Houston Proclaimed Miriam Habib Day:  October 8, 2003

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It is official; the mayor of the City of Houston Lee Brown issued a Proclamation that October 8th is Miriam Habib’s Day. The Ceremony took place last night at the Westin Oak Hotel in the Galleria area and was attended by a several Council Members as well as the Councilor of Cyprus, NBC’s Channel 2 News anchor Linda Lorrelle and a whole lot of the Lebanese community in Houston, and some from Groves Texas.

Everything was first class, the location was perfectly picked, the 21st floor with open windows overlooking Houston’s skyline. The food was a blend of Lebanese, Latin, and Huge Gulf Coast Shrimp surrounding an Ice Sculpture of a Cedar of Lebanon with Miriam’s Picture embedded inside and quite visible through the ice with a Green Light Shining behind it… Classy

The flower arrangement were elegant and very appealing to the eye, the color red dominated but was not overpowering. Beautiful variegated Red Roses (Lexis Rose) were used on the food tables. I do not have to elaborate more than saying that Siham , Sue, Habib was the force behind all activities and she did a fabulous job.

Coming all the way from Lebanon were Nabil Habbaki and Julia Nader co owners and publishers of Al Hader Magazine. They were the couple that encouraged Miriam to Enter the Miss Emigrants Pageant in the first place. Do they have an eye for beautiy or what?

Miriam Came in around 8:45 PM and you could not help hearing people say: God, She is really Beautiful”. Indeed she is, she simply shines and she the Miss Emigrants Title fits her so well.

The ceremony started with the National Anthem followed by the Lebanese National Anthem… A couple of introductions, Mom proudly but briefly spoke about her young pride and to the viewers it was obvious where Miriam gets her looks, then Miriam took the stage in her cute little way and a voice that has the cutest “Ba7a” thanking all that were involved along the way including: Appreciation for Dhour Shweir hospitality, Dr. Nabil Ghosn, Ms. Alexa Kiameh, and the pageant voting panel. She spoke so positively about Lebanon and invited all to visit and help even just a little to help rebuild our home land... Well Said ya Miriam

Then The Honorable, Gordon Quan walked to the Stage and presented Miriam with the proclamation and read it to all. For those of us from Shweir, the Third Paragraph mentions that "Miriam got crowned in Shweir Lebanon". As a Shweiry I would like to say we accept this honorable mention fullheartedly and would like to add: " Shweir, with open arms welcome this wonderful young lady and adopt her as an honorary member of our Shweir family"

Miriam has a special warm way of making all feel so comfortable around her. My Wife and I were touched when she took the time and walked to us and said: “You know when I see you guys, I can’t help but feel that you are part of my family…” and I said “and you are one of ours ya Miriam”. Honestly I consider this one of the best compliments I’ve ever received.
Somehow everybody on this night looked great, all of the young ladies were pretty, Floreeda Chedid, Lillian Bou Kheir who was celebrating her 18th birthday, Ralda, Rita, and Rima (Miriam’s Cousins), Roula who was great dancing the Dabke, and Many Others.

Shweir was represented well with Nabil and Wadad Matar, Elie Bou Kheir and his daughter Lillian, Samia Chedid and Her Children Floreeda and Sul., and Janice and yours truly. In case you are wondering, Yes we did inflate our Chests When Mariam mentioned Dhour Shweir.

The Night was sponsored by a new organization called “Lebanese American Women Society” a non profit organization to help Women. This night was also their premier night and they did it with style. Any of you ladies would like to join please contact Siham Habib or let me know and I’ll try to connect you with the right people.

We really had fun, we ate, drank, met new friends, danced and got home safely. Thank you Siham and Miriam Habib so much for the Invitation it really was a special night.

Nabil and I took so many Pictures, they will be coming your way sooooon. Anwar, Nabil sent you some pictures, and I took about a Hundred, We'll put those on a CD for. Wait for them

Your Reporter on the Spot
Bou Makhool

ps. please forgive the number of edits

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I conquer what the mukhtar mentioned (great job ya abou Mukhool). It was indeed a special night for a special queen. Thanks Mrs. Habib for the invitation and also thanks for producing for us such a beautiful, elegant and talented queen that every Lebanese should be proud of.
Anwar and queen Rima, you really have missed attending this great occasion

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We are so proud of you ya Miriam, and we are really honored to have you representing Shweir.
Wishing you all the best always.

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Congratulations, yes, a thousand Mabrooke.

Darn. I was looking forward to make this special trip to Houston in Honor of Miriam... unfortunately, a few days prior, it became obvious that with other commitments, I could not take 2-3 days off in mid week. Glad that we have the Matar brothers to give us reports and send pictures which are the next best thing to being there.

Yes, Miriam, you and your mom are so very special. I am so impressed by your interest and participation in your community in USA and Lebanon. You make us very proud.

I would like to acknowledge an important couple since if it were not for them, we would have never met Miriam and Siham. they are Nabil Habbaki and Julia Nader co owners and publishers of the fancy Al Hader Magazine. They Encouraged Miriam to participate in the Miss Emigrant Pageant. As the Cindrella story goes, Miriam was crowned Miss Emigrant 2003/2004 on her 19th Birthday... What a great birthday present...

Yes, we are sorry that we missed your party in Houston. We, Rima Mattar and the Lebanese American Association and I, will make it up to you when you come to San Francisco as our Guest of Honor at our annual banquet on November 15, at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco.

Yes, we look forward to extend our Northern California Lebanese Hospitality and show you our beautiful City and Bay Area...


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A Big Congrats Miriam!! i hope you had a blast! sounds like you did...wish anwar and i couldve made it!!c'mon where are the PICTURES!!!! thanx george for the great update  yalla we're waiting for all of you here next month!! yalla yalla!! 

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Happy 18th Birthday

Lillian Bou Kheir!

It was a great party
See you all in Lebanon Next Year!

Thanks to all who helped make this a great success starting with Siham, Miriam, The Lebanese American Women Society, the Shweir and Lebanese contingency in Texas, Houston Mayor Pro Tem, The Honorable Gordon Quan, Dr. Nabil Ghosn, Municipality of Dhour Shweir, Westin Oaks Hotel, Lexis Florist, Casa Catering, Fadi's Meditrranean Cafe, Distinctive Deatils, Cake Affair, Sound Connections, Nhom Photography, Pierre & CandyAMassoud, Donna Simpson Videographer, George and Nabil Matar as Shweir.com digi photographers.  Copy Club - 5757 Westheimer, Freelance Media Group, Riyad Abu Taha.

Siham, did I forget anyone???

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