Baytna Services & Rates 2014

Baytna is becoming more of a reality via the efforts of  your help
via the leadership of  The“Rescue & Social Services Association Shweir” (RSSA)
which began it’s roots in the year 1989 at the end of the civil war under very hard
circumstances and at a time where most of the government services where non existent.
Please visit their website at:


Baytna Senior & Medical Center Grand Opening - Phase 1 -
Dec 27, 2008  4 p.m.

يتشرف مشّيدو المركز الطبي الاجتماعي - بيتنا


لزيارة المركز الجديد على أرض دير مار الياس شويا يوم السبت

الواقع في 27/12/2008 ما بين الساعة الرابعة بعد الظهر والسادسة مساء.

وذلك للاطلاع على انتهاء المرحلة الاولى من بناء المركز الطبي الاجتماعي – بيتنا ومشاهدة ما

أنجز منه حتى الان

بفضل  الايادي البيضاء.

ان جهودكم ومساهمتكم وتشجيعكم لها الاثر الكبير والاساسي

في اتمام هذا الصرح.

أعيادا مباركة نتمناها لكم طالبين من المولى عزّ وجلّ أن

يزيدكم نعمة لتبقى المحبة خيارا في سبيل مساعدة بعضنا

بعضا وهدفا نبيلا لمشيئته تعالى وخدمة لاهلنا وعزة لوطننا.

المركز الطبي الاجتماعي


  أرقام الهاتف الجديدة: 04/981889- 04/982889- 03/396140    



Seniors move to Baytna's New Home - Dec 1, 2008

From: Riad Khunieser [mailto: rk26 @ aub . edu . lb ]
Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008 4:52 AM
To: Anwar and  N Matar
Subject: New Baytna

Dear Anwar & Nabil,

Hello. Please, post the information and photos.

Sunday; November 30, 2008 a clear sunny day the in Dhour El Shweir, a perfect day to move the Elderly residents in “Baytna” to their new permanent place near Dayr Mar Elias.

Ambulances, private cars, nurse cars were the means to carry the old ladies and gentlemen to the new location. Staff of Baytna, Civil Defense volunteers and others with the supervision and help of Mr. Elie Korban, Miss Mary Sawaya & Mrs Antionette Korban was accompanying all the movements of the Elderly from the previous residence to their new Home in the new building of the “Medical & Social Center – Baytna”; the project of the “Rescue & Social Services Association-Shweir” (RSSA) near St. Elias monastery.  


September 2006  Subhiyeh to Help Baytna at Central Hotel sponsored by the Kiamy family, Akawiyat Sayidet Al Beshara - Dame Annunciation Relief Assoc. and Shweir Social Service & Rescue Asson SSSRA, - Al Isaaf wal Khadamat al Ahliah,  pictures by Riad -

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George Matar
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Did you see the pictures of the Sobhieh at The Central Hotel? I am envious, wish I was there.

I want to say this real load and Clear, God bless the Women of Shweir, Where would Shweir be without them. Ladies, the way you work together, the way you plan, enjoy what you do, the impact you have on the village, all the little and big things you do so unselfishly put me at an awe. With you we know that Shweir will always be in Good hands. You are simply the best.

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From: Riad Khunieser [rk26 at aub dot edu  dot lb]
Sent: Monday, September 18, 2006 2:21 AM
To: Anwar2

Subject: Help Baytna before Christmas

Please post the few pages of this brochure about the estimation cost of finishing one "working floor" of Block C in the project of "Baytna" prepared by Mr. George Moujaes (Architect and Contractor).

We look for the help that Shweirieh and friends will put soon to make this project work before Christmas, for the benefit of our Elderly.

Thank you

RSSA (Baytna)





From: Riad Khunieser
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 16:34:53 +0200
Subject: Baytna, price list

Upon your request and  for everyone to know, please post the att. list on our web where ever you like.
Att. the list of official "Fee schedule and services" at Baytna.
As you know, "Baytna", "our home", is the place that we found for our elderly to have the best available "family touch and treatment" they might think of, to spend their best days at this age.  I am not going to talk about Baytna but I wish other do. I am sure plenty of you visited the place or have someone in it or have heard about it. 

Baytna now is in a rented building. We are working very hard to build our own beautiful place where we planed to have the most suitable, equipped project :The Medical and Social Center (Baytna).  We expect to see many Shweirieh and friends, here and all over, put their hands with ours and help, in every way possible to make this dream comes true.

Best regards



The“Rescue & Social Services Association Shweir” (RSSA) invites you all
to the dinner on December the 11th 2004 at "AlSad Restaurant", Shweir,
to support The building up of " The Medical and Social Center (Baytna).

