Michael & Alisar

Congratulations to Michael Sawaya and Aliar Safar

Michael is the son of Mukhtar Najeeb and Mona Sawaya and brother to Amal and Fadi Sawaya

 Aliar is the daughter of Hayssam and Najwa Safar and sister to Suzane and Elise Safar.  They are originally from Lebanon and live in Belgium.


On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, Aliar walked out of Dhour Choueir Hotel dressed in a beautiful white gown escorted by her father.  A short while later, the entourage arrived at the Mukhaliss Church where Michael and all in attendance welcomed them and entered the nicely decorated church.  It was a beautiful wedding and the church was full.  Afterwards, they had a photo session in Saha and went for the reception at Fakhr el Deen in Broummana.  The pictures speak for themselves.  Of note, everyone was talking about    ok the great big smiles on Michael and Aliar face that radiated to all in attendance.



So, three days later, on Wednesday morning, Michael started his new job in Belgium. 

 Congratulations, Wishing you all the Success and Happiness. 

 3aabel el 3izzebeh.

Alf Mabrooke