Good communication is the key to success.  Announcements is one form of good communication to maintain good relations and renew others among family and friends.  

An article on How to improve your credit-worthiness by Grace Halabi in

Link to web about Khalil Hawi  

Congrats to Dr. Sami Harik Medicine - USA

The University of Arkansas Medical School  in Little Rock is organizing a Neurology symposium and a formal dinner on June 4, 2011 to honor  the career of my brother Sami Harik who headed their Neurology Department for the last seventeen years. Many of the most prominent neurologists shall be lecturing at this symposium as reflected in the attached invitation sent by the University.   By Mansour Harik

Dr. Harik  is an AUB Alum.  To see more info click this link: on Facebook


The Centurion Club Celebration - Happy February 2011 Birthdays to
Helena Corban Ataya (100) in New Zealand on Feb 28, 2011
and Violeta Jafet (103) in Brazil on Feb 10

Helena Ataya (neé Corban)

Patriotic Helena surrounded with Lebanese flags in New Zealand at left and in Dhour Shweir with family and former mayor Shawki Sawaya

Plans to celebrate Helena's 100th Birthday are underway at the Corban Estate Arts Centre in Aukland, NZ.  A few years ago, when Helena and her family visited Shweir, they walked over 2 miles all the way from near Ain El Hanoote to Dhour to attend the Emigrants Festival, they came well prepared with flashlights to walk back that night.  When Helena addressed the audience, she spoke with pride the classic Shweiry Arabic of yesteryears.
Congrats via Helena's daughter Miriam Downey:
Email in code:  jandmdowney (at) slingshot(dot)co(dot)nz
To read more: 

Violeta Jafet

From: Riad Khunieser    Sent: Monday, February 07, 2011 4:30 PM  Subject: Jafet
The attached information was published in today’s L’Orient Le Jour; Monday February 7, 2011 Mrs Violeta Jafet Will be 103 on Feb. 10.   I think it’s a nice article to post about one of the Jafet family even though it’s in French, may be someone can translate.

Shweir Evergreen is having a planting campaign on Wednesday, 9 February.
We'll gather @8:30am 3 madkhal tari2 3elwi lal ghweb (facing Jamil Sawaya Building). 
Ur presence will help us keep Shweir Evergreen!! Please bring Planting tools like rafsh, m3wl...
For further concerns plz don't hesitate to contact us: Facebook group: Shweir Evergreen
Email: Telefone: Ruba Al-Halaby 03-828115 Layal Khayata 03-134063

Update from Shweir Evergreen team Ruba Al Halaby February 9 at 11:15am 
Dear All, We are proud to announce that Shweir Evergreen, with the help of Shweir citizens, planted 100 pine trees in Dhour Shweir's precious land, mainly in the upper Ghweb road :)  Thanks to all who supported us even in such a cold weather and hoping to see you all in future events 


Halloween Party December 4 at 4 p.m.

Summer 2010:  2nd Billiard tournament at “crêpe net” café organized by Halim Sawaya, Michel Bou Saab and Samer Kiame 
Read report on BB at and the link to 43 pictures on FB


Ruba Al Halaby Shweir Evergreen is launching an awareness campaign about fires and protecting forests. Fliers will be distributed Sunday, 12 September, 2010. We'll gather @ 8:30am next to the municipality to spread the word to every home in Dhour, Shweir and Ain Sendyeneh. You are invited to participate with us...Your presence is highly appreciated,  Shweir Evergreen Team  

Almukhaliss Church Celebrates its Centenial Anniversary 1910 - 2010
This is a unique occasion to celebrate its history and art
<  <  See Commemorative cards for this occasion   >  >

Womens Relief Society (Jamiyat Sayidat Al Eghasa Al Sheiriya)
are celebrating their annual Event on Sunday 8 of August 2010

For those of you who have not heard those three sing together, you are in for a treat.
 they will dazzle you with their talent, singing in Arabic, French, Italian and English.  > >

Mothers Day March 20, 2010


Photos courtesy of Silva Awad Bouzaid





 1 - 3 Crème                    - تقدمة صيدلية بكفيا

2 - Crème                   - تقدمة صيدلية بكفيا

3 - Crème                   - تقدمة صيدلية بكفيا

4 -   حلق                       - تقدمة السيدة ميّ  العفيش

5 -   حلق                       - تقدمة السيدة ميّ  العفيش

6 -   Broche                 - تقدمة السيدة ميّ  العفيش

7-   جزدان                     - تقدمة السيدة ميّ  العفيش

8 -   شال                        - تقدمة السيدة ميّ  العفيش

9 -   مكواة                     - تقدمة السيدة ميّ  العفيش

10 - Lampadaire        - تقدمة السيدة ميّ  العفيش

11 - شرشف                   - تقدمة السيدة نهى بو سمرا

12 - طقم ولاّدي               - تقدمة السيدة نهى بو سمرا

13 - بلوزة نسائية             - تقدمة السيدة نهى بو سمرا

14 - Sweater               - تقدمة محلاّت حبيب العلم

15-17 - Col roulé             - تقدمة السيدة منى عون

18 - Pochette              - تقدمة محلاّت Alicci (Mtayleb)

19-20 - لعبة                        - تقدمة محلاّت Enfantillage

21 -  Survêtement      - تقدمة محلاّتCalero (Mtayleb)

22 - دزّينة كبّايات             -

23 -  Stand ملاعق        -  تقدمة محلاّت فارس الجميّل

24 - Sweater               - تقدمة محلاّت Dagher Sport (Mrouj)

25 - شمعة                     - تقدمة Artizana Rafka

26 - أيقونة                     - تقدمة Artizana Rafka

27 - بلوزة ولاّدي             -

28 - بلوزة ولاّدي             -

29 - قميص نوم               - تقدمة السيدة مارغو خوري

30 - قنّينة نبيذ                 - تقدمة السيدة جورجيت رستم

31 - شقفة قماش              - تقدمة السيدة جورجيت رستم

32 - Cadre                  - تقدمة السيدة جاكلين مكتّف

33 - Tableau               - تقدمة السيدة جاكلين مكتّف

34 - كنزة نسائية              - تقدمة السيدة جاكلين مكتّف

35-38 - بون                        - تقدمة صالون هشام القاعي

39 - حصيرة للبحر            - تقدمة السيدة جاكلين مكتّف

40 - Tableau pendant  - تقدمة السيدة ماتيل بو خير

41 - Tableau pendant  - تقدمة السيدة ماتيل بو خير

42 - Pantalon              - تقدمة محلاّتCapricci 

43 - قنّينة نبيذ                 - تقدمة محلاّت علاّوه

44 - Sabot                   -

Text Box: عيد الأمهات  Tombula 2010
جــــمعية سيـــــدات الاغــاثة الشويريـــة

 45 - كنزة رجاّليّة              - تقدمة محلاّتCavalier   

46 - بزورات                   - تقدمة محلاّتCastania 

47 -58 - بزورات                   - تقدمة محلاّتCastania 

59 -82 بنّ                          - تقدمة محلاّت نجّار 

83 - شال رجاّليّ               - تقدمة محلاّت باهم (بكفيا)

84 - كنزة نسائية              - تقدمة محلاّت Voulla

85 - فناجين قهوة             - تقدمة محلاّت توما صوايا

86 - جزدان                    - تقدمة محلاّت جون نبيل الرحباني

87 -Pijama  نسائية        - تقدمة محلاّت رحباني هوم

88 - Sweater ولاّدي      - تقدمة محلات الأنسة نائلة صوايا


Holidays 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes, we have many things to be thankful for... Our health and remember the sick, we are thankful for our family, friends, home, food on the table, roof over our heads, and remember those who are without.  May the blessings of this holiday season stir us to help those who are in need and less fortunate than we are. 

Now that is the Spirit of Thanksgiving!













Matching Fund Challenge
Dr. Karim Nasr who loves Shweir and has not set foot in Shweir for many years has pledged to match any contribution made to this effort.  Contributors in USA can make their contributions to Shweir Foundation.  This will give us the opportunity to recognize some very special people of the family as well as bring the spirit of Christmas to as many Shweiry families in need via the Shweir Societies and take care of administrative and overhead costs and make your checks payable to Shweir Foundation and mail to:  P.O. Box.  131595, Houston, TX 77219  To view fund raiser on the BB Click here:

Top World Banker Riad Salamé on a Brief USA Visit to Silicon Valley
and deliver Keynote Address at Lebanese American Association 20th Anniversary Banquet
view Photo album and see how many you recognize from Shweir. 

Check out Shweir Storm on YouTube:
Courtesy of Samih B.   Do you know how they got Shweir Name?  Great Song. 


Special Prayers for Janice Matar in Texas and Joe Adib Touma Sawaya in California for Get Well & Quick Recovery

Congrats to Newly Weds Najib Moujaes & Elyssar Hamouch


Wishing you much
Health, Happiness, Success, Joy and Peace in 2009


Lighting the Darkness
As if the hand of God is pointing us towards the light for a brighter 2009

Photo from Shweir towards Tallet Imad and Sunneen  by Samar Kiame

 Summary meeting update about Shweir Zoning

Message from our Mayor:

Dearest Family and our Shweirieh all over the world,

I would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and I wish that the Lord will bring you all the joy of the world with the NEW YEAR 2009. Our wish for this Christmas is to have you all back home next year  celebrating with your families the holidays  in our Lovely  Shweir. Wishing you all that makes this special season of the year, a happy, warm, contented time of peace, goodwill and cheer.  

Mayor Naim Sawaya


< < < Bill Clinton Bestows Achievement Award to Elias Bou Saab
for bridging Arab American studies at American University of Dubai

Lebanese in France Needs rare Bone Marrow Match  

Posthumous Tribute for Dr. Nicolas Korban
Click here to read article by Samar and link of 36 photos




Anis Suleiman Boulos Sawaya receiving Presidential Achievement Award for Sport
Here former mayor Dr. Nabil Ghosn presented the Award on behalf President of Lebanon



السيد انيس سليمان بولس صوايا

لاعب كرة طائرة منذ العام 1938 مؤسس نادي الهدى الرياضي في ضهور الشوير مع السادة حليم نهرا ورباح خنيصر في منتصف القرن العشرون. ترأس المنتخب اللبناني في كرة الطائرة وحقق انتصارات رفعت اسم لبنان الرياضي في المحافل الدولية.

بقي يعمل حتى العام 1988 كمدرب في المدارس الرسمية كما كان معلما في مدرسة المخلص في الاشرفية.

 كرمه فخامة رئيس الجمهورية اللبنانية العماد اميل لحود بمنحه وسام الإستحقاق اللبناني الفضي مع وثيقة براءة لعطاآته الرياضية والتربوية وسلمه الوسام والبرائة رئيس البلدية السابق الدكتور نبيل غصن في منزله.

 مبروك للسيد انيس صوايا ومبروك للرياضة وللرياضيين في الشوير


Article about Nadi Mousika Shweir


More articles...


Fires in Lebanon and in Shweir - Click here to read reports on BB

Click on picture or here to see pictures by Samar

Cinema Roxy lives on... via the younger Moujaes generation,
Omar Moujaes, Founder, Director & Producer of 7 Hills Studio

Dr. Fouad Major (Moujais) announces second edition publication of his book on Atomic Clocks

 Congrats to Rouba Aziz Nassib Touma Sawaya & Khaled El Fayoumy on your Marriage at Hotel Central

See pictures & Slide show of Najla Elias Ataya and Roger Nadim Abu Jaowdeh Wedding.  And
 To visit Najla and Roger web page, click here 

Raymond Abdo Baaklini plans to return to live in his hometown after a long absence. 
He would like to buy a nice home and/or land in Shweir or Dhour.
 Click here for more info.

