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Al Ajyal Sports Club     
Al Kishafeh- Shweir Boys & Girls Scouts     
Al Nawbeh  - Shweir Music Band 
Akhawiyat Sayidet Al Beshara - Dame Annunciation Relief Assoc., ShweirMary Sawaya, President
Women’s Relief Society, Shweir, - Jam3iyat Sayidaat Al Aghathah,  Salwa Mirhej, President 
Shweir Social Services & Rescue, SSSR - Al Isaaf wal Khadamat al Ahliah -  Elie Jamil Korban, President  
Shweir Foundation, Inc



Baytna is becoming more of a reality with your help and
via the leadership of  The“Rescue & Social Services Association Shweir” (RSSA)
which began it’s roots in the year 1989 at the end of the civil war under very hard
circumstances and at a time where most of the government services where non existent.
Please visit their website at:


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From: Riad Khunieser
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2003 11:57 PM
Subject: Pictures of the new Medical Social Center (1)

These are some pictures for the ceremony of laying down the foundation stone to the new Medical Social Center (BYTNA), under the auspices of his Eminence Patriarch Ighnatous The Fourth Hazeem in Deir Mar Elias, Sunday July 27, 2003, at 6:30pm.

The Patriarch was represented by Archbishop Najim. Metin Deputies, Miss International, Shweirieh and Friends were there to celebrate with the Shweir Social Services & Rescue (SSSR), Al Isaaf wal Khademat al Ahliat - Shweir group, the laying down of the foundation stone of the new Center.




Future site of Balamand University?




Al Ajyal - New Sports Club


Al Ajyal Activities:  Dental Exams to 280 Students at Shweir High School !

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Sent: Friday, December 14, 2001 3:34 AM
To: Matar, George
Subject: al-ajial activities

Dear Mukhtar,
I  hope you are in good health.  On Dec 3 , Al-Ajial Cultural Athletic Club organized  a  dental  health care day for the high school student in Shweir . with the help of 12 doctors from the Lebanese University Graduates Association
who examined 280 students and lectured them about dental care. The club also distributed tooth brushes to all the students attached some pictures of the event (shs1 the doctors, school principal and
yours truly).
On dec 23 , the club will distribute prizes for the school competition that we organized.
We will be sending you pictures and details of the event.  I hope to see the above information very soon on Regards

Ajyal Dental shs 4.jpg (11652 bytes) Ajyal Dental shs 3.jpg (18092 bytes) Ajyal Dental shs 2.jpg (21685 bytes) Ajyal Dental shs 5.jpg (24796 bytes)

-----Original Message-----
From: Matar, George
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2001 9:30 AM

Excellent Excellent Ya Ghassan, this is the type of continuous news we're hoping to keep receiving from Shweir.  It looks to me that the Al-Ajial is going to be one terrific organization and we love to work hand and hand with you.

-----Original Message----- 
Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2001 4:17 AM 
To: Matar, George
Subject: Al-Ajial Activities

Dear George, Welcome back Mukhtar

On behalf of Al-Ajial committee and myself , I would like to thank all the shweirieh that participated the discussion about our new club in Shweir "Al-Ajial Cultural Athletic Club".

Our activities for November and December are as follows:

* A competition in drawing or painting between the three schools in Shweir for the first graders ( Nov 16 - Dec 1)
* A photography contest for the high school (December)
* General Knowledge questionnaires competition for students in the three schools ( Nov 16 - Dec 1) (this competition involves using the computers and internet access that were provided by
* Dental Examination Day with assistance of the Lebanese Dental Association.(3 rd week in Nov) 15 Doctors will examine 277 students at the high school .

Finally , the Club will distribute the prizes to the winners in these competitions in a reward ceremony Dec 23 with the presence of the faculties and students of the three schools.

We will keep you posted of Al-Ajial activities.

Regards to all

Ghassan Moujaes

Al-Ajial Cultural Athletic Club


Yes Yes and million Yes ya Ghassan, this is so wonderful, the type of news we love to hear. Great Great work and bravo for all the activities you are doing, This club is not uni-dimenssional I love it and you got my as well as many full support.

Ghassan, how many members you got so far? I LOVE the logo I am sending this to Anwar and probably have it as "Daiaa News" on the next Update, look for it. Anwar does updates every other week. Anwar it is in your hands.



Author Topic:  Al Ajyal New Sports Club in Shweir !!
posted 09-27-2001 03:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Ayman      Reply w/Quote
"Al Ajyal" Sports Club in Dhour Shweir:
A new sports club has been founded this summer in Dhour Shweir.  “To promote new athletic activities for the young as well as for the elders.”  Activities will include Tennis, Basketball, Mini Soccer, Cycling, also morning sport activities will be organized.

The club is registered officially now with the Lebanese Tennis Federation and is planning a national tennis tournament next year.  This year's summer events included a Street Ball competition organized on the Sawaya Courts.

The administrative committee:
President: Ghassan Khalil Moujaes
Vice President: Nada Emile Sawaya
Treasurer: Elias Boutros Sawaya
Secretary: Ziad Nicolas Moujaes
Counselor: Sabah William Moujaes, Nehmat Farid Sebagh
Athletic Coordinator: Nedi Sawaya

The club welcomes everyone !

For ideas, suggestion and inquiries, contact me on


Al Kishafeh

Christmas 2001 Scouts fundraiser  

A copy from the Shweir Bulletin Board ... 

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Author Topic:   Help Save Christmas
George Matar
posted 11-28-2001 01:50 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for George Matar     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
We all have been so busy doing this and that, being away from home, looking for a job, or studying for a test that we did not plan anything for our town this Christmas. Well it is kind of late but not too late, it is late if we are coordinating the work from the US, but not too late to do some coordination directly from Shweir.

