Shweir Foundation

As of February 2003,
Shweir Foundation is on its way to becoming a Non Profit Corporation
Shweir Foundation will oversea and/or assist in many projects including:, Shweir Scholarship, Community Center, Library and other activities as per our Mission Statement

Thanks to all who helped from overseas and our Texas contingency. 

Author Topic: Shweir Foundation officially a Non Profit Organization
George Matar
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Had to share this news with all, Thanks to the drive of Elie Bou Kheir and Samih Baaklini, Shweir Foundation is officially a non profit organization

Elie, Great Job Man, and On Behalf of all the Family THANK YOU.

Also please You and Judy accept our deepest condolences on the Loss of her Mother this week, Our Prayer is with both of you

Here is the email from Elie:

Shweir Foundation Registered in June of 2001 is now officially a Public Charity Non Profit organization exempted from Federal Income Tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. What does this mean you might ask, it means that all contributions to the foundations are tax deductable under section 170 of the code, we are also qualified to receive tax exemption/ deductions of all bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the IRS Code.

My dear shweir family members, this is quite of an accomplishment to us all, my special thanks to SAMIH BAAKLINI who devoted his time to register the foundation in the state of Texas and his continuous assistance to get this approval. It took us a whole year to the IRS, all claims in our application had to be verified with records of our activities and transactions.

Also special thanks to ANWAR KHUNAISER who spear headed the development and maintenance of SHWEIR.COM which was an evidence in our testimonial in all charitable activities that boosted our credibility to obtain this recognition.

In order for us to maintain our status per 501 (c)(3) code of the IRS, we have to operate accordingly as instructed by the code, this will be a lengthy process and no time for discussion at the moment. However we got what we have been waiting for, it will be a good time to start an activity for raising funds for our town and continue our mission. An announcement on the web will be a good start, what do you think Anwar?

Our list of fund raising activities is an infinitely long list, but there is only few of us and will only contribute their time in a limited fashion, prioritizing immediate needs will be essential. I look forward to hear from our members residing in shweir to help us identify important issues that requires immediate attention.

Happy New Year to all, Shweir suffered immeasurable loses in 2005, and we hope that 2006 will bring good resolutions for better united Shweir.

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The following communication was sent by Elie Farid Aoun who is now in Houston visiting Samih Baaklini before he returns to the Middle East in a few days. He requested to post this on It expresses his view points and support of the Shweir Foundation and its potential positive impact on the community. We are posting the communication in its entirety. Whether you agree with everything that is stated or not, we appreciate Elie’s taking his valuable time to share his view points with us.

In the spirit of the best interest of the Shweir Foundation, we encourage as many of you to take similar active part and share your view points. For those who wish to respond, please keep in mind to take a positive approach and be respectful. If you disagree with an idea or what someone wrote, please do NOT attack the idea or that writer, but instead, please present facts. We can achieve a lot more if after we state factual concerns or problems that we focus on solutions.

So, here below are five messages from Elie Farid Aoun:

To all Shweirieh wherever they are:

Message 1

This is the first time I write on this web .that is an honor to me.
Rarely do I shed tears in life. yet, never have I been able to overcome that when I am at this web. I take this opportunity to congratulate you all especially, goerge and nabil mattar, samih baaklini, anwar koneicer, elie abou kheir, antoin halabi dr. Karrim nasr riyadh khneisser and the thousands of you who are contributing, in silence, to this foundation which combines us all in loyalty and pride.

Now the foundation is brought to life it is our duty to make it progress and grow. I find it very important to address the goal of this honorable foundation and speculate on the obstacles that stand in our way and the means to overcome those obstacles.

All I will say is a personal opinion subject for discussion, modification and enrichment. I suppose the goal of the foundation is to unite the efforts of all the Shweirih all over the world and entice them to help Shweir -land and people-by all possible means allowed by the moral code and the laws of the countries we are in. and the tax deductible issue you accomplished in that regard is a blessed one. It is no doubt that one factor that played a positive role in the birth of the foundation is the fact that most of those who combined their efforts to bring this foundation to light is that they know one another .not only that they had a common past in Shweir . so they had and have a common and united life full of memories and a continuous yearning to repeat it again if that is reachable.