Tirweeaa at Hotel Central -click here to read about it and link to photo slide show   
See pictures of Shweir Music Band performance of August 12, 2007 
And read about a Musical Evening on Shweir Bulletin Board by Samar 


Mayor Naeem Shafiq Sawaya Announces a First Time Candid Public Meeting for
Sunday Sept. 30, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. at Rahbat School Auditorium
Inviting the People of Shweir and Ain Sindyani to voice their concerns.

Those who are far away or cannot attend the meeting, you can post your concerns, questions and/or suggestions on the Shweir BB.  

Raymond Abdo Baaklini Returning to Shweir

From: raymond baaklini [mailto: (in code to minimize spam)   raybaak  at yahoo dot com]
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 8:07 AM
Subject: coming back home

My name is RAYMOND ABDO BAAKLINI,married with two sons :ABDO (24) and DANIEL(22).

After a long stay abroad we are back and decided to settle down in Shweir.
So we are looking to buy a house in the Shweir area or a parcel of land in reasonable price.
Publishing this ad on your website could be very helpful to me. 
Thank you in advance

Raymond Baaklini

Bhersaf -Lebanon

mob.  961 3 119527 
h.       961 4 981339
fax.     961 4 348
(in code to minimize spam)   raybaak  at yahoo dot com 


From: Anwar
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 2:34 PM
To: 'raymond baaklini'
Subject: RE: coming back home

Dear Raymond,

Welcome to your hometown website.  
Your request has been published on home page.
Please keep us posted on your progress and success.  
Hope you will join us on BB

Good luck,




Harik Family announces
Iliya Harik Memorial Scholarship

Honoring Dr. Khalil Halaby for his
services in Mistousif Saydit Al Bishara


Congrats on Baptism of Elissa Mapar 

Happy Baptism Elissa Mapar

Shweir Web in transition to new and more versatile system -
May experience temporary down time.  BB needs more work... data is safe.

Update:  Thanks Ghassan Zghaib for offering to help.  You have the data.  Good luck and look forward to speak with you next week.  Webmaster will be unavailable till early next week.

We are anxious to get the BB back on track.  Although there is software to convert text from system to another, our BB, the Ultimate BB or UBB for short, the Challenge that I am discovering is that our UBB software is old… has some glitches and likely requires someone with more knowledge than what I know.  I may have to put a new BB program and hope that we find a volunteer to convert the existing posts/data that is saved and safe and help in the new one.   We are considering a popular freeware software called PHP2BB.  Please let me know if you can help... email in code:  anwar2 (at) shweir dot com .   Read more at and those who may consider helping in installation and/or converting our UBB text and data, you need to do search on that web for UBB converter for our old version.  Such as on this link: 


Our thoughts, love and prayers go out to:

Joe Corban, World recognized wine expert of the Corban Wine fame in New Zealand,

and Hind Sawaya Laham in USA and their families 

Special prayers will be held this Thursday, 5:00 p.m. Nov 30, 2006
at Mukhalis Church in Saha, Dhour Shweir

Sabeh Baaklini announces the opening of his new Salon

See pictures here, thanks Samar

Shweir in the Fall, see nature photos by Samar
Announcing La Poppote, a new restaurant in Dhour

Sister Tamara from Shweir, a great inspiration... Click here to read more

Rahbat School is in need of help to continue to provide education to over 300 students

Iliya Harik announces his new web site about Lebanon: 

Article by Henri Bou Saab about the affects of the recent war and more articles

Shweir Urgent Need to preserve it unique Mediterranean Architecture - Thanks Issam M

Congratulations to Samar and Roger on their Marriage, click here to see pictures by Riad

Subhiyeh to Help Baytna at Central Hotel sponsored by the Kiamy family, Akawiyat Sayidet Al Beshara - Dame  Annunciation Relief Assoc. and Shweir Social Service & Rescue Asson SSSRA, - Al Isaaf wal Khadamat al Ahliah

Congratulations to Elie Kiameh & Nibal Bou Zayd on your Marriage
Click here to see Elie & Nibal pixs by Samar

Byzantine chants performance by a very
talented  and young Shweiry ensemble

To view Byzantine BB post by Samar, click here

Congratulations to Newlyweds
 Bassam Sabeh Jirdak &Rima Ayoub Merhege
 click here 4 pictures.

To view Marriage BB post by Samar, click here

Bassam & Rima Delayed Party
Click here to see pixs by Samar

List of articles by Henri Bou Saab

Scoop: Lebanon's democracy celebrated on Independence Day

Thursday, 24 November 2005, 9:24 am Opinion: Henri Bou Saab in Beirut ... Photo of author Henri Bou Saab and visiting Kiwi writer Jeremy Rose. ********** ... - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

Scoop: Lebanon: Bomb aims to silence independent media

Thursday, 15 December 2005, 3:36 pm Article: Henri Bou Saab in Beirut ... by Henri Bou Saab ,Beirut. A few weeks ago, Lebanon celebrated its first National ... - 30k - Cached - Similar pages

Scoop: Christian town opens arms to Moslem refugees

Saturday, 22 July 2006, 5:52 pm Opinion: Henri Bou Saab in Beirut ... by Henri Bou-Saab correspondent in The Republic of Lebanon ... - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

Scoop: Lebanon tackles electoral reform

by Henri Bou-Saab in Beirut for It is coming up to mid-summer in Lebanon. The coastal cities of Tripoli, Beirut and Sidon are very ... - 29k - Cached - Similar pages

Scoop: NZ's nuclear-free voice sounds sweet from MidEast

NZ's nuclear-free voice sounds sweet from MidEast. Thursday, 20 April 2006, 10:19 am Opinion: Henri Bou Saab in Beirut ... - 28k - Cached - Similar pages

Scoop: Lebanon's Democracy Needs Support of Western World

Friday, 3 March 2006, 10:18 am Opinion: Henri Bou Saab in Beirut ... by Henri Bou Saab in Beirut for Lebanon's democracy needs the support ... - 30k - Cached - Similar pages

Scoop: Scoop: Top Scoops + Just Politics

Henri Bou Saab in Beirut Reports On His War & COMMENT DIGEST Uri Avnery Reflects On Hizbullah's Motivation For Arousing Israel's Ire ... - 70k - Cached - Similar pages

Scoop: Scoop: Top Scoops + Just Politics

Henri Bou Saab in Beirut Reports On His War. SCOOP COLUMNS: The Inconvenient Truth about An Inconvenient Truth Toni Solo On Symptoms Of Imperial Decay ... - 69k - Cached - Similar pages

Scoop: Full Coverage: Israel Attacks Lebanon (Part III)

Henri Bou Saab in Beirut Reports On His War - It is now the middle of summer in my village in Mount Lebanon, Dhour el-Choueir. It is beautiful here, ... - 38k - 13 Aug 2006 - Cached - Similar pages

Scoop: Scoop: Top Scoops + Just Politics

Henri Bou Saab in Beirut - Lebanon tackles electoral reform [1]; Lebanon - UN Council Extends Probe Into Hariri Killing [2]; Europe - UNICEF Warns About ... - 70k - Cached - Similar pages



Iliya Harik announces his new web site about Lebanon:

From: Harik, Iliya - -  harik  at  indiana  dot  edu
Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2006 7:32 PM
To: anwar
Subject: Introducing Voices for lebanon website

Marhaba George and Anwar,

I have started a new website on Lebanon to keep the record straight here and to hopefully influence the situation at home. I hope you find it useful and that you can spread the word among the Shwayris.

Elsa and I visited The Cultural Center in Dhour last  May and were very happy to see the progress made in the Library and the fact that it had an attendant there regularly. Is there anything we can do for them in those hard days.

We are active on the general Lebanon situation here, letters, meetings, and financial contributions etc.. but have not had anything special regarding Dhour.

Salamaat and keep in touch.

Iliya Harik

From: Anwar
Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 2:35 PM
To: 'Harik, Iliya'
Cc: G. Matar
Subject: RE: Introducing Voices for lebanon website

Dear Iliya and Elsa,

It was so great to hear from you.  We are glad to learn that you had a chance to visit the community center in Dhour.  

Both George and I and many other Shweirys had planned to spend our summer in Dhour, but alas, the conflict…

I visited your website.  Congrats on such an excellent site.  We will feature the link on soon.

I will also share the link with many of my Lebanese contacts including the Lebanese American Association and the World Lebanese Cultural Union.  

I just returned from Brazil.  It is amazing at the incredible Lebanese influence in Brazil.  

Thanks for your offer to help our town.  

We have established Shweir Foundation as a tax exempt corp and soon will get a bit more active on that front.  

If you happen to come to the west coast, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Would love to meet you in person and show you our beautiful city.

With best wishes,




Congratulations to Sarah & Michael Matar on their marriage
on June 24, 2006 in Houston TX.  To view picture album, click here.

Michael is the son of al Mukhtar and al Mukhtara
 bil Mahjar, George and Janice Matar



Sabbagh Brothers, Fareed & Maher, direct & produce a musical play, Che Quevera


Easter 2006 -Passion Week Recital w/ Jumana Mdawar

Sposored by RSSA, Click here to see 151 pixs - Thank You Riad


HAPPY 100's Birthday Nassib Touma Sawaya

To see all 182 pictures of A3mmou Nassib's 100's Birthday Party, click here  

To see all 182 pictures of A3mmou Nassib's 100's Birthday Party, click here  

Thank you Riad Khuneisser and Samar Kiamy for the pictures.  Report to follow...

Mothers Day Celebration Luncheon
At ALSAD Restaurant in Shweir
On Sunday, March 19, 2006 at 1:00 p.m.

Sponsored by
Jam3iyat Sayidaat Al Aghathah  
Ladies Relief Society of Shweir 

Wishing all Mothers in the world,

Donation $20 - For Reservations call Jamal Dahdouh 04-390-320


Congratulations to:
Genie Sawaya and Elie Khoury on your engagement and
Gaby Sawaya and Micheline Arbeed on your marriage

----- Original Message -----
From:  Samer Sawaya in code:  hisamer at hotmail dot com
Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2005 11:39 PM
Subject: news
Hi Anwar, Hope everything is going well.  I am Samer Sawaya son of Fouad Sawaya and Leila Khnaisser (now Sawaya).  We met you outside of church at the start of August this summer in Dhour.  It was nice to finally meet you.
I took a lot of pictures this summer while I was in Lebanon.  My wife and I really enjoyed the vacation.  I was hoping you could post some congratulatory news on
#1 Congratulations to Genie Sawaya and Elie Khoury on their engagement that was made official on July 30th 2005.
Pictures (attached)
"elie and genie 1.jpg" Elie and Genie at their engagement party
"elie and genie 2.jpg" From left to right - Gaby and Micheline Sawaya, Renata and Samer Sawaya, Genie Sawaya and Elie Khoury at their engagement party
 #2 Congratulations to Gaby Sawaya and Micheline Arbeed who were married on Aug 7th 2005 in Dhour.   
Pictures (attached)
"gaby and micheline 1.jpg" Gaby and Micheline entering their reception
"gaby and micheline 2.jpg" Gaby and Micheline showing their 'seif and terse' skills
"gaby and micheline 3.jpg" Gaby and Micheline at church
"gaby and micheline 4.jpg" Gaby and Micheline at church
"gaby and micheline 4.jpg" Parents of the groom, best man, wedding couple, maid of honor, and parents of the groom 
Finally Outside the church in Dhour Starting from the left here is a picture of you Anwar, Claire Khnaisser, unidentified man, Leila Sawaya, Fouad Sawaya, Helen Khnaisser, Rana Sawaya
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,




June 2005 - Houston, Texas
Congrats to Mathew, Nabil Matar's Grandson's HS Graduation -



Author Topic: Mabrook Tony and Dany
Samar Kiame
Member # 227

posted 06-06-2005 05:29 AM      Profile for Samar Kiame     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

In my Aunty’s house (Aida Khneiser) , there are blue balloons everywhere and on the door they have put a big bear where is written “it is a boy”

That is my cousin Dany Khneiser 3faysh and her husband Tony 3faysh who have a newborn baby and they called him “Majd”.  Alf Mabrook


Posts: 75 | From: Shweir | Registered: May 2004  |  IP: Logged


----- Original Message -----
From: "Michel Sawaya"   mike.sawaya  @  gmail dot com  
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 12:07 AM
Subject: A Letter to all Shweiry

I am sending a letter to all shweiry people. Hope you can post it on website. Sorry, I am not a good arabic typer so I just
scanned it in pictures and sent it to you. Hopefully, Shweir will flourish again. Please let me know if it is going to be posted or not.
Thank you,
Michel Sawaya


Remember Gibran's words that were made famous by JFK...
Ask Not what your country can do for you, but what You can do for your country
Most Lebanese are top achievers overseas, unfortunately, foreign interference & dirty Politics sidetracked many in Lebanon
Until that is corrected, Lets show unity and ask ourselves:  What You, I, We can do for our town... then country???
The following Shweir BB posts speak volumes 

Author Topic: New beginning
michel moujaes
Member # 224

posted 04-04-2005 03:24 AM      Profile for michelmoujaes     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

What is happening in our beloved village?
The same ideas, the same speeches and the same acts, are regenerated now for what?

