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marwa hashim |
ths massege is for walid, I LOVE ur work sooooooooooo much!!!!!! its amazing! Joe. who s a relative of urs showed me ur work and i falled in love with the stuff u did!! I wona know more about your work, if you have paintings and stuff!!! I am an art student in AUD, UAE,,,and I would love to get in touch with you!!u seem really cool...lol
16 November 2005 - UAE, Dubai

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Marwa, thanks for your comments and interest about Walid Tabsharani. You can view more of his work and his telephone number on http://www.shweir.com/sculpture.htm - remember that in order to dial Lebanon you need to dial its code of 961 and then 3 for cell phone and the last six digits that appear on that web page.
Good luck on your studies and hope to see you in Shweir some time soon.

marwa hashim |
Iam a student in the American University in Dubai, UAE national, 21 year old..i just wanted to say that I love lebanon sooo much and the people of lebanon, I got great professors from lebanon and a couple of people working in AUD from Shweir..I admire the sculptor Walid and I love his work as I am an art student!!!!! I wish i can get i touch with him directly!!
16 November 2005 - UAE

Abdo Antoine Sawaya |
Big salute from all the heart to all the cousins.
There are many stories around the family Sawaya, many family names derive from that family. Yet we seem few in Lebanon. I live in Italy myself, and I wish that one day we'd seriously create 'SAWAYA FAMILY LEAGUE', all over the world. It will insure for us a continuity and high culture. And mostly security. Think of it all of you, and express your ideas in this regard.
7 November 2005 - Italia

SALAMI Marie-JoŽlle |
We are a French couple, but my husband's grand-parents were lebanese. They moved to Egypt by the end of the 19th century : Simon SALAMI was a hairdresser in PortSaid. He had at least a sister, Anne SALAMI and a brother, Nemet Allah SALAMI who was a maronite priest in Egypt. Their parents' name was Habile and Theresa SALAMI. We heard they were from Ajaltoune or from Shweir. We'd like so much to learn about the family but we don't know how to proceed to find information.
1 November 2005 - France

George Brown |
I'm a librarian in Massachusetts, USA. My father's older sister was married to a business man from Dhour el Shweir by the name of Faris Amin Mirhige. He died in a fire in San Jose, Costa Rica, in 1927. I'm trying to locate any living members of the Mirhige family in Dhour el Shweir or elsewhere in Lebanon. Je suis bilingue, francais et anglais; vous pouvez m'adresser soit en anglais, soit en francais.
29 October 2005 - Massachusetts, USA

John Kairalla |
Hello, this is a great site! I believe part of my family comes from Shweir according to records I have and I recognize surnames, but can't seem to fit the pieces together. My information has Assaf Merhige (Shweir 1750-1845), sons Nijem Assaf Merhige(1790-1855) and Joseph Assaf Merhige. Nijem married Gora Askander (Alexander) and I think at this point they moved to Homs, Syria. They then connected to my Kairalla side from Bhamdoun and came to the US ~1900. I have other info if any interest, but that is all concerning Shweir. I have seem Merhige spelled differently, but figure it must be the same family. Do these roots sound familier at all? Other Lebanese names in family: Noisr, Zaihr, Bashour, Jabbour, Sarkis, Nasrallah, Aramony, Khouri, Audi. Would love to be able to connect so I can learn more. Thanks.
27 October 2005 - North Carolina

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello John and welcome to the Shweir.com family.

Yes, we have Merhege, Khayrallah, Nasr or Nasser, Jabbour, Nasrallah and Khouri in or from Shweir. Navigate thru the web and join us on the Bulletin Board as well.

cedarsusa.com |
We loved visiting your site. We added it to our site under: Lebanon>villages.
Below is some information about our site and the latest newsletter.

I hope you enjoy the site. If it is possible to add our link we would really appreciate that. please let me know if you can do so and if you can cut and paste the information below and share with your contacts.

Best regards
The site has existed 3 years and was previously cedars1.com
The goal of http://www.cedarsusa.com/ is to
- network the American Lebanese communities
- promote excellence and community service.
- provide information and resources
we only send out one email a month. Please join our list.
The newsletters cover stories about people, clubs, sites, events, resources, etc.

1-Below is the link to the latest newsletter
In this issue we feature 3 organizations who are trying to reach people who are:
a- in the health and research field,
b- in the engineering field and
c- those interested in the work of Gibran.

We ask you to please help us by emailing the newsletters link to your contact as they may have friends interested in this information. If you are able to help us we would like to know.
We would like to hear any comments as it will help us for future planning.

2- Note our new website is www.cedarsusa.com not cedars1.com. If you know of any sites who can add our link we would appreciate your help.
Thank you.
newsletter: http://www.cedarsusa.com/newsletter/2005/oct.htm>Topics
* Website Update
* Featured Organization: American Lebanese Medical Association (ALMA).
* Featured Organization: Khalil Gibran Studies Project.
* American Lebanese Profiles: Dr. Fuad Freiha
* American Lebanese Engineering Society News
* American Lebanese Network Movement News
* House of Lebanon News
* Inspirational story
30 September 2005 - USA

Jessica Youness |
Hello everyone! My name is Jessica Youness and I came
upon this site, by searching for the Sawaya Family. My grandmother was Zaheya Sawaya and moved to North Dakota,
America around 1890 and married Samuel Youness Maloof. Any information on the Sawaya family would be greatly appreciated. My website is www.familygenealogist.net
I also wanted to say, the 'Shweir' website is wonderful!
26 September 2005 - Eaton Rapids, Michigan, United States

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Jessica,
Welcome to your family's hometown website. I will add your post onto our Family Tree Web page.
Yes, we have a large Sawaya family contingency in Shweir and around the world.

You have a wonderful website.

There is someone who wrote a book about the Sawaya's in USA but there was no mention whatsoever about Lebanon or Shweir, which makes me question the depth of their research.
at any case, here are the contact info:
Eugene Sawaya
Sawaya Family News
1181 S Parker Rd #105
Denver, CO 80231-2152

$69.99 1-800-555-4094

Miguel Choueri |
Sou filho de Nelson Choueri e neto de Miguel Chuery, que chegou ao Brasil em 1895, vindo de Shweir. Seu nome foi adotado no Brasil, consta que originalmente era Nakhleh Bou Nakhleh Moujaes.
7 September 2005 - Guarulhos - SP - Brasil

Pedro Merege |
I appreciate to contact members of Mirhej family, I'm grandson of Nicolau Merege (Naamatallah Mirhej), and I have found the Shweir's site at the Google search. Today I have sended the family tree of my grandfather by e-mail
30 August 2005 - Curitiba - PR, Brazil

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Cousin!† :)† †
What a wonderful surprise...† We have been looking for you for years.†
Thank you for your email -† Your English is Great... At least it is far better than our Portuguese.†
Thank you for the family tree info.†
I posted our communication and pixs on Family Tree web page.
With best wishes to you and the entire family,

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