Shweiry Of The Month Honorees

Shweiry of the Month Honorees 

The success of is the result of your participation and sharing.  
Each month we will honor the person (s) who made a big impact and difference 
that benefits Shweir, its people and/or 

The following are our present & past Honorees:  

December 2002 Fr. Elie Khnaisser & Shweir Boyscouts + Many volunteers & supporters for
the Best Holiday Decorations in the region
November Karim W. Nasser Energizing Shweir Scholarship Program
 with a very generous proposal,
October Riad & Omar Khuneisser correspondents, photos and archives Shweir
September Christina Sawaya Miss Lebanon, Miss International + Baytna Shweir & World
August Salim Sawaya Media, Emigrant Fest, Miss Emigrant & Wine Fest Shweir
July Rouba Khayrallah & George Rahbany Creating Marhata News Shweir
June Oula Aoun Architecture awareness & Shweir Night Shweir
May Michael Sawaya & Walid Abi Kheir For Library Initiative Shweir & Abu Dhabi
April Riad Khuneisser & Rouba Khayrallah for valuable info & special projects Shweir
March Habib Nacol & Nabil Matar for sending 3 ambulance stretchers to Shweir Texas, USA
February Barnie Hatem exceptional communication and writing skills on the BB Washington DC, USA
January 2002 Hanadi Adel Abdel Ahad proactive email communication & thoughtful BB discussions Shweir
December 2001 Al Ajyal Sports Club Dentistry examinations for hundreds of Shweir students Shweir
November SSSR (Shweir Social Services & Rescue) their sample report on their services Shweir
October   George & Nabil Matar & Habeeb Nacol Bulletin Board & Community participation Texas & Shweir
September Helena Corban Ataya World Traveler Extra Ordinaire Shweir & NewZealand
August Victoria Mapar
Dr. Klee
Lighting up the Bulletin Board  California 
July Christian Larsen Working behind the scenes to establish Shweir Foundation  Texas
June 2001 Elie Boukeir & 
Samih Baaklini Shweirieh in UAE
Elie's Report, Tennis, Library 
Spearhead Shweir Foundation 
Raising $10,000 for Bayt al Raha
Texas & Shweir
Texas & Shweir
UAE & Shweir
May 2001 Ghassan Zghaib 
& Nabil Matar
Caroline's Arrival & Parenting
Chearleader, Jokemaster, Inspirational
Laval, Quebec, Canada
Houston, Texas, USA
April  2001 Fr Dcn Ihsan Bou Sauder
Elias Nasr Khonaisser
Spiritual Guidance & Computers 
Ideas Man & Info Tech (IT) Expert
Aukland, New Zealand 
Ohio, IL  USA
March 2001 Antoine Halabi
Lama Katoul
Poetry, Memories, Achievements
Model teenager, BB Correspondent
Monterey, California
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.& Italy
February 2001 Dr. Klee Benveniste's Adopted Daughter  South Australia
January 2001 Habib Khalil Moujaes Computers to Shweir, Photos +    Shweir, Lebanon
December 2000 Mike Sawaya Environment Champion  Shweir & Saudi Arabia
November 2000 Rabih Khoury Tech & Music Man Florida
October 2000 Waleed Moujaes
Rosalie Sawaya & Family
Photos, Music (Nawbeh) & BB
1922 Shweir Guide, Photos & Poetry
Hong Kong, China & Ohio 
Sao Paolo, Brazil
September 2000 Hilda Sawaya Columnist Tennessee
August 2000 Habib Halabi 
Jamil Eid Khonaisser
Photos & Shweir History 
Saif oo Terse & Shweir History
Shweir & Saudi Arabia
Edmonton, Canada
July 2000 Nora Moujaes 
Nabil Matar
Poetry, letters and Memories
SSS Photos and Memories
Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas
June 2000 Anwar George Kenicer Webmaster  San Francisco, California
May 2000 Alfred Moujaes Host of Shweir On The Beach...  Houston, Texas
April 2000 George Matar Al Mukhtaar bil Mahjar Houston, Texas

Congratulations to all of the Honorees mentioned above 
and to everyone who participated and helped make a great success.  
Thank You.  The Team at




 January 2001


 Habib strong ties to the and his initiative and dynamic character successfully led to  provide computers for the schools in Shweir.  In Collaboration with he helped raise money, purchase and install the Computers for the Shweir High and Elementary Schools.  