We need a new beginning, and this is the moment.  We have to be as far as we can from the same ideas that caused the war in Lebanon. If these ideas caused us a civil war then these ideas were wrong.

We have to stop talking about what they done to us from 30 years. And what we did to them at the same period. If what we said to each other cost us this much of blood. Then what we said was wrong.

We have to stop acting like kids or young men without thinking what the reaction will be, and if we can handle the reaction in good ways to prevent us destroying our beautiful country.

I hope this topic be the beginning of a good discussion about what we can do for Shouwair and Lebanon.  …….To be continued.

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To me, Hariri's death was a shock ...but my worry is Lebanon.. when the government resigned i cried.. i cried for Lebanon and what is to come next.. What is there to expect ? We are the future generation.. What are we to expect from our country? when are we gonna be able to come to our country and actually live and work and earn a living from our own soil? WHEN? SCREW POLOTICS... I don't see a Lebanon if we continue this way...We have ministers and Presidents robbing us instead of building a solid ground.. "kater kheiroun.." I'm graduating in 2006 and I want to continue my education in Lebanon and hopefully my life.. but how could i look so optimistically towards something when we are going down badly.. I visited Dubai today and you cant imagine the boom and work there is.. its insane.. tell me what are we missing that we cant accomplish such a task?

I Pray and Hope that the freedom everyone is looking for is found...I hope that the belief you have comes true.. and I hope that what is to come next is truly peace and freedom...

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Author Topic: Looking back is bad for the Psyche
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I realize that we as people are reluctant to let go of the past . We are reluctant to forgive, forget and look to the future with sound policy and optimism. Faced with the challenges of a situation in Lebanon, we tend to look back, chew and dwell on our divisive history, rather than look at the facts at hand and try to come up with a solution and proceed with peace and harmony with the region and the world.  From personal experience that only serves the one purpose of prolonging the misery of the past into the present and projecting it way into the future. Now I realize that looking and dwelling on the past is a waste of time and energy.

Could it be that the people of Lebanon in dwelling on the past are prolonging the misery that came with it or maybe reigniting old animosities that are detrimental to all concerned?  How I wish that the people of Lebanon realize that their country is perceived as an independent entity and needs to act as one, with responsibilities toward its region and the world. As a Lebanese immigrant, I feel it is important to be perceived well in the world and not coming from a backward country that is in turmoil and ready to cause more trouble... Looking ahead for positive solutions is more fruitful...

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Thank you Lama, Michel and Hilda
Your frustrations, concerns, values, advice and love of your town and country 
are echoed by thousands of the silent majority




Listen on line to a Shweiry talk about Health & Fitness on "Voice of Lebanon" radio
Thursdays from 3:30 PM till about 5:10 PM. - Lebanon time

How to Get Fit and Stay in Shape

By Azmi Philip Imad

May 1962

September 2004

Topics include:

Ø      What is fitness/conditioning

Ø      Difference between fitness and strength

Ø      Relationship between fitness and health

Ø      The importance of cardiovascular condition/health

Ø      Ways to achieve fitness

Ø      Healthy lifestyles

Ø      How, when and how much to exercise

Ø      How to check your heart rate for aerobic fitness

Ø      Checking with your physician

Ø      Kinds of exercises and their effect on your body and health

Ø      How to lose and gain weight (Advice on using food supplements)

Ø      Exercise at home vs. a health club

Ø      Do you need equipment? And what equipment to use

Ø      How to choose and buy equipment

Ø      Things to consider before joining a health club

Ø      Advice for men and women of all ages

Ø      What to do if you are injured

The 3 P’s for success (Keeping your new year’s resolution)

A few people in the US are listening to my show and are hearing Lebanese news first hand. I have helped many persons who can ask questions on the air and via email. I hope more of the Shweiries will do so soon. We give useful advice on exercise for most people in general and try to get them not to use dangerous drugs and have a general healthy and fit body naturally and through simple easy to do things. We stress general fitness of the cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary systems and we delve into special topics such as bodybuilding, swimming, running, and a variety of sports and healthy lifestyles. I feel good about having helped many people quit smoking and taught them how to exercise for best benefits. We also talk about the quacks who want to sell people expensive exercise equipment that does not produce results etc. As you know I do this free of charge. I would like to help the Shweiries too.

This program that airs every Thursday from 3:30 PM till about 5:10 PM. on the Radio called "Voice of Lebanon."  The best way to listen is on the computer. Once you log to the web site you will see a box on the top left of the page that lets you listen to the station on line. Once you click on this box and turn on you speakers you will hear the live broadcast.   This program benefits everyone and I would like most to help our beloved Shweiries. 

To ask a question of Azmi to respond to it during his program, click on the "Contact Us" button on the Voice of Lebanon web site, and follow the prompts.

I suggest that you use the email address of the radio station for people to ask questions as I may not be able to answer all the questions I receive.  You can put my email address as below but please mention that I may not be able to answer all the questions one by one and advise the shweiries to send their questions to the radio station so that all the listeners will benefit when I answer the questions on the air since this the radio show is a talk show. The radio station will forward all the emails to me on the air or will give them to me so that I can answer them on the next show.

Thanks and best regards


email address:  azmipi  at  yahoo  dot  com  
Please Note that to minimize the harvesting of emails by junk mail (SPAM) operators, we use code for email addresses.  As such, you need to change (at) to @ and delete all spaces to make the email valid. note:
Azmi,  We are proud of your achievements.  Every one of us can benefit from your advice.
As they say, the proof is in the pudding... :)    The pictures are worth a thousand words.


Congratulations to Michael Matar & Sara Mahmoud on their Engagement

----- Original Message -----
From: "Matar, George E (S & B)" <George.Matar  (at)>
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2005 12:51 PM
Subject: Michael and Sara

Happy News from the Matar Family in Texas.  Last Saturday night my son
Michael proposed to his high school sweetheart Sara Mahmood.  It
happened during her birthday party.  After Sara opened her last gift,
Michael reached in His Pocket and pulled a small box and asked her to
marry him, to which she said yes, stood up hugged and kissed him.

Sara and Michael have been going out steady since spring of 2001, they
went to the University of Texas together.
Sara, graduated last December, she's currently working at Boeings and
attending the University of Houston, Clear Lake to pursue an MBA in
Marketing.  Michael will be graduating this May, he will be pursuing a
career in medicine.

No Date has been set for the wedding


Congratulations to Michelle & Waleed on the
birth of their son Dimitri Shadi Moujaes:

Author Topic: Dimitri Shadi Moujaes
Waleed S Moujaes
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Today was the best day ever in my life. I cannot express my feelings when Michelle gave birth to Dimitri. I am writing this message, and tears are in my eyes!!

Dimitri Shadi Moujaes was born on Saturday, February 19, 2005 at 4:29PM. He weighed 6 lbs and 11 ounces. He is 19 inches tall.

Both Michelle and Dimitri are doing great. They will be home on Monday.

Will send some pictures soon.


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Abou Dimitri, Alf alf Mabrouk Khayeh

this news is the best news on this board till this day.

Alah ye khalilkon hal shebil

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Nadia P. Benab
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Waleed and Michelle,  Congratulations to you both.....

Nadia Benab

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Habeeb M. Nacol
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Alf Mabrouk ya Abu Dimitri. May God bless your new baby and may he be source of continuous joy and pride to you and your wife. We are waiting for the pictures!
P.S.Great name!

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Elias Khonaisser
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Alf mabrook to you Bou Dimitri and to Michelle. We expect pictures soon.


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George Matar
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Alf Mabrook ya Michelle and Walid on the birth of your son.
Hey the Web page was due for good and Happy News...Yesssssss Thank you Dimitri Shadi you picked a great time.

I am so Happy for the Moujaes Family.... February is a Happy MOnth for them, Ask your uncle Salim, and your cousin Sami  .

Happy And Wonderful News.
Give Dimitri a huge hug from Jiddo George 
Lost your password ya Bou Dimitri? Or is it the exitement?

[ 02-20-2005, 09:51 AM: Message edited by: George Matar ]

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Soulaima Houcheime
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allah yikhallilkon yeh wouyi3ish iyem 7elweh wou we are so happy for you. PLease say hi to Michelle , we hope she's doing gr8 ya Abou Dimitri....
Soulaima and the kids

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Waleed S Moujaes
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Thank you guys for your wonderful wishes! It has been the best couple of days ever, even with the very minimal sleep, if at all.

Ya Abou Griege, I was on a different computer, and for some reason, I couldn't remember my passwprd!!!!

You can go to and see his pictures.

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Rima Mattar
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Congrats!!! he is sooo adorable! i loved looking at the pictures and your wife looks beautiful!! hes going to be a handsome little guy!

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Mabrouk Waleed and Michelle,
Wishing Dimitri a great life full of Health ,success and joy

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Amal Khayrallah Hobeika
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AlF Mabrouk Waleed & Michelle, he is very cute.
I loved the website. Congratulations:)

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George Matar
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Beautiful, I mean Handsome 
Momma also looks very good, you couldn't ask for anything better, I know Waleed you are on top of the world..... you Proud Daddy

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Samar Kiame
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Alf Mabrouk Waleed and Michelle

However I don't know you but it is so beautiful to hear about a newborn


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Damn I should be checking on this BB more often.
Looks like I'm the last one to CONGRATULATE!!!!!! the Moujaes family.

Way to go Waleed and Michele. May Dimitri get the best in life (I'm sure he already got the best Dad and Mom he could get).

Now, everybody pay attention: The greek orthodoxe community have a new member (DIMITRI)  , and this BB has A NEW DIAPERMAN!!!  .

Take care Waleed and GOOD LUCK WITH THOSE DIAPERS!!!

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Just checked the slideshows: Like the one were Dimitri was giving us the finger 

Once again Michele and Waleed: Congratulations!!!

By the way Waleed, I have a draft I can send you in case you really neeed to tell us how the delivery went. 

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Congratulations and alf mabrooke to Michelle and Waleed on this great news.

May you and your family  be blessed with much health, love, success and happiness.


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Tony Moujaes
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Congratulations Waleed And Michele.

