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Elie BouKheir |
I hope to introduce my self as Elie BouKheir the Son of Aziz BouKheir and Lili Ghnatious Sawaya, My Grandfathers are Rashid BouKheir and Khalil Ghnatious Sawaya ( Bou Jamil), unforunately both passed away. My wife is Judy Wright BouKheir and have four Children, Lilian (14),Jamil(13),Angela(10), and Jason(5). I am a Physicist and a Mechanical Engineer with few Patents in the Industry of which you might recall the Handler tennis Racquet,( a two Handed tennis racquet that will improve your game instantly. I am ranked #1 in men's 45 in the South East. Lilian and Jamil have been winning several Junior tournaments with the new racquet, Watch out for them in the near future. My wish is stay in touch with the Shweirieh and move back to Shweir soon.
26 February 2002 - Houston, TX USA

Hello, my name is Anwar Kenicer. I am the son of George and Antoinette Shaya Kenicer (many spellings: Khnaisser, Khonaysser, Khenaisser, Khnaser, etc.). My grandfather Nicola, (Abu Dawoode), used to own the Al Sad, (the dam) and used to refer to it as "Nahr Abu Dawoode". I came to USA in 1967. After getting a busines degree from University of San Francisco, USF, I work in commercial real estate. My brother Souheil is married to Mimi Baaklini. They live in Houston, Texas. My brother Sami Andre works for United Airlines and lives in Paris, France, is married to Pia Weingartner and have 18 months old boy: Nicolas. My sister Lisa is Married to Bob Walsh and have two boys: Alexander 9, and Anthony 7. They live in Foster City, CA near My mom Antoinette. We have many people from Shweir in Northern California including Sawaya, Roustom, Tabsharani and of course Kenicer, Khnaisser.
We miss Shweir and hope to visit often. Inshallah.

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