To Be honest with you I have been so preoccupied that I could not think of anything, and out of nowhere I got an email from the Scouts (Adele Halabi) and in it A way we can help this year.

Now if every one mail a $10 or $20 we should be able to help the scouts meet their target. I’ll be mailing $20, Why? Because I like this program, it has a lot of merit, and because I was a Jarmooz a long time ago. Now that does not mean that your $5 is not acceptable, if that’s all you can afford then the $5 is just as great

Help by mailing your contribution to Adele. And Join me in wishing the local Shweirieh A joyful Merry Christmas

Miss Adele Youssef Halabi
Dhour Shweir
AL Matn Lebanon

Now Here’s Adele’s Message

Hi George,
I'd like to say Hi to all the Shweirieh in the world, I want to thank you a lot for the last e-mail and I wish you always the best.
First of all, I want to ask you if I can send an e-mail in Arabic "OUR LANGUAGE" on the lovely site, about scouts or any other things.
Secondly, I need a favor from you if possible..??
Every year, FAWN EL SHWEIR offer gifts to all the people( Babies, Children, Adults, and the old people) on Christmas Eve, in Shweir, Dhour & Ain el Sindianeh. we dress up as Santa's and we celebrate Christmas day with Shabeb al daia'a.

Usually, we spend for this project 1500$ to $2000. We used to collect money from the different Shweir's associations and foundations, through selling tickets for a cinema movie. That was the idea for this year. Unfortunately, we didn't succeed in making this amount, that's why I am asking you if there is any way you can help us with all our appreciation.

I'm waiting for your reply as soon as possible.
All my family says hello,

Special Hi to Anwar, Nabil and Lama Katoul.

Best Regards,
AL Panda Al Hakima,
Adele Al Halabi.

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Nabil E. Matar
posted 11-28-2001 06:16 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Nabil E. Matar     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
I agree with the Mukhtar, this is a good cause and we need to encourage such actions in our home
town. George I will be more than happy to be a part of this and Merry Xmas to our young Shweirieh
at home. And for the scouts, thank you for sponsor such event.
Come on Ya Shweirieh , this is a good cause.

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posted 11-29-2001 05:45 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for lamloum_k     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
I'll be glad too!
and i wont mail it i'll give it to her personally bcuz i am going on the 12 of december 2 shweir!!!

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posted 11-30-2001 02:52 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Webmaster     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Yes, Let's make many more Shweiry families have a brighter Christmas and let's give bigger incentive to our young people of the Scouts to feel extra proud of the worthy deeds they planned to do this Holiday season...

Yes, last August I saw first hand how the Kashafeh members proudly dressed in their uniforms sold raffle tickets to raise funds for their various projects.

Lama, that is wonderful to go to Shweir for Christmas... and deliver to Adele your contribution... after all, you met her on stage in August when you presented her with a First Aid Kit on behalf of and interviewed her about the Beauty Pageant... this will have a special meaning for you... perhaps you can join them on some of their tasks...

Can we count on you for some pictures and a report?

Causes like this make us renew our efforts to finalize the Shweir Foundation paper work which was to some extent placed on the back burner after the Sept. ll incident.

Good luck... Go Kashafeh, Go




Shweir Foundation


Strechers - Ambulance Carts

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Friday, February 15, 2002 9:17 AM
Subject: Ambulance stretchers

 Hello everyone,

For several months I have been trying to locate an ambulance stetcher that folds up and has wheels as was requested by Habib Moujaes. I have found several of them in the past, however they were vey expensive. These run about $3000 new.

I am very happy to tell you that I have been able to locate four of them in Port Arthur, Texas. There is a company an ambulance company that is fixing to trade these for new ones. The owner told me that these are in excellent shape. I will drive over and look at them monday.  WE can buy one, two or all. He is asking $450 for each. Of course if I like them I will try to get them cheaper.

I need some direction fom you as to what we would need, and method of shipment to Lebanon.  I think it will be a tremendous thing if we were able to get all of them, and donate one to the Jam3ieh, and one to our sister city Bikfaya. Of course, I and my brothers are ready to participate in this worth while project(right Nabeel and George?).
I could pay for any and all of them now to insure that we get them, and maybe we coulds solicit donations later.

Love to all,       Hibo

-----Original Message-----
From: Habib Moujaes []
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 7:26 AM
To: Matar, Nabil
Subject: RE: Ambulance cart

Dear Nabil

Please advise me of the shipping cost, I will see about getting this paid for from this end.
We will take care of the clearing and customs on this end also.
Just get them over here... 

As for the shipment of the stretchers here are some details that from your end you need to cover.....  I will clear the shipment thru customs on this end.   Did you check on air freight? I sent Nabil and e-mail explaining that a cheap wrapping package will do for air shipment and will keep the extra weight down. Air shipment should not be more than $600-800 so why bother with the complexity of sea freight. (I know)

Please investigate this option and let me have your feed-back,    Habib

-----Original Message-----
From: Nabil Matar []
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2002 3:52 PM
Subject: Re: Stretchers


You really stroke a great deal, $330 each  is very cheap. As for shipping them, every body I talked to including George Haddad advise that we should ship them by air plane. I checked with Lufthansa, they gave a cost of approx. $7 per kilogram but if we can ship them through non profit organization we can get a special deal. any way, I think we can ship them cheaper.

George, I think if we can collect $2000 we will be able to cover the coast of the stretchers plus shipment. About the costume and tax cost, Habeeb Moujaes said that they will take care of that , all they need us to do is to inform the air line of the name of the person who is going to receive them in Lebanon, and email Habib and Riad of the flight information.