Another Moujaes Male. Life is good!

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George Matar
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Where are you these days ya Tannous

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Miriam Habib
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 I love the website!! He is soo cute.

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Congrats to Tony and Angela Moujaes
on the birth of their son Christian Antoine Moujaes on Sept 17, 2004

Author Topic: Christian Antoine Moujaes, DOB 9-17-04
Tony Moujaes
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At 12:14 PM today, a 9 pounds 10 ounces (~5.54 kg) and 21.5 in long (53.75 cm) baby boy was born to me and my wife Angela. He is a big boy already! He could be walking in the next few hours for all I know.   My wife was in labor for only two hours before he popped out!  What a sight! I saw the whole thing...  I will be sending you the pictures very soon.

Christian is the first male born to the Moujaes-Mer3i klan! I hope he will live up to khalil's reputation  ... More to come later


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Habeeb M. Nacol
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Mabrook ya "Abu Christian." I love his name! I bet your mamma is already cooking the mighli. I wish him a very long healthy and happy life and may he always be source of joy and pride to you and your wife.

Uncle Habeeb

[ 09-18-2004, 09:15 AM: Message edited by: Habeeb M. Nacol ]

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Wadih Abdel Ahad
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Mabrouk ya antoun ,
I just received the Picture of Christian from Jimmy, Man I was surprised and impressed, I don’t know why I always remember the great old days we had together.

I can imagine what khéllo is feeling right now!!!! 

As I can see he will be a “34” big man hope not a “17”, u did a great job !!!!!! 

Yalla wish you always the best my good friend and hope to see you soon with your whole family.
Bless you and take care. 

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Tony Moujaes
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Guys,  Thank you for the good wishes  . We just got him home and settled in his baby bed. He is a very happy baby.  Just looking around and discovering the world around him. 

I will e-mail Anwar the pics tonight. I hope he will post them soon.  Thanks


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Nadia P. Benab
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posted 09-19-2004 03:04 PM      Profile for Nadia P. Benab     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 



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George Matar
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I was thinking about you, Angela and the baby this weekend, I was in Austin... Wow this is a big baby, congratulations Buddy.. SO how much did Christian weigh after you circum"sized" him  .
Khillo is dancing in the Saha, and who would blame him.
Alf Mabrouk

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Tony Moujaes
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He weighed 9 lbs and 3 ounces before they checked him out of the hospital on sunday. I was wondering where the 7 ounces went    Now I know...   Thanks for the good whishes everyone!

Whadih, I took a picture of his ... I will let you judge for yourself...


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Rima Mattar
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Congratulations tony and angela!! alf mabrook! im sure christian is a very cute baby...cant wait to see his pictures!

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Congratulations to Nijad and Rania Nahed Chalhoub
on the birth of their daughter Nai born on  August 12, 2004 at 3:50p.m. .


Thanks to Sandy Moujaes for sending us the picture and the information

Congratulations on the arrival of Mason Steven Elias Najib Shaya Khenaisser
Also, announcing that Elias and Steven will arrive in Shweir on Saturday, August 14, 2004

-----Original Message-----
From: Sknthbay @
Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2004 7:05 PM
Subject: Re: Hello Steve & family.

Here's is some picture of Mason, Isabella and the girls. Mason Elias Khenaisser  DOB 6/11/2004 he weighed 9lb 6oz at Birth. He is almost 2 month old and he weighs 17lbs the pictures of the girls are from the 6th birthday party at an amusement park in Albuquerque, NM.   I'll will be going to Lebanon on Friday the 13th. I can't wait to see all the family and friends.

Pictures above include Mason's sisters Isabella and Savannah and Julianna.  (Click on pictures to enlarge).

God bless them all.  We wish them much health and happiness

Amal Khayrallah to Marry Joseph Elie Hobeika on September 4th, 2004

----- Original Message -----
From:  Amal Khayrallah
Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 4:18 AM
Subject: Re: happy news
Dear family,
i'm so happy that i wanted to share with you great news, i'm geting married this september and guess what, he is from shweir,
Aamo Nabil, i know this will make you happy coz last summer u were telling us that Shweir has also great guys.
His name is Joseph Hobeika, he is the son of Elie Hobeika.
I will send you later photos, meanwhile, i love you all.
take care

 p.s.   i found this photo for me and my future husband, it will be great if u can post it, our wedding will take place on september 4th, 2004 in Saydeh church in Shweir.  i promiss to send u guys wedding photos later on.   Thanks,

Dear Amal,
Alf Mabrook.
These are fantastci news. 
We are Very, Very Happy for you and the lucky groom, Areese, Joseph Hobeika.
If you would like to post an announcement on the BB or send a pix of the two of you, just let me know and will be glad to post it on the web.
Wishing you much love and happiness.
For the Family,



Congratulations to Shaden and Tarek Rahbani on the birth of their twin: 
Kamil & Kenan, on July 10, 2004 In New Jersey, USA
Also, Congrats to member Ala Rahbani on becoming a double uncle. 

"They are finally here, They finally arrived, two beautiful boys have entered our lives.
Our family is thrilled as you may have guessed, we’re very thankful that we’ve been so blessed"

I wonder what Kamil is telling Kenan, or is it the other way around?   I wonder if Ala knows who's who?  :)

Congratulations to Sandy and Joe Sawaya on your marriage

To express congratulations on Shweir Bulletin Board

Akbaal al Azzabi Alf Mabrook
Kass Al
Aroose & Areese
Author Topic: Congratulations to Sandy and Joe Sawaya!
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posted 07-09-2004 01:07 PM      Profile for HILDA T     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Sandy and Joe,Congratulations on your wedding. I am still waiting to see pictures. I understand that the wedding was an especially sweet occasion in al-Mukhalis church in the heart of al saha. Best wishes for a wonderful life and do not forget the pictures!

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Nabil E. Matar
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posted 07-09-2004 01:39 PM      Profile for Nabil E. Matar     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Hilda, I received some pictures and email them to Anwar for posting. I will email you what I got. They are really handsome couple and Sandra looks so beautiful in the wedding dress.

Hilda,  I email you the pictures using the email adress I have but didn’t go through. I don’t know why maybe you changed your email address.

Anwar, Try to post the pictures I send you so Hilda could see her cousin's wedding

[ 07-09-2004, 01:57 PM: Message edited by: Nabil E. Matar ]

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posted 07-09-2004 02:27 PM      Profile for HILDA T     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Nabil,  I got your message, and yes I have changed my e-mail address. I lost all e-mail addresses that I had including yours. I guess I will have to start over again with that. I wish Anwar can post the pictures, that way we can all see them.

Thanks again Nabil.

By the way how is the weather in Texas? It is getting to the mid eighties here so it is heating up some. We did have rain almost daily for the last month. The rain keeps the temperature and the muggy conditions in check.

I talked to Najeeb and Amal last week-end and they seem to be having a good time in dhour.

I guess we would too if we were there, but through we keep in touch. Regards to all.


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posted 07-10-2004 01:12 AM      Profile for Webmaster   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

To the Newly Weds, Joe and Sandy, Alf Mabrook...
The pictures are now posted.
I wish someone would write something about the Aroose and Arees and the wedding to share with everyone. You can post it on the BB and I will transfer it to where the announcement is on the web page.

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posted 07-10-2004 08:35 AM      Profile for HILDA T     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Thank you for posting the pictures, Anwar.

Sandra is my cousin on my mom's side. She is the daughter of Rowayda and Yacoub Halabi.   Rowayda is daughter of Edmund Halabi-  She is known for for her talent in painting and managing her dad's ABC store. 

Sandra is a 1997 graduate of the American University of Beirut where she majored in Business Administration. She works at Librarie du Liban publishers. Joe works at Dar al Sayad. He is Salim Sawaya's brother and that is all I know. (I wish I knew more!)

The wedding was nice. The bride had a zaffeh from her house to the church. I heard the traffic in Saha was blocked for that. The church was nicely decorated and the couple had a seated buffet dinner at the Hotel Central after the wedding attended by family and friends.

Alf mabrook! Akbal al kil!

[ 07-10-2004, 08:37 AM: Message edited by: HILDA T ]

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Habeeb M. Nacol
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posted 07-10-2004 09:34 AM      Profile for Habeeb M. Nacol     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

They make a very good looking couple. I know that Rowaida, Bahij and the rest of their parents are very proud. Wishing the happy couple many years full of joy, blessedness, health and contentment. Alf Mabrook and 3ala ibal el kil el 3izzaby.

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Abu Jihad
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posted 07-10-2004 01:40 PM      Profile for Abu Jihad     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Yeah, alf Mabrouk to the newlyweds. My wife and I happen to have met Sandy at her mom's place in Dhour a few years ago; I think she was in her first year college or so. See, my wife is a friend of both, Ruwayda and Amal. Anyway, Sandy turned out to be a beautiful young lady, as the pictures show.
I can see Amal in the pictures, but where is Ruwayda? I told my wife she must be the one standing next to Amal, but she adamantly said no, that's not her!
Hilda, HELP!

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Author Topic: Sandra & Joe
George Matar
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A beautiful couple is about to Tie the knot... The Wedding of Sandra Halabi and Joe Sawaya will take place on Saturday July 3rd in Dhour.

I saw Sandra for the first time in 2001, did not know who she is but I thought to myself: "Who's that beautiful young lady that make Camouflage fashions look so good". Only to meet her a couple of days later at her aunt's Oly home for breakfast. Ya Zalmeh, she's my Sister in Law's niece and I did not know it.

Okay most of you on the Bulletin Board know her Cousin.... HILDA.

And Joe, Well I am not sure if I met Joe personally, but he's non other than the brother of our winner of Shweiry of the Year 2003, Salim Sawaya.

Join me in wishing the couple the best: Congratulations to the Aarous and Aarees.

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Habeeb M. Nacol
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Thanks George for the explanation. I was fixing to call you. I remember Sandra now. Joe is a very lucky guy! I knew Bahij, he must be so proud of his children. I wish the couple a happy life together.

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Nabil E. Matar
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That goes for me to. I wish for both of them a happy and prosperous life. I have met both of them last summer. Sandra is a very sweet, intelligent and beautiful young lady and Joe is a handsome ambitious young man. I think they deserve each other.
Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures in our web site

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Wonderful News.
Congratulations to Sandra and Joe.
Salim, please send us some pictures to post.
Alf Mabrook salaf.

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To our Lebanese Friends in San Francisco Bay Area,
Join us Friday evening,  June 18, for Hafli featuring Nour Mehanna

For more information, click on

Message from
Sheikh Jamil Hobeika
To the People of and from Shweir



Author Topic: Shweiries models in National Magazines
George Matar
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Hey Folks we are going National  or maybe even international
My Son in law Chris has finished an advertisement campaign for Motion Computing and here's what he emailed me, with two pictures:

Models:  Leila (bint George & Janice Matar) Moujaes and  Suheil Baaklini

Below is a message from Chris Moujaes (ibn Alfred & Maria Moujaes).


Here's an ad created by my company that's about to be placed in 2 big computer magazines "Laptop Magazine" and "Mobile PC" with my beautiful Leila on it...She was a big hit, they really loved her as a model.

Also, Suheil Baaklini and my car are in the second ad going into some Insurance Magazines. He looks so regal, and so important 

Thanks, Suheil!

