
                  Non Profit Orgs      Update general info  
                  Take Five                Healthy Mind:  How "We Change" courtesy of Nabil Matar  
                  Australia & New Zealand      New Page  
                  South America       New Page  
                  Education               New Page  New Library - Books sent to Shweir Courtesy of    
                  Canada                   New Page  A Recipe for Mughli courtesy of Hilda      
                   Texas                     Shweir On the Beach 2001 - Bulletin Board postings

May 31      Meet Our Youth    Isis Khoury   
                  Canada                 New Page  Photos and info about the birth of Caroline Zghaib 
                   Texas                   New Page  Photos and update of Shweir on the Beach 2001   
                   Non Profit Orgs   New Page   Lists all the non profit organizations in Shweir  
                   Eid al Mughtaribeen  New Page  Info and photos about Eid al Mughtaribeen 
                   Baladieh               New Page  Info regarding al Baladieh  
                   Education         New page   Information about School and New Library 
                   Shweirieh bil Mahjar  Has 6 sub web pages to cover all continents and Mid East


May 23      Announcements     Mother's Day & Shweir on the Beach Update  
                                               Congratulations to Ghasan & Sizame Zghaib on birth of their daughter Caroline  
                  Prayer & Miracles  A Miracle with a message to Unite Easter Celebration.  
                  Family Tree            George Ghosn Eid Khneisser Family Tree  
                  Shweirieh bil Mahjar  Texas:  Shweir On the Beach 2001 is May 27, See sample of SOTB 2000  
                  Community             Wheelchair Update May 2001 

May 7        Shweir News        Computer Books to Shweir Schools   
                  Announcements    Graduations and Happy Mothers Day, May 13 in USA   
                                              Nijad Chalhoub is getting married July 22 in Mar Elias
                  eCommerce          Chris Moujaes & Company  
                  Memories             Hello after 46 years!!! + identify more from 1955 Grad class by Ramzi Germanos    
                  Shweir News        90 year Young Helena Ataya from New Zealand will return to Shweir August 1, 2001
            Shweirieh bil Mahjar   Congratulations to Steven Khenaisser on the birth of his 3rd daughter in New Mexico   
                                               Nabil Matar Visit Habib & Afify Sawaya in Vancouver, B.C. Canada + photos  
                                               England - Photo from Elias Matar with Nabil Ghattas Hawie & friend 
                   Photos                 Great photo of 2 Churches + Ain from Sandy Habib Jouka Moujaes 
                  In Memory of...     George Rachid Zghaib   

April 19     Family Tree         The Deeb & Saada Mirhej Family Tree  
                  Family Tree         The Hanna Khneisser Family Tree
                  Announcements   Messages for a Happy Easter  
                  Take Five            The Definition of Easter, the Fairy God Mother, Sex & the Moon and Life's perception... 
                                              Also check out many entries in the Take Five sections.... very interesting reading...

April 12     In Memory of...   In Memory of Salwa Touma Sawaya  
                  Community         Wheelchair project... a great first step  
                  Community         Shweir Social Services and Rescue (SSSR)  

April 3       Family Tree         Khnaisser Family Branches... Abi (or Abu) Nader, Eid, Nasr or Nassr, Shaya or Shaaya 
                 Shweir News      
Letter from the New Shweir High School Principal, Sabah Moujaes
                 In Memory of ...   Nejla Saadallah Samaha Likas,  1898 - 2001 
                 Art & Poetry       
Poem by Michael Sawaya courtesy of Rosalie Sawaya  
                 Announcements    Message from Mary Sawaya will retire July 1, 2001  

March 22  Announcements   Miss Mary Sawaya Retiring?  by al Mukhtaar bil Mahjar, George Matar 
                 Community          You are cordially invited to the best Sahra in Shweir and it is bil Balash 
                 Home Page          And Community Page:  Shweiry of the Month Honoree since April of 2000
                 Art & Poetry       Poem:  A Weaved Web by Grace Halabi  

