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Wassim Raad |
10 August 2005 - Australia

Juliana Schuery |
I live in Rio de Janeiro. Four of my great-grandparents came from Lebanon. One of them, Saba, came from Shweir and when he arrived in Brazil, he chose 'Schuery' to be his last name.
Here, he married Nazle Wakim (she came from Beirute around 1909).
My other 2 great-grandparents are Yussef Musse (from Kfar Shima) and Najla Kalarge (from Alayh).
If you have any information about any of these families, please contact me.
18 July 2005 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Juliana,
Welcome to your hometown web page...
Congratulations that you have as much info about all four of your grandparents. That is impressive. I visited your web site. It looks good. you and Jessica who also recently signed our guest book appears to have much in common... genealogy. It would great if you too compared notes, etc.
I will post your info on our Family Tree web page.

joseph zammar |
i will congratulate the dhour shweir by choosing a good memmber in their municipality like Mr salim sawaya who push the dhour to the top and i am sure that he gives the dhour the taste to be in the top of the tourist like old years and by this man we can also reach for the best.
i demanded from the people of dhour shweir to voted in the future for this man because he look for this village and not for pesonnal interest and we see that by the festival who win by 10000 people coming to dhour.
at end vote for the future vote for the best and encourage salim because dhour pass by his bood.
congratulation for dhour and love to see always the best
15 July 2005 - lebanon

George Franklin |
Found your site while conducting genealogy search for a family named 'Shory'. According to family history, the family name before coming to USA was Choueri. The family names were George Farah (1866)and Futine Derbecki (1881)and lived in 'Dur Scherweb'. When they moved to Beirut in 1890, the name became Choueri. The name then became Shory when they arrived in USA around 1900. Children were Elias, Abdou, Lein George and Nezira. Are there any sites that I could research this family via internet?
14 July 2005 - Alabama, USA

Monique MacDonald |
Hello from Alberta, CANADA. My mother's last name is Chouéri. My great-great-great grand-father was from Dhour El Shweir. His ancestors lived their for many generations. He moved from their (or his father) to other regions of Lebanon. My great-grand-father (Elias Chouéri)ended up in Egypt. My grand-father Charles Chouéri and his 4 other siblings all moved to Montréal Québec, Canada with their children. I now live in Western Canada not far from the capital of the province of Alberta, Edmonton. This August, we are planning a Chouéri family reunion for the my grand-father and his siblings as well as all their cousins who came to Canada. This will involve 4 generations of Chouéri descendants of this branch who will be coming from all over the world. It would be wonderful if someone could give me some information on how we got the family name. What I do know is that this branch of Chouéris is descendant of Sawaya and that the name was changed at some point to Chouéri.
Thank you for having this site. It is exciting to read about my family history. I intend to share this jewel with the whole family in August.
Love and God bless,
24 June 2005 - Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA

Marcos Antonio Yazbek |
Dear Sir

I would like to know about a probably military man of circa 19th century who lived in Dhour el Shoueir, considered defensor of this city against turkshish invaders.His surname was Yazbek.

Thank´s a lot

Marcos Antonio Yazbek
13 June 2005 - São Paulo _ Brasil

yacine |
I need all about 'sami clark' the great lebanon singer
12 June 2005 - Algeria

Leilah Melissa |
Marhaba, I want to say i am proud to have learned alot about lebanon, this family, and this wonderful city. Thank you for sharing this site with me. Even though my father, Syed Haddad, spent most of his childhood im hamra, his roots are deeply tied to shweir. Keep the good work and updates.
10 June 2005 - Maryland, USA

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Leilah Melissa and welcome,
Thanks for taking the time to write us and please extend an invitation to your dad to reconnect with his family and friends from long ago.

John Abou-Ezzi |
What a great website. Great job, Silva Awad Bou-Zeid. It is wonderfull to see pictures of Khalo Halim, Khalto Zarrife and the rest of the family...
Kisses to you, George and the kids.
Keep in touch
25 May 2005 - Boston, MA USA

ghada kiame almazi |
happy easter from me,my sons augi&alex my husband philippe &my dad fouad kiame to everyone in day3ati shweir ,almasih kam .i miss u all.
2 May 2005 - usa ,nj.

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