Chris Moujaes


Sheikh Jamil Houbeika

Sheikh Jamil Houbeika 
Honored by President of Lebanon

"وسام الاستحقاق اللبناني المذهّب للمرؤة و الشرف"

Sheikh Jamil Hobeika, Deputee Emile Emile Lahoud, Dr. Nabil Ghosn looking at old photoes taken with  Minister&General Jamil Lahoud, father of President Emile Lahoud. Left to right:
Nasri N. Lahoud, Deputee Emile E. Lahoud, Sheikh Jamil Hobeika, John Hobeika
Left to right: 
Dr. Nabil Ghosn, Sheikh Jamil Hobeika, Deputee Emile Lahoud, John Hobeika
(with grandchildren and spouses)
1st row, left to right: Roland & Roula Sarkis, Maya Bechara, Sheikh Jamil Hobeika, Odile & George Samrani,  Souad Khayrallah, Jihad Hanna, Rania
Hobeika, Issam Abou Jaoudeh.
2nd row, left to right:  Imad Khayrallah, Ruba Khayrallah, Lara Abou Jaoudeh, Nadine&Tony Saniour, Christelle Hobeika. 
Last Pix:  All + author Amal Khayrallah

Original Message ----- 

From: " Amal.Khayrallah @ "
To: "Anwar Kenicer"
Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2004 4:07 AM
Subject: Sheikh Jamil Hobeika

  We want to share these special moments with our family
  Our dearest grandpa and mayor was honored yesterday 10th March 2004 at 4:30pm in his house in Jdeideh,
  by President Emile Lahoud, represented by his son, Deputee Emile Emile Lahoud and was presented with

"وسام الاستحقاق اللبناني المذهّب للمرؤة و الشرف"
 A small celebration took place afterwards, i managed to take some photos, I hope they are ok.
  I wish they can be posted on the website.
  Thank you for your usual help.
  Amal Khayrallah

Thank you Amal Khayrallah for the excellent report and pictures


Its a Boy... Congrats to Habib & Nazha

On Feb 8th, I was blessed with a baby boy (Ghassan) weighing 3.8 KG, and has 52 cm in height.  Thank God, both Mother and Baby are doing good.

Ghassan is a cute healthy boy as you can see in the photos attached. Wish you the happiness that I have experienced for the first time as a proud father.

 Best Regards

Habib Halabi





Webmaster was able to access the above announcement the day of the event.
He was away and had close to 2000 emails, mostly spam, which timed out download of emails.
Sorry for not timely announcing this important event.  Wishing all those in love a Happy Valentine's Day.
Please send us a report and some pictures so the rest of us can share in the activities.



Preserving Shweir Architectural Heritage
Drawings by Oula Aoun - Photos by Zeina Khnaisser
in co ordination with Shweir Community Center

Many thanks to Oula Aoun, for these Great artistic drawings, for Zeina Khneisser for taking the pictures
and all who helped to produce this Calendar and to all the staff at Shweir Community Center. 

As featured on home page:

< 2004 Shweir Calendar
You create on your computer

Preserving Shweir Architectural Heritage
Drawings by Oula Aoun - Photos by Zeina Khnaisser
in co ordination with Shweir Community Center

< Click on Sample to access 12 months of 2004

Engagement Congratulations to
 Waleed Moujaes and Michelle Salamy
Wedding Bells are scheduled for April 17, 2004

-----Original Message-----
From: Waleed Moujaes:    waleed.moujaes @ 
(Please note that this email has spaces before and after the "@" for privacy to minimize Spam, please delete those spaces in order to make it a valid email address) 
Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2003 5:03 PM
Subject: Engagement

Attached few pictures of my engagement with Michelle Salamy. Pls share with family.  We are getting married on April 17 in LA.  Thanks.   Waleed

Alf Mabrook ya Waleed and Michelle from your family
A3abale al Azzabee...

Congrats on your wedding to
Habib Ghassan Halabi and Nazha Ayoub Merhej

-----Original Message-----
From: Halabi, Habib G
Sent: Friday, November 14, 2003 12:04 PM
To: Anwar Kenicer
Subject: Our marriage Photos

On the 17th of August 2002, The Halabi and the Merhej families celebrated the wedding of their Habib Ghassan Halabi and Nazha Ayoub Merhej. The celebration took place in “Mokhales” Church in Dhour Shweir square. After the mass, all invitees were welcomed to a dinner party at Dhour Central hotel where all danced and partied with interims of Shweir folklore sai-fo-ters dances.

 I thought that it is “better late than never”. Thinking of what’s coming in the near future and that we are becoming a “Dad” and a “Mom”; Nana and I finally had the time to scan a couple of our marriage photos and send them to family hoping to be hosted on our beloved site. As after a couple of months we plan to send photos of our expected baby God’s willing.

 Nana and I send our greetings  



----- Original Message -----
To: anwar
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 5:24 AM

-Happy Birthday to Vanessa Georges Bou-Zeid

"I celebrated my birthday on July 2. All my friends were there. First at babyschool we had a little party. I blew out my number “2” candle and cut the cake. At home my friends came to my house and we had lots of food to eat. We sat round a table on our own. There were lots of food, sweets and drinks and also I blew out my second number “2” candle on my birthday cake which looked like “Barbie” and I had lots of presents. I had a wonderful time. It was my best birthday ever! ---------Vanessa Georges Bou-Zeid


Vanessa attends Easter at Mar Elias

----- Original Message -----
From: "Silva AWAD" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2003 4:15 AM
Subject: From Silva Bou-Zeid

As usual I am sending you some pictures from Easter (Monday Easter) of my  Little Daughter Vanessa wishing to post them in Shweir website. These  pictures were taken at Dayr Mar Elias and one of them is with the Moutran Elias Najem.

 I also take the opportunity to thank you for all the great jobs you are doing for Shweir.
 Waiting for your reply,
 Take care,
 Silva Bou-Zeid


Congratulations on the Marriage of
Nancy Corban,
daughter of Elie & Toni Corban,
to Pierre Shakrallah Al-Hage on
Sunday May 11, 2003

-----Original Message-----
From: Riad Khunieser
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2003 11:04 PM
Subject: Nancy's Wedding

Ex-Miss Moughtarebeen, the beautiful elegant NANCY ELIE CORBAN got married Sunday May 11, 2003 to Pierre SHAKRALLAH AL-HAGE. The wedding took place in MAR ZAGHIA church in 3jaltoun, Kisrawan. Grand Marriage, headed by three Archbishops and many Fathers. The Marionette Archbishop Gee Njaim and the priests in Mar Zaghia church for the Bridegroom and with our Bride there was Archbishop Corban and Archbishop Najim, Orthodox, and Father Toni Nadaf, Catholic.  After the wedding everybody was invited to "Diwan Al-Romia", Qulay3at, for the wedding dinner.

"3aqbail al ayzeen", Inshallah kel Iyamkoun Farah.

On behalf the family and your extended cousins from around the world, 

we wish you and the Areese much Happiness, Love, Peace and Success. 

Congratulations and alf Mabrook


Beer Festival - July 12, 13, 2003


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 7:29 AM
Subject: Dhour Shweir Beer festival 2003

 It is the time of year again to start the preps for the Shweir festivals, so this is the avant-premiere of the new logo for the  beer
festival  in Dhour el Shweir, which would be held on the 12-13 th of July.

Best regards


Congratulations on the Marriage of  Mona Khoury to Jim Hoopfer,

Sunday March 22, 2003

Author Topic: Marraige
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Hi all
I wanted to share with you all my marraige to Jim Hoopfer on Saturday March 22.
Ma Zalat al afrah fe diarikum 3amersh.
Mona Micheal Khoury

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Habeeb M. Nacol
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Ya Mona,

Let me be the first to congratulate you and wish you all the happiness. Mabrook

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Congratulations, Alf Mabrook.
Mona, we miss you. OK, after the honeymoon, promise to send some pictures and introduce the Bridegroom to your extended family at
Wishing you much happiness.

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Mabrouk from the other side of the world.
I wish you a long happy future together.

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Congratulations Mona...It is good to hear from you and get the good news...


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Nabil E. Matar
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Mabrouk w’mabrook Ya Mannoosh, I am so happy for you. How about if you bring Jim to Shweir on the beach gathering and introduce him to some of the shweir. com family

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Rima Mattar
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Alf mabrook..hope your life is full of joy and happiness

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Nabil Matar
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Queen Rima,
Did you know that Mona's Mother is a Matar too?
I am telling you we are cooking

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Abu Jihad
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Too much "RAIN" on this bb! [Big Grin]

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Nabil E. Matar
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Abou Jihad
Got that right and the best yet to come

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Rima Mattar
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what do you expect we're matars!! [Big Grin]

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George Matar
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Mabrook ya Mona, Jim has got himself a jewel. Man I had bee so busy that for the first time in God knows how long, I did not have even the cjance of checking the web page..... I have two email boxes and both are full too...Next week isn't going to be any better either.

As much as I love talking about the Matars, rain, etc.. This Thread is Mona's. On behalf of AAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL the Family: We all are so happy for you and wish that your life with Jim be full of successes and nothing less than happiness.

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Sophie Walid Abikheir Christening

----- Original Message -----
From: "Walid Abikheir" <>
Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2002 1:04 PM

Dear family

I'm sending you some pictures from the christening of my daughter Sophie (13 october 2002)  the delivery of some books  for the library and some views we may see it from Dhour.Thanks a lot for your great job we are feeling Shweir closer ,if you can insert these pictures it will be great.  Best regards

Walid Abikheir

Congratulations to Sophie and the Walid Abikheir family on this happy occasion. Mabrook... Tahaneena...


Happy #1 Birthday to
Vanessa Georges Naim Bouzaid

Hi Anwar, I am Silva Bou-Zeid the wife of Georges Naim Bou-Zeid (The Butcherat the
SEHA).  Its been a long time I did not sent emails to you..., lots of work to do in the office, but I am receiving emails from Georges Matar and always tracking your news from the site an saw the hard works done y you guys at the MAHRAJEN.Great Job done this year to publish shweir website, Congratulations. 

You certainly do not know that we have now a lovely girl called Vanessa and we have celebrated her 1 Birthday on the 2 of July. I want to post her Birthday pictures in the site if it is possible. Please find them attached.
Thanking you in advance and will be waiting for your reply.
Silva Bou-Zeid

N.B; if you need any help in any activities for Shweir please ask.

Happy Birthday Vanessa, with best wishes from the Family. 


-----Original Message-----
From: Salim sawaya
Sent: Saturday, August 17, 2002 5:20 AM
Subject: Dhour Shweir forthcomming festivals

I have planned some new events to be held in our  village, in continuation of the plans to attract crowds to  Dhour Shweir this summer.
* On the 24 th of August I  have: "Dhour Shweir  Juicy Night" which is a dance and music night with an arabic singer, a belly dancer, some dancers and pop bands. Attached the event promotional poster.
* The next day, I have planned and prepared a play in the "Nadi Moussika El Shweir" stadium. It is the recent play  by Pierre Chamasian and his troupe.. Attached entry card.
* On the 7th of September, I will launch the "Dhour Shweir Nuit de Vin", the name is self explanatory.  The  entertainment program for this night, is yet to be decided.

Best regards



This announcement sent to us by Oula Aoun. 

Translation:  An Evening at the Old Market...
"Walk the Shweir Old Souk, between Al Saydeh and Ain" 

An Artistic evening that includes presentation of
Painting, sculptures, carvings and Photographs.


Chadi Aoun Graduation in Australia

----- Original Message -----
From: "Chadi Aoun" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, July 28, 2002 8:41 AM
Subject: Graduation

Hi Guys,

Thank you for bringing the Shweirieh together and keeping us updated on what's happening in our great village. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do to help.

Attached please find some of my graduation photos. I completed a Master of  Commerce degree in Information Systems and Management at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia, where I currently reside. UNSW is the leading university in Australia and among the top 10 universities in Asia & Oceania combined The Graduation Ceremony was held on the 3rd of May, and I graduated with Honors.

Best Regards form Aussie Land.