The new generation who is born overseas rarely do they have this important bond.. societiies digest the immigrants and little by little ties become weaker and weaker .that disturbs us all especially we are a civilized people that is our tendency to blend and react to the society we live in and consequently become part of its social fabric is a sociological fact that the foundation will have to address in order to secure and sustain the life of the foundation .part of our admiration of the us is its strength of its melting pot.

Remember we "have" 15 million lebanese out side Lebanon in 100 years time and a sizable number of those are from Shweir. it has been said "we cannot change the direction of wind yet, we can adjust our sails".all I hope is to have the will and wisdom and adjust our sails and keep this foundation equipped with the constituents that could sustain its life forever. follows with congratulations and gratitude.

Message 2.

This born foundation that was brought to light by the tedious and persistent efforts of the "forerunners" must be protected and must be fortified so as to make it achieve its goals. this dialogue and those speculations are meant to open or to continue the discussion of identifying the goals and the means to achieve them. let us first try to identify the problem and diagnose the malad and later on we can start looking for prescription.

The problem of Shweir is not independent of the problems engulfing the rest of Lebanon. yet, we will limit our research to that directly related to Shweir and avoid addressing issues that could be beyond the scope and capacity of the foundation. However it is up to the foundation members and participants to set out the premises of the foundation. Knowing the Shweirieh spirit I would the sky is the limit.

Now I will try to go directly to the subject as I see it.the im! Migration of the Shweirih especially those are qualified is the most hurting element on Shweir. yet, we should realize that this hurting element is ,in itself, an effect of a cause and a direct consequence of other factors especially the socio-economic ones at the least. the socio economic factors are the main causes of immigration. those are the driving force that is leaving us shattered peaces all over the world. The problem of immigration has hit different parts of Lebanon with different forces and caused different damages through out Lebanon . yet, Shweir took and suffered more damages than other towns in my judgement.why? In order to answer that question it would be very helpful to put the question in a reversed manner.

What made Shweir flourish, relatively in the past, relatively speaking, in spite of the adverse conditions that were engulfing Lebanon? We can even simplify the question and reduce it to the following: what stabilizing factors that Shweir had t! Hat could be construed to its partial stability that it does not have now? This is a very viable question. the better we answer that question the better our diagnoses becomes and hopefully the better cure could be envisaged and consequently prescribed. We will not dig too deep in the socio-economic stratas and start unraveling the deep-rooted elements that shaped the history of Shweir , but we will limit this picture to the interval when Shweir was at a stage of relative stability. that interval extends from the early twenties till the late fifties.

We notice that the most contributing stabilizing factor ,economically and socially, is the existence of a prominent Shweir Secondary School (SSS) that enjoyed all the educational as well as the environmental and sports qualifications that made it the center of gravity for so many students aspiring for good education in a very beautiful-if not the most beautiful-and a very reputable school amongst one of the most -if not he most-hospitable and friendly community where religious and cultural as well as "ethnical" back grounds and origins not only tolerated but rather accepted and welcomed to the extent that intermarriages among all and different backgrounds in Shweir became very common. The sss was a very fundamental stabilizing factor in Shweir recent history. That does not diminish from the geographic factor that Shweir enjoys which qualified Shweir to be a unique resort during the summer time. we must dwell on the healthy relation between the sss and the resort .one contributed to the progress of the other. Needless to say that the sss as an educational interest brought with it some earnings the whole Shweir community and curbed the effects of immigration that would otherwise have plagued the community of Shweir.

