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Ramzi Halabi of PC Technology announces three new services...
Including Money Transfer.  Imagine you send or receive up to $1,000 to or from Lebanon for a cost of $10

Chef Ramzi Shwayri Lebanese traditional Cookbook
Waleed Butros Sawaya is a well-known glass artist
First Shweir eCommerce website:  Fincorp Engineering, Habib Moujaes, owner
A Book by Adib Aoun Moujaes  
West Africa:  New Form Furniture, By Rita El-Hage
Texas:  Chris Moujaes & Company
Canada:  Walid & Saera Khayrallah, owners of Noisettine... great Baklawa in North America.


Moujaes/SquirrelWorks Announces Mobile Content Deal

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From: Chris Moujaes [mailto:chris.moujaes @]
Sent: Monday, January 24, 2005 3:34 PM
Subject: Moujaes/SquirrelWorks Announces Mobile Content Deal

 Dear Friends,  I want to share with you some exciting news from our company. 

 The Chris Moujaes Company's worldwide licensing agency, JIN Worldwide LLC, successfully completed this company's first mobile content licensing deal with Seattle-based Versaly Entertainment (  Versaly distributes mobile entertainment for companies such as Viacom, Universal, EMI Music, Sony Music, and more.   Moujaes, Inc. officially launched its introductory content offerings on Versaly's global mobile network today. Most cell phone users can access our content through a portal at our online entertainment community, or directly through Versaly's website.

 Please read the official press release here:

 Also, be sure to check out "Toons Go Mobile" by Animation World Network released last Friday, where our properties are mentioned regarding mobile cartoon content:

 I hope you are all doing well, and all my best to you.   Most sincerely,

Chris Moujaes

President & CEO
The Chris Moujaes Company, Inc.
Online Entertainment, Information & Content

Tel.: (512) 260-3120

Represented by JIN Worldwide Licensing Management LLC.


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From: A. G. Kenicer
Sent: Monday, January 24, 2005 6:36 PM
To: Chris Moujaes
Subject: RE: Moujaes/SquirrelWorks Announces Mobile Content Deal

Congrats Chris,

We are proud of your achievements.  If you wish an announcement on, just let me know.

Best to you, Leila and your respective families.


For those of you who do not know Chris Moujaes, you most likely know some of his family...
he is
son of Alfred & Maria Moujaes  married Leila, daughter of George & Janice Matar,
to see their wedding, go to Texas 2 and scroll half way down:


New Pizza House Open in Weekends in Winter

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From: nemer ghazal
Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 6:12 AM
Subject: dear anwar

Dear Anwar, First I wish you a Happy New Year and I would like to inform you  that  our  Restaurant GEORIGIO PIZZA HOUSE has opened at new year’s eve ( 2005 )  Dhour Shweir  main  road , it’s the only Mediterranean restaurant  open during the winter season (week ends & holidays) .


I’ve been advised by Mr. George Moujaes  ( ENG at the Chweir’s Council ) to inform you about that opening in order to mentioned this opening in the web-site belonging to  It will be good news for all the Shweir’s citizen to tell them about the new and cozy place where they can spend their day & night in front of the chimney tasting our delicious Mediterranean food & win.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further details or picture about the restaurant, Kindly note that I will send you later our logo.


Thanking you in advance.


Best regards,


Georges Ghazal 


Giorgio  03 360070 / 01 890423 e-mail  



Chef Ramzi Shwayri

Congratulations Ramzi on your Book. 

How do people order your book? 

Where can they sample your food?


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From: "Riad Khunieser"
To: "Anwar"
Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2003 6:32 AM

"Traditional Lebanese Food" is the title of two same books, one in Arabic, "Al-Matbagh al-Lubnany al-Turathy" and in French, "LE Patrimoine Culinaire du Liban" by Chef Ramzi N Choueiri. The books have plenty of beautiful lovely scenes from Lebanon with delicious Lebanese food recipes.  I am sending you few (7) images from the book where Shweir is the title. I hope you will enjoy it the same way I did with the book.


First day comments from the Shweir Bulletin Board (BB)

Author Topic:                         Chef Ramzi
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posted 04-30-2003 05:43 PM      Profile for Victoria     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

About 3 years ago, my sister sent me from Lebanon a nice Lebanese book of recipies and sure enough, it was "Chef Ramzi".
He has great recopies especially traditional lebanese master pieces like Siadieh, Samkeh Harra, etc...and don't forget the "choux a la creme" or creme puffs.
The best part now - I found out that he is from Shweir.
Thanks for letting us know.