Nadine Abdel Ahad marries Ghassan Hasbani
+ Happy Birthday Hanadi

P8210201.JPG (47198 bytes) Here is some Happy news for all of the Shweirieh, just received this information, a little late but none just as happy to announce it as if it is not.

P8210199.JPG (29339 bytes)Please join me in congratulating the Adel and Elham Abdel Ahad on the recent wedding of their beautiful Daughter Nadine who got married on July 27th to Ghassan Hasbani. The Happy couple are celebrating their honeymoon in Venice. I do not have a picture of the wedding, hopefully we will receive some but I am attaching a picture of the whole Family , and Nadine if my memory serves me right, is the second lady on the right in white short sleeve shirt. 

Alf Mabrook ya Nadine & Ghassan, and may your joint life be filled with Joy and Happiness, and be successful in all that you do.

Also on July 14th Our own active member Hanadi celebrated her 17th birthday, HAPPYP8210200.JPG (26523 bytes) SEVENTEEN YA AMAR. (see attached picture) Hanadi has been so busy the past five months studying for tests, exams, homework, as well as preparations for the SAT. We all know how hard it is, you all remember "al Mourajaat" oh lord those were tough days. I wish Ya Hanadi you told us about the SAT exam earlier, I would have sent you some recommended books with Nabil. The SAT is one of the toughest exams I had to take, it isn't easy. Best of luck on it This is the latest Happy news

from you Mukhtar Bil Mahjar

Aamo George   


For the first time in many decades, a loving Shweiry is ordained priest in Shweir...

to priesthood
Elie Jack Shaya Khenaisser


Congratulations to Lilian (Rustom) & Issa Faiq Khoury on the birth of their son Frank Issa Khoury. 

Mother and baby are doing fine.  Baby Frank was born on June 10, 2002.  He wieghed 8 lbs., 3 oz. he was 21.25" long.

Congratulations Lilian & Issa, wishing you and the family much health and happiness.  From Family.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Walid Abikheir" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, June 09, 2002 1:37 PM
Subject: Birth

 I am proud to annouce you the birth of my 3rd girl  SOPHIE ,my fourth child after MARION,CLAIRE and  Nicolas.Mother Catherine and the baby are doing  well.Our angel falled down the 6 of june 2002 at  23h46.Photos coming later.God bless all families . 
                                          Walid Abi kheir

Congratulations Walid & Catherine, wishing you and the family much health and happiness.  From Family.

March 2002 

Mothers' Day Dinner sponsored by SSSR on March 16, 2002

Thank you Riad Khnaisser for sending the information above. 


November 2001

Announcing the arrival of Cian Thomas Dahdouh 

Helena, Stephen and I are pleased to announce the arrival of baby Cian
Thomas Dahdouh (pronounced "Keyen").  Cian arrived to our world this
afternoon, 15 November 2001, at 3:45pm GMT in Dublin, Ireland.  
Both Helena and Baby are doing well. 

Sami Dahdouh 


September 2001

Farid Sabbagh and R. Rahbany Saggagh Wed 1.JPG (23136 bytes)

Click on their photo 

to go to Shweir News Web page 

and see more photos of the wedding.

Congratulations to the Areese and Aroose




Fadi & Patsy Dahdouh announce the arrival of New baby boy Jasper Eblane Dahdouh

----- Original Message -----

From: Fadi Dahdouh
Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2001 3:15 AM
Marhabtein, I'm the proud father of our new baby boy Jasper Eblane Dahdouh who was born in Stroud Maternity Hospital on Mon. 15th of Oct. 2001 @ 07:55 GMT weighting 3.95 kilogram.Both Patsy and Jasper are doing well. The Christening of baby Jasper is planned tentatively in El-Seydeh Choueir time TBC. I've attached a photo of myself holding baby Jasper Eblane hour after his birth also a photo of my wife Patsy 1 day before the birth. In time I shall send a photo of family Dahdouh from England.
Note: Jasper middle name is Eblane after my Dad's although it's spelled differently it was chosen this way to maintain the integrity of pronunciation.
See you soon, Allah yehfazkon, Fadi.
Dahdouh - Jasper Eblane Fadi.JPG (19150 bytes) Dahdouh Patsy inpink &Catherine.JPG (23667 bytes) Dahdouh Family in England Dahdouh -Fraser w-Faith.JPG (33138 bytes) Dahdouh -Fraser blowing candles.JPG (41881 bytes)

Marhaba, Pictures from Fraser's Birthday party where we all had a great time and wish you all were here. Although Fraser's birthday was on the 10th of October the party was held on the 14th of October in Bumpers Backyard, Stratford Park Leisure Centre, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England. Hopefully the 5th birthday party will be in Choueir Birj El-Dahdouh with Teta (Em Camill) and Judoh (Abou Camill) his uncle Camill with aunty Sanah and cousins Maher and Melissa uncle Elie with aunty Diana and cousins Sandy and Celine and uncle walid and of course all relatives and friends. Fraser misses you heaps, and hope to see you very soon.
Allah maakon 


July 2001

Mapars Visit Morocco, Portugal & Spain 


Victoria (Moujaes) and Kevin Mapar flew from California to South Europe, visited Spain and Portugal and took a boat across the straights of Gibraltar to Morocco in North Africa... Click on photo to see more > >   >      >:    


May 2001

Excerpt from an email from George Matar sent on May 25, 2001

Just a couple of official news before my Mind Really goes on Vacation.  

* Congratulations to Ghassan And Seizame Zghaib (Montreal Canada) on the birth of their daughter Caroline

* Congratulation to Khalid Walid Khairallah (Montreal Canada) on the announcement of his upcoming wedding in September

* Congratulation to all the Shweirieh graduating seniors from high schools and Universities across the Globe.

* Wishing a quick and full recovery from Minor surgery for My Mom Victoria Matar (Port Arthur Texas). She's Doing really good now

* Wishing a quick and full recovery from surgery for Makaram Matar (Florida). He's doing really good too

CANADA  -  Congratulations Ghassan & Sizame Zghaib on Birth ofZghaib Caroline G & Girls.JPG (42822 bytes)

 their daughter Caroline Click on photo to see photos and read more details   >>> 

Mother's Day 
& Shweir on the Beach 2001 Update

Copy of an email sent by George Matar on May 10, 2001


This has been a very busy week for me, it was good but would not be complete without wishing all of our Shweirieh Mothers A very Happy Mothers Day.   For the rest of you, don't forget to call your mom and tell her how much you love her, Is there a sweeter sound than "Mamma"? You know there isn't.  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

In exactly 17 days, The beach in Gilchrist Texas is going to be rocking with all the Shweirieh and friends, you still have time to join us....Specially You Sam Arnaout....And George Sarkis, I haven't heard from you either, you  know I'll be waiting for both of your families.

We are adopting the song "Nihna wil Amar Jiran" as the theme songs for the picnic, if Any of you have the words ,lyrics, PLEASE send them to me ASAP. We are learning the song on guitars, the music sound good, you are going to Love it.

17 Days, you still have time to either come.......Don't miss it 
17 Days, if you are coming from out of town and have NOT send me flight and lodging information I guess I can assume you have taken care of it. If not Let me know next week.

17 Days, the lunch is NOT going to be "Samak Luaozz" but something tastier.  
In 17 Days, Music, sports, Tawleh, Swimming, and Games Games Games... 

If you can't make Dhour Shweir this year, don't miss Shweir on the Beach 2001

Your Mukhtar Bil Mahjar

George Matar


Wedding Bells in the Air

Marhaba Moukhtar & all the family of Nijad Wed Announc.jpg (26116 bytes)

I have the Honor to announce my wedding date through & I think it will be the first invitation to all of u because no one knows about it till now I wana get married on 22nd of July in Deir Mar Elias , you can find attached our invitation card now & I will send more photos about this occasion. thanks a lot & I hope we can meet together in such occasions .

best regards

Nijad Chalhoub

Congratulations to Nijad and Ranya, Wa AAbaale Al Ezzaabee 

We hope to meet you and the Arouse some time in August

Don't forget to send pictures...

Graduations & Happy Mothers Day, May 13 in USA

Natalie Baaklini (Texas)  Natalie Baaklini Grad.JPG (14579 bytes)

Suheil and Joy Baaklini of Austin Texas proudly announce the graduation of their daughter Natalie from Westwood High School, Round Rock Independent School District,  in Austin on May 25th 2001. Natalie will be attending the Community College in Austin for the first year before heading out to SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Georgia. The family will have a get together with friends to celebrate the occasion. If time permits and the circumstances are right we will celebrate with the Shweir Family on the Beach as well.

 Michael Matar (Texas)GM Mike Grad.JPG (29042 bytes)

Janice & George Matar of Houston Texas proudly announce the graduation of their son Michael George Matar from Clear Lake High School on May 19th, 2001.  Michael has decided to attend the University of Texas in Austin for his undergraduate studies.  He is debating pre-med vs. computer science as a major.  It is quite comforting to the family knowing that Leila is living in Austin and will keep a guarding eye on her little brother.  

The family is planning to have a big celebration with family and friends co jointly with the Shweir on the Beach picnic.  Please join us.

April 2001

 George El Khouri (Brazil)





Copy of an email sent by George Matar on April 25, 2001

Marhaba Ya Shweirieh

This is the right time of the year to announce the graduation, wedding, Births, of our young ones or the upcoming special Anniversaries of our parents, even ours.  I was honored when you shared with me the loss of a loved one, let me be honored and share with me and all our Shweirieh relatives and friends your happier occasions. is your best means to instantaneously reach them across the globe, and have a place where you can go back and review past memories and picture through the archives.

I know that Texas will have at least three announcement of our high school graduates for the Year 2001, also other announcement like yours truly 25th Anniversary.  Here is a sample of a graduation Announcement, of course you can create your own.

Michael Matar

Janice & George Matar of Houston Texas proudly announce the graduation of their son Michael George Matar from Clear Lake High School on May 19th, 2001. Michael has decided to attend the University of Texas in Austin for his undergraduate studies. He is debating pre-med vs. computer science as a major. It is quite comforting to the family knowing that Leila is living in Austin and will keep a guarding eye on her little brother.  The family is planning to have a big celebration with family and friends co jointly with the Shweir on the Beach picnic. Please join us. Now I know there are many other young Shweirieh across this planet that are graduating, high schools or colleges. 

I even know of a whole class full of Shweirieh that will be graduating this summer......Hint, a big hint for Miss Sawaya, Miss Moujaes and Miss Khalifeh . Wouldn't be a terrific Idea to take a picture of the graduating class of Shweir High and Shweir Primary School and display it on the web page with everybody identified and their future plans????  That really will make a lot of People Happy.

You got the Idea, now to do something about it,  send info and  pictures to our Webmaster  Anwar, his email is  or you can send it to me <> and I'll forward it to Anwar. Hurry so we can have one MEGA announcement.

Let me take this occasion to remind you all that this year Mother's Day is May 13th (in the USA).  Don't forget to do something special for that very special person in your life.

