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Kameel Mroueh |
Hi! I think it's INCREDIBLE there's a SHWEIR site! BRAVO!
I am the grandson of Salim Katul. My mother is Magdalene Sumayya Katul. I'm 38 and a dance teacher. I teach Modern/Jazz and Belly dancing in Sodeco Square, Beirut, Lebanon. I spent all of my childhood in Dhour Shweir and Shweir running up and down those famous steps that connect them. I used to REALLY enjoy nature there, especially singing to a full moon with the wawees howling in the background. I used to help Jiddo Salim in his garden. He loved to tell me stories of his childhood during the first world war. 'Sigh'! All that's gone now, but Shweir is still there!
22 February 2006 - Beirut, Lebanon

Micheline Abiaad (Chammas)
I'm Bint ElShweir (Bint George and Asmahan Chammas(Bou Kheir)) and have been in the US (for almost 20 years). I miss my hometown (Dhour Shweir). The last time I visited was 7 1/2 years ago with my husband and Daughter. I hope to be able to come back and visit this coming summer with my son/daughter and husband.
I love checking out your website almost every day. I love the recent snow pictures. I really miss it all and the snow. I live in San Diego - California and it's very nice and warm all year long. The website is great. Keep up the good work. Love, Micha
email in code: flovem (at) hotmail...
17 February 2006 - San Diego, California - USA

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Micha, and welcome to your hometown website. We just added more snow pictures while you were writing this message... enjoy.

Mazin H. El attar
Probably our 2nd decade (the sixtees) is the most bright part in our memory where we were young and so warm with life. Those were the days I have passed in that dreamy paradise of jabal Lebanon known as Dhour Shweir !
I was a member of one of those Iraqi families who used to spend summer time in Lebanon, almost every year as a sort of pleasure and entertainment. No wonder, Dhour Shweir was that pleasant resort out of the whole country and no wonder , hotel Eid was the place where we feel at home !
Last time I had the chance to be there was in 1972 and since that time , it is there in my mind and feelings. It is the place where my spirit flys and swings over as a splendid oasis in my life, it is the memorial city where I keep wishing my self to be there , retracing the memories surrounding the place as the memory of Nemat Shadid Yafith in the Baladitah square, Al Hawy cafe , ABC stores, Radio city cinema and Halaby Tennis Court !
If you be kind enough, tell me what s happend to Hotel Eid ? I haven t noticed any thing about in your website location, what about the hotel owners especially Kamal Jerjis Salim Eid Khneiser, his sister Rimona and their niece Mary ?
Your answer will be deeply appreciated.
Mazin H. El attar Senior Staff Geologist -
email in code: mazin_elattar (at) hotmail (dot) com
Sirt Oil Company , Exploration, Tripoli P.o.Box 385
14 February 2006 - Libya

Ziad N. Matar
Ahla-o-sahla everyone,
I'm Ziad Nabil Matar, son of Nabil Elias Matar & Wadad Jarjoura Matar. Living in Groves, TX. at this time. Just started a knew job and I spend a lot of time on the computer so I've been checking out shweir.com a lot lately. I've never been so proud of being Loubnani & never do I stop missing home. B'Tuq Albi when I look through the pictures of home on this site. Thank you all who put this site together and everyone who adds to it. anna b'hoob koon ad didini. Feel free to write me an email anytime, but give me time to write back.
Email address in code: zidom66 (at) yahoo (dot) com
Shoukran everyone.
2 February 2006 - Texas

Shweir.com Note: -  Welcome Ziad to your hometown website. Your dad and your family have been great inspiration and founding members of this site.

Kristy Khoury
I am interested in finding family in Zahle Lebanon. My Grandmother was Sadie Scaff Khoury and my Grandfather was Amin Khoury.
Thank you for any information.
kakhoury (at) aol [dot] com
1 February 2006 - Denver Colorado

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Kristy,
Welcome to your hometown website.
Hope you will find your family.
I know of a Dr. Kelly Skeff at Stanford University. His mom is from Shweir and he is from Zahle. I do not know if could help you with you with your search. Good luck and stay in touch. For privacy, I edited your email to be in code to prevent spammers and will make a private intro just in case Dr. Skeff could be of help.

Rana Emile Sawaya |
Hi, I am presently living in Lebanon. I previously used to wotk in Dubai and use to get newwletters from you. I would very much like to recieve them again. I am the daughter of Emile Adib Sawaya.Dad sends his regards to anyone that remembers him as a friend or teacher. Best wishes to all.
29 January 2006 - Lebanon

Claude Matar |
Does any Matar know the history of the Matars of Dhour-Ishwair? has any of them left for Syria about 150 years ago and settled in latakia? Has any of them settled in the Druze Mountain of southern Syria around the same time?
28 January 2006 - Los Angeles

jihad georges khairallah |
My father asked me to find his own uncle : Georges Moujaes who émigrated in the 50s to boston Usa. All we know is that george moujaes had a son called Robert who should be approximatively 70 years old
If anyone heard about him please mail to gregoire@khairallah.com
15 January 2006 - france

12 January 2006 - NEW JERZY,USA.

Graham Corban |
Hello! I would like to find out more about my family history. My grandfather was George Corban and I understand that he was born in Shweir in the early 1900's before emigrating to New Zealand as a child. I hope to visit Shweir in June of this year and would love to meet some long lost relatives.
9 January 2006 - New Zealand

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