The loss of the sss was a crime. Of all the people I talked to for the past 40 years there is no clear answer for how did Shweir have rights to the school and how those rights were lost. Did we ! Initially take its premises wre we invaders to that school? What right did we have to that school and how and why did we lose that right? surprisingly there is not even a folder for that school in the baladiyeh that we know of. the loss of the sss was not a simple incident undermining the stabilizing factor of a community is not a simple incident. personal speculations on the sss episode are numerous and storeys related to that are endless. one thing is for sure that the act of weakening and closing the school was not innocent one.paradise lost?yes. Why are we putting so much emphasis on the sss issue which is now of the past? Because “those who dont learn from history are condemned to repeat it". Addressing the stabilizig factors for the future of Shweir must pass through this obligatory is a prerequisite to any progressive work in Shweir . We must identify the monster that is eating our children before we give birht to a new one,for at least to secure the life of our new ! One. Of course one might ask now :we have schools in Shweir yet the stabilizig factor is still absent or the least not effective.

Message 3.

Please accept my apology for the grammaticcal or spelling mistakes that I made in the past two letters and for the ones coming. We go back to the question that Shweir does have many schools yet, immigration from Shweir is quite high. it is close to be classified as a deserted town especially in the winter time. the answer to that question is that had it not been to those schools it would have been deserted on a higher scale. therefore are we to build new schools in this semi deserted area under those economic conditions that are leaving people sufferring? I don’t believe so. adding a school will not help. does Shweir have any other resources to offer and be able to sustain its community? Shweir is not an agricultural area ,on a commercial level. its geographic elements limits such possibility .in other words any agricultural endeavor falls quite short from being able to sustain any reasonable standard of living. likewise the industrial aspect.

In my judgement Shweir has two basic resources that can help reverse the process of human desertation. one is its environment and the other is education. Of course Shweir as a resort under the present conditions plays a very limited in the stabilization sense. the missing element is the human factor. here comes the role of the Shweir foundation or league that you brought to light and must assume a fundamental role in order to cause a change and make a difference. how? I f we can unite our efforts and instigate a movement leading to the creation of a university that is backed financially and educationally by one or more universities in the usa and in other parts of the world? too far fetched? May be .but remember that there is no small and immediate solution to the Shweir problem. We must think big. Any solution must be based on a stabilizing factor. we must offer something that would generate income. stability is based on the satisfaction of the interests of the community. If we cannot offer anything on the magnitude of a town, then bleeding would be the direct consequence of the status-quo. Remember that Shweir cannot rely on the aid that could come from the lebanese state. Not only because the leb. State is incapacitated to do that but also because Shweir cannot fit in the sectarian model the leb. State is based on . Shweir does not satisfy any sectarian interest so as to be introduced into the equation and be eligible for or entitled to part of the sectarian cake. Shweir is antisectarian and has ever denounced all forms of discrimination and its people have always been a symbol for the socio intermixing.

Every body is judged by his or her deeds and not by his or her faith or religious or “ethnical” background. We have always cherished the concept of the” melting pot” that highly characterized the usa and contributed to its unity and strength. Shweir is a bird singing a different song. Therefore we must rely on something we can offer and excel in .the produce of the mind and the environmental natural gift combined. I do believe that we should never let short term prescriptions make us lose sight for the need of major solutions. dealing with the symptoms should be regarded as a temporary act. we must address the root causes. We should think of the university project in Shweir on a low fire .without a good back up from external institutions and entities the project is not a feasible one. Education and more education is what we should think of in terms of what we can offer until such a time that the project becomes self sustainable. We are an education-generating town. we must accentuate this phenomena.

The foundation that you created must elevate its thinking to look at the new top it will have to reach. failing to do that the foundation becomes a witness watching the fade and disintegration of the people and their heritage . If the idea is to have any merits to see light this is how I see it can be achieved. the Shweir foundation must put on the floor questions on the salvation scale. The ship suffers a hole in its hull and water is gushing in .unless we address the problem of the hole in the ship all other ratifications and remedies and renovations we make on the deck of the ship however welcome would all be doomed as the ship is sinking .we must save the ship. As said before we must approach the issue without haste and let dialogue and discussion open its way .