----- Original Message -----


To: ; ;
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2002 2:51 PM
Subject: Stretchers

Hello everyone, this is Habeeb,  I was able to purchase three ambulance stretchers for $ 1,000.  This was the easy part, now how in the heck are we going to get them there. Anwar, do you remember the nice guy that was singing and playing the oud at Shweir at the beach. His name is George Haddad, and he goes to the same church as I go to. He works at the Houston Airport in freight. I have asked him to give me some information on this. I think the freight is relative to the weight and size of the packages. Hopefully I will hear from George this Sunday. I will keep you informed.

If any of the peoples of might have some insight on how  best to ship them let me know. I know that by ship they will steal them the moment they hit the port of Beirut. Let me know,              Habeeb Nacol


Nabil 3 Stretch up.jpg (49633 bytes) NM Ambulance floor.jpg (48557 bytes) NM Nabil + 3 stretch dn.jpg (48355 bytes)

-----Original Message-----
From: Nabil Matar []
Sent: Sunday, March 03, 2002 5:35 PM
To: Habeeb Nacol; Anwar Kenicer; George Matar

 George, These are the pictures for building the Box for the stretchers. In fact my neighbor John Wilson and his son Aaron help building it free of charge. Building a box like that could have cost us more than $300. It would be nice if we could thank them for their contribution.

Aware these picture were taking in my new Camera Olympus D 510, what do you think.  Nabil

Strecher Box 1.jpg (68052 bytes) Strecher Box 3.jpg (75576 bytes) Strecher Box 2.jpg (70012 bytes)

To John and Aaron Wilson, 

On behalf of the Family and the non profit organizations and the People of Shweir, we thank you very much for helping our ambassadors in Texas, Nabil and George and Habeeb.  We hope one day you can come and visit our beautiful town and be our guest.  

Nabil, Habeeb and George, great pictures and updates, and Great work...thank you, thank you.

Anwar Kenicer, aka Webmaster

-----Original Message-----
From: Matar, Nabil []
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 8:01 AM
To: 'Moujaes Habib'
Cc: 'Matar, George'; 'Nacol Habib & kathy'; 'Kenicer Anwar'; 'Bou kheir Elie & Judy'; 'Khunieser Riad'
Subject: RE:
Strechers Shipping Options

 Cousin Habib,
Sorry for my late respond, I had Jury duty and I just came back. 
First I would like to congratulate you and all the winners. From the picture you send I could recognize only three individuals Dr. Nabil, Raymond. and you. Cousin we are banking on you all to bring back our beloved town to its glory days.
As for the stretchers I will follow your instruction except for the method of shipment, keep in mind that this is the first time we are doing that (we are amateurs in shipping) and what the location of where we live dictate for us.  I checked with Lufthansa and KLM (these are the international air lines that leave from Houston direct to Europe). They informed me that due to Sep.  Eleven incident they have to go trough a lot of red tapes and we should deliver the package to Dallas which is too far from here. as for the coast they charge over $7 per pound, which is going to cost us more than $1000. 

Any way, to make the story short. Due to the advise of a friend of ours Mr. George Haddad who deals with shipping stuff to Lebanon, we decided to ship them by sea for the following reasons:
1. The cost is much cheaper, he said less than $500
2. these stretchers are made from Aluminum and they are equipped of many devises like  springs, levers etc and we are afraid if they damage they want be operable.
3. they are large in size and unpractical to be wrapped with light cardboard's
4. the guy that sold us the stretchers said he want to donate some  extra stuff like couple of boards to be used to carry patients in a tight areas,
some neck braces, breathing tubes, hoariness and other stuff. we could ship them with the stretchers in one container. 

Habib at this time, we already built the shipping box, `and we are waiting for the paper work to be done by Mr.Haddad, the extra stuff we are getting, and the donation money to cover the costs. Once I get all of these I will load the box in my truck and take it to Houston sea port.
I will keep you and the others informed. 


-----Original Message----- 
From: Habib 
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 12:58 PM
To: Matar, Nabil
|Subject: Shipment

No Problem!!  It's your call and which ever method you use is fine by me..Great Job Cousin!!!

The folks on this end are quite excited and full of gratitude.

Another success story to add to our archives...

I can't wait for the shipment to arrive..




Shweir Foundation, Inc. Approved as a Non Profit Organization 

Author Topic:   Shweir Foundations, Inc is now Official
posted 06-23-2001 01:59 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Webmaster      Reply w/Quote
Great News:

This morning Samih Baaklini called to inform me that the state of Texas has approved the articles of Incorporation for the non-profit organization of Shweir Foundation, Inc.
While we were talking, I was receiving the official do***ents of approval that he was sending via fax.

By the time you read this, Samih will be literally flying high in the air... almost 10,000 meters high out of joy and also because he is on his way to Shweir with copies of the official docs with him.

A great big thank you to Samih, to his associate and CPA, Christian Larsen for bringing this effort to fruition and many thanks and congratulations to our founding members, namely:

George Matar, Alfred Moujaes, Samih Baaklini, Hilda Touma Sawaya Shurbaji, Elie Boukheir, Nabil Matar, Habib Khalil Moujaes, Mona Khoury Czarnecki and Anwar George Kenicer.

Next step would be to finalize the bylaws and obtain a Federal Tax ID number.

Now U.S. tax payers can deduct or write off any donations like the wheelchair donations that are made to Shweir Foundation, Inc.

Talking about wheelchairs, more good news...: for added suspense, check the next topic.