He is always in contact with the web page and provides us with up to date information on activities in the hometown. is privileged to have such a great person, like Habib who believes and supports our efforts, and are very fortunate to actually have him as a direct link to Dhour Shweir.  We are positive that we will join hands in the future on many projects for our beloved village.  Thank you Habib

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome our January Shweiry Honoree, Habib Khalil Moujaes:   


Bio:  Son of Khalil & Souad Moujaes (Owner of Cinema Roxy , and the bowling alley in Dhour).

Habib was born in 1956, in Dhour Shweir and attended the College des Apotres in Jounieh, Lebanon. After graduating from H.S. he served with the Lebanese army for 6 months prior to its demise during the civil war.  He returned to Dhour (Under siege) and stayed there until it was overrun. He and his family had to flee Lebanon to the United States after he was injured in the summer of 1976.  In the US he attended Kent State University, then the University of Akron.  He graduated with BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1981.

His first professional experience was for BFGoodrich Company in Akron, Ohio, where he held various positions up to Plant Engineer.

In 1986 he returned to Dhour to try to start a new business.  The economic situation was not favorable, so he returned to the US and started a consulting firm with a colleague from BFG.  He waited until the situation improved in Lebanon, sold his business and returned for good to Dhour where he has established and currently running his successful company,  Fincorp Engineering.

 He is married to Monda Riachy and the couple are the proud parents of Omar (10) and Tiffany (7) both are attending Brumana High School

 This year his company moved into a new facility in Ain El Sindianeh with a 10,000 sq. ft. modern building. They manufacture equipment for the Flexible Foam Factories.  The company employs 8 technicians and one secretary.  They are approved contractors for the United Nation Industrial Development Program: (UNDP), The UN office for project services (UNOPS), The French Agency for development (AFD) and the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Most of the manufactured equipment is destined for the African Continent, We also have customers in Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Algiers, Tunis, and Morocco in addition to our Lebanese customers.

Habib was elected in 1998 to the Shweir town council but resigned in 2000. 


Since we do not have a profile photo of Habib, we will use one from archives


 Habib Moujaes, on behalf of the Shweirieh bil Mahjar, and the team at, we send to you our gratitude and our sincere thanks for your leadership and bold initiatives to make our first project a reality by introducing the first computers to Shweir Hi-School and the community.  See Computers to Shweir.  You achieved that with a very small budget.  This is a perfect example of how to achieve our goals and spend our resources wisely. 

Your "Brrr" photo of Dhour in the snow was felt by Shweirieh around the world.   

Congratulations Habib!





February 2001



They say there is something in the water of the Ains (springs), some say it is in their blood, others say it is a feeling in the heart and soul that makes them yearn for Shweir, their hometown, their forefathers birth place.   

There is no better example of these sayings than our February Shweiry Honoree.  You see, Dr. Klee Benveniste never lived or even visited Shweir, yet she knows more about Shweir and its history than many people who lived there.  From the moment that Dr. Klee logged on to in early February, she has been like a beacon of light.  Just take a look at the Shweir Bulletin Boards (old and new), you cannot help but see many meaningful and profound entries by Dr. Klee.  Her love for Shweir and its people radiates through the web pages like her smile and it is contagious.  


Bio:  Dr. Klee is a qualified psychologist with a Ph.D. in Public Health living in Australia. Her grandmother was born in Australia to Lebanese parents who came from Shweir around 1890. Klee married at 38 and her son was born when she was 41. She worked and studied in the field of community medicine research for over twenty years before leaving the workforce when her son was born. Klee was awarded her Ph.D. from Flinders University School of Medicine when she was 43. She has been doing voluntary work as an archivist since. Her son started school last year so she has been applying for part-time postdoctoral research fellowships. Klee and her husband love to travel and have visited Hong Kong, China, Israel, Egypt, England and Rome before their son was born. Together with their son, they have travelled to each of the mainland states of Australia. Her favourite places overseas are the Corniche (beachfront) of Alexandria and the old cities of Jaffa and Jerusalem. She even visited Metulla ("the Good Fence") on the border of Lebanon, gazing emotionally into Lebanon during the civil war in 1989. Family history research has been her hobby for many years