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Rima Mattar
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 posted 04-30-2003 06:47 PM      Profile for Rima Mattar     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

haha i have that same exact book!!the only thing is someone always has to translates it for me...haha i need to learn how to read arabic!  

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 posted 05-01-2003 12:07 AM      Profile for Webmaster   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Amazing... All the way in California and people already have that book...

Imagine, even Queen Rima Mattar, Miss Emigrants 2002/2003 has the book even though she does not read Arabic...

This seems to be a very well written and popular book that it would be worthwhile for Chef Ramzi to consider making an English edition... We are proud to add another success story from Shweir.


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Al Kafa'at is more than a school, its almost a university. The main buldings are in Masourieh, after Beit Mery and Broumana. I will send you all the information when I have it. One of the schools is the cooking, where chef Ramzi is the director. The location of the institution was before in Haddad where Nadim Shweiry and his wife started a place where they used to treat and help kids with defferent disabilities. I will tell you more when I get all the information. Anyway Nadim wrote a book "Kuluna Mou3akoun" "we are all handicapped".

Waleed Butros Sawaya is a well-known glass artist

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From: Riad Khunieser []
Sent: Monday, August 19, 2002 4:56 AM
To: A. G. Kenicer

Dear Anwar,
Hi, Mr. Waleed Butros Sawaya is a well-known glass artist. He was the only glass blower, before his son Butros took over his place at AUB. He can turn glass to jewelry, for ladies to wear, or grapes, animals, arkeely, or any thing else. Many articles were written about him and his profession.
I know that you like to put information about any art on the web, especially if the artist is a Shweiry, so I am sending few photos and two
articles, (one in Afkar, and the other in Nahar ), for you to post if you see its suitable.





I have launched a new site called rarepicks which you can view on, I asked George if it could be posted on the homepage of shweir as I need as l many viewers as possible. Can I do this?  Please advise and thanks so much in advance.  

Laura Choueri

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From: "Fincorp Engineering" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, December 31, 1987 2:25 PM
Subject: First Shweir company site??

Dear Anwar
I just recently posted my company's site on the web.
Some pages are incomplete and still under construction but will be finished soon.
I would like your input.

Habib Moujaes

Hello Habib,
Wonderful... this is a great start for the first Shweiry Commerce web site...
Although I visited your plant this summer, I did not know about the specifics of the business until I explored your web site...
I know this is under construction and like any web site, you always come across new innovations and ideas to improve it... overall, it looks professional and informative...

A book by Adib Aoun Moujaes

Bk Adib Aoun 2.JPG (15639 bytes) Bk Adib Aoun 1.JPG (43205 bytes) 

Front & Back Cover


Sample writing... if you would like to buy a book, Contact Nabil Matar or wait until we open eShop... Bk Adib Aoun 4.JPG (18305 bytes) Bk Adib Aoun 3.JPG (19760 bytes)

West Africa, September 2001

From Rita El-Hage:  New Form Furniture. 

I am sending you some information about our company as well as pictures of some products seen on the web.  The pictures are a sample of the products you will see on the web.

New Form Furniture now provides the highest quality furniture combined with new and unique designs making it the ultimate provider of furniture in Africa and Europe.  The workmanship of the company should be seen in major banks in Ghana such as Barclays, Ghana Commercial Bank and Metropolitan & Allied Bank.

The company owns as well a Laser Engraver, which engraves on wood, glass, marble and Perspex. It is the one and only of its kind existing in West Africa.  New Form Furniture is known for its style and reliability. The designs are simple, effective, beautiful and also encompasses build-ability and functionality.  The company exports outdoor furniture with other products internationally with major supplies going to Spain and Asia.

Come and check it out for yourself at .

Hope to hear from you soon.



Texas, USA       April 2001             Chris Moujaes & Company

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am proud to spread the word about the Chris Moujaes Company. Chris is a highly dynamic person, along with his full time status at the University of Texas, he created a successful business in Austin Texas. I would like to invite you to visit his web page <> and see some of the work / cartoons they do.

Don't forget to leave them an encouraging note. If you are in Austin watch Channel 8, they will be featured on it The company has a very talented and creative team. My Daughter Leila is part of this team, She has created a Terrific Logo for our picnic this year (last year also) that will be printed on the T Shirts. You are going to love it.