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George Matar
posted 06-23-2001 05:56 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for George Matar      Reply w/Quote
Saturday Morning in Aruba, I walked into my office, still dark outside, turned my computer on straight to Shweir .com, Picked my sng, Ya Amar Ana we Yak, then the BB and the first message, what great news.....YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA. Are things getting better or what? Hold on I need to pick a new song.....Mishwar, wow that angel voice brings tears to my Eyes...Yes I am in Aruba, but as lonely as it gets. Miss you all.
Anwar, Thanks for the breaking news...Next step, who's doing that? We're on our way on this great Mishwar


Al Nawbeh

Posted by Nabil Matar on July 29, 2000 at 08:52:18:

Thanks for mentioning this Ya Istaz Joujo, especially about the part that you encourage the Shweirieh aboard to contribute musical instrument to Naubet Al Shweir. These young men are the pride of our town and they deserve our support. I think they are now in need of French Horns, Saxophones, Floats for girls to join the band, Trumpets or any musical instrument. Let us help to keep the Shweir traditions alive.
As for "Life Time Achievement Awards", there are many of the silent Shwerieh who deserve that. So far we gave the following persons
Istas Elie Nihra: For his long time contribution to the success of The Volleyball Game in our Town
Istaz Anis Sawaya: For establishing the famous Volleyball Hoda club which was well known all over Lebanon during the 50s and the 60s and also for making The Volleyball Game a Shweir Tradition.
Miss Marry Sawaya: For her long contribution to keep the education in our town before, during and after the Lebanese war strong and healthy and to help building a young generation we are proud of. Many thanks to you Marry.
And Last but not least Mr.Anwar Sawaya: Who single-handed kept our Town hall functional during the war.

I know there is many many more Shweirieh worked hard silently to keep our beloved Shweir great and they deserve our recognition. It would be nice if you help me throw some names in the basket to choose from and to keep this award alive.

Posted by Waleed Moujaes on July 30, 2000 at 04:39:19:
Please add this to Did you know?

Did you know that Music of Shweir ( Al-Nawbeh) was first started during Prince Fakhr-ed-Din the second reign? It was the third official "band" in Lebanon after Zahleh and Baakiline ( Mount Lebanon Capital then). It was established after Prince Fakhr-ed-Din visited Toscana ( now in Italy), and signed with the government there a series of agreements, among them an educational and cultural exchange treaty.

As everything in Lebanon, this band was affected by the political situation in Lebanon. So, it has passed several stages, until 1948 where several Shweiriyieh decided to start it again. They decided on one of the "moustafeen" then, Mr. Mahran Arslanian to be the teacher. Mr. Arslanian was the official teacher of the Lebanese Army Band. So, it was required by law to get the permission of the army commander and it happened. In 1985, and after more than 10 years of civil war which devastated almost everything, including Shweir Band, his son professor Hagop Arslanian, who is the teacher of the Rahabena's second generation, helped again some Shweiriyieh to start again.

Since 1948, both of them has given Shweir through its Nawbeh, more than anybody can imagine. It is because of the efforts of "estez Hagop", as he is known, that Music of Shweir, or the Nawbeh, is still alive.

by Waleed S. Moujaes - Hong Kong, China  (recently moved to USA) 



Shweir Charities

Akhawiyat Sayidet Al Beshara,  
Dame of Annunciation Relief Association, Shweir  -  
Ms. Mary Sawaya, President

Would someone please provide us information about Sayidet Al Beshara and any of the above non profit organizations... info to include History, Board of directors, Contact person, photos, important information that you would like to share... 

Please email it to  anwar2  ( at )  shweir  ( dot )   com



Ladies Relief Society of Shweir,
Jam3iyat Sayidaat Al Aghathah,  Ladies Relief Society of Shweir 

President:    Jamal Kabalan Dahdooh

From: walid dahdouh []
Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 3:31 AM
Subject: Translation of Jamal Dahdouh Letter

This is the translation of my mother letter At Last..thank you verry much.

The Ladies Welfare Society of Shoueir
Dhour-el-Shoueir - Lebanon

Tel.  (04)390262

The Ladies Welfare Society of Shoueir

A Welfare Society founded in the year 1937 - the Founder is the Priest  -  ILIYA  EL-KHOURY -

The ladies of this Society worked very hard to fulfill their goal  which is      "GIVING"  They have established a Health Center which is visited by so many
needed people seeking help for their health and checking periodically for hospitalization in the nearby neighborhood.

This Society has a history of welfare deeds - it helps very needed people - needed families - students who are in need of paying their tuitions as orphans or unemployed parents - and patients who need medical examinations and medications.

The Society's Aim is serving each needed person by keeping up his dignity and without being proud of their services.  They give their love and happiness and safe conscious for people who have a heavy burden on their shoulders in addition of working ladies with love and sincerity.

In this "Health Center" we have a Responsible  Doctor "Dr. ELIAS KAMAL" who gives encouragement by treating every person who needs him and diminishing the patient's problems by his kindness.

This Society is administered by volunteers to address the Welfare of the town's people - All administrative members work very hard and seriously without any compensation.

The Financial Aid and Hospitalization is distributed from the Contributions and the generosity of people who appreciate our work and are still giving or sending us their Contributions.  Their names are published in the Society Yearly Book.

We wish you Good Luck for those who would like to contribute to us and are very thankful.

The Principal of the Ladies Welfare Society of Shoueir

Jamal  Dahdouh

It is nice to know that they assist the community and provide medicine, medical and dental assistance. 
They also feature aerobic exercises and yoga.

جــــمعية سيـــــدات الاغــاثة الشويريـــة

ضهور الشوير – لبنان

 جمعية سيدات الاغاثة الشويرية

 جمعية خيرية تأسست سنة 1937 – مؤسسها الخوري أيليا الخوري – ضمت سيدات عملن فيها بجد ولغاية مهمة وهي العطاء ، أسسن مركزا صحيا يؤمه الكثير من المحتاجين الى الطبابة والمساعدة العينية والاستشفائية في جميع الضواحي المجاورة .

 هذه الجمعية لها تاريخ في عمل الخير فهي تساعد الذين لا عون لهم : عائلات غير ميسورة – تلاميذ مدارس عجز الاهل عن سد اقساطهم – ومرضى بحاجة الى معاينات طبية وادوية .