Your Mukhtar Bil Mahjar

George Matar

Happy Easter  - 2001
Almaseeh kaam, Hakkan Kaam 

Boy, we used to look forward to the Thursday before Good Friday. So, what was so Special about it? If you remember:

* This is the day that your accumulated sins over one full year will be forgiven 
* This is the day that you have no breakfast, nothing to drink and you leave to school with a couple of "Korbans" in your school bag to eat after you had your communion.  
* This is the day that you have your belly full of the tastiest Holy Bread "Korban" with or without your favorite home made jam, teen, dibis, or what ever your heart desire 
* This is the day that you could not tell a lie, otherwise the Holy small piece of Korban soaked in wine would burn your tongue. 
* This is the day of the Holy Last Supper. 
* This is the day we all gather to go to Saydeh or Mar Boutros for the night "Qudas" where 12 Injeels (Bibles) will be read 
* This is the day that Shweirieh all over Lebanon are preparing to Head home for the Friday night Sermon. It is in many ways a "Village reunion"  
* This is the day before Good Friday, or as we refer to it as "Jimaa Al Hazeeneh" (Sad Friday), or "Jimaa al Aazeemeh" (Great Friday). Friday night sermon is the most celebrated and by far the prettiest and most melodic and harmonic hymns are recited. "Jinaz al Massieh" is, arguably, the best sermon in the Christian religion 
* This is the day that Mughtaribeen like myself realize that another year is passing by and we will be celebrating the Jinaz away from  where we should be. We will not be involved in decorating the Church or Dier Mar Elias for the occasion is not to be.

Few Hours from now we will have our ears pointed towards Dhour Shweir in hopes of hearing the echoes of the Qudas from our Churches.  Ya Shweirieh remember us in your prayers this week. You know you will be in ours. Happy Easter to you and your Families 

Your Mukhtar bil Mahjar 
George Matar  

Ya Mukhtarana wa Akhouna Bil Mairoun George,

There is a new title we need to bestow on you this week...  The way you write about things and ignite our inner solus is special a gift...  Yes we all should be celebrating those important feasts in Shweir, not only in our minds but physically.

Oh boy, what a treat it is for me, to receive and read your emails... You reach every generation with similar warm fuzzy feeling about Shweir... While, the title Mukhtar is ok, I feel in my bones we need to carve a special name for you which describes you best.

Therefore I open with this email the opportunity to carve out a title... While I satisfy my self in praying for all Shweirieh, wherever they are, that the Lord appoints a Guardian Angel to protect their Souls and bodies, that they prosper in all they do and that when it's God's time they will meet with others in Shweir.

For our beloved Lebanon, and all those suffering in our Nation, that they find piece and God's love.  For us in Howick we will have the Midnight service on Saturday, there are few of us from Shweir but we celebrate with others from Jordan and Iraq. You will all be in our prayers...

Fr Dcn George, Ihsan Bou Sader 

Dear Brother George, and all my beloved Shweirieh,

George, you have a wonderful way of bringing out old memories and feelings that have been dormant for several years. I thank you for that. As a child, I loved Easter time specially when the two Easters did not fall on the same date as is the case this year. For one thing, we the students felt that we were robbed out of an extra vacation week. Another thing was celebrating twice be it at the Saidy, Mar Elias, Mar Butros or Ma Youhanna. As an adult, Easter has become much more spiritual for me. Maybe God brought me to Texas where essentially there is no Madayeh at our Saide, no Sitars at Mar Butros, and particularly No Ba3oots at Mar Elias with those wonderful picnics at the Sarfad.

Well, the second best thing for me is Easter at Mar M'Khail of Beaumont, Texas. Tonight we will be having Good Friday services. I will be there, but the heart will be at the Saideh, and just maybe, if I concentrate enough I may hear the strong voice of Abuna Gerious allah yerhamo.  May the blessings of our Crucified Savior be with all of us, and may we continue to abide by His commandment that we love one another as He loves us.  I will be praying also that His peace be upon our beloved dai3a and all its people there and abroad, and may Shweir and all Shweirieh be renewed again in His Resurrection. I know that this is a bit premature, but my family and I wish you and all your families a blessed and happy Easter. 

Al Maseeh Kam,


(better known as the Mukhtar's older brother)

Easter Grtngs & thanks 70%.JPG (130469 bytes)This lovely Arabic Easter greeting is from Rosalie Sawaya, 

<   <      <        <          click on thumbnail to enlarge...  

Rosalie, that is a very beautiful Shweiry greeting, 

It sure helps us remember our Arabic. 

The following is from Amal Zad & Hadi Jabbour:

Dear all from Shweir

we came to say to all Shweirieh happy Easter in our words we know that God will help us all in any time we need him just we have to ask


with all our love to all 

Amal Zad & Hadi Jabbour 





The following is Tannous Ghosn's email address: 

A copy of an email fro Ghassan Zghaib: 

You getting this email means that I'm #%^&* working.  
I should be in Dair Mar Elias 'Kasseb = Egg Fight ???'  with the eggs I spent the whole previous week preparing (I'm not saying that I have a fake egg).  And at noon, I should be piknik-ing with the gang eating the eggs that I won and eating my Tomato soaked in Arak; Instead I will be micro-waving my borring lunch at work. I could go on and on but I'm sure you're already discouraged.

Happy Easter everybody. 
Al-Massih Kaam.

March 2001

Ms. Mary Sawaya Retiring?

Not so fast... Here is a response from Ms. Mary Sawaya  

Internet courtesy of Bachar Sawaya sent on April 2, 2001

Hello,  first of all I would like to say that I am still the principal and will stay the principal till July 1, 2001. 

Second, I am ready for helping you at any time after my retirement and I am in contact with Habib Moujaes in all the projects you are carrying out and I will send you a report next week about the computers and about the school.  


Mary Sawaya


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Matar, George" <>
Sent: 20 March, 2001 04:23 
Subject: Miss Mary Sawaya Retirement

I just heard a rumor that I would like to share with you. It seems that Miss Mary Sawaya has retired from her position as the Shweir High School Principal. Miss Sabah Moujaes is currently acting as the new school principal.

Miss Sawaya put a heavy effort and personal sacrifices to keep our village's most important institution operating through the past and most difficult and hazardous quarter century in our modern history. It is a debt the Village could never repay.

More recently, Miss Sawaya played a major role in bringing the computers to the School. I guess if you need to retire might as well do it with BANG, and she did.  (see "Computers to Shweir High School" on the Shweir News web page).

Couple of years ago Miss Sawaya was awarded a "Life Time Achievement Award" presented to her by Mr. Nabil Matar during Eid Al Mughtaribeen Festival. A very well deserved and over due honor.

Please join me in saluting and wishing Miss Mary Sawaya a happy retirement, hoping she will spend it in good health.

And to Miss Sabah Moujaes we wish her the best at her new position and affirming our continuous corroboration and support for our Shweir Educational Institutes.

Thank you Miss Sawaya and Welcome Miss Moujaes

On Behalf of the Family

Your Mukhtar Bil Mahjar

George Matar


Ya Mukhtar and God Brother,

You said it all, and I agree with all what you said...  Although I have been away during all this time, our people have always weighed heavily on my daily concern of their safety etc... However God always segregate a good worker to take the load.

In this case the poem that starts "Qoum lil Muaalimi wa addeh tabgila, Kad al Muaalimi an yakuna Rasoula..." applies.

From New Zealand, with thanks for past contribution to Shweir we wish Miss Sawaya the best for the future, and for Miss Moujaes we wish her God's blessings to do the job. The job that both of them share... shaping the future of Shweir.

The Servant of Jesus Christ, in His Loving Grace, 
Fr Dcn George, IHJ (Sam) Bosauder 
Bosauder Computer Consulting 
PO Box 38 289 Howick New Zealand 
Telephone 64 (9) 5341 586 
Mobile 64 (25) 820 531 
Facsimile 64 (9) 5357 587 
Web Site  


Mother's Day Luncheon at Dhour el Choueir Hotel on March 20, 2001

Good Morning to all of you.  We just received this invitation today from the Jam3ieh for their annual Mother's Day Luncheon March 20th 2001. It will be posted on the web page but because of the short notice I am sending it to you via email. I happen to know that some of you are going to Dhour this week and the next. So Enjoy!!!

As for the rest of you, if you happen to be in Dhour on that day join the Jam3ieh. I can't think of a better time to spend a Tuesday afternoon. The food is going to be great, of coarse, but, better than that you will get to see first hand what this organization is doing to the benefit of the town's people. What I like best is that you will not be able to resist running back to your key board and write us AAALLLLL about it.

George Matar

To Make reservations:  Email: <>  
Phone: 04-390262 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon M-F   04-391168, or 03-672257 weekdays after 2:00PM Talk to Mary or Nisserine

(Excerpts from an email [modified] sent by Nissrine on behalf of Mary Moujaes on March 5, 2001)

Hello to all people of Shweir, 

I am Mary Moujaes from the Women Relief  Society of Shweir.  I would like to inform you that we are having a lunch party for (Mothers Day ) on the 20th of March in hotel Dhour Shweir. We hope it will be a great opportunity for the ladies in Shweir to meet together. We hope we will be able from the income of this party to help some families on Easter since it is close. Also we will try to help some students in their school fees because the economic situation is very bad & many families are experiencing very hard time. 

We are very thankful to Shabab el Shweir for their help to the ( JAm3ieh ) the last two years.  In the year 2000 we were able to spend 7,000,000 L.L. cash money on helping those who are in need. We also help a lot through the ( Medical Center ). Many sick people are treated & medicated for free. We wish we are able to do more & treat all the sick people for free but we can't because we have to pay for the doctors & to buy the medicine.   . . . 

Mary Moujaes. 

We hope you can attend this great event and support its worthy cause.  

February 2001

February 14 is Valentine's day, it is the day we let our loved ones know how much we do love them, traditionally we send cards, buy chocolate, send flowers, etc..  Well here we are, like the webmaster say, in cyberspace scattered all across the Globe and in a way out of actual touch. So lets do something different.

I'll send you a hug and you pass it along to your loved ones that are close to you and those that are out of reach you can pass this hug to them via email, So here goes:  

From Me Here's a hug

<========================THIS BIG=========================>

Happy Valentine's day Ya'll  -  Don't forget to hug your Children, your Parents and your 2nd Half. Do let them know how wonderful your life is because of them.

Al Mukhtar

January 2001

Austin, Texas to Washington D.C. 


Washington-- Miss Natalie Baaklini of Austin has been selected to attend The National Young Leaders Conference (NYLC) from March 13 to March 18, 2001 in Washington, D.C. The NYLC is a unique leadership development program for high school students who have demonstrated leadership potential and scholastic merit. Baaklini will be among 350 outstanding National Scholars from around the country to attend the conference.

The theme of the NYLC is The Leaders of Tomorrow Meeting the Leaders of Today. Throughout the six-day conference, Baaklini will interact with key leaders and newsmakers from three branches of government, the media and the diplomatic  corps.

Webmaster's Note:  
Congratulations Natalie, we are very proud of your achievements.  Please keep us posted.  While you are at the conference, send us a report to the Shweir Bulletin Board.  How about a picture, individually and/or with the family?

Baaklini Family members were on the Titanic 

Excerpts of emails from and to Al Mukhtaar:  

To Baaklini Family members:  
Hey Guys, this is what Leila has sent. Apparently, there is a book coming up, and your Family is going to be in it! 

-----Original Message----- 
From: <> [
Sent: Monday, January 15, 2001 12:29 PM  
To: <
Subject: Re: Baaklini Family Connection

Dear Mr. Matar: 
Thank you so much for your help - hopefully the Baaklini family members who boarded the Titanic will have their full coverage in this upcoming book. I thank you again and all the anticipated assistance from the family.  Regards,  
Leila Salloum Elias


To find out more about the Baaklini family related to the Titanic Survivors, check out the "Did you know...?" web page.

Shweir on the Beach 2001
The Shweirieh in Texas Welcome you 
"With Arms Wide Open" to our annual Shweir Reunion

Yalla, get yourself ready for our 4th Annual "Shweir on the Beach" Picnic.  This year it will take place on Sunday the 27th day of May. For those of you in the US, it is the Memorial Day weekend. This day was selected to help you plan time to travel to / from Texas. This is a pretty STRONG 4 ½ months Early Notice. You probably will receive about three more notices before the big event. Early RSVPs are strongly encouraged because it will help us plan your enjoyment better. I'll be glad to receive your RSVP, do let me know the # of people coming with you.