We all should be very proud of what CMC is doing. Here's an email from Chris Alfred Moujaes.  "Take a special sneak peak at our two-month long project that we've finally launched. We're making the official announcement tomorrow. Please help spread the word to everyone! Tomorrow we're releasing a major publicity effort and every little thing helps.  Ruth has helped us get our first media coverage, our studio will be featured on News 8 Austin! Thanks Ruth!

Thanks for all your support and faith - all of us at the Studio really appreciate it.  Sincerely,

Chris :)  --  Chris Moujaes  Chief Executive Officer


Chris and company, on Behalf of the all the Shweirieh I just want to say we are very proud of you all, Way to GOOOOOO.

Al Mukhtaar bil Mahjar, George Matar


Chris , we are very proud of you big buddy and to Leila my niece and only god child, I am very proud of you too ya Ummo

Keep up the good work

Ummo Nabil


It makes me very proud when I hear news like this. There is no doubt that Shweir has raised and still raising an incredible amount of brains and people that have contributed and still contributing to civilizations and human kinds all over the world.

Congratulations Ya Chris and long live Shweir and the Shweirieh wherever they are.

Kindly,  Hana Rustom Archbold


Dear Chris and Leila,

Both of you are special to me, Alfred is a friend of my youth and George is also my God Brother, also you are Shweirieh. And your work reflects the excellence that we find in what the Shweirieh did. Be it houses education or saif wo terse.

Without much further talk I join with all the other voices in congratulating you from the South West Pacific, with much affection I wish you all the best in all that you do.  My prayer is that one day we meet to see you personally and shake your hands, In the mean time this electronic message will have to do.  Note please pass my best regards to Alfred....  

the servant of Jesus Christ, in His loving grace,  
Father Deacon George, Ihsan Bou Sader 
Bosauder Computer Consulting 
PO Box 38 289 Howick New Zealand 
Telephone 64 (9) 5341 586 
Web Site


Bring new business to Shweir

The following is an excerpt of an article sent to al Mukhtaar by Samia (perhaps Samia Chedid) and al Mukhtaar comments.  

Thank you for this article.  I see a great opportunity here for reviving the town, Does any of you know anybody at Cisco that we can contact to see if we can add such an academy in Dhour Shweir? 

Monday January 15, 10:40 am Eastern Time 
Cisco plans network schools in India 
NEW DELHI, Jan 15 (Reuters) - 

Cisco Systems Inc. said on Monday it will establish training academies in India to produce about 100,000 Internet network executives in a move to combat an expected shortage of such professionals by 2005.  Kicking off a two-day visit to India at the start of an Asian tour, Cisco Chief Executive John Chambers told reporters that it will establish 34 regional networking academies and use India as a key software base.   With the Internet medium growing at a frenetic pace, the demand for professionals to run network systems is expanding rapidly. 

According to Indian Information Technology Minister Pramod Mahajan, the world is likely to face a shortage of two million network executives by 2005.   Chambers said a training drive in the United States had raised 100,000 professionals over five years. ``I think this is a very reasonable number for India (as well),'' he said.  In addition to investing about $8.6 million to help set up these academies, Cisco would spend about two million dollars to set up a centre to develop related technology skills.

Cisco's routers lead the market in smart machines that drive the core of traffic management in the global web of computers that make up the Internet.  The Cisco Networking Academy program has about 5,900 academies worldwide now, with about 150,000 students enrolled in learning how to design, build and maintain computer networks.  Chambers said he discussed with Mahajan the significance of how spending on information technology infrastructure will power overall economic growth in the coming years and the importance of government-business partnerships to drive the field.  Cisco already has two software development centres in India, in addition to  about 1,500 dedicated engineers working for Cisco in three Indian companies.

Webmaster's Note: 

Yes ya Mukhtaar, I know a key exec. at Cisco.  I played golf with her on a few occasions and she does travel internationally for bus. development.  And I will be glad to make such proposal when we (Shweir) can provide the attractive business climate and meet or exceed such companies ideal guidelines. 
Opportunities like these abound.  The key to attracting international Fortune 500 companies to establish a plant or an academy is that we and the people of the town or country need to demonstrate that they/we have what it takes including infra structure, manpower, technical qualifications and economic and political stability to entice and attract these companies to choose us over and above many other places in the world.   