 رسالتها خدمة كل كل من احتاج الى مساعدة مع الحفاظ على كرامتهم ودون التباهي بما قمن به من واجبات،  تعطي الفرح والمحبة والاطمئنان لأناس ثقل عليهم الدهر بمآسيه، بالاضافة الى سيدات عاملات بحب وإخلاص .

 في هذا المركز وجود طبيب مسؤول وهو الدكتور اليـــاس كـــمال فهو من اعطى معنى الرحمة بمعالجته كل من احتاج ، وبتخفيف اوجاع المرضى وحل مشاكلهم.

 أنها جمعية خيرية بإمتياز ، رئيسة وعضوات يعملن بجد ونشاط دون مقابل تعطي المساعدات المادية والعينية والاستشفائية من التبرعات وكرم المحسنين الذين قدروا اعمالنا وما يزالون مستمرين في عطائهم ، كما أن الجمعية لم تبخل في ذكر أسمائهم في سجلاتها السنوية .

                                                            نتمنى لكل خير إن احب المساعدة فنحن له من الشاكرين  

                                                                                                رئيسـة جمعية سيدات الاغاثة الشويرية

                                                                                                            جـــــمال دحــــــدوح



-----Original Message----- 
From: Samer Moujaes
Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2001 2:07 PM 

To whom it may concern,

We the Women's Relief Society, Shweir Lebanon have a medical center that offers medical treatment and medication for low prices and a dental clinic with very low prices also. We donate money and medicine to many families in need. We also help some students with their tuition fees.

About the wheel chairs that you are talking about we as a society will be very grateful if you could help us in sending some, which many people could benefit from their use after any accident.  

Thank you

Women's Relief society


Nissrine Moujaes sent this message in early March 2001 on behalf of her mother Mary Moujaes,

I am Mary Moujaes from the women relief society of Shweir. I want to inform you that we're having a lunch party for ( Mothers Day ) on the 20th of March in hotel Dhour Shweir. We hope it will be a good time for the ladies in Shweir to meet together. We hope we will be able from the income of this party to help some families on Easter since it is close.

Also we we will try to help some students in their school fees because the economic situation of very bad & many families are passing very hard time.  We are very thankful to people of and from Shweir for their help to the ( JAm3ieh ) the last two years.  In the year 2000 we were able to spend 7,000,000 L.L. cash money on helping those who are in need. We also help a lot through the (Medical Center ).

Many sick people are treated & medicated for free. We wish we are able to do more & treat all the sick people for free but we can't because we have to pay for the doctors & to buy the medicine.  If you want to know how the ( Jam3ieh ) started? I think Nora knows much more than me. Let her write & tell us what she knows 

Mary Moujaes.



Submitted by  Nora Matar Moujaes

I am hoping that this will prompt somebody to write a more detailed and accurate article about BOTH Societies in Shweir

  Al Aghathy (Relief Society of Shweir).

 The Aghaty was founded by Father Elia Karam, many of us know his daughter Claire Shaaya (how can we forget that lady’s pretty voice we heard in church every Sundays).  I am not sure the exact date the Society was founded, I believe in the 40’s.

It goal was to help the needy get professional health care plus other assistance as deemed necessary.  All the work is done on a volunteer basis, and funds are collected from Shweirieh that can afford to contribute. 

Please keep in mind this is old information and definitely needs updating. 
Here is a list of Past presidents:

Some pioneers active Members

 Representative in the Mahjar 

I am hoping that this will prompt somebody to write a more detailed and accurate article about BOTH Societies in Shweir

Nora Matar Moujaes 





Shweir Social Services & Rescue (SSSR)
(Al Isaaf wal Khadamat al Ahliah-Shweir)

 The“Rescue & Social Services Association Shweir” (RSSA)
began it’s roots in the year 1989 at the end of the civil war under very hard
circumstances and at a time where most of the government services where non existent.
Please visit their website at:

Shweir Social Services & Rescue (SSSR) began it’s roots in the year 1989 at the end of the civil war under very hard circumstances and at a time where most of the government services where non existent.

Our community was in desperate need for emergency services, whether for the sick, wounded or a step further, to put out fires ( most of our forest where badly burned due to the shelling and natural causes).

Facing this challenge, our home folks got together and started what is now a unique organization in Lebanon. Fueled by the determination of our young volunteers.

On the 27th of May 1991 the organization became official and was registered with the government under license N# 91.

SSSR was founded in 1989 under very hard circumstances during the height of the civil war and with no government help.  SSSR became official on the 27th of May 1991 under license number 91. 

More than 75 persons of different ages are active members in the SSSR.  The Administrative board consist of the following persons:

1.      Mr. Elie Jamil Korban – President. 
2.      Mr. Ramzi Najib Katoul – Vice president. 
3.      Mr. George Habib Abdel-Nour – Treasurer. 
4.      Mr. Habib Jouka Moujaes – Secretary. 
5.      Mrs. Marie-Rose wadih Elias Moujaes – Accountant. 
6.      Mrs. Raghida Khalil Rahbany – Adviser. 
7.      Mr. Souhail Nicolas Chalhoub – Adviser.

Currently the organization has the following equipments:

·        An ambulance which doubles for a Hurst (part of funeral services also provided by the organization)  
An ambulance.
A fire engine.
Fire extinguishers.
Wheel chairs, crutches first aid kits, etc..
Medical beds.

SSSR is financed through dues from it’s members, contributions from other Shweir organizations, private donors, the Baladieh, and last but not least by fund raising events held throughout the year.

Among the various activities provided by this organization we have annual meeting and presentations by the Lebanese Red Cross and the Official Civil Defense representatives.

