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Luiz Renato Chueire |
Hi everybody.
My name is Luiz Chueire, and you can easily find out that my last name, Chueire, comes from the town of Shweir. My grand-grand father came from this town to Brazil around 1885, with one of his brothers, and they started a huge family in this country. For any reason they changed their family names from Abuzeid to Chueire. We are more than 500 Chueire´s now, and the family keeps growing. It is a great pleasure to visit this site, and I will try to be at Swheir next March, when I will be travelling to the Middle East with my wife.
1 February 2005 - Curitiba, Brazil

Almaz Aladas |
This message is addresses mainly to Mr. Anwar Khneisser,
I read your letter sent to Dr. waterbury of the AUB, and I just wanted to note that you forgot to mention Dr. Khalil Hawi among the outstanding AUBites from Shweir.
I am Waleed Moujaes' aunt, we met during his glamorous wedding last April in L.A.
Great work on this website, I visit often, Shweir is my second home.
As for the AUB, I am a co-founder and the secretary of the AUB Montreal chapter.
18 January 2005 - Montreal, Canada

gabriel moujaes |
happy new year every one
please can you see why i have problems to be logged in .maybe i have a block ,i dont know ....
or ( new registration will help ).....
with another user name .
please send me information
6 January 2005 - austria

Walid Naoufal |
Awesome website. Great effort to put it together.
Can you please provide more info about the outdoor restaurants in shweir especially Sarfed, food quality, hours and directions from Beirut ... The picture of the tables outside under the trees is simple but yet unbelievably beautiful 'Back to Nature'. This is what I've been looking for on the web, to find this kind of outdoor restaurants when I visit Lebanon. Awesome .... Awesome.
Alla Maak,
27 December 2004 - San Carlos, California

Shweir.com Note: -  Welcome to the Shweir.com Family we are so glad to have you find us. It pleases so much to know that people like yourself are enjoying our hometown web page, and even more happy to know that we got you looking forward to go for a visit. Mission accomplished :)

Dhour Shweir is only about 15 miles from Beirut, it should take you about 45 minutes driving. The main road to Shweir branches from the coastal highway, north of Beirut, in Intlias. Once you arrive the town square (saha) please visit the community center (Municipality Building) and check the arial view map with all the points of interests. You will see the Sarfad, AL Sid, and other resturants and direction to the them. From the Saha you will be few minutes away.

Walid, the Nawfals are not strangers to Shweir, I believe there are a lot of them there….

Can you tell us a little about yourself, and how you found shweir.com, we are curious.

Let me be the first to welcome you to our grown Shweir.com family.

George Matar

Sami Nasser |
Great site guysssss
You reminded me of my shildhood in Shweir and brought back to me the old times sweet memories.
Good job and Ya3tikon el 3afieh. You made us proud to be from Shweir.
If I can be of any help from Africa, please tell me.
24 December 2004 - Africa - Ghana

Shweir.com Note: -  Dear Sami

Welcome to your hometown web page, so you were raised in Shweir? Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself and your family so we can related better. I am postive that there are some Shweirieh that are looking for you and they want to be sure the find the right Sami :)
Anyway, welcome to our growing Shweir.com Family. Hey, please join us on the web page Bulletin Board where we can exchange ideas too.

George Matar

gabriel mer3i moujaes |
a big marhaba for the shweir.com
specially for our brother nabil matar ,we miss you
MR nabil ,are you still eating your cow boy suppe
I like this kind of food ...... if you want any kind of help from austria ,so you can e-mail me ..bye bye
23 November 2004 - austria

ramzi khneisser |
16 October 2004 - AUSTRALIA

bassam khneisser |
hi guys how are you all . i hope fine and everything going so far so good. well i am the brother of edgard khaled khneisser, who got married recently of chadia awad, soon u will see the pictures on the site. hi cousin ramzi and matilda, are u ok, the kids?i wish you guys all the best in australia, salut all nabil,ibraham, jihad...so shweir team good work and keep going. god bless you all
11 October 2004

edgar khneisser |
great job to all personnel responsible for the shweir.com improvement and new look and a big big welcome to cousin ramzi khneisser.
24 September 2004 - dekwaneh - lebanon

ramzi khneisser |
great work guys im very proud 2 show our amazing village 2 my friends & my children,hope ur in good health i missed u all very much,special regards 2 all my relatives,keep up the good work & bye 4 now ,ramzi & family.
19 September 2004 - australia

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