With faith we can do miracles. Let dialogue and discussion level our way for any future act. Let there be conceptual struggle . Let good ideas merge its way through dialogue and let us upgrade our knowledge of our problem and consequently let us upgrade our solution so as to become more effective. any project to succeed must be based on the power of knowledge ,the power of planning, the power of economics, and the power of will. Further, if the foundation does not develop its goals and means it could be exhausted with repetition and routine and its activities are confined to a few and the load becomes so heavy on them.

The question becomes how can we mobilize all or the majority of the Shweirieh through out the world? The answer is :a common can we reach to have a common goal? By faith ? How can we develop faith ? By knowledge. How can we have knowledge? By will and dialogue. What would be next? Next is to unify our discussions and agree on a goal and agree on the means to achieve it. We must equip our selves with the desire and the will power to walk and rather climb long distances and high slopes. The foundation you created must be augmented with young ideas and carried by all Shweirieh all over the world. The task is not an easy one and the requirements to achieve are not easy to have. True but so is the problem. The requirements of success are proportional to the magnitude of damage and to the scope of work to be done. Beyond that the foundation would be limited to a photo taker and a photo carrier( with all the appreciation and thanks) of the pathetic situation we are in. We need more than carry the picture. We need to change the course of depletion. Depletion of our generations and depletion of our heritage and depletion of our environmental gifts.

Message 4:

After blessing your efforts that lead to the creation of the Shweir foundation and after addressing the issue of the need to a common goal that could reverse the course of sizable immigration and desertation plaguing our community,i wish to I would like to propose a mechanism or a plan that could help the process of riping and maturing the project of identifying a common goal and the means that we need to achieve it through; whether the goal is to build a university backed up by external educational institutions, as iam suggesting, or whether the goal is any other idea that can be put on the floor and win the consensus of the Shweirieh. Therfore the discussion now will be focused on the organization and its legal status that would carry and represent the dream and aspiration of the Shweirieh. Synchronization and unification of the direction of the efforts is essential to reap the maximum produce with the least time and cost, or else chaos and contradictions is the logical result and the outcome is very limited. Creation of the institution is the most important task after identifying the goal. Here are my suggestions:

1_ we call upon Shweirieh and their supporters throughout the world to enter into a dialogue aimed at forming and shaping the best goal that the Shweirieh must unite at.such dialogue should be confined to a time limit of six months.

2_the foundation ,after the six month period, calls upon Shweirih to select by means of volunteering, selection or by referundom a temporary committee whose main task is to study and prepare for a Shweiry convention that could be held in a convenient location be it houston ,florida europe or any other place it sees fit. The committee could be three up to ten people.

3_the purpose of the convention is to discuss and vote on a goal that becomes the focal point of the activities of the Shweirieh in the world.
The floor in the convention is to elect a new committee that would immediately assumes its responsibilities and assign a qualified lawyer or lawyers and or any other knowledgeable entity that could write down the constitution of the Shweirieh league or fundation.

4_ the draft of the constitution is then put on the floor for discussion (on the web). The elected committee would then decide if the constitution is to be ratified or adopted as is.

5_ the committee is also to contact as mmany Shweirih in the world as possible and brief them about the task of the committee and the need to participate in the covention .the time limit of this temporary committee is three months starting after the six months (the dialogue period)

6_ the covention would be assigned to convene for three days and all Shweirih are welcome.

7_ the interim committee elects an interim president whose sole authority is to administer the works of the convention

Message 5:

Here are some observations that I hope could contribute to the success of the foundation . We should not rush things for we can afford no failure. Let time and dialogue play its role in unifying our view to the best we can and should do. more dialogue and evaluation is more knowledge and more knowledge is better chances for success. a Shweiri lobby will have to be created after achieving what we proposed in the previous four articles. The Shweiri lobby should not be a form of a committee soliciting for little money from here or there from this person or that. The task of the lobby is to mobilize the Shweiri body in the world and bond it to the cause of the foundation initially via a conscientious process of enlightment and through wakening and arising their streak and mind as well as their spirit to the Shweiri matter .