Here are some Ideas we are toying with for this year, your input is more than welcomed.

The Pre picnic (if we have enough People) 
Saturday : Gulf of Mexico Golf Tournament, bring your clubs 
Saturday Afternoon: Field Setup and preparations (Volunteers) 
Saturday Evening: Possible dinner and Dance "Place to be announced, 
possibly Alice's Restaurant"

The Picnic 
Sunday Early Morning: Preparations at the Moujaes Cabin 
Sunday 9:00 AM till: SHWEIR ON THE BEACH 2001, schedule of events/games to be announced.  
We are planning a Talent Show for Who ever got the Guts. We are hoping that Judy Bou Kheir will be the coordinator.

Monday: Clean up and late farewells 
Last year we had people representing the following States: California, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, and of coarse Texas. (Click here for full story and see photos)   
This year, we are hoping to add several other states and possibly some new Countries Like Canada and England and perhaps some surprises from other continents.

Waiting for your RSVP......You really do not have a good excuse not to come, so, do this now and before you forget:

1. Mark up your Calendar 
2. Click here to send an email to George Matar
3. Write: George my family and I are coming (Total of x people) 
4. Sign your name, add a tel # if you wish 
5. Push "Send" button  

EeeeeeeeeeZZeeeeee. Isn't it

O did I forget to mention that the PICNIC IS FREEEEEEEEEEE.

Your Mukhtar Bil Mahjar

George Matar

Excerpt from behind the scenes e-mails:

Elias Wrote


I am browsing through your suggested program for the TEXAS get together.  KHAYEH GIRGI, min amteh nehna b'al SHWEIR mnelaab golf???!!! we play volleyball, tennis, football bidar alkenisset, we tarnneeb, likha, poker, we eat MOUJADERAH ma bassel, FASSOULIAH beriz, teenmatboukh makhobez  marqook,,,,,,,, BES hida algolf ya Girgi, I have not heard of in SHWEIR.

> GREAT ideas you have , golf will do , tennis will do {IWILL BRING MY > RACKETIF ANY BODY IS A TENNIS PLAYER}, .OTHER wise I will be the golf > balls collecter {SO WATCH YOUR BALLS YA CHEBAB, BOSH MAA ELIAS MAFI}.   HOPE all goes well and I will make it to see you all .KEEP the effort going and GOD BLESS.



From: Matar, George [
 Sent: Friday, January 26, 2001 8:50 AM 
To: 'Mattar Elias'; 'Matar Nabil work'; Baaklini, Suheil; 'Bou kheir, Elie & Judy'; 'Kenicer Anwar'; 'Moujaes Alfred' 
Subject: You Caught me

Ya Laloos

L'aqutnee ya Zalameh, shu badi ool. On tennis we have some real terrific players in Suheil, and Elie, both of them play much better than "Karim Fawaz" even at their age (50+) they play tournaments across the States.  SO Bring your Paddle with you they'll take you on. The challenge is to find a tennis court on the island. No matter we'll do something.  In regards to Golf that wicked game, We are by no means good players, I go so I can smoke a cigar with Alfred and shoot the Bull. Man This is going to be a RIOT on the Golf Coarse that day. Out of the way People The Shweirieh Gang will be playing Golf!!!!! OOOOOO.    Wehayat hal Ayoun Ya Elias, bana naamil MOUJADARAH maa Basal miqlee wo basal naye, she sahn FOOL wo nicqood aal Bahr wo Nakool ta ninfaj..... Shu Raqyak?

So glad to hear you're coming to our picnic this year. Ya Ibn al Aam,  You do know that I will GLAMORIZE you coming to drag more people to show up, so do pardon me, but I guess I am entitled.  

Nabil Hayee Halak Balish Nadif al Aadsat, wo Ya Suheil wo Elie Balshu Tmarnoo, Elias Jayeh.  

George Matar


Ya  Elias, bring some white English tennis balls with you, what we have here are some what deflated.... I do not know where every one was in Shweir when we used to watch Girji and Alfred play golf at the Shweir Country Club bi el saha, we learned a lot and migrated the sport with them to Texas in the early 70's. Right George????   Ahlan Bi Elias you will make our picnic Noor. Mr. Bou Kheir get ready man bring your court with you when you come.

Suheil Baaklini

November 2000 

Aukland, New Zealand    

Congratulations to Ihsan Bou Sauder on his Ordination as Father Deacon this past summer.  Click on photo to read all about it. 


San Francisco, California, USA. 

The Lebanese American Association will hold its 11th Annual Banquet "Hafli" at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame.  Cocktails 6:00 p.m.,  Dabke: 7:45 p.m.,  Dinner and Guest speaker Dr. Phillip Salem at 8:00 p.m. Hafli: 10:00 p.m.  Tickets $70 (members of LAA $60) - - I just talked to the founder of LAA, Fouad Malouf, they expect about 500 people to attend. 

October 2000  

Matars - - Texas, USA

Leila Grad-n.JPG (16052 bytes)Janice & George Matar proudly announce the graduation of their daughter Leila JaneMatars Grad-n.JPG (14125 bytes) Matar from the University of Texas on December 8th , 2000. Leila majored in the school of Communication and will receive a BS in Radio Television & Film.

She is pictured with her younger brother, Michael, who will be graduating from Clear Lake High School next May.  Both Children make their parents very proud. The family is planning a trip to Dhour Shweir, Next summer Inshallah.

Sami Andre Khonaysser (ibn George & Antoinette Shaya Khnaisser)  with wife Pia and son Nicolas (2 years old) and Elias ibn Najib Shaya Khnaisser visit Shweir.       

Alfred Moujaes visits San Francisco ... click small photo to see more >>>    

We have a copy of a brochure on the New "Dhour Choueir Hotel"  

Click photo to see more on eCommerce web page >  >  >  >  >  >


September 2000  

Rumors -- Rumors: heard through the grapevines that  Nijad Chalhoub got engaged to Rania Shartouni.  Sorry ladies, cross Nijad's name off the "Available" list.
OK Nijad, tell us some details... like when is the big day ... Wedding bells...
We trust that the photo of the beautiful lady next to you is Rania. If not, we are in BIG trouble.  Nijad, would you like to put the rumors to rest???

The Matars visit San Francisco: 
 Our honorary al Mukhtaar, George Matar, and his wife Janice came to San Francisco for a long weekend on an important mission:  to hold a summit meeting with webmaster, attend a great Lebanese concert on September 23, (see Lebanese Concert: Mayada below), visit with neice Ghada Mapar, visit and meet many Shweirieh in Northern California, and do some exploration.  Click on photo to see more  > > > 

Lebanese Concert:  Mayada comes to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco on September 23, 2000.  
To all Shweirieh and Lebanese in Northern California, this is a great event and a very worthwhile cause.  Make every effort to attend.  
Support University and Dayr al Balamand and Bishop Phillip Saliba's objectives. 
In case print is not clear:  tickets are $50 - Call 650-259-0892 

August 2000

Ramzi Eid Moujaes & Carol on August 3, 2000
Here are the photos of the marriage of Ramzi Eid Moujaes from shweir and his wife Carol. The ceremony took place in Shweir Saideh church on a Sunday afternoon on Augut 3rd.  

Click on photo to see more on Shweir News web page

July 2000   

* facilitates connecting Shweirieh 
*  Moujaes - Mapar - Kenicer - Sawaya:  San Jose, California   USA 
Victoria Ghada Salim Moujaes Mapar
(see Memories - "Childhood Memories from a different generation... "  hosted on July 30th a wonderful luncheon attended by Laila bint Adeeb Touma Sawaya, Laila's son Fadi and his girlfriend Anna and Antoinette Khnaisser and Anwar KenicerFor more info and photos, click here...  

*  Eid Khneisser   Shweir:  
Omar and Rabeh, sons of Riad and Lulu Eid Khneisser, (see Memories, Graduating Class of 1962) passed their respective government scholastic exams.  Omar earned the Bachalorea degree and he will be attending the AUB, and Rabeh passed the privet degree (spelling??) this is equivalent to finishing Junior High.  
Congratulations to Omar and Rabeh and to the proud parents: Riad and Lulu Eid Khneisser.

*  Bou-Saab - Naameh      Chicago:  
Henry son of Fouad and Wajiha Bou-Saab got married on July 22, 2000 to Rita Naameh
from Sin El Feel.  
They will honeymoon in Chicago and  will go back on August First to live in Shweir. 
Congratulations Henry and Rita -- --  
Click on photo to see more   >     >     >       >

Touma Sawaya -- Touma Sawaya:  California:                 
James ibn Joseph Adib Touma Sawaya 
got married to his second cousin  Chantal bint Elias Phillipe Touma Sawaya on May 6, 2000 in San Jose California. 
Congratulations James and Chantal.   Click on photo to see more  >   >   > 

* Roustom - Khoury:  California:      KR_Bride__Groom__Orchestra.JPG (71892 bytes)
Lillian, daughter of George and Georgette Roustom and sister to Salim Roustom and Hana (Archbold,
of Redwood City), married Issa Khoury in San Francisco on March 19, 2000    Click on photo at right to see more >>>>
Congratulations Issa and Lillian  

June 2000 - - -  All Announcements from Texas. 
(readers may wonder... are there Shweirieh outside of Texas?)  Let us hear from you.

* Baaklini    Congraulations to Samieh & Dolly Baaklini on the birth of their beautiful daughter Eliane who was born in May 11, 2000. (Dolly is going to send us a picture).  

* Matar    Congraulations to Nadia Matar, daughter of Nabil & Wadad Matar, on her graduating from University of Texas Medical branch in Galveston.  She earned her B.S. degree in Health Care Management. 

* Moujaes    Congraulation to Alfred & Maria Moujaes on their 25th wedding Anniversary last December. Keep on trucking  

Nacol     Congraulation to Habib & Kathy Nacol on their 25th wedding Anniversary last May.  Ya Bro  

Matar     Congraulation to Najib Matar on his recent retirement.  Najib and Amal are contemplating the idea of enjoying retirement in Dhour, at least this summer.  

Merhej     Congraulation to Suzanne Merhej on her graduation from high school this past June.  She will be going to University of Washington in Seattle this fall.  Suzanne will be spending one month this summer in Dhour El Shweir.  Way to go Suzanne.  How about sending us an electronic postcard from there and tell us about your experiences.  We can feature it on the web and possibly inspire other young Shweirieh to visit?  

*   Matar     Rania, daughter of May & Michael Matar, had a baby boy named Joey.  He was born in June of 2000.

Nacol-Matar    Congratulations to Emily Nacol on receiving her Masters of  Philosophy from Cambridge in England. Her degree is in Intellectual History. Emily will be living in Boston this fall while she prepares to enter a PhD program. She and her brother David, a student at Northwestern University outside Chicago.   David is interning in the United States Congress this summer.  Emily and David are the pride and joy of their parents Habib (Matar) & Cathy (Vazquez) Nacol, who now reside in Beaumont, Texas.  As George Matar stated "I am very proud of both my niece and nephew".

May 2000

Shweirieh visit Al Janoob Day after liberation photos & captions courtesy of George Matar

Tariq Al Nasr
Janoub Tariq al Nasr.JPG (41586 bytes)
Salemeh & Soulima
Moujaes Housheimeh
Janoub Nabil Matar.JPG (47519 bytes)
Nabil Matar at
Free Janoob
Janoub.JPG (31667 bytes)
Janoob -
Beautiful Land
Janoub Litani River.JPG (78723 bytes)
Litani River