As you can see from the pictures attached, we have reached floor three from Block C.

We are counting on you Shweirieh and Friends, Immigrants and Folks at home to make dreams reality and hopes come true.

This great project concerns all of us. It's for Shweir and for all towns and villages around us.

St. Elie, Mar Elias, will reward, inshallah, all those who are going to put their hands with us for build this 'necessity' Center to meet the demands of all citizens.

December 2, update:  Please change the place : instead of AlSad Restaurant, put "AL-KAFA'AT"  in MANSOURIEH.

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From: Riad Khunieser
Sent: Monday, December 20, 2004 11:42 PM
To: A. G. Kenicer
Subject: BAYTNA Banquet

The“Rescue & Social Services Association Shweir” (RSSA) had the dinner on December the 11th 2004 at "AL-KAFA'AT", with Shweirieh and friends to support The building up of " The Medical and Social Center (Baytna).

Attach are the pictures about that night. I wished you were here to listen to Mr. Nadim Shweiry Talking about his upbringing, his parents and Shweir and how his late mother used to nourish him the love of our town with her breast milk.

My words cannot do justice to Mrs. Christina Sawaya Baroud's wonderful presentation, or Dr Nabil Ghosn speech, or Mr. Elie Korban essay about Baytna, or the good film about the whole project by Miss Zyna Khnieser, I will only ask you to tell me how we can work together to make dreams come true. As our fathers and mothers used to do. With the little money they used to have and with the help of Shweirieh Immigrants, most of us from the l870th on, had good education where some reached the highest levels and gave Shweir more fame and glory.

The churches, the baladieh, the schools, houses, projects etc., all were built by joining of forces of all Shweirieh. Now we need your great hearts, to work again, with some of your money to build with us what is necessary for our town and the neighborhood. We are asking for what you can give ...  even if it's the "penny of the widow". Don't let us down, you mustn't fail our trust in you, Shweirieh when you are most needed. This great project concerns all of us.


Congrats on a Great Event.

Thanks to all who volunteered to make this event a great success.  

Thanks to Riad Khuniesser for taking the pictures and sending in this great report.

Now for those who have not had a chance to pitch in and help... it is not too late to pitch in and invest in the future of your town. 


Join these community leaders in support of Baytna, a Senior and Medical Center  Dec 11, 2004 




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From: Rihab  ( missteen_2002 at hotmail )
Sent: Saturday, December 11, 2004 7:32 PM



فرق اسعاف اولى اجتمع شابات وشباب الشوير للنهوض بهذا العبء الثقيل فكانت الانطلاقة الاولى بمساهمة ودعم العديد من الاهالي وجهزت اول سيارة اسعاف وكان تدريب اول فريق للطوارى ليشمل فريق اطفاء واطفائية مزودة باحدث المعدات فكانت العناية بالطبيعة مهمة غير سهلة الا انها استمرت رغم الصعوبات.   

      كل هذه الجهود وما فوق الف مهمة كان هنالك مركز للاسعاف الاولى استفاد منه العديد من المرضى والمصابين .

رخص للجمعية بناء للطلب بالعلم والخبر واستمرت  بنشاطاتهاالمركزة وتنوعت في مجال الخدمات العامة ومؤخرا تملكت سيارة اسعاف ثانية جهزت لخدمة ونقل المرضى بقوة دفع على العجلات الاربعة و تهدف الى تحقيق مشروع لنقل و دفن الموتى بتحويل سيارة الاسعاف القديمة و تخصيصيها لهذة الغاية .

       و منذ ما يقارب الثلاث سنوات بدات الجمعية تحضر لمشروع دار الشيخوخة , و هذا المشروع راى النور بفضل اهتمام و عناية رئيس د ير مار الياس شويا البطريرك اغناطيوس الرابع هزيم الجدرين بالشكر , بوضع العقار رقم اربعة و عشرون منطقة الزغرين العقارية بتصرف الجمعية لوضع الدراسات والتعاقد عليه لاشادة هذا المشروع الذي يضم باكمله ثمان مباني و الذي سيرى النور باشادة المبنى رقم (س) و تجهيزه  واليوم بصدد وضع حجر الاساس له

هذا وقد اطلق كتجربة مبدئية مركز (بيتنا) و ذلك بالتعاون مع جمعية سيدة البشارة الخيرية الذي جهز و انطلق و وضع بالخدمة و هو يحضن اليوم الكثير من المرضى و يقوم بالعناية بهم فريق متخصص و لفيف من المتطوعين من الجمعية يهتمون باوضاعهم لجميع الجهات مؤمنين لهم الراحة والرفاهية وال


Great Event


Dear Anwar and FAmily,

Dhour El-Shweir, the city of the seven hills and the queen of eternal beauty, had yesterday, July 24, 2004, a "Family Marathon Gathering", 11am to 5pm, between the pine trees of our town at the Central Hotel,(100 years old).

