Dhour Shweir Beer Festival 2003

Biggest crowd since Shweir Heydays!

Cheers to Salim and Rania Sawaya and all who helped



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Dhour Shweir Beer Festival for 2003

Featuring: Haifa Wehbe, Joe Achkar, and George Harik ….

When night falls and the street lights of Dhour Shweir come to life, the stage centered at the middle of the Seha shines expressing the exciting mood of the performers and the presenters.
Decorating the streets and raising the spirits up high are the huge posters and lights of restaurants giving rebirth to a new night to look forward to.
“Welcome to the Dhour Shweir Beer Festival of 2003” the crowd goes willlllld! The people there can’t be counted as the buzz of laughter, excitement, and happiness surround every single soul found standing on the ground of the Seha.
Of course no performance starts without a presenter, which is Grace Raes presenter from a local TV channel,New TV.
“Shou byimna3 shoufak 3ala toul? “ (What stops me from seeing you always?) Sang the singer Joe Achkar as a start to his lively performance. This man has the potential to make a crowd go loud whether it’s the sound of the music that has the vibes of an electric guitar or the hyperactivity compressed in his body. He performed a few more Arabic songs including the type “Arabic rap” and ended his performance with his latest song “Maza qalou?” (What did they say?) And then disappeared into the crazy night.
An amazing performance from the comedian George Harik which caused people to giggle and laugh. He acted like other Lebanese artists lighting the mood of people. While a band played people started to become anxious because the star of the night was about to arrive. As she walked down the baladiehs stairs fireworks started exploding into the dark night causing the level of hyperactivity to rise! The crowd became loud and willllld! Haifa had arrived! The star of the night had shone when she sang, “Agoul ahwak, titkaber, Agoul ansak, tiradiny!” (I say I love you, you become proud I say I’ll forget you, you start to apologize!) Everyone started to sing along. Dancers surrounded her causing the level of action to rise including some of her own moves. She sang a few songs including a slow song called “wahdy” (all alone) by the end of the evening as Haifa left and everyone started to depart. I could say that everyone left satisfied and this would be an evening planted in their memory to be remembered….

Written by: Lama Katoul

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Lama, thank you for a fantastic report.
I am very proud of you. You not only follow through on your promises, but give exceptional results.

Yes, the Beer Fest was a great success, thanks to the hard work by Salim and his beautiful wife Rania Sawaya and all who helped.

Yes, they distributed about 7000 flyers all over Lebanon. They had one of the largest gathering in Shweir since its heyday. It was estimated that the cround was up to 10,000 people.

Lama, we look forwad to your assitance and participation in other programs such as the Miss Teenager and Shweir.com night .


George Matar
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I don't know which one pleased me more, the fact that Shweir had a successful evening, or hearing again from our reporter on the spot "Lamloum Katoul. Thank you so much ya habouba, your report was right on the dot, You have summarized the festival perfectly, I could hear the music and see the moves of Haifa as I was reading it. So proud of you. Anwar, make sure our young reporter is joining us for our Sahra.
A little over 12 days to get there.

Salim Sawaya

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Dear Lama,

I trully thank you for your fantastic report in which I only find one small
gap, you didn't mention the "shweirieh Rock band" which performed at the
start of the event before Joe Achkar started. They were fantastic.
Anyway, you discribed this lovely and big event so well.

Believe me Lama when I say that this one-night Dhour Shweir Beer Festival
2003 took months of preparations day and night. I planed and I worked so hard
to make it a successful night that can be always remembered. It was a real
challenge from my part to the others who don't believe in Dhour SHWEIR
anymore as an attration place. The Beer festival was a winning passport that
attracted more than 10 thousands people from all over Lebanon despite the bad
roads we have on the entrance of Dhour.

I thank you Lama and all the crowd who still believe in Dhour Shweir as the
most beautiful village of all times.
By God will I still have so many plans for Dhour Shweir yet to be done.
I also invite you and everybody to come and watch the children play in the
saha of Dhour on Saturday the 26 of july, it will be a free open invitation.

P.S.: George, Anwar, tomorrow I will send clips from several magazines and
newspapers talking about Dhour Shweir Beer Festival 2003.

Best regards,
Salim Sawaya