March 19  Art & Poetry       Poetry and Bio of George Nuhra Mouja'is courtesy of Fouad Major and Waleed Moujaes
                 Art & Poetry       We Are Like Gaurdian Spirits, A Poem by Dr. Klee 
                 Art & Poetry       Poems:  The Bay, The Dirt Road, No Gold and The Valley of the Myth by Antoine Halabi 
                 Art & Poetry       Poem by Amin Beder courtesy of Antoinette Khnaisser (copied from Memories page)
                 In Memory of ...  A poem, Around the Corner, author unknown, submitted by Mounir Moujaes 
                 Memories            A Tribute to Al Sitt Linda and Istaz Yousef Sawaya by Antoine Halabi 
                 Memories            A Tribute to Mother,  Nagibeh Sawaya by Rosalie Sawaya 
                 Family Tree         Responses to Sawaya's Possible Origin by Dr. Klee, Hilda Sawaya and Elie Bou Kheir

March 14  Community          Shweiry of the Month Honoree:  Habib Moujaes for January 2001,  Dr. Klee Benveniste for February
                 Art & Poetry       Poetry by Grace Halabi  
                 Art & Poetry       Paintings & Ceramics by Sumaya Sabeh Samaha
                 Family Tree         Sawaya Possible Origin by Salim Bahij Sawaya

March 12  Memories            Remebering al Sitt Linda and Istaz Yousef from emails by Antoine Halabi and Nabil Matar
                 Memories            SSS 1955 Commencement Day & Track Trophies Courtesy of Nabil Matar 
                 Memories            SSS 1950's, Those were the days my friend, Mar Elias & Yohanna,  by Mounir Moujaes
                 Announcements   Mother's Day Luncheon Hosted by Jam3ieht Sayedat al Egatha al Shweirieh Invitation

March 6  Announcements      Mother's Day Luncheon Hosted by Jam3ieht Sayedat al Egatha al Shweirieh Invitation
               Memories               Gerios Shehadeh Moujaes photos circa 1905 courtesy of Waleed Moujaes 
               Memories               Remebering Anis Tannous Touma Sawaya by Antoine Rachid Halabi  
               Memories               Recording Shweir's History, a suggestion by Elsa Harik 
               Memories               A photo of the Magnificent 7 (early 60's) on Palm Sunday courtesy of Mounir Moujais 

March 1 Community              A Prayer - Courtesy of Samia Chedid and Fr. Dcn George Ihsan Bousauder
              Art & Poetry           Poems by Nora - Penmanship by Elie Mattar Rahbani - Dai3etna & Mama Nehna Jayeen
              Art & Poetry           Sculpture & stone carvings by Walid Emile Tebeshrani - photos by W Moujaes
              Home Page             Sumaya Sabeh Samaha Paintings and link to her website 
              Environment            Cedar tree planting project - - Research courtesy of Dr. Klee 
              Environment            A Peek behind the scenes in Cyberspace communications 
              Community              Photos of our young generation courtesy of Waleed Moujaes 
              Memories                Shweir, Snow & SSS - copy of discussion from the new Bulletin Board
              Family Tree             New and easy to navigate format
              Photos                     Photos of Rasheed Bou Kheir and old and scenic Shweir by Waleed Moujaes  
              Shweirieh bil Mahjar  Europe- Spain  -  Edrick Corban & Family photo & text 
              Shweir News           More contributors to the Computer Fund   
              Photos                     Responses to Habib Moujaes' photo of "Dhour @ 8:00 am this morning"  

Feb 20   Shweir News            Computer Update as of Feb 19, 2001 and photos by Habib Moujaes 
               Photos                      Dhour at 8:00 a.m. on Feb 20, 2001 courtesy of Habib Moujaes 
               Art & Poetry            Newly titled web page...   
               Top of Home Page   View of al Mtull in 2001 b.c.  Incredible painting by our Shweiry artist Zadallah Jabbour 
               Photos                      Photos of Shweir settings by Waleed Moujaes 
              Shweirieh bil Mahjar  Response to Corban's Family History by Chaplain. Reverend Edrick Corban-Banks
               Did you Know...?     Lebanese on the Titanic?  response to another posting by Dr. Klee  
               Community               Photo of the Abdel Ahad Family thanks to Fadi Abdel Ahad 
               Contacts                   in Al Mukhtaar Speaks section, There is a short and sweet message by Lama Katoul