Three was our lucky number yesterday:  -

The invitation came from: Is3af, Bechara and Baytna committee.

- Hosted by Central Hotel, Kiamy Family: Mrs. Joulee, Mrs Alexa and Mr Elie.

- Attended by: Shweirieh at home, Immigrants and Friends.

- Children , Shabab/Banat, and Shabab/Banat over fifty.

- Food, drinks and refreshments.

- Breakfast, lunch and 3asrounieh.

- Manquichy, Tabouly and hot Tamrieh.

- Meeting, talking and eating.

-Miss Lebanon 2004, NADINE NJAIM, Miss Lebanon 2002-03, CHRISTINA SAWAYA BAROUD, and Miss Emigrants MIRIAM HABIB.

- Beauty, Music (fun) and Charity.

- Encouragement, pictures and

- Our work, your support and helping each other.

- Baytna, Baytna again and Baytna.


- I forgot to mention: my camera, my pencil and Kass al Arak

- while thinking of my dearest friend Nabil, Anwar & George and all of you.

Pictures talk better.





Baytna is taking shape... On the rocks of Mar Elias...

The Brochure

More Info
Support Baytna

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From: Riad Khunieser
Sent: Friday, July 16, 2004 12:55 AM

On the rocks of Mar Elias and with Mar Elias blessings the "Medical and Social Center (Baytna)" started rising up and concrete works can be seen from far.  The foundation stone for the new Center was laid down and planted in the hard rocks near Dar Mar Elias by the hands of Patriarch Hazeem, represented by Archbishop Najim, on the 27th of July, 2003. Since then the work started with the little money the Rescue and Social Services Association-Shweir (Is3af) has and will go on with the money ... WE ... are going to invest or donate.

Faith in God, self confidence and the love our Shweirieh and friends has for charity work and helping each other, were the main reasons that made Is3af group go into such a great heavy project.  The need for a hospital and a senior center in Shweir and the neighborhood is essential. It was the dream of our ancestors for a long long time. The towns and villages in the high Maten has no such project where the citizens are in bad need for it especially in winter. During the bad war days in Lebanon we learned hard lessons about surviving.

We always speak and ask for projects that can help people to stay in our villages and not leave. At the same time we need projects that can create job opportunities for our young. Many times we discussed this on  and in every meeting we had for different occasions. Now we say "Baytna" is a project that will help in solving many problems.

When "Is3af" and "Akhawiyat Sayidat Al Beshara" started "mini Baytna" in May 2002, there was many questions on the use and profit of such a project.  After two years and more we found out that the project that started from zero is using three floors in the building and is helping, an average of, fourteen senior resident served by almost the same number of staff plus the volunteer ladies.

Doctors, nurses, technicians, administrators, clerks, ets are all needed to run such big project. Think of how many Shweirieh and neighbors will gain jobs and will think more than twice before leaving their beloved town. Think of how many patients and seniors will gain health and help, in our healthy climate, by the white hands and love of our ladies and gentlemen and with the blessing of Mar Elias.

The "Medical and Social Center (Baytna)" will stand high near Dar Mar Elias with your help and support. Work has started and we all will finish it.One Block (Block C) will be used soon after finished as hospital for patients in part of it and in the other part as elderly rest house.  More blocks will rise until the whole project is finished.

I am sending you few pictures and some information. For more details and to answer your questions and quires please call "Rescue and Social Services Association-Shweir" tel: 03/272946 Mr. Elie Korban or "Baytna" tel:  04/391541, 03/325773 or you can email me at rk26 @   Please feel free to ask. "Baytna" needs your support.




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From: Riad Khunieser
Sent: Monday, September 22, 2003 11:57 PM
Subject: Pictures of the new Medical Social Center (1)

These are some pictures for the ceremony of laying down the foundation stone to the new Medical Social Center (BYTNA), under the auspices of his Eminence Patriarch Ighnatous The Fourth Hazeem in Deir Mar Elias, Sunday July 27, 2003, at 6:30pm.

The Patriarch was represented by Archbishop Najim. Metin Deputies, Miss International, Shweirieh and Friends were there to celebrate with the Shweir Social Services & Rescue (SSSR), Al Isaaf wal Khademat al Ahliat - Shweir group, the laying down of the foundation stone of the new Center.




Future site of Balamand University?

Baytna corner stone
For New Senior Center & Hospital

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