Samar Adel Kiame

Samar is the only independent candidate for Shweir Municipal Council of the May 2, 2010 Election.

Her platform is below in both Arabic and English.  Below that are endorsements and Responses



April 28, 2010

Subject: RE: Make your vote count on May 2 - Family Recommends

To our family and people of Shweir, 

Dhour Shweir and Ain Sindyani are among the most beautiful and strategically located towns in Lebanon. Unfortunately, it bears the scars of war and needs as many qualified and knowledgeable people to set it on a fast track and on the right path. 

We are fortunate to have many fine can
didates to represent and reshape the future of these precious towns. 

Based on the data provided to us, we have the following summary of Candidates:

-   2   Mayoral candidates 
- 14   Candidates for each mayoral Platform
-   1   Independent Council candidate 
-   7   Mukhtars candidates

To see the names of the candidates and the platforms for Mayor candidates Naiim Sawaya and Elias Bou Saab, Mukhtars, and one Independent Council candidate, Samar Kiame, please click here: 

It is very difficult for an independent to succeed running against the collective platform of many individuals. 
That is referred to as the underdog or the person who is facing greater challenges for success. 
Usually, if such individual is worthy and well known in a positive sense, a good number of people would want to see that underdog meet or exceed these challenges. 

The family has and will continue to maintain impartiality when it comes to elections. 

Since there is only one Independent Council candidate, who is near and dear to our hearts, we are taking steps to appeal to you and the candidates to support this fine young lady to become one of 14 new Council members because we believe Samar Kiame will be a great asset to the New Council and new Municipal administration no matter which side wins. 

The family has known Samar Kiame for many years. 
Samar has represented the best interest of Shweir and its people. 

Over many years, Samar spent thousands of hours of her own time and valuable other resources to share the important events in Shweir or affecting Shweir. 

The Shweiry emigrants who even never set foot in Shweir got to know plenty about their town, roots and family backgrounds and the land of their forefathers in large part due to Samar Kiame and Riad Khunieser efforts. 

Samar Kiame is brave to enter the race as the only independent candidate for Council member and we believe that she can work well with either or a combination of the mayoral platforms. 

Shweir and the new Municipal administration and leadership would benefit greatly by having someone of Samar Kiame caliber and knowledge on the town council. 

Samar Kiame has written hundreds of posts and posted thousands of photographs about Shweir region and its people. The biggest event in Shweir is the Emigrants festival. The Shweir Emigrants identify with two key people in Shweir: They are: Samar Kiame and Riad Khunieser for their articles, photographs and personal contact with Shweir families. Unfortunately, Riad is not running for council. That leaves Samar Kiame. 

For the great majority if not all the Shweir Emigrants all over the world from Australia, Brazil and Canada to Europe, New Zealand, Near, Mid and Far East to USA and Zimbabwe, and locally in Ain Sindyani, Ain Hanoute, Ain El Assis and of course Dhour Shweir, Mtul and the rest of Shweir region, we, the family, feel that Samar Kiame would make an excellent council member and will act positively to strengthen the new Municipal administration for Shweir. As such we urge both main candidates to make best effort to win Samar Kiame to be part of the new council. 

Review the platforms for the candidates, make your best informed decisions and we hope that you can include Samar Adel Kiame as one of the council members you vote for.


For the Family,


Anwar George Kenicer
Co-Founder, Shweir Foundation

President, Lebanese American Association






From: Hana Roustom Archbold
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2010 11:43 AM
To: Anwar Kenicer
Subject: RE: Make your vote count on May 2 - Family Recommends

Dear All,

I ditto Anwar's  confidence about Samar Adel Kiame, she is a very fine young lady with unlimited potential and a great heart coupled with endless hours that she dedicated to our beloved town Shweir. I totally support her and endorse her election. I believe all my family and friends in Shweir do the same. You are one of the best Ya Samar.

with all my respect and admiration!

Hana Rustom Archbold
LAU Northern California president
LAA Board member



Habeeb M. Nacol  - April 29-2010
Samar has been the heart and soul of Shweir as far as us mughtaribeen have been concerned.
I am sure that all the members on the two lists are well qualified but as far as I am concerned, Samar wouls bring an extra dimension to any council...she is so passionate, articulate, honest and very smart. She could be our voice.. please vote her in!

Nabil E. Matar  April 30-2010

I second what Habib wrote and add that if you get elected we Emigrants will have a great and capable voice to represent us in decisions that matters to our beloved town 
Good luck ya Samoura