Click on the photos to enlarge

Dr Klee Aroose.JPG (33188 bytes) 
Klee the bride
Dr Klee Diploma.JPG (31390 bytes) 
Klee the Doctor
DK Amin Abotomey.JPG (21528 bytes) 
Amin Abotomey, 
her great-grandfather
DK Kamilie Abotomey.JPG (14841 bytes)  
Kammilie Abotomey, 
her great-grandmother
DK Abotomey Family.JPG (61783 bytes) Amin and Kammilie with their 4 sons and 3 daughters in South Australia around 1895; Klee's grandmother is about two years old, sitting in her mother's lap. The oldest son Samir, standing, was the first to arrive in 1887 DK Elizabeth Kitty 1910.JPG (13919 bytes) 
Klee's grandmother Elizabeth ("Kitty") as a young woman, around 1910
DK Abotomey Store Australia.JPG (26852 bytes) 
Amin Abotomey and Sons, General Store, Fruiterer and Confectioner  - Peterborough, South Australia, 1897
DK Abotomey clothes Manuf.JPG (36707 bytes) 
A. Abotomey and Sons, Clothing Manufacturers  -  Adelaide, South Australia, around 1915 

"DK_w-chain.JPG (24089 bytes)I have mentioned on the Bulletin Board about displaying items of cultural heritage and encouraging the redevelopment of craftsmanship. Attached is a scan of my great grandfather's 19th century watch chain from Lebanon, possibly even from Shweir. It belonged to Amin Abou Taameh and has been handed down, generation after generation to me. It has silver-plated metal links, and the green stones are decorated with a leaf design and channel-set into the post-and-rail links. It would have been made pre-1890. I think others would be interested to see it".


Author Topic:   We are like guardian spirits
posted 03-15-2001 06:39 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Klee      Reply w/Quote
We are like guardian spirits watching over the village
That spreads over the mountain close to heaven
Drawn down by elderly knights performing a sword and shield dance
And women spreading their scarves in a giant circle in holy places
Praying "Remember us".

We whisper in electric voices amongst ourselves "Can they hear us?"
"When will they answer?" says one of us
"How can we gain their attention" says another
"We will visit them" says a third, "for they know that whoever leaves this place, something of him stays here forever, and draws him back again".

So the knight prances with Saif oo Terse
The dance of the spirits of Shweir:
"Return, return, o guardians,
Your people need you"
And from every direction we are drawn home.


Congratulations Dr. Klee, it is our privilege to know you. 

We would like to present to you with the symbolic keys to Shweir,  

since it not feasible yet, may we present you with symbolic keys to 



Sample communications from the Bulletin Board

Author Topic: of the month
George Matar
posted 10-12-2001 10:22 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for George Matar     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Month of September have passed , and October is almost half over. If I may Humble Anwar a little and Nominate him for the honor of both months. I would have liked to share it with him but, honestly I don't deserve it. Sure I was with him in Shweir most of the time, but it was him that brought all of you the news and pictures, while I am struggling and some of you think I am enjoying my long and extended vacation in New Orleans, and here in Aruba.
No Anwar has to be the Man. If there is anybody that can share the honor, are all these wonderful Shweirieh that wrote reports on the events of the Eid.

Anwar, "U Numba 1"....Yes "U'd da Man"

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posted 10-12-2001 11:43 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for lamloum_k     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
i agree with u Aamo George I think Anwar should be elected as Shweirieh of the month!
He has been working really hard!!


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posted 10-13-2001 05:48 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Klee     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Yes, he definitely lit up the website in kodachrome, fujicolor and 16-bit highcolour. And especially impressive was the effort he made to find places and relatives that meant a lot to those of us overseas. It was really appreciated. You are a very appropriate Shweirie of the Month Anwar.

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Nabil E. Matar
posted 10-13-2001 03:26 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Nabil E. Matar     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Yes, I agree with you all, In my book Anwer deserves not only to be the Shweiry of the month but Shweiry of the year. My friend you are some thing else

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Paul Woodfield
posted 10-14-2001 11:12 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Paul Woodfield     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
I couldn't agree more. Not only were many photos taken (and Anwar did make sure he included everybody), but he and George took great care of Sitty (Helena Ataya), Janice and Miriam - not to mention myself, in Shweir making us all feel very included. All much appreciated, my friend.


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Waleed Moujaes
posted 10-15-2001 08:33 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Waleed Moujaes     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
I haven't spoken to anybody in Shweir since August, and he/she hasn't mentioned Anwar. The way he presented his trip, the organized photographs with the exact dates (although the time was California's!!!), his enthusiasm,... is admirable!!! Can you image that he who hasn't been to Shweir in 30 years, was able to find Dr. Klee's grandfathers supposedly place of living who left Shweir more than 100 years ago!!!

