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Laura R Choueri |
Hi, I have not visited the site in over two years, I must say I am overly impressed at how much the site has grown and am proud to be part of the Shweir family.
8 January 2006 - Dubai UAE

Munir G. Katul
Been a while I have not visited the site nor the village (even though I live in Beirut), but I wanted to really congratulate the site's admins for non-stop action and updates. Keep up the amazing work, and thank you for binding shweirs of the world togather and keeping them in touch.
18 December 2005

Zachary Moujaes |
Hey, I am 13 and I already knew that I was part of the Shweir Family. I wanted to say hi to all family members, especially Michael Matar, Uncle George and Aumt Janice, Azlyn and Nicholas and Lina, Juido Salim and Teta Nora, and all of y'all cool people. I miss you guys... Oh well, Talk to you later? ^^;
6 December 2005 - Richland, WA

Shweir.com Note: -  Welcome Zachary, we remember you from the Shweir on the Beach party where you sang on the Balcony of Alfred Moujaes summer home overlooking the Gulf of Mexico... Welcome aboard, Zachary.
Hello Ya Zack, this is Ammo George, we miss you too so much, I wish you guys stayed in Houston. we are missing seeing you and Madilyn growing up. I know you all are very happy in Washington.
Hope to see you and the Rest of the family next summer during Michael's wedding

Rania Sawaya Jerdak |
To whom it may cocern,
I am a strong admirer of this site especially that I have become an immigrant myself. It really feels good to sniff on Shweir's news through this site...That is why, I suggest that someone currently living in Dhour, and knows more about the events that will be taking place in the area...please send us about any music festivals, masses, Christamas plays or parties..etc
Thank you in advance!
5 December 2005 - UAE

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Rania and welcome to Shweir.com. Regarding events on Dhour Shweir, we post pictures as we receive them. Best place to get information is on the Bulletin Board, Need you over there... Join in
George Matar

Lina Otari |
I recently heard about a good school in Lebanon called Omar Al Mukhtar. I needed some information about this school. If anyone could help me I would appreciate it alot. thank you
4 December 2005 - United States

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Ya Lina. There are a lot of good schools in Lebanon, however the adminstrators of this web page are all living in the US with ties to Lebanon. Your best bet is contacting the ministry of education or at least narrow the search, do you know where the school is located? People from Lebanon reading the Guest book can not comment, so try the Bulltin Board, there might be someone that could give you information
George Matar

Daniel Sawaya |
my name last name is Sawaya and im trying to find my family tree and thought maybe u could help
3 December 2005 - united states

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Daniel,
Welcome to the your hometown website. Sawaya family is very large. Most came from Shweir. Please tell us more about your family... father, grandfather, uncles, grand uncles, so that someone can recognize and help you out.

marwa hashim |
hey there, just wanted ino abarek 3eed iste2lal lebnan winshalah kel sana lebnan a7san wo a7san ya rab!!!!!
27 November 2005 - uae

Shweir.com Note: -  Amen

Carla Al Halaby |
hey.ur site caught my attention ..i'm carla from dhour ..second year advertizing and public relations in the lebanese university in lebanon. i was told about ur site and how much effort u put on it and after going through the website i cannot say anything except u guys are doing a great job ......keep it up and keep in touch ...ciao
26 November 2005 - Dhour El Shwier , Lebanon

Shweir.com Note: -  Thank you so much ya Carla both for your comments and the specially for the fact that you visited our humble town's site. We really are very proud of our beloved Shweir. So Carla, tell us a bit about yourself so we get to know you a litte bit better

Jumana Musallam Saleh |
Hiiiiii to all shweiris....I'm not originally from shweir,but spent many wonderful summers there...By mere chance,as I was surfing I discovered this site...I can't even remember how I got here...George and Alfred :I think I'm sure I know who you are...do you guys know who I am....drop me a line...would like to know your whereabouts after all those years...how many...
Great site..wonderful job..congratulations
23 November 2005 - Bahrain

Shweir.com Note: -  Jumana, what a pleasant surprise, and how can we forget you..... YWCA camp (the hill lost its luster), the days of the Games, and so many happy times we had then. How's the whole family doing these days? I have no news from Doris, last we heard she was in Fort Worth
By the way the gang got together during Eid al Mughtaribeen in Dhour the Summer of 2003, Alfred, Mounir, George Blondie, Elias Ahmar, Kouki, myself, and our Families, missed having you and Munjid there too. Maybe next time.
Sure are glad you found us.
Alfred send his best regards

Hind Haddad Khalil |
To Bernard Baaklini
No Bernard, don't delete anything in your memory, you have wonderful and touching words that we need to hear everyday. We all suffered living abroad, but not all have the talent to express our feelings.
Please keep up.
Hind Haddad Khalil
November 22, 2005
22 November 2005 - Canada

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