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Miss Teenager 2003

Miss Angela Melkonian

The Judges

Congratulations, by participating, you are all winners!


Report about “Miss Teenagers” Party
Thursday, August 14, 2003

   The “Miss Teenagers” Party , held on Thursday, August 14, 2003 at the “Al Yanabih” Restaurant, was another one of those fabulous nights that this year’s “ Eid Al Mughtaribeen” comprised.

The party officially began when the nine lovely contestants marched in, dressed up like soldiers, and each girl introduced herself (her name and her age). Then, all the girls danced to the rhythm of “romancia,” by the Lebanese singer “Amal Hijazi.”  Needless to mention, of course, that between the contestants’ appearances, music was played and all the people were invited to dance. In addition, the “Zenith Band,” whose members are young talented Shweirieh, played the most popular English and Arabic songs such as Fairuz’ “Nehna Wil amar Jiran” and the Eagles’ “Hotel California.”  And yes, it was a full and bright moon keeping everyone company.

Then the beautiful contestants walked elegantly one by one in their evening dresses, as “George Rahbani” told the audience about each girl’s hobbies and ambitions. Each contestant was then asked a question by one of the members of the jury, which consisted of people from diverse fields and specialties, including Miss Teenagers 2002- Rihab Shallita.

Finally, the results were announced and they were as follows:

Miss Teenagers                            Angela Melkonian
1st Runner                                Layale Sebaaly
2nd Runner Up                             Samar AbiKheir

Miss Elegance                             Hiba Khneisser
Miss Friendship                           Marise Gebrayel
Miss Photogenic                           Nelly Baaklini
Miss Personality                          Jamal Abou Antoun
Miss Popular                              Zeina Maalouf
Most Beautiful Eyes                       Ghada Zgheib
Most Beautiful Smile                      Samar AbiKheir
Best Dancer                               Angela Melkonian
Best Appearance                           Layale Sebaaly

In brief, the “Miss Teenagers” Party gathered people from different ages and different families with one purpose in common – the welfare of their beloved Shweir. This event, fortunately enough, was also able to bring together the emigrants and residents of Shweir, people who had not seen each other for years, perhaps even for decades.

Last but not least, we owe a word of thanks to Layal Khnnaisser who coordinated this effort and all the people whose valuable effort made “Miss Teenagers”, once again, a great and unforgettable success.
Looking forward to seeing you all at next year’s “Miss Teenagers”, inshallah !

Hanadi Adel Abdel Ahad

Thank you Hanadi for a great report,
thank you Layal Khnaisser and George Rahbani
and all who worked behind the scenes to make this event a great success. 

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Rima Mattar
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posted 09-04-2003 05:44 PM      Profile for Rima Mattar     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

hey everyone...i dont know if you all noticed our newest queen..ANGELA...miss teenagers 2003, such a great and enjoyable event..im extra glad i went..of course theyre going to pick a beautiful girl because anwar was one of the judges!!goo anwar! i think we should invite angela to shweir.com as well..any volenteers that could get a hold of her??
by the way, how are you miriam..sorry just been so busy lately getting adjusted again..hope your having fun!
lets all have a party sometime eh?

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Abu Jihad
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posted 09-04-2003 06:59 PM      Profile for Abu Jihad     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Why is this country (Lebanon) so obsessed with beauty pageants? I mean they have a beaty queen for every category possible. Fhimna Miss Lebanon, Miss Emigrants, even Miss teens, but now they have Miss resorts, Miss Bikini, Miss Sea waves, Miss Grapeleaves, Miss Lahm b3ajeen, Miss Farrouj Mishwi! What next?
One piece of advice to Anwar: Whatever you do, don't accept to judge Miss Foul Akhdar!

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Ya Abu Jihad... May I name you for the naming contest of the beauty pageants.

Queen Rima, yes, the Miss Teenager was a lot of fun... It was well organized and produced. You expect nothing less from Master of Ceremony George Rahbany and my cousin Layal Khnaisser who co-produced the event.

Participants, whether organizers or contestants, learn a lot from this event. There is a thousand and one detail that need to be addressed in a timely manner. Alaa Rahbany invited me to go behind the scene during break. Wow, it was a frenzy of activity in that tent... hair stylists, makeup artists, wardrobe coordinators were busy transforming the contestants from casual to elegant dress...

I was impressed by the great answers that the contestants gave to the judges questions. Many of the answers were on a caliber of Miss Emigrant and Miss Lebanon level. That heighten awareness of good attributes and how to best conduct themselves among these young teenagers.

To get a better feeling of what we are talking about, please click on the picture of Miss Teenager on the home page, read Hanadi Abdel Ahad report and see the pictures.

Thanks Rima for starting this topic... Now when I saw Queen Angela Melkonian at our new Library a few days later, she promised to join us on this BB. Well Angela, here is the perfect chance for you to hop in... anyone who knows Angela, please tell her to write her family... the shweir.com family...

Yes, to all of the contestants, organizers, lighting, sound, music, ticket sales, table assignments, producers and volunteers of the event, we are very proud of your achievements.

And congratulations to each of the contestants on your individual titles...


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George Matar
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posted 09-05-2003 10:34 AM      Profile for George Matar     Send New Private Message      Edit/Delete Post  Reply With Quote 

Abu Jihad is J-e-a-l-o-u-s Nanny Nanny  Boo Boo  ..... Don't you wish you have your picture taken with them...Next year 

The Answer to your Question is because we have so many beautiful girls  And regarding Miss Foul Akhdar, oh well, that means she will be tall and tender, excellent, we love foul akhdar  .

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Nabil E. Matar
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Marhaba Abou Jihad,
I wished that you could join us in Lebanon we really had a wonderful time. As for the beauty pageants you wouldn’t have said that if you had a chance to meet Queen Rima and Queen Miriam in person like I did.
Like they say in Egypt, Winnabi Raga3oli Shababi

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Abu Jihad
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Ahlan feek ya Abu Ziad, wil Hamdilla 3s Salameh. I am sure your visit in Lebanon was super-duper, but in your absence, the bb lacked "soul"! Inshalla next summer I'll get to meet you and the rest of the "gang"...including the beauty queens...   if they're still around. But I warn you...I might be too much competition for you there  !

Could I be one of the judges on the Miss Mana'eesh contest  ?!

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Nabil E. Matar
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Ahlan Ahlan Abou Jihad,
My friend, don’t worry about the competition as long as the web master and the Mughtar are going you and I ma ilna khibz, they hog them all. There are lots of interesting things happened during my visit, I just don’t have time to write it up because tomorrow I will be back on road to Wisconsin

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Miriam Habib
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Congratulations Angela! Welcome to the Dhour Shweir family. I know u are going to love everyone just as much as I did. Anwar, good choice! I wish I could have been there but our ticket could not be postponed.

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Can you read what it says on Angela's hat?

Here a closer look...



Miss Teen 02 Fotos

August 2002
Emigrant Festival
Miss Teenage Beauty Pageant


Thank you Nabil Matar, Omar & Riad Khunieser for the above pictures
and thank you Najib Shallita for the three pictures below


Congratulations Rihab Shallita
As Miss Teenager, 2002
and to all contestants,
By Your participation