We need every Shweiri to become a messenger to the Shweiri common gold. There fore the task is more than just a little process of money donation however important and welcomed that may be. in order to be able to achieve a goal of the magnitude I am proposing that is a university need a whole and sustainable push by the Shweiri lobby to cause an influence in the media that they expect to receive some help from. The lobby will target the educational institutions the religious and political figures and the institutions and probably the individuals whom the lobby deems essential to its goal.

The question one could ask is :could there be universities and or other institutions ,societies organitations or other entities who have any kind of interest(s) in backing up the creation of a university in Shweir? I do believe there are so many of those that exist in the world especially in the usa whose contributions or aids and assisstances go to less important parties or works in the world. Some want to cut down on taxes, some believe in the humanitarian side of the act, some universities may have the desire to have the links and association with outside affiliates .

Some institutions believe that the influx that could be reflected on them, on the long run, could be rewarding on more than one aspect. Some believe that education helps curbing fundamentalism in the world. Others may think that a university in Shweir may propagate religious affiliation to a certain line of religious preferences. As long as that conforms to the rules of ethics and complies with the legal code of the state, we welcome all incentives and let nature take its course . For every body is entitled to his or her belief. The legal code governs our deeds and not our biliefs. There fore the opportunity is there .all we need to do is to find it and make use of it in the civilized sense. It should be noted that the Shweiri lobby proposed may and in fact should coordinate ite efforts with all other individuals or entities in Lebanon or in the arab world who happen to have interest in helping Shweir .

some prominent figures in the world are x_graduates of th sss. some are fascinated by Shweir for beauty, some have lived there and have emotional ties . The surrounding towns near and far will all benefit from a university in Shweir. So their efforts in that direction are welcome . I don’t believe the constituion of the foundation that we like to see will limit its membership to the Shweirieh. In my opinion those who would like to see the revival of Shweir and who are ready to contribute to revival are not confined to the Shweirieh. All helping hands are welcome and thanked.

Another question could be asked :who will help on paying the tuitions of the students in a poverty plagued environment? The answer is the aids from the external entities and long term loans to the students who are to pay back their dues after graduation. Remember a university will invite many other interests to come to the area the least of which is tourism. Success breeds success. Many great achievements were considered far reaching dreams , yet it saw light. The dream is big .so is our fall. Going forward to revive Shweir is not a choice but rather a fate.

I take the opportunity to thank you for your time to read those five articles. I apologize for the mistakes made. All said are personal opinions and observations., meant to generate a dialogue among all Shweirieh and their supporters hoping to succeed out rooting the causes of immigration and environment looting plaguing Shweir

Best regards to all.

Elie Farid Aoun.

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I would like to thank Elie Aoun for his caring and sharing with us. I admire Elie's bold visions. For those who may feel that starting a university is way too ambitious or unrealistic. That is similar response to when Kennedy announced to put a man on the moon. Well, with focus, good plans, determination and team work, a man landed on the moon a few days later.

On a positive note, I would love to see the Foundation do so well that we can afford to achieve a dream such as starting a university. Remeber, we fail 100% on the projects we never try.

While we may aspire for such noble and exciting goals, we need first to have a good foundation (asaes) on solid ground. The basic needs are good infra structure: Water, Roads, Waste Water, Electric, Power, Good Environment, Recreation, Employment, Security, Social and Community Development to list a few.

Right now, the town's infra structure needs a lot of help. Let us strengthen these basic community needs to justify and help make the feasibility of granders dreams and bold goals more achievable.

For now, the Foundation is starting with limited resources and must adhere to some strict guidelines to maintain its classification. With your help and working within our means we should be able achieve as many of the worthwhile goals that much sooner.