Training:  A Training camp is held each year where new and old emergency volunteers are trained by Mr. Nijad F. Chalhoub on basic techniques in first aid and fire fighting (photos attached).

Free Services:  The services of SSSR are free of charge, donations are accepted to help with the basic expenses.

Senior Housing:  A major new undertaking is the building of a  “Home for the Elderly “ in a land donated by Deir Mar Elias (Monastery). A contract was signed for an estate of 15,000 square meters near the Monastery (Locations photos attached).

Immediate Needs are:  Medicine, vitamins, medical equipment, wheelchairs, stretchers, and emergency kits.

Long Term Plans Are:  Completion of the senior center, build a community center, build an emergency center, buy a truck to dispose waste, mulching equipment to transform dead branches into food for other trees to grow, provide vocational training and establish a library.  

Non Profit:  Keeping this organization operating on non-profit basis has placed a heavy burden on all the volunteers; administrators and rescuers alike. Only our good nature and devotion (as Shweirieh) to help others have fueled this organization into becoming the success story it is.

Donations are always welcomed, for this purpose a special bank account at the Société Générale Libano-Europeene de Bank Dhour Shweir Branch was set-up. Please feel free to support this worthy organization and chip in if you can.  

For more information, please contact:  we need name, title, email, address and phone of a contact person here.  

Anniversary - SSSR -  Sunday May 15, 2005

Thank You Riad K for the pictures and Samar K for the report

Author Topic: the annual anniversary of the rescue and social service association
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أحيت جمعية الإسعاف والخدمات الأهلية-الشوير قداسها السنوي في كنيسة المخلص للروم الكاثوليك في الضهور نهار الأحد 15/5/2005 ، وقد شارك فيه الارشمندريت جورج شلهوب، منضما ً الى الجوقة الشماس ربيع أبو سمرا.

وألقى الأرشمندريت شلهوب عظة جاء فيها:
"فيما الجمعية تقيم ذكراها لحاملات الطيب ويوسف الرامي، يستحضرني دخول يوسف الى بلاطس متوسلا ً وطالبا ً جسد يسوع. ولما تأكد بلاطس من أنه قد مات أرسل وسلمه جسد يسوع المصلوب والذي مات.
دخل يوسف يقول لبلاطس:" أعطني هذا الغريب الذي لا سقف له ولا أرض، يفترش الأرض ويلتحف السماء، فقير يسند رأسه على صخرة، ينام في البراري. أعطني هذا الغريب".
فما كان من بلاطس إلا وسلمه هذا الجسد. وبأية يدين حمل يوسف هذا القائم من بين الأموات! بأية يدين لف الجسد محنطا ً إياه بأقناط كانت الأم قد لفته فيها طفلا ً! وهنا ينزل الى القبر ملفوفا ً بهذه الأقناط.
يا أحباء، خدمة يسوع التي قام فيها يوسف، هي خدمة كل منا، لأن القيامة لم تكن يوما ً كانت ولم تعد. القيامة في خدمة، كل مرة نقيمها في هذه الكنيسة حينما نقدم الذبيحة الإلهية نحن نفتعل الصلب والقيامة والعنصرة. فما يجري في هذه الكنيسة في كل يوم هو قيامة المسيح من بين الأموات وخدمة لكل فقير ومريض وعاجز.
نحن في هذه الخدمة نستعطي جسد يسوع لكي نكون له خداما ً . فحينما نخدم فقيرا ً وعاجزا ً ومتوسلا ً نحن في خدمة المسيح لا أجر لنا لذلك. نجاهد ومجاهدون في سبيل خدمة الآخرين.
في جرن المعمودية نحن نلتزم خدمة كل فرد في أي طائفة وشريعة كانت لأننا نعلم أن يسوع موجود فيه.
يا أحباء، وصلنا الى ما وصلت اليه الجمعية من مشروع للمباني وللخدمات.
في المساعدة ينبغي أن تستمر.
والعطاء يجب أن يستمر لأننا كلنا في خدمة مسيح واحد وإله واحد".

عند انتهاء القداس، وقف السيد نسيب توما الى جانب المذبح، وقفة خطيب مليئة بعنفوان الشباب على الرغم من بلوغه التاسعة والتسعين من العمر، وألقى كلمة شكر يحملها من كل مسن موجود في بيتنا الى الشبان والشابات الذين يهتمون برعايتهم كما خص بالشكر جمعية الإسعاف والخدمات الأهلية، ملقيا ً بهذه المناسبة قصيدة جاء فيها:

من واجباتي كلما لاح الصباح
كلما الشادي شدا ورفرف جناح

قدم فروض الواجب لأصحاب العيد
عن قصوري والعجز باطلب سماح

قدم فروض الواجب إلهم أكيد
بعيّدهم في يوم عيدهُمُ الجديد

ينعاد عليكم بالرفاهة ألف عيد
مع تمام العافية والإنشراح

ينعاد عليكم بالرفاهيّة والهنا
ألف عام فيها ما تشوفوا الضنا

باطلب من الله تعيدوا في كل سنة
وتعود أيام العز وأيام الفرح.

قوبِلت هذه القصيدة بتصفيق حار وتأثر شديد من قبل الموجودين.

بعدها، تقبل أعضاء الجمعية التهنئة في صالون الكنيسة من الأهالي الذين شاركوهم الإحتفال السنوي وفي مقدمتهم رئيس بلدية ضهور الشوير وعين السنديانة الدكتور نبيل غصن، كما كان لافتا ً حضور ملكة جمال لبنان والجمال الدولي السيدة كريستينا صوايا بارود.
وفي الختام جرى قطع قالب الحلوى الذي زُيِّن بشعار الجمعية.

