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Lori Ataya 2 |
God and Peace be with you all! Stay safe!
( I am married to george Ataya, son Of the late Rose and William Ataya of Shweir, who imigrated to United States in 1950's) I am sure there are many, many cousins, Aunts and Uncles in Lebanon whom we have never met, howeer your all in our thoughts and prayers as we watch CNN and wait for news.
25 July 2006 -
29 September 2006

Janine eaton
Hi Alex, Im trying to send you some photos and an email but im having trouble getting through on the adress. Im not sure what the problem is. Its a bit confusing what has been written. Can you send your adress again
12 June 2006 - dubai

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Janine, in our effort to protect our readers we try to convert email addresses into code. Sorry that the code was confusing due to a typo. here is the complete email address for Alex: alleyoopaus@yahoo.com.au
please let us know when you get it so we may change it to a better readable code this time. Good luck on connecting with your family.

alex ayoub |
janine am having trouble with your email address. saw your message and like to hear about the trip. mail me at alleyoopaus (at) yahoo (d0t) com 9dot) au alex ayoub.(yasbeck moujaes)
11 June 2006 - sydney nsw australia

Shweir.com Note: -  We edited and put your email in code to minimize spammers harvesting your email.

Janine Eaton (Ayoub mothers name) |
My grandfathers name was Jack Ayoub (now found out it was Fudallallah Ayoub. His Fathers name was Ayoub Yasbeck. My grandfather Jack was born in Sweir in 1882 and came to Australia on the German Steamer The Hasburg in 1899 arriving at the Port of Melbourn and then residing in Coonamalbe N.S.W. He had a brother Naif. In 2006 I went to Shweir and visited the Moujais family who live in the house where they say my grandfather was born. It was very exciting and i hope to return one day soon. I had two Uncles who visited Shweir during the 2nd World War.
We have a lot of family in Australia as Jack had 10 children and Naif his brother had 13. It is only now we are all finding out more of my grandfathers life. My mother is 75 years and her name is Josephine Eaton.(Ayoub).
7 June 2006 - Currently Dubai but from Australia

Mazen Riad Korban |
all i can say is i got chills when i saw this website. i love shweir so much and miss the good old days. forgot to introduce myself :) i am mazen korban, 30 yrs old now, son of riad korban, son of fayez korban, i have one brother, samer, and one sister, nadine. unfortunately each member of my family live in a place, i live in saudi arabia, working in advertising, my sister and mother are in usa, my father in egypt and my brother in lebanon, we try to meet at Christmas time. hope to hear from all of you. take care, God bless you and love you all.
5 June 2006 - KSA

Mazin H. El attar |
To the Bulletin Board ' Words fall short of expressing my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all workers at El Shweir web site, particularly Miss Samar Kiama, for the warm reception and generous hospitality during my visit. I am touched by their deep-rooted attachment to this cherished part of Lebanon. I wish them all the success'.
30 May 2006 - Libya

Shweir.com Note: -  Dear Mazin
You just don't know how much we appreciate your kind words, I am sure Samar (isn't she great?) woould appreciate it to. I checked your pictures on the web page and honestly I was envious but very happy to see your image in our town. Welcome and please repeat.
George Matar

Aline Arbid Blumetti |
hi. My name is Aline and i'm Gerges and Rosette Arbid's daughter.i must say i haven't been away from Lebanon for a long time (only 4 months) but it surely feels longer.. i recently got married in the US and i live in L.A., California. i just wanted to congratulate everyone working on updating this website because it truly is impressive and i cry every time i check it cos i can smell Dhour el Shweir and its greatness. i love California cos it reminds me so much of my country and hometown and hopefully i'll be visiting Lebanon soon, and definitely Dhour El Shweir, which i last visited in December 2005. i miss it sooooo much.. keep up the good work guys..
15 May 2006 - USA

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Aline, Welcome to your hometown web site. Another great way to stay intouch is by participating on the Bulletin Board and discuss topics among friends and family from Shweir. Hope you will join us on the BB soon.

dank951 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net
5 March 2006 - US

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello Danny,
So where are you in California? There are many Sawayas and khneissers or Khnaisser or Khonaysser or Kenicer... lots of spellings, in Norhtern California, near San Francisco. Khneisser has sub family name like Eid, Shaya, Nasr, Nader etc. Do you know your sub family name? When did your family move to California? You can read more about people from Shweir by clicking on the "California and California2" from bottom of Shweir home page.
Again welcome to your home town web page. I will put your email address in code to minimize spam.

Pedro Merege
About Gaeorges Sawaya Jr., I will try to help, with my limited english: 'Hello! I live in Santos, Brazil. I went to Lebanon at 1974. After my father's dead (1982), I lost completely my contact with my family. I'm so glad if someone of you can help me to try to find any of my relatives.'
pedro contact info: pmerege (at) ig (dot) com (br)
4 March 2006 - Curitiba - Brazil

Shweir.com Note: -  Hello cousin Pedro,
Thank you so much for translating George Sawaya Jr. post. We also have many of Sawaya family in U.S. and I know at least one Sawaya in Brazil Rosalie Sawaya El Khoury - her email in code is: rosaliesawaya (at) uol (dot) com (dot) br
Pedro, thanks again and look forward to communicate soon. Anwar

Georges Mitri sawaya Junior
Ola , moro no Brasil na cidade de Santos , estive no libao em 1974, apos a morte de meu pai em 1982 perdi totalmente o contato com minha familia, se alguem puder me ajudar a tentar encontrar alguem agradeco
email in code: georgesmitri1961 (at)hotmail (dot) com
28 February 2006 - Brasil

Shweir.com Note: -  Thank you also to Hilda Maria Sawaya for traslating this:
We will try to translate your message to English and add it to your message. George Mitri Sawaya Junior
I live in Brazil in the city of Santos, I was in Lebanon in 1974, after the death of my dad in 1982 I totally lost contact with my family, if anyone can help me to attempt to find someone, I would appreciate it.

Great ya Georges. Now please tell us a bit more about your family like the names of grandfather and the name of uncle or great grandfather or other persons related to you in Shweir.

Perhaps Rosalie Sawaya el Khoury in Brasil can help you. her email in code is:
rosaliesawaya (at) uol dot com dot br
Hope you will find your family.

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