Feb 16   Shweirieh bil Mahjar  Follow up to Corban's of New Zealand Wine Article by Walid Samaha 
              Take Five                 A self test in the "Healthy Mind" section... courtesy of Hilda + many new jokes
               Poetry                     The words to Fairuz' songs by the Rahbani Bros, sent by Nabil Matar
               Did You Know        Valuable info about many families, Thank you Dr. Klee, Hilda and al Mukhtaar 
               Environment             Great tree planting photos from Mike Sawaya 
               Did You Know...?    Bechara Merhej, info provided by George Matar 
               Announcements         Valentine's Day by Al Mukhtaar 
               Art & Poetry             Surreal painting by Zad and Amal Jabbour

Feb 08  In Memory of...         Michel Nakhleh El Khoury, Abou Rafiq,  (1919 - 2001)
             Did You Know...      From Shweir in 1887 to Australia  Thank you Klee  
                                              'Mount Lebanon' by Colonel Chrchill, 1853 Book.   Thank You Klee
             Shweir News            Shweirieh in Saudia Donate $500 + One year internet access for Shweir High School 
             Home Page               Update of Computer contribution (subsequently moved to "Shweir News"
             Take Five                  Many New & Colorful Jokes, check them out. 
             Family Tree               Tabsharani - Tebechrani Family Tree is now on line.  Thanks to Dr. Fouad in USA & Sami in Brazil

Jan 30   Poetry & Pen            New Web PageA New Poem: The Villager by Antoine R. Halabi 

Jan 27   Announcements         Excerpts of e-mails to and from Al Mukhtaar
             Did You Know...?     Members of Baaklini Family Survived the Titanic

Jan 25    Home page               Shweir Hi Computer Update:  Great Success - -  (Moved to Shweir New)
               Take Five                 Many New and Colorful Jokes

Jan 22       In Memory of ...     Jamil Kanaan Rahbani posted by his daughter Ragheda Rahbani Sleiman and responses.
             Shweirieh bil Mahjar   Nabil Matar Goes Hunting Texas Style

Jan 17  Announcements           Miss Natalie Baaklini of Austin to attend The National Young Leaders Conference 
                                               Members of the Baaklini family were on the Titanic as per an upcoming book  
                                               Shweir on the Beach 2001 will be held on Memorial Day Weekend, (last weekend in May)

Jan 15  Shweirieh Bil Mahjar  New Section on United Arab Emirates, Thanks to Lama Katoul  
                Community             eMail from Adib Emile Sawaya entitled:  "Don't wait till they leave us". 
                Contacts                 Webmaster's Notes:  New Millennium in Hawaii  
                                                                               In search of medical treatment for "Neuro Dermitis
                Home Page             Update on Computer Fund Drive 
                eCommerce            Bring new business and major companies to Dhour  
                Take Five               Numerous Jokes and Colorful by many contributors mainly the Matar Brothers  

Jan 07     Home Page            Moved Holiday greetings to and computer info to their respective permanent locations
               Did You Know..?  Many entries submitted by Dr. Salim Mujais regarding the following:   Dhaher Khairallah, 
                                             Jerjes Hammam, Ne'meh Jafet, Assad Rustum Mujais, Mansour Jurdak, Daoud Fouad Mujais
               In Memory of...     Salwa Saadallah Samaha 
               Contacts               Al Mukhtaar Speaks... " in Summary
                                            Responses to: "Shweiry of the Year" Nomination


Dec 27, 2000    Memories           Milia - Chapter 1- 3 of Najib Matar's Book  

Dec 19    Memories           Milia - Chapter 1 of Najib Matar's Book  
                Home                Simplified Links and New Year's Resolutions at top of this page
                Contacts            Updates to Hilda's Column, Al Mukhtaar Speaks and Webmaster's Notes
                Shweir News     Al Difaa Al Madani plans to build a senior citizen's quarters in Shweir  
                Community        Meet our Youth  -  Naji Khneisser

Dec 9     In Memory of ...  Maha Moujaes - - 59 years young  
               Shweir News    Shweir Hi-School gets its First computers 

Nov 29  Family Tree      See new updates about Baaklini and Tabasharani Families
              Shweirieh Bil Mahjar - New Zealand:  Fr. Dcn Ihsan Bou Sauder Ordination 
              Jokes and Inspiring - Several New Entries