Anwar is the honoree of the year. point.

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George Matar
posted 10-15-2001 11:18 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for George Matar     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Why are you so quite Ya Anwar? Have wore out the letters on the keyboard?

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posted 10-16-2001 03:22 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Webmaster     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
My sincere appologies for being out of touch for a while... Don't want to bore with details... Suffice it to say that I was anxious to post as many photos and had to deal with some condos I have near Seattle and etc. etc.

NOw you guys and ladies are about to make me blush... Thank you very much for your kind words and the honorary nomination.

Well, if you recall, I was the honoree for June of 2000. As Webmaster, if I may exercise some "discretionary power", I would be very happy instead to recognize some who have not yet been honored.

There is someone in particular I have in mind. That person does not surf the net, but what she did and said deserve recognition... ok, I am talking about Helena Ataya...

Imagine, 90 year young Helena and her support team walked all the way from the other end of Shweir all the way to Saha in Dhour and attending the Festival, spoke to the audience in classic Shweiry Arabic that I have not heard since my aunts passed away many years ago and she told the crowd that she plans on coming next year...
George looked at me and said that what that lady is doing is the best advertisement for Shweir to bring the Mughtaribeen next year...

and imagine that about 1:00 a.m. when the Hafli in Saha was finished, they were planning on walking back to Shweir... and they were prepared with flash lights... now that is impressive...

I know that between George, Janice, Mirriam, Paul and I, we can write something great about Helena and honor her.

Thank you all for your support and for keeping the momentum going.


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Paul Woodfield
posted 10-23-2001 11:24 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Paul Woodfield     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Mind you Anwar, a lot has happened since June last year!!!

I would be happy to write something up about Sitty. Shes still travelling around in Egypt at the moment. She gets out more than I do - now thats sad!!!

I will start typing.....

Paul                         IP: Logged

Habeeb M. Nacol
posted 10-24-2001 07:49 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Habeeb M. Nacol     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
As evidenced in this web page, Shweir has many caring, talented, energetic as well as visionary individuals. Some are creative and originators like Hilda and George, others like me are reactors, others are silent yet forceful doers like Elie and Alfred and we have wonderful lightning rods like Ghassan and Elias. We have the level headed ankors like Klee, and those that bring in a touch of freshness like the incomparable Lamloum-I am crazy about her. Her parents must be bursting with pride!

What a great bunch of people, including you Elusive! However, once in a blue moon someone special surfaces that embodies all the goodness, humanity, leadership and all the attributes of greatness. This individual has never ceased to amaze me since I had the great fortune to meet him. And when I think that he has outdone himself, he comes up with something more worth while and spectacular. Let me weigh in and say Anwar you embody everything good that Shweir has or should have. Only a poet or an artist can paint the picture that you have composed of your trip to Shweir. There is something in this collection for everyone. You have made our village alive once again for so many of us that have never seen it or as in my case have forgotten some of its wonderful people and places.

Person of the month and of the year? Certainly. God bless you Anwar and I love you brother .

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Elias Khonaisser
posted 10-24-2001 11:54 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Elias Khonaisser     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Working in the tech field and building web pages as a hobby makes me appreciate what Anwar is doing because i know how much time and effort is put into presenting all the material and the details that go along with it and the frustration sometimes when the software is just not behaving the way you want it to.

i will add my voice to habeeb's and there is no better words to describe or thank you than what Habeeb said. Amen to that.

Anwar for shweirie of the month and the year.

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posted 10-26-2001 02:53 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Webmaster     Edit/Delete Message Reply w/Quote
Ya Habeeb el Alb, you just left me speechless or in this case writeless... I am so touched by what you all wrote... God, do I have the best family in the world or what...

I have and continue to act on the belief that I could not have done that much without the support of our team of and should there be any important acknowledgement, I would like to share that with Al Mukhtar and/or the Matar Brothers because with their energy, diplomacy and broad knowledge,we worked so well together. As such, I hubly accept your vote of confidence and invite the Matar Brothers to join me as honorees for October...

Now we still have to name an honoree for September.
I would like to nominate Helena Ataya for September because she is setting a great example for a 90 year young Mughtarebeh visiting her home land and as I understand it she has expnaded her tour to include the Middle East... now she is in Egypt. So, Paul, get us a nice write up to do Helena justice...

We welcome your nomination for more candidates because we have November and December quickly approaching ...

With much appreciation and love to all,