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Shweir Community Center
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Last year, Shweir Community Center embarked on the preparation of a visitor’s guide brochure about Shweir with the title:
Shweir - Town of all seasons. When Anwar was here, he was involved among other activities, with some of those brains storming sessions that we had in the center, when the brochure was being prepared in its final format. Although we intended to publish the brochure last summer, but due to some unfortunate incidents, it was postponed until, this year and the target date will be early July. The page format of the brochure is 25x25cm and includes just about any information that has to do with Shweir from its early formation till now. Each page has been enriched with pictures, drawings and some computer graphics, with texts in English and Arabic. However, all the subjects lead to the central section that is the focal point of this whole document and that is how to invest in Shweir. In order to minimize this introduction and because this is a suitable time to bring this subject up, it will cause no harm to post this section of the brochure under this bulletin, which we believe, echoes some of the ideas that are being posted, all for the goodwill of Shweir.

Investment and future aspirations

It means investment in human resources. Shweir has been enriched with a golden track record of scientists, laureates, engineers and doctors who managed with their high qualifications and perseverance to reach the four corners of the world. These achievements would not have been possible without the support of the Shweiry parents who have always been adamant in ensuring higher education to their sons and daughters.
Every year, a substantial number of shweiry students graduate from reputable universities either in Lebanon or abroad. Maintaining this flow and the ability of Shweir to produce such talent and attract investment, requires a significant uplift in the town capabilities especially at the junior education level. Any business-minded entrepreneur, who intends to establish a trading or industrial facility, would have Shweir as prime location both from the talent recruitment and location standpoints especially given the proximity of Shweir and Dhour to Beirut, its airports and seaports.

Projects that could elevate Shweir range from:

1 - Educational projects such as:
- An extension to Balamand university school of arts and science to be built at the western slopes of Deir Mar Elias.
- Vocational school that will be geared towards the training of certain trades mostly related to information systems.
- Private school to be named Shweir Secondary School that replaces the old school that ceased operation due to unfortunate circumstances. SSS was at one time, one of the corner stones of the Shweiry Community.

2 – Industrial and commercial: Infrastructure development including a full master plan for the industrial zone in Lower Shweir – Ain El Hanout with proper infrastructure, in order to absorb sizeable facilities such as:
- Computer chip factory.
- Old furniture restoration workshop.
- Factory for self assembled furniture.
- High quality dairy products plant.
- Co-op hypermarket that will cater for the area of upper Metn.

3 – Touristic developments such as
- State of the art health centers that will include beauty parlors, health clinics and limited leisure facilities.
- Limited development of self sufficient compounds with small villas and their private gardens that could be leased or sold on time share basis.
- Indoor sports and recreational center that could be opened all year round.
- Local winery utilizing the grape terraces to be part of an ecotourism plan.
- Renovation of hotels and houses that were damaged during the war in order to reinstate both towns as the hub of summer resorts in the area.
- Winery utilizing the vineyards and terraces to be part of an eco touristic plan.
- Renovate and operate one of the 3 movie theaters that were active in Dhour before the war.

4 – Humanitarian / cultural such as:
- Current projects include the building of senior citizens home (Baytuna) which is under construction.
- The expansion of Shweir Community Center to include a multipurpose hall and a private entrance.

The above are just a few examples of potential projects that could be developed in Shweir, taking into consideration the available resources that Shweir can offer at the human and natural levels.

Shweir Development Capital Fund Concept:

Obviously, capital is required to develop some of the above-mentioned projects. Capital can be raised or sourced either through Individual Contributions, Government and Non Government Organizations agencies (local and International), and through a “Fund” to be created to serve that purpose. The “Fund” will be titled
“Shweir Development Capital Fund” where capital is raised, owned and invested in Shweir to develop infrastructure projects for the interest of Shweir.
This infrastructure fund will be a long term program along those public-private initiatives launched in Europe with the following guidelines:
- Capital to be raised from Shweir local residents and immigrants. The Capital will be made of a large number of small units to allow for all members of the Shweir community to have a share in the FUND. The Capital amount will be determined on the basis of the funds required for projects to be executed within the 3-5 years.
- Capital to be invested only in Shweir for infrastructure projects with long tem economical growth, with social and public benefits.
- If available, capital is matched by government grants, subsidies or tax breaks.
- Funded projects are full-time employment enablers with the idea of seeding other businesses in the community & local areas.
The first step towards gearing up the Fund concept is forming an incorporators committee (IC). The (IC) will introduce and promote the purpose and need for the creation of the FUND. Furthermore, the role of the (IC) is to lay down the articles of incorporation followed by implementation of the “FUND” legal status, complying with the rules and regulations governing such activity. The (IC) will govern the underwriting process, the settlement of the underwriters, their contributions and then handover the FUND to a Board of Directors (BOD) elected by the contributors. Expenses incurred during the pre-incorporation period will be capitalised and amortised over a period (about 5 years) commencing from the date of operations. The day-to-day operations will be run and controlled by competent and qualified management headed by CEO.
Though the “FUND” main objective will be development of the Shweir area, however developed projects are expected to generate profits, hence provide shareholders a form of long-term return commensurate with other long-term investments.