Our Al Mukhtaar has a dream of vitalizing Shweir to be active and productive year round rather than as a summer resort.  That is a bold and noble dream.  Let us see how we can help our Al Mukhtaar bring that dream closer to reality.  
If we can get the co-operation of our elected officials in the Baladieh, we are on our way to make an incredible transformation.  Everyone would benefit since companies like Cisco translates to major economic vitality that would prompt many of the Shweirieh bil Mahjar to come back home.  


Please welcome Chris Moujaes,
Another Shweiry Enterpeneur

Here is a Letter by one of our talented young Shweiri introducing his company. Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce to you Chris Moujaes son of Maria and Alfred (Gibrael AL Khoury) Moujaes, through his message. They have just moved to a new location in Austin Texas.

September 1, 2000

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Customers,

It's my pleasure to write you this morning to announce that the final stages of development of our new Chris Moujaes Studios in Northwest Austin are just days from completion.  It's an exciting time at The Chris Moujaes Company, and I'd like to give you a quick overview of our Company and what we are ready to provide our customers and audiences with.  Our new facilities will house both our SkyBoxer Creative Group and Boxershorts Productions Company. The studio promises to provide  Moujaes' clients and audiences with a larger array of services and an increased production capacity. These services promise to continue to aggressively expand in the future.  

SkyBoxer Creative Group (formerly SkyBoxer Interactive Group), CMC's corporate creative solutions unit, provides business customers with creative solutions ranging from general design services to web design to corporate and brand imaging. The new Studio has allowed SkyBoxer to add Publishing & Printing Design and Creative Project Management services to its list of creative business solutions. Our goal is to continue to be a creative solutions powerhouse - managing all creative projects for our clients from start to finish.

Boxershorts Productions Company is CMC's digital cartoon animation unit.  Boxershorts provides such services as traditional 2D cartoon animation, 3D modeling and rendering, web animation, and character design. The Chris Moujaes Company began as a cartoon studio and the Boxershorts studio still remains at the heart of our Company.   Allow me to introduce the Moujaes leadership team. This group of professionals has been instrumental to the development of the new studio and for its smooth operations:

Julia McIlheran - Chief Studio Operations Officer, Greg Miller - SkyBoxer Senior Project Manager, Leila Matar - Boxershorts Animation Director, and Matt Ashabranner - Chief Financial Officer. I'd also like to take this moment to thank each of them for their support, dedication, and faith - without any of which, this studio would not exist.  We strive to make the Moujaes, SkyBoxer, and Boxershorts names synonymous with exceptional quality.  Our dedication to customer service and audience satisfaction is our top priority. The quality of our digital productions is a testament to our dedication.

You can access any of The Chris Moujaes Company's websites at  <> , <> , or <> . If you've visited any of these sites before, you should hit the "reload" or "refresh" button on your web browser to be sure you have our most recent versions.  Also be aware that some of the sites utilize Flash technology. Older browsers may have difficulties seeing the site.   

Please spread the word to all of your friends, colleagues, and clients: CMC will be offering a 5% discount on all contracts made between September 1, 2000 and September 10, 2000, in celebration of our new facilities.  Also, I'm excited to announce our referral program. Moujaes awards generous referral fees (based on scalable percentages) to individuals who refer work to our company. Please contact me for more information or if you would like to refer someone to us.

Thanks again for your support and dedication. All of us here at the Moujaes Team are eager to continue to provide you with the best creative solutions and content in the industry.  If you have any questions, if you would like to set up an appointment, or if you'd just like to say hi, please feel free to telephone me at our new studio number: 



Walid & Saera Khayrallah, owners of Noisettine...
they make and ship some of the best Baklawa in North America. 

Please welcome our first eCommerce guests, Saera & Walid Khayrallah, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada...

To visit their web site, click on the Baklawa in the photo above.
then use the "Back" arrow to get back to this page 

This makes the perfect gift for just about anyone...
your boss, employees, aunt, cousins, business partner, party host,  etc. 
and don't forget yourself and your family. 

Here is the Baklawa Production Team
Missing is Walid who is taking the picture

Please e-mail us using the link below, or if you prefer you can call us or use regular mail. 

Email Address:  

Web Site address is:

Mail Address:
Saera and Walid Khayrallah
c/o Noisettine 
13950 Gouin West
Pierrefonds, QC, H8Z 1Y1, Canada

Phone   (514) 624-7742 
Fax       (514) 624-2158 

Shweir_from_Kasouf.JPG (66772 bytes)Here is photo of Shweir taken from Kassouf by Walid when he last visited