=> تأسست جمعية الإسعاف والخدمات الأهلية خلال الحرب الدامية التي عصفت بالبلاد، من قبل شباب وشابات الشوير الذين قاموا وبدعم من العديد من أهالي الشوير بإنشاء مركز للإسعاف الأولي وتجهيز سيارات اسعاف وتدريب فريق للطوارئ لنقل المرضى والمصابين إالى المستشفيات وفريق إطفاء للعناية بالطبيعة.
رُخص لها بالعلم والخبر رقم/أد بتاريخ 27/5/1991 وما زالت مستمرة بنشاطاتها المركزة وتطوير نفسها وتنوعت في مجال الخدمات العامة لتشمل اليوم مشروع دار الشيخوخة الذي يأخذ اليوم حيّزا ً كبيرا ً من اهتمامها ودعما ً من قبل جمعيات أخرى ومتطوعين لاستكمال المهمة الإنسانية التي تقوم بها في المنطقة.

The rescue and social service association – Shweir celebrated her annual anniversary on Sunday 15/May/2005 at al Moukhalless church – Dhour.

The Archbishop George Chalhoub participated in a ritual where he addressed to the people attending this ceremony, concerning the poor and disabled people who are in need of help. When we should be providing support for them, for Jesus is in each one of them.
The association should keep on working hard to continue from what they have started off with.
Giving should also carry on, because in the end we will all be serving one Jesus and one God.

After the mass Mr. Nassib Touma, who is ninety nine years old, spokes with confidence, a poem, thanking every man and woman for their care on behalf of each person who is in “Beytona” specifically the association.

In conclusion, the members of the association received gratitude from each person who was present in this memorable event.
This was also shared with Dr. Nabil Ghosn (Head of the municipality of Dhour el Shweir and Ain el Sindyeneh) and Mrs. Christina Sawaya Baroud (Miss Lebanon 2002-2003 and Miss International).
While all together cut the cake which was done for the sake of this event.

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Wonderful Samar, Thank you for an excellent report and update. Anwar

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SSSR - September 2004
Graduation of Volunteers in the annual training camp.

This camp took place at the end of last Sept. A short article and few pictures for the graduation party.

Twenty two young trainees, males and females, were participating in the annual camp held in Dar Mar Elias this summer, 2004.

The Rescue & Social Services Association Shweir (RSSA) has decided, from the very beginning, to train annually new young volunteers, during summer. This decision was planned to train our young on how to act, in helping self and others, at emergency cases. These young volunteers would add to the emergency services, whether for the sick, wounded etc. new “shabab blood” to replace or assist the other devoted ones. More volunteers can richen the service and give more power, to the system of helping others during emergency cases. The continuity, youthfulness and more force to the “Isaaf” association and services would be granted by the new generation of volunteers.

Text & Photos by Riad Khuniesser

Congratulations to all who participated,
You all have gained an incredible knowledge in helping your community




SSSR at the old SSS 2002

----- Original Message -----
From: "Riad Khunieser"
To: "A. G. Kenicer"
Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2002 3:10 AM
Subject: Annual Training Camp

Dear Anwar, I didn't have the time to write this to you on time, but never to late.
It's something about the role of the Is3af and the Old SSS. I hope you will post it soon in the right place.

The Campus of The Evangelic Center in Dhour El Shweir (The Old SSS) was the most suitable place for the Rescue and Social Services Association (Al Is3aaf ) to train their young  ladies and gentlemen in their annual training camp.

Every year the Is3aaf group trains new volunteers on how to serve and rescue people in emergency cases. This kind of voluntary work needs knowledge on how to help and not damage injured ones, and how to deal with patients in their hard time, and above that how to fight fire when this problem exists.

Mrs Kassab, the lady responsible for the Evangelic Center, accepted immediately the request from the Is3aaf group to use the campus of the Center for their three days training, and the Is3aaf paid the fees.   The trainees stayed for three consecutive days and nights in the Center.  They used the outer space as well as the inner places of the Center for their physical and mental activities. The girls slept in Carslaw Building while the boys used Sannin Building. They ate in the dinning room, (as you see in the pictures below). They had the best welcome from the Center Director and Staff.   Thank you Mrs. Kassab and the National Evangelical
Synod for making our beloved Ain Al Assis a place where every body can visit and stay. 

A group of professional trainers from different institutions was there to help and train the volunteers.
Mr. George Haddad from the Lebanese Red Cross.
Mrs. Khoury from the Youth Association for Social Awareness (YASA)
Mr. Nijad Shalhoub from the Rescue and Social Service Association.

September 20,21,22, 2002 our young SHABAB stayed in Ain Al Assis for their Annual Training Camp where new and old emergency volunteers were trained on basic and new techniques in the first aid, fire fighting, handling emergency cases, car accidents, health problems and the elderly treatment etc. All this is part of the Is3aaf voluntary duty to help Shweirieh and neighbors and to make them feel secure when they see our Shabab are ready, always and up-todate, to help in every hard case.


Anwar, I just received a copy of this English article about Senior Center from Riad, I think it worth while publishing. These SSSR group are doing a hell of job there.  Nabil
----- Original Message -----
From: omar khneiser
Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 4:06 PM
Subject: Retirement Home
Dear Nabil, I am sending you the cover of an english-lebanese magazine with part of a page that has on it some information about the is3af project which was published in february issue. The is3af people will start a mini retirement home ( no body knows about it until now and they will anounse it on the evening of the mother's day dinner) , with the mony collected from the mother's day dinner on the 16th of March and with the help of others, a house in Shweir will be the starting point. I can't tell you more tonight but I will later on. I ask you if it's possible to post the article of the magazine on the web for every body to see.
Thank you man I will e-mail you from the office on Monday because tomorrow is a holiday and I am sending this e-mail from Omar's computer.  Riad


Mothers' Day Dinner sponsored by SSSR on March 16, 2002

Thank you Riad Khnaisser for sending the information above. 