The above section has been prepared with the help of some legal and financial advisers. However, once the brochure is published, this whole section will be open for discussion in order to finalize it within a well detailed and comprehensive format.

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I am quite impressed by the bold vision that is highlighted in the past two posts, one by Elie Aoun and the other by the SCC. I waited in anticipation that others would comment so we can get divergent viewpoints.

Well, I do not wish to let these enthusiastic ideas lose momentum. Granted, some are grand ideas and we need grand ideas to inspire and motivate us.

At first, when Elie Aoun suggested to start a university in town, I thought it would be great, but our infrastructure may not be ready for it.
Then again, the more I thought of it, in this digital age, it is possible to start a university with humble beginnings and if it is managed well, it can expand and hopefully flourish.

The SCC volunteers have also grand goals and one that include bringing in a satelite of the Balamand University. These are terrific goals. With these goals and a road map or better yet, a plan, even better, a master plan, we can go far.

Even if you disagree with a part of their vision, your feedback can help shape up and modify these plans as more relevant information are obtained.

I applaude these visionaries and they deserve every support we can give them.

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March 2003

Thank you to all our supporters,
For the Community Center & Library
we achieved our Goal in less than 3 months.

Dr. Karim W. Nasser
pledges $5,000 to the Shweir Foundation for the Community Center and Library. 

 This pledge to be…

In Honor of:

My aunt Badre Bou Laila Khnaisser Akiki

“Thank you for your Love, Sacrifice, Guidance and Inspiration”

In Memory of:

My sister Jouliette Wadih Nasr Khnaisser

My aunt Marie Bou Laila “Im Fares” Khnaisser

And My uncle Sabi’ Bou Laila Khnaisser

“Thank you for your love, dedication, sacrifice and contribution to the education of many people”


Distinguished Contributors


$$ paid

Baladieh - Generous start from Mayor Ghosn & Council  10,000
Dr. Karim Nasser - Canada - Via Shweir Foundation    5,000
Yousef Halabi donated "Drop Ceiling"    1,300
Mansour Harik via Shweir Foundation    1,000

Further, Dr Ghosun is sending a letter in English and Arabic, to "officials in Shweir": Heads of schools, priests of all churches, political parties, non profit organizations, athletics clubs, etc., enlist their support of  the project.

Six of our young gentlemen who are, computer engineering or computer science major, are working together on a project for the Community Center, software to be used in the library.

Thank you Riad for the above report.

To post you comments and contribution, visit our Shweir Bulletin Board at

To view or add to BB posts: Supporters of Shweir Community Center

Lets keep that excitement and momentum going,  Do you feel it?


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From: Sawaya, Michael N (SCC) [mailto: michael.sawaya at]
Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2003 1:11 AM
Subject: RE: Comunity Center

 As Promised the first batch was collected and will be sent to Lebanon ASAP.   I will inform Amal my sister to deliver the money to Riad Khunieser   - No big parties Riad ;-)
All the Guys generously donated their shares as always, Thanks in a Million

Saudi Arabia  Total :      $1007

Habib Halabi              
Mike Sawaya
Mekhael Samaha       
Roustom Moujaes       

Aziz Kurban
Beshara Abou Nakhla
Omar Halabi
More to come:

 As Per UAE, I will dedicate some of my efforts to that wealthy side of the Gulf region J I heard that my cousin Lara, George, Salam and Hala sawaya already donated so please guys
Collect all the money in one location. Fidaa Sawaya have showed interest in Helping  
fsawaya at  Please coordinate with her. 

 United Arab Emirates  Total:    $200

Lara sawaya jouby + khalid
George Elias Sawaya

Salam Sawaya                        
Hala Sawaya                           

One last word, I am proud of everyone showing interest to this project. Special thanks goes to My buddy Habib Halabi and Beshara Abou Nakhla our Dynamo in the Gulf.


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From: Matar, George []
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2003 7:02 AM
Subject: Shweir Center update

Sabah Il Kheir

It has been a while since my last update, please excuse my delay, it is work

As of early this week we have: 
Committed:      $10,740
Received:       $9,240 combined collections in Lebanon, USA, Saudi, and
Outstanding:    $1,500
We also have five names on the list that offer to help but have not enclosed
the amount, so hopefully they will let us know.

Additionally:   From the City Council:  $5,000 already spent on the basic
modification of the hall, and an additional $5,000 allocated for a

The total Budget is close to $22,000

Thanks to all that have given their time and effort to help with the
collection, specially, Elias Mattar In England, Michael Sawaya, in Saudi,
Elie Bou Kheir in Texas....  Thanks guys but we are not done yet, just stay
with us for just s little while longer.
We will be sending the donations to Dhour by the end of the March so if you
have not submitted your donation please do so, and for the rest of you "IT
IS NOT TOO LATE" please send donation at your convience to :
Dhour Shweir via George J. Moujaes, Riad Eid Khonaisser, or through the
In the USA through (endorse your Check to Shweir Foundation)
Shweir Foundation Inc.
2302 Greenbush Rd.
Katy, Texas 77494
In the Gulf Contact Michael Sawaya at
In Europe contact  Elias Mattar his email address

Here is the list of names (Million thanks).  If your name SHOULD be on the
list and I missed it PLEASE let me know.  The reason could be beacuse you
did not let me know, or we have not received a donation.
Abi Kheir Walid                
Abou Nakhla Beshara            
Abou Nakhla Hani               
Baaklini Nabih *               
Baaklini Toufic        
Benab Nadia     In memory of Lourice Houbeika  
Bou Chebl Salim                
Bou Kheir Elie         
Collection from England (need Names)           
Goodson Frankie                
Halabi Habib           
Halabi Omar            
Halabi Yousef          
Hammam Nijad           
Hammam Samir           
Mattar Elias           
Khattar Leila Mattar           
Harik Iliya *   Will Pay In Shweir     
Harik Mansour   In memory of Iskandar Mansour Harik    
Heinl Christina Sawaya         
Johnson Don            
Jouby Khalid Lara Sawaya *             
Kenicer Anwar          
Kurban Aziz            
Mapar Kamal & Victoria         
Matar George           
Matar Nabil            
Mirhej Michael         
Mirhej Saad            
Moujaes Alfred         
Moujaes Ayat S.                
Moujaes Miric          
Moujaes Mounir Shahadeh In memory of Jeiryes & Barbara Moujaes 
Moujaes Mounir *               
Moujaes Roustom                
Moujaes Samir & Sylvia         
Moujaes Waleed         
Nacol Habib            
Nassar Nada            
Nasser Karim           
Salameh Norman & Shirley.              
Samaha Mekhael         
Sawaya George Elias *          
Sawaya Hala            
Sawaya Mike            
Sawaya Rani            
Sawaya Salam           
Sawaya Wajih & Lamia           


Thanks to all the supporters and contributors from around the world for your help. 
 Thank you Riad and Omar Khuneisser for scanning and sending us this detailed report. 
Thank you George Moujaes and Oula Aoun for creating a great design, specs and budget
Thanks to Dr. Ghosn, the City Council, Sandy Moujaes and all who worked on this report. 


To be continued