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This article is posted on November 5, 2010


New Shweir Mayor as top administrator
at American University of Dubai (AUD)

Letters like these on are priceless - 
Congratulatory Message posted May 4, 2010 by
Sammy Clark Hobeika That shows Unity and renewed hope.
Tentative Emigrants Fest (subject to approval of new leadership:  July 30th - August 17

 See Sammy's post on FaceBook

I want to congratulate my friend Elias Bou Saab, his wife Julia, the whole team and all the shwieriyyis for their tremendous efforts and their democratic way through expressing their opinions in voting peacefully and without troubles and this is what the media focused on.On this day, Al We7da among the Shweiriyyi occurred after the results when we all united bel se7a and this was our aim from the start.. This may be the start of a new beginning to revive Shweir so it would become the capital of the Metn Area.Our slogan was “Al We7da Wal Enma2 “ since we were sincerely aiming for Al We7da among the Shweiriyyi and 3ein El Sendyeneh. 

Sammy Clark And Family


Post by Sammy about the Emigrant's Festival: 


A month ago, in the first official meeting with Allajna Al ta2sisiyya for the Emigrants Festival, we specified the approximate date in which this festival will begin(30 July till 17 August) so we can have good and early contacts with the sponsors and artists, along with several concerts and sports and cultural activities that will occur starting from June. This way, we would be enjoying a long series of activities and events all through the summer.


But Now, we have to discuss the Emigrants Festival with the new Municipality Members and President of the municipality Mr. Elias Bou Saab so we can explore new ideas and confirm the dates and the whole program. In hopes that everything will take a direction towards a better Shweir, a Shweir that we all dream of, we leave the decision to the next few days. God Bless Shweir and the Shweiriyyi people and May our new slogan become "Love And Unity" .  Sincerely,
توحدنا بالاعياد فلنتوحد للانماء

Sammy Clark And Family

Election Results
Congrats to all who participated in this Election
You are all the richer from gaining such valuable experience

Congrats and Welcome to new Mayor Elias Bou Saab and new Council members & Makhateer

We offer our appreciation for past service to past Mayor Naim Sawaya, past Council and Makhateer

For detailed Election results,
Click on
this thumbnail > > >
to see them in higher
resolution Suitable for
Vote Count V

Congrats to Newly elected Makhateer for Shweir:

Micheline Amer Khoury Moujaes       ميشلين عامر مجاعص
Mikhail Boutros Sawaya                       مخائيل بطرس صوايا
Sami Wadih El-Sayegh                           سامي وديع الصايغ

Congrats to New Mukhtar for Ain Sindyani:
 Sabeh Kaiser Jurdak                سبع قيصر جرداق

These pictures below make us proud to be from Shweir
Look at the smiles and positive approach that the candidates projected to our community

With such spirit, we trust that Shweir's best interest will be their top priority

Photos Courtesy of Riad Khuniesser


For Election Campaign and and dedication of historic Plaque, see Baladieh web page

Photos of the event by Riad Khunieser  at


Make Your Vote Count on May 2nd, 2010

Riad Khunieser

PostPosted: 19 Apr 2010 08:38 pm    Post subject: Baladieh Elections   

Sunday the second of May is the date for the election of Baladiete in Mount Lebanon. Shweir, like other towns and villages is preparing for this occasion. All Shweirieh running for the new council are good elements who can work for better Shweir. I hope whomever win, will be giving the chance to work. All have almost similar ideas and projects and the goodwill to do. We, at will try to post on this web and other places whatever ideas they like to put in-front Shweirieh in Shweir and abroad. Hoping, whatever is published is for the benefit of Shweir.

There are two Mayoral lists including 14 council candidates each
and one independent candidate for Council .  They are: 

Platform of
Naim Shafic Sawaya

Please click on link
above to view data
Platform of
Samar Adel Kiame

Independent candidate for council
English    -    Arabic
Platform of

Elias Bou Saab

Please click on link
above to view data

اسماء المرشحين لمنصب مختار  السيدات والسادة:              Candidates For Mukhtars

 عن عين السنديانة من اجل مختار واحد


 سبع قيصر جرداق

ايلي شفيق جرداق


 عن الشوير من اجل ثلاثة مخاتير

 مخائيل بطرس صوايا

نجيب مخايل  صوايا

ميشلين عامر مجاعص

سامي وديع الصايغ

طوني حليم ابو زيد

Platforms for Mukhtars

Najib Mikhail  Sawaya
  نجيب مخايل صوايا
Micheline Amer Khoury Moujaes
ميشلين عامر مجاعص
Sami Wadih Sayegh
سامي وديع

Antoine Halim Bou Zaid
طوني حليم ابو زيد

Mikhail Boutros Sawaya
مخائيل بطرس صوايا

We will be glad to feature any other candidate so that we give fair opportunity for all candidates. 

Dedication of Historic Plaque

Under the patronage of Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Mr. Ziad Baroude,
The President and Council members of Shweir and Ain Sindyani Municipality
cordially invite the Public to join them to celebrate the dedication of a historic plaque
to commemorate the respective Social, Health and Safety governmental agencies
Noon, Sunday April 18, 2010, Fouwar Saha, Dhour Shweir
Hope to see you there

Bechara Merhaj Speech below


Photos of the event by Riad Khunieser  at


On the 6th of September 2009, Dhour Square was on fire!!
A thrilling battle took place between Dhour Shweir and Kaa el Reem, which was hosted by OTV Station. Members from each village competed in different games which test not only their body strength but also their intelligence...

Click here to read report by SFA (Shweir Future in Action) and link to slide show of 130 pictures


A message from the Municipality
about Zoning and utilization of precious land of Shweir.

Zoning Land Allocation  Maps - click expanded version


More Maps at Baladieh web page

2010 Zoning Public Private Guidelines


Feb 27, 2010

A message from the Municipality
about Zoning and utilization of precious land of Shweir.

Maps - click expanded version



Zoning and Land Allocation















More Announcements:

2010 Zoning Public Private Guidelines



1, 2009 - Latest update from Municipality - Complaint to Industry Minister

We would appreciate if someone would summarize or translate these docs to English.

In an effort to keep the people of Shweir informed, Municipality provided these 5 Documents below on March 17, 2009

The main topic in the Spring & Summer of 2008 has been attempts to Expand Industrial & Commercial Zone to 300% Shweir Size in an environmentally sensitive area between Shweir & Ain Sindyaneh in Nahr Bou Dawoude Valley from Al Sadd Restaurant to Mar Yohanna Monastery. 

Important Questions by concerned Shweirys included:  
Has Shweir benefited or been harmed by the existence of current Industries? 
IF Shweir's very weak to non existent infrastructure is beyond current capacity, how can it handle Huge Industrial Expansion? 
Any studies about: Roads? Water & Wastewater? Pollution? Impact on Environment, Health & Economy, Tourism? Funding? 

The family recognizes the critical need for a good, no, GREAT Master Plan and has collected feedback and urged the Municipality since 2001 to implement one and assembled a web page titled Master Plan at and there is another web link to the environment web page at .

We urge the Baladieh leaders and their staff to review the information shared on these two web pages. 
There is a wealth of information there to facilitate formation of dynamic Master Plans to make Shweir Shine again and regain its old glory as "Arouse al Masayef".    

On November 5, 2008, family sent an open letter to the Mayor and Council members, see below, after the Mayor's letter, offering to establish an advisory committee of best minds from around the world, including a designated Council member and in cooperation with Municipality staff to create an EXCEPTIONAL Master Plan.  We are hopeful that the Mayor and Council's response would be favorable.


Official Response from Shweir Mayor Naiim Sawaya dated Nov 3, 2008 regarding overwhelming concern about proposal to convert an area that is 300% the size of Shweir into Industrial and commercial zone:

Mayor's Official Response in Arabic
Mayor's Official Response in English

Responding to feedback from and discussion with members of family, about the positive note of the Mayor's letter above, we diecided to take poractive steps resulting in this letter, below sent to the Mayor and Council Members.

Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 10:10 PM
Subject: FW: Official Response about Shweir's future

Sandy, Please make copies and distribute to the Mayor and Council members.


Dear Shweir Mayor Naiim Sawaya and Council Members,

Thank you for your official response and invitation to welcome working cooperatively for a brighter Shweir.

Shweir will greatly benefit from such cooperation, sharing of ideas and as you nicely put it, constructive criticism. has a network of great talent from around the world. And when you facilitate to tap into their resources, you will be amazed at the additional opportunities and options that would come.

Shweir desperately needs experts who have in depth knowledge about all aspects of Master Plans.

If we do not have such expertise, we would waste more time and opportunities like we did since 2001.

As per your invitation, some of these experts have suggested that we establish an advisory committee to work closely among experts from around the world including Lebanon and Shweir and designated knowledgeable members of Shweir elected officials.

We recommend that members of the council vote to establish such Advisory Committee that will work closely with professionals, members of the staff of the municipality and the citizens in order to establish a New Master Plan.

The Council would have the ultimate decision of the approval of the recommended New Master Plan.

The experts will donate their valuable time and most likely provide alternatives and resources that can be of great value to Shweir.

They may be aware of international programs or aid foundations that can provide equipment, systems, software and hardware, or financial assistance for clean energy, water resources, wastewater treatment, education, economic, wireless and internet communications, etc.

We want people from around the world to look back 10 and 20 years from now to admire and be proud of positive accomplishments of the team effort of your administration and the Shweiry experts from around the world achieved.

We would like to know when the Council would vote on the establishment of such an Advisory Committee, so we can proceed accordingly including the selection of advisory members.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information.

Looking forward to your prompt and favorable response.

For the family,

Best regards,


Cc: family


We are excited about this opportunity and we are going to look at samples of some of the best models, utilize applicable data and modify to reflect Shweir charaqcteristics to achieve best Master Plan.

Here is a communication from Dr. Karim Nasser in Canada:

From: Karim W. Nasser
Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 9:32 AM
Subject: Re: Shweir Industrial Map - REsponse from Mayor

My sincere thanks to all of you for getting to a milestone in the negotiation with the Municipality.
For your reference and discussion I propose the following model from the City of Saskatoon:

Municipal Planning Commission

The function of the Commission is to advise City Council with respect to all matters pertaining to community planning and development within the Municipality.

The Commission reports directly to Council

Number of members--13
One from City Council and twelve others

See :

I will provide you with details after my additional inquiries.

Thank you very much and God bless your continued enthusiasm and hard work,



An updated summary about basics of a Master Plan

Shweir has inadequate infrastructure to meet current needs & NO Master Plan!

A Dynamic MASTER PLAN must have these basic guidelines for Shweir’s Future Success…

1.  The Town master plan will include tools for promoting quality community and lifestyles. It provides citizens, developers, planners, and leaders with a document that clearly communicates the public's interests and expectations.  It will also provide for orderly improvement of Town resources, infrastructure and environment.

2.  The needs of the residents and employees of the Town, including youth and senior citizens, will form the basis for the plan. Topics will include economic development, including agricultural development, housing, tourism, education, recreation, and the protection of natural resources.

3.  The Town's goals are to promote economic growth that enhances rather than diminish property values, to promote aesthetically pleasing development, and to preserve and enhance the historic, cultural, and environmental resources of the Town.

4.  The plan will help citizens communicate their goals and priorities with respect to zoning, roads, water, sewer, electrical and network to
guide elected officials over the next 5, 10 and 20 years.

5.  How can Shweir residents enhance their lives and capitalize on the many outstanding features of their Town, which include beautiful and scenic countryside, a creative workforce, a bounty of home-grown produce, an excellent Town Road system, and a fantastic view of Sunneen to the East and the Mediterranean to the West?

Since 2001, many caring Shweirys wrote dozens of posts on Shweir Bulletin Boards and urged the Municipality to establish a Master Plan.   In 2006, many engineers, architects, developers, road and wastewater experts offered to volunteer their time to work on a dynamic Master Plan.  No one followed through on these experts offers.  Not even a committee.  =  Missed Opportunities. Other towns are thriving while Shweir has gone backwards. 

In April 2008, Municipality announced and invited public participation for a bold effort to address 16 important issues leading to a Master Plan.  Everyone welcomed such announcement and gave residents hope.  No further update was made.  The only action taken was a submission to rezone an eco sensitive area that is 300% the size of Shweir into Industrial & Commercial without proper studies or public notice and input.  That would be devastating for the environment & Shweir.   

Shweir desperately needs a dynamic Master Plan & committee of QUALIFIED, Experienced & Unbiased experts. Brief suggestions from Dr. Karim Nasser, University professor of engineering in Canada, Engineers Salim & Jamil Jamil Bou Saab, Samih Baaklini, George Matar, Elie Aoun, Mike Sawaya & many others:

1.  The zoning plan should be made public by Council and invite input from, experts, residents and public.

2.  An Expert’s report should be prepared in due time based on resources, public input and limitations to determine the realistic feasibility and cost of needed infrastructure, effects on economy, environment, advantages, disadvantages, proposal viability, cost of the total project and how will it be financed. 

3. Allow Industries that are necessary to serve the community to be up to 5% of total municipal area and placed in remote location with minimal environmental effect and away from residences & businesses.



The following is Baladieh data:

  Suggestive ideas and development projects

                 Municipality of Shweir & Ain Sindyaneh

                                     Support group

                                           April 2008

List of contents


 List of different projects

 1-     Harf  Mrad – St. George church road decree

 2-     Shweir’s forestation

 3-     Dr. Khalil Saadeh’s memorial garden

 4-     Fixing & cladding of all concrete & stone walls along Shweir’s road

 5-     Building a road barrier near Shweir’s public school

 6-     Sidewalk from Nabhaa crossing towards Ain El Hanout

 7-     Parking area behind St. Peter’s church in Shweir

 8-     Sidewalk along Antoun Saadeh’s street , Harf El Deir area

 9-     Building of flower beds and a metal handrail at the stairs facing St. Mary’s church in Dhour Shweir

 10- Shweir town square, as a heritage area

 11- Emergency Medical unit

 12- Revamping the street connecting Dhour Shweir town square with      Fawwar roundabout

 13- Additional floor to the municipality Building

 14- Guest Info brochure

 15- Ain El Hanout Master plan

 16- Geographic information system


     Reviving Shweir’s social and economic conditions, calls for the implementation of some vital projects that will lead to a major uplift to the town’s current condition and status. These proposed projects vary in range relative to scope, budget and time duration for execution.  The projects could be implemented according to priorities and immediate needs of the community.

  The municipality of Shweir and Ain Sindyaneh’s support committee is pleased to present this booklet which includes a list of such projects that target but not limited to civic, environmental, medical and touristic issues.

   Regardless of the type and nature of those projects, the main goal leads towards the public interest of the Shweir’s community.

 For further information and details on those projects, please contact the municipality:

                   Tel:    +9614390019, +9614390175

                   Fax:   +9614391469


A list of different projects

 1-  Harf Mrad – St. George Church Road Decree

Shweir’s main road becomes too congested during summer festivals, annual feasts and community events such as weddings, funerals and many others. In order to avoid congestion and provide ease of access to the community, the proposed ring road starting at Harf Mrad crosses directly eastward and then down towards St. George church, gives an easy route to Ain Sindyaneh and Ain El Hanout without passing through the Shweir town center. The municipality has undertaken this project in 1998 and the works almost started but ceased due to complaints by some landowners.

It’s highly advisable to reinstate the works on this project through an official decree in case the settlement with the landowners does not lead to a successful conclusion.

2- Shweir’s Forestation

 Shweir’s pine and oak groves have been a major asset to its local environment. The sloped land between Dhour and Shweir is very rich with pine trees that have existed for more than a hundred years. Aside from the spectacular scenery these trees create, the pine tree is quite valuable with its pine seeds and its ecological effect on the sloped terrains.

 Unfortunately, at the end of each summer, those lands are susceptible to yearly fires, where a substantial number of trees are burnt beyond any possible salvage.

 In that regard, a yearly campaign by our youth and scouts try to plant about 750 pine trees in different locations, courtesy of the ministry of agriculture and other societies that have an interest in the Lebanese environment.

  3- Dr. Khalil Saadeh’s memorial garden

 This garden, which is located in Harf El Deir area, has a social and historical value, but it has been neglected and requires an upgrade in its soft and hard landscaping works.

  4- Cladding of all concrete walls along Shweir’s road

 The repair of existing stone walls & cladding of concrete walls with stone veneer, will improve the outlook of those walls that lie along the road from Dhour to Shweir as well as some walls in Ain el Hanoot area and Ain el Sindyaneh.

  5- Building a Road Barrier Near Shweir’s Public School

 Building road barriers and adjustments to the road leading to the school will improve personnel & vehicle safety & protection especially during winter period. In addition, building flowerbeds along the barrier with nice bushes and annual flowers.

  6- Sidewalk From Nabhaa Crossing Towards Ain El Hanout

 This area is very popular for walking and a sidewalk along the main road retaining walls, is very much needed especially that this road is becoming the main entrance to Shweir.

7- Parking Area Behind St. Peter’s Church in Shweir

 To coordinate with the church’s custodians to remove the wall behind the church in order to accommodate a parking area that will be useful during annual festivals, public gatherings for funerals and weddings. Initially, the wall was built to keep the area from being a dump, which does not hold true anymore.

  8- Sidewalk Along Antoun Saadeh’s Street , Harf El Deir area

 To build a sidewalk adjacent to lots #s 26, 27, 29 & 82 all the way to Deir Mar Elias. The distance is almost 700 Meters.

 9- Building Flower Beds and Metal Handrail at the Stairs Facing St. Mary’s Church in Dhour Shweir

 The stairs were rebuilt in 2004 and it’s recommended to build flowerbeds on one side for protection with a metal handrail in the center.

 10- Shweir’s town square, a heritage area

   Installing a general signboard in the town square in order to highlight the town square’s surrounding landmarks which includes:

-          St. Mary’s church

-          St. Peter’s church

-          ‘ Ain Al Qabu’  spring fountain

-          The old souk

    The board shall include brief historical information about the above landmarks. The preferable location for the signboard is next to the existing public phonebooth.

  The old souk

   Restoring the old souk to its previous condition and historical entity, the works include:

-          Removal of the existing asphalt, which covers the old stone blocks and exposing the central drain gutter.

-          Installing and restoring the stores’ wooden doors.

-          Renovation of the existing buildings within the souk’s vicinity

-          Installing a power network and sourcing it from the public grid.

-          Installing different signboards with brief historical information about the souk

 After the finalization of the renovation process, it’s highly advisable to reactivate the stores in order to reestablish the souk again a s the main market.

11- Emergency unit

 The setting up of a medical emergency unit in Dhour Shweir which will operate 24 hours, 7 days a week. The preferable location for such a unit is within the vicinity of Dhour Shweir’s town square. Preferable at ground level with easy access by visitor’s /patients and should accommodate parking for one ambulance.

The proposed area for this unit shall be 60-70 M2 , to include :

-          Reception

-          Treatment area

-          Room for patients with one overnight stay

-          Staff room

-          Toilets

-          Small store

The equipment for such a unit has been selected to accommodate emergency calls by residents of Shweir’s community and adjacent towns within a radius of 5 KM.

The budgetary cost estimate will be based on the cost of the equipment / furniture as fixed items and the staff / rent on monthly basis.

 12- Revamping the street that connects Dhour Shweir town square with     Fawwar roundabout

 During the fifties, sixties and early seventies, this was the most vibrant and lively street, not only in Dhour Shweir but also throughout the Metn area. It encompassed all kinds of entertainment and leisure facilities such as restaurants, trendy shops, a small hotel, Movie Theater, not to mention the spectacular views that surround it within a distance towards the east. All these sum up why this street was a magnet to people from the whole region. Now, the views are still there, but it is unfortunate that the street’s current condition is quite dismal, as everything has closed except for a few stores.

    In order to revamp this street, the following works are proposed:

-          Cleaning the land and pruning the trees on the lot facing the gas station, in agreement with the owners of the land, fixing the gate, painting the adjacent metal fence and installing indirect flood lights under the trees.

-          Taking advantage of the adjacent rooftops and converting them to summer cafes.

-          Renovation of the dilapidated building known as hotel Canary and turning the place into a closed sports and leisure facility. The location of this building and its proximity with the main town square, has great potentials for a sizeable investment, as well as providing the area with a unique activity center that is very much lacked in the area.

-          Reopening of Radio City Movie Theater even with limited number of seats.

-          Reopening of the maximum number of stores at least during the summer season.

Currently, there are approximately 40 closed stores along this street and it’s strongly recommended to reopen those stores gradually.

In addition to the above and during the summer season, it’s advisable to close this street for vehicles every Saturday from 6 p.m. till 12 midnights and to open it for pedestrians only. Vendors could utilize the wide sidewalks to sell some artisan works or light snacks that could serve the passers by.

13- Additional floor to the municipality Building

     Built during the late fifties and inaugurated in 1960, the municipality building was donated to the Shweir community by the Jafet family in memory of the late Shweiry, Nehme Jafet, who was commemorated with a memorial in front of the building. This 50 year old building was designed to cater for certain community activities that suited the times. Although it gives the impression that it is a large building, the available space is very limited for community meetings and large group activities.  It is recommended to expand the building available space in order to increase the built up floor space area.

     The proposed new area will be achieved by building on top of the present building roof. This new 450 M2 area will be split into two main areas. The front one will be partitioned for more office and workspace and the back one will be suitable for multipurpose meeting hall.

     The preliminary proposed design has been finalized, based on steel construction that reducing the impact on the existing concrete foundations. The pitched roof will receive red tiles to alter the drainage of snow and rainwater, which has not proven to be very efficient for large flat roofs in Dhour Shweir.  In addition, this new design in the center of town will blend in with the town mostly red tiled roof skyline.

14- Guest Info brochure

 The brochure with the title “ Shweir, a town for all seasons “ comprises 48 pages with a comprehensive outlook about Shweir’s past, present and some future aspirations, focusing on Shweir\s natural and historic expansion, eastward towards Ain Sindyaneh and westward towards Dhour Shweir. The brochure has been prepared in collaboration with Shweir community center. It’s highly illustrated with pictures, drawings within the context of Shweir’s natural and social environment.

   Some of the main topics:

-          Shweir, a brief history

-          Early planning and natural habitat

-          Communal heritage/ customs and traditions

-          Wild and domestic flowers, trees and local vegetation

-          Touristic places

-          Schools

  Plus many other topics and subjects that will be of high interest to any visitor.

The brochure has been prepared in Arabic and English in a square format of 25 x 25 cm.

15- Ain El Hanout Master plan

 Ain El Hanout, Shweir’s north east suburb, has become the forerunner of all areas in terms of real estate development. Its direct eastward orientation, fairly moderate elevation above sea level, the famous “Shir” which surrounds it from the west, and last but not least, the gentle slopes of its natural terrain which is highly suitable for any kind of development, makes this area unique in its general setting with great potentials for a prosperous future.

  Unfortunately, through the past, this area has been developing in a haphazard way. It has been neglected during the forties and fifties especially when the trend for expansion beyond Shweir’s cluster was mainly south west towards Dhour Shweir, which led this area to develop negatively in terms of the type of facilities that were taking shape beyond any control.

   Currently, Ain El Hanout encompasses all types of facilities such as factories, a school, houses, and chicken farms, plus other facilities and installations that have been built without any proper planning.

   In view of the above, it’s highly advisable to prepare a master plan for this area by a

Professional engineering firm that are specialized in rural planning in order to organize its existing facilities as deem fit and to control any future development within proper constraints before it’s too late.

16- Geographic information system

   This computer software program is geared towards storing any type of information that is earth bound with definite geographic boundaries. A few Lebanese cities and towns have adopted this program in order to have a comprehensive data that will be updated progressively within a certain time frame. Donations from different organization or private funding from local citizens, have enabled those town and cities to set up GIS programs within their municipalities.

   The storage data that the GIS system can absorb is unlimited and can include such subjects:

-          Infrastructure: Water networks, sewerage, rainwater drainage, power, Telephone, and public roads

-          Topography

-          Zoning and town boundaries

-          Commercial areas

-          Forestry and agricultural lands

Plus many other information that deal with the existing and current conditions of the town that will be updated progressively.

As soon as the program is completed, the municipality assigns a staff member that will guide users who are interested in retrieving any information about Shweir.

Different methods could be implemented for the setting of a GIS program. Certain firms are specialized in preparing such programs, or some individuals could be hired to work on such a program in the municipality.

مقترحات ومشاريع إنمائية

  بلدية الشوير وعين السنديانة

لجنة دعم البلدية

 نيسان 2008



 مشاريع ومقترحات متفرقة

 1- مرسوم طريق حرف مراد – مار جرجس

2- أحراج الشوير

3- حديقة تمثال الدكتور خليل سعادة

4- مشروع تلبيس كل حائط دعم باطون على طريق الشوير وعلى مراحل

5- إقامة حائط دعم مع مونس على فاصل الطريق الذي يؤدي الى مدرسة الشوير

6- إقامة رصيف على يمين الطريق بالقرب من كوع النبعة

7- التنسيق مع وقف الكاثوليك بإزالة التصوينة خلف كنيسة مار بطرس وتأمين    مواقف للسيارات

8- رصيف للمشاة ( شارع أنطون سعادة) منطقة حرف الدير

9- إضافة أحواض زهور مع فاصل معدني على الدرج المقابل لكنيسة السيدة - ضهور الشوير

10-  تنظيم ساحة الشوير ومتفرعاتها وإعلانها ساحة تراثية                                      

11- وحدة طوارىء                      
12- تطوير الشارع الممتد من الساحة العامة الى ساحة الفوار                                                13 - إضافة طابق لمبنى بلدية الشوير – عين السنديانة                                            14- دليل الزائر                                                                                             
15- المخطط التوجيهي لمنطقة عين الحانوت - الشوير                          

16-  النظام المعلوماتي الجغرافي                                                           


 يسر لجنة دعم بلدية الشوير – عين السنديانة بأن تقدم هذا الكتيب الذي يشمل بعض المشاريع العامة التي تم تداولها في الإجتماعات التي عقدتها من أجل مساعدة البلدية; بالنصح او بتقديم الإقتراحات واعداد بعض الدراسات٬ وفي حث المغتربين والمقتدرين من أبناء البلدة على تقديم المساعدة المالية او العينيّة من أجل النهوض بالبلدة بعد التوقف الإنمائي الذي أصابها منذ فترة طويلة.

ولسان حالنا جميعا كقول شاعرنا الشيخ ضاهر أمين خيرالله الذي يصف أبناء بلدته بقوله:

اذا ابتنى في اقاصي الارض سؤدده         تبقى به نحوك الاشواق تستعر

يقول هاتيك امي لست انكرها                 في مبتدا حبها يحلو لي الخبر

اغيب عنها وقلبي يستقرّ بها                  مثل الضمير بفعل الأمر يستتر

يا من لهم بشوير اسّ مفخرة                 ان الشوير بكم بالحق تفتخر

إن لجنة دعم البلدية تحاول عبر هذه الصفحات ان تضيء على بعض المشاريع الإنمائية او التجميلية التي تجد ان البلدة بحاجة لتحقيق بعضها فورا اذا توفرت الإمكانيات والبعض الأخر كمشاريع مستقبلية. وهي اذ تؤكد ان عملها ما هو الا محاولة مساعدة البلدية٬ رئيسا وأعضاء على القيام بالمهام التي كلفوا بها وذلك عبر المشاركة ومع كل أبناء البلدة المقيميين والمغتربين الذين يتمتعون بمواهب وقدرات وامكانيات اذا تضافرة وتشاركت لأستطاعة النهوض بالبلدة وإعادتها الى سابق عزها واكثر. 

 مزيد من المعلومات عن المشاريع المدرجة , يرجى الاتصال بالقصر البلدي على الارقام التالية:

تلفون:390019/04- 390175/04

فاكس: 391469/04




Renewed Hope for creating a Master Plan - April-2008

Congratulations to the Baladieh on taking steps to address a critical element ensure the future success of Shweir by asking the public for feedback in order to prepare what we would like to envision as a dynamic and progressive Master Plans.   

Successful Master Plan includes:  Short Term:  1-5 years, Mid Term:  5-10 years; and Long Term: 10-30 years.       

To facilitate Baladieh efforts, the Family assembled a small portion of articles and feedback about Master Plans, some from as long ago as 2001.   We stand ready to assist the Baladiah, its staff  and engineers with additional research, resources, experts and provide as many web pages and survey to be conducted via   

We welcome and support Baladieh's efforts.  To start, we assembled a web page titled Master Plan at and there is another web link to the environment web page at .

We urge the Baladieh leaders and their staff to review the information shared on these two web pages. 
There is a wealth of information there to facilitate formation of dynamic Master Plans to make Shweir Shine again and regain its old glory as "Arouse al Masayef". 

-----Original Message-----
From: Shweir Municipality []
Sent: Saturday, May 29, 2004 1:45 AM
Subject: funny poem

Attached is a copy of a poem written by Omar Wajih Nasr Khneisser. It is about the elections that were held in Dhour. They would like to post it on the website. On the top of the page there is picture of Omar standing in the middle between DR. Ghosn and Mr. Naiim Sawaya.

Best regards to all,  sandy


----- Original Message -----
From:  Shweir Municipality
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2004 12:51 AM
Subject: Pictures of elected council

Sorry for the delay!

it was hard to choose between the photos I have .
these pictures are for the reception held at the hotel in Dhour Saturday the 8th of May, where people from shweir came to congratulate the newly elected council, and the other pictures are for the dinner party held also at hotel dhour celebrating the success and acknowledging all those who have worked hard during the elections.
I still have one nice picture for the new council Iwill send it as soon as I can
Thank you for following up the elections the way you did, it really showed how much you care for shweir and its well being.
A big thanks also to all the shweirieh who went through the elections with a very nice spirit of participation, It really makes us all proud to be a shweirieh.
wish you were here
best regards to all
thanks sandy




Shweir and Ain El Sindyeneh Municipality Election 2004
Sunday May 2nd, make your vote count!!!

Many thanks to Samar for sending us these pictures on the day of the election.

Hover your cursor over the thumbnail and you should see the corresponding picture # on the lower left of your screen.

16: the baladieh in the first hours of the elections day.
34 – 54: some citizens from that day
35: a list to eat and lists to vote
17: bus to bring supporters and family members related to the candidate for the municipal council elections Mr. Naif Khairallah, who was a member of the Tawafoukia list
45: if you were here, like this they receive you.   People discussing a voting list.
60: when time of voting finish. The baladieh closed its door and it looks like this while sorting the voices. 10 o’clock evening.

Lets go to see the members of the lists during this time: 

72: Shawki Sawaya in the middle of his supports
70: moments of stress while waiting the results
in the other side, Nabil Ghousn’s house;
90: Ghousn in the middle of his supports
91: while receiving the results
97 – 108: like this the winners celebrate



Author Topic: Mkhatir winners for Shweir
Elias Khonaisser
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posted 05-02-2004 01:04 PM      Profile for Elias Khonaisser     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

The preliminary winners of the makhatir in shweir are:

Sami Wadeh El Sayegh
Michael Botros Sawaya


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posted 05-03-2004 06:30 AM      Profile for hala     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Dear shweir . com members:
i got the results of the votes from the list of concensus and growth office:
Mr rabeeh wajeeh bou samra: 1156 votes
mr elias michel kiame: 1072 votes
mr simon ibrahim baaklini: 1069 votes
miss zeina nadeem khneiser: 984 votes
mr habib jouka moujaes : 977 votes
mr elie sami al halabi: 947 votes
Dr nabil wadeeh ghosn: 933 votes
mr ziad wajeed nasr : 925 votes
mr naiim shafik sawaya: 919 votes
mr saleem peter katool: 912 votes
mr nidal bou rjayli: 910 votes
mr joseph shafik zogaib 893 votes
mr saleem bahij sawaya: 889 votes
miss reema bshara rahbani: 887 votes
mr hafez anis khayralla: 840 votes

I congratulate our new municipality and makhateer wishing all the best and succeed in their new responsabilities

NB:the elections was democratic,i was proud of all shweirieh in both lists , they were hard -workers,friendly with high spirit, It was a great experience i have lived will never forget in my life.


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Hala, Thank you for keeping us updated throughout the election and your informative reports.

Congratulations to our New Council Members and Makhateer.

Also, a big Thank You to everyone who was a candidate. It shows how much you care and love your town.

Yes, we have a great talent in the New Council as well as all the candidates.

The real work lies ahead. You have our support and prayers.

Hala, Yes, you summarized it nicely. It is wonderful to take an active part in this democratic process and keep us informed. Thank you.

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posted 05-03-2004 05:03 PM      Profile for hala     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

it was a pleasure meeting you through,even we don't know each other personally,i will keep informing you in everything that is happening in shweir,but for the election news my job ends here .  hope the new municipality will take care of that.the big thanks should go to you,you are great person not only me saying that but all shweirieh feels that too .
dear 3ammo george
i love you too,even we don't know each other,hope we will one day,i really respect you,you are not only mokhtarna bil mahjar,you are THE GOD FATHER of  by the way i met your cousin mr elias mattar,whom i know personally ,i asked him about you,he came from london,he was asking me if he can elect with his passport,cause he don't have an election id,  with all my respect

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George Matar
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Ya Hala, ya Habouba you are moving to the top of my favorite Shweirieh, and you are there.  God Bless you and your parents, they raised you real well... So how are you related to Jamil? Next time I am in Shweir, we'll have an Almaza at the Carnival, on Aamo George, Anwar, you're invited too... Do you see the article by Elsa Harik? Great

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Now Hala, please do not be stranger. Even if the Baladieh takes over updating us, we would like you and Shafiq and Samar and many of your firends and young Shweiries to stay in contact with us, start discussion groups, test our "chat" features and make more suggestions to the new Council.
If Ammou George is buying Almaza or Laziza, I will make best effort to come this summer. I would say right now it is a 50/50 chance. Say Inshallah and if God willing, I will be in Dhour this summer.

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3ammo george,i am willing to stay on the top of your favourite shweirieh list  and it is a pleasure drinking with you almaza bil seha,i am waiting for this moment,jamil bou saab is my 3rd cousin ,ammo george,lets make anwar raise the chance in visiting lebanon into100% and ask him to invite us both for a drink in sehit l dhour 

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George Matar
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I would have love to  but honestly I can not this year. Very possible next year I'll visit if God's willing... Oh I have a new suggestion, I guess I'll start a new Post... A new Idea is developing 

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Elias Khonaisser
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la walla sheyifkoun mabsoutin ktir  tayib shu bithibo masalan nihna nou'af bil seha w nitfaraj 3laykoun into 3am tishrabo Almaza w laziza while myself, Ghassan, Waleed, 3ammo Habib, 3ammo Nabil and the rest we'fin tahit el shamis? W el shamis bil shweir bil sayf BTIKWE EL HASSOUN  

I say the first round of Almaza on 3ammo george, (FALLASNE LAL ZALAME  


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posted 05-04-2004 10:57 AM      Profile for Webmaster   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Absolutely. If I am in Shweir this summer, it would be a pleasure to invite you and Amou George & Elias, Shafiq and as many who corresponded with us and friends that we know in common for beera, arak and/or mezza. 

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3amo george
it is too bad you are not visiting us this summer, inshalla next year we meet,i will not forget your invitation  you owe me kes bira w almaza kamen 
anwar inshalla you can visit shweir this summer,as for elias,if you are comming this year,i am inviting you for sandwich tawook geir shikl 

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Abu Jihad
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Shouldn't Hala be voted Shweirieh of the month?

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George Matar
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She gets my vote 

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posted 05-04-2004 02:41 PM      Profile for hala     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

do i have to show my plans?  any way its an honour

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i would like to congratulate all new members of shweir municipality. hope that they'll be able to achieve what they already proposed. wish that when i'll visit my lovely town in august i'll see some new actions taking place overthere and certainly in eid al mughtarebeen. i know that every one is able to give and as the son of shweir said al za3im, "in fikoum qoua wa laou fa3alat la ghayarat wajha el tarikh". so let's put our hands together to make our village be as it is known all over the world
3arous el masayef

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Author Topic: Shweir Election
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I’m back from Lebanon, a great democratic election I’ve experience in this unique town of Shweir that produced great people. First I want to congratulate the new & old municipality members for succeeding this time. Indeed a high sport spirit took place which proves the graciousness and good hearted will we have in Shweir.

Now all I hope is that those elected will try their ultimate best and break the 20 year status quo our town has bared and suffered. Lets not blame our town’s situation to external forces anymore for we reap what we sow. the new municipality will be under a microscopic surveillance, each member will be tested for their role and devotion to this town.

Finally I wish our new municipality all the best


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Happy & Successful 2004

----- Original Message -----
From: Shweir Municipality
To: Anwar
Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 3:25 AM
Subject: message from the mayor


To the people of Dhour Shweir and Ain Sindyany, Family and the Shweirieh all around the world:


On the occasion of the New Year 2004, I would like to wish you a happy new year full of health, success and prosperity. May the name of Shweir be raised high to be wide spread internationally. We hope that all  our emigrants will be motivated to visit the mother country Lebanon during summer 2004 to be able to establish stronger ties between our Shweirieh residents and our Shweirieh emigrants all over the world.


 I would like to seize this occasion to acknowledge the good work that our goodwill ambassadors representing the Emigrants and pass special wishes to our Miss Emigrant 2002, Miss Rima Mattar, and Miss Emigrant 2003, Miriam Habib, for their exceptional and exemplary service having served the emblem of the Emigrants Festival in Dhour Shweir and for all the contacts they created and continue to do so all over the world. We consider them and their respective families as members of our Big Family and we wish them much success, health and happiness.


Council members of the municipality join me in wishing everybody a happy New Year.


President of Shweir Municipality

Dr. Nabil Ghosn


Happy Easter

----- Original Message -----
From: Shweir Municipality
To: Anwar
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2003 2:34 AM
Subject: Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all the Shweirieh around the world.
Hoping that we will have the chance to meet in Dhour Shweir this summer all together and participate in the activities of our Emigrants Festival, as well as join in the Emigrant's Beauty Pageant 2003 taking place on july 19th.

Now as the Easter question is coming to an end we hope that things will be easier for the participants who wish to visit the mother country.
On the other hand please take note that Mr. Fadi Bou Dagher will be visiting the USA and his first stop will be in Texas, in the coming Approximetly fourth night from this date. Now he has reached Mexico City and is staying at the monastery Saint Charbel  and will have a meeting with the Lebanese club promoting and initiating the Lebanese to visit their roots in Lebanon.
For your Knowledge Mr. Fadi Bou Dagher has been working with us as Festival Of Emigrants Committe since 1992, and he has put at our disposal his computers and internet since that time. He has been very efficient in helping us and this is why I appreciate it so much if you could give him a very nice welcome in the USA .

once more Happy Easter to all.
Dr. Nabil Ghosn


Suggestion for
Eid Mughtaribeen Festival 2003

----- Original Message -----
From: "Walid Abikheir" <wabikheir @ yahoo . fr>
To: "Anwar
Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 2:14 PM
Subject: Eid al Moghtaribeen

I hope that every thing is going nice for you, Georges asked me if I had some ideas for our party and to send a letter to Anwar or Elias.  I hope that it will be useful and not too late.

A successful party is prepared months ahead of time by devoted people which take it upon themselves to present the best to their hosts and spectators, and it is a cooperation between all the members of the village.  The feasts, parties, and traditions belong to the daily culture of man.  It is an answer to a fundamental need and forms an integral part of a harmonious communitarian life.  The successful feasts which aim at prestige require a lot of creativity, audacity, and know-how, having a commercial orientation and a financial feedback.

Salim Sawaya understood that it was necessary to create parties that could one day become traditions:
the feast of fruit juice, beer, wine, etc. 
We have magnificent traditional parties which already exist - Mar Elias, Easter, Eid Assalib, etc., - that it would be necessary to instill into them new lives because popular improvisation is no longer enough, and this without falling in the logic of the temple. 

Does someone also remember the gone-by days of the grape harvest in Ainel Hanout- M3asser?  Now, this was an occasion to revive these customs which set the tone to village life.  The written documents serve as default and the oral tradition is imprecise.  It would be a good idea to revive them.  The massive migration of the population abroad where the city and the pauperism have weakened the necessary popular base for parties to be able to have magnitude.  Shweir was known by his know-how in stone.  Why did he not create Yawm al hajar or Yawn al 3amar?  Where would there be stands for all that regards buildings, stone, plumbing, gardening, sculpture, etc.

 Why not create a day with the theme of "the woman" (maternity, beauty products, .)  Yawm al zajal.  The day with the them of the "town market" or of the "grape harvest"! ! ! 

Ideas are not difficult to come by, but which ones are good, I do not know.  Create a party committee working year-round is necessary.  These gatherings would be welcomed during all the seasons for the social well-being and prosperity of the village.

It seems to me that in 1975, the municipality rented, to transient businessmen or others from far away, some spaces on the sidewalk to sell their products  as well as food stands  We can always apply this logic during the feasts.

The feast is a gathering which originates in the daily routine but which surpasses it.  Fire, lights, noise, marches, the smell of powder or of meshwi are symbols of life and vitality.

Here are some ideas which could be convenient for the party of the emigrants.  The stands and the spaces would be available for:
- beauty, health, and fitness tips - artisans, watchmakers/clockmakers, jewelers - kitchen tips, including nutrition and traditional
goods (kichk, zatar) - nature/environment:  farm, animal raising, gardening, wines, advice, . - music, instruments, discs - pot luck area for the families who wish to picnic on the grounds - painting for children These stands would be open from morning until the

The party would begin with an official speech by the mayor, the active presence of an orchestra, and some popular dances.
Below are some other suggestions that remain to be programmed into the schedule:
- day with the theme of "the village" or of "folklore"
- Terbi3 al jarass in the church of Mkhalles (because the chord is on the exterior) number of terbi3a in 3 minutes, for example
- cutting of wood with an axe or a blade
- contest of the fastest eater of Mancouch
- jet of Mahdalé
- a tray race (on which lie 3 full glasses of water and a full bottle) over 100 meters
- contest of the faster sewer of a handkerchief
- race to peel a potato
- race in a rolling car(3arabiet a roulment)
- Sayf w terss

The evening:  - fables, humor, stories and recollection of the village

A sports day
- 100 meters
- 200 meters
- cross country
- Daraj Harf Mrad from Shweir to Dhoor
- arm wrestling
- sac race
- bike race
- baby soccer/football
- darts
- chess, backgammon
- tennis, volleyball
In the evening, a show of combat sports, Dabke, open to the public

It could be foreseen to have an afternoon where we could make an ambulance demonstration with first aid techniques in an accident situation.  Another day, it would be thee fire brigade intervention. In the evening, competitions on poetry and on chant
interpretation.  Without forgetting the most beautifully decorated car.
A costume show and adult noises as if children (Zammour, casseroles, firecrackers.).
The release of hundreds of balloons filled with hydrogen.

The dream would be to realize an open-air giant screen to show old black and white films.
To invite the students of the music and dance schools for concerts as well as classic and pop shows free.
To try to create a space on Mtoll for those which would like to camp during these feasts. 
The finale of the evening would be the election of Miss Emigration to the Casino of Lebanon ...
and why not Ajmal Shabb à Dhour.  Dabké and synchronized fireworks coupled with music.

And for having a twin to Shweir i'm waiting answers for my request (45 letters to different municipalities)

Here the text :

Concerne : Projet d'association de jumelage

« Sur une place de village, un samedi soir, perché sur une estrade improvisée, un orchestre joue une danse typique du pays des cèdres. Ni slow à deux, ni rock solitaire. La « Dabké » est une danse communautaire. On se tient par les épaules, le cercle peut s'agrandir à tout moment, ça donne envie d'entrer dans une communauté joyeuse et fraternelle. »

Je vous écris pour vous faire part de mon souhait de construire une relation, d'établir des liens multiculturels avec Shweir, mon village du Mont- Liban.

Situation :
C'est un village de 5000 âmes,  situé en montagne, sur des collines de pins à 1200m. d'altitude.L'été c'est un lieu d'estivage. Deux écoles primaires , un petit club sportif et musical, sept églises et un monastère rytment la vie quotidienne. Les habitants de Shweir
ont toujours eu une réputation de bâtisseurs et un tempérament fier , joyeux et bon vivant.  Du fait de la guerre et de sa situation sur une ligne de démarcation, le village a bien souffert. De nombreux habitants ont pris le chemin de l'exil.

Mon rêve serait d'insuffler une nouvelle fois de la vie sur cette colline de pin. Donner une main et prendre une main pour créer quelque chose ensemble.

Si ma demande vous fait signe, je serais heureux de vous rencontrer pour en discuter. Dans l'attente veuillez  recevoir mes salutations distinguées.

P.S. :  Vous pouvez visiter le site internet du village :

Walid Abi Kheir


These are all excellent ideas.
What we need is for the officials and leaders of the Baladieh to combine as much of that and the many other great ideas that were discussed into consideration and then rate them and sort them on a priority list.  The sooner they start the better that everyone is prepared for the 2003 Festival.
With your OK, I will post your ideas on the Bladieh web page and also start a new Topic or perhaps add to a relevant topic on the BB.
Thanks again,

-----Original Message-----
From: shweir municipality []
Sent: Friday, August 23, 2002 12:44 AM
Subject: a letter from the president


         It’s a pleasure to address you this first official letter from the municipality of shweir and ain al sindiani to be transferred to all the members of your web page as well as to all the Shweirie that are living outside Lebanon because we don’t consider them Immigrants but we consider them Lebanese citizens spreading all over the world to promote the shweirie ethics as well as spreading over our famous history in surplus to their loyalty as citizens of the different countries they are living in.

 In the meantime our dear secretary Sandy sent you yesterday a full translated report of the whole Immigrants festival in Dhour shweir that was executed during the period 2- 18th of August 2002 I am sure that it was transmitted to the affiliates of your web page.

There has been several questions you were raising especially on your bulletin board, we attire your attention that the new municipality council was elected on March 3 2002 and the president was elected by the council on March 18 with all the accumulated duties to attend to, the time was so short to be able to cover all the needs of the town as well as to prepare the schedule of Eid Al Moughtaribeen that was executed between 2-18 August 2002.

 In this case you could see how tight the programming of Eid Al Moughtaribeen as well as attending to the daily urgent needs of the town, as well as the citizens that we took charge to serve. This of course made us work and attend to preparations in our serious daily work of over 15hours/day.

 Going back to your worries about Miss Immigrants; as you may know during the past years every time miss Immigrants was elected her mission ended immediately after coronation and went home with no more news about her until the coming year she may appear, if she didn’t get married, on the night of the coronation of the new miss Immigrants.

Our goal and expectations were to promote Miss Immigrants on the international level ultimately raising the name of Dhour shweir internationally TOO, the election has been put under the patronage of his Excellency the President of the Lebanese Republic (For the first time in Lebanon). Miss Immigrants 2002 will be delegated to attend the contest of Miss International Tourism. So this way we went on the international level promoting both names of Dhour Shweir as well as the Immigrant’s festival.

Our aim is to have you visit Lebanon and make your stay a pleasant one. For sure you have noticed that the festival started on the 2nd of august, an earlier date than usual , this was made especially to fulfill one of your wishes.

We will be ready to answer any of your future requests and at the same time sandy, our municipality secretary will be keeping you up to date with all the events that will happen in the future.


President of the municipality of Shweir and Ain Al sindiani

            Dr. Nabil Ghosn


-----Original Message-----
Sent: Friday, August 23, 2002 1:18 AM
To: shweir municipality
Subject: RE: a letter from the president

Dear Dr. Ghosn,

Thank you so much for your communication.  We are aware of the challenges of turning around our town in such a short time… To some extent, we, our members and guests communicating on the Bulletin Board get anxious to help and to see change or at least receive communication about the status of what is going on… now that we are establishing a good line of communication, it reduces the possibility for others to jump to sometimes incorrect conclusions. 

In the mean time, Hope you will enjoy the updates that I just completed… I have hundreds of other pictures to add that Nabil M took.  We just created a special web page for Eid Mughtaribeen 2002…  from home page, click on the Beauty Pageant picture and it will take you to 

Also, I will post this letter on the Baladieh web page.  Thank you Sandy for facilitating these communications.



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Subject: A letter from the president
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 This is a first time in the History of Shweir where the Mayor of Shweir reaches to all the Shweirieh across the globe.  The communication bearer
that have been separating us is now officially broken.  This is really a welcomed step, and it is very excites to know that the Baladieh is reading
our family comments on the BB and responding to it.  Now I can confidently say we are on our way to recovery.  Happy Days are here again.

Dr. Nabil Ghosn, on behalf of all the Shweiry Mughtaribeen, I thank you for doing what is neccesary to bring us closer to our hometown, and thank you and the council for all the efforts you are making to bring Shweir back to it rightfully recognized status among the Lebanese elite villages.

Mukhtar Bil Mahjar
George Matar 




Author Topic: Eid MUghtaribeen Festival
Elias Khonaisser
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The name is Eid el Mughtaribin yet the mughtaribin are almost never made part of this event and the focus of the committe has never been to address this EID as a REAL EID FOR THE MUGHTARIBIN but they treat it as a local event.

It is always the Mughtaribin that stick their nose in stuff and try to be part of it while the committe never approaches them or work with them negelecting the BIG FACT that the MUGHATRIBIN is really where the money is, the Mughatribin are what Kept Lebanon going during the war, they neglect to make them part of the Eid and try and attract them and create opportunities for them.

What am I talking about??

I am talking about organization, i am talking about planning and i am talking about setting goals and mostly i am talking about setting the record straight to what is the PURPOSE OF EID EL MUGHATRIBIN.

Here are some ideas that the committe should explore and implement.

1- Since this is a festival for the MUGHTARIBIN i would like to know how many mughtaribin atteneded this year? how many were aware of the Eid prior to their arrival in Lebanon and how many went to Lebanon becaus eof the Eid.

2- Does the committe have names and addresses of Mughtaribin in a database?? whereby invitations are extended yearly to all these families to attend?? the invitation would include the programme attached of course and the programme should be completed MONTHS IN ADVANCE NOT DAYS!!.

3- what kind of programs do we have set in place for these mughtaribin when they arrive to explore?? is there an office in the baladieh that deals with the mughatribin shows them around?? show them investment opportunities, ideas attract them??

4- do we have an office int he baladieh that is dedicated to real estate and summer rentals if someone wants to rent a house for the summer where does he go?? can we have a databse and a live person that picks up the phone andhelps people who are interested in spending the summer there? Of course that person should be polite, shouldbe aware of the activities being held in Shweir so as to be able to sell the idea and convince the MUSTAF that Shweir is the idea summer vacation place?

i can go on forever with ideas that will stir up activities and make shweir a more lively place and will cost us NOTHING approximately.

The mukhtar bil mahjar can gather names and addresses if he doesn't already have enough etc etc etc.

They have to start thinking cause right now they are only doing what they do yearly and nothing more, nonew ideas nothing and we wonder why sponsors are not interested why should they be?? how Sponsors are interested in knowing how much audience you can reach, how much distinguished audience not the same people.


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B. Hatem
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My understanding of Eid el Mughtaribeen is not exclusive to the Shweiri Mughtaribeen, but for all Lebanese immigrants who emigrated from all over Lenanon. Am I wrong here?
So Elias, when you suggest Al Mukhtar bil Mahjar--G. Matar--to collect names, you seem to imply only Shweiri immigrants. Don't you want all the visiting expatriates to know about the Festival? Am I missing something here?

Note: Most of your ideas seem to be quite good and workable! Keep'em coming! [Wink]

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Habeeb M. Nacol
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You are exactly right! As I stated in a previous thread, Eid el Moughtarebeen had no moughtarebeen in it either by their presence or by their input. Yes there were a couple of people that just happened to coincidentally be visiting in Shweir the summer that I attended three years ago. For God's sake, you don't see eid el zhour in Bikfaya without having zhour! (zhour are flowers).

The most important point of Lallous's editorial in my view is that there is an unrealized vast potential in making the festival as well as Shweir as a celebration as well as the home for the moughtarebeen. In fact, the city should advertise itself as "the center" for all those who return no matter from what town they come from. Frankly I cannot think of a better place convenience wise than Shweir for a Moughtareb to stay in better than Shweir. We are the most central of all the masayef. The weather in the summer is very moderate and cool, and Shweir could easily adapt itself to become the charmful place where the "Lebanese rich traditions" are still alive and in tact.

If we work on refurbishing the infrastructure that essentially already exists, if we give a new facelift for the town, if we work to polish up our image, if we thrive to service the moughtarebeen in a propper, clean, modern,exotic, friendly, cheerful and hospitable way, the potential is limitless considering that there are moughtaribeen outside of Lebanon than theose who remain there. Shweir has lots to offer if one thinks about it. Most importantly, once things start moving in the right direction, investment will follow.

Since Shweir has been designated as the city to hold Eid el Moughtaribeen, we have to take advantage of this. If we are smart, we can become the home, the place to return to for every moughtareb. can become the voice of the moughtareb as well as a marketing instrument for Shweir--"Home of the Moughtarebeen"m does'nt this sound good! Hey, this is not too far fetched. All it takes is imagination and the will to make it happen. [Wink]

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Elias Khonaisser
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Let us fix our internal house first before we move on to ALL THE MUGHTARIBEEN. Of course i would love to see everyone but i most definately want to see the Shweir Mughtaribin first. I want to explain to them why they should come.

I want to explain why they should invest, i want to get them involved in the process of rebuilding and beautifying Shweir.

ALL THE MUGHTARIBIN should be the responsibility of the government by creating a ministry for the mughtaribin.

HEK THEY CAN START BY GIVING THEM LEBANESE PASSPORTS and by allowing them to VOTE, the basic principle and rights a citizen has. For GOD's Sake Syrian people living in Lebanon and aborad have the right to vote but anyway that is a different story.

for now and as a first step i would like to concentrate on Shweir Mughtaribin, if in the process Mukhtar or whoever gets other names and addresses then sure why not include them too.


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B. Hatem
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Elias, I get your drift, but I was mainly addressing the festival itself and nothing else! [Wink]

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George Matar
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This is really a healthy discussion and the ideas proposed are all duable.
Regarding a database, last summer we proposed to several individual to start at least with the Shweirieh abroad, we also had the Champions named (no need to mention them here). I suggested that the Scouts and maybe the Isaaf, start visiting homes and collect names and addresses and build a directory of not just the Mughtaribeen but also the locals.
I sent them a format as an example.
I also recommended them to tap into and the likes of it and collect names and addresses of those Lebanese in the mahjar.
Another source for names could come from the Ministries, consulats, etc.. And as Elias said I recommended sending personal invitations to all the Mughtaribeen. The Cost would have been the stamps, the rest are manpower (really tough).
Another proposition I made was to dedicate special nights for different regions from Lebanon, e.g one night will be a special night for the Emigrants from Mouhafazt al Shimal, with a theme reflecting that region and performer also from their. That would designate at least five nights of big potential.
Also we need to start thinking big by carefully studing the oppurtunity of bringing International Stars to perform in the Festival...This would be really big, but also duable.
But before we can do all that, we need to have our village in a position suitable for hosting such events (Habeeb's input).
As I said, this is a great discussion, and let me tell you, we who are across the oceans should be continuously giving ideas, but at the same time lets keep it positive because I feel it in my heart that this new counsil if given the right tools will do the right job.

I know for a fact that they are reading our comments and it will be in the back heads.

Keep them coming guys.

Oh to Answer Elias suggestion, I have around 300 email addresses, I have not figured a way to send them to the Baladied other than on my next email show everybodies addresses and let Sandy add them to her address book....Elias , do you have any ideas?

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Waleed Moujaes
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Barnie, this festival is for all the Mughtaribeen, not only the Shweiries. Dhour Shweir won the lisense back in 1963 for 2 reasons: 1 because more than half the Shweiries are mughtaribeen, and 2 because Nehmeh Yafet was from Shweir. Remember, his family donated the municipality building and Jafet Library at AUB in the early 60s.

Elias, your ideas will only work when the committee set a plan. If there are no plans and goals to reach, we will never succeed!!! Let me give you a simple example. Someone (now in the municipality council) was working on a project to elect miss imigrant for every Lebanese community all over the world, USA, Brazil, Mexico, France, Australia,.... (of course with the help of the foreign ministry). Then, all of the "misses" will gather in Dhour during the Eid to elect one REAL Miss Immigrants!!! How in the world would this project be a success if you start working on the program 2 weeks before?

This is a very important project which will turn the festival up side down if we start working on it NOW!!!!!


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Elias Khonaisser
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you see what i mean about people in Shweir being very smart and creative?? and this is why i love to chat with all of you people here, you are willing to take that extra step, you are willing to try something that has never been doen before and say WE CAN DO IT and WE WILL DO IT.

at first glance this idea seems crazy but hear me out here is my humble version of how this can materialize.

the committe or whoever responsible for this contacts local organization all over the owlrd, chicago texas montreal etc etc etc and tells them the idea and if they are willing and interested what they would do is the following:

they would hold a pageant for their area the money they make from this pageant they CAN KEEP all they have to do is make sure they can buy the young lady the ticket and osme minor expenses like hotel stay if she doesn't have relatives etc etc etc.

the proceeds go their organzoation we have helpded thema nd they have helpded us by sending us a Miss who is really an mughtarib. she will most likely bring her family or someone from her family with her and then we can hold the BIG true MISS EMIGRANTS in Shweir.

now whoever came up with that idea is a great man i am i am interested in helping out anyway i can let me know if you need help.


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George Matar
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You Two are two steps and two years behind. Dr. Nabil Ghosn approched us to do this for the Shweir on the Beach 2001, and he sent us the Government official papers. They were willing to send a representative toi attend the pagent night. We at the time thought it was inapropriate to hold the pageant for the Shweirieh alone. We answered that thie pagent should be organized by the Lebanese Consulate for each region.
The Government was offering ticket and accomodations for the winners and tours to historic places.
Yes it is a great Idea, and an extremely, and I mean extremely big event.

Miss Lebanon Christina Sawaya announced in an interview that the Eid al Mughtaribeen committee will pursue it next year.. so my friends, it seems the wheels are in the process.

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Elias Khonaisser
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Dr. Nabil is a very energetic no time for BS kind of person whom i have seen in action and have UTMOST respect for the man. If Dr Nabil suggested this then i am very happy that they are one step ahead of us, that is what we want, we want them to be one step ahead ALWAYS.

We want to reach for something that has never been doen before, we want new interesting and exciting ideas that will stirr up and attract people to our village.

We need someone to give us some feedabck on what Happened to the plans of building the BALAMAND UNIVERSITY in Shweir??

The baladieh is still new i understand that and i respect all its members they all seem to want to work hard, but the Festival committe is different than the Baladieh and i hope they do a good job this year but for the next year i strongly suggest a REVAMP of the whole program.


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Nabih Baaklini
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I am aware of the efforts the new council members are exerting , and this can be seen already in the feedback we are receiving from the people we are meeting here and there. Having said that, and with a very positive remark, i believe the beer festival should target adults and not teenagers as we have seen. what message are we trying to send to our children? we do not want this situation where we are promoting a good idea to the wrong crowd.

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B. Hatem
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Speaking of Eid al Mughtaribeen Festival, LBC had a news clip yesterday about the Jezzine Festival, including the Miss Shallal pageant!!! It also showed the committee members and some shots of Jezzine and its landscape! Not only that, but this news is also carried in today's Daily Star!!!!

Moral of story? Not a single word about Eid el Mughtaribeen Festival or Miss Mughtaribeen???
Obviously, somebody is not doing his job right! This somebody (organizer, I suppose) ought to get off his duff, go to LBC--or any BC--and some newspapers to ask them carry some kind of newsclip on the Eid! TODAY!

Mukhtar, make your voice heard in Shweir. After all, you're the Mukhtar bil Mahjar!!!

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George Matar
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Ya Barny I have been off my "Duff" for quite sometimes, and lord have we been screaming for the right advertisement. I know Salim Sawaya has been interviewed on several radio stations as well as TVs, but to my knowledge not LBC. LBC should be targeted so early because it is seen world wide, and it is the right vehicle to adverise Eid Al Mughtaribeen directly to the, you guessed it, the Mughtaribeen.
But the best part about your message Ya Barny, is your concern, I can really Say now that you Have been Baptized a Genuine Shweiry [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin] .

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B. Hatem
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Just to be clear, I was not talking about YOUR "duff" ya Mukhtar, but about the local organizer's "duff" in Shweir, whoever he/she might be! [Wink]

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Habeeb M. Nacol
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Wait just a minute ya Mukhtar [Mad] . You are encroaching! Ma biseer shi 7ata el Mitran y'ool biseer shi. " nothing happens til the bishop says so". Barnie, you are baptized Shweiri as on now. End of discussion! [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin]

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Yes, this is a healthy discussion and great ideas... I personally feel that the new leadership is making a big effort but perhaps it is not as noticeable because they have so many issues to deal with and reverse a major negative trend that has depleted the town's resources...

How much can we/they do when there is no or little money in the treasury? It is also a challenge to set priorities between urgent basic infrastructure, beautification and Festival.

Look at how many people from the town that we are communicating with vs last year. Salim Sawaya put a valiant effort for the Beer Festival at his expense... granted, it was not perfect... and we do not expect it to be...

Oula Aoun started the preservation of our heritage movement... Sandy Moujaes is facilitating the contact with Baladieh... I can go on and name many like Habib Moujaes, Hanadi, etc... we appreciate all the great efforts made by all the well meaning people...

Granted, we are anxious for information and at times get rightfully impatient primarily because of the scarcity of communication and lack of noticeable changes or improvement...

Lets face it, may be what this town needs is the touch or style of "The Most Influential Man In the World" ... to be specific... imagine what if our Mayor is successful in bringing his distant cousin, Carlos Ghosn, to help? If Carlos managed to save Nissan from bankrutsy and reversed Billions of $$ in losses to Profits in record time, he most certainly can help Shweir big time... After all, Japan named him that country's "Man of Year"...

If he suceeded in Japan, he most likely can do it even better in Shweir and Lebanon...

Are Shweir and Lebanon ready for Carlos??? Or Carlos' style of Leadership???


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From Shweir Bulletin Board:  Miss Mughtaribeen Pageant 2002 moved to Casino Du Liban

Author Topic: Great news !?!
George Matar
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This is what you call Great News with not so great results... I sure have some mixed emotions about it.

Okay, I heard it was announced that Miss Emigrants will be held at the Casino De Liban this year. Is that great or what? This is a bold move on the organizers of the Eid and a big Salute to them, The Eid is now officially in the big league. It should draw a lot of people to it, it will have a lot of prestige also. But!!!!! THE village lost big on this one. From now on the Peagent will be associated with Jounieh and the Casino, The next move will be to have the whole festival in the Bay City. It makes me shiver just to think about that.
I always thought, and still do think, that the Eid / festival will be a corner stone we can use to attract visitors to the hometown, and if organized well it would do that.... Make The Eid so spectacular that everybody wants to come to Shweir to see it. There is also the lost revenues that the Hometown businesses that will not see this year, the hotel, the caterers, the hall, etc... I bet some were banking on that night to help boost theri sales.
I don't know I first jumped for joy when I heard the news, now I am not so sure. The Eid, all of it should belong to Shweir, Oh PLEEEEEEEEZZZZZ Lets not give it away.

[ 07-21-2002, 07:12 PM: Message edited by: George Matar ]

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Waleed Moujaes
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Who is organizing this?? Is it our Eid al Mughtaribeen committee????? If that is the case, please explain what is the point here!!! The main reason for the Eid, is to bring some activity to our "deserted" home town. If that is not the case, I am afraid that somebody might be planning to "steal" this event from Shweir. I mean, who will be more prestigeous and take the real name "Miss Immigrants 2002", the one elected at Casino Du Liban or in Shweir????

I am not exited with what I've read.


Author Topic: Miss Emigrant Pageant
George Matar
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I remailed Habib Moujaes about the Miss Emigrant's pageant and it seems the reasons are strong for the decision to have the Gala at the Casino de Liban, Here is his Answer, and Thank you so Much Habib for your quick reply:

Dear George

I was on a trip to Africa for two weeks and just returned two days ago, I too was a bit Surprised at the decision made by the Eid Committee. The reasons behind this move was as follows:
1- No sponsors of the gala dinner where available for an event considered local and non viable commercially. (However for a Casino event they received plenty of them)
2- The Eid cost usually around $40-$50,000 of which the government contributes $10,000. The balance must be generated by Sponsoring companies and the Pageant Election Gala dinner. In recent years however the dinners where making less and less and the Baladieh had to Cover the deficit. The Baladieh is presently at best barely covering it’s expenses and cannot foot the bill.
3- Media exposure. By moving the Gala dinner to the Casino, the media exposure will be quadrupled, maybe this Will help in getting people interested in Dhour as a summer resort again.
3- The President Rep. For the first time ever a representative of the President will attend the dinner.
4- In order for the dinner to be profitable the minimum attendance must be over 600, most Local Restaurants are limited in space to 400 people except for the Yanabieh. The Yanabieh is somewhat politicized and many people are reluctant to go there.
5- As for the rest of the program, I don’t have the schedule yet, I will get it and send it to you.

Love to all
Habib K. Moujaes

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Waleed Moujaes
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posted 07-23-2002 03:46 PM      Profile for Waleed Moujaes     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Thanks Habib for your message. Although I wish it to be held in Dhour, it seems the committee has viable and reasonable explanation.

Our concern was that someone is taking it away from us. I hope our brothers and sisters there understood our worries. Hope this will be a success, and would show a good image of Dhour Shweir.

Our dear "comrades" (helweh ma heik!!) in Shweir, please please keep us posted...


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B. Hatem
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posted 07-23-2002 03:52 PM      Profile for B. Hatem     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Seems like there is valid justification for holding Miss Emigrants Pageant at the Casino, after least economically. But this translates into a more woeful symptomatic conditions that still pervade Shweir as a viable resort town--namely lack of facilities and anaemic, general confidence in the current situation there. There needs to be some sort of aggressive selling of Shweir, telling people that the old Shweir is back. But this must be done by agressive advertising, the holding of special events, e.g. beer/music festival, and re-opening of the old casinos/cafes that cater to people's needs. Do not expect people to go to Shweir if they cannot find basic amenities/facilities there. You'll only be kidding yourselves!

Hopefully, next summer (when we're there, Inshalla) major improvements will be accomplished, and a large-enough venue erected to seat a large number of people in order to make it financially worthwhile for the sponsors.

Yalla Elias, are you going to open up Nasr...or is it Hawi? [Wink]

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George Matar
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posted 07-23-2002 04:18 PM      Profile for George Matar     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Barney, this tickles me to death, you must have read my Editorial # 3, I had a feeling it was lost in that section, but now I feel better, thank you Barney (only if you read it).
Do you guys remember the Series we started last year about "Shweir Master Plan"? It sure was aggressive with, if I may say, a good start. Should we re-open it and try to get the Baladieh involved in it?? Your Thoughts

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Habeeb M. Nacol
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posted 07-23-2002 04:22 PM      Profile for Habeeb M. Nacol     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

My cousin Habib's reply give good explanation for the committee's decision. They had no other option. I do hope however,like Barnie aptly stated, that this year's decision does not become a permanent alternative.

Hopefully some steps would be taken this year to ensure that the pageant takes place in Dhour the summer of '03. Otherwise, the economic effects on the city of having a festival will essentially have been gutted out.

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George Matar
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posted 07-24-2002 08:19 AM      Profile for George Matar     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Okay here's more information on the decision from Salim Sawaya Vice President of the Baladieh, I just want to say that I love Salim's attitude and approaches, he is methodical with great intentions. Shweir as well as the Mughtaribeen have a great friend in Salim. The program of the Eid was forwarded to Anwar this morning and hopefully he will open his mail today.

Hi George,

The program was only sent to you today, because it has only been finalized a couple of days ago, no more no less.
Concerning what you said about the council being busy with the “eid” and all, well, the number of people working and contributing to the success of the “Eid” can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
I really stand for the idea about the election of Miss Mughtaribine being held in casino du liban, and I am still fighting for it, and working for its success by making contacts, and I am also preparing brochures to be distributed at the event and designing the tickets and outdoor posters. Let me also mention the ads and interviews which are being emited on major radio stations, like radio one and sawt el fan.
This will benefit the Shweir directly, although it is not held there. As we all know, we are focusing on making shweir more popular and reknown as it used to be, and by giving this election a higher standard, not mentionning the full Future TV coverage ( they wouldn’t bother covering in Shweir), we are giving shweir a huge push and a maximin amount of publicity. The money of the sponsors contributing to this event will directly go into the baladieh.
Anyway, the viewers and attendants of the event, will get to know Shweir, because all the contestants will be filmed in different areas of our town, and this will show the beauty of it directly on television for thousands to see.
Well, Miss Europe is held again this year in Lebanon, so it is not strange to have the election in a different place than shweir. It is more important to promote Shwier, to give it back her share of tourism in Lebanon.

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Elias Khonaisser
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like we spoke on the phone this morning, i think the festival has become BORING and the reason why sponsors are running away isn't the fact that it is in Dhour Shweir it is the fact that the festival introduces nothing new every year it is the same.

The cars event used to be my favorite and since i participated twice i tried every time to introduce a smart and nice idea.

I was NAPOLEON BONAPARTE in a horse carriage one year so they need to come out with new ideas and the people that participate every year with the same concept and they win every year TAYIB MA KAHLLAS you are the kings lose the idea and move on every year the same thing and they always win something probably have 10 trophies by now.

the Eid needs maybe like the TASTE OF Lebanon day, like the TASTE O CHICAGO where different restaurants have stands etc... sort of like the beer festival but bigger with different types of restaurants.

In one Village they did the BIGGEST TABOULE DISH which fed 3000 people.

Maybe we can do something similar with the biggest Hommos plate or something.

we need new and smart ideas and we definitely NEED POLITICS OUT.

For example we have a SCULPTOR in the village i am sure we have painters etc... maybe we can have an auction, we will but these things and place them in different parts of the village like a nice sculpture at the entrance of the village, a nice painting in the baladieh or in the SOON TO BE LIBRARY etc etc etc...

what do you think.


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Author Topic: Miss Emirants - the local view
George Matar
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I received this email from the Vice Mayor Salim Sawaya, and as I see it the reasons are very factual and if I may add they are strong too.
Finally we have somebody that truely understands and see where Shweir stands. That, by itself is a giant step to begin the recovery process. So Ya Salim, on behalf of all the Mughtaribeen, I say, thank you for your honest response and for sharing with us your reasoning for holding the Pageant at the Casino De Liban... BRAVO.

Dear Shweirieh,

As I told you before, few of the Eid Al Mhughtaribeen committee are working in this event. The point to do the Miss Al Mughtaribeen night in the Casino du Liban is to promote Dhour Shweir as a village since we do not exist anymore on the tourism map in Lebanon even nobody but Shweirieh visit Shweir and some of
us don’t come at all.

Today I had an interview with “Sawt El Moussika / The Sound of Music"radio station to promote our village and to tell everybody about Shweir and Eid Al Moughtaribeen and Miss Al Moughtaribeen.

Do you know why Miss Europe was and will be held in Lebanon for the 3rd time this year? we are not
in Europe! you can say that the European Committee for Miss Europe are promoting Europe in the Middle East since Lebanon is the only open minded place where we can accept beautiful girls with bikinis, since after the 11th of September more Arab neighbours come to spend the summer here and they may see that European are still welcoming their visits to Europe.

Our target to hold Miss Eid Al Moughtaribeen in the Casino is to go for higher standard in promoting Shweir and our Eid and this is not true that there is someone who is steeling our Eid from us. What I’m doing is working hard with lots of publicity and marketing strategy not to let our Eid and our town fade away, since no body is interested any more in our festival.

No televisions are giving any attention to our Miss El Moughtaribeen, we must tell the truth once out of sympathy, that our village is no longer a shining place where the Egyptians and Middle Easterns or the Lebanese come to spend the summer in, and to play “tawleh” and “tarnib” in Salwa and hear the talking clock day and night, and smell the “Roi des Frites” food in his kiosque or stand in a queue on the front gate of the ROXY cinema to watch “Spartacus” or even spend the night in “Le Centre” and watch the “Karate” films in Florida cinema (don’t let anyone open the bathroom door so the light cannot penetrate to the screen). Come on guys we must let our village be out of the emergency room again and we can only do that by giving an electric chock straight to the heart.

You know that all the pageants will be filming a video tape in different places in Shweir and Ain El Sindianeh and will be shown in front of everybody on the “terrasse” of the Casino and later on everybody around the world will watch the beauty of our village again on satellite. 

Did you all think about that? did you know how many sponsors we have until today? for sure all the benefits will be in return to the Baladieh.  The complete program will stay in Shweir only Miss Al Mughtaribeen will be moving to the Casino du Liban.

You know that each year all the attendancies for Miss Al Mughtaribeen in Hotel Central are 5% from outside Shweir and 95% are from Shweir. 

What are we promoting here? ourselves? Dhour Shweir lives with foreign visitors and if no one is interested in our village than no one will come and visit us.

My aim in doing the “Dhour Shweir Beer Festival 2002” last week was to bring people to Dhour and my mission thanks to God was accomplished. More than 4000 people were in the SAHA from all over Lebanon.
The best is yet to come.

Please post this message on the board.

B. regards,
Salim B. Sawaya
Vice President of Shweir and Ain Al Sindianeh Municipality

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Habeeb M. Nacol
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Although I did share the skepticism of everyone on this side of the Atlantic, after I reas the explanation of Habib and Salim I undestand totally why the decision was made. It is so encouraging to read the reasoning of these two superb city leaders. The last sentence of Salim's letter said it all. "The best is yet to come"
Allah ywafi'con ya a7la shabab (God bless) [Smile]

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New Poster appealing to Team Work

-----Original Message-----
From: Salim sawaya [mailto: art.dept @ dm .]
Sent: Monday, May 27, 2002 11:25 AM
Subject: Poster for Shweir Municipality

This is a photo of the poster I did for the Municipality of Shweir.
I placed it on Friday the 24th of May 2002 on the second floor balcony of the building.

The idea is to give a positive and optimist message to the Shweirieh: "Shweir will be back to its glamourous days when we all join forces to modernize our Belditna". Also this poster announces the openning of a "complains' bureau".

I'm preparing an advertisement for Eid Al Mughtaribin, can I send it to you to be posted on so all the Mughtaribin can read it, it will be an open invitation for everybody to come and visit Shweir this summer?
As a member of the Eid Al Mughtaribin Lejneh, I can assure you that this year's Eid will be astonishingly successful by God's will.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Matar, George"
To: <art. dept @>
Cc: Anwar
Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2002 9:21 AM
Subject: RE: Poter for Shweir Municipality

 Hello Salim
 So Good to here from you again.  I could not open the document I will try other methods and send it to Anwar, he probably can.
 In regards to the Eid.... Yes, absolutely Yes, do send it, this is what we have been asking for, The sooner the better, we want to help you promote the Festival to the fullest.
 The new Council seems to be a great track, keep it up

New Baladieh Email Address

-----Original Message-----
From: Matar, George
Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2002 7:06 AM
Subject: An official Contact

You are so anxious to hear something from Shweir and you just do not know who to contact, or you might have a legal issue that only the village council can resolve, so who do you call?!?  Well wonder no more because the Baladyat wants and loves to hear from you, and the new council is making all the arrangements to have even closer to your home town.  Here are two addresses to add to your personal email list: <>    and / or <>  

Either one will work. We now have the beautiful Sandy Mujaes coordinating
between the Mughtaribeen and Home folks things are really looking up

We have a wonderful council with so much potential and no where to go but
forward to the better.  Lets all stand behind and support them with what ever means we got. 
Let me introduce you to them, just in case you have not been checking the
web page (shame on those that don't).

 One Shweir

Mukhtar Bil Mahjar
George Matar


----- Original Message -----
From: "shweir municipality" <>
To: George Matar
Cc: Anwar
Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2002 7:43 AM  

hi 3amo georges and our webmaster
 first things first, happy birthday 3amo georges and wishing you all the best now and always.
 second i would like to inform you on behalf of the new elected members of the municipality that this is our new e-mail address for the municipality(baladiet shweir):  so if there is anything you would like to be informed about or inform us about this will be one of the means. thanks to our e-mail we will always be able to stay in touch third if you can just post it on the website just to tell all the shweirieh about it if they need anything it will be great...if it is not too much of a trouble. just the email address and not the whole email...hahahah  finally if you are wondering who iam well iam sandy habib jouka mjaes..
 i started working at the municipality last week as apart timer.
 this is all for now.   please try to reply soon so we can make sure you got it
 thank you
 keep in touch
 love from shweir

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Matar, George"
To: "'shweir municipality'" <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2002 8:43 AM
Subject: RE:
Oh what a great delight to receive this message.... 
Finally "Contact" thanks to you Ya Habooba.  We have been awaiting for this link for a long time.
I will post it on the Web page, I will also also send it to all the Shweirieh that I know.


Congratulations to Shweir New Mayor & Council Members, Best Wishes

Thanks Habib for sending this photo and placing names... One of the members that was inadvertently not named who is seated on the front right side we believe is Antoine Halim Khoneisser, your correction is welcome.  

-----Original Message----- 
From: Habib Moujaes []
Sent: Friday, March 29, 2002 1:28 AM

This is a formal announcement concerning the Eid Al Moughtaribine; The Eid is scheduled from Aug 2nd thru the 11th, so you can make your plans accordingly.

Hopefully by then we would have completed a new face lift to the town main square

Please find attached a picture of the New council team. Wish us luck.



An excerpt from Shweir Bulletin Board:

Author Topic:   Unity
Habeeb M. Nacol
posted 03-18-2002 08:00 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Habeeb M. Nacol     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
A new era is dawning on Shweir, and it is up to us to determine where all this is going to lead. As far back as I recall, our town has been fragmented because it is in our heritage, as everyone knows that to be a Shweiri is to be a leader (kater khair alla, all chiefs and no Indians). We have all kinds of familial loyalties, ahzab, special interests, religion etc. We have always stressed what divides us.  

I recall when I was little playing marbles in front of the Mkhales el Roum, my friend and I used to think that the kids from the dai3a were somewhat different from us. Shweir can no longer afford to be divided by things that are not relevant to its healing.  As the saying goes: "charity starts at home" and our di3a is in dire need.  Isn't it time to put aside all the grandiose schemes aside and start with the basics?

This division has led us to nowhere. But the winds are changing (maybe out of necessity). We have a new Baladieh. Wouldn't be great if everyone puts their differences behind and line up in support of the new mayor and his council. Although personally I do not know or remember all the individuals that ran for office, it is apparent from the discussions that all of them have good talents.  Even those that did not win should be utilized for the good of the town. The job is too big and too important for the elected ones to handle the task of rebuilding by themselves. We must push and prod them to produce, but above all, we must be totally behind them. It is high time that Shweir speak with one voice.  

Many of us have always felt that Shweir has not received its fair share as a mid sized Lebanese town. It is easy to ascertain that the fault lies in our division. Politically, the town is impotent because of its fragmentation. Only in unity can the city demonstrate strength and prosper again.  

However, we have one thing (a secret weapon) that we have not used well so far. We all love Shweir. This could be the rallying seed that can blossom into something wonderful. I sincerely hope that love of Shweir becomes "the" unifying force to get the ball rolling.



Results of Shweir & Ain Sindiani Elections


-----Original Message-----
From: Anwar
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 8:45 AM
Subject: RE: Shweir and ayn sendiana results

 Thank you, I have opened it and will post it on the web unless I hear from you otherwise.   Anwar

-----Original Message-----
From: Matar, George 
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2002 6:20 AM
To: 'Salim sawaya'; 'Matar Nabil work'; 'Anwar'
Subject: FW: Shweir and ayn sendiana results

Thank you Salim for your email, My Computer seems that it does not recognize the document, I am forwarding it to Anwar and Nabil in hopes that one of them can open it.  Congratulation YA Salim to you and all the elected members we are banking on you all to make us very proud.

-----Original Message-----
From:   Salim sawaya 
Sent:   Thursday, March 07, 2002 3:57 AM
To:     Matar, George
Subject:        Shweir and ayn sendiana results

This is the official sheet of Shweir and Sendiana elections.
Best regards


-----Original Message-----
From: Habib Moujaes 
Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 9:33 AM

Thank you for your warm wishes.  We will have another meeting soon of the entire counsel and will post a full picture then. In the mean time I promise to keep up to date on all relevant issue in the Baladieh.

Please consider me as your official spokesman in the council. We are ushering a new team with a new leader that in a short 2 years term will have to prove itself against difficult conditions.  Like yourself being an engineer my words tend to be short and to the point. What we need from our Shweirieh abroad is solutions and ideas to help in resurrecting our home town. Any idea is worth investigating; we need this shweirieh think tank to start pouring in Ideas and suggestions.  I will get back to you in a short time.

As for the shipment of the stretchers here are some details that from your end you need to cover.....  I will clear the shipment thru customs on this end.   Did you check on air freight? I sent Nabil and e-mail explaining that a cheap wrapping package will do for air shipment and will keep the extra weight down. Air shipment should not be more than $600-800 so why bother with the complexity of sea freight. (I know)

Please investigate this option and let me have your feed-back,    Habib


December 14, 2001   We just received this official proclamation in Arabic:  
                                   Scanned & sent by Rouba Khayrallah, Forwarded by Nabil Matar



Author Topic:   Baladieh - little long but
George Matar
posted 12-05-2001 09:45 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for George Matar     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Nabil Opened the Baladieh election subject a couple of weeks ago and did not get much response, I am bewildered to why it didn’t receive an enormous number of replies. Then again I remembered that we are Shweirieh, and the majority of us would watch until it is done and then criticize the whole process, after all that’s what we do best.

If we are to really unite Shweir globally under the Umbrella then being silent is the stupidest thing we can do. Here is your vehicle to have your opinion and views being heard, and I can almost assure you that those running for a seat on the Baladieh are reading the BB, so your great ideas could actually become realities if the right person got elected. So roll your sleeves, open your mind and share with us your ideas. But of course you need to know who is running for a position and what is his/her qualifications…… Here my good friends is where is weakest because our counterparts in Shweir are suffering from the “Silent of the Lambs” syndrome.

So, from Texas here’s the Latest I’ve heard on this important issue:

The Village asked The Interior Minister for new elections, then at the same time requested from Mr. Ashkar to delay the election due to the lack of…. Listen to this. The Shweirieh are behind on the “List Formation Process” (Oh God here we go again… What ever happened to the “Elect the best qualified for the position”).

Here are some unconfirmed rumors on who’s running for Mayor.

Dr. Elie Gibrael Sawaya: I never met Dr Sawaya but heard a lot of good things about him. When His Father was the Mayor, Dhour Shweir was doing real well.
Mr. George Bou Rizk Sawaya. I met George and talked with him this past summer. He struck me as a realistic man that plans and takes his steps one at a time. He’s a proven successful businessman, Easy to talk to and shows a genuine love for Shweir. He also resides in Shweir year around.
Dr. Nabil Ghosn Moujaes. Has occupied that position under the hardest of conditions during the war. He has been a prominent member of the Shweir Municipal Elite.

Who else? The fact is, we who are active Shweirieh from across the oceans don’t know and the information you are getting is coming to you from Texas USA not Shweir, and that is not right. We really need to be informed. So

On Behalf of all the Shweirieh Bil Mahjar, I am extending an open invitation to all those that are planning to run for a seat on the Baladieh to present their platform on and share their views with all the Shweirieh. This way all platforms can be centrally located, accessed and kept for the record.

One of the greatest lines ever written was by a Lebanese, although it echoes loudly in the US, The words belong to non other than Khalil Gibran, and here it is slightly modified: “Ask not what Shweir can do for you but what you can do for Shweir”.
So to all the candidates whether you are Christian, Muslim, Derzee, Aoumeh, Phalange, Black, White, or even if you originated from Mars Just remember that you are stepping into a position to help make Shweir a better place. Be creative and aggressive for the benefit of our beloved Shweir and may God be your Guiding light.

IP: Logged

posted 12-05-2001 01:09 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Webmaster     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Beautifully stated ya al Mukhtar bil Mahjar...

Maybe this is wishful thinking, but... would it be in the best interest of Shweir for these top candidates to get together and pool their talent and resources and work on a dynamic and stronger manner to represent Shweir rather than having separate camps where only one gets the post and the others may stand by the sidelines...

At any case, the candidates you mentioned appear to be well qualified and we trust who ever the new mayor and council that gets elected, the others would support them.

Still, is an excellent platform to communicate and inform your fellow Shweirieh... like lisitng all the candidates and their qualifications and visions for improving conditions in Shweir... we can set aside a special segment on this bulletin board if need arises. And best of all it is free.


IP: Logged

Elias Khonaisser
posted 12-05-2001 01:22 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Elias Khonaisser     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Hello Georges,

out of the names stated and the many more i am hearing about, i support as a first choice: Dr Nabil Ghosn, he is a gentleman and a scholar and as you said has led the baladieh in the most difficult of times and did an outstanding job in the aftermath of the war. Dr. Nabil has written a book about his years as the baladieh head and his achievements it is all in arabic though when i have some time i will scan it after asking him if we can publish it on the web.

as a second choice i support Dr. Elie Sawaya whom i have met several times, also a gentleman, an eductaed man with a vision, i have had many conversations with him and he would make a great baladieh head.


IP: Logged

George Matar
posted 12-05-2001 01:45 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for George Matar     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Isn't Ironic that the only two communicating are Anwar & I?.

Ya Anwar, I don't have to tell you how much I love our Web Site but until we start receiving news from Shweir, this great site will NEVER be complete, especially important news like the election. It took a trip to Shweir from you & I to get news from the Village, is this the way it's going to be?

We have a small team on with different background, different generations, and different beliefs, political as well as religious add to it that we are scattered across the globe. For a team that is as hard as it gets yet, you find us working together towards one common goal.

Anwar you are right, What the Baladieh needs is a good blend of resourceful talent with "ONE COMMON GOAL" and they couldn’t have a better one than Shweir. Religious and Political difference should be set aside otherwise those affiliations should be used for the betterment of the Village. Is that too much to ask?

If you are reading this and you are a Shweiry with any information about the election please share with us here.

Who do you think "We Need to Contact" and convince to run for this term? Why do you think he /she deserves to be elected?

Do you know somebody that is actually running for the Election? Can you convince them to let the Shweirieh Bil Mahjar know about their qualifications by posting their platform on this web site?

Be Counted and Join in
IP: Logged

Nabil E. Matar
posted 12-07-2001 02:02 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Nabil E. Matar     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Thank you mukhtar for re-opening this subject, and thank you Anwar and Elias for your comments. My friends, nothing is more important to our beloved Shweir than having a functional mayor and town councils working hand in hand with all Shweirieh Mughtaribeeen and home folks to bring back our town to its glory days. My friends Shweirieh, I believe this great web site.  It gives all of us an excellent opportunity to express our thoughts and opinion toward this subject. It gives each and every Shweiry Mughtareb and at home a chance to make his/her voice heard all over the globe. It too, gives a chance to the candidates to present their platforms to the Shweirieh all over. It is the right of every Shweiry to know what each candidate is offering to do if elected.

I remember the glory days of Dhour Shweir when I was a young man. Dhour Shweir, that didn’t sleep during summer. This summer place, that used to attract tourists from all over. And now and for the last 9 years I have been visiting, all I see is the summer in our town lasted only two weeks during Eid al mughtaribeen. And I ask my self why what happened? Our neighboring towns like Bikfaya, Brimmana, and others jammed with people, their café’s are full, the streets are clean, all stores are opened, cars all over the places and our town empty and sitting idle, half the stores are closed, no place for entertainment, no visitors. 

And every time I ask some body why, all I hear “No town councils”, “the existing of the Switzerland tourists”, “the economy is bad”, “we just came out of war”. If this is true and I think it is, why can’t we do some thing? For a start why can’t we all Shweiryieh be part of the process of electing members that can do the job, instead of being spectators waiting for some body to do something so we could voice criticism? Is that what Shweirieh are good for? I believe not. 

We Shweirieh are smart enough, creative enough and proud enough not to let that happened. Our history proved that we did overcome many obstacles and I think we shall overcome this one too. All what we need is to get involve more and as George and Anwar said , I hope that the web site will be the tool to open a new chapter of our town , a chapter that make all of us Shweirieh proud.  

Finally, please don’t be spectators, be part of the solution and join us!



August 18-21, 2001  An art show touring Lebanon... its first stop was Dhour Shweir... 
The following are some pictures of some of the paintings... enjoy...

  P8200167.JPG (36545 bytes)   P8200168.JPG (30073 bytes)  
P8200169.JPG (45670 bytes)   P8200170.JPG (28483 bytes)   P8200171.JPG (41608 bytes)
P8200172.JPG (40519 bytes)   P8200173.JPG (48683 bytes)   P8200174.JPG (41054 bytes)



An Open Letter to the "Baladieh" Officials and to 
the Organizing Committee of Eid Al Mughtaribeen 2001

October 8, 2000

Marhaba, on behalf of hundreds and soon to be thousands of Shweirieh bil Mahjar from all corners of the World, we are sending this letter to establish a line of communication with you.  Some of these Shweirieh visit Shweir each year, others have not been there in decades and others are descendants of Shweir who are rediscovering their roots.  One thing they have in common is their love of Shweir, its beauty, climate, environment and/or its memory. 

Until recently, these Shweirieh were fragmented and did not have a common means of communicating with one another.  They could have been best friends growing up, then move to the same foreign city and possibly shop at the same stores and not know about the other.  With the launch of web site a few months ago, Shweirieh are communicating with one another from Africa to America to Australia to Brazil to Canada to China to Dhour to Europe and we just only mentioned the A-E of the alphabet.  Some of the emails we receive are so heartwarming and touching.  The articles, poetry and memories shared by them can fill volumes.  

We invite you to navigate through the web pages and discover firsthand for yourselves.  When you do, we invite you to sign our Guest Book and participate on our Shweir Bulletin Board.  These Shweirieh are very enthusiastic about sharing knowledge about our heritage, history, memories... etc. With the wealth of knowledge they gained bil Mahjar, many have some wonderful ideas on methods or ways that would greatly benefit Shweir and its people.  Along with such great ideas, important questions have come up... examples of questions can be found on our web pages such as:  eCommerce, Environment, Community, Did You Know...?, and our Bulletin Board.  Many of these questions can best be answered by those with authority like yourselves.  Rather than recreate information that you already have, we would like to utilize the information you can provide so that there will be no duplication of effort and it would be from an official source. We can collaborate with you on the other important information that you presently do not have.

 There are more people who plan to visit Shweir during the summer of 2001 than any previous year. It will take them months of planning and thousands of dollars per person to spend a few days or weeks in Shweir.  When they enjoy their visit, they will come back the following year and bring more people with them. That would translate to great benefits to the people, businesses and economy of Shweir.  How can we enhance their experience of visiting Shweir?  For starters, some towns have a "Visitor & Information Center" and/or a "Chamber of Commerce" to provide useful information about the town, its history, points of interest, maps, hiking trails, a list and description of hotels and restaurants, property for lease or sale, promote other local businesses and to respond to inquiries of potential visitors.  Perhaps such services and information already exist but we bil Mahjar are not aware of it or how to get it. We do not know where to find it or who to Contact.  

Please tell us about the Baladieh organizational chart.  Who is in charge of what department?   So that we can communicate with the right person.   Is there or can you appoint someone like a spokesperson who is familiar with the internet to provide us with information and respond to our questions?  What is their email address?   If you wish, we can provide you with e-mail addresses with such as and .  

This is a golden opportunity for the Officials in Shweir to work closely with Shweirieh bil Mahjar. We invite you to utilize the web site at no cost to you to communicate with the Shweirieh bil Mahjar, keep them informed on town news and provide them with valuable information.  Many of them would like to volunteer their expertise, time, resources and know how only if they know who to communicate or co-ordinate with. If you do have information for visitors as described above, please tell us about it so that we can share it with our readers. 

We stand ready to help in any way we can.  We are asking you for guidance and co-operation. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship and to your response at your earliest convenience. 

The team of Shweirieh at 


The following are sample letters that need no introduction sent by members of one family.  They reflect the sentiment and thoughts of the majority if not all the Shweirieh who care about Shweir.  

  Mr. Mayor

 I believe the Shweirieh here and in many parts of the world care very much for the well being of our  town and are anxious to know what is going on in our  beautiful  town.  I  hope you will take the lead role to establish this constructive line of  communication among all of us Mughtaribeen and town folks.  Shweir will get back its greatness  when  every body get involved and work together in the best interest of Shweir.

 Ya eesh dayitna al holwi

 Nabil Matar

ALF marhaba wamarhaba. 

I really must congratulate you George, Hilda, Anwar and my nephew RABI for all the work and energy you are all putting to create the web for SHWEIR and to keep us all informed. GLAD you will contact the baladeih and I am sure NABIL GHOSN will do well and will be in touch. My GOD that brought memories to me . NABIL GHOSN was the baladeih chairman in the seventies. and bless him must be getting on a bit .WHERE are all those young men and women. with new ideas and energy!!!!

HOPEfully they are also involved in all activities in SHWEIR . I know that my niece MAY , RABI and MONA"s, sister used to be involved with the Eid Al Mughtaribeen and may be she can shed some light on what you need . Anyway the old and the young must work together . like we all used to do when we were young. to improve and lift SHWEIR to its previous glory .

SHWEIR needs a lot to lift it . To start with , it needs a face lift min alaoul ila alakher. It needs all of us to work together in SHWEIR and fil ghorbeh, to come up with new ideas and convince the BALADIEH to implement them, of course within its means. We have to convince the Shweirieh who own the shops and the area around the old HAWIE CAFE to open all this area in the summer and make it decent to attract people to it and to make it lively. We can also campaign for the cleanliness of the place .  And there are many ways to do that . WE should also campaign and convince home owners not to be greedy in order that more summertime people rent the houses and move back to SHWEIR. There are a million ideas to explore and I am sure many SHWEIRIEH in the USA and Canada etc etc.. will have more and better ideas than myself to promote and lift SHWEIR to its previous glory and standards .. ENOUGH for now as I can go on and on because of my deep love for this SHWEIR of ours .. GOD bless and keep the good work ....



The following are copies of postings from the Shweir Bulletin Board relating to the above topic:

Does the Baladieh know?

Posted by George Matar on October 11, 2000 at 08:52:34:

It is only the 11th of the month and I can tell this month has the most interactive BBs, an absolute delight to my eyes. Maybe there is hope for the hometown Ya Mr. Zeer (You too Mr. Zeer # 2). Now, if only we can get somebody from the Baladieh to join in.

This bring a very important question: Does anybody know if the Baladieh has a computer? If yes, do they have an internet connection? I consider contacting the baladieh, on regular bases, as very important to this web site.

I know for a fact that some of the local Shweirieh have their own unit, but we rarely hear from them. How expensive is it to get on line on the internet? Do they charge a monthly fee or by the minute? How much does it cost? Are my expectations of contacting the town too high?

Surely the Baladieh has a budget for at least one unit.

If no, here are few propositions.

Every now and then we tend to upgrade our personnel computers to faster and more versatile unit, bigger monitor, better scanner, printers etc…. What do you do with your old unit? How about if we package these and send them to our schools, baladieh and people that can use them in Shweir. Do the schools have computers?

A better option is for those of us working in high tech companies, Your company do upgrade its units regularly, I can bet if you approach them about the purpose and use of these slightly outdated units, they will donate them to the town. All we have to do is pay for packaging and shipping. Not bad for helping the town.

Is there anybody among us that deals with exports, I heard, in the USA, you can not ship units of the latest design, is that true? Your input is very much appreciated and extremely important.

Now, I admit I am talking from a point of ignorance. I don’t know if these are an expensive options or if any of you will be willing to pitch in financially.

Could it be that the computers are cheap in Lebanon?

I am looking for a volunteer, in Shweir, to study this issue report back to this site, and hopefully champion the effort to line up options or a plan to rectify the problem. And hopefully we collectively can help. How about it? You can answer me on the BBS or mail me direct to or email the webmaster .

I am hoping you all will light up the BBS with your feedback.

George Matar

Re: Does the Baladieh know?

Posted by Ihsan Bou Sader on October 11, 2000 at 14:44:45:

In Reply to: Does the Baladieh know? posted by George Matar on October 11, 2000 at 08:52:34:

Alah Maak Ya George,

I agree with what you said and wish to add,


My rotary club had a brain waive, they collected 10PCs INM real thing and said we will do a project in giving them to a school, "Ihsan you do it since you are in the IT business."

That was three years ago and my garage is full of redundant PCs.

We need to identify the recipients, and who will train them on the basic use. Then we can go to Internet.

If my memory serves me right from Beit Kyameh there were people in the IT Business...
come on let's have some one say I will do the Job in Shweir.

Best wishes to all


Re: Now this is quick

Posted by George Matar on October 11, 2000 at 15:33:31:

In Reply to: Re: Does the Baladieh know? posted by Ihsan Bou Sader on October 11, 2000 at 14:44:45:

: Ihsan

Wow this is quick, I love stuff like that. Ihsan, Possibly Nijad Chalhoub or Ayman Chalhoub would be good candidates, I'll see if they would carry on with this. Well done, my God brother.

Re: Now this is quick

Posted by Hilda on October 11, 2000 at 18:54:33:

In Reply to: Re: Now this is quick posted by George Matar on October 11, 2000 at 15:33:31:

Best wishes on this worthwhile makes me love this site even more...its successful completion will bring a ray of hope for the shweirieh in shweir.

Re: Does the Baladieh know?

Posted by Ghassan Zghaib on October 11, 2000 at 12:14:19:

In Reply to: Does the Baladieh know? posted by George Matar on October 11, 2000 at 08:52:34:

Marhaba Georges,

Before I moved to Canada in 1993, I was an IT consultant in Lebanon. Computers are far from cheap in Lebanon, especially with the current economic situation.
In 1993 a 'clone PC' (I'm not talking COMPAQ, HP, DELL, etc...) would cost more than 1000 US$ and that's more than 2 months salary.
Having an Internet connection is a luxury in Lebanon and I'm not talking about "unlimited access". People have to pay for a local phone connection to the ISP as well as for the internet access itself (not less than 20US$/month).

I'm sure the Baladiyeh has enough money to buy a PC and an internet connection (they might already have one, I'll try to get a confirmation on that).

If we are to donate anything I would suggest donating them to the schools in Shweir so more people, especially young students could benefit from them.

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Copies of email communication between Elias Mattar in London and George Matar in Houston, TX

George's Intro:  These are communication with Elias Mattar (London) regarding my last message to you all. He is as anxious(see his message below) as I am regarding your input. Please refrain from being the silent majority at this time and voice your opinion.  I would have posted them on the web, but I am afraid you might miss them.

-----Original Message-----

From: Elias Mattar []

Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2000 5:00 AM

To: Matar, George

Subject: Re: Very Important Update

DEAR GEORGE, YOUR enthusiasm is great and very much admired.  THANKs really for all your efforts and the time you are devoting for SHWEIR . THE MATTAR spirit lives on . I have few comments regarding what you are doing and proposing to do .. 
A : Great idea to send few computers to SHWEIR . MOST important to identify residents in SHWEIR who will and can use them and will supply us with news etc so that really we achieve the object of supplying them . 
B: I think we ,may be , should not put too much pressure on the BALADIEH and may be not expect too much either. 

We should focus on a particular project for SHWEIR and zero on it to try to achieve it . FOR example a waste truck to collect the rubbish especially during the summer period. Or to contract a waste collection co. to do that .  AND this is where point comes in : YES to create a WAKEF or a treasury.  or to assign a responsible person / committee to collect the funds{ some where some how} and then cooperate with the BALADIEH for that particular project and of course pay for it from the collected funds . PAY for it ourselves directly.  

PLEASE keep in mind that there are many things that SHWEIR needs, and I am sure that many of us have many different ideas which we should pool in and try to acheive .  OUR enthusiasm may be , I say may be , wasted if we expect too much . ONE simple reason is that we ,living away from our country and our SHWEIR we live in an idealistic world and think of SHWEIR as it was 30-40years ago or even more .THE reality could be and is different. IDEALISM is something we must aim for , like paradise, but we must keep our feet on the ground and walk before we run .

GEORGE, I await your comments and other SHWEIRY comments. 


GOD BLESS ........




Sabah il kheir ya Elias

All your comments are in order and, your are right we should concentrate on small projects first and not put too much pressure on the Baladieh especially when the economic situation is so poor. All we need at this time is to establish communication with them. We recommended a good and positive initial plan for them to adopt, hardly any pressure there. As of today, we still have no response from them.

My expectation of the Baladieh is for them to be the central force behind uniting the Shweirieh, something they should have started a long time ago.

To explain why, let me recite two actual examples:

(1) My university still tracks me and my activities 26 years after I graduated. They regularly send me newsletters and invitations to special events etc.. They give me that Great Feeling that I am still one of them.  When they are in need, they request, and I do my best to help.

(2) Let's look at Shweir, it is in the same situation but with an opposite approach. For many of us, circumstances dictated that we get our education at some high school in a different town, higher education in universities overseas, got married and are working and living abroad for X number of years. The unintentional lack of communication makes many Shweirieh feel abandoned.

I don't have to tell you which of the two approaches is better.

Elias, you tell me, if the town never established and maintain communication with its children, where will the driving force be to ask them to contribute to the improvement of the town? Where is the carrot?

I know we are not asking too much from the town to track its sons and daughter and make them feel they are missed. This is very rewarding work and should be very simple specially that now we have the means of easily communicating across the globe. All they need to do is, get started, and will be here for them (advertisement, paid by  

Our suggestion to them is to reverse and rectify this situation to give the town more leverage when funds or assistance are requested, or for that matter, starting a "Wakef". I honestly don't think we will be successful without the Balabieh showing its willingness and true intention on this subject. Is that too much pressure?

From a financial point of view the pressure is on those that are abroad, many of which are still young and are in the process of establishing their families financial security. But by God so many of them have such great attitude and unconditional love for the town that they will find a way to help.  We have started this effort and so far we are SEMI successful.  

Communication is fairly good on the web site but, far from being adequate to do an impact on the town. We need their help, and they need OURS. And as they say, time waits for nobody, because the second and third generation will most likely DON'T care one way or another. Now is the time to act.

The computers are our first project, hopefully we can finish it before the end of the year. Yes I agree with you, we should request from those receiving them continuous communication with us.

Again Elias I agree with you that we should keep our feet on the ground, Dhour didn't get where it is overnight and will not get out of it that fast either (Alfred's famous words). We always are reminded that Rome was not built in one day.

Shweir will never be like it was 30-40 years ago, but let us take the next 30-40 years to rebuild a better, stronger and more beautiful Shweir, Sounds achievable doesn't it? Makes you want to live that long to see it happen, you agree? We are on our way. Let us see how many will join in.

Elias, I love your sincere and positive involvement, and the interaction we're having. I just wish we have several the likes of you.

Yours truly

George Matar

More - - - Important communication...

-----Original Message-----

From: HATshurbaji @ a
[mailto:HATshurbaji @]
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2000 5:03 PM
To: gematar
Subject: Re: Very Important Update


From my point of view, the connection I maintain to dhour is the fact that:

1. I share many traits, genes, dreams and aspirations with other shweirieh.  

2. I know that no matter how farI go I still will worry about the rest of my family that is left living in dhour. I think about what will happen to my mom if she were to retire there, my aunts, my sister and her family and brother who wishes to be abroad but is quite content being there... 

3. Even though I can potentially be happy here, I still feel that I miss the fact that I am away from the place where everybody "Knows me" ( you know what I mean?) 

4. Seeing that a lot of the people from shweir are well accomplished away from home and regretting  that their talents were neither appreciated nor made use of in their own hometown... so in a nut shell here was my draw to dhour,  I hope that insight helps... I agree with Elias that we ought to focus on one effort and see it to completion no matter how small to start with... I don't see any role of baladieh in uniting the people. when you 'all got together where was the baladieh?



-----Original Message-----

From: Matar, George
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2000 3:29 PM
To: 'HATshurbaji @'
Cc: 'Kenicer Anwar'
Subject: RE: Very Important Update

My Good friend Hilda

I am kind of agreeing and disagreeing with you. A little about the disagreeing part. How many George, Hilda, and Anwar do you think there will be in the future? So there has to be a central entity to keep the tradition of pulling people back to Shweir, That entity could be the school, but a lot of kids go to schools outside Shweir, that's a weak option.  Furthermore, little, medium or large projects, must have permits, local supervision, etc.. Who's going to do that and who is going to keep it alive.

Just remember, we are as blind as a bat checking on the town from across the Altantic, not only that, the Mediterranean also.  So I say, let us get them on the band wagon, I am sure they will see the light very soon, maybe create a liaison position on the council to represent us. Now, would that be great?  Hilda once again thanks for the input.  

Anwar, this feed back is really good stuff. We need to archive it some where, and maybe pole it somehow, we should go with the Majority. I have a feeling some good ideas are coming our way.

I cut and pasted this message from Samir Moujaes 



I think what you are trying to do is admirable. I would like to suggest that perhaps a small committee that can be formed from Shweirih from over there along with our efforts here can put some gentle pressure on the Baladiyih to get it cranked over and started. I have not seen anything started without a little nudge here and there. many people over there already have of course computers and hence a sister committee over there could help in that regard.

George Na'aoum Moujaes (my cousin) could be one. Khalil Adeeb Moujaes is another and there maybe several others that can pitch in and help form a small steering committee over there to gently coerce local officials to be more responsive.


Samir Moujaes

-----Original Message-----

From: Habib Moujaes

Sent: Monday, October 16, 2000 12:10 PM

To: Matar, George

Subject: Computers???

Dear George

I'm not up to date on what is going on with this computer deal but let me give you my point of view.

The Baladieh has a computer(P200) , no internet access and is used mostly as a word processor...  When we were first elected to the baladieh we had plans for a Baladieh site like the you set up.. (V.Good Job)   Unfortunately the present town council (Less five members who resigned including myself) are not up to par on handling such projects. 

The Difaa al Madaneh on the other hand are very active and have the most dynamic team in town. They sponsor many good causes, in addition to rescue, they set up cheap funeral services (Hearse, coffins, porters etc.. for people in need)..they sponsor and run training camps on first aid and fire fighting, any many other activities..They could use a computer...

>>>My opinion is to give most if not all to the school, They will benefit the most...  I think we can set this up for them and get them some free instructors (Volunteers). <<< Since my Business is in dhour (Warehouses  and all) I can handle the whole affair if you wish..  Just send me additional details on this...(specs, quantity, etc..)

On the other hand I would like you to get involved in a Massive project being undertaken here in Shweir...

The Difaa Al Madany organization in shweir have committed to a bold new project which requires a massive effort from all concerned shweirieh.  They obtained a piece of land from Dair Mar Elias (15,000 sq. m.) to build A Retirement Home for the Elderly with a Physiotherapy and clinic center.

This was announced this week and a team of Engineers is putting together the project concept.  Funding will be from donations (with a participation of the various local organizations)

I believe this is the project that all shweirieh should concentrate on lending a hand.  George we need your dynamic assistance on this great project...  As soon as I have details and some designs I will send them to you so you can post them on the web page...This is the project that will put Shweir back on the map as no other local community have undertaken such challenge.

Please fill me in on the computer deal..  Pass this on to Kamal..His collaboration would be great!

Keep in touch



Habib Alby Abou el Heb.

Thank you for responding to me on this very important issue (his important message below) and for sharing some bad and extremely GOOD NEWS with us.  Add a million to that for volunteering to champion this effort. For those of you that doesn't remember Habib: Ladies and Gentlemen Meet my cousin Habib Khalil Moujaes, depending on how long you have been away from Dhour, his dad used to own Cinema Roxy. Habib resides and operates his business from Dhour. He also was a member of the Town Council.

Habib, I wanted for the Baladieh to have a computer, so that they can set up a network and data base on all the Mihajereen.  We feel there has to be a authoritative entity that could reach all the Shweirieh everywhere and unite them. We are doing all that we could from here to make it easier on them, but as you noticed there is no response.

Their silence is beyond me, and if I may add, it is very discouraging to the cause. For so many years, and still counting, there has been no attempt from the town to contact its departing members, you were away for a while, think back Habib on those times. Habib we are hoping we can change all that.

Who are the five council members that remained?  The computers for the Charities would be very helpful for them to create data base on all their users, medical records, budget, contributions, internet access for their research, etc... I think it will make their job a little easier.

The Schools, Most definitely deserve the lion's share.  The Defaa al Madanee, definitely can get one. We heard a lot about all their contributions and would like to track their activities and projects.  

I will talk to Anwar about setting up their own page, like we are doing for the Environment. Habib I know you know that organization real well, Please, write us a paragraph to use as an introduction. We'll expand from there on.  I love the project you are describing. Whose idea was it? Where is it going to be built? One Favor, please don't let them design a BOX, we got plenty of those.  Haboub, you got my full support on this issue. We will utilize our web site to the maximum to promote this. Ideas like this are in our mission statement and to me this one fits it real well. I am hoping that this will be a project that will bring us even closer together. Send me, the information as soon as you get it and we'll do the rest. Ihsan, I believe the ball is in your court, what can we do to help. Can you answer Habib's questions.

Anwar & Rabih, how about the project that Habib Mentioned, (don't you just love it!). Anwar, when you come back from Seattle call me so we can discuss this further maybe we can get Rabih on the call too. This is going to be big.  Mona, can we start looking into creating a tax deductible organization.   Kamal, please get in touch with Habib, I believe he likes to see you involved with this.  Nijad & Ayman, I am depending on you to help in any capacity that you can.

I'll sign off for now

George Matar

An email from Walid Khayrallah

Posted by Walid Khayrallah on October 24, 2000 at 07:18:34:

Marhaba Ya Mukhtar.

There was one mention in your response to Elias Mattar which took me back more than 40 years. that is when you mentioned the occasion of sweeping the street as a Kashefi. I recall Elias was our leader Jawwal, when we were Jarameez. And yes we did all kinds of civic activities.
so despite some ingenious bad feelings that one may have about the Shweir community during the last 20 years, the high Civic spirit lives on. It lives on more clearly in its pure form in those who perhaps had been lucky to leave before the civil strife or who has immigrated earlier.
The proposal to get feed-back and to have cooperation from the Baladie is a very good one, despite what one feels sometimes about local politics and lack of enthusiasm. Cooperation from the Baladieh is very important to create a partnership between the local community and the immigrants. Support from the Baladieh is very important for enhancing the value of any support that comes from outside.
The Baladieh, for those who don't know very well, is now a very powerful level of government, and will become even more powerful in the next few years after the new municipal legislation is enacted into law. There is a general push to decentralize government in Lebanon, and the Baladieh will have to play a crucial role in the development of any community.

I am sure the Baladieh wants our cooperation and support as well since it can be used as a feather in their hat, and since if this grows into some meaningful and worthwhile program, the Baladieh can be encouraged to firstly show off for encouraging contact and cooperation with non-resident members of the community, and since they could also request special government funding to increase that effort, and to match any funds or donations contributed by the non-residents.

So I believe that we should never abandon our attempt to be partners with the Baladieh, and encourage those guys who are active locally to liaise with Raees al-Baladieh, so we can work together.

In this way we can actively participate in determining the civic and economic agenda of the municipal council along with residents of Shweir. And that, in my opinion is Okay. If we are too demanding and vigorously interventionist, we might be asked to also pay taxes as do all residents?!!!!

Walid Khayrallah

Re: An email from Walid Khayrallah

Posted by Ghassan Zghaib on October 24, 2000 at 11:53:12:

In Reply to: An email from Walid Khayrallah posted by Walid Khayrallah on October 24, 2000 at 07:18:34:

Marhaba ya Walid,

>> If we are too demanding and vigorously interventionist, we might be asked to also pay taxes as do all residents?!!!!
Maybe we should remind them that we live in Canada, the country where the taxes are the highest in the whole world, they won't even think about asking us to pay taxes. :-))

I agree with what you say. I just hope we're not being far more enthusiastic than the people back there. Have we had any feedback from Baladyeh?
Someone in this BBS mentioned that we shouldn't for ever for the Baladyeh to respond and maybe we should look into having volunteers in Shweir take over.

See you sometime soon....(my wife is pregnant and a piece of baklawa will make her day sweeter...)