Nov 11  Family Tree      An updated Saadallah Samaha Family Tree goes back to 1600's   
              Contacts           Add new and old postings, photos & articles by Hilda and Al Mukhtaar

Nov 8   In Memory of...."A Tribute to Dad" Elias Najib Matar (1911-1985)  by George Matar
             Home  (Top)     Lebanese Music while surfing Thanks to Rabih Khoury 
             Community        1922 Shweir Guide select photos and Translation
             Did you know...?    An article about Antoune Sa"adeh submitted by Mike Sawaya
             Contacts            Old "Contact Us" page is ReNamed "Contacts"  
                                      Introducing more Versatile and powerful New Shwier Bulletin Board 
                                      New Shweir Newsletter,  - - -    New Shweir Virtual E-Card  

Oct 24     Shweir News   Article about Dhour Shweir by Leila Fawaz ... Thanks Mukhtaar  
                                        More feedback about the Open Letter to Baladieh Officials  
               Contact Us      Updates to Al Mukhtaar Speaks, Hilda's Column, Webmaster's Notes
                Photos            New Photo of Shweir in Snow 
               Community      Another Poem by Rosalie Touma Sawaya El Khoury 
               Announcements  Texas, USA  Leila and Michael Matar Graduating... Congratulations 
                 Did you Know...?   The Works of Dr. Khalil Saadeh

Oct 16   Contact Us  New segments:  Al Mukhtaar Speaks, Hilda's Column, Webmaster's Notes
               Shweir News  Old Events Page is now Shweir News.  It has Baladieh, News & Events 
                                       Nicolas Visits Shweir ... 
                Shweirieh bil Mahjar    California   Alfred Moujaes visits San Francisco  
                Memories       I D many in the photo that Mounir Moujaes sent  

                eCommerce    Copy of the Brochure of "Dhour Choueir Hotel"

Oct. 08   Events        Open letter to the "Baladieh" Officials & Organizers of Eid Al Mughtaribeen 2001
               Community        New Section:  Hilda's Column   Informal collection of Hilda's writing
                                        New Section:  Updates from Al Mukhtaar
              Shweirieh bil Mahjar   USA  California  San Francisco Trip by George Matar    
                                         Wedding Photos of Henry & Rita Bou-Saab 
              Memories           Identification of those in some of the old photos. Did we miss you? 
              Take Five           A Touching Story   
              Announcements   Rumor... Nijad Chalhoub got engaged

Oct.  01  Announcements  Matars Visist San Francisco & Our first New Bulletin from Shweir
                                        Shweirieh Visit Al Janoob "May 2000"
               Contact Us        New & improved Shweir Bulletin Board - - Give it a try 
               Shweirieh Bil Mahjar   California  
               Memories         Old photo sent by Mounir Moujaes and Walid & Saera Moujaes Khayrallah

Sept 19   Announcemnts  Wedding of Ramzi Eid Moujaes  
                Events              Eid Al Mughtaribeen  Beauty Contest 
                Memories        Many entries from Shweir Bulletin Board

Sept 14   Shweirieh Bil Mahjar  New Zealand, The Corban Wine Makers & Ihsan Bosauder
               Take Five       Many new entries 
               Contact us      Testing a new guest book   

Sept 11    Shweirieh Bil Mahjar  San Francisco, CA  Khoury+Rustom Marriage Celebration 
                Announcements         San Frnacisco, CA Fund Raiser for Balamand University

Sept 10  Many Pages  "Meet Our Youth" & "Charities" are On the "Community" Page
                                     "In Memory Of" is now a sub page of "Announcements" Page 
                                     "Take Five" is now a sub page of "Did You Know...?" 
                                      "Texas" & "Brazil" now moved to "Shweirieh bil Mahjar" 
                                     Home Page:  New thumbnails leading to different web pages...