The following is a sample of SSSR's recent activity of most recent report sent to

SSSR’s Activities and Services for September, 2001.

Emergency Services:

1.       September 1: Mr. F I K was transported from Bhaness to Dhour Shweir. 

2.       September 4:  Mrs. Y the wife of Mr. S M M was transported from Daher Al-Basheik Hospital to Shweir.

 3.       September 13: Mrs. Y above was transported from Shweir to Daher Al-Basheik Hospital.

 4.       September 17: Mr. F I K was transported from Dhour Shweir to Bhaness.

 5.       September 21: Mr. F I K was transported from Bhaness to Dhour Shweir.

 6.       September 21:  Mrs. R H was transported from Dhour Shweir to Bhaness.

7.       September 28:  Mrs. S was transported from Dhour Shweir to Beirut (Invalid Woman).

 Blood Units Services:

1.       September 7:  2 Blood Units for Mrs. J B-N S.

2.       September 10:  2 Blood units for the husband of Mrs. H J K.

Burial Services:

1.       September 5:  Funeral Service for Mr. G H K.

 2.       September 12:  Funeral Service for Mrs. M K A-A.

 3.       September 16:  Funeral Service for Mr. J G A-H.

 Fire Fighting Services:

 1.       September 13:  A fire was put out in the woods across from Dr. K H, Dhour Shweir Road.

 Oxygen Services:

1.       Mrs. E R (Continuos).

2.       Mrs. S Z (Continuos).

 Activities of the Organization:

1.       September 17:  The Organization held a Breakfast Function for the Women at the Hotel Central in Dhour Shweir and the proceeds were used to support the Organization’s projects.

 2.       September 14:  Medical Aid.

 September 29:  Food and Educational Aid. 

SSSR's Activities and Services for August, 2001.

 Emergency Services:

 1.       August 2:  Mr. H R  was transported from Dhour Shweir to The American University Hospital.

 2.       August 5:  Mr. H was transported from Dhour Shweir Volley Ball Field to Bhaness and then to Hotel Due Hospital.

 3.       August 13:  Mr. S J was transported from Hotel Due Hospital to Dhour Shweir.

 4.       August 15:  Mr. G S was transported to Bhaness (Car Accident).

 5.       August 16:  Mr. Ci J was transported from Dhour Shweir to Hotel Due Hospital.

 6.       August 20: Mr. C J was transported from Hotel Due Hospital to Dhour Shweir.

 7.       August 25:  A worker at Mr. N S house was transported to Bhaness (Accident).

 8.       August 26:  Mrs. A the wife of Mr. F H was transported to Bhaness (Fracture).

 9.       August 26:  A player from the Al-Anwaar team, during a game at the Dhour Shweir Vollyball Field, was transported to Bhaness (Accident).

10.   August 27:  Mr. F I K was transported to Bhaness.

 11.   August 29:  Mr. S J was transported from Hotel Due hospital to Dhour Shour (After an Operation).

 Blood Units Services:

1.       August 16:  2 Blood Units for the son of Mr. P S S.

 2.       August 19:  4 Blood Units for Mr. J A-R.

 3.       August 27:  1 Blood Unit for Mrs. A H.

 4.       August 28:  1 Blood Unit for Mr. F I K.

 Burial Services:

 1.       August 1:  Burial Service for Mrs. G A S, the widow of Mr. A A-R S.

 2.       August 11:  A wooden box was donated for free for the burial of a woman from Baskinta living in Dhour shweir.

 Fire Fighting Services:

1.       August 12:  A fire was put out near the old Sacred Hearts School in Shweir.

 2.       August 25:  A fire was put out near Mar Elais Shwaiya Monastery.

 Oxygen Services:

1.       Mrs. E R (Continuos).

 2.       Mrs. S Z (Continuos).

 3.       Mr. J K

 4.       Mrs. M A A 

Miscellaneous Services:

1.       A water Load was sent to the Boy scout National  Civic Education, Fouj Al-Shweir Al-Awal in Benabel.

 2.       The Ambulance and its crew were put on duty during the entirety of the Immigrants Festival.

 3.       Wheel Chair Services:  Mr. K R for 3 months and also Mrs. H.

 4.       The Ambulance and it s crew were put on duty during the entirety of the Volleyball and Basketball competition held at the Shweir Music Sports Complex.

 Food Aid.


SSSR First Aid Training

SSSR Amb Rescue Team.JPG (74639 bytes)  
Ambulance & Volunteers
SSSR Fire Rescue Team.JPG (149676 bytes)
Fire Truck and Volunteers


Congratulations to members of Shweir Social Services & Rescue (SSSR
on your achievements and worthwhile endeavor to build senior quarters in Shweir.

If we may add some friendly advise or wish list… please give it some nice design with a sense of spaciousness.  Granted it would cost a little bit extra now, but it would be worth it in the long run.  A nice entrance and an inner courtyard would be great.  Just think, some years from now, one of you or one of us or members of our families could spend years there.  If it is designed and managed well, some well to do seniors would pay handsomely to live there and that would help subsidies those town folks who are less fortunate and could not pay. 

We would welcome someone to give us some updates and a conceptual drawing on this important project.  
You have our support.  God be with you. 

RSSA Retirement Ctr Aerial.JPG (116571 bytes)  Aerial View of the Donated land for a
  Senior Center
RSSA Retirement Ctr.JPG (60388 bytes) Another perspective of the 
donated land for 
a Senior Center.

 The“Rescue & Social Services Association Shweir” (RSSA)
began it’s roots in the year 1989 at the end of the civil war under very hard
circumstances and at a time where most of the government services where non existent.
Please visit their website at: