Emigrants Fest 2004 II

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Eid Saady, "Assumption Fest"

All Shweirieh visited St. Mary on The night of August 14 in her old church in Shweir and the new church in Dhour. We celebrated Eid ASaady, Assumption, this year in a folkloric way as it used to be in the old days.

Kawarma, Hereesy, Shawerma, Mnakeesh, Temrieh, Sfouf, and many others were cooked near the Ain in the Saha for everybody to taste and eat. The Shweirieh ladies surprised us by this movement where they wanted to show that our mother's and grandmother's food are still alive and tasty as they used to be and that ASAADY, mother of all, wishes to see us always happy and satisfied together under her wings and sight. 

Free food for everybody. The Saha was full. Shweirieh and friends came from everywhere.

I wish you were here.  All we can say, thank you ladies you made our night.


Thank you Riad & Omar Khuneisser for a great report and pictures.


Classic Car Show

Classic Car Show

Thank you Riad & Omar Khuneisser for great pictures.