Sept 10  Memories        New format + "This Time... Long Ago..." by Hilda from SBB  
              Take Five        Many new entries  

Sept 8   Memories          New Web Sub Page:  "Noras Corner" Under Memories page 

Sept 6   Memories          Wadih Elias and Salim Nassr Khnaisser 1861-1888 
             eCommerce       Welcome to our high tech Shweiry Texan Chris Moujaes 
             Take Five           Many new entries... + Colorful 
              Contact Us        New email adresses 
             In Memory of     Elia Hawi brother Dr. Khalil Hawi passed away in late August, 2000 
                                       A Sad Day in Town.  From Shweir Bulletin Board by Hilda Sawaya

Sept  2   Did you know?  Early Shweiry Pioneers: Nostas & Zahia Barakat - Pharmaciscts
              Family Tree       Branches of the Moujaes and Rahbani Families
              Community        Charities... (sub page) info & backround 
              Take Five          Interesting story and facts 
              Memories          From Shweir Bulletin Board by George Matar

Aug 30   Photos               Mar Elias, Mar Yohanna, Al Mukhallis, Saha, "Dhour Choueir Hotel", Al Ain
              Environment       Excerpt from Shweir Bulletin Board by Waleed, Mike, George & Hilda
              Take Five           Many new and colorful jokes  
               eCommerce       Welcome to Saera and Walid Khayrallah in Quebec, Canada
               Guest Book       Welcome to Ghassan & Sizame Zghaib from Quebec, Canada

Aug 25   In Memory of...  Excerpt from Shweir Bulletin Board 
                                        Contacting the Spirit
               Take Five          Many Jokes plus a Colorful Page...
                Brazil                New Page 
                Contact Us        New updates  
                Home Page       Updates  
                Photos               Saydeh Photos and History 
                Community        A Poem by Rosalie for the Shweirieh

Aug 18    Take Five          Many Jokes from around the world.  Four from Brazil. 
               Photos               Old Shweir 1921 from Rosalie Sawaya in Brazil
               Memories          SSS Field Day & Track & Field 1961 -62 by Nabil Matar
               Saif oo Terse     Jamil Eid Khonaisser - photos     

Aug 14   In Memory of     Adib Touma Sawaya "Abou el Rijal" by his daughter Rosalie
              Photos                Shweir Churches courtesy of Najib Chalhoub
              Environment        Photos & Email by Mike Sawaya & Team
              Home                 Banner, Al Saydeh Anniversary
              Memories           A Sad Day in Town by Hilda Sawaya
              Take Five         New Page on "Community" Web Page.. Humor, Inspiration...
Aug 10   Photos               Old Shweir:  By Lara Emile Sawaya Jouby and Khaled Jouby  
                                        Hawie Store:  By Nabil Matar  
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July 27  Memories              Graduating Class of 1962,   Then &  Now 



The following are scans from photos, taken by webmaster and yet to be organized...

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Aug 2001 19.JPG (21255 bytes) Aug 2001 18.JPG (28607 bytes) Aug 2001 29.JPG (25928 bytes) Aug 2001 22.JPG (32851 bytes) Aug 2001 17.JPG (22900 bytes)
Aug 2001 28.JPG (21349 bytes) Aug 2001 23.JPG (22282 bytes) Aug 2001 24.JPG (17918 bytes) Aug 2001 30.JPG (24690 bytes)  
Aug 2001 16.JPG (40205 bytes)        


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Festival 2001 2.JPG (29098 bytes) Festival 2001 13.JPG (23188 bytes) Festival 2001 14.JPG (14589 bytes) Festival 2001 15.JPG (16658 bytes) Festival 2001 1.JPG (19876 bytes)
Festival 2001 45.JPG (24021 bytes) Festival 2001 44.JPG (33915 bytes) Festival_2001_46.JPG (18770 bytes) Festival_2001_48.JPG (21747 bytes)

Festival_2001_49.JPG (32658 bytes)

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Romi Khenaisser
    Festival_2001_43.JPG (39900 bytes)  
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The following are scans of photos supplied by the Matar Brothers...

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1073.jpg (29452 bytes) 1071.jpg (30297 bytes) 1072.jpg (31578 bytes) 1070.jpg (30291 bytes) 1074.jpg (36331 bytes)1075.jpg (36457 bytes) 1076.jpg (34950 bytes) 1078.jpg (41535 bytes) 1079.jpg (40742 bytes) 1081.jpg (40070 bytes)1082.jpg (25104 bytes) 1083.jpg (18764 bytes) 1